Stats Alien Space Science News Wordpress 77,959 Sept 26, 2017

Stats Alien Space Science News WordPress 77,959 Sept 26, 2017

the idea girl says
just looking at the blog stats, I haven’t compared them in awhile, so I figured I’d better make a note here so I can see how much it’s changed in a years.
Working on the notes for Diagrams 490 and up, filming the videos, and doing research in a turtle fashion. I am busy with other projects this year, so this one’s taken a back burner. There’s alot of research to do because I’m re sketching some of my cramped diagrams. LOL
You can’t really SEE them properly…. I was in a hurry to get it done and then I tried to film my chicken scratch and realized it’s so puny you cannot SEE it the right way.
And then I had just keywords, and formula notes, with no explanations of what it is…. After many questions from people on youtube wondering what I”m doing, I decided to explain it step by step what the diagram’s trying to tell or show you…

It’s all about a UFO space ship design. 🙂

you can watch the videos on the idea girl says youtube channel, and see the blog posts on alien space science news on wordpress

you can see my sketches and diagram drawings on alien space science news photos on wordpress

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