Book Covers

It is Dec 21, 2011 and I am thinking about my new goals for 2012. One of them is to be a published author (my own novel).

I’ve written over 19 books so far along with 4 screen plays (all have not been typed up or edited). In 2011 I only did some writing for a few months for the Nanowrimo and Script Frenzy Challenges. I mostly concentrated on making youtube videos (over 700 of them) on four different channels – ideagirlconsulting, igcentertainmentca, greencutguy and theideagirlsays.

In 2012 I’m going to go back to writing as many novels and books that I can for fun as well as for Nanowrimo. I want to start working on the book trailers and getting at least one of them online as a published novel.

My children’s series is part of my best writing I think. So far The Calamity Girl series is the most popular read online. I have posted the rough drafts for you to read while I work on the novels. I did that so if I lost my manuscripts on my flash drives, I’d have a rough copy of the script. The whole idea of blogging was for my fans to follow me on my journey from start to finish. The finish being a published author in a novel series. I have been published as a “writer” so far and that was my very first goal which was achieved in 2010 when Robin Jay invited me to be an author along with 20 others in The Power of the Platform – Speakers on Life.

The Munroe Series(10 novels) was written in 2008, 2009 and editing began in 2010. Historical Fiction – Romance, Mystery and Paranormal Series.

the-munroe-mansion-the-beginning-author-linda-randall-book-cover (1)

The SS America - The Trip to Canada - How it All Began Author Linda Randall Book Cover

Jesseline Thirkill Goes To New York City - Stepping Back in Time Author Linda Randall Book Cover

The Totenmyer Cottage - Life in Place Royale - History in the Making Author Linda Randall

The Lafleur Mansion - Let's Go Visit Paris and England author linda randall book cover

The Atkins Mansion - Life in Place Royle it's Many Tragedies - Author Linda Randall Book Cover

The Atkins Secrets Revealed – Place Royale – The Moment of Truth author linda randall book cover

8 the-book-of-spells-place-royale-the-story-of-the-mansion-author-linda-randall-book-cover

9 the-revenge-of-the-atkins-the-mansion-on-the-hill-things-change-author-linda-randall-book-cover

10 the-mansion-on-the-hill-the-conclusion-author-linda-randall-book-cover

The Calamity Girl Series written in 2009, 2010 editing hasn’t begun yet. My Women’s Fiction Chick Lit series.

the-calamity-girl-the-promotion author linda randall book cover

The Calamity Girl The Movie Star Author Linda Randall Book Cover

The Calamity Girl The Revenge of the Golden Idol Author Linda Randall Book Cover

My Children’s Young Adult Fiction Book Series – The Traveler’s Series with Grammy and Lilywind under the author’s name of Lilywind.

Grammys Magic Cottage Author Linda Randall Nanowrimo 2010

Grammys Magic Space Ship Author Linda Randall Nanowrimo Nov 2011 book cover

Lilywind and Daisy the Magical Dog Author Linda Randall Book Cover The Traveler Series 2

NaNoWriMo November 2012

Grammy’s Magic Steamboat book cover author Linda Randall