Cherokee Chisum Chisholm Chism Connections

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I’d seen some interesting information concerning the Chisholm’s that were native, some would put their name as a middle name to hide who they were in the USA.

found this when I did a search for the name CHISUM (instead of Chisholm)

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Finding your Native American Ancestors.
>I have both Indian Blood 1 AND 11.In the # 1 book it has
>JOHN D.CHISHOLM it says the name is Cherokee. He was a white trader who move
>from Savannah to St.Augustine to Pensacola.Then he went to the Creek Nation
>of Georgia,By 1777 he left the Creeks to go North to the Cherokee country in
>Eastern TN.He married Betsy Fauling,nee Sims,widow of William Fauling.
>Children :
>Ignatius,Elizabeth (who married William Massengill) Deborah (m John

Listed on the 1835 Cherokee census of Tennessee was a James Chisholm
household of one full blood ,one inter-married white and three
halfbloods.They owned a farm at Red Clay in Mc Minn county.


the idea girl says

I know there’s relatives in the USA, still searching their native rolls to see if I can connect them to Canada in any way…


other native rolls chisholm

James Chisom 1835 Cherokee Roll Tn