GM Cottage 1

grammys magic cottage book cover Linda randall

GM COTTAGE = Grammy’s Magic Cottage (title of the first book in this series of magical tales)

Started editing chapter 1 jan 20, 2011… will take awhile before posting.


Update I started editing it during the summer in 2011 and I have up to chapter 7 revised for the rough drafts.  I’ll be posting only chapter one for this story.  I want to send it to some Literary Agents and see what type of response I get.

Author: Linda Randall

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Chapter One

Martha walked into the bedroom sat down and looked in the mirror at her dark brown, wavy, long hair and her dark circled, emerald green eyes now red and puffy from crying.  At eighteen she never dreamed that her life would have taken such a turn. She couldn’t stop what she started now. It was eating away at her. It would be over soon and then what?

Martha peered closer at her reflection.  A beautiful oval shaped face with a tiny nose and perfect white teeth stared back at her. Her slim body and small breasts started to shake as her expression changed from fear to dread. A bright light surrounded her, and then she disappeared.

No one heard the screams that night as a dark form grabbed a sixty-two year old, auburn haired, slim and fit woman. Kelly Thomas was being dragged across the forest trail and up towards the top of a rocky hill.

The dark form had a smirk on its face as Kelly kicked and screamed, “Let me go you freak you’re hurting me!”

The dark form softly said, “This is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you.”

Kelly should have listened to her friends Sandra and Evelyn. She was warned not to walk alone. In the past six months two of her friends mysteriously disappeared while out walking.

Every night Kelly and her dog would go for a walk on Clipton Trail to the top of the hill where she could enjoy a gorgeous view of the valley’s sunsets. Kelly would lie back in the grass rubbing the dog’s belly as they looked up at the moon and stars in the sky. Many times she would fall asleep and dream about what it would be like to do magic. She would wake up in the morning disappointed that it was only a dream. Soon she would be happy again as she watched the sun rise then she would head home for some breakfast.  That evening she looked down at the little lights blinking in the Town of Fergus and felt discontent. She must have dozed off because when she woke up she was wondering where she was for a moment.

Kelly sighed aloud, “It’s too bad that magic is forbidden right Mitsy?”

She turned to look beside here and the dog was not there.

Kelly sat up and heard her dog barking, “Mitsy stop chasing the rabbits. You come back here right this minute or no treat for you!”

Kelly became alarmed when she heard Mitsy’s barking turn to yelping as if she was in pain. Fear struck Kelly’s heart as she ran down the path towards Mitsy. She didn’t get very far. A dark form grabbed her from out of nowhere.  Kelly gave a yell and tried to break away. She started to run down the trail towards the river. She would jump in, and swim to the other side and go hide in that old shack out in the woods. She realized she wasn’t moving any farther now that she was suspended in mid air. It was no use the dark form was using a magic spell to hold her.

She floated back down and they walked in silence to the top of a cliff and they both looked down at the gorgeous view of the valley, where the river wound its path towards the magic land of the fairies and giants. A land no human had ever crossed because it was too dangerous. She looked at the dark form and could only see two glowing red eyes hidden in a black hooded gown that draped its whole form while it floated in the air.

The dark form said, “I will rule all of this soon you know. I have a plan.”

Kelly said, “What do you want with me?”

The dark form said, “Revenge for a murder.  It’s time for you to learn how to fly.”

Kelly screamed as the dark form pushed her over the cliff. Her body bounced from one razor sharp ledge to another. She felt the wind rushing past her ears as she fell.  The pain was excruciating. She landed with a thud and there was nothing but darkness as she lay there in a pool of blood and slipped away…


The next morning two boys were out exploring in the forest. One was looking for bugs, the other for branches for a tree fort that he intended to build for the two of them to play in.  Daniel stood still and breathed in the fresh air he exhaled slowly while trying to slow down his racing heart. He was feeling anxious again. He missed his mother terribly even though it had been almost four years now since she had disappeared.

His small frame looked tiny beside the big trees there. He sighed again as he pushed his brown hair back from his tear stained face. It was tough being eight years old. His six year old brother Samuel was playing a few hundred feet away when he stopped and cried out for Daniel to come and see something.  Then he disappeared down a hill.

Daniel figured it was probably a dead racoon or something. Samuel always managed to find the oddest things. It was like he had built in radar. Daniel was feeling anxious because his father had forbidden them to play here near the Clipton Trail. But this was the best place to find big branches to use for their tree fort.  Hopefully they would find everything they needed today so they wouldn’t have to come back here again.


Their Father Rod Jenkins, a tall, slender man with short dark hair was the local Sheriff in the Town of Fergus.  He had forbidden Daniel and Samuel from going anywhere near the Clipton Trail because of the recent disappearances of two women. Daniel ignored his brother as he reached down and gathered more branches for their tree fort.

Samuel pleaded again, “Daniel. Come here please. It looks like a dog…”

Daniel dropped the branches and ran over to Samuel. He stopped and drew in his breath at the gory sight before them.

Samuel whispered then sobbed, “She was the most beautiful black lab in the world and only two years old. Who would do such a thing to Mitsy? She was my favourite dog to play with…”

Daniel just stood there in shock. He had been playing with Mitsy the other day too. Throwing sticks and playing fetch with a ball. The look of horror and fear on the boys faces changed to tears as Mitsy lay there whimpering in pain in a pool of blood. A large gash across her belly she lifted her head, woofed at them then lay back, closed her eyes and took her last breath.  The boys stood there shaking and crying as they started taking the branches they had found earlier and made a trail from where Misty was by marking a path from there to Clipton Trail. Running with knots in his stomach, Daniel and Samuel reached the outskirts of town in record time.

Samuel said, “Town’s kind of empty? Any idea of where dad will be?”

Daniel nodded then smacked his forehead, “Oh no! Mrs Glyesdale’s having her annual garden party and I promised Dad we would be there.”

They quickly made their way to that part of town. Samuel started to drool as he thought about the large delicious buffet of salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

Daniel said, “How can you think of food at a time like this?”

Samuel said, “Easy, you know the ladies will be making new dessert recipes and I can’t wait to try something new.”

Daniel smiled. He had forgotten about that. It was one of the only reasons he looked forward to going to Mrs. Glyesdale’s garden party.  He dreaded the woman’s sharp tongue.  He was sure she’d have something cutting to say to him, she always did for some reason.

Samuel could see that Daniel was feeling quite upset and worried about everything. Daniel wore his emotions on his sleeve, like their father did. Both of them were easily rattled, quick tempered and adventurous.  Any new thrill was always welcomed, whereas Samuel had an easy going attitude and loved the peace and quiet of the forest. He loved to sit and read a book and couldn’t wait until their tree fort was ready.

Daniel said, “Samuel we were supposed to be there at noon, what time is it now?”

Samuel pulled back his blue cap and his bangs fell back into his eyes. His sandy blonde hair was getting a bit too long, both boys needed a hair cut but Dad never got around to taking him to the barbers.  Samuel’s blue eyes squinted as he looked at his superman watch; the sun was somewhat bright at this time of day.

Samuel pulled it up to his ear, tapped it and shrugged his shoulders, “I think the batteries dead.  It’s not ticking it must have stopped at ten thirty this morning.”

Daniel thought for a moment, “It takes at least half an hour to get here and back and I think we were about an hour gathering this wood for the tree fort, so it must be about twelve noon give or take a few minutes.”

Samuel looked, pointed at Daniels knee, “Dad’s going to kill you.  Those are your last set of dress pants.”

Daniel looked down at his ripped right knee, “Another pair of grey wool slacks ruined.  That makes three pairs this month; yep Dad’s definitely going to kill me.  I should have changed into my coveralls.”

Samuel said, “Why do we always get sidetracked? You’re always getting us into trouble all the time.  I wish mom was here, and then I could stay home and stay out of trouble. We were on our way to town, why did you have to stop and get those stupid branches?”

Daniel said, “Look it was good quality you can’t pass wood like that up, it’s perfect for the tree fort.”

Samuel said, “What are you going to tell Dad? He already warned us to stay away twice.  This is our third time, he said the next punishment would be worse…I’m scared Daniel what if he hits me again? Why can’t he just ground us instead?”

Daniel said, “Well maybe he’ll forget once we show him where Mitsy is.  I’m getting hunger pains just thinking about Mrs Glyesdale’s homemade apple pie.  She serves it every year and I love it. We can grab a bite to eat then make sure dads in a good mood before we tell him where we’ve been.”

Samuel asked, “What if he sees us first?”

Daniel grinned, “Trust me his eyes will be on the new girl – Martha Sampson. I think he is secretly dating her. I caught her leaving dad’s bedroom early in the morning last week.”

Samuel whimpered, “But what about Mom?”

Daniel sighed, “Look Samuel, Mom’s been dead for four years now. Dad needs to move on. You want him to be happy don’t you?”

Samuel said, “Yeah but does he need a girlfriend to be happy?  Why can’t he just be happy with the two of us?”

Daniel stopped and looked at his little brother, “Samuel I haven’t seen Dad happy like this in a long time.  Even mom couldn’t make him this happy…”

Samuel ran up, started pounding his fists on Daniel’s chest and yelled, “You take that back! Dad loves mommy he can’t forget her.”

Samuel’s sobs turned into wails.

An angry male voice yelled, “Samuel Jenkins you stop hitting your brother right now!”

Samuel became rigid with fear as he saw their father bearing down on them.

Samuel turned and ran saying, “You deal with him. I’m going to get something to eat.”

Daniel took off after Samuel. The two boys disappeared in behind the variety store and along the alleyway cutting through the yards, jumping over the fences and hoping that no one installed a pool lately.  Rod gritted his teeth as he tore off after them. Moments later Rod gave a cry of pain as he tripped over a red tricycle.

He exclaimed, “Dam toys, I’ll never catch up with them now.”

Rod shook his head in despair. Ever since his wife died, the boys have been impossible to handle. His wife Jewell always had the upper hand. Suddenly he felt a soft and gentle tug on his shoulder.  He turned around, startled to see that Martha Sampson was standing there.  Where did she come from?  She wasn’t around two minutes ago and then she appears from out of nowhere?

It always freaks him out when she does stuff like that. But then he would forget about it when he saw her bewitching eyes and her smile that made his heart flutter and knees melt. He loved how her hair hung loosely about her face. It always makes him want to grab her and ravish her with kisses. He snapped out of his dreamy state. He saw the haunted look in her eyes and wondered what the matter was. Her eyes changed to pity and looked deeply into his heart, searing his soul, and making him feel ashamed for what he did not know.  Then he saw admiration in them and he felt proud to be with her there and then.

Martha was standing there day dreaming herself. Picturing Rod’s fit, sexy body wrapped nakedly around her in bed. She wanted him, needed him and couldn’t have him for much longer. The thought depressed her. Rod was a wonderful lover and boyfriend with a kind and gentle soul. She loved his muscled lean arms and his tall medium sized frame. She enjoyed running her fingers through his wavy, shoulder length, dark brown hair.

Rod’s big blue eyes look troubled. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips then sat back on her heels and watched him blush. Rod was kind of shy about their relationship still.  He was worried about how the boy’s would react to the news about them dating.  Martha helped him brushed the dirt off of his boot cut Levis jeans and fitted jacket.

Martha said, “The boys are getting something to eat at the garden party then they have something to show you. Don’t scold them too much.”

Rod snapped, “I can handle my kids, I don’t need your advice.”

He wanted to lash out at someone, anyone, and all the rage, the loss was welling up inside of him. God when would he learn to curb his tongue? He noticed that Martha looked amused. Strange any other woman would have stomped off in a huff. It was one of the things that he loved about her.   All hell could break loose around her and Martha was calm and rational, never being upset or freaked out. Half the town was on fire the other day and Martha stood there calmly as others ran around crying and screaming. She walked into the fire and came back out holding a little girl named Missy Philips.

Jake Morris, one of the firefighters, commented later to Rod, “Martha Sampson has to be a witch or something. Her clothes are not singed from the heat, even though Missy’s are?”

Rod said, “She sews her own clothes and probably uses fire retardant material. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.”

After the incident, no one thought much about it. And Martha was glad for that. Anytime people started asking too many questions, she would pick up, leave, and never turn back.

This time she couldn’t. Rod Jenkins was one special person. He didn’t poke or pry into her personal life, and she pretty much did the same. Two individuals who are compatible and both have many secrets to hide…

Daniel wiped the watermelon juice that was dripping off his chin.

He mumbled, “This is nice and sweet. Do you think we’ll get a spanking?”

Samuel nodded, “Dad looked pretty mad when he fell down. We will definitely get the strap. Maybe Martha can help us. Dad will do anything to make her happy. Do you think she spanks her kids?”

Daniel grinned and said, “She doesn’t have any kid’s silly. I don’t even think she has a family. People say she’s so weird that no one wants to hang around her. They are worried that Dad will regret meeting her.”

Samuel asked, “How old is Dad now?”

Daniel said, “He’s twenty-two.”

Samuel said, “How old would mom be if she were alive?”

Daniel counted on his fingers, “She would be twenty-four.”

Samuel said, “Their old enough to know what their doing right? Mom wasn’t a good judge of character. She never should have accepted a ride from that doctor.”

Daniel said, “Mom’s car broke down outside of town. It was cold and snowy, what else was she supposed to do?  Doctor Kincaid said she must have been standing out in the cold for some time. Her toes had frostbite. Mom died from pneumonia.”

Samuel pouted, “Mom caught a cold from Doctor Kincaid.  They say he brought Martha here and found Mom on his way out of town…”

Daniel sighed, “Sam if it weren’t for him stopping and picking mom up off the ground and bringing her into the hospital we never would have gotten to say goodbye to her. She would have frozen to death and the snow would have covered her body and in the spring the wolves would have eaten her.”

Samuel said, “How do you know if the dog wasn’t attacked by wolves?”

Daniel said, “There were clean cuts in the belly like a knife.  It was definitely a person, an evil hunter. I’ll bet they removed the dog’s organs.”

Samuel said, “Eww how do you know that?”

Daniel, “I heard Dad talking on the phone one night. I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I heard that.”

Samuel, “What makes someone do such a thing?”

Daniel, “A person who is very sick and hopefully they leave little kids alone.”

Martha tapped Daniel on the shoulder and he jumped as she asked, “Are you ready to talk about it?”

Daniel whirled around and saw his father standing there. Daniel gulped, looked around and pointed towards the other side of the garden.

Daniel said, “Let’s go over there.”

Rod saw the look of fear on Samuel’s face. Martha did too.

She patted Samuel’s head, “Everything will be alright.”

The four of them walked towards the last part of the garden. There were stone paths going in different directions and several small rose gardens all labelled nicely.

Samuel sneezed.

Martha said, “Bless you. It must be hard to be a kid and to be allergic to flowers, trees and grass.”

Rod was shocked and looked at Martha. He opened his mouth, thought twice about it then shut it.

Daniel blurted out, “Dad we found a dog. It was whimpering in the forest close to the Clipton Trail.”

Rod looked angry and said, “I told you boys to stay away from there.”

Samuel said, “But dad a dog was hurt. It died, I’m pretty sure it was Mitsy…”

Rod drew in his breath and looked at Martha then the two boys.

Sandra sauntered up to them, “Are you having your own party over here?”

Then Susan saw the boy’s dirty pants and scowled, “Rod Jenkins you need to find yourself a wife,”

Sandra looked pointedly at Martha then continues, “You boys need a proper wash and proper clothes. How dare you let them show up at my garden party dressed like a couple of hooligans? Now you two boys march inside and wash your dirty hands and faces.”

Sandra narrowed her eyes and looked at Martha, “If you have any sense or motherly instincts you would have made them clean up!”

Then Sandra turned on her heel and walked away in a huff.

Rod was red with embarrassment as he apologized, “Martha I am so sorry. I should have noticed.”

He sat down on the wooden bench nearby.

He admired the woodwork and the name plate that was nailed to the back of the bench. It said, ‘In memory of Henry Glyesdale – our home will never be the same without you.’

Martha sat down beside Rod and said, “She’s a very opinionated and bitter woman. Full of loneliness and despair she takes her anger out on others, like you do the boys.”

Rod looked up and saw the look of disapproval in her eyes.

Rod said, “Look you’re not a parent you wouldn’t understand. What was I thinking? The boys are right. I don’t need another meddling woman in my life. My mother tries to do enough of that on her own.”

Martha said, “Your mother feels unappreciated and lonely ever since your father died.”

Rod felt shaken up and then he put his head in his hands and began to sob. His dark blue eyes hardened as he tried to compose himself.

He asked, “How do you know so much about my family?”

Martha smiled, “It was a wild guess. I saw your father’s obituary in the paper. It must be tough losing your dad and your wife in the same week.  You are coping as well as you can, but you need to stop hitting the boys. You over react to every little thing they do. I saw the bruises on Samuel when he pulled up his pant leg.”

Rod could not remember Samuel pulling up his pant leg, how strange.

Martha said, “It was the other day. He wanted to show me his booboos. He asked me to kiss it better like his mother used to do.”

Rod felt uncomfortable, “You know I didn’t expect to ever meet someone. I never asked you to fill in my wife’s shoes. I will talk to Samuel and tell him to treat you like he does his friends mothers.”

Martha said, “Thanks I appreciate that. The last thing I want to be is a mother. I’m not cut out for the job. I never want to give birth… Ever…”

Rod heard the strangled cry in her voice as she broke down and sobbing she said, “I’m sorry I’ve got to go…”

Martha turned and ran out the door and down the street. It was at that moment that Rod wondered if she was dealing with the loss of her own child.

Samuel and Daniel managed to wash up and sneak out the front door and walk around to the side of the house. The boys could see two women in earnest discussion in the far corner of the garden. Ms Sandra Glyesdale’s short silver hair glowed like a halo in the sun.  Her blue eyes looked very round as her silver spectacles were perched on her pointy nose. She was a short woman, slim and quite attractive for a sixty-three year old gal. Her friend Ms Evelyn Mayfair was admiring her yellow flowered sundress and wondering if she’d mind to share the pattern so that Evelyn could make a blue one.

Evelyn was the same age, shorter and plump around the waist.  She had stubby legs and flabby arms. Her main reason for being Sandra’s friend was because they had grown up together in the Town of Fergus.  Sandra was very influential in the community and wealthy.  Evelyn constantly admired her friend from afar and was secretly a bit jealous of her too.

Evelyn was the quiet one. She would sit for hours listening to Sandra drone on about this person or that.  Today’s discussion was about the strange disappearances and Evelyn recently becoming a widow.

Sandra said, “Max was such a devout man. Even though he was a bit silly thinking that he could be young forever. He can be such a fool at times. What was he doing up there on your roof at his age?

Evelyn sighed, “You know how Max is, a handsome devil with a mind of his own and a stubborn attitude. He got it in his head that he could climb up that roof and repairs our TV antennae. No matter how much I protested he ignored me. I wish I would have called a repair person instead. Max wouldn’t have it.  Just to save a few pennies and look where he is now…”

Evelyn was sobbing and Sandra cried, “I miss him as much as you do. I can’t believe a violent wind just came out of the middle of nowhere and tossed him off the roof…”

Evelyn was feeling guilty about the lies she told so she confessed, “Sandra the wind was caused by some dark supernatural force.  It killed Max. It wasn’t the wind.  Something evil is going on around here, I swear.”

Sandra looked at the haunted look in Evelyn’s eyes and wondered if she was having a nervous breakdown.

Evelyn whispered, “I have nightmares about it every night. I see a dark form with glowing red evil eyes. It attacked Max. Then this bright light appeared, zapping the dark form and both of the things disappeared.  I thought I was dreaming then I realized that Max really was lying out on our front lawn. When I told the Sheriff he said it must have been an accident. He didn’t believe me, no one does…”

Sandra patted her friends hand and looked around at the lovely garden. A colourful profusion of pretty flowers, white tents with tables covered with white lacy linens. The silverware gleaming brightly in the sun along with her best white china, it all looked marvellous.  Then her gaze fell on Rod Jenkins and Martha Sampson and she felt nothing but disdain for the two of them. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Rod walk away towards the food tables. Martha headed into the house.

Sandra turned to Evelyn and said, “We need to do something about Martha. I wonder if anyone’s heard from our friend Kelly.  I’m worried about her.  It’s not like her to wander off and leave in the middle of the day and not come back.  I fear something sinister has happened to her.”

Evelyn whispered, “That makes two of us. With three of our gals from our club missing I am beginning to wonder if were next.  This all started happening when Martha Sampson showed up.  I’ll bet she’s an evil witch casting spells on people. She keeps looking at me with this strange expression on her face.”

Sandra whispered, “Yes I know what you mean, she’s been eyeing me as well.  It sends shivers up and down my spine.”

Evelyn said, “Maybe she was that dark form and she killed Max, I’m sure of it!”

Sandra shook her head and looked worriedly at her friend, “Evelyn darling, I feel that your suffering from the strain of losing Max. It’s proving to be too much for you to handle.  We should go see Dr Kincaid and see what he can do for you…”

Evelyn snapped, “Over my dead body! This is why I didn’t want to tell you anything. I knew you would do this to me. Besides I’m pretty sure that the Sheriff’s boys know something as well. I heard them whispering about Mitsy over at the table when they were grabbing a bite to eat. They clammed up as soon as they knew I was listening.”

Sandra said, “They probably found a dead animal out in the forest. The boys often play there. I heard the Sheriff telling them to stay away from that area or they would be grounded. For some reason they insist on building a tree fort out there even though it is dangerous.  I think we need someone to investigate Martha then all this nonsense will probably stop.”

Evelyn turned as white as a ghost.  Sandra looked anxiously at her friend and was just about to call a doctor. Then Evelyn started to back away but couldn’t move another inch.

Martha walked up and looked at Evelyn then at Sandra.

Martha scolded, “You have known Evelyn for a long time Sandra. You should believe what she says. Evelyn has never lied to you, which is more than you can say for yourself. By the way Max misses you lover girl.”

Sandra got a terrified look in her eye as Evelyn cried, “Oh my god no!”

Then Sandra and Evelyn fainted. They fell slowly to the ground. There wasn’t a soul around to see it.

Martha grinned and started to walk away as she said, “You two bring more grief on yourselves because you don’t know how to keep your mouths shut. Now you will both be quiet until my work here is done.”

Martha cast a spell on them and walked away.   A few hours later, Tony Jones, a passerby, noticed the two elderly women lying on the ground. He thought it strange they had a petrified look on their faces, eyes blinking both gargled when they tried to talk. It looked like they had zippers on their mouths? Tony shook his head helped them to their feet and took them inside the house then went to get the doctor.


Martha, Rod and the boys walked back into town towards the sheriff’s office and got into Rod’s black jeep.  It took them a few minutes to drive out towards the Clipton Trail. All four of them got out of the jeep and walked sombrely towards the row of sticks on the ground. They walked up over the hill and down into the forest. Then they saw the dog Mitsy lying there bloodied and full of flies.  The stench of death was strong.

Rod groaned, “Oh my God. It is Mitsy. I’ll take care of burying her, Martha can you take the boys home for me?”

Martha nodded yes and Rod gave her a grateful smile.

Martha kept staring at the dog. Crouching down she looked at Mitsy’s lifeless body in pity. It reminded her of a dog she once had, long ago as a child. The tears rolled down her cheeks as she slowly got up and walked away taking the boys with her.  They walked past the jeep and down the road then followed a trail towards town.

Martha said, “Boys I need you to cover your eyes. I need to go to the washroom.”

Daniel and Samuel stopped and covered their eyes and waited patiently.  They saw a bright flash of light out of the corners of their eyes and felt something pulling them towards it. Daniel opened one eye and saw Martha standing on a flat round crystal stone. A bright light was surrounding Martha then it shot pockets of light through her body like Swiss cheese. She was looking up to the sky as the light shone through her eyes.

Daniel said, “Samuel look Martha really is a witch she has magical powers.”

Rod came running through the brush and stopped in surprise as his jaw dropped. He grabbed the boys and tried to drag them away. Martha grabbed all three of them with a gigantic hand and drew them towards the light and then all four of them disappeared.


Doctor Tom Kincaid scratched his head and shook it. He was trying not to smile. It was so funny seeing Sandra as red as a beet, obviously angry that she could not talk. Evelyn was just as distressed. The Doctor was beginning to feel his age these days. This was something else. He has no medical explanation as to why the two women cannot say one word.

Sandra motioned for a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down, “Martha Sampson is a witch she did this to us.”

The doctor looked at Sandra and grinned, “Well I’ve got to admit it’s an improvement.  I will have to thank her.”

He snapped his medical bag shut, adjusted his round silver spectacles and looked at his two charges, “Your karma finally caught up with you. You have caused nothing but pain for this community. Now without the two of you meddling, maybe we can get some peace and quiet around here.”

Sandra grabbed the paper and pen and tried to write but the pen would not let her. She grunted in frustration asking for another pen by pointing frantically.

The doctor smiled at Sandra and said, “Even the pen doesn’t want to hear what you have to say.”

He looked up and smiled at Martha as she walked in the door, “Were finished here, let’s go…”

Both Evelyn and Sandra looked shocked as the doctor and Martha got into a small red Porsche and drove away.

Sandra tried to write again and then the pen started writing on its own – it wrote, ‘I am a busy body, nosy goat that only cares about herself and no one else.  I’m being taught a lesson and if I don’t learn, I will die soon.’

Sandra gave a strangled cry as she watched in horror as Evelyn got up and walked out the door. She walked towards the road that went out of town. Sandra followed her wondering where her friend was going.  Carrying the pen and paper with her, she hoped the spell would wear off and once it did, she would have a few choice words to say to Martha Sampson.

They were walking along the Clipton Trail now. Sandra was scared; she had a feeling that something was following them. She turned around and saw a dark form coming towards her. She stood there paralyzed in fear as the hairs stood up on her arms and neck, tingling chills went up and down her spine.  She couldn’t scream. Sandra watched in horror as the dark form looked at her with its glowing red eyes then it walked towards Evelyn.

Sandra was frustrated she wanted to yell out to Evelyn, “There’s a steep cliff there, why is she walking. Oh my God…”

Sandra watched in horror as her friend walked over the edge of the cliff and fell straight down. Evelyn’s body bounced and slid down the hill, hitting every sharp jutting rock along the way.  It was cutting up her body as she went down further and further. Finally, she landed in what seemed like a pile of clothing.

Evelyn wasn’t moving or breathing. Sandra was crying, “Why would you do such a thing? She’s a lovely girl.”

Suddenly the dark form came back toward here and let out a devilish laugh. Sandra was suddenly floating down to the bottom of the cliff with the dark form. Sandra gave a strangled cry. There was a set of human remains there. A skull sitting in some old fashioned clothes; beside it lays four women in a tangled, bloodied, broken and bruised heap. All four were once close friends over the years. Sandra was the last of them.

She looked at the dark form and said, “Why did you do this?”

The dark form took Sandra back in time to when she was around eighteen years old. She and the other four women had just graduated from high school.  They were at a party out in the forest. Sandra saw Max her secret lover with a strange looking woman.  A dark haired girl, attractive and pretty then she saw a blue and red cottage. The woman was there with Max and a little baby girl with dark hair and hazel eyes.

The baby girl began to cry and the dark haired woman said, “There now Martha, You’ll be okay. I promise.  Mommy and Daddy love you…”

The air grew dense and suddenly they were somewhere else. They were back at the high school party. Sandra saw Max with the dark haired girl.

She saw herself turning to her friends and saying, “I had him first. I am going to kill that little witch and you are all going to help me.”

Then they watched as the five girls went off into the forest to plan their attack. A few minutes later Sandra came back to the party. She knocked Max over the head with a rock. Grabbed the young dark haired girl, and dragged her into the forest and the five of them marched the girl to the edge of a cliff.

Evelyn, who was eighteen at the time, snarled to the dark haired girl, “Keep walking witch you can fly can’t you? We know you have special powers now fly.”

The dark hair girl pleaded for her life, “Please I promised Max I would do no more magic. I cast a spell on myself I cannot protect myself.  He will leave me if I do anything to break it.”

Evelyn said, “Walk off the cliff witch or I’ll push you. We’ve thrown Max over the cliff now use your magic to save him.”

The girl turned crying, “I can’t I don’t have any magic… “

The dark haired girl turned quickly and lost her footing. There were loud screams as her body hit each ledge, slicing her skin like a red ripe tomato.

Sandra whimpered and hid her face in her hands. She could not watch anymore, it was quiet when she opened her eyes again and there in front of her stood Martha.

A bright white light shone around Martha and her eyes started glowing, round and black like opals.

Martha said to Sandra, “Walk witch, go save your friends witch, go fly on your broom.”

She pushed Sandra over the cliff. There was a blood-curling scream and the people from the party came running out into the forest. Martha dissolved into a dark form smiled and disappeared.

The crowd stood there in silence looking fearfully around them.  They all jumped and screamed when there was a bright flash of light and Rod, Daniel and Samuel Jenkins appeared.  Everyone gasped when Martha walked out of the light.

Martha stopped for a moment then looking at each one of them then peered over the edge of the cliff and said, “I think my mother’s missing body is down there with the others.”

A bright light appeared. Martha walked into it and vanished.  Rod stood there for a minute feeling shocked and disoriented. He wondered if it was just a dream.

Then he grabbed his walkie-talkie, shaking as he said, “Deputy John I need you here with a coroner. I think we found our missing persons…”

************************************************************************** It was a week later when an elderly man with blue eyes and horn rimmed glasses was reading the local newspaper from the Town of Fergus. The six dead bodies found at the base of the cliff by Clipton Trail in the Town of Fergus have been identified including the mysterious human remains from a missing person’s case from forty-two years ago.

Five of the remains belong to Ms Sandra Glyesdale, Ms Evelyn Mayfair, Mrs Eva Charles, Mrs Dorothy Summers and Ms Kelly Thomas.  All well-known pillars of society, and they will all be sorely missed. The sixth one was the human remains of an eighteen-year-old girl who has been missing for forty-two years.

Ms Mary Sampson, the Mother of Martha Sampson has been identified and laid to rest in the local cemetery. According to a birth certificate found in an old abandoned red and blue cottage, the father of the child was Max Mayfair. The authorities are currently looking for Martha Sampson in regards to this case.  If you should see her, please report her whereabouts to Sheriff Rod Jenkins.

Doctor Kincaid put the paper down, got up from the breakfast table and grinned at Martha and said, “Justice has been served my dear. Thanks to you the souls in the Town of Fergus can be at peace again…”

And then he walked out the door and disappeared, never to be seen again. Martha looked out the window of her new log cabin in Thompson Hill County and her heart ached as the tears rolled down her cheeks.  She missed Rod and the boys but she knew she could never go back, ever…

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