NANOWRIMO 2017 – I’m going to give it a shot! – Author Linda Randall Chisholm

NANOWRIMO 2017 – I’m going to give it a shot! – Author Linda Randall Chisholm

the idea girl says

It’s been a few years now since I’ve participated in the 30 day race of writing 50,000 words – NANOWRIMO!

I started writing this morning and my hands cramped up, Bad!

It will be interesting to see how many words I can write with my hands giving me grief….

Then I’ll have to figure out where to type up the words, because I have a little laptop but I hate typing on it!

I’d have to get used to it?  Maybe buy myself a cordless MOUSE to use instead of that stupid little pad on it.

I find it easier to blog on my cell phone for short stories.

I now have a cell phone that has one note on it!

Imagine that! I was shocked to see ONE NOTE and Microsoft Power Point on my cell phone.

It also allows me to WRITE on the photos?

I haven’t tried it yet.  I have to buy one of those tablet pens again.

I had one before, but cannot find the dam thing!

And it was pink too! 🙂

feel free to join me!

here’s an old video I made about writing novels for NANOWRIMO 2011

I did 26 novels and you can read some of them on this blog (click on the tabs above for story titles – unpublished books lol)



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