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I’m going back over my WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal Research Notes and adding instructions to the Diagrams 456 to 465, where it shows us how to build the UFO engine’s and transmitters for a super conductor which can and will be used in space travel and communication signals.

I’m also pulling up diagrams, and space technology data, results, and wiki quotes for the keywords talked about in the instructions so you can see the data that goes with it and it’s results from the five years plus of research that’s been done on this topic.

I’m having trouble pulling up drawings now, so I’ll stop blogging it today.  I did get Diagrams 457, 458, 459, 460 notes blogged today on Monday July 24, 2017. It’s an update from existing video blog posts, where I forgot to give the “instructions” on how to build the space ship based on the notes given.

It’s VERY detailed on what it says to do. Now I can combine the scientific data, with my notes, so we will build this UFO space ship. Hopefully the scientists from NASA will take a look at it, as well as other world wide space scientists, so they can all benefit from this “alien technology” that I am writing about.

When I was blogging it a month ago, I didn’t quite understand what book 2 was showing us.  It’s a set of steps to convert solar energy to electricity while flying in deep space.  It’s a form of regenerating fuels and energies in the space ship UFO design, so that we do not have to return to Earth.

I notice though the WOW! signal doesn’t talk about food preservation…. Nasa must already have that covered. 🙂

It did teach us how to exercise and build our human bodies for long distance space travel. It also show how to heal the bodies while in space as well. There must be a type of machine inside of the UFO space ship that will attend to all our human medical needs….

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