Chisholm Berry Brocklebank Willis Family Notes





town of fort erie ridgeway memorial – herman walter chisholm mary margaret chisholm nee brocklebank, hicks, herman charles chisholm

town of fort erie ridgeway memorial – herman walter chisholm mary margaret chisholm nee brocklebank, hicks, herman charles chisholm


September 3, 2017

Harold Vaughan Chisholm and Linda Michelle Chisholm nee Randall, TenBrinke

interviewed Harold’s half sister Patricia (nee Berry, Chisholm) Paine with Ray Paine her husband of 44 years in Brantford Ontario Canada the cool thing is they live at Eagle Place which is Native Lands, and we’ve had Eagles and Hawks following us giving us messages from the Creator.  We got a feather from the back porch the day we arrived, we thought it was an Eagle’s feather,and later found out from Karl it’s a seagull feather…

I was told Palmer Hospital, it’s actually called Plummer Memorial Public Hospital where the Chisholm babies were born in Sault Ste Marie, Canada


The Plummer Hospital had its beginnings in 1906 when a group of citizens founded the Algoma Benevolent Hospital Association. Eleven years later in 1917, through the efforts of association president Frank Davey and auxiliary president Mrs. R.C. Smith, the association established the first non-sectarian hospital in northern Ontario.

The 18-bed hospital first opened in a house on Albert Street East, with the nursing school opening one year later in 1918. In 1920, the family of the late W.H. and Maria Plummer donated their family home Lynnhurst and the hospital moved to its former Queen Street location, changing its name from the Royal Victoria to the Plummer Memorial Public Hospital.

Population growth led to additions to the hospital in 1929 and 1952 and in 1959, the nurses’ residence (formerly Riverview Centre) was completed. In 1962, Lynnhurst was demolished and the Plummer, in cooperation with the General, completed major renovations.

In 1984, the two Red Cross Hospitals in Thessalon and Richards Landing came under the umbrella of the Plummer Hospital until April, 2013 when the operation of these two satellite facilities was transferred to the Blind River District Health Centre.

In 1994, the Plummer opened the Renal Wing, last local hospital addition of the 20th century.



 Plummer Memorial Public Hospital

Canadian hospital directory = Annuaire des hôpitaux du Canada.

Toronto : Association des hôpitaux du Canada = Canadian Hospital Association, 1968- .

Periodical.;Annual.;1968- .;Text in English, 1953-1967;in English and French, 1968- .;ISSN 00688932. / Périodique.;Annuel.;1968- .;Texte en anglais, 1953-1967;en anglais et en français, 1968- .;ISSN 00688932.

Sault Area Hospital is an amalgamation of the Sault Ste. Marie General Hospital and the Plummer Memorial Public Hospital. In 2002, Sault Area Hospital held its inaugural meeting of a single corporation.


Mary Margaret Chisholm nee Berry, nee Brocklebank death 05/22/1997 Tonken Creamatorium Buffalo NY Ridgeway June 2, 1997 documented Death Certificate in photo information.

Mary Margaret Brocklebank sisters Violet Brocklebank,  (Elizabeth?) Isabelle Brocklebank, Lila (Tiny) Brocklebank – Parents Peter James Brocklebank and Frances Willis Brocklebank

Isabelle married John Edwards? and lives in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

MOther Frances Willis Brocklebank (aunt Bernice)

Father Peter James Brocklebank (119th Battilion, 124th Battilion in France & Belgium July 11, 1919 – age 18 in photo, discharged around age 20 from the Canadian Military

Class A No 778 815

Discharge Toronto July 11, 1919

Serial No 754 738 – Peter James Brocklebank, sapper (private)

Peter Brocklebank

native Lena?

known as “the black chisholms”

Freedom of Info Act

check hospital Records at Sault Ste Marie, Canada at Palmer Hospital (Manitoulin Island, the Chisholms are ALL related)


Photo of

Herman Walter Chisholm, Sister Olive Chisholm (maiden name) Olive with husband Doug Dalzill or Dalziels Ottawa 1961


Darlene Sherwood nee Chisholm, Berry son Eddie

1/2 brother Terry Berry  mother Mary Margaret Brocklebank (Berry, Chisholm)

1/2 brother adopted out no name last name  Roy? Berry?

Patricia Berry DOB September 10, 1953 Sault Ste Marie (adopted into family)

1/2 sister Darlene Berry

Herman Walter Chisholm and Mary Margaret Chisholm (nee Berry, Brocklebank adoptive family Horick – Sault Ste Marie, Canada)

Previous family children

Patricia Berry born 1953 1/2 sister (berry)

Darlene Berry  1/2 sister (berry)

Terry Berry – adopted out

Male Berry – adopted out


total 4

Herman & Mary Chisholm

Herman Chisholm 1955

Wayne Chisholm/Brocklebank 1953

Caroline Chisholm

Kathy Chisholm (Wilcox)

Vanessa (daughter Andrea) boyfriend Rob

Everett (girlfriend Grace?)

Harold Vaughan Chisholm 1970, Linda Michelle Chisholm 1966 (nee Tenbrinke, Randall)

Raymond Chisholm

Darren Chisholm

9 children listed, 10 on birth certificate

9 plus 2 girls darlene, patty raised in family 11 children

harold says there’s supposed to be 15 children altogether


according to Harold’s Birth Certificate there are 10 children