Atkins 1

Book Six – The Atkins Mansion – Life in Place Royale – Its Many Tragedies

Chapter 1

Place Royale, Canada- 1947


It was 1947 and Themus Munroe and Goderich Lafleur were reading about the latest inventions coming out in the New York Times Newspaper.


Goderich said, “Look at this Themus can you believe someone’s invented a mobile phone?  They will be testing it for the military that will make things easier for the cold war…”


Themus drawled, “How about no more wars?  I’m so fed up with the economy struggling along with the lack of investments, I’m making less money these days and so is Alchetta…”


Goderich smiled, “It doesn’t seem to bother her one bit.”


Themus sighed, “That’s the great thing about her.  She loves her luxuries but she does not complain about how much money she is losing now.  I cringe every time they put out a report on the stock market or on her real estate investments.”


Goderich said, “Alchetta has a good head on her shoulders.  You should be proud of her.  Marion does not know the first thing about investments or managing money.  She is a simple girl and I like her that way, but sometimes it would be nice to have a good conversation about the business economy…  It bores her to tears…”


Themus slapped him on the back, “That’s what I’m for!  Alchetta goes on and on about new investment ideas and how she can fix this company and that.  It is all about her and nothing else.  I get tired of her constant remarks on how my “friends” can better their business opportunities.  It makes me feel inferior as a man.”


Goderich laughed, “So your intelligent wife puts you to shame?  Is that what you are saying?”


Themus nodded yes, “It is difficult when we go to a social function to be corrected by one’s wife on the state of the economy in front of the New York’s finest bankers.  I was embarrassed, I wanted to crawl under a table and disappear…”


Goderich looked worried, “You think it will affect your marriage?”


Themus said, “Hell no!  I want her money…  It is the only way to expand my investments…  She knows it and I am happy to oblige her to get what I want.  If it means to be a fool in public, then so be it.  I just wish she would do it in front of someone who will not be telling hundreds of other people.  Those bankers go to all the major conventions in Europe and North America, that last thing I need is for the Munroe name to be laughed at…”


Goderich said, “Well you can either educate yourself or tell your wife to shut up…”



Themus said, “I doubt that will happen.  I have a hard enough time getting a word in edgewise as it is.  If I told Alchetta to shut up there would be hell to pay!”


Goderich laughed and wiped the tears away from his eyes, “I could just see what she would do to you.  Probably tar and feather you and parade you out in public on a leash…”


Themus smirked, “A leash, a paddle that would be fun in the bedroom.”


Themus sighed, “That will never happen…  Not with Alchetta who is little Miss prim and proper looks to be a boring marriage for me.”


Goderich grinned, “We know marriage never stops a man from exploring his wildest fantasies, well not where you are concerned.  I do not have fantasies and its good for Marion, because I doubt if she has any either.”


Themus chuckled, “Two stick in the mud’s so happy together…  You two are perfect for each other.  You could have warned me about your “marriage” plans though.  I was not ready for the scolding I received from Alchetta…  The fact that we were already talking about marriage ages ago did not go over to well when Marion beat her to the altar.  It has become a thorn in her flesh; thanks to Lorraine Atkins, rubbing it in every time she sees is Alchetta.  I swear she pretends to be sweet, loving, and kind to her just so she can stick a knife into her armour every now and then.  One of these days Alchetta will snap and fight back and it will not be a pretty sight I am sure!”


Goderich was surprised, “I always thought that Alchetta was a happy sort of chap…  You know what I mean, a bit tomboyish with womanly qualities.  She’s a beauty that’s for sure, along with a sharp mind and witty conversation; you are going to have the MOST interesting marriage…”


Themus grinned sheepishly and said, “Brandon would give his eye teeth to hear this conversation.  Where is he anyways?”


Goderich said, “He’s been out looking for new furniture to make “Louise” a happy camper.  It seems she did not appreciate the old couch with the springs sticking out of it in his new cabin.  Poor Brandon does not think.  Builds a brand new home and put is the oldest furniture he can find from the locals who want to donate to his cause.  I know he’s cheap and doesn’t have too much money, but seriously it was a bad enough shock for Louise to find out her so called husband wasn’t as rich as she thought.”


Goderich had a satisfied smile on his face.


Themus said, “You revel in that thought don’t you?  You hated her from the moment you heard that all she wanted from him was money…  Then Marion saying she wanted children.  Tell me honestly, whom did you like first?  Louise or Marion – come on you can tell me.”


Goderich looked around and said, “Promise not to tell?”


Themus nodded.


Goderich said, “I liked Louise when I first saw her and I was contemplating courting her…”


Themus yelled, “AHA!  I knew it.  I told Brandon but he did not believe me…  Wait till he hears…”


Themus stopped midsentence when he looked at the furious face of Goderich Lafleur, boring eyes that wanted to kill him.


Goderich hissed, “You promised not to tell…  If you do … You are a dead man…  I promise…”


Themus was sweating; he grabbed a handkerchief and wiped his brow.  In all his years of knowing Goderich a man not prone to anger, Themus had never seen him raise his voice or threaten a soul.  He knows that Goderich were serious, this was no joke.


Themus said, “I’m sorry chap…  It was a slip of the tongue…  I will not tell.  I know if Marion found out she would be upset and Lorraine Atkins would LOVE this piece of gossip so she could stick it to her.  I get the feeling she’s jealous of your Marion.”


Goderich said, “You’re kidding whatever for?”


Themus said, “Because of the way Anthony her husband looks at Marion.  He wants your flower but because he has morals, he won’t approach her unless she was to come his way…”


Goderich said, “I would kill him with my bare hands if he ever touched my wife…”


Themus laughed, “I wouldn’t care…  I know there is NO way that Alchetta would ever be with any man…  She is not very interested in me and I am a perfect specimen of beauty, wit and charm…  I cannot get any affection from her, not even a kiss.  ”


Bitterness crept into Themus’ voice as he said, “Retta Bailey has ingrained it into her daughter’s head that it is evil to kiss or touch before marriage…  I am hoping she warms up after the wedding…  If she does not I am in trouble…  I have to produce an heir to get the rest of my fortune from Joseph.”


Goderich shook his head, “I didn’t believe it when Brandon told me how crazy your father’s will was…  On the other hand, his stipulations that you enter into an arranged marriage in order to get the rest of your money should he die…  It is ridiculous if you ask me.  It’s like he wants to control you in the event of his death…”


Themus sighed, “I think it all has to do with Ida Tinkle wanting his fortune and Anthony Atkins wanting his land, or rather my land…”


Goderich said, “What do you mean your land?”


Themus said, “Long ago the Atkins tried to buy a parcel of land between their place and the Totenmyers…  Legend has it that because of some evil acts of the great grandmother – The Totenmyers sold the land to the Munroe’s instead, for less than the Atkins offered for it.  They are rumoured to practice the dark arts and with all the mysterious disappearances and tales of screaming ghosts coming from their mansion, can you blame them?”


Goderich’s eyes became wide, “You don’t say…  This is the first that I’ve heard of it…”


Themus said, “I’m surprised, Jean Moisan was the one to let us know about it as soon as I arrived here…  Well I did see a couple of ghosts from the past on the ship…  I did not tell a soul…  But now … I wonder about it … Because of what Jean Moisan told me.”


Goderich hoarsely said, “Ghosts on a ship?  Why didn’t you tell Brandon and me?”


Goderich sounded hurt.


Themus looked scared, “I was worried that my mind was going like my brother Jake’s did before Jesseline his wife shot him…  Thanks to Ida Tinkle…  I didn’t want you two to think I was going crazy…”


Goderich asked, “What about your father?  I remember him mentioning some ghosts being in the Munroe mansion but he too did not want to say anything about it.  NO wait it was not your father, it was Lorraine Atkins talking about it … I think she made a wise crack about it to Marion the other day…  She said something about a curse on the mansion and how it killed Ophirah Munroe, Viktor Stalin, and Denley Munroe your grandfather…”


Themus said, “Who?”


Goderich sighed, “Your grandfather’s name was Denley Munroe, Your grandmother was Destine…  They both died mysterious deaths…  Destine at the Munroe mansion when Joseph was born and Denley in England at the estate…  I don’t know too much about it, your father Joseph didn’t seem too keen on talking about it when I asked.”


Themus said, “I wonder if Alchetta could find out for me?  Joseph is so proud to have her as a daughter-in-law.  A little pouting and she can get the old person to say anything, after a few glasses of whiskey.  ”


Goderich was angry when he said, “Themus don’t be stupid!  Your father is a recovering alcoholic…  He almost died from a few heart attacks; maybe it is not a good thing to bring this up now…  Because of the wedding and everything he’s pretty stressed out as it is…”


Themus asked, “What do you mean?”


Goderich sighed, “You’re so busy thinking about yourself you haven’t noticed how pale your father is these days?  It looks like he has lost about twenty pounds too.  Marion is concerned about him.  Honestly, she pointed it out to me; I did not really notice either.  I have been busy trying to handle Brandon’s mood swings at work, which is putting all the workers ill at ease.  He’s suspicious about his wife Louise and thinks that something is going on behind his back.”


Themus turned red, “What did he say?”


Goderich said, “He’s trying to figure out why his wife is acting so happy all of a sudden when she’s made his life a living hell for months now.  Brandon says it is totally out of character for her, unless it is because he finally caved in.  He has bought her some new furnishings for their little house…  Do you think that’s it?”


Themus gulped, “Probably…  Women always get happy when they shop…  It’s something to do with their neurological responses or some sort of hormone thing…”


Goderich howled, “Now you sound smarter than your wife.”


Themus bitterly said, “Shut up!  I don’t think that’s funny at all!”


Goderich stopped and apologetically said, “Its okay calm that temper of yours down.  It will get you in trouble one day…  By the way you know those sketches of that car you liked?”


Themus nodded yes.


Goderich smiled, “You’ll be happy to know they are finally making the Italian sports car – the Ferrari in Italy, it should be available after your honeymoon.  Maybe you can pick one up and leave it at your estate in England.  I would not bring it here.  The roads are too bumpy still…  It rides low but it would be a feather in your cap and NO banker will care how smart your wife is if you own one of those…”


Themus said, “Goderich you’re a genius!  Yes, that is the answer….  Buy something spectacular and have the New York Times, The London Papers and the Montreal Gazette run a story about it…  Alchetta would be pleased and we could do an article about the Munroe Art Gallery opening in September…  That would be fabulous!”


Goderich said, “You should call up one of those House & Garden Fashion Magazines, or Styles or something…  They could take photos with the new 1 minute Polaroid camera that just came out on the market.”


Themus said, “NO way…  A camera that provides a photo in a minute!  Awesome, I’ll have to buy one before the honeymoon and surprise Alchetta with it…”


Goderich said, “You bring the photos to Marion and she can make you a beautiful scrap book with wedding pictures in it.  Look what she did for ours…”


Goderich pulled out a lovely pink lace photo album with ribbons on it.


Themus smirked, “Looks very “girly” I don’t think Alchetta would want one like that.  She is more into works of art, contemporary modern stuff.  That is Marion’s’ country tastes which Alchetta my city girl would not appreciate.  Perhaps if Marion can get an ART print of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and use it as a book cover, then do the photos inside, Alchetta would be over the MOON for something like that.  Besides maybe, your wife could come up with some interesting designs for a photo album book and sell them in Jean Moisan’s grocer store.  He’s always looking for “new” products and gift ideas for all the people that travel through Place Royale on their way out to western Canada.”


Goderich says, “I think Alchetta’s brainy ideas are rubbing off on you…  That’s an amazing idea!”


Themus said, “I bought a surprise gift for our rehearsal dinner the other day…  Jean ordered it for me…”


Themus pulled out this small round thing and smiled.


Goderich said, “What on earth is that for?”


Themus said, “A guy named Walter Morrison invented it.  It has called a Frisbee.  You toss it back and forth between two people.”


Goderich said, “Too bad they haven’t invented something that you toss and it comes back.  That way one person can amuse themselves for hours.  You and your toys Themus, Alchetta will probably have a fit if you start pulling toys out to play with…”


Themus sighed, “The girl has no idea of how much fun I can be…  Now Louise does…”


Goderich said, “Themus…  Do not go there…  You leave Louise alone…  Brandon would kill you if you went after his wife…”


Themus was shocked, “Why?


Goderich said, “It’s all about possession.  He does not care about her but he also would not appreciate his friend having any part of her either.  She is a wild cat and he knows it…  I’d watch my back if I were you…”


Themus was wary of the menacing sound of Goderich’s voice.  He had to change the topic fast…


Themus said, “I wonder who will be attending Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philips wedding on Nov 20th, at Westminster Abbey in London, England?”


Goderich sighed, “I certainly won’t, I have no interest in the Royal Family, and I am pretty sure that Marion won’t care either…  Did you see that article in the paper about The Spruce Goose?”


Themus said, “I think Alchetta was reading it the other day and thought it was ridiculous…  I didn’t pay attention to it I was cleaning out my desk at the time…”


Goderich said, “The Spruce Goose is a flying boat…  They plan to test it on Nov 2nd.  Howard Hughes created it…”


Themus said, “I think that’s pretty cool – a flying boat – we could use that here in Place Royale to by pass these bloody dirt roads that the car tires get stuck in all the time.  They have paved most of the highways but some side roads they do not bother with and I do not want to fork out the money on government property.  Alchetta has put in several complaints to the city hall about it because she wants our guests to come to the Art Gallery in style.  They will NOT be too amused with our bumpy dirt road up a hill to our home…”


Goderich said, “I am sure in time they will pave that road.”


Themus said, “Yeah they will.”


Themus thought of something for a moment.  He did not like the fact that Goderich was able to surprise him with something new, so he countered it with news of his own.


Themus said, “They were talking about Jackie Robinson the other day, he’s doing great…”


Goderich said, “Who is that?”


Themus smirked, “He’s the first negro to be allowed to play in major league baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  He played his first game on April 15th.  Before that no negro was allowed to play before a national audience…”


Goderich looked up and was apparently interested, but since he was not very much into sports that little bit of news did not impress him much, so he just grunted and went back to reading the newspaper.


Themus said, “Did you hear about Alan Turing creating Artificial Intelligence?  He is working on the concept that his computer can think by itself.  They call it ACE – Automatic Computing Engine. ”


Goderich smiled and said, “Maybe you should remove Alchetta’s brain and install his artificial intelligence instead.  Then you wouldn’t have to worry about her embarrassing you ever again…”


Both men howled at Goderich’s joke.


Themus wiped the tears from his eyes and said, “Goderich you should have been a comedian… Really…”


Meanwhile things had quieted down in Place Royale over the past year and Alchetta Bailey was wandering around the estate.  The renovations were finally completed and the RSVP to their wedding invitations from all sorts of high society guests was something Alchetta would hold over Lorraine Atkins head for a very long time.

The Munroe Mansion looked elegant now compared to the neglected mess that it was upon Alchetta’s arrival from London, England to Canada with its winding English Gardens, a new ballroom decorated in pale green, pink, and yellow.  Alchetta Bailey greatly admired the workers who recreated the “Robert Adam” look in her new home.  She slowly walked through the mansion admiring the new wooden patterns on the floor, the new winding staircase, and the family photos on the walls and then she walked up the carpeted stairs into the Munroe Art Gallery.

Her works of art ordered during her tour of Italy with Joseph and Themus Munroe, Goderich Lafleur, and Brandon Deere back in July of 1939 finally hung on the walls, each with a silver plaque depicting the name and title of the art.  Alchetta, while visiting Paris, France had ordered several oil paintings for her new home.  With all the coming and goings from Europe to Canada, She had to put everything on hold until now.  Finally, everything was ready for her wedding.  The guest lists, the white tents out in the yard, the wedding planner thanks to Lorraine Atkins, who surprisingly was being kind to Alchetta these days.

She wondered why Lorraine was looking so vibrant lately.  Unusual for Anthony had vowed to make Lorraine’s life a living hell, or so the servants had told her.  Then there were the tales of a Butler named Viktor Stalin and then several mysterious deaths at the mansion.  Some say it is cursed, and that it has ghosts.

Alchetta laughed to herself, she did not believe in the supernatural or the tales coming from the servants.  She agreed with her soon to be father-in-law Joseph Munroe that it was all pure superstition…

Chapter 2

Themus and Alchetta’s Wedding July 1947

On July 26, 1947 – US President Harry S Truman during the start of the cold war between the United States and the USSR – Russia signed The National Security Act – creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defence, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.  That Friday evening Themus Munroe and Alchetta Bailey would have their rehearsal dinner and be married the next afternoon at the Munroe Mansion.


With another “war” looming over the young couples head, they put it out of their minds and enjoyed a lovely dinner party in their new dining room.  Enjoying the lavish red carpets, oak panelling and red plush chairs, the table that seats more than 12 persons at a time and the new silverware that Themus thought was a bit too expensive, but there we have it, our argumentative couple that did not have any love for one another, were joyous about tying their financial empires together. They formed a larger corporation called Bailey & Munroe.


The menu of roast duck, Florentine vegetables made by the finest chefs from France and England, the dining tables sparkled with layers of small diamonds, pink roses in crystal vases and the sounds of a band playing classical tunes in the background.


After dinner, everyone got up to dance and it was fun.  Themus promised Alchetta not to get drunk and Brandon Deere behaved himself too.  The differences between Lorraine Atkins and Alchetta Bailey stopped for now and the guests had a good time that night…


Everything was perfect except for the constant drone of Lorraine Atkins annoying voice, Alchetta tried to enjoy her.  Her plan to have the best wedding was coming along just fine.


Thanks to Goderich and Themus, The Munroe Mansion Art Gallery was going to be in the Home & Garden section of The New York Times.  They were delighted to write a piece on the opening of the Art Gallery scheduled for Saturday, September 27th.


Alchetta could not wait until Lorraine saw that!  She would be furious that Alchetta was going to raise high in the ranks of society… She planned to surpass Lorraine and become Canada’s top host!


Themus did not seem to think it was a great idea, seeing that Lorraine Atkins was not a woman to mess with.  Along with her husband Anthony Atkins practicing the dark arts, rumoured to cast an “ugly monster” spell on Jesseline Thirkill Munroe – Themus warned Alchetta to leave it alone.


Themus said, “Alchetta it’s wonderful that we are being featured.  Lorraine is already furious about your letter asking her to hold her events in your ballroom.  Anthony approached me about it and quote said, “If your wife makes my wife unhappy one more time… There will be serious consequences…”


Alchetta said, “hosh posh… I do not believe in these superstitious hocus pocus tales that the village people of Place Royale so easily believe in… It is all a legend. It is not real… I asked Joseph about it and he said it was rubbish…”


Themus sputtered, “But he saw her with his own eyes? Why would he refuse…? Oh, it must be Anthony’s doing… He wants it forgotten before the media get’s wind of it and ties him in with Ida Tinkle.  Scotland Yard is under a lot of heat at the moment for letting her escape…”


Alchetta said, “But I thought she escaped into their ruse…”


Themus sighed, “Not exactly… Detective Bob Farley sent a letter to her father letting him know that she might have eluded them somehow… They haven’t been able to reach the captain of the White Star II for some time now… They worry that she is in control of the ship and she’s heading back to England… Someone swears they saw her close to Dr Peter Tibideau’s place…”


Alchetta turned white, “Themus… I don’t want her to ruin our wedding… What if she shows up here then what do we do?”


Themus said, “You don’t believe in hocus pocus remember?  I offered a locket for you to wear, like the one I have…”


Themus pulled out his golden amulet.  The liquid didn’t glow as much as it used to.


Alchetta said, “Wasn’t that brighter before?”


Themus nodded and looked up, “I wonder what’s making it go dim?  I should ask Sasha Totenmyer about this… I don’t know if we can trust Anthony… He’s not exactly acting very friendly these days… Thanks to you and Lorraine…”


Alchetta didn’t look very happy, “Themus I only wanted what she had, and better.  I’m younger!  I should be the main host of all parties in Place Royale.  My mansion is twice the size of hers, modernized with the latest inventions and furnishings… Why can’t she just accept that I am better than she is?  Do you know that she has a very shady past…? But no one will tell me what it is…”


Themus hissed, “You leave Lorraine alone.  I don’t want any more trouble.  I’ve dealt with losing my brothers and friends to Ida Tinkle.  I don’t need Anthony Atkins as an enemy… He is my only protection from that witch!  Ruin it for us Alchetta and were apt to both end up as corpses and this Munroe mansion curse swallow us alive… Just like the ghosts said.”


Alchetta said, “WHAT!  Themus I think you are suffering from stress about renovating the mansion then wedding plans and all the changes we’ve made from our culture in England to Canada.  So many things are different for us.  I think darling you need to relax, take a deep breath and NEVER mention that you have seen ghosts.  Good lord what would my guests think I couldn’t have you going around saying things like that! People will call you crazy… It will cause a scandal… Mother will be furious… Father will forbid me to marry you… Oh, Themus I’ve worked so hard to make everything perfect… Please don’t mess things up by saying or doing something stupid… You are ALWAYS doing something stupid and I am getting tired of correcting you!”


Themus said, “I don’t need you correcting me!  Alchetta give it a rest.  I cannot be PERFECT.  I have my problems and personality that you need to learn to deal with.  Sweetums I need you to understand I’m a younger man than you and I am not as wise…”


Alchetta calmed down and Themus let out a deep sigh.  After he was married, he wouldn’t have to cater to this witch’s every whim.  He would put her in her place and show her who was boss…







Alchetta admired the new Michelangelo white marble sculptures from Italy.  They looked wonderful in her new green hedge maze with wild flowers that suit an English Garden with stone pathways and sweeping trails that lead from the back of her new home to the far corners of their large Estate.

The view from her new balcony was breathtaking.  She could see a lovely waterfall off to the right and planned to take a canoe ride out to it sometime soon.  The weather was nice and warm this week, and sunny too, perfect for a wedding.  Alchetta felt like a queen and soon she would be the ruler of this castle…

There were white tents and bunches of pink and red roses decorated the grounds.  Alchetta had purchased a lovely gown from Paris.  Yards of white chiffon billowed around about her.  She wore a hopped skirt and a diamond tiara on her hair.  She flocked herself with many sparkling jewels.  She looked fabulous.

Themus looked dashing in his dark blue suit and tie with a white ruffled shirt.  They made an attractive couple.  Marion was the maid of honor in a baby blue dress with white lace cuffs and sleeves.  Goderich was the best man in a navy blue and grey pinstriped suit with blue ruffled shirt and tie.  Retta was dressed in a dark blue silk gown and Melville in his black suit and white collared shirt with a blue tie.  Joseph looked smart in a brown suit, white shirt and brown tie.

Many guests were scattered round the mansion enjoying its beauty inside and out.  The ceremony was a short one and they went to the gardens to have sketches done of the small wedding party.  The reception was the best part in Goderich’s opinion.  For Alchetta had decided to have the unique dishes prepared for her wedding.  She had requested that her favorite Chef come from Paris, France to prepare the elegant fare of food.  Chef André Toulouse worked for Millennium Baileys in London and would soon move back to Paris to be the head chef at the new hotel there.  He had been the long time specialty Chef for Melville and Retta.

Alchetta had new dishes of various types of meats and vegetables served at her wedding.  Some of the guests thought them rather odd to serve at a mansion in a small village.  Knowing Alchetta and the fact that she just had to be different or better then someone else, they all understood why she had ordered the dishes to be colorful, tasty and something different from the average dish, for it was like a work of art.  For Alchetta loved art from around the world.

She had been planning to design a sort of art gallery there in the mansion and she would invite artists from the schools to spend their summers as her guests.  She would make them famous and make the Munroe Mansion a famous place known in Canada.  They would invite dignitaries and hold high society balls there.  Themus was perfect for the part of man of the house, for he had the smoothest of hands and regularly had a manicure done on them.

Their style of dress would set the fashion in those parts, as they wanted to be the leaders of fashion and design for others to follow.  Alchetta had grand dreams of what her life would be like in Place Royale and with Themus beside her, she was sure to reach her goal of becoming a famous Hostess in Canada.  Themus shared her dreams as well, for he loved being in the spotlight.  Unlike his friends, Brandon and Goderich were quite happy living a simple and uncomplicated life and did not care a fig about society or who was better or richer.  Themus on the other hand wanted to be the best at sports, finance, politics, and men’s fashion.  With Alchetta’s help, he would reach his goals and put Place Royale on the map of success to read in the Gazette across Canada and the world!

It did not seem like much of a wedding party to Marion and Goderich, it was more like a show of look how wealthy I am and how I can be a celebrity!  Louise complained to Brandon about everything.  She did not like the strange food; she could not stand Alchetta anymore and said she did not deserve a man like Themus.  Then she pointed out that if Brandon had any sense he would have known that she wanted to be as famous and as great a Hostess as Alchetta and how would they ever afford to hold any grand parties on his measly income?

Brandon just looked at her in disgust and swore he would never forgive Patricia for setting him up with this monster.  The sooner she got out of his life the better.  He later told Themus how lucky he was to have escaped falling for the wrong woman.  Sure, the sex was great but Louise had the personality of a wet noodle and all she ever talked about was money!

Marion felt sorry for Brandon, knowing he was such a sweet man deep down inside and really Louise should have just been happy to live in a secure and loving environment.  She could not understand the bitterness or jealousies that Alchetta and Louise shared so when she whispered how thankful she was to have Goderich and be his wife he gave her the most intense of kisses.

Themus had watched the two of them feeling a deep sadness within his soul.  He would never share any kind of passion or love with Alchetta but he shrugged it off and thought her money would soothe him and he would be sure to enjoy every penny of it.  Sasha was watching the guests and felt a great sadness for she felt that there was a sense of tragedy here at the Munroe Mansion and that there would be more.  She watched Brandon from a distance and saw how unhappy he was.  She wished now that she would have ignored Patricia’s wishes.  She would have made a better wife for Brandon who was a simple and hard worker.

To see Louise being so mean and vile to him was more then she could handle and she left the party earlier than planned, she excused herself by saying she was not feeling well for the baby had been rather restless lately and she needed to go home and rest.  Marion had hugged her goodbye and Sasha went home.  The rest of the guests left shortly after dinner some headed home while other guests went to Chateau Frontenac where they were staying in Quebec.

Chapter 3

The RMS Queen Elizabeth to England August 1947

Themus and Alchetta woke up to the sun shining the birds singing and to a headache from drinking wine and champagne the evening before.  Themus smiled at Alchetta and leaned towards her to give her a kiss; she turned her cheek then hurried out of bed fully dressed.


Alchetta said, “I have this horrid headache.  I need an aspirin.”


Themus looked disappointed and sighed, “Good luck getting any – there is a shortage of coal-tar in England and they haven’t been shipping any to Canada.  You may have to find other means to get rid of a headache and I can think of something… Those newlyweds do.”


Alchetta did not look happy with Themus’ idea.


She sighed, “I do not want to stay here in Quebec.  We will probably be tired of this place if Place Royale is boring.  Let us go down to breakfast.  Father mentioned something about a surprise for us.”


Themus grinned, “Nothing could surprise me.”


Breakfast was an elegant affair at Chateau Frontenac with highly polished silver and dainty porcelain plates with crystal glasses.  Themus ordered a tea and some juice while Alchetta who was always watching her figure just ordered some freshly squeezed orange juice.  When the waitress came back to inform her that due to a shortage from crops they could not provide orange juice, Alchetta became angry.


Alchetta said, “Why are there so many shortages for everything?”


The waitress said, “I am sorry miss but we had a difficult winter in London, England and many of the crops were frozen by the cold and winter storms there from January to March… We cannot even serve potato pancakes.  They had to destroy 700,000 tons of potatoes and now they are being rationed.”


Alchetta turned to Themus and said, “Now I really hate this cold war business.  If Mother Nature is having a hissy fit or countries fighting over this and that – there is always something we have to deal with.  You assured me I would still have my luxuries if I came to live with you in Canada – you deal with her!”


Alchetta got up from the table and Themus sat there with his mouth open.  He watched as his new wife went over to the buffet and started to choose some meat, eggs and toast.  Themus grinned at the girl, got up, and walked over to Alchetta.


Themus grabbed her arm firmly and squeezed it as he led her back to the table and said, “Alchetta where are your manners.  This waitress is going to be able to tell hundreds of tourists about our Art Gallery, now please don’t be difficult for her.  These are trying times.”


Alchetta glared at Themus then turned and put on a big smile, “I’m sorry for being so rude. I am used to being a queen in England and I forgot where I was…  I will take any type of juice that you can offer?”


The waitress felt relieved and gave a knowing smile to Themus as she suggested, “I have some tomato juice? We made it this morning. ”


Alchetta said, “You know that’s what I need – A drink called a Bloody Mary – tomato juice mixed with vodka?”


Alchetta looked at the clock and smiled and then looked at the waitress and said, “It’s almost time for brunch I am sure the bartender will not mind serving it a littler earlier to appease an annoyed guest because there is no orange juice.”


The waitress paused for a moment, gave a look of “I feel sorry for you” to Themus and walked away.  She went over to the manager and explained her predicament.  The manager came over and said to Alchetta, “I am sorry miss …”


Alchetta interrupted him, “It’s MRS MUNROE to you sir…”


The manager blushed and apologetically said, “Mrs Munroe we cannot serve alcohol legally until after 11 am.  I am sorry but we can only provide you with tomato juice for now.  I shall instead give you a complimentary lunch with the bloody Mary after 11 am, how does that sound?”


Alchetta was shocked and appalled at her behaviour she did not know what had come over her.


Retta her mother said, “I’m sorry sir my daughter can be difficult at times.  She will accept the tomato juice and will not require the free lunch.  I raised her with better manners then that.”


Retta scowled down at her daughter…


Alchetta apologized, “I’m sorry, I’ll take the tomato juice… And pass on the free lunch…”


Themus was smiling from ear to ear.


Retta frowned at Themus and said, “I can see you two are not making a very good impression here.  Alchetta darling you cannot be a queen anymore, you have married beneath you… Now darling you can return home anytime you wish if you are not comfortable here…”


Themus was shocked and sputtered, “What are you saying?  You are the one who raised a spoiled brat!  She is going to have issues everywhere.  We have a cold war, shortages in Europe.  You will not get orange juice over there either.  It’s all this war and bad weather and I have to suffer…”


Melville walked up and sat down at the table with them, very oblivious to the tension between the three.


Melville said, “I think I’ll try some of that freshly squeezed orange juice…”


Alchetta snapped, “Very funny father!”


She got up from the table and stomped off towards the gardens.  She needed to walk to blow off some steam… Genevieve Frontenac noticed what was going on, went out into the gardens, and followed Alchetta.  When they were several hundred yards away Genevieve grabbed Alchetta and snapped on her, “Themus is right, you are acting deplorable.  My husband is not happy with your family’s behaviour. You will give our hotel a bad name.  We are going to request that you leave immediately after your breakfast!”


Alchetta gasped, “You can’t do that!”


Genevieve said, “You are disturbing the peace.  I can call the police and have you arrested.  I am sure the papers all over the world would love that kind of story.  Heiress Alchetta Bailey marries the notorious Themus Munroe and causes a scene because queen Alchetta cannot have any orange juice!  You are ridiculous – I love orange juice too but I would never act as you do in public.  As for Lorraine Atkins she was right about you.  She said it would be a matter of time before you would show where you come from…


Your father’s behaviour in England was unacceptable and I did a favour for Brandon Deere, Louise, and look what happened, I end up with shameful tabloids in the papers!  I do not need any more publicity from your town folk.  Tell them to stay away from Chateau Frontenac; at least until the press does not want any more gossip stories to publish… Then if they behave they can come visit, as for you and your husband, you have no class… You two can leave immediately!”


Genevieve walked away angry and feeling humiliated.  She promised her husband that none of this would happen, now he would be angry and yell at her.  Those always made her cry.  His temper was terrible even though he was a kind man and would never lay a finger on her. His words could be hurtful.


Alchetta began to shake and cry as Joseph walked towards her he handed her his handkerchief.


Joseph said, “There now my dear calm down.  Go pack your bags, get Themus, and come see me out front of the hotel. I have a surprise for the both of you and now am the time to give it to you…”


Alchetta walked away feeling humbled for the first time in her life.  What bothered her the most was having Joseph Munroe see her act this way.  She knew he would not be pleased.   Genevieve! Oh dear to spite she was wrong, now Lorraine Atkins would win… She would create a scandal around Alchetta and finish her off finally…


Alchetta walked into the dining room and Themus was gone.  She walked upstairs to their room and two maids were busy packing up their things.


Themus looked surly at Alchetta and said, “Compliments of Genevieve, she wants us to leave as soon as possible… Although I do not know where we will go The Mansion is completed but they are still working on the painting in our bedrooms…”


Alchetta said, “Your father has a surprise for us, said it would make everything better… Let’s hope it does…”


Alchetta and Themus walked out front of the hotel and the valet’s were lugging their entire luggage to the front door.  They could not believe that a woman staying less than a week could pack thirty pieces of luggage…


Joseph walked up the stairs and motioned for the two of them to follow him around the corner… There was a 1947 bright red Ferrari 125 sports racer convertible sitting there.


Themus said, “Father you shouldn’t have!  This is marvellous…”


Themus was tearful as he hugged his father.  Alchetta was speechless…. The car looked so cramped inside and the trunk was so small…


Joseph looked at all of her luggage and said, “Alchetta darling now is the time to learn how to pack lightly.  One bag will do for a few days… You can always purchase more once you get to New York City.”


Alchetta’s eyes brightened!  She has always wanted to go to New York City.


Joseph said, “I’ve arranged for you to stay at The Plaza Hotel there, it’s a lovely place for a honeymoon.  You will probably want to do some sight seeing as well, so here is some money… Enjoy your trip.”


Alchetta quickly repacked some of her things and got into the car.  She would head to the fashion district and get some new outfits once she arrived in New York City.


Joseph said, “This car can go over 100 miles per hour so you should arrive in New York City in about 4 hours…”


Themus said, “Thanks Father!  This is the best!”


They drove away with smiles on their faces, because everyone had come out to see the new car.


Themus said, “Only three of these cars were ever made and raced at the Grand Prix in Rome.  Joseph made a deal with a man who invented the cars – Enzo Ferrari – whose first successful race was on May 25, 1947. He wanted to give Canada some gossip.  He also said we could tell people about our Art Gallery at the Mansion. ”


Alchetta laughed, “I’m sure this will be another thing for Lorraine Atkins to grind her teeth over.  I can just imagine how jealous Anthony, Brandon or Goderich will be when they see this car.”


Themus winced at her words, “Well actually Alchetta it’s on loan for now.  You see we cannot drive on the dirt roads with this car – it is down too low.  Father is allowing us to use it for our honeymoon then we have to return it.  That’s the deal…”


Alchetta was thoughtful, “Your father is always making so many deals, but this is the best one ever!  We will be in New York City in no time and I’ll be shopping and spending some of my hard earned money.”


Themus said, “We are lucky that we came to Canada, England’s had a rough winter.  In February because there were blackouts and no heat the staff at Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament and London’s Central Electricity board worked by candlelight…”


Alchetta said, “I wouldn’t like that if I were a queen.”


Themus said, “They are blaming Emanuel Shinwell – The Minister of the Fuel and Power for the Labor Party is being criticized that he didn’t avert this crisis and overlooked the amount of coal he was supposed to order for the winter. He only supplied England with four weeks worth of coal, but due to a harsh winter storm it was used up sooner than planned.”


Alchetta said, “I was reading the New York Times about that too.  They said Britain had its worst blizzard on March 5th and it affected most of Europe by causing flooding March 16th when it melted.  River Thames and River Lea flooded several miles of London.”


Themus said, “Canada’s Premier of Ontario – George A Drew went to England on March 20th to hand out parcels of food to the villagers in Suffolk.  During the winter storms hundreds of thousands immigrated to Australia to avoid the winter’s freezing temperatures.”


Alchetta said, “I cannot believe in March they measured 23 feet of deep snow drifts in the Scottish Highlands.  Can you imagine?  That would be over most people’s roofs!”


Themus said, “Not our mansion, it’s bigger!”


Alchetta grinned, “You know I really wanted to go on a cruise to Greece but there’s a civil war going on now between the guerrilla’s and the government there.  Wars all over Europe, kind of hinders everyone’s vacation plans these days…”


Themus sighed, “Our world tour plans have been put on hold, but I promise even if we have to wait until we are old and grey we will do a world tour, I know in my heart it’s what you have always desired. Too bad your mother wasn’t so afraid of traveling.”


Alchetta nodded, “I know but after losing her parents on the Titanic and her best friend Blaise Marchand in a train accident, can you blame her?”


Themus said, “We all have fears, we just have to overcome them.”


Alchetta said, “True… I am surprised that your father is sending us to New York City… After all there was an outbreak of smallpox there back in April.  Some man died in March from the United States, he picked up the bug somewhere, and thousands of New Yorkers had to be immunized.”


Themus said, “I hate needles, but maybe we should get our shots too once we get there… Just to be on the safe side…”


Alchetta said, “For once I agree with you…Since we have to go through Montreal… Let us get our needles there and do a bit of shopping on our way since it is only going to take four hours… We can stop for dinner there.  I’m already hungry and I promise not to order orange juice.”


Themus snapped, “You had to ruin a good moment didn’t you?  Why are you so adamant about getting the dam juice in the first place?  I was embarrassed back there; I hope you never do anything like that again. Please!”


Alchetta said, “I’m sorry I’m grumpy first thing in the morning… I did not’ eat much at our reception because I was full from the wine and champagne.  I promise to behave from now on…. I hope Lorraine does not get wind of my hissy fit… I will never live it down.”


Themus said, “Genevieve has more class then you ever will I’m sure she won’t tell…”


Alchetta bit her tongue she did not want to ruin the rest of the honeymoon by arguing so in stead she said, “They are building a new passenger ship – a better luxury liner.”


Themus said, “You mean the SS United States?  Goderich was telling me about it during our reception.  By the way I must commend you on the chefs that you choose.  They were amazing!  Can you convince them to come and live with us at the mansion?”


Alchetta grinned, “I have actually since one is from the hotel and he is ____ entered bailey’s hotel chef name here…?   Used to taking care of my needs so I have begged mother and father to let me have him while I live here.  I hope in the future we can visit the Munroe estate in England and eventually move back there someday.  We can keep the mansion in Place Royale for our summer home.  What do you think?”


Themus grinned, “What about our Art Gallery?”


Alchetta said, “Well since Canada’s winters are not the greatest, I doubt if anyone wants to drive down that winding steep hill to get there, so it’s best if we only open during the summer months… You know as a tourist attraction.  Besides Brandon’s thinking they should put some sort of theme park in there, but the locals are not happy with that plan.”


Themus said, “I never heard anything about a theme park?”


Alchetta said, “Louise mentioned it the other night at our wedding.  Brandon was telling Goderich it would be fun to have some roller coasters and things like they do in other parts of Canada near the lakes.”


Themus said, “Alchetta lets concentrate on one project at a time.  I am going to be busy with Anthony’s he is working on building some new townhouses in Montreal, Quebec and maybe in Place Royale.  Again, the locals are giving us hassles.  They want all their land to stay as farms.  They do not like the idea of a growing city… I will bet no one will ever get to develop that prime piece of land there as long as the Totenmyers own it… With them gone, we thought we could do something but now Sasha Totenmyer is said to be twice as stubborn as her mother…is in regards to mother earth and all that native spirituality she practices.”


Alchetta defended Sasha, “She’s a sweet girl and you should never speak ill of someone as powerful as she is… Maybe I’ll have her turn you into a toad…”


Themus laughed, “Can she even turn me into one?”


Alchetta grinned, “I was at her place a few weeks ago for a garden party.  Lorraine was hosting it of course.  I noticed she has several books about white and dark magic.  I think she studies both that is how she can counteract black magic with white magic…”


Themus joked, “Who practices black magic around Place Royale?”


Alchetta looked troubled, “They say Anthony Atkins family is pretty heavy into it… They think he might have something to do with the loud screams they hear from outside of the village…”


Themus said, “Loud screams, what you are talking about?”


Alchetta groaned, “Themus don’t you ever read the Montreal Gazette?  They have stories about ghosts, missing persons and loud scream out in the forest close to Place Royale.  Strange things have been happening there since the 15th Century.  They say that Anthony’s grandmother was a very powerful witch and that his grand father was a wizard…”


Themus said, “Please spare me the details… Look we are in Montreal, where should we go eats?”


Alchetta said, “I’m not sure, but now I feel stupid.  I put a dress on hold at the Holt Renfrew at Chateau Frontenac – Christian Dior has a “new Look” out now.  The skirts go to mid calf, I wanted a black one but they did not have one in my size.  Is there one here in Montreal?  I’d like to go there first and then we can ask someone where to eat?”


Themus said, “Okay I guess you don’t want it to be tight on you when you try it on.  You look a bit bloated from all that alcohol you were drinking…”


Alchetta slapped him with her purse, “Very funny Themus Munroe. I have a fine figure thank you and so what if I am a little bit bloated who cares? I’ll work it off re decorating the mansion.”


Themus said, “What do you mean re-decorating it?”


Alchetta said, “Your father kept interfering and my mother, I had to keep them both happy, now that I’m married I can do it the way I really want too.”


Themus was angry and snapped,”Alchetta we are not wasting our money redecorating.  Let it be for a year then redecorates – Lorraine will call you a push over if you do, if she finds out WHY…”


Alchetta said, “You’ve got a point, besides there are some new designs coming out soon, perhaps I can find some in New York…Look pull over here and I’ll get a tourist map.”


Alchetta got out of the car and many came to admire it while Themus answered questions Alchetta looked for someone who spoke English.


The French woman said, “Go to rue Sherbrooke there you will find Holt Renfrew and then you can walk over to the Museum of Fine Arts and eat at the Cafe des beaux arts, it’s a four star restaurant and bistro…”


Alchetta thanked the girl, got into the car and pointed towards the lights, “We want to get to 1300 rue Sherbrooke.  We can park the car there and walk to the Museum and grab a bite to eat there too.”


Themus smiled, “How convenient for you!  Do they have men’s wear too?”


Alchetta said, “Didn’t you look at the store at the Chateau Frontenac?”


Themus sputtered, “When did I have time? Your mother had me running around all over town grabbing things for the wedding, while you went shopping my little queen…”


Alchetta said, “Now Themus you must understand I do not have a strong constitution, I tire easily and I’m not good at running errands.”


Themus said, “You are good at making profits and making business decisions, I’ll stop complaining.  Might I suggest in the future, you hire an assistant to FETCH things that you need.  I do not intend to play gopher boy now that we are married.  I did everything your mother wanted so I wouldn’t rock the boat per say but now that we are married, I shall relax and be myself for a change.”


Alchetta said, “Now what is that supposed to mean?”


Themus parked the car, grabbed her arm and escorted her into the store as he said, “You will find out soon my dear what I have planned for you…”


Alchetta was not too comfortable with his menacing tone, and then she realized he was only funning.  She smiled and pointed to the left side of the store, “You go there, I’ll go here, and I’ll meet you back in two hours… By then I’ll want a bite to eat and then we can be on our way…”


The next three hours flew by quickly… After having some soup and sandwiches at the Cafe des beaux-arts, Themus and Alchetta took a quick tour of the museum and then headed out the door.  They would come back when they had more time.


Alchetta said, “I didn’t realize how hungry I was…”


Themus said, “Well you didn’t eat your breakfast…”


Alchetta was quiet the rest of the trip… She sat back and had a snooze, while Themus turned on the radio and listened to NBC Radios, Woodbury Soap Hour with Bob Hope.  He had several chuckles as he drove towards New York City…


They arrived within hours at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on Park Avenue.  They checked in and found out that the minimum stay was 3 days due to the war so they added another day and then went straight to the Oak Room for a bite to eat.  After dinner, they went out for a walk along central park and then came back to the Oak room for drinks.


Alchetta said, “Themus we forgot to get immunized for small pox!”


Themus groaned, “I am sure we’ll find a doctor here to take care of us.  I will ask the front desk tomorrow.  I’m exhausted from driving all day lets go get some rest.”


The next morning after having some breakfast, the two of them headed to the closest doctors office and went in to get their needles.  Both were quite sore and moody from them for the next few days, so they did not see much of New York City.  Instead, they were sitting fascinated before the television in their room.  They never saw a TV before…


They watched the Kraft Television Theatre an hour-long series with plays and new stories and characters each week.  A 1942’s movie called Mr, Mrs North was on that day, and Vaughn Taylor, John McQuade and Maxine Stewart were starring on the show.  Other characters to mention were James Dean, Jack Lemmon and Grace Kelly were also on the show.  It was a funny show and quite comical.


Themus said, “Alchetta we’ll have to buy a television when we get back.  I don’t think we can fit one in that car.”


Alchetta smirked, “You’ll be lucky to fit us in the car once I complete some more shopping!  I plan to go to the haute couture shops and look for a fashion show then I want to go to the theatre tomorrow night.”


Themus said, “What is playing?”


Alchetta looked at a bulletin in the newspaper and showed it to Themus.


Alchetta said, “Finian’s Rainbow a Broadway Musical is playing at the 46th Street Theatre, starring Ella Logan, Donald Richards, Albert Sharpe, David Wayne, and The Lyn Murray Singers.  It’s also playing in London at the Palace Theatre until October.”


Themus said, “What is it about?”


Alchetta read – Finian emigrates from Ireland to the town of Rainbow Valley with his daughter Sharon to bury a stolen pot of gold.  Og, a leprechaun wants to recover the treasure, before it turns him permanently human.  A corrupt senator who is a bigot adds some hateful medicine to the Broadway Play…so what do you think?”


Themus groaned, “Sounds like something I wouldn’t want to see…”


Alchetta said, “It will be impressive to our guests at Place Royale… Just think Themus we will have people from all over the world coming to our Art Gallery.  We want to impress them with our trip to New York – in fact why don’t we contact the New York Times and get some publicity while we are here?”


Themus asked, “Why would they care about us?”


Alchetta grinned, “Because you are Joseph Munroe’s son and you just expanded a gorgeous mansion which they featured in their paper – and we can add to the story.  We decided to come to New York City and celebrate our honeymoon here because we wanted to see a Broadway play and watch TV for the first time.  They will love that!”


Themus said, “Yeah we should start a slogan called “I love New York” I’ll bet that will be a catchy line someday…”


Alchetta said, “That’s the spirit… Now I want to head over to there now and then we’ll look at what is playing at the movies…”


Themus said, “I know what I want to see – Welcome Stranger with Bing Crosby, Joan Caulfield and Barry Fitzgerald… It looks like a good movie.”


Alchetta said, “What’s it about?”


Themus said, “It’s about a doctor Mc Rory who finds a replacement named Pearson so he can go away on vacation… He does not like the person when he shows up.  The new guys doesn’t like it there until he meets a girl name Trudy Mason who is engaged to a stuffy man name Mc Rory who gives Pearson the cold shoulder and the locals follow.  But it says guess that needs an emergency appendectomy?”


Alchetta says, “Sounds like it could be pretty funny we have to go see that too.  Now let us go to the Tiffany & Co store on Fifth Avenue.  I need some new jewels to make Lorraine grind her teeth.”


Themus sighed, “Can we have a conversation without you bringing her up every five minutes?   It’s getting annoying!”


Alchetta snapped, “Well I’m sorry… The woman gets to me…”


Themus said, “I’m going to get a new watch, one that tells the world’s time… I wonder if they have those yet.  I think Chago Sima was talking about them designing some…”


The two of them enjoyed the afternoon out shopping along Fifth Avenue, grabbing some new outfits for casual and a few gowns for ballroom dancing.  Themus bought himself a few new suit jackets, a new riding habit for horseback riding and some bedroom attire.  They enjoyed a lovely meal then went and got dressed to go see Finian’s Rainbow.


Themus said, “I didn’t know it would be so expensive to pay to park our car for a few days.  I like the fact that it’s free in Place Royale.”


Alchetta grinned, “Money to burn now with both of our incomes, a few dollars here and there won’t hurt.”


Themus said, “Now Alchetta you know I hate to waste any money…”


Alchetta retorted, “You must have got that from your mother.  Joseph throws money around like water…”


Themus turned white… It been awhile since he thought about his mother… He enjoyed the show but he kept flashing back to when his mother was lying in a bed, dark hair, big green eyes and she was so thin and pales those last days before she died.  He remembers how hard it was to find something to eat, wearing no shoes and pants, that came up to his shins… Kids poking fun at him and throwing rocks at him in England the day his mother told him his father was alive was shocking… Nevertheless, he still remembers when he came up to the wrought iron gate of the Munroe mansion in England.   The feeling that somehow fate was going to change his life forever from rags to riches Themus had a story to tell but it was always going to be a secret… Alchetta Bailey’s parents (his wife) would never approve of him if they really knew where he came from.  Alchetta was keeping a secret, she was happy he found his father… For sixteen years, his mother told him that his father did no exist.  Themus did not know whether to be angry with his mother but when she explained that, his father was rich… He would have taken Themus away from her as a child and not let her be a part of his life… He understood the pain she must have gone through wondering if she did the right thing keeping him away from Joseph all those years…


Alchetta elbowed Themus and he popped away and mumbled, “Sorry daydreaming…”


Alchetta could see that something was bothering Themus she could kick herself for mentioning his mother.  Goderich warned her before to let Themus be about his past…


They went for a stroll along the waterfront and looked at the moon and the stars and Themus was determined to give his wife a kiss this time.  She let him even though there was no response from her.


Themus looked troubled, “Alchetta do you love me?”


Alchetta looked down and sighed, “I’m sorry Themus you know this was a financial arrangement, right?”


Themus looked pained, “But I thought that you would eventually fall in love with me… After all it’s been seven years that we waited to get married…”



Alchetta shrugged her shoulders, “I’m sorry Themus I don’t think I could ever fall in love with any man… I just do not feel anything like that.  I see more as a very close friend, one who I care about?”



Themus sighed, “I see…”


They went back to the hotel in silence, and went to bed.  Alchetta snored loudly as Themus tossed and turned… Somehow, his honeymoon was not turning out the way he planned and he did not know what to do… It did not look like Alchetta was interested in anything physical with him… He did not want to ruin her honeymoon so he tossed and turned all night wishing he could be with another woman…


The next day Alchetta and Themus went on a horse and buggy ride through central park, then a tour of the city on a bus and finally the movie – Welcome Stranger… They both enjoyed the movie very much.


It was later that evening that Alchetta picked up the New York Times newspaper and started reading…

Then she gasped, “Themus did you know they have created ENIAC the world’s first electronic digital computer – Alan Turing created a computer that can be reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems.  The army intends to use it for their secret missions.”


Themus said, “Next they’ll be making computers that can be made into robots then we’ll all be in trouble. Who needs humans that get ill or talk too much – buy a robot! I can just see the headlines now.”


Alchetta argued, “I don’t think it will be that way at all.  I once heard Sasha Totenmyer referring to a machine that will benefit man in many ways… She says it was a computer and it would connect people from all over the world.”


Themus laughed, “That would take loads and loads of wire to do, she’s nuts!”


Alchetta groaned, “Themus you don’t know how technology can change and become better.  I am sure of it that is why I will be investing in that type of technology.  I think they call it Artificial Intelligence.  I would buy a robot to clean my house so I would not have to put up with that nosy maid you have Cynthia Stalin and Arthur? He is a nice fella but really, he is so droll and quiet.  He makes me uncomfortable at times the way he shakes his head and murmurs to himself that he hopes that Viktor was wrong… What does he mean by that anyway?”


Themus said, “Ummm well they have this legend about the thirteenth year at the Munroe mansion the lady of the house dies… That would be you… So make sure were good and rich before you die…”



Alchetta smacked him with her purse, “Themus Munroe that isn’t even funny.”


Themus was laughing and said, “My father says the Stalin’s are very superstitious about many things. Besides you told me you do not believe in the supernatural, although I have seen ghosts that told me to “beware the curse of the Munroe mansion” I refuse to believe in any of that stuff.  I think it was stress about leaving England and coming to Canada. I have convinced myself that I was hallucinating or something…”


Alchetta grinned, “Well you’re going to love this next story… It says here that on July 8th, the Roswell Daily Record is reporting that a UFO crashed with 5 aliens in it and one of them was alive!”


Themus said, “Now that’s science, a being from another planet… What did they come through a black hole?”


Alchetta looked at him, “A what?”


Themus said, “It’s where there is a tear in the universe and beings can pass through from another dimension… Oh never mind what’s the story…”


Alchetta said, “It says here that Maj. Jesse A Marcel at the Roswell Army Airfield in Fort Worth Texas obtained a flying disc… Sorry I am paraphrasing… I might get it wrong but the Intelligence says that the office of the 509th bomb group of the eighth air force has gained possession of it along with the sheriff’s cooperation from the office of Chaves County on Foster Ranch.


Dan Wilmot describes it as “two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth” a Roswell Resident on July 2, 1947.  Then it says something about alien corpses in the Socorro area – west of the foster ranch – shipped to Bruroc Army Airfield in California where they plan to do tests on the aliens.  Poor things…”


Themus said, “I would love to see an alien, but we don’t have time… We have to get back and catch the RMS Queen Elizabeth and go to visit my father’s estate in London, England…”


Alchetta said, “Why would we go there?”


Themus said, “To collect more of my fortune and take care of a few other things.”


Alchetta said, “Well we might as well pack tonight and check out first thing in the morning… It’s going to be a long drive back to Quebec…”


The next day Themus drove, straight there within 5 hours they arrived just in time to give the car back to Joseph who informed the people at the hotel that their car had returned… The three of them headed towards the dock to board the ship…


Boarding the ship the three of them retired immediately to their rooms.  Themus and Alchetta were exhausted after driving for 5 hours straight from New York City.  They even missed dinner that evening.


Joseph Munroe spent the night at the bar talking to whoever was willing to listen to him…


The next day the three of them were having breakfast.  Joseph wanted to hear all about their trip to New York City and he was quite wistful about it, wishing he could go there sometime and see a Broadway musical.


He remembered asking his late wife Ophirah to go but she was a country girl and she was not interested in things like that.    Joseph envied William White because his new wife Demora would only be too pleased to do something like that.


He wondered if he would ever meet another woman and remarry… Lately life felt somewhat lonely with Themus married off, the estate in England would remain empty… Because Themus would be returning to Place Royale with his wife Alchetta after staying in England for a few weeks  He would try to keep them there as long as possible…


Alchetta told him about the fashion district on 5th Avenue and how she would love to go to Fashion Weeks but its on twice a year Spring/Summer in February and Fall/Winter in September at Bryant Park.


Themus said, “We went into Saks on Fifth Avenue and then to Tiffany & Co to buy Alchetta some jewellery and get myself a watch.”


Joseph said, “What else did you two do?”


Alchetta said, “We went to see the Broadway Musical – Finian’s Rainbow.”


Joseph said, “I was reading in the New York Times that David Wayne is set to with a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical it’s the first one to be awarded.  They have been nominated for the Theatre World Award as Og -The Best Conductor Award and Musical Director as well as Milton Rosenstock for Best Choreography.”


Themus said, “We also watched a rerun of the 1942 movie – Mr and Mrs North.  We were wondering if we can get the 12 cable channels in Place Royale.”


Joseph said, “Not likely for a long time, it’s pretty remote out in Place Royale. Besides televisions is a luxury at six hundred dollars apiece.  Not a necessity if you ask me.  I will buy one when the price goes down and when I can get some channels.  In the meantime I’ll rely on my library of books.”


The three of them got up and decided to go play some bingo for the next couple of hours and then they had an evening of dancing with a band that played Perry Como songs.  The hit from the 1946 movie Doll Face – Here Comes Heaven Again was a popular song.


Alchetta said, “Isn’t Perry Como just dreamy…”


Then she realized where she was.  Alchetta looked lovely in her new outfit from Christian Dior – a new look black skirt, white blouse and jacket, with long black silk gloves adored with her diamond bracelets and necklaces and rings.  She looked like a walking jewellery display as some of the women comment as she walked by out of earshot.  Alchetta was desperately trying to fit in with the high society women on board but she was failing miserably and she knew it.  Frustrated she went and talked to one of the women on board that seemed to be friendlier then the rest.


The woman asked if Alchetta had a chance to attend the Carrington & Rosewood Finishing School for young women, the answer was no.  Alchetta wished she had because Patricia Rosewood would know how to handle a situation like this.  Louise Deere spoke highly of her as a former chaperone.  Alchetta wondered if Patricia’s sister would be as refined… She doubted it for Sasha Totenmyer came across as a bit of a country girl with lots of wisdom and spirituality but no grace or manners becoming to a woman in higher set of society.


Alchetta worried that she would never learn how to fit in.  It was her hearts desire to be better than Lorraine Atkins and she could not speak to Themus about it; he was tired of her drive to be number one in everything.  Alchetta wondered if it was because she was an only child, always driven to succeed and make her mother Retta proud of her.  So far, she would make an ass of herself, told to leave Chateau Frontenac and did not know when a fashion show was and was humiliated to find out that they did not have them in the summer.


Alchetta assumed that the summer line of clothing would have a show in the summer time.  Arguing with the woman at Saks Fifth Avenue did not help.  Having Themus drag her out with her yelling at the sales woman did not seem to faze her.  It was very disturbing; Alchetta did not feel like herself anymore.  She almost felt like she was possessed with something, a force greater than she was and it was controlling her emotions… Not her mind but how she reacted to things She wondered if it was stress – getting married – hearing about ghosts and curses over the mansion did bother her.  The fact that she has not stepped foot in the mansion for several weeks after seeing those ghosts did not help either.


Alchetta did not breathe a word of it to anyone; she never wanted to admit that the woman and little boy looked exactly like the portraits hanging up in the living room wall.  One was a portrait of Joseph’s wife Ophirah who died unexpectedly from a riding accident.  Then a young boy named Jonathan who was Jake and Themus’ brother.  The fact that Jake died due to Ida Tinkle because of The Book of Spells and the mansion it did not make her feel comfortable either.  Then there was the mysterious death of Jesseline Thirkill – Ida Tinkle took over her mind and she shot her ex husband Jake before shooting herself.  The Munroe mansion, Anthony Atkins and Ida Tinkle, linked all these things.


Now that Alchetta’s last name was Munroe… She wondered what fate had in store for her…


Joseph interrupted her thoughts, “Alchetta are you okay? You look a little pale…”


Joseph smiled and winked at Themus – the signs of a woman with morning sickness.  Joseph would be delighted if that was the case.  It was too soon for anything like that, but then again with Themus being the way he was… Who knows?


Alchetta apologized, “Sorry I was thinking about all those deaths in Place Royale … Your family… The portraits on the wall … They all say to me… Sin has its consequences…”


Joseph was horrified, Themus dropped his glass of beer, and it shattered on the floor of the ship.


Joseph stuttered, “Where did you hear such a thing?”


Alchetta said, “What thing?”


Themus sputtered, “What you just said?”


Alchetta looked confused, “What did I just say?”


Joseph felt the hairs go up on the back of his neck he turned to Themus, “Are you wearing the amulet that Anthony made you?”


Themus nodded.


Joseph asked, “Does Alchetta have one?”


Themus shook his head no, “She refuses to believe that a necklace could protect her… Why?”


Joseph said, “Look at her eyes…”


Themus saw that Alchetta had a glazed look to her eye and he too felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck and prickles went up and down his spine.  He did a double take and screamed…


Joseph said,”What?”


Themus pointed at Alchetta and screamed, “Look!”


Joseph looked and fainted… Themus was staring at the face of Ida Tinkle…


Alchetta smiled and got up.  Themus tried to grab her but something stronger overcame her.  She was powerless as she could hear a voice in her head saying over and over again – Sin has its consequences – especially for virgins….”


Suddenly Joseph got up and started towards Alchetta, Themus saw the hungry look in his eyes and desperately he reached out grabbed one of the wooden chairs on deck and hit both of them over the head knocking them out cold…


The crewmen came running and Themus asked that both Joseph and Alchetta be confined to special quarters as they were suffering from something he didn’t understand…  The doctor came and peered into the eyes of both of them and then he turned to Themus who turned white as a ghost… For standing before him was Dr Peter Tibideau…


Themus backed away and said, “you did this too them didn’t you!”


Dr Peter Tibideau shook his head no and hoarsely said, “Ida Tinkle stole the Book of Spells from my safe.  She is on her way to Place Royale… She intends to destroy your father and Anthony Atkins.  She is travelling with a sheriff who is under Ida’s spell… Your amulet is protecting you from her spells, but these two… Need protection before she kills them…. She tried to kill me… I had no idea how evil she was…”


Themus was confused, “But I thought that you were evil? Sorry but that’s what I was told…”


Dr Peter Tibideau groaned, “I agree I can be classified as evil… I do experiments on humans in hopes of finding cures to prolong the life of mortals.  I fell in love once with this girl… She was Ida Tinkle’s sister… I hope to redeem myself before finding a special book that will help to raise her up…”


Themus looked like he wanted to scream…  Nothing would come out… For suddenly everything went black…



Dr Peter Tibideau smiled to himself. Anthony Atkins was no match for him no one was… He would find the book of the Dead and then raise his one true love.   He would have to get the Munroe’s safely to England and out of harms way before confronting Anthony and Ida Tinkle.  He needed to know where Anthony hid the book that would finally help him rise dead…


Mr Stalin was slapping Joseph Munroe on the face, “Sir please wake up are you okay?  What has happened to all of you?”


Mr Stalin looked at his wife in fear, “You don’t think the prophecy came true – that all Munroe’s would die at the hand of the Virgin Slayer?”


She nodded no, “Evette Sima said there would be one that would survive and a man with red hair would come and deliver them from the curse of the mansion…but come let’s get them into their beds… It is odd that they showed up here in the middle hall… They look like they were on a ship… They will travel here on the RMS Queen Elizabeth…I asked the crew about them and they do not remember seeing them get on the ship in Quebec… This must be Dr Peter Tibideau’s work… He’s the only one I know that can erase short term memory…”


Mr Stalin sighed, “No your wrong… Anthony Atkins knows how to do it too.  I am calling Detective Bob Farley… Maybe this has something to do with Ida Tinkle’s escape…”



It was a few hours later when Detective Bob Farley arrived at the Munroe estate in London, England.  He looked at all three of them after the doctor left.


Joseph was the first one to wake up. “Oh my aching head, what happened, and how I got here? I was on the ship when Dr Peter Tibideau showed up and then I blacked out and Alchetta was acting strange – Ida Tinkle is playing tricks on us again…”


Themus said, “I wouldn’t be too sure of that father – Dr Peter Tibideau mentioned a book that he needs, it’s not the Book of Spells that he wants, he said something about getting his love back, Ida’s sister who is dead?”


Mr Stalin drew in his breath and hoarsely said, “He wants the Book of the Dead…It’s a powerful book, he can raise the dead, open the doors of hell and bring in demons into our world… We must stop him…”


Joseph said, “No one can stop him, he’s immortal… I think he wants us out of the way for some reason… I had two ghosts tell me that he is going to Place Royale to deal with Anthony Atkins and Ida Tinkle finally.  It seems that the three of them used to belong to a witches convent and they broke up because both of them tricked into loving the same woman.  Anthony and Peter used to be best friends… They were close to my grandmother… It is all very strange… But they say it dates back to the fifteenth century…”


Alchetta woke up out of her stupor and said, “What if Dr Peter Tibideau isn’t the only immortal?  Anthony and Ida could also be a part of the same convent and what about your grandmother Joseph was she ever immortal?”


Joseph sighed heavily, “I’m not sure… I have been trying to find the book of the dead myself… It has a record of the immortals and mortals death… In regards to the mortals they are used for scientific experiments…”


Themus said, “That’s what Dr Peter Tibideau was referring too when he said the only EVIL he does is experiments on mortals something about extending their life.”


Joseph said, “My grandmother used to tell me a story… She said the immortals would sometimes fall in love with a mortal woman or man… They have been trying to figure out how to extend the mortal’s lives so they can be together for a longer period… In this case, Dr Peter Tibideau probably wants to raise his mortal from the dead then give her a potion to extend her life…but once raised from the dead he cannot raise her again if she dies…”



Alchetta saw the questioning look in Themus’ eyes as Mr Stalin answered, “The soul either goes to heaven or hell by that time.  For now they are trapped in a spell that an immortal has cast on them…”


Joseph said, “Is that why I only see Ophirah and Jonathan?  I never see Jake or Jesseline… Are their souls trapped somewhere?”


Mr Stalin said, “They can choose to stay behind instead of crossing over if they have some unfinished business to attend to here on earth meaning you of course… They are staying to help you and then when they have completed their mission they will cross over…”


Alchetta said, “Mr Stalin how is it that you know so much?”


Mr Stalin said, “Because my family is immortal… Long ago appointed the guardians over the Munroe family we have failed in many ways… For our powers taken from us Dr Peter Tibideau, Ida Tinkle and Anthony Atkins have locked them away… Until all three are dead, we cannot retrieve our powers…”


Themus said, “Wow that’s heavy… I can’t tell Brandon and Goderich this story can I?”


Detective Bob Farley was speechless; all he could think have been that this case was getting out of hand… It was way over his head… He did not know anything about this spiritual stuff… Whom could he talk to about it?


Alchetta said, “Detective Farley you look kind of uncomfortable about all this… You can talk to Sasha Totenmyer about all this… She has powers to combat evil… ”


Detective Bob Farley was startled, “Alchetta how did you know…”


She smiled, “Because I intend to ask for her help in this matter and I figured both of us can benefit from her wisdom.”


Themus felt relief at least here in England it seemed that Alchetta was back to normal. He looked at Mr Stalin and saw that he was watching him…


Joseph said, “Well at least it appears that Dr Tibideau has decided to put us all out of harms way… I guess he’s not such a bad chap.”


Detective Bob Farley said, “I wouldn’t get too comfortable.  After reading the details of every case involving Ida Tinkle, it appears that they keep you alive and use you for their own means and then they will kill you.  You have been marked for death…


In the meantime, I suggest you all get some good food in you and some rest.  I am going to have to discuss moving to New York City soon.  Things are getting crazy at Scotland Yard for me.  Ida Tinkle I believe has something to do with it.  Besides my wife and I intend to start a family and we’d like to settle down before doing so…”


Themus said, “Well thanks for stopping by Detective Farley. We will be talking to you soon I am sure… Come Alchetta lets go get some rest… Father I will see you tomorrow morning… I need some fresh English air, a gun and my hunting gear… I bought a new outfit…”


Joseph nodded and smiled at his son and then he did something strange… He walked over to Themus gave him a hug and said, “I wanted to give you a hug, tell you how much I love you and that I’m very proud to have you as my son… In case, I ever die… I wanted to do that before it happens…”


Themus had tears in his eyes as he hugged his father back, “I have waited a long time to hear you tell me you loved me…It means a lot to me…”


Alchetta smiled, she felt a pang of remorse, she was missing her mother and father now…


Mr Stalin said, “Wait… I have prepared a lovely stew for all of you… I insist you have a bite to eat before retiring to bed…”


Joseph grinned and said, “That’s a good idea I’m famished!”


Themus looked at Mr Stalin… There was something strange about him… He could not pin point it but he did not like it… He wondered if he should pass on the food… But his stomach got the best of him after seeing Mr Stalin taking a few bites for he insisted they join the family this once… He felt okay to eat it and the beef barley was tender, juicy and very tasty….












It was the next morning after the two men went hunting that Themus joined Joseph in his study.  Themus was happy to have received more of his trust fund and was sure to enjoy some of it out on the town.  Alchetta had proved to be more of a cold fish then he cared for.  He could not get her to sleep with him at all.  She kept complaining about a headache or a stomachache.


****insert new mss #5 few weeks in England here


Alchetta was really missing England once she stepped foot on the ground there.  The first thing she wanted to do was visit her parents at The Bailey’s Hotel in London.  Themus dropped her off at the Hotel.


The new manager was there his name was Pierre Demers.  Alchetta was surprised to see him there.  She assumed that her parents would still be running the hotel themselves.


Pierre did not recognize Alchetta and she did not know it.


Pierre said, “Welcome to Bailey’s Hotel London.”


Alchetta smiled, “I see that we are still intact here.”


Pierre smiled, “Yes thankfully we were not bombed.”


Alchetta grinned, “A long wait for you eh?  A seven year job interview and finally you get hired…”


Pierre was not smiling now he was wondering who this person was.


Alchetta said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alchetta Munroe.”


She held out her hand towards Pierre he looked at her with disdain and said, “Madame what do you want?  Are you hearing to book a room or exchange trivialities with me.  I do have OTHER things to do…”


Alchetta bristled at his words, “Where is Retta Bailey?”


Pierre looked her up and down and said, “I don’t think that is any concern of yours… Now I have things to do…”


He turned on his heel and walked towards the office.  Alchetta was furious, how could her mother hire such a terrible person?


She walked around the reception desk and opened the door to the office.


Pierre said, “Now listen miss you have a lot of nerve!  That’s it I’m calling Scotland Yard.”


Pierre picked up the phone and they said they would be right over.


Pierre’s eyes narrowed, “You really need to respect people’s privacy.”


Alchetta snapped, “You did not answer the question.  Where is Retta Bailey?”


Pierre simply said, “She is busy.  Now sit over there. Because you have disturbed me, I’m having you arrested for stalking me.”


Alchetta laughed, “How I can be stalking you if I just arrived, asked you where someone is and you are rude to me?  I think I’ll charge you with being insolent and rude and get you fired.”


Pierre said, “Fat chance of that, there is no one here to fire me.  Besides judging by the way you look they won’t care a fig about you.”


Alchetta said, “Now what is that supposed to mean?”


Pierre said, “Have you looked in a mirror lately?”


Alchetta said, “No I didn’t have time, I came straight here…”


Pierre said, “From where?”


Alchetta said, “From the RMS Queen Elizabeth…”


Pierre said, “Are you immigrating here?  We don’t need the likes of you…”


Alchetta snapped, “You are way out of control shut up!”


She grabbed the lamp from off the desk and was about to swing at his head when a vice like grip caught her arm and a stern male voice said, “Now that’s enough young ladies.  Put that down.”


Pierre said, “Nice to see you again Detective Farley… This woman attacked me!”


Alchetta gasped, “I didn’t even get a chance to touch you!”


Then Alchetta lunged at Pierre ready to hit him again.  This time the Detective thrown off his balance landed backwards hitting his head against the wall.  Alchetta grabbed the lamp and started beating Pierre over the head with it.  He laid there in a pool of blood, half-alive…


Alchetta sat down and began to cry… She could not take these outbursts anymore… What was happening to her…? Where were her parents…? How would she explain any of this…? She would not… She wiped her fingerprints off the lamp, placed it in the Detective’s hands, and placed him closer to Pierre’s body then she darted out a secret hole in the wall and down through a cobble stone tunnel that lead two blocks away from the hotel…


She would not be able to go back there and she would not tell a soul…  She ran into the Munroe Estate, ripped off her bloodied clothes, and burned them in a fire… She walked in naked into the house and up through the secret doors to her room… Good no one was there… Alchetta had a quick bath, washed her hair and was dressed before she heard voices.


Coming down stairs and feeling quite hungry, Alchetta went into the dining room to join Themus and Joseph for dinner… There with a bandage wrapped around his head was Detective Farley looking very tired and weak.


Themus said, “Alchetta is it true?  Did you hit a man named Pierre at your parents hotel and then tried to pin the blame on the Detective?”


Alchetta decided to play possum so she mustered up the look of a zombie and said, “I’ve been in my room resting?  What’s this all about?”


Joseph looked at Alchetta, he could see she was shaking, so he turned and said, “Bob are you sure it wasn’t Ida Tinkle playing her pranks again?”


Detective Bob Farley did not feel like arguing. If this was the way the Munroe’s were going to pay him back for everything he had done for them, then so be it.


He shook his head, turned, and walked on his heel, on his way out the door he yelled, “Don’t forget Joseph… That sin has it consequences… And playing games with me is not a good idea.”


Joseph turned on Alchetta, “What has come over you? Why did you hit that man?”


Alchetta bitterly said, “He was being so rude and ignorant to me.  He refused to tell me where my mother was…”


Joseph said, “I don’t understand if he knew it was your mother… Why be rude to you?”


Alchetta sighed, “I didn’t let him know that she was my mother… Besides he deserved having me smash his head with that lamp.”


Themus laughed, “I wish I could have been there.”


Joseph said, “Themus this is no laughing matter and Alchetta do you realize what’s happened to Detective Bob Farley?”


Alchetta shook her head no.


Joseph rasped, “He has been dismissed from Scotland Yard pending an investigation into the matter.  Pierre is pressing charges against him for hitting him with the lamp.”


Alchetta said, “But that is ridiculous, Pierre knows that it was I that hit him.”


Joseph said, “I am going to get to the bottom of this, one way or the other.  I have to go and find Melville and find out who this Pierre fella is.  Themus I suggest you come with me.  I may need a witness.”


Themus looked at the serious expression in his fathers face, he knew enough to keep quiet until they went outside.


Joseph said, “There is something very strange going on around here.  I went to my club today and they told me that Melville has not been there in ages.  He always goes there everyday.  I hope nothing has happened.  With Ida Tinkle on the loose who knows what she is up to now?   That woman’s only desire is to cause me nothing but grief…”


Themus said, “But I thought she was on her way to Canada and after Anthony and Dr Tibideau?  Why would she stop and start trouble here in England.  What if it’s Dr Tibideau doing it instead?”


Joseph said, “Don’t be ridiculous, why Dr Tibideau would cause trouble for the Bailey’s?”


Themus said, “Because their daughter just married a Munroe… Therefore, the curse as you know affects other families.  Look what happened to Jesseline Thirkill and then her mother Dafny was killed by Ida and her father well that was your fault.”


Joseph said, “I never killed Ronel Thirkill, he was a friend of sorts even though the bastard was always black mailing me.  I let him do it because I found his creative ideas amusing…I would always talk him down to about half of what he asked for.  For a lawyer he wasn’t very bright.”


Themus said, “If you didn’t kill Ronel Thirkill then who did?”


Joseph signed, “It could have been Anthony or Dr Tibideau.  Who has the most to gain here?  Ida Tinkle!  She wanted to make Jesseline angry enough to try to seduce me then kill me.  That was the ultimate plan, only it backfired when Anthony decided he wanted Jesseline in his bed after that happened I had no interest in the girl.”


Themus said, “That’s not what I heard…”


Joseph blushed, “Well she was a beautiful thing…”


Themus said, “Father don’t lie to me.  If there is, anything I value is that I can at least trust my father.  I cannot trust Alchetta she is acting like a crazy lunatic; I have Ida Tinkle to worry about now.  A medallion that I wear did not protect me from Dr Tibideau so now I no longer trust that Anthony Atkins is trying to protect me.  If you ask me, I think all three are working, together to get the book of spells and the book of the dead in one place.  Then the three can start their convent again and do whatever it is that they do… They need us out of the way for some reason.  Maybe there is some sort of power in the Munroe mansion, something hidden.  Why else would grandmother appoint an immortal guardian over the mansion and its people?”


Joseph pondered his words for a minute… “You know that does make some sense.  Why do they kill off the Munroe’s one at a time and why do they attack the women?  Is it to stop an heir from being born?  Nevertheless, not just any heir  Maybe there’s a prophecy stating that one of the heirs will overcome their Covent and stop it and remove the evil immortals from Place Royale, once and for all…”


Themus said, “You know Detective Bob Farley can’t be too angry about being dismissed from Scotland Yard, he was talking about moving to New York City… I think it is more about his Scottish pride.  It must hurt for people to think ill of him.”


Joseph said, “Well we are going to get to the bottom of this now… Were here…”


Themus jumped out of the car first and ran up the stairs to the hotel.  The doors will not open and the hotel looks vacant.  He turned around and looked at Joseph.


Themus said, “I think you were right father… Pierre is not the man they originally interviewed – I think something has happened to Melville and Retta…Lets not tell Alchetta but we better stop by Detective Farley’s house to let him know…”


Joseph and Themus drove over to Scotland Yard.


Joseph said, “I’ll be right back…”


Joseph walked into the headquarters and up to the desk.


Joseph said, “I need to speak to your captain about Detective Bob Farley…”


The woman at the desk said, “Who?”


Joseph said, “Detective Bob Farley… He was dismissed today from Scotland Yard?”


The woman shook her head and said, “I’m sorry sir but there is no Detective Bob Farley… There never has…”


Joseph looked terrified as he walked backwards out the door.  For the woman’s face had changed into that of Ida Tinkle…


Joseph ran out the door and down the stairs… He could hear the woman saying… “Sin has it consequences… The Virgin Slayer will rise again!”


Joseph jumped into the car and drove like a mad man back to the Munroe Estate.


Themus said, “Father slow down, your driving too fast, where is Detective Bob Farley?”


Joseph hissed, “They or she said he doesn’t exist.  I just saw Ida tinkle sitting at the front desk in Scotland Yard.  There is no stopping this woman!  What are we going to do?  Now I wonder if Detective Bob Farley even exists…”


Themus said, “Father, she is probably playing tricks on us… Remember he married some woman that was part of the government spy agencies. Maybe she had to leave town and he made the story up.  If he’s real, he’s headed to New York City…”


Joseph said, “Ida said the strangest thing this time.”


Themus said, “What did she say?”


Joseph said, “Ida said sin has its consequences – the Virgin Slayer will rise again.”


Themus said, “So does that mean this Virgin Slayer guy is dead, or does it mean that Ida intends to take control of someone’s mind and start slaying all of your friends… Oh, god you do not think that she finally got Melville.  After all, he was the next intended victim… Without Detective Farley to put her in jail, if he really did put her in jail God this is so confusing.  I feel like someone is messing with my head, yours and Alchettas.  This Ida woman is crazy and she’s making all of us crazy.”


Joseph sighed, “The last time someone went crazy – was your brother Jake and it wasn’t Ida Tinkle – it was Anthony Atkins.”


Themus groaned, “Now what do we do and is Alchetta going to be safe to be left alone? She is acting crazy and out of control these days.  Do you think we should lock her up?”


Joseph said, “No then Ida or Dr Tibideau would get access to her and make her kill.  I think that is what they intend to do.  The incident with Pierre was only the beginning.  Ida wants to revive the Virgin Slayer and what better way then with my daughter in law.  I never told you but when I was around sixteen years old, something happened to me.  It took over my mind and made me kill.”


Themus shrank away from his father, “Now I know why you reacted so strongly when I first met you at the age of sixteen.  I told you I wanted to be exactly like you and you recoiled like I was a snake trying to bite you.”


Joseph nodded yes, “That’s exactly what I thought then I was relieved when you mentioned majoring as a business man and becoming number one to appear on Time magazine.  I suggest we take things one day at a time and watch out for one another.  We need to keep Alchetta close by and keep and eye on her at all times.  I can’t even trust to hire someone because Ida is able to change herself into different human forms.”


Themus said, “That’s true we will have to watch our steps over the next few weeks.  Well we could go have a few drinks at a bar and let loose.  I haven’t done that in weeks”


Joseph says, “Sounds like a great idea, I could use a stiff drink or two…”


One night Themus had come in late and he was very drunk and surly.  Joseph had been drinking port in the study and asked Themus when he would produce an heir for him.

Themus bitterly said, “Fat chance of that.  She will not let me touch or kiss her!”

Joseph said, “We can’t have that.  Now give her some port then have your way with her.  She is your wife!  Tell her it’s her duty to submit to you!”

Themus said, “You know you’re right?  I have needs!  I am tired of her already.  If it were not for the money, I would have never married her.  I would have married Louise instead!  Now there is a hot-blooded woman.  My friend Brandon brags about how good she is in bed.”

Joseph said, “Does she share?  Maybe she’ll be a lover to you.”

Themus thought for a moment and said, “She looks like she’s bored of Brandon.  Brandon is always drinking and complaining that he cannot satisfy her enough.  All they do is fight.  She is still mad at him for deceiving her.  She thought she had married the rich man, when in fact Goderich, the one she snubbed was filthy rich!  It was so funny when Louise and Patricia found out that they did not get their gold digging claws into the right man.  Goderich is too smart.  He picked the quiet and boring goody two shoes Marion.  Yes, I think I will make a play for Louise.  She loved flirting with me before.  Hell, she even kissed me one night!  She got me all fired up but then we were interrupted before I could see what she was made of.”

Joseph said, “You’ll have to be very discrete about it.  Take her to my friends place Simon Boucher at the Dubois Inn in Cote-de-La-Montagne.  He also owns the Old Port Inn located in the Village of Place Royale.  For a small fee, he will give you a room to use and if you see anyone else there do not say a word.  Her Aunt Lorraine is quite outrageous in bed.  I’ve heard from Chago Sima that she’s an amazing lover!”

Themus said, “Funny you should say that because Goderich told me Marion learned a few things from Louise who was taught by Lorraine as well.”  He laughed at that.  “That way she won’t say anything to Brandon if I have something on her.  Do you think Chago would mind?”

Joseph said, “Chago has many lovers, he is a Spanish gypsy after all and a confirmed bachelor.  I will let him know, that you would like a threesome with them.  It would be a new experience for Lorraine and she would find it exciting to be with a younger man.  Be sure to tell her you want Louise and she’ll arrange it for you.”

Themus could not wait.  The thought of finally fulfilling his long time sexual fantasy was too much for him.

He went to his room and poured a tall glass of port for Alchetta demanding that she drink it.  At first she did, not want to for her mother had instilled in her that alcohol was evil and only men are able to indulge in it.  Themus had roared and said, “Really Alchetta give it up.  Your mother is not here, you are my wife you will do as you please from now on, and I never want to hear any more of your mother’s wishes or rules or religious fanatical beliefs!  It’s all hog wash if you ask me!”

Alchetta for the first time in her life felt nothing but fear, as Themus looked at her.

Alchetta had become drunk rather quickly and was almost ready to pass out when Themus gingerly grabbed her and started to take her clothes off, she wildly asked, “What are you doing?” and he rasped, “I’m making you into a proper wife now you will open your legs!”

With the impatience of a crazed man, he ploughed himself into her tearing the tender skin of her virginity.  She cried and screamed, “Themus don’t do this to me.  It hurts!”

As he put his hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet and viciously snarled, “Alchetta we need an heir, Joseph expects one.  Then he’ll give me more money.”

She tried to fight him off but to no avail.  She was exhausted and her arms and body were immobile.  She felt nothing but pure hatred, as she laid there cold and bruised.  She had been hysterical and feeling petrified her eyes filled with tears.  With relief, after some time, he was finally done with her.  He rolled over to the other side of the bed and passed out.  Alchetta laid there bleeding, rolled up in a ball, and cried into the night wishing that she were dead…

Chapter 4

Joseph and Themus Go Hunting

Themus avoided Alchetta.  The next morning when he saw the blood on the bed and she had evaded him he felt sick with distraught.

He found her out in the garden.  “Alchetta I had too much to drink and I’m sorry I didn’t mean to rape you.  Nevertheless, really, you are my wife and I have needs!  I also need to produce an heir for Joseph.”

She snarled at him, “It’s no excuse Themus.  Mother told me I would not have to care for your needs.  She does not for father.  Themus go get yourself a mistress and please keep it discrete and make sure it is no one that I know either!  You must keep it a secret.  In addition, I will have sex with you once a month until we produce an heir, then never again!  Please don’t let it happen like last night that was horrible!”

Themus could not believe his ears and said, “You want me to have a mistress?”  He smiled with glee.

Alchetta said “Themus I know you only married me for my money and that’s fine.  My parents demanded that I marry even though I prefer to stay an unmarried woman as they call it, but if I have to be married then both of us will be happy.  I will have a handsome husband who can attend parties and balls with me and you can have all the fillies you want.  I know about your womanizing ways and dear I want you to be happy and fully satisfied.  Now leave me be and go to Charlot’s den in the east end of London.  My father highly recommends it.”

Again, Themus could not believe his ears “Alchetta you’re a dream!”

Then he went out to sow his wild oats at Charlot’s den.  He came back later that evening happier than he had been in a long time.

At dinner that night Joseph said, “I see your wife’s making you glow and soon maybe we’ll hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.”

Joseph looked at Alchetta with a broad smile.  She pasted a smile on her face and said “Yes Themus and I have an understanding don’t we dear?”

Themus said jovially “We sure do!  Father I was going to ask you to accompany us back to Canada.  I want you to stay at Goderich’s new hunting lodge.  We will enjoy some hiking and boating, fishing and hunting.  Like the good old days.”

Joseph had a tear in his eye and said, “I know I haven’t been able to hunt since my wife Ophirah died tragically.  When Alchetta provides me with a Grandson, we’ll have to start the Munroe family hunting tradition all over again.”

A few days later, they all boarded The RMS Queen Elizabeth.

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Alchetta did not say much she was feeling quite ill so she stayed in her cabin for most of the journey.


Joseph and Themus went to the bar for a drink and they were shocked to find Detective Bob Farley sitting there.


Joseph said, “What are you doing here?  We went to Scotland Yard and the woman at the desk said you didn’t exist.”


Detective Bob Farley looked up, “She wouldn’t know anything about me.  I work in the Special Forces division – usually paranormal type cases.  She hates my guts and thinks that I do not exist.  She told me you came there.  It was a joke; actually all the guys had a good chuckle about it.”


Joseph said, “Well I didn’t find it very funny.  I thought you were another one of Ida Tinkle’s pawns!”


Detective Bob Farley said, “Not in a million years… I hate that woman I intend to get her tried, convicted for a murder… Once I get to New York City, I’m sure I can round up some honest blokes there.”


Joseph said, “How is your wife Maureen these days?  Still playing I spy?”


Detective Bob Farley smiled, “She’s retired for a bit now… She wants to do something different in New York City. Play homemaker – I will believe it when I see it. By the way, I have a letter here for Alchetta it is from her parents.  They are in New York City on vacation.  I asked them to look for a place for me while they are there.  They wrote a letter tome and I forgot to bring it over sooner, sorry if I worried her.”


Joseph said, “I’ll take it to her right away.  She’s been worried sick about her parents.”


Joseph walked down and knocked on Alchetta’s cabin door.  She opened the door and let him come in.


Alchetta bitterly said, “What do you want?”


Joseph was shocked at her tone of voice.


Joseph said, “I’m sorry to bother you… However, I have some good news for you… There’s a letter here from your parents.”


Alchetta looked up with tears in her eyes and she broke down crying, “I was so scared thinking they had died or something…”


Joseph hugged her and said, “There now child, let it all out… You will feel better now I am sure.  Detective Farley apologizes with everything’s that happened, he forgot about the letter.  Your mother sent it to him for some reason?”


Alchetta said, “That’s strange – I wonder why she would do a thing like that… Unless it was her way of letting me know that, she is not okay!  I have to talk to him right away.”


Joseph said, “I’ll wait for you… The ships kind of wavy today, don’t want anything to happen…”


He looked at her stomach and she did not say anything.  Poor Joseph wanted an heir so badly.  Obviously, Themus never told him what happened.  He wants all that money so badly; he is willing to go to any measure to get it…


Alchetta and Joseph walked quickly upstairs to the dining area.  Joseph went to get Detective Bob Farley out of the bar.  They all sat down and ordered some dinner Maureen came to join them.


Alchetta looked at Detective Bob Farley, “There is no way my mother would send you a letter… It is her way of saying they are in trouble in New York City. I am sure of it.”


Detective Bob Farley sighed, “I didn’t want to worry you Alchetta but you are right.  Until we can find out where Ida Tinkle is, everyone has to be extra careful.   As for your parents, they checked into a hotel there and no one has seen them for the past few days… I am heading there to find them.  I promise I’ll find them and bring them to Place Royale as soon as possible…”


Alchetta was thankful.  Maureen noticed the dark circles under Alchetta’s eyes she whispered, “If you ever need to talk, I’m here…”


Alchetta moved uncomfortably, she said, “Thanks but I’m okay.  I am not feeling well lately.  Strange things have been happening to me… I do not know how to handle it but I am sure I will be okay… Once I get back and settle down at the Mansion.  You know we have done so much travelling back and forth, I think my body is protesting this time.  It wants me to stop and take a deep breath and relax for once.”


Maureen said, “I know exactly what you mean.  I used to be on the road a lot before I met Bob, fell in love and married.  Now I am exhausted if I have to go away for a few days.  I am worried about Ida Tinkle coming after my husband – that Pierre incident was just a red flag for me.  I could not find any paper work on him.  Pierre Demers does not exist!


I convinced Pierre that Bob hit him and not you… So I could get him out of there…He does not know so please do not tell him… Afterwards I went back to thank Pierre and found the hotel closed up and he had vanished.  Now I wish I had tuned into my intuition at the time.  There was something about him I didn’t like.”


Alchetta said, “Well I feel better now with you and Bob working on this case I am sure you’ll find my parents.  I’d try all the haute couture shops first in New York City – Mother always looks for fashion shows right away – then the theatre – and take in a few good movies that are playing… I am going to miss the bright lights of the big city. I hope I don’t find Place Royale too boring…”


Maureen asked, “Weren’t you supposed to have a grand opening in September for your Art Gallery there?”


Alchetta nodded, “Too many things happened and we had to postpone it.  Things aren’t turning out the way I planned them too.”


Then Alchetta explained her problems with trying to fit in the high society women, her fear of getting pregnant and the lack of love in her relationship with Themus.


Maureen listened with an attentive ear and felt sorry for Alchetta.


Maureen said, “It’s too bad that money was so important to both of your families… Without love, marriage can be hell.  I already tried it a few years ago, it did not work out Bob does not know.  I hope he never finds out.  He thinks I was a virgin when we got married.  Being Scottish and all I don’t know how he would take it if he found out the truth.”


Alchetta smiled, “I’ll never tell…”


The two women parted ways later that evening and everyone retired to bed.


It was the next day when Themus commented, “Is it me or does the ship feel like it’s travelling faster these days?”


Joseph said, “I think they are trying out some new engines or working on trying to make these ones go faster.  The SS United States is going to be ready sometime in 1952 and they are saying she is going to save almost 10 hours of travel time.  That’s a lot…”


Themus was impressed, “So are they trying new engines on this ship?”


Joseph said, “I think so… I am not entirely sure. It could be the lack of wind and waves.  Every other time we traveled, there were storms or so many ships surrounding us that it hindered our movements now that were out here alone… Maybe that’s why she’s traveling faster…”


Alchetta came to join them, “Let’s walk around on the deck.  I want to play some of the games, hit the casino and do some dancing.”


Themus was shocked, “You seem to be feeling much better today?”


Alchetta said, “I think I’ve been alone for so long without female companionship that having a little talkie with Maureen brightened my life.  She’s a smart, lovely woman, a good friend now that we share secrets…”


Themus perked up, “You share a secret?  What kind of secret?”


Alchetta’s smug smile did not bode well with Joseph who said, “Stop it Alchetta, whatever game you think you’re going to play – don’t!  I think Ida Tinkle is messing with your emotions and your mind.  I suggest you go walk around and have some fun but do not tell a soul about your secrets.  They won’t be secrets anymore than?”


Alchetta stopped smiling and scowled at Joseph, “I was only funning; I like to torment Themus once in an awhile, besides he deserves it…”


Themus blushed at these words, grabbed her arm and said, “Come on dear let’s go get some sunshine and have some fun on the ship today.”


Strolling along the ship Themus stayed out of earshot, he knew his father was trying to warn him about Alchetta, she had that crazy look in her eyes again and he didn’t like it one bit.


The next few days flew by quickly.  Themus kept Alchetta busy and out of harms way, always staying out of earshot.  Joseph spent some time dancing with the women at bar and Detective Bob Farley and Maureen enjoyed some time alone.  Something they have never had before… It was like a real vacation for them with no distractions…








It was a brutal trip with lots of rain and storms.  Joseph thought for sure they were going to die at sea.

Themus said, “The Sea is unpredictable out here.  It must be storm season.  Usually it has been quite peaceful when we sailed before.  Poor Alchetta’s been ill from all the motion sickness.”

Joseph said, “Maybe she’s pregnant?

Themus said, “Time will tell”

In his heart, he hoped so.  He was not looking forward to having to sleep with her again.

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Themus kissed the ground when they finally reached Quebec.  He had decided he would not travel on The RMS Queen Elizabeth ever again if he could help it!  The trip in the car was long and tiring.  When they arrived at Goderich’s it was in the early hours of the morning.

Themus walked in and woke up Goderich with the loud clanging of a bell.  “Sorry to wake you but my father wants to stay in your lodge.”

Goderich said, “Why can’t they stay at the mansion with you?”

Themus sighed, “Ophirah died here and it still haunts Joseph.”

Goderich said “Sorry to hear that.  I can see how painful it would be for the two of them.  You are lucky I had a cancellation today!  Next time make sure you book in advance.”

Themus said, “You’re that busy?  We could try Deere Inn, I am sure there is room there.”

Goderich said, “Deere Inn is booked up as well as the Old Port Inn, a party of men came in from Quebec last night.  The funny thing is that Simon Boucher was angry when he found out that we had the Deere Inn and the hunting lodge here, it turns out that I have gotten him more business.  Tomorrow I am hosting a guided deer hunt.  I will fit you three in the day after tomorrow.

Themus said, “That’s fine we need a day to rest.  Save me a room as well.  I would like to stay for a few days here with my family.  Alchetta is under the weather and she is going home to bed.  I’m going to drop her off then come back.”

Goderich said “But isn’t your wife supposed to be on a honeymoon with you?”

Themus said, “She’s not like a wife in any way to me.  This is a financially sound business arrangement.”

Goderich said, “What happened?”

Themus said, “She only married my pretty face for parties and balls in exchange for money and no physical contact.  She’s agreed to provide one heir and that’s it!”

Goderich felt sorry for Themus and said.  “Whatever you do, don’t tell Brandon.  He would go after Alchetta for sure.”

Themus said, “I would like to see him try there’s no way she’d have him or any man for that factor.  But then again she has always wanted you.  Maybe you could get her into bed.”

Goderich was surprised and said “Really?  Well you know how I am.  I would have no interest in a girl like Alchetta.  I like my woman to be an affectionate and compassionate woman.  Marion is the best thing that ever happened to me.  Louise has taught the art of love making very well.  I’ve married a loyal wildcat after all!”

Themus said, “Must you brag?”

Goderich said, “For once in my life I got one thing better than the both of you.  You bet your ass I am going to brag.”

Themus grinned, turned, and went outside.  Joseph carried the luggage in.  He was grateful to retire.

Themus said, “I’ll be back soon.”

Goderich said, “Here take your room key with you, I ‘m going back to my warm bed and grab a couple more winks.”

The car drove off towards the mansion.  Themus unloaded Alchetta and the luggage.  He explained he was going to stay at Goderich’s lodge for a few days and spend some time alone with his Father.

Alchetta was relieved.  ‘She was sick of the two of them always on her case to have a baby.  It was the last thing she wanted to have besides it would ruin her beautiful figure.  To hell with the Munroe’s she thought I would never provide an heir let someone else have the privilege!  She went thankfully to her bed.  She would decide how to occupy herself tomorrow.  She would enjoy the time alone.’

It was late in the day when Themus and Joseph headed downstairs.

Goderich said, “Lunch time folks!”

They all sat down with the party of men from Quebec to a hearty meal.

Themus said “Marion you’re a fine cook.  Roast beef, potatoes and squash and pumpkin pie are just what the doctor ordered.”

Marion said thanks and wondered how Alchetta thought of all this.  She would pay her a visit tomorrow and perhaps they would go do some baking and have some tea at Sasha’s place.  The men retired to the smoking room and Themus overheard the men speaking of a brothel called Candies in Cote de La Montagne.

Themus said, “We should go and enjoy an evening of pleasure there.”

They planned to stay and hunt for two days then head over to Cote de La Montagne.

Themus said, “We’ll go stay at Dubois Inn.  I hear it’s a good love nest.”

Goderich was upset.  He thought Themus would no longer desire his womanizing ways once married.  Then he remembered that Alchetta did not want to have any physical contact with Themus.  He shook his head and wondered where the sanctity of marriage had gone.

The men spent an evening of drinking, and playing poker, and pool, while Goderich had told Brandon that Themus and Alchetta were back and that Alchetta had refused to have physical contact with Themus.

Brandon said, “The poor bastard!  He has been waiting a long time to bed that beauty and she pulls this stunt on him?  The poor guy at least I got to bed my beauty before she gave me the cold shoulder treatment.”

Goderich decided to change the subject and invited Brandon to go hunting with them the next day.

Brandon said, “That sounds like a great idea and while you’re at it,   make room for me at your lodge.  I’ll come join the party!”

Goderich said, “What about Louise?”

Brandon said, “She’s being such a bitch to me, she’ll be happy to have the cabin to herself for a day.  I think I’ll go with the guys to Cote de La Montagne and see Candies too.”

Goderich said, “Okay, I really don’t understand why you and Themus got married.  You still act like a couple of bachelors!”

Brandon asked, “Aren’t you coming to Candies for some fun like the old days?”

Goderich said “Not interested.  I have all my fun with my beautiful Wife Marion.  She’s all that I need.”

Brandon said, “At least of one of us is loyal to our Wives.  I’m not going to be loyal to Louise because she hates me in and out of bed.”

Themus overheard the conversation and mockingly said, “Honeymoon over already Brandon?”

Brandon nodded, “Yes.  It ended the day she found out Goderich had all the money.  She is kicking herself for setting you up with Marion.  She is so jealous of the love you have for each other.  I guess she really does not love me either.  It’s all about money to her.”

Themus had an idea how to make Louise a happier woman but he would think about her later.  He had other fish to fry first.  Brandon went home and told Louise he would be spending a few days with Themus, Goderich, and Joseph at the hunting lodge

Brandon drawled, “It will be a few days with the men for some much needed male bonding.  I am sure you will enjoy some time alone.  You could invite Marion over or go visit Sasha and Alchetta.”

Louise bitterly said, “How many days will you be gone?”

Brandon said, “Two or three days.  .  I have missed hanging around with just the boys.  This is important to me.  Besides I think you will enjoy a break away from me.”

Louise said, “You got that right!”

She ran into the bedroom to have a good cry.  Brandon left and the house seemed too quiet for her.  Tomorrow she would go see Lorraine and ask if she could stay for a few days!

Brandon was sufficiently drunk and so was Joseph.  Goderich retired for the night and Brandon and Joseph passed out on the couches.  Themus quietly sneaked out the door grabbed a few flowers from Marion’s private garden and headed over to the Deere property.  As he suspected the lights were on.

He knocked on the door and he heard Louise ask, “Who is there?”

A male voice replied, “It’s Themus I have to talk to you.”

She carefully opened the door.  He drew in his breath.  She was wearing a see through navy blue nightdress.  He looked at her with hunger in his eyes.  She let him in and he sat down on the couch.

She sat next to him as he said, “I brought these here for you.”

She said with a tear in her eye, “Thank you their lovely.”

He said, “Everyone’s passed out for the night and Alchetta’s not interested in me in a physical way.  She has told me to find a mistress.  I was wondering if you could recommend a woman who is an expert at pleasing a man.”

He looked at her like a cunning fox while she smiled demurely at him and said, “I know just the woman follow me” and she led him into the bedroom…

Early the next morning Brandon passed Themus’ door and saw the note,

‘I have decided to sleep in.  I will meet you in the afternoon.’

Brandon shrugged his shoulders with indifference and went down to breakfast.

Goderich asked, “Where’s Themus?”

Brandon said, “He’s got a do not disturb note on the door?  Something about sleeping in and meeting us for the afternoon hunt.”

Joseph had a funny look on his face.  He had an idea where Themus was and knew that it was imperative for him to keep Brandon occupied.  The men left shortly, rifles in hand…

Louise stretched herself like a purring cat and saw the delicious naked man beside her.  She decided to have some more fun with him.

Themus woke up moaning, “God woman you’re too much!  Come here.”

When Themus caught up with the men in the late afternoon Brandon looked at Themus and said, “You don’t look like a man who’s slept in.  You look like you’ve been rolling in the hay all night!”

Themus grinned and said, “I had a restless night, too many nightmares.”

Themus looked at Joseph and winked.

Joseph snickered and said, “Yeah Themus has suffered for years from long; wet nightmarish sweats in his sleep.”

Themus had to bite his tongue and try not to laugh at his Father’s double innuendo.  They got a lovely buck that day.  They decided to roast some of it that evening over an open fire so Marion would not have to stick around and cook any supper.  She was delighted to have the evening off to herself.




Chapter 5

Baby breaths

Alchetta was happy to send a letter to her parents in New York City along with Detective Bob Farley and his wife Maureen, she was sure to hear some good news eventually.  Alchetta made a point of going to visit Sasha with Joseph and Themus as soon as they could find the time to do so.


Sasha was surprised when she answered the door.  Marchina ran and hit in the cupboard – it was her favourite place to be when strangers came.


Alchetta commented, “I wonder why your daughter is so shy?”


Sasha laughed, “I think she likes her cupboard so she can stare at people and figure them out.  She is a very gifted little girl.  I think she has strong powers within her.  It will take some time but she will develop them and I will teach her everything I know.”


Joseph said, “I don’t know where to start…”


Sasha grinned, “I know all about the convent with Anthony Atkins, Ida Tinkle and Dr Peter Tibideau.  I have been keeping an eye on them.  I have had some troubling visions though; something very bad is coming to Place Royale.  It is like a big dark cloud, and I cannot penetrate it.  Marchina’s trying and she says it’s that bad woman doing it.”


Themus said to Marchina, “What bad woman?”


Marchina said, “The one who pretends to be another…”


Alchetta felt a twinge of uneasiness in her stomach as if something close by was trying to connect with her mind.


Sasha turned to Alchetta, “Stop watching me!”


Sasha brushed her hand across Alchetta’s eyes.


Alchetta’s eyes turned stone cold white and she screamed, “I cannot see!  I cannot hear!”


Sasha turned to Joseph and Themus, “I am sorry but you must go. I cannot have Ida Tinkle looking inside of my home. She killed my baby Yana, now she wants Marchina.  She is using Alchetta as an instrument she has been following your footsteps all along and hindering you every step of the way.  She is planning to attack the Munroe Mansion again.  I have cast spells around it but they are useless now.  Alchetta is under her power now.  She must have the Book of Spells with her….”


Themus said, “Sasha – what is the book of the Dead?  We think that Dr Tibideau intends to use it to raise the Virgin Slayer – or Ida Tinkle.”


Sasha said, “You must go I cannot speak about it here.  Alchetta will not stay under my spell for long.  Take her home right away!  Keep an eye on her and beware of any strange looking women…”



Sasha held the door open and the three of them stumbled out the door not sure what to make of what just happened.  Joseph got into the car and Themus helped Alchetta get in.  They drove into Place Royale and stopped at Jean Moisans grocer store.  Alchetta’s condition cleared up within minutes as Sasha promised.


Themus whispered, “Father this is crazy, I never ever thought we would have to run for our lives because of an old curse, spells or whatever this all is…”


Jean Moisan was happy to see Joseph and shocked that for the first time he walked into his store.


Jean said, “Well I’ll be – Joseph Munroe!  You have aged a bit, rounded out… Long time no see, how you been old friend?”


Joseph said, “I couldn’t be better!  How are things here in Place Royale?”


Jean said, “Not too good.  People are disappearing again.  My brothers Albert and Edward are getting angry about it and wondering what’s going on with the new sheriff here.”


Themus said, “New Sheriff?”


Jean nodded, “yes the old one ran out of town screaming about some ghosts and wizards. He swears that the jailhouse was haunted and things began to fly around.  Then he said something about seeing your wife Ophirah Munroe and young Jonathan walking around him and we all think he lost his marbles…”


Joseph turned white and sat down at a stool along the counter.  Themus looked at his father, worried that this would cause another heart attack.

Joseph said, “If Ophirah and Jonathan appeared then that must mean that Ida Tinkle is close by.  Sasha pretty much said she is here somewhere.  She’s come to kill me…”


Jean looked at Themus and Joseph and said, “Do you think the new sheriff is the perpetrator?”


Joseph said, “I’m going to go to the mansion, lock myself up in there with a shot gun and wait for her… Sooner or later she will show up and when she does I’m going to kill her…”


Themus said, “Should we let Anthony Atkins know that we are here?”


Jean smiled, “Anthony just left, and he told me you three were in town…”


Themus groaned, “It just gets better don’t it father?”


Joseph did not say much. They drove over to the Munroe Mansion, got Alchetta up to her room, gave her a sedative from jean’s store and went back downstairs grabbed the guns out of the cabinet and started polishing them and getting them ready….


Earlier that day Marion headed over to Alchetta’s place and convinced her that the two of them should go visit Sasha.  When Sasha answered the door, they noticed her big belly.  Marion smiled and said, “Sasha how have you been?”  Sasha said, “Feeling very pregnant thank you.  I’m getting along fine though in my final trimester.”  Marion groaned and said, “I think you need to start your birthing breathing exercises right away.  You look like you only have a few more weeks to go.”

Then she turned to Alchetta, “Do you want to be a birthing partner?”

Alchetta looked at both of them and with her eyes down she said, “I pass out from the sight of blood.  It would be better to ask someone else, perhaps Lorraine or Louise?”

Alchetta wondered who the father was.  Sasha did not seem to want to talk about it.  A little girl peeked out from a doorway.  She was a cute little native girl with long black hair, vibrant blue eyes.  She seemed to be wise beyond her years for some reason.  Marion felt something flutter in her stomach – butterflies – she had been getting a lot of those lately.

Marion turned to Sasha, “Is this your little sister?”

Sasha scowled and said, “Marchina I told you to stay in your room!”

Sasha sighed, “I’m sorry I’ve tried to keep it a secret but I can see I’ll have to tell someone now.  Marchina is my daughter.  She is seven years old now.  Her father was…  Andy Littlewolf.  I’d rather not talk about it, since her father is dead…”

Marion nodded in sympathy, completely oblivious to what it all meant.  Alchetta had a strange look of pity in her eyes as she looked at Sasha then at Marchina.

Alchetta said, “She’s a beautiful little girl just like her mommy.  Is she in school yet?”  Sasha shook her head no, “I teach her here at home.  It’s safer…”  Alchetta had a strange look on her face as she looked at Marion and shifted uncomfortably it was best to leave the questions for another time or never…

Then there was a knock on the door.

Sasha went to get it and turned to say, “Well speak of the she devil, its Louise.”

She opened the door, “Come in dear.”

Louise looked at Marion then Alchetta and her face had turned white.

Sasha said, “We were just talking about you Louise.”

Louise looked terrified ‘there is no way they could know what she had done.’

Sasha said, “Now Louise it wasn’t anything bad.  However, we were wondering, could you stand to be my birthing partner?  Alchetta here has a weak stomach and she suggested you or Lorraine?”

The last thing Louise wanted to do was be a birthing partner.

Louise asked, “Why can’t Alchetta do it?”

Sasha replied, “She can’t stand a bloody mess.”

Louise smirked, she thought to herself, ‘I’ll show up Alchetta, and make myself look better.’

Then Louise said, “I would be pleased to help.  I never faint at the sight of blood.”

Alchetta did not miss the dig from Louise and gritted her teeth.

Sasha said “Wonderful!  Now I shall give you girls some baking lessons then Marion will teach us the breathing lessons afterwards.”

Louise thought she should get Lorraine to take the classes as well and asked, “Marion would it be okay to invite one more to our breathing lessons?”

Marion said, “Sure the more the merrier.  Were all going to have children someday so these lessons will help, we can each be partners to one another when the time comes.”  She looked at Alchetta, “I used to faint at the sight of blood too.  My Grandmother taught me a few tricks to overcome that problem.  I could teach you?”

Alchetta thought for a moment, looked at Louise’s smug expression, and said, “Fine, I will.”

Louise scowled, ‘she wanted to have something over Alchetta.  Then she thought I have Themus in my bed.  He told me how wonderful I was as a lover.  Alchetta will never hear him say that to her.’  She smiled to herself.  ‘Themus had told her about Dubois Inn the same place as Lorraine.  They could come for lessons at Sasha’s take a coach to Cote de La Montagne and meet up with their lovers and be back at home after supper.’


Chapter 6

Louise and Lorraine’s deception

Later that day Louise told Lorraine about the baby breathing class.

Lorraine said, “After Sasha’s baby we’ll bring the lessons to my place and you can tell Brandon you’re helping me with my child.”

Louise said, “When do you plan to announce your pregnancy?”

Lorraine said, “Very soon, I think I’ll just come over to Sasha’s for now.  I’m sure I can trust the girls with my secret?”

Louise said, “Yes but keep your affair to yourself.  I can’t be found out for it will ruin my fun with Themus.”

Lorraine exclaimed “Themus!  For God sake, he’s still on his honeymoon!”

Louise explained what Themus had told her and Brandon had backed it up as well.

Lorraine said, “That worked out nicely for you, but you must keep it a secret.  Brandon is not the sort of man to want a Wife who sleeps with his best friend.  Besides Alchetta would be angry if she found out that you were his mistress, just think of the scandal!”

‘Louise secretly did not care to think about scandal.  But then again someday she wanted to be rid of Brandon and go start a new life elsewhere maybe in another city.  Louise would find a rich man next time.’

Lorraine said, “Brandon will drink himself to death one day, then you’ll be free to meet another.  You will be older, wiser and have some money by then.  We have provided for you in our wills.  I will change mine to go to my child and yourself.  Anthony has plenty of money on his own you know.”

Louise said, “Why are you talking like that?”

Lorraine said, “The doctor has warned me because of my age that I could have a dangerous pregnancy.  I could die during childbirth but I still want the baby anyway.  I plan to hire a nanny and make her a Godmother as well.  Don’t you worry I know how you hate children.”

Louise said, “At least I don’t have to worry about producing any heirs like Alchetta.  Joseph Munroe is demanding her to have one.  She told me she never wants to produce any children and lucky for me Brandon doesn’t want any children either.”

Lorraine thought for a moment, “Anthony’s family has wanted the Munroe property for years, if you were to produce an heir with Themus, then we could have it one way in the family.  Your Uncle would be so proud and generous to you I am sure.  I could ask him to pay you when the child is born.”

Louise said, “But I don’t want to raise a child on my own!”

Lorraine said, “Listen I’ve got a plan now you have the baby and we’ll arrange for one of your cousins to adopt and raise it.  Brandon will divorce you once you tell him the child belongs to Themus.  Then we will pack you off to Paris where you can attend Luvena’s school again and have Patricia line you up with the right sort of man this time.  What do you think?”

Louise thought it a splendid idea.  She asked, “How can I be sure to become pregnant?”

“Lorraine said, “Talk to Sasha, she would know a fertility spell.  Her ancestors secretly practice witchcraft.  She is a white witch.”

Louise said, “I noticed funny bottles and spell books tucked away far in the corner.  She had put a doily over it to cover it when I was there the other day.  She had a book of spells and incantations.  Isn’t she going to wonder why I asked?”

Lorraine said, “No, because you will tell her I sent you.  Sasha and I go back a long ways.  Anyways I’m going to retire for the night.”

Lorraine went off to bed and Louise went back to the cabin and sat there dozing by the fireplace.  She felt a chill go through her that night.  She wondered what it was all about and finally went to bed…


Chapter 7



It was mid-day when Joseph, Brandon, Themus, and the group of men staying at Goderich’s hunting lodge left for Cote-De-la-Montagne.  They all headed straight for the Dubois Inn to book rooms and then went for dinner at the local French Cafe Chez Romere.  After enjoying a few glasses of wine and crepes with salad, they headed over to Candies.  There was a man playing on the piano with a cigar in his mouth and a row of beauties of every shape and size dancing in a chorus line.

Brandon spotted a tall, long legged red head and bought her a drink.  She came to sit down with the two of them.  Brandon did not recognize her but she remembered him.  It was the barmaid from the SS America.  She flirted with Brandon and was he all worked up then she turned to Themus and ignored Brandon and that made him angry.

Themus said, “Why don’t you go for the cute blonde over there?”

Brandon snapped, “No, I want her.”

Themus coolly said, “She’s made her pick.  Have her after I’m done with her.”

Brandon snarled and grabbed her saying, “Get lost Themus I had her first.”

Suddenly the red head said, “Yes Brandon, you had me first on the SS America and then ignored me.  How does it feel?”

She turned and walked up the stairs with Themus.  Brandon stood there with his mouth opened then he sat back down and ordered a round of stiff drinks.  The little French blonde-haired woman came over and sat down.  He told her to get lost.  Joseph was busy flirting with an older looking blonde-haired woman and eventually he took her upstairs for the night.

Another man grabbed the short blonde French girl and danced with her awhile then they headed up to her room.

Chago Sima came over to Brandon and said, “Nothing like a spiteful woman.  Do not let her bother you.  She likes you very much.  That is why she is making it hard on you.  You scorned her and it hurt.  Now you are even.  If you decide to have her again do not scorn her or any of the women here.  They won’t have anything to do with you and you’ll be out of luck, just a word of advice from a long time customer.”

Brandon gave a sheepish grin “Thanks mate.  Do you remember that girl Louise?  I married her and it was the biggest mistake of my life!”

Chago said, “Why don’t you just divorce her?”

Brandon said, “Because I want to teach that bitch a lesson.  I want to make her life a living hell.  She married me only for money then found out I have none.  Now she despises me.  She doesn’t even want to sleep with me anymore and she’s amazing in bed.”

Chago said “I can see your predicament so what do you plan to do?”

Brandon said “I figure she’ll tire of me soon enough and jump in bed with another.  Then I will be sure to create the biggest scandal ever.  I’ll get them all back for setting me up with that minx.”

Chago chose his words carefully, “Bitterness can only lead to heartache.  If you ruin another’s life it will come back to haunt you my friend.  One must forgive and live life to the fullest no matter what the cards deal us.”

Brandon laughed, “You talk like a spiritualist.”

Chago said, “I’m a Spanish gypsy we are fortune tellers.  I share my mother and grandmother’s gifts.  I see great tragedy in your life if you continue this course of bitterness.”

Brandon had enough.  “I don’t need this, not now.”

He turned to a brown-haired sexy woman who had been watching him.

Brandon asked, “Do you feel like making an unhappy man feel better?  I’ll pay you well.”

She nodded and followed him over to the Dubois Inn.  He ordered a couple of bottles of wine and she stayed for the night.  Chago had arranged for her to keep an eye on Brandon.  He headed to Dubois Inn found out Brandon was on the third floor and had Simon move him to the first floor.

Later that night Lorraine came by horse and Simon told her where Chago’s room was.

Lorraine asked, “Why we are on the first floor, isn’t that risky?”

Chago said, “Brandon’s here on the third floor.  I hired one of the girls from the bar to keep him company for the night.  Now I have a proposition for you.  My friend Joseph has told me his handsome young Grandson desires a threesome and you actually know this young man.  He wants to try out the great teacher of his lover.”

Lorraine laughed, “Surely you don’t mean Themus?”

Chago was surprised, “How did you know?”

Lorraine said, “He gives off a strong sexual vibe when he looks at me.  I’d love to have him.”

Chago went to Simon to ask him to give a note to Themus.

Simon said, “Themus is on the second floor at the other end of the hotel.  He’s waiting for you.”

Chago and Lorraine slipped out the side door, walked around the back to the other side, and slipped in a door and up the stairs.

Chago gently opened the door and whispered “Themus were here.”

They walked in and spent the next few hours giving Themus the best fantasy ever.  Then Chago decided he was tired and suggested that Lorraine stay alone with Themus and he left.

Lorraine then turned to Themus “I have an idea you might like.”

Themus sleepily said “What?”

Lorraine then said, “I know you require an heir.  Therefore, I have asked Louise to provide you with one.  She will not raise the child on her own.  Anthony and I will arrange for some relatives of hers to adopt the child.  They are very wealthy and decent people.  She has not been able to conceive.  He knew she would make a wonderful mother.  She is married to my cousin Ashton Deere her name is Evelynn.

They live in Paris, France and he is a successful land developer!  Therefore, if you have a son he can raise him to be a lucrative businessperson.  I will also ensure that a large part of my inheritance will go towards the child and Louise and I’m sure Anthony could provide for you as well.”

Themus said, “Why do you want to do this for me?”

Lorraine said, “In the end one of our ancestors will own your land and it’s been a thorn in the Atkins side that the Totenmyers refused to sell the land to them and instead sold it to the Munroe family.”

Themus said, “How do we avoid a scandal?  For I’m sure Brandon will be angry enough to cause one.”

Lorraine said, “If he finds out, then Anthony will pay him handsomely to keep him quiet.  We will try and keep it a secret for as long as possible though.”

Themus said, “I don’t know if money will keep Brandon’s mouth shut but I’m sure the fact that another man got his wife pregnant will be a bit of a blow to his ego.  But then again he doesn’t like Louise anymore and I need to provide an heir to get the rest of my fortune.”  Lorraine said, “In regards to other things we have a friend who is a doctor from London, he knows a young woman named Ora Delwin.  She will be coming to live with us soon.  I’ve hired her as my nanny and Godmother.”

Themus started “You’re pregnant?”

Lorraine said, “Yes finally, Chago has given me a miracle child.  Not to worry I will tell Anthony it is his baby.  They both have the same blood type.  Therefore, I’m lucky.”

Themus said, “Does Anthony know that you’re away?”

Lorraine said, “No, he’s gone for a few days to see a mistress in Quebec.  Besides we have separate quarters and he never disturbs me.”

Themus then said, “How can I be sure Louise can get pregnant?”

Lorraine said, “I’m sending her to see Sasha for a fertility spell.”

Themus said, “Sounds like a plan.  Joseph will not care who provides the heir.  We will just make sure the inheritance will be intact for the child and me.  He must be called Jacob if it’s a boy and Ophirah if a girl.”

Lorraine said, “It will be done.  Now come here I have more things to teach you on how to pleasure my niece.”

They enjoyed each other for a few more hours then Lorraine got up and went home.  She left a note for the Maid that she would be sleeping in until the afternoon and instructions for Louise to go see Sasha Totenmyer.

Earlier that evening after Themus had dismissed the red head he said, “Here’s some money, now I expect you to go pleasure my best friend Brandon.  Or you will ruin our twenty year friendship.”

She looked at him in surprise “I certainly don’t want to end your friendship.”

With that, she went down to the desk and rang for Simon.

He said, “Before you go see Brandon come in here and give me a quickie.”

He flashed a wad of cash in front of her and she went into his room.  Simon was always a quickie.  The man got so excited he barely would begin when he was finished.  The amount of money he paid her was ridiculous.  He often requested she marry him and stay in her profession.  She thought him too old for her and rather ugly with his crooked big nose and his red potted face.  His blackened and yellow stained teeth were the worse.  She figured any woman would rather put a bag over his head when they slept with him, which is why he usually paid her hefty amounts of cash to have the privilege.

Because of her beauty, she could choose who her clients were.  She was a high maintenance type of woman and usually only entertained a particular type of clientele usually lawyers, doctors, bankers, and men of substance.  She hoped that some young rich buck would come along and marry her.  She headed up to Brandon’s room.

She let herself in with the key and saw that her girlfriend was busy with Brandon.  She stood watching them and he noticed her.  He invited her to join them and then he was delighted when the two girls started to play with one another.

He said, “Did Themus tire of you?”

She said, “No, he just asked that I help repair a twenty year friendship.  So he paid me to make sure I’d come see you.”

Brandon got angry “You mean you wouldn’t have?”

She said, “No I fully intended to come to you.  I crave you silly boy!  Don’t make me wait so long next time, you come again soon!”

Brandon said, “You bet, I will!  At least twice a week I am sure my bitch of a wife will not care.  She would really be out of shape if she knew I was sleeping with you again.  I should have married a woman who wants me for sex not money.  I don’t have much money, but I do have a nice cabin to live in an Inn and a lumber yard to work in.”

The red head said, “Yes but if I married you, I’d still want to do my profession?”

Brandon said, “I’d let you as long as I could have some of the girls myself and you anytime I wish.”

She said, “I could live with that.  Come get me once you get rid of that wife of yours.  Can you annul the marriage?  Have you gotten her pregnant?”

Brandon smiled and said, “Some girl accused me of pregnancy a couple of years ago.  I found out that I shoot only blanks.  I can’t get a woman pregnant.”

The red head said “Good, because I don’t want any babies.  I have already aborted two unwanted pregnancies.  I had to travel to London to see a Doctor Peter Tibideau and his lovely nurse Ora Delwin.  She gave me the creeps though.  She seemed like such an evil woman.  I was scared at first because so many women died from bleeding to death after the abortions.  I almost died myself but an affluent friend of mine rushed me to the hospital.  He was a dear man his name was Barney Rosewood.  He was married to a Patricia Totenmyer.

The poor man died of a heart attack in my Hotel bed one night while I was visiting London.  We had to hush things up.  A friend of Barney’s has paid me oodles of money to keep quiet and move away.  So I came here to live and started my own brothel named Candies.”

Brandon laughed, “Would you believe her Sister Sasha lives in Place Royale near to me?  Patricia has a cottage there as well.  She’s living in Paris, France at the moment though.”

The red head said, “Really why Paris?”

Brandon said, “She’s running a Finishing School with Luvena Carrington.”

The red head gasped, “Luvena is my Mother!  She gave me up for adoption at Lady Mary’s orphanage in Montreal.  I’ve been trying to find her for years!”

Brandon said, “I don’t think she’d want any families in Paris to know about you.  You would have to get her here in Canada before you could approach her.”

The red head said, “Well if I ever marry you, she can be invited and get the surprise of her life!”

Brandon said, “In due time, now come here and make me a happy man, both of you.”



Chapter 8

Themus and Louise


Themus found out from Simon that Brandon would be busy with the red head for a few days.  After supper, he rode his horse over to Louise’s place and hid it in the stables when it was dark.  He went to the door and gently knocked.  Louise looked out, saw Themus, and let him in.

Themus said, “Brandon’s found some companionship for a few days so I’ll come see you at night.  I heard he will be going out twice a week and when he does, I will sneak over here.  Lorraine told me of her plan.”

Louise looked at him, smiled, and said, “Yes I went to see Sasha today and got the fertility spell then I came home.  Lorraine hinted that I should go home for a few days.”

Themus then asked, “What is a fertility spell anyways?”

Louise explained, “Sasha wrote it out for me, here take a look.”

She handed the note to him.

Fertility spell

Fill a leather pouch with one of each of these stones: amethyst, clear quartz crystal, chrysoprase, and aventurine.  Place fresh rosemary under the bed when trying to conceive and wear the pouch around your neck each time you try.  This will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.  Once pregnant, keep the pouch until after you deliver to make your labor pains easier and help ensure a safe delivery.  Before you baby is 1 month old, give the stones away, particularly to a friend who is pregnant or who is also trying to conceive.

If you are worried that your unborn child may be ill or be born with an inherited problem, cut an apple in half.  Take one half and rub the fruit over your belly.  Envision any sickness coming out of your womb and out of your child, and into the fruit.  When you are done, bury that tainted half an apple in the ground, away from your baby’s nursery window.

Then go wash up, you are probably all sticky.  If a tree grows from the seeds left in the buried apple this is an indication that your child will be very strongly linked to the element of earth, and will never know hunger.  Eat the remaining half while envisioning your baby being born happy and healthy.

You may wish to light a green, pine scented candle while doing this.  Green candles are great for healing spells and pine is associated with earth and fertility.  If you are allergic or cannot eat apples, throw it out, but take the time to do the visualization.

Themus looked up at her and said, “So that explains the pouch around your neck!”

He laughed while looking under the bed, “Yep there’s what I assume is the rosemary?”

She giggled as he grabbed her and pulled her down onto the bed “Now let’s make a baby.”

He ravished her all night long then in the dark early morning hours, he rode back to Dubois Inn.

He slept for a few hours then headed over to Candies to find Joseph “I have good news for you.  I have come to an agreement with Louise to provide me an heir for us.  I refuse to bother Alchetta again.  I had to rape her last time and I am not doing that again.  I believe Alchetta has no desire to be with child she as much hinted she didn’t want to ruin her figure!”

Joseph then said “But who will raise the child?  Surely not Louise, she’s said she hates children.”

Themus said bitterly “We don’t need another Jesseline in our lives.  Lorraine has a young childless cousin who is a very wealthy and successful land developer in Paris, France named Ashton Deere and his wife’s name is Evelynn.  She will have them adopt the child.  I’ve requested if it’s a boy to name him Jacob and if it’s a girl to name her after Ophirah.”

Joseph got a tear in his eye.  “Themus that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me!  Thank you my dear boy.  My will has stipulated that in order for you to receive the full inheritance upon my death that you must be married and provide an heir within ten years.  I’m sure you will.”

Themus sat for a moment in shock.  Now he knew why Jake accused their Father years ago of trying to control other people’s lives.

He turned to Joseph and said in anger “Did you do this to Jake as well?”

Joseph sighed and said, “Yes we paid Jesseline to marry Jake and have Jonathan.”

Themus felt sick and said, “So if you hadn’t gotten any money none of us would have been born?”

Joseph put his head in his hands and said, “What was I to do?  My father did the same thing to me.  Your Grandfather threatened to put me out on the street; this way we both keep the inheritance so that when I die you will get my full share.  I’ve kept it strictly for you and you’ve enjoyed a rich and prosperous life!”

Themus turned to Joseph and said, “You really disgust me father!  Playing god over your sons and grandson may you burn in hell you old fool!”

Themus turned and grabbed the short blonde woman beside Joseph and said, “It’s time for you to have a young hot blooded man,” and took her to his room over at Dubois Inn.

He passed by Brandon on the way and asked, “Are we staying another day?”

Brandon nodded yes and said “Another two days, I’m enjoying myself here.”

Themus said, “I’m leaving this evening.  I will see you in a few days.  I’ve had enough of my father!”

With that, Themus dragged the girl upstairs, gagged her then beat her and violently raped her.  After he was finished with her, he kicked her out the door and down the stairs.  She was crying when Simon found her lying by the stairs an hour later.  She told him what  happened.  Simon went up to Themus’s room.

He knocked on the door and as it opened; his fist met Themus’s nose dead center.

Blood was pouring out and Simon snarled, “Never rape a woman here again!”

Themus said “Don’t worry the next time I’m here, it will be with a lover.”

Simon said, “Fine now leave before I hit you again and you go apologize to that young girl.  It was her first time working and she was a virgin!”

Themus panicked, “God I didn’t know.  I thought she was a bit inexperienced.”

Simon asked, “Did you have too much to drink?”

Themus said, “No, I was angry with my Father and kind of took my rage out on that girl.”

Simon said, “You better fix that temper of yours, a man’s easily driven into madness if he’s not careful!”

Themus said, “Don’t worry about me.  I’ll be okay I promise I won’t do it again.”

Then Simon stood there as Themus gathered his things and left.  He rode into the dark night and went to see Louise.  He spent the next two days with her and then left early in the morning.  He told her to wash the sheets and clean the house to remove any evidence of him.  He left her place and headed over to the Old Port Inn to have a few drinks.

Brandon came strolling through the door.

Both of them spent the day at the bar getting drunk until later that evening.

Themus slurred his words, “I think I’ll go home and make my wife be a wife.”

Brandon snickered and said, “You know I think I need to do the same.”

That night Themus stumbled into Alchetta’s room, put his hand over her mouth, and proceeded to rape her repeatedly.  He kept saying, “That will teach you bitch for not wanting my child!”

Brandon stumbled in the door of his bedroom proceeded to tie Louise to the bed, gag her then try to rape her but to his surprise Louise was enjoying it!



Chapter 9

Ora Delwin the Nanny


The next day Alchetta packed her bags and headed to Quebec.  She got on the RMS Queen Elizabeth and went straight to London, England.  She paid a visit to Doctor Peter Tibideau.

Alchetta was relieved when she received two posts, one from Detective Bob Farley who found her parents and another from her mother Retta stating that they would be coming to Place Royale to visit before taking the ship back to England.  They apologized for going on a trip down to Roswell, New Mexico where they got lost in the mountains while looking for people that saw a UFO landing there sometime in July.  They bumped into two men named Frank Kaufmann and Capt O.W. Henderson who said they were part of the “unholy thirteen” people with access to the aliens that landed.  They spoke about an alien autopsy film on a camera and they saw alien symbols and six finger control panels in the UFO ship.


Retta did not believe a word of it, for both men were drunk at the time, while speaking to Alchetta’s father Melville.  Retta assumes because they knew we were from England, their tongues were loose… Then a military officer came in and wanted to zap us with something to erase our memories… That is when Detective Bob Farley and his wife Maureen showed up.  They promised the man to erase our memories for us.  I have written this letter before they do it; I hope I recognize you when I get there.  I sent this letter secretly, I hope I do not get into trouble, or cause any more problems for you.


I think you should destroy this letter and do not show it to another soul.  Love Mother


Alchetta had tears in her eyes as she read Detective Bob Farley’s account.


Dear Alchetta and Themus, We have found your parents, and they seem to have some sort of alien encounter and will need some medical care because of it.  The doctor here says they have lost their memories because of a traumatic event.  I am bringing them to Place Royale to see you before putting them on the ship to go to England.  I am sure the captain of the white star II will take good care of them.  He is a trusted friend of mine.  Helped find your parents now he wants to know if you have seen Dr Tibideau in your vicinity


He said to let him know when we get there for he has an appointment with the doctor…



Alchetta went over to Lorraine’s place and said, “Have you seen Dr Tibideau lately? I think his life is in danger.  I must see him at once.”


Lorraine said, “He’s in Quebec, looking for Ida Tinkle.  He has an appointment with her.”


Alchetta said, “That’s funny because he has an appointment with a captain from a ship called the White Star II.”


Lorraine drew in her breath, “The White Star II?  Why that was the name of the ship that my sister Elsa and I came to Canada on from London years ago only then it was number 1?”


Alchetta said, “I think that one was destroyed during the war.”


Lorraine said, “Did they ever mention what happened to the cook?   A big round woman that used to work on the ship her name was Ann.”


Alchetta said, “They lost most of their sailors.  I do not think she made it; she could not swim to the island.  They washed up on an island until another ship rescued them.  I must be going though.  I need to see Dr Tibideau right away. How will I find him?”


Lorraine said, “He is staying at Dubois Inn in Cote de la Montagne.”


Alchetta said, “That’s not too far is it?”


Lorraine shook her head no.


Alchetta said, “Thanks Lorraine…”


She stayed at the Millennium Bailey’s Hotel in London, sent a letter to her parents in Quebec advising them that she was away in England on holiday, and would be back in a few months.

She sent a letter to Themus to let him know that she had gone on a holiday for a few months with her parents.  She knew he would not try to contact her and he would just wait for her to return.

A few months later, she tested positive for pregnancy during a visit with Dr. Peter Tibideau.  She returned home on The RMS Queen Elizabeth a few weeks later.

*** changed the mss see *8 above** correct mss


Alchetta walked into the mansion to find Themus sitting alone at the dinner table and she put a jar down in front of him and stood there looking at him with hatred in her eyes.

Themus looked at the jar then at her and said, “Do you mind, I’m eating my dinner, what the hell is that thing in there, some sort of science experiment or something?  How was London?”

Alchetta smiled wickedly and said, “Yes I was in London, and I told them what you did to me.”

Themus looked horrified.

Alchetta said, “My Father has promised me that if you ever lay another finger on me he will personally come and shoot you dead.”

Themus hung his head in shame and said, “Thank you I needed something to help curb that side of me I won’t touch you again.”

Then Alchetta said, “I also paid a visit to Doctor Peter Tibideau and found myself pregnant!”

Themus was ecstatic, “Were having a child?  Joseph will be so happy with you for providing an heir.”

Alchetta said, “Great tell him he can have his heir and place it on his mantelpiece!”

She looked at the jar and then at Themus with a sick twisted smile on her face.  With a look of horror, he glanced at the jar, realized it was a fetus, and fainted.  She walked away, went up to her room, and moved herself into the second floor of one of the guest suites that had a nice balcony at the back of the mansion.  She had a locksmith come in and from then on, she kept the key to her room around her neck.  She was not going to take any chances with Themus ever again!

While Alchetta was away those few months in London, she had become very close to a girl named Ora Delwin who was a lovely, young beautiful girl, smart and lively to be around.  Alchetta had her first sexual experience with Ora.  Alchetta was amazed.  Now she knew why she hated men!  She loved being with a woman.

She could never tell a soul for society would shun her forever if they ever knew.  That is except for Lorraine Atkins.  Ora Delwin told Alchetta that Lorraine Atkins and Louise Picard were very open-minded about things like that.  Alchetta thought it strange that Ora did not know that Louise was a married woman now and that her last name was Deere.  Ora said, she had not seen Louise in a few years.  Alchetta was over the moon.  She no longer feared Louise or any woman going after her husband Themus.  She did not care anymore for Ora assured her that she would keep Alchetta happy when Themus went away to see his mistress.  Ora could not believe her luck – things were working out better than planned.

Ora enjoyed Alchetta’s beauty.  One thing she really liked was the fact that Alchetta was very willing to learn the art of pleasing a woman.  Ora would mould her into the perfect lover.  The two of them travelled together to Quebec so that Alchetta could visit her parents for a bit.  They informed her that the hotel deal in Quebec fell through and they were heading out to Paris to go see their latest hotel there.  Alchetta was happy for them.

The next morning Alchetta and Ora headed over to the Atkins Estate.  Alchetta had a lovely visit with Lorraine and Louise.  Both women noticed how unusually happy Alchetta was then Lorraine notice the loving exchanges between Ora and Alchetta.

Lorraine whispered to Louise, “Look at her glowing, she’s finally found a lover to suit her!”

When Anthony came home that evening, he was surprised to find Alchetta alone in his drawing room.

He walked in, poured himself a glass a port, and asked, “Would you care for a drink beautiful?”

She smiled at him and said, “Yes thank you.”

She gulped down the port and asked for another.  He looked at her with eyebrows raised and poured her another drink.

She said, “The last time I drank this it was during a very bad situation.  Maybe I’ll talk about it alone with you sometime.”

His hooded eyes did not reveal a thing.  He just looked at the delicious woman sitting there.  His eyes slid down the front of her bodice and he noticed her firmly rounded breasts, then looked down at her petite feet, and wondered how she would look naked in his arms.

At that very moment, Lorraine and Ora came walking back into the drawing room after refreshing themselves upstairs.

Lorraine said, “Anthony, I have news for you.  A miracle has happened, you and I are going to have a child soon, and Ora will be our Nanny and Godmother.”

Anthony’s mouth dropped in shock.  “How can you be pregnant after so many years?  Aren’t you too old to have a child?”

Lorraine laughed, “Really Anthony I am not that ancient.  I happened to get a fertility spell from Sasha Totenmyer and I went for treatments with my new Doctor here in Place Royale.  You know it’s been my heart’s desire to have your child and so God has finally blessed us with one.”

Anthony said, “When are you due?  Who will deliver the child?”

Lorraine said, “I’m due in three or four months and Marion Lafleur is going to be my mid-wife.  I will be taking baby breathing lessons with her twice a week.  Louise will accompany me.  She has agreed to be Sasha’s birth partner and mine.  Sasha is due very soon too.  Ora curiosity got the best of her and she asked, “Who is the father?”

Lorraine said, “No one seems to know.  It is a secret.  She has a seven-year-old daughter named Marchina.  She was raped by Andy Littlewolf.”

Ora gasped, “My goodness, he’s the same native that tried to rape me once.  Dr Tibideau decked him and saved me.  However I do remember him saying that he was out for revenge that night against the Totenmyers.”

Lorraine’s eyebrow raised “Whatever for?  They are such kind people!”

Ora said, “Patricia Totenmyer once dated and became engaged to Andy Littlewolf.  Then she met Barney Rosewood a famous merchant while visiting with her Father Lenno Totenmyer in London.  She sent a letter with her Father, to Andy, breaking their engagement saying that she was not truly in love with him anymore.  A month later, she had a lavish wedding in London and married the very wealthy Barney Rosewood and Andy found out.  Crushed by the news he vowed to get revenge one day.

One night while leaving a bar, he spotted Lenno Totenmyer with a young girl.  He found out her name was Sasha and that she was Patricia’s younger Sister.  He followed her and saw that she was out for one of her nightly strolls.  Her father Lenno was attending a business conference at the time so Andy waited for his chance and approached her one night.  She got lost and he offered to help her, instead he dragged her into an alleyway and raped her there.

Then Andy dropped Sasha off near her Father’s Hotel and took off.  No one ever saw him again and he wound up murdered by his own knife the very same night.  They have no idea who killed him.”

Lorraine asked, “How did you come to know this story?”

Ora smiled “I was in the bar having a few drinks with Dr. Tibideau and Andy was bragging about it to him.  I overheard the conversation.  When I had gone outside for some air Andy followed me and tried to have his way with me.  When he realized I, was not going to give him what he wanted he got rough with me and started ripping my dress open and lifting it up to try and rape me.  Thankfully, Dr Tibideau came out the back door to see what was taking me so long and heard me screaming, he stopped Andy from hurting me.

They found Andy the next day on a bed in a brothel, murdered with no witnesses, and Andy’s throat slashed by his own knife.  The police assumed that Doctor Peter Tibideau was their number one suspect; however, I provided a good alibi.  I told them he was at home in bed with me.”

Lorraine smiled, “And was he really?”

Ora winked “Yes that particular evening he was with me”

Alchetta looked at Ora in surprise.

Ora then said, “Yes Peter used to be one of my many lovers”

Anthony got a very interested look in his eye when he heard this juicy tidbit of news.

Lorraine smiled “I see everyone has a skeleton in their closet after all.”

Ora said, “As I have my own where Patricia Rosewood is concerned.”

Lorraine said, “It must have been hard to be Barney’s lover and find out he died in another woman’s bed.”

Ora shook like a leaf and said, “I thought no one knew.”

Lorraine said, “I know too many secrets.  However, I’m trusting to keep them to myself right dear?”

She noticed the hungry look in Anthony’s eye as he was staring at Ora’s large bosom.  Ora noticed it too, but kept her flirting in check.  She did not want to annoy Lorraine on her first day.  She found Anthony very sexy and appealing and she would definitely find a way to get to know him well.  Judging by the wealth shown in his home this man could provide her with employment for a very long time.

Lorraine said, “Dr. Tibideau tells me you love children?”

Ora nodded and said, “Yes I enjoy shaping and molding their lives and minds.”

Lorraine asked, “You also dabble in the art of black magic.”

Ora’s eyes became hooded and guarded as she replied with, “I’ve studied it out of curiosity.”

Lorraine said, “You may find Sasha Totenmyer interesting.  She secretly dabbles in spells and white magic.”

Ora could not hide her interest now, ‘Finally someone she could speak freely with about this.  She would love to get to know Sasha Totenmyer.’

Lorraine then said in a low voice, “Come with me.”

Then Lorraine said aloud, “Alchetta I am going to show Ora her quarters, I’ll leave you here to entertain my husband.”

Ora followed her down the stairs and into the basement.

At first Ora was upset, “Surely my quarters are not down here?”

Lorraine said, “No certainly not!  I have a surprise for you.”

She went up to one of the stoned walls, and pressed on the fourth stone, down on the right side, from the ceiling.  The wall swung open, inside was a type of laboratory with rows and rows of bottles and shelves full of potions and books on magic.

Lorraine turned to Ora “Feel free to use this room for whatever you wish.  I have not learned much from all these books.  Anthony’s Grandmother dabbled in both white and black magic.  I am sure you will find her secret room a joy.  I only asked that you never disclose this to anyone.”

Ora asked, “How do you know about this room?”

Lorraine said, “When I was a little girl his grandmother saw me playing and casting spells like a witch with my Sister Elsa.  She decided to let me in on her secret.  She also made me a love potion to snare Anthony into marrying me.  Which I kept with me for many years, secretly of course we have an arrangement of sorts now.  We do not sleep together too much just whenever either of us wants the other.  We both care for each other.  The odd time he will desire my company but in most cases, he leaves me alone.  Anthony travels a lot being an Architect he sells his designs in Canada as well as in London, Paris or Italy.  Sometimes he will be gone for a month or two so you may not see much of him.  Be forwarded he loves young women so be careful around him.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing”

Ora smiled at this thought.

They went upstairs and into the guest room where Ora would be staying.  It was a cold, dark, and bleak room, same style as the rest of the mansion.  It would suit Ora’s tastes.  She was on the dark morbid side of things and loved the gothic designs in and outside the mansion.  It was the perfect home for her.  Better than anything she had lived in England and certainly much more lavish in decor.  It contained mostly medieval tastes with the suits of armor and deer heads hanging on the walls.

Various types of bear rugs were on the library floor in front of the fireplace.  It looked more like a bachelor’s den.  There were no female tastes of floral designs in this house not even in Lorraine’s rooms.  They went back to the drawing room where Anthony and Alchetta were in a deep and fun discussion about politics.

The topic was the rules of the court and Alchetta was sharing a story about the language of the fan.  She talked about how funny it had been at times.  Anthony had been fascinated with her enchanting voice, wit, and charm.  He decided that he would accompany Alchetta home as it was getting dark outside and that would give Lorraine time to show Ora around the rest of the mansion.

Instead of taking the car, he suggested a horseback ride.  Alchetta was delighted she loved riding horses and had not done much of that since moving to Place Royale.  It was a clear and starry night.

Anthony said, “Would you enjoy a moon light ride to the other end of the lake?  I like to sit there away from everyone and everything and enjoy the view.”

Alchetta felt a strange attraction to him and heartily agreed.  Anthony was such an attractive man.  When he removed his coat and put it round her shoulders, she could see the rippled muscles through his white silk shirt.  His hand brushed against her breast and she felt an electric current pass through her.  So many years she had denied her carnal cravings because of her stupid old-fashioned Mother Retta.  Now she craved to be touched.

This man stared at her in such a way that compelled her to inch closer to him.  Anthony could feel the tension in her body and he put his arm around her.

He said, “You must be cold you’re shivering?”

She looked up at him and leaned closer to him looking at his lips she licked hers.

She whispered, “I could never be cold in your arms.”

He saw the need in her eyes and slowly kissed her face then her neck.  She began to wiggle closer to him.  He inched down her neck and followed along her body while unbuttoning her top.  He made her gasp in raptures of pleasure.  Then he gently made love to her there under the stars.



Chapter 10

Alchetta Finds Happiness


Alchetta walked into the house with a smile on her face and was surprised to find Themus in his study.

His face was purple with rage as he barked, “Where have you been at this ungodly hour?”

He noticed the tussled hair and dirt on the back of her skirt and wet stains!

He said “My God you’re glowing who’s the lucky man?”

Alchetta smiled wickedly and said, “Who says it’s a man?”

Themus jaw dropped then he laughed with tears in his eyes and said, “My Lord, I’ve married a bisexual woman!  How crazy is that!  Well I am happy for you dear.  Maybe now you won’t be such a bitch!”

She slapped his face then ripped off his pants and before he knew what had happened she crawled on top of him and raped him.

He just sat there in shock then she said, “How does it feel Themus?  To be defiled without wanting to be?”

She walked away and up to her bedroom.  ‘She knew he would never want to touch her again.  The look of disgust had been very pleasing to her and she thought he can dish it out but he cannot take it.  Ora must have put some sort of spell on me.  She had been angry when she found out about Themus raping me.  I feel very aggressive for some reason.’

Then Alchetta went to bed with a very satisfied look on her face.



Chapter 11

Ora Delwin and Anthony Atkins


The next few weeks flew by quickly.  Sasha had a baby girl with Marion and Louise’s help.  She named her Yana Totenmyer her sister Marchina prayed over the child and seemed to be distressed.  Louise brought Ora Delwin over to meet Sasha and her new beautiful baby girl.  Little Marchina refused to come out of the cupboard that day.

She kept saying she did not like that woman named Ora.  Sasha was too busy and tired with Yana to notice what Marchina was talking about that day, later she would wish she had.  Ora did a blessing over the two of them, but before she did, she asked where the other daughter was.

Sasha was shocked then Ora said, “I noticed the little dolls on the floor so I assumed you have an older child?”

Sasha took a deep breath and let her guard down.  Ora suggested to Lorraine that they should throw a baby shower for Sasha at the mansion.

Lorraine found Ora amazing not only did she help with the party plans for Sasha’s baby shower she also had the greatest game idea’s to play.  Sasha was thankful for the lovely party and could not believe how many gifts she received.  Even Brandon had thought of her and that brought a tear of thankfulness to her eye.  Goderich and Brandon had designed a lovely cherry wood crib that would convert into a child’s bed for later on.  It was Goderich’s first design project.  Brandon came up with the spindle pattern for the fancy slats of wood.  Marion, Alchetta, and Louise created a baby quilt and with Ora’s help, they made a mattress out of feathers!

Alchetta said, “I never thought of using feathers.  We’ve always used straw.”

Ora said, “My Father was always inventing things.  He is currently working on a water bed design.”

Marion’s eyes grew large and she asked, “Wasn’t that an idea that Patricia had?  She gave it to William White.”

Ora laughed, “My Father does business with William White.  He received that note and took off with the idea.”

Marion said, “Could you please order two for us?  Goderich and I would love to send one as a gift to Patricia in Paris.”

Ora said, “Sure I’ll write to Father would anyone else like one?”

Louise laughingly said, “How does anyone make love on those things?”

Ora says, “You have to be creative but it feels just like being on a ship.  I tried one out but then the lining broke when I slept with one of the workers.  Father was mad at first then happy that I found the flaw before production.  I also told him it was too cold and he needed to heat it some how.”

Louise said, “God I would love to have a warm bed to crawl into.  It is always so cold and damp in this place.  Lorraine definitely needs a warm bed here.  “

Ora said, “I’ll have father send us a catalogue.  Perhaps Anthony would like to offer it to his clients as well?”

Louise said, “Have you seen his office yet?  He mentioned the other day that you should pay him a visit there sometime.  She winked knowingly at Ora.

Alchetta bristled at this, for Anthony never asked her to visit him.

Louise noticed Alchetta and thought it peculiar she then quickly added, “Anthony wanted Ora to come for business reasons.  He heard that her Father was an interesting inventor and designs customized furniture of various European designs.  He has some clients demanding something extraordinary and different.  They are collectors and want something that only they would have.  Anthony has been at his wits end trying to find someone to oblige them.  He will be delighted with Ora’s news.”

Alchetta sighed in relief.  She wanted to keep Anthony for herself.  Ora came over once in awhile but the excitement had worn off and she was tired of being with her.  Ora realized that Alchetta must have found a new lover for she did not seem as interested anymore.  That afternoon she would go, pay Anthony a visit.

As she walked into Atkins Architecture Anthony had just turned the sign that said Be back in an hour” for he had been planning to have some lunch.  He asked her to have a seat and wait there for him and he quickly ran down to the Old Port Inn grabbed a bottle of wine and a few sandwiches and brought them back to his shop.  Ora were thankful because she was very hungry.

As they ate, she noticed him staring at her breasts and she said, “My Father can provide the customized furniture for you from London.  I’ve sent him a letter requesting several catalogues.”

Then she said, “I notice your eyeing your dessert.  My cherries are in need of attention.”

Anthony’s eyes popped out of his head as she got up, headed into the lounge room with the couch in it he followed her, and she closed the door.  She set the timer on his clock and then slowly undressed before him.  No woman had ever rocked his world like that.

When the timer went off she said, “Time’s up!  We will do lunch again sometime I am sure.  Maybe even supper too.”

She dressed; straightened herself up, and walked calmly out the door as his client walked in and asked, “Who the ravishing creature?”

Anthony replied, “She’s going to be my new business partner.  She is providing us with the customized furniture.  I will soon have some catalogues to show you.”

Lorraine went to bed early for the night.  Anthony waited for Lorraine to go to bed then he quietly told Ora to meet him in an hour over by the lake behind the Gardner’s cottage.  As Ora headed out to the garden, she stopped in surprise when she saw a cloaked figure walking to the barn.  She saw Lorraine grab a horse, and head towards the forest, once in the brush she mounted the horse and galloped off into the night.

Ora had a feeling she would be gone for hours.  She could enjoy Anthony all night long.  They met in a grove of trees.  Anthony pulled out a large blanket from a box outside of the gardener’s cottage.  They lay down under the stars and made love for a few hours.

Anthony said, “I’m going away for a few days to London.  I would like to meet your Father, when I take you with me.  I will tell Lorraine that we have set up a business meeting.  You will be our part time nanny and my business partner.  I have arranged for Sasha Totenmyer to help watch the child when you are travelling with me.  Lorraine is not due for another two months.  We’ll be back by that time.”

Ora agreed it was time to visit her Father.  He had been in Europe and she had not seen him in years.

Anthony said, “We’ll have rooms on The RMS Queen Elizabeth with adjoining doors and at the Millennium Bailey’s Hotel in London so that I can ravish you every night.  Can you get pregnant?”

Ora said, “No Doctor Tibideau removed my uterus for me.  I never wanted children of my own.  I like raising other people’s children instead.”

Anthony thought this odd and Ora added, “I’ve never met a man I would want to marry and by the way I like women as well.”

Anthony found this exciting and said, “Now that’s something I’d enjoy!”

Ora said, “When we get to London I’ll call my old girl friend.  I’m sure she’d love to accommodate us!”

Anthony smiled and said, “You’re proving to be a valuable asset as my employee.”

Ora did not exactly like how he said it.  She felt cheap and paid for “I’m not a prostitute and I’ve never slept with just anyone before.  I just found you so handsome and needy.”

Anthony did not care for the needy comment.  However, he did not want to rock the boat he would get a sweet piece of ass on his trip to London and back.  By then he would tire of her and go back to his lover in Quebec.  He was sure she had come to her senses by now.  She had demanded that he leave his wife and marry her.  He had walked out on her and not contacted her since.  He had it good with Lorraine.

He would never part ways with her and he told his mistress it would never happen in a million years.  She was such a wonderful, understanding, and faithful wife.  Now they would have a child together.  She would be a perfect mother.  He loved how she was with Louise.  Lorraine reminded him of Marion.

Dear sweet Marion Lafleur such a gentle doe.  He would have given anything to be with such a pure and loving woman.  However, he would never interfere with a loving and solid marriage.  Goderich was a fine man because he was one who was honest, loyal, and faithful to his wife.  Not many men around like that these days.

As for Brandon and Themus, Anthony knew his own kind.  He had sized the two of them up quite quickly.  He knew of the place called Candies but he did not care for the slutty types.  He loved his young innocent girls.  If she was a virgin, it was a bonus to him to teach them how to make love to a man properly.

After all, he had taught his wife Lorraine well.  She was awesome in bed but he craved new partners and faces.  He had an appetite for young inexperienced girls that he could mould into vivacious lovers in bed.  Their husbands would thank him if they had known he was the master of the art of loving too many young wives.  Travelling abroad gave him many one-night stands.  Rarely would he see any of the girls again.  However, in Ora’s case he was getting his money’s worth.  She was an employee with benefits and he would enjoy having her at his disposal.



Chapter 12

While the Cats Away the Mice Do Play


Lorraine welcomed the news of Anthony’s departure.  She understood Ora’s need to see her Father and expand Anthony’s business.  She knew it would bring even more wealth and fame to Atkins Architecture.  Besides, she could go away for a month to Chago’s place out in the country and enjoy some time with him.  She sent Chago a letter from the post office and told him in a week to meet her at Dubois Inn.

Brandon told Louise he had scheduled some business meetings out of town twice a week.  He said they had made a catalogue of the crib Goderich had designed and a factory was going to make a line of them.  Even Ora Delwin had taken a catalogue with her to London to show her Father’s contacts.  He even mailed a few to Patricia and Luvena.  When Brandon left, Louise would relay the information to Ora who would in turn tell Alchetta and Alchetta would tell Themus.

In the evenings, Themus would sneak out to Louise’s place and Anthony and Alchetta would meet in the gardener’s cottages at each of their places.  Neither one had gardeners living there.  They had hired outside contractors instead.

Brandon would go see his red headed friend and she would always ask, “Has she left yet?”

He would say, “I’ll let you know when she does.”

Lorraine met Chago at the Inn a week later and they left for his house out in the country.  He was excited when the baby’s foot pushed out towards his hand.  He very carefully made love with Lorraine for the next few weeks.

Early one evening Lorraine started having contractions so they decided she should go back home.  He took her back to Dubois Inn and Brandon took her home in his car.  Then he went to fetch Marion and Louise and brought them over to Lorraine’s place.  Louise asked Brandon to go let Alchetta know.  They had all decided to be there for Lorraine’s birth.

It was a few days before she gave birth.  Louise and Marion had both been feeling rather ill.

Marion said to Louise “You’ve gained some weight I see, are you pregnant?”

Louise felt some excitement “Can you check for me?”

Marion held the stethoscope to her belly then passed it to Louise and said, “Listen to the heart beats.”

Louise could hear two distinct heartbeats.  She smiled with tears in her eyes.  Then Marion put the stethoscope on her belly.  Louise heard three heartbeats.

Louise asked, “How can you have three heart beats?”

Marion replied, “Twins of course!”

Lorraine said “What!  You’re having twins and Louise is with child?”

Both girls said “Yes” in unison.

That is when Marion noticed how pale Alchetta was and that she had fainted.  They ran to her side with smelling salts.  Marion had put her stethoscope on Alchetta’s chest then started in surprise.

She moved down to her belly and then said, “This one’s got a bun in the oven too!”

Louise looked at Alchetta in surprise and said, “How can you be pregnant?  She never sleeps with Themus!”  Alchetta fainted again.

Louise looked at Lorraine they both thought the same thing.  “What if Alchetta was having Themus’ baby?  Then all their planning would be up in smoke!

At that moment, Lorraine screamed out in pain, “Its coming!”

A tiny red face with dark hair, and eyes stared up into Lorraine’s face as she placed her Son on her breast to feed him.  “I’m going to name him Angus after my Father!  Poor Anthony will be disappointed when he finds out his son came a month early.”

Then she turned to Alchetta and said, “I’m guessing Anthony’s had his way with you?  He usually prefers young virginal women but I guess in your case he did not care.”

She felt nothing but despisement for Alchetta when she saw the stricken look on her face.

Then Lorraine spitefully added, “Did you know that Anthony’s gone away on a business trip?”

Alchetta said, “Yes he told me.”

Lorraine then said maliciously, “Did he also tell you that he was taking his mistress Ora with him?”

Alchetta’s mouth dropped and than she began to cry.  Louise knew when to strike the biggest blow as her hatred grew in an instant when she realized Alchetta had hurt Lorraine.

Louise struck Alchetta across the face and said, “While you were being such a cold hearted bitch to Themus, he turned to me.  I’m his mistress and I am bearing his child.”

Alchetta screamed “No!  He was not supposed to sleep with anyone that we knew!  I will get you for this Louise!  I will make sure Brandon knows about it.!”

Alchetta ran out of the house before anyone could stop her.

Lorraine turned to Louise “Hurry go write a cable to Ora and tell her what’s happened.  They should still be at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec.  They were not scheduled to go to London for at least two weeks.”

Alchetta drove the car quickly to Brandon’s place.  Goderich was shocked to see Alchetta of all people driving a car.

Brandon asked, “Is there something wrong with the baby?”

Alchetta said, “No Lorraine and Angus are fine.  Let us go into your office.  I need to talk to you Brandon alone.”

He followed her in then she said, “You’d better sit down.  Three of us girls found out we are pregnant today.  Marion is having twins with Goderich…”

Brandon smiled “This is wonderful news!”

Then she said, “I’m pregnant.”

Brandon shook her hand, “Congratulations I bet Themus is ecstatic.”

Alchetta said, “No he isn’t the Father and he doesn’t know about it yet.”

Brandon paused and said, “If you’re…who?”

She said with her head down, “Anthony Atkins…I’ve fallen in love with him and now he is off to London with his mistress Ora Delwin and Lorraine’s baby isn’t his!  It’s Chago Sima’s!”

Brandon gasped “What a mess!”

She cried, “That’s not the worst of it!  Louise is pregnant and Themus is the Father!”

Brandon’s face went white as a sheet.  He felt like a knife had just gone through his heart…



Chapter 13

A Twist of Fate


Brandon stumbled out of the office and walked past Goderich with glazed eyes.

When Goderich asked him what was wrong he snarled, “Leave me alone!”

Brandon pushed Goderich away and headed to the bar to have a few stiff drinks.  Alchetta got into the car with a satisfied and evil look on her face.  Finally, she had gotten her revenge on that bitch Louise.  Brandon would probably throw her out or even better kill her!  Alchetta headed back home and she had one of her servants return the car she had borrowed back to the Atkins Estate.

Later that evening Brandon headed over to Lorraine’s in a drunken stupor banging violently on the door.

When the maid opened the door slurring his words Brandon yelled, “Where’s that slut Louise?”

The maid quietly said, “I am sorry sir she is not in her room.  She has gone out this evening.”

Brandon went home to drink his sorrows away.  Louise had sent a note to Themus to meet her immediately at Dubois Inn for it was an emergency.  She wanted to tell him the good news and bad news herself.

When he saw how pale she was, he had a look of hope on his face and said, “Tell me the good news dear are we with child?”  She nodded yes.

Themus danced around the room with joy.  “Come here my sweet let’s make love and celebrate!”

Louise said, “Wait Themus I have bad news for you!”

He sat down and asked, “Are you going to tell me it’s not mine?”

Louise snapped, “Themus the baby’s yours!  However, Alchetta, Marion and I all found were pregnant today!  Alchetta is having Anthony’s child!”

Themus turned white then purple with rage and roared “That bitch!  She refused to give me an heir then gives him one?  How could she!”

Louise said, “That’s not all!  She ran over to Brandon’s after she found out I’m having your child!”

Themus said “Oh God!  He’s going to kill me and you too!”

Louise said, “He will not harm me or the baby.  I doubt if he will kill you Themus.  But you can be sure your friendship is over with!”

Themus began to cry like a baby “I never thought I’d lose my long time friend?  I figured he did not love you and would not mind us sleeping together.  After all Brandon can’t have any children.”

Louise gasped, “He’s never told me that!  I would not have been able to cover up my affair anyhow.  Well at least she saved me from having to tell him the baby is yours.  I wasn’t entirely sure whose it was.”

Themus said, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Louise said, “I decided to teach him a lesson one night.  He is my husband after all; I still sleep with him when he demands it.”

Themus said angrily, “I was under the assumption there was no physical contact between you two.  You know you really are a slut just as he said!”  With that, he stormed out of the room.  Louise left and went back to Lorraine’s place.

As it just so happens, Ora had a feeling that Lorraine would give birth earlier.  She expected to hear some sort of news that day and sure enough, the cable came.  Anthony and Ora arrived back home two days later.  It was late in the evening when they arrived.  Ora felt nothing but jealousy over Lorraine and Anthony’s baby.  She would never be able to give the man she loved a child.

It was a few days later that Themus bumped into Lorraine at the Dubois Inn and went into her room for some loving.  Ora had been looking for Lorraine.  All she found was an empty bedroom.  She looked out the window towards the stables and saw Lorraine grabbing her horse and heading up the road.  Ora sneaked out, grabbed one of the horses, and followed at a far distance.  She had heard rumors of the affairs at Dubois Inn.

She tethered the horse around the corner and watched through one of the tiny windows along the front side of the Inn.  She was shocked to see Themus and Lorraine going into a room together.  Ora smiled wickedly, so this was the Father of the baby!  She raced back home and knocked on Anthony’s study door.

Anthony growled, “What?”

Ora walked in and said “Anthony I just saw Lorraine and followed her to Dubois Inn it’s located in Cote de La Montagne.  She is with Themus Munroe!  He is the real father of the baby!  I overheard her telling Louise that it was her lover’s child and not yours!”

Anthony got up in a rage and grabbed a loaded pistol from his locked cupboard.

She yelled, “Don’t do anything rash.”

He left and she secretly hoped he would kill Lorraine.  Then she could get married to him and they could raise baby Angus together.

Anthony stormed into the Dubois Inn and said, “What room is Lorraine Atkins in?”

Simon said “Who?”

Anthony brought out his pistol, pointed it into Simon’s face, and said, “She’s an older woman that was pregnant and knows Themus Munroe.”

Simon said “Oh that woman!  She is just across the hall and in room three.  Please don’t disturb my guests.”

Anthony said, “Shut up or I’ll blow your head off!”

He ran across the room and rammed the door open with his shoulder.

Anthony yelled “You slut bearing another man’s child and lying to me!”

Then he pointed the gun and shot at her.  Themus lunged at Anthony to stop him from shooting him as he pointed it towards him.  They struggled and the gun went off.  Anthony slumped to the floor in a heap of blood.

Themus stood there white faced then ran out the door and yelled at Simon.  “He’s shot Lorraine and then I tried to stop him from shooting me and the gun went off somehow.  He is on the floor.  I have to go see if Louise is okay.  I don’t know if he’s killed her too!”

He grabbed a horse and galloped to the Atkins place.  All he found was Ora Delwin.

Themus yelled, “Where is Louise?

Ora said, “She’s up in her room sleeping?”

Themus said, “Move!  I’m going to talk to her something terrible has happened.”

Ora stood there with an evil grin on her face for Themus had blood splattered all over him as he ran up the stairs to see Louise…

A few days before when Ora had found out that Alchetta was pregnant with Anthony’s baby, she felt nothing but pure hatred for the girl.  That same evening, after she had given the news to Anthony about Lorraine being at Dubois Inn, she went over to Alchetta’s Place.  The light was on and Alchetta had been up wondering if Themus would ever come back home to talk to her about Anthony.

When she answered the knock at the door, she was surprised to find Ora standing there.

Ora came in and said “Alchetta I have terrible news.  I saw Lorraine leaving this evening and followed her to Dubois Inn.  She met up with your husband Themus.  He is her lover and the real father of baby Angus.  I overheard Lorraine and Louise talking and she had said her lover whom she meets at Dubois Inn is the real father of the child.  When I came back home and told Anthony, he ran off with a loaded pistol.  He intends to kill both Lorraine and Themus.”

Alchetta turned white as a sheet then fainted.

Ora pulled out her special potion and poured it down into Alchetta’s throat.  “There, there dear.  Ora will make the pain go away for good!”

She then carried Alchetta’s limp body up the stairs and to the back guest room and laid her on top of the bed.  She opened the balcony doors wide.  The moonlight illuminated the balcony.  Ora turned off all the lights and went downstairs.

In the library a figure pressed down on the royal sculpture on the right side of the mantle piece, the wall swung open and they disappeared.

The wall had almost closed when the Butler Arthur had seen a figure disappear through it.  He went to the figurehead and pressed down on it and it swung open again.  He followed the small figure down the passageway through a wooden door and down to the right.  Suddenly there was a flash and shot rang out in the air..

The maid whose name was Cynthia Stalin, heard someone yell and she ran towards the library and was shocked to see wall of the library had a doorway opened in it.  She walked carefully into the passageway and the smell of damp dirt filled the air.  She followed the tunnel to a doorway that was open and looked down the long passageway to the left it was completely dark but on the right she saw a dim light  she made her way carefully down the passageway.  Suddenly a light blinded her, there was a flash, and another shot rang out.  A dim figure checked both their pulses and found them both dead.  After closing the library doorway at the Munroe mansion, they dragged the bodies into another room.  There was an acrid smell of burning flesh as they carefully cleaned the shiny white skeletons.  Then they put them away in a special place.

Ora were checking on baby Angus, who was fast asleep, upstairs in the nursery.

Then she saw Themus getting ready to leave.

He turned and said, “Thanks for taking care of Louise.  By the way baby Angus is an orphan now.”

Ora’s face turned white and she stammered what happened?”

Themus was shaking when he said, “Anthony showed up at Dubois Inn.  He barged in on Lorraine and me.  She was waiting for her lover Chago to show up.”

Ora screamed, “Her lover was Chago?  Not you?”

Themus said, “No why?  Chago was the father of the baby.”

Ora broke down in tears as he continued, “He pulled out a silver pistol, and shot Lorraine dead then he aimed at me.  I lunged at him and grabbed the gun away from him.  We struggled and the gun went off.  Anthony’s dead.”

Ora fell to her knees and cried, “Oh God what have I done!  I have lost the love of my life!  It is your entire fault he is dead.  I will get revenge on you Themus Munroe!  You and your family deserve to die not him.”

Themus ran out of the building in tears.  He went over to see Brandon to give him the bad news.  Brandon was lying on the floor, booze bottles laying everywhere, He lay there motionless, and his body covered in vomit, and cold as ice.

Themus fell down screaming “No!  No!  God not Brandon I never meant to hurt you.”

Themus laid there sobbing, holding his dead friend.

It was the middle of the night and Alchetta began to stir.  The voices in her head were growing louder.  Then she saw Ida Tinkle coming at her with a knife.

She was stabbing her and saying, “You shall not have Anthony’s baby.  He is mine.  Revenge is mine.”

Alchetta screamed in agony.  Ida was chasing her.  She ran into the darkness, terrified towards the doorway of light.  She screamed, “Themus help me!”

Suddenly there was a wall she could not stop Alchetta fell over it and then she was floating in the air.  A rushing sound was in Alchetta’s ears as Ida was looking down at her laughing wickedly then there was a loud thud and everything became black.

Themus woke up with Brandon’s cold body in his arms.  He must have passed out as he got up, the stench filled his nostrils, and he leaned over and vomited beside the body.  Crying he headed on his horse to the Munroe Mansion.  He walked in the door and felt a strange eerie feeling.  Coldness had gripped his heart.  Arthur the butler, and Cynthia the maid, were nowhere to be found.  There were no fires lit, and no breakfast made.  Suddenly fear struck his heart as he remembered Ida Tinkle saying she would get revenge on him and his family one-day.

He headed to Alchetta’s room.  The bed was empty, but the sheets slightly crumpled, as she had been sleeping in it.  He searched every room frantically calling her name.  He went back to Alchetta’s room and then noticed the balcony doors were unlocked and swinging open in the wind.

He said “Alchetta darling where are you?  Have you stepped out for some air?”

He walked out on the balcony and looked out into his beautiful garden.  Then he happened to look down and gave a cry.  He ran down the many stairs and out the back door.  There lay Alchetta smashed on the garden floor.  Her body was as cold as ice as she laid there dead.

Themus screamed “No!  No!  He listened to her heart and it was still, he listened to her womb it was motionless Alchetta was dead.  Themus put his head down on her chest and hugged her crying, “The curse of the Munroe mansion has struck again…”

That was when he noticed a little note in Alchetta’s hand.  He carefully opened it and read – Sin has its consequences – VS.

Themus sat there in shock.  He thought for a moment – the only person who could have done this was Ida Tinkle.  She must be posting as Ora Delwin!  Now he knew why he felt strange around the girl.  For Ida had disguised herself before and killed his siblings Jake, Jonathan, then his sister-in-law Jesseline Thirkill, his friend Barney Rosewood and now his wife Alchetta.

Themus groaned as he thought – ‘The Bailey’s will never forgive me.  My father will probably have another heart attack because of this …an heir I need to be married and have an heir… no inheritance…that bloody curse’

Themus had to warn Louise somehow.  It was still early yet.  He rode quickly over to the Atkins Estate.  He came around the outside window and broke it.  He grabbed Louise and put his hand over her mouth so she would not scream in fright.  He whispered, “We have to get you out of here now.  Ida Tinkle was posing as Ora Delwin she has killed Alchetta, Anthony, and Lorraine.  You are next Louise.”

She looked at him with fear in her eyes as she crept out the window with Themus and they rode to Goderich’s place.  Themus told him about Ida being Ora and told Goderich to shoot Ida Tinkle on sight.  He suggested that Goderich and Marion should ride into town and get the sheriff.

Then Themus rode over to Sasha Totenmyers place to warn her of Ida Tinkle and to be careful.  The four of them rode to town they told the sheriff and he said he would take care of Ida.  Goderich and Marion went back home and Louise and Themus headed to Quebec.  They got on The RMS Queen Elizabeth, and within a month, they reached England and then headed to Paris, France by train.  They arrived a few weeks later on Patricia’s doorstep.

They explained everything to Patricia, and she knew whom to call.  Lorraine had written of her plan for Louise when the time came.  Patricia contacted Ashton and Evelynn Deere and advised them that Louise would be giving the child up for adoption once it was born.  Then she advised them of the murders in Place Royale.

Themus and Louise headed to England to go see his Father Joseph.  They would stay at the Estate until Louise had the child.  Then Louise would go and stay with Patricia and Luvena once the Deere’s had picked up the baby.  Meanwhile back in Place Royale the sheriff had gone around with his detectives and the coroner picking up the dead bodies of Brandon Deere, Alchetta Munroe and Lorraine and Anthony Atkins at the Dubois Inn.

It was rumored that the married couple who were the butler and maid of Munroe mansion had something to do with it for they had disappeared when Alchetta was found dead.  The sheriff put out a wanted ad for both Arthur and Cynthia Stalin.

Later that week the Sheriff stopped in to visit Ida Tinkle.  After making love to her, he begged her to leave everyone alone and told her that she had brought enough grief to the community and if anyone else died, he would have to prosecute her.

Ida said, “Do you know where Themus and Louise are?”

The Sheriff lied, “Themus shot himself, and I was told the girl Louise has fled and no one knows her where she’s gone.  The word is they had a lover’s spat and somehow Anthony got shot and so did Lorraine, some sort of love triangle there.”

Ida was relieved she asked, “Where are the bodies now?”

The sheriff shook his head and said, “One more thing, Themus names you Ida as the reason for Alchetta’s death because you threatened to get revenge on him.  He has a very powerful family.  They will order someone to kill you.  I suggest you keep a very low profile at the Atkins Estate.  I’ll just tell everyone you’ve gone away and I don’t know where you went.”

Ida said, “How will I get my groceries?”

He said, “I’ll order extra food for the jail house and sneak it over to you all for a little loving.”

She smiled at him “Yes that would be nice!”



Chapter 14

Saying Goodbye to Dear Friends


Goderich and Marion stood frozen holding hands as they buried Brandon Deere, Lorraine, and Anthony Atkins.  Melville and Retta Bailey were planning to ship their daughter Alchetta’s body to England to have her buried in the Bailey Crypt.  Ida Tinkle secretly ordered a large monument built in Anthony’s honor and placed it over the grave.  She cried as she held baby Angus then the car drove out of town for all to see.  She would secretly return late at night back to Atkins mansion.

Themus was gone; there would be no more work, at the lumberyard or Deere Inn as the Lawyers closed it down.

Goderich was taking Brandon’s death hard.

He said to Marion, “I can’t take it here anymore, this place is evil.  I do not want to raise our children here.  I want them to be safe.”

Marion smiled wearily at her husband and let out a sigh of relief, “I’ve been wishing for you to say that now for several months…”

Goderich was surprised, “Honey I don’t know why you didn’t say something sooner?

Marion wailed, “Because it was your dream and I didn’t want to ruin it.”

Goderich hugged his wife and kissed her then said, “Sweetheart the next time you don’t like something I want to know about it.  Your happiness is my number one priority.”

Marion smiled and a tear rolled down her face, “Darling you always make me happy.”

It took them a few weeks to pack things up and put them away.  Goderich decided since the Estate in London was already furnished, they could leave everything the way it was and just take their necessities with them to England and ship the rest.  Marion and Goderich went to say a tearful goodbye to Sasha and Marchina after they locked up the hunting lodge.

Sasha was heartbroken as she confessed, “I loved Brandon with all my heart.  He was the father of my child.  I woke up this morning and my daughter Yana died of crib death…”

Goderich looked at Marion and said to Sasha, “I’m sorry Sasha I feel your pain.  I would not be too sure of Yana dying because of crib death.  Ida Tinkle wanted to kill you, so instead she probably took your baby Yana’s life, which means you need to do everything to protect your daughter Marchina.  She is sick that way; she loves to make people suffer.  Be careful you are going to need a strong spell of protection.  I have a feeling she is close by, lurking waiting to strike like a snake.  She will not rest until her revenge is complete.  After all she is probably the Virgin Slayer…”

Little Marchina pulled on her mother Sasha’s dress and said, “I told you Mommy that woman was evil…”

Sasha tearfully said, “Yes dear, I should have listened to you…”


The two of them waved as Goderich and Marion drove away.  They picked up their luggage, pulled sheets over everything in the house, and said goodbye to the locals at Jean Moisan’s grocery store.

Before they left, Goderich posted a note at the Lafleur Hunting Lodge, Brandon Deere’s Sawmill, and the Deere Inn are no longer in business.

They got on The RMS Queen Elizabeth with Melville, Retta, and Alchetta’s coffin.  It was a somber voyage this last time.  Goderich would never want to return to Canada nor would Marion, Melville, or Retta.

Goderich was pretty down about everything that had happened.  He could not believe that over 8 years ago he travelled to Canada to start a new life.  Now his best friend’s Brandon and Alchetta were dead, Themus had disappeared with Louise and Marion was pregnant with twins.  In some way he felt like everything was against him then he heard a small voice say, “Two souls lost, two souls gained.”


Goderich looked at Marion who was fast asleep beside him and then he felt panicky for little Marchina was standing in his cabin on the ship.  She smiled then disappeared.  Goderich sat there wondering why the child was on the ship…then he drifted back to sleep.


The next morning Marion yawned and looked outside and tried to get up but she could not Goderich was holding onto her for dear life.  He was pale and exhausted.


Marion stroked his forehead until he relaxed, then she pulled his arms away slowly and got out of bed.  Mother Nature was calling and so was another voice….



Goderich woke up with a start, the bed was empty and at first, he did not know where he was. Then he remembered little Marchina… So he jumped out of bed, got dressed wondering where Marion was.



Goderich ran up the steps to the dining area and it was empty he saw one of the crewmembers passing by and asked what time it was.


The crewmember said, “It’s 1 pm sir…”


Goderich was shocked; he had never slept in that long before.  Where was Marion?  Then he heard her laughing around the corner.


There on the deck was a man doing magic tricks and Marion was sitting with Retta and Melville.  They did not look like they had gotten any sleep at all.


Goderich joined them and whispered to Marion, “I saw little Marchina last night…”


Marion smiled, “Yes she does like to watch over us…”


Goderich said, “What do you mean?”


Marion said, “Sasha warned me that Marchina was practicing her teleportation skills and that she would pop in unannounced to our cabin from time to time.  I guess she figured you would be sound asleep in the middle of the night.  You probably scared her.”


Goderich said, “I didn’t say anything to her and she read my mind. She told me two souls lost, two souls gained. Now what did she mean?”


Marion laughed then said, “We are having twins so that is two souls gained.  The two souls lost – Brandon and Alchetta.”


Retta caught the tail end of the conversation, got up from her chair, burst into tears and ran down the deck.  Melville followed her.


Goderich looked at Marion, “I’ll bet they are feeling it worse then us.  Melville is blaming his wife for Alchetta’s death.  He said if she didn’t pressure her to marry Themus she would have still been alive…”


Marion sighed, “It’s not good, those two will never forgive themselves.  It is their only child… That has to be even worse then cutting off a finger…you feel like you belong to something then it is gone.  I am looking forward to England.  I hope to see my Mother and new step father soon.”


Goderich said, “She’s probably been out buying outfits for the babies.  Even Patricia and Luvena have been busy making little booties.  The girls at the finishing school are taking up knitting just for the occasion.  Our children will have knitted hats, scarves, booties, coats, pyjamas and stuffed animals.  They aren’t even born yet and they are getting spoiled rotten.”


Marion said, “There is nothing wrong with spoiling your children with lots of love…”


Goderich smiled, “I wish my parents could have been here when the babies are born, or when we got married…”


Marion was surprised it was the first time she had ever seen Goderich cry.


Marion said, “I think all the deaths in Place Royale touched the community.  After Alchetta and Brandon people started to spend, more time with their families and care for those who had none?  So their deaths will not be in vain.”


Goderich smiled, “Sasha is going to feel very lonely.  She told me the other day that she felt like everyone was deserting her.  She can’t get along with Lorraine, so all she has now is Mrs Moisan and she’s pretty busy with three lively boys running around…”


Marion said, “I’m sure things will change in the future and Sasha will have company again.  Marchina seems to think that people will come back to Place Royale someday… She says they will be our descendants…”


Goderich grinned, “So that means we will live to be grandparents… Now there’s a thought Mrs Lafleur, were going to have creaky bones!”


Marion giggled, “I’m glad to see you haven’t totally lost your sense of humour.”


When they reached England, they headed straight for the tomb that day.  Alchetta’s friends all gathered to pay their respects including the staff from Millennium Baileys Hotel in London and many other friends of the Baileys.

From the autopsy it had been found that Alchetta had been given some sort of hallucination potion and while dreaming had ran and fallen over the balcony wall and had plunged to her death.  There had been no evidence or charges because the sheriff had no idea who was to blame.  However, Themus, Louise, and her closest friends knew the truth.  Ida Tinkle had gotten her revenge.  They all prayed that justice would be.  Sasha knew that karma would find its way back to Ida Tinkle someday and she would rejoice when it did.





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