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by Linda Chisholm Harold’s wife 🙂


quote ancestors

/John Wilson CHISHOLM b: 1826 d: 29 Dec 1900 /Donald Alonzo CHISHOLM b: 9 May 1844 d: 5 Aug 1933 | \Margaret PATTERSON b: 18 Jul 1824 d: 27 Dec 1891 /John Wilson CHISHOLM b: 8 Apr 1894 d: 20 Aug 1944 | | /John BURNETT b: Abt 1795 d: Abt 1850 | | /James William BURNETT b: 13 Oct 1832 d: 7 Mar 1908 | | | \Maria SPRATT b: 1811 c: 15 Sep 1811 d: 24 Jun 1898 | \Emma Jane BURNETT b: 27 Feb 1855 d: 20 Apr 1911 | \Emma FERRIS b: 1829 d: 1871 Herman W. CHISHOLM b: Abt 1925 d: Bef Oct 2009 | /John Wilson CHISHOLM b: 1826 d: 29 Dec 1900 | /Walter Wilson CHISHOLM b: 12 Jan 1859 d: 4 Apr 1931 | | \Margaret PATTERSON b: 18 Jul 1824 d: 27 Dec 1891 \Grace CHISHOLM b: 16 Dec 1901 d: 14 Mar 1926 | /Henry GARDINER b: Aft 1850 d: Bef 1886 \Mary Louise GARDINER b: 7 Mar 1872 d: 29 Mar 1904 \Rebecca Jessica HOWELL b: Abt 1855 d: 16 Jan 1926




Harold Chisholm birth 1970

Married September 4, 1998? to Deborah Chisholm (nee) Divorced November 2006

married Sept 7, 2013 to Linda Randall (Chisholm) dob 1966


Linda Randall birth 1966

Linda’s parents

Lawrence (Larry) William Edward Randall birth September 5, 1943

Linda Margaret Randall (nee MacDonald) birth June 13, 1945

First marriage in 80s

Linda TenBrinke & Tim Tenbrinke


Timothy D.B. TenBrinke Birth 1988

Jeffrey J.M TenBrinke Birth 1990


Married September 12, 1987 to Timothy Adolf TenBrinke birth 1966

Divorced Tim Tenbrinke September 1998? or 1999…

Lawrence William Randall (Larry)


Susan Randall (Houle, Dorricott, Henry) – 1 son deceased

Margaret Chartrand (nee Randall) – no children

Beverly Brown (nee Randall) – Doug Brown Jr,  half sister Mary Brown

Pauline Randall (unknown if married or any children)



Frederick Randall married to Shirley Randall (MacDonald) – Children Debbie, Fred Jr, Tracey, Tammy Randall

Tracey Randall (married with children, unknown married names)

Tammy Randall (married with children – unknown married names)

Frederick Randall (married with children – unknown married names – wife antoinette)

Debbie Randall (married with one son BJ – unknown married name)


Harold Vaughan Chisholm birth 1970 in Sault Ste Marie

Father : Herman Walter Chisholm birth 1926 Basswood Lake Canada

Grand Father: John Wilson CHISHOLM b: 8 Apr 1894 in Howland Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
Grand Mother: Grace CHISHOLM b: 16 Dec 1901 in Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada


Father: Herman Walter CHISHOLM b: 7 Feb 1926 in Basswood Lake, On.
Mother: Mary Margaret BROCKELBANK b: 3 Nov 1927 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario


Mother : Mary Margaret Chisholm (nee Brocklebank, Berry) birth 1927 Sault Ste Marie, Canada


  • Birth: 3 Nov 1927 in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
  • Death: 22 May 1997 in Welland, ON 1



Half Brothers

Terry Berry – deceased (don’t know if married, or had children)

Billy Berry – (dont know about marriage, or children no contact)

Unknown Berry Brother (has contact with Wayne)

Half Sisters

Darlene Berry (married? children?)

Patricia (Patty) Paine (nee Berry – marriage to Ray Paine, children?)


Brothers known

Charles Herman Chisholm (known as Herman)




(deceased. Married IDA – children Amy, Luanne, Married Barbara – Child Tyler last names unknown)

Wayne (married to Diane, children)

Stephen (married to Susan, children)

Raymond ( married, children)

Everett (Grace, children?)

Darren (1st marriage, divorced to woman in USA, 2nd common law relationship Carol, step daughter Chloe)

Sisters known

Kathy (married, divorced, common law Doug, Kathy’s son Devon, Daughter Raven – she has children)

Caroline (married Cookie, children?)

Vanessa (married? children Andrea?

and Harold makes 10 children to Herman Walter Chisholm and Mary Margaret Chisholm (nee Brocklebank, 1st marriage Berry, ex husbands name unknown at this time)


Grandparents, Great Aunts, Uncles on Father’s Side for Harold Vaughan Chisholm

Herman Walter Chisholm (Harold’s Father)



Alonzo Chisholm and Emma Burnett names? Eliza Burnett?




  • Birth: 27 Feb 1855 in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
  • Death: 20 Apr 1911 in Howland Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada
  • Burial: Apr 1911 Elm View Cemetery, Sheguiandah Township, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

Emma Jane Burnett

Father: James William BURNETT b: 13 Oct 1832 in Shebbear, Devonshire, England
Mother: Emma FERRIS b: 1829 in Lyneham Parish, Lyneham, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Marriage 1 Donald Alonzo CHISHOLM b: 9 May 1844 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

  • Married: 14 Jun 1873 in Goderich, Huron County, Ontario, Canada
  • Note:

    Ontario Vital Records – Marriages # 006041 – 1873
    Alonzo CHISHOLM and Emma BURNETT were married 14 June 1873 at Goderich. Groom’s Parents: John Chisholm and Margaret Patterson. Bride’s Parents: John Burnett and Emma Furse.




CHISHOLM, John Wilson-Male, 8 Apr 1894, in Howland. Parents: Alonzo Chisholm, Eliza Burnett OVR#001860

CHISHOLM, Mary Ann – Female, 29 Oct 1890 in Howland. Parents: Alonzo Chisholm, Emma Burnet OVR# 001546

CHISHOLM, Myrtle Alma – Female, 27 Jul 1887 in Tehkummah. Parents: Alonza Chisholm, Emma Burnett Chisholm OVR# 001428

CHISHOLM, William Harvey-Male, 21 Jan 1899 in Howland. Parents: Lon Chisholm, Emma Burnett OVR#005323

CHISM, Frances Lilly-Female, 22 Jan 1880, in Howland. Parents: Lonzo Chism, Emy Burnett OVR#001060

CHISM, James Francis-Male, 22 Jan 1880, in Howland. Parents: Lonzo Chism, Emy Burnett OVR#001059

CHISOM, Donald Alonzo-Male, 28 Sep 1877 in Howland. Parents: Donald Alonzo Chisom, Emmy Burnett OVR#001008

the idea girl says

I just found Birth records on Manitoulin Island and see how the names are spelled differently for the SAME people!

Surname : Chisholm/Chism/Chisom,

Given Names with Surnames Changes:

Alonzo Chisholm/Alonza Chisholm/Lon Chisholm/Lonzo Chism/Donald Alonzo Chisom

Emma Chisholm/Emy Burnett Chism/Emmy Burnett/Emma Burnett


Huron County Census Records




Searching A Chisholm


Last Name Chisholm
First Name A.
Post Office Goderich
Township Goderich
County Huron
Atlas Date 1879


Concession and Lot Lot size
II, 25 40
III, 10 78



Alonzo Chisholm Emma Burnett

Ontario Marriages

14 Jun 1873 Town of Goderich in Huron County to Emma Burnett



found his date of birth is different on this website it says 1846, yet ancestry says 1844.

Mother’s name is Emma Furse, not Emma Ferris on this document



the idea girl says

it says Alonzo Chisholm was a cooper for his occupation



William Johnston, Catherine Johnston of the town of Goderich (this must be where the news paper article mixes up the parents names of Emma Burnett from John Burnett and Emma Purse! (notice different last names).

chisholm list 1901 census records canada