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Book Ten – The Mansion on the Hill – The Conclusion

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1*change mss FIND detective Farley has to be detective Brent Farley**2*change david Tibideau to Peter*

2a** (changed from 25 to 2a)Louise Picard passes away in Italy  2014 maid’s daughter finds Louise Picards diary in a chest in the attick at the bouchard estate in italy?  – bob Farley contacts brent Farley and they discover who the lost  heir is. –  justin deere inherits the munroe mansion

3*January1 2014  **start with new years party** Lafleurs, stevens combined with * 8**new mss chapter – The Private Lab Felix Lafleur***

4**new mss moving into the penhouse sat dec 8 2012**

2  Sept 2010 – The Yorker



The Yorker was hopping in downtown New York City.  It was cool outside and the girls didn’t care.  The sounds of  the new hit song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz was blasting out of the speakers.


Felix leaned over towards Neilson and said, “How long do you think we’ll have to wait?”


Neilson said, “Did you get a hold of Crescenda?”


Felix said, “I don’t think she c an hear me.  The music’s pretty loud out here, it’s probably louder in there.”


Neilson said, “hey look it’s John Spearman.  John!”


John turned around and smiled, waving them to join him, the three of them walked in through the front doors and into the din.


Neilson said, “It’s good to see you John how you been?”


John smiled thinly, “I had to get out, get away from the old ball and chain.”


Neilson said, “You don’t mean Lynn do you?”


John nodded, “I can’t stand it anymore.  I’m used to being single, this together life stuff isn’t for me.”


Neilson said, “I hope you tell her before you do something stupid.”


John said, “Nah I’ll let her figure it out.”


Felix said, “John your going to regret it.  She’s been  your friend for years.  Just tell her you made a mistake, that you prefer being friends, then tell her you want to be single and sow your wild oats cause your too young to settle down.  You need to treat your friends with respect.”


John said, “Who the hell are you?”


Neilson said, “He’s Crescenda’s twin.”


John said, “Oh cool, introduce me to your hot sister.”


Felix said, “No way man, I’m here for a wedding party.  She wants to settle down and have ten kids.”


John said, “In that case forget it!”


Crescenda walked over to them and saw John she was just about to run the other way when he turned, looked at her and disappeared.  Then she saw Felix standing there.


Crescenda went up to Felix, “What did you say to him? He’s my biggest fan, i’m losing my touch.”


Felix said, “Your better off without him.  He’s fooling around behind his best friends back, can you believe it?”


Crescenda said, “Not Lynn  I hope.”


Felix said, “Farnsworth, she went to school with him.”


Crescenda said, “The louse, she needs to know the truth.”


Crecenda pulled out her cell phone and sent a text message to Lynn Farnsworth and said, “John’s not drunk he’s up to his old tricks again.  Time for you to move out and find a real man.”


She waited for a minute  and smiled as Lynn walked through the door of the club.


Lynn came over and hugged Crescenda and said, “Yeah I’ve known him long enough, he’s been trying to ditch me for the past month. I’m having trouble finding a new pad.”


Crescenda said, “Mine’s going to be available soon, I’m buying a condo.  Your welcome to stay there for now if you pay the rent.”


Lynnsaid, “I can’t afford the full rent of that place when you leave.”


Crescenda said, “I’m not leaving till December so that gives you a few months to look for a new place.”


Lynn said, “I don’t know.”


Then she looked over at John who was bumping and grinding with three girls and kissing them and said, “Okay, I’ll need some help.”


Crescenda said, “I’m sure Felix will give us a hand.”


Crescenda was smiling at her brother and motioning for him to come over.


Felix got the hint and grabbed Lynn’s hand and said, “Time to dance gorgeous.”


The two of them went out onto the dance floor and started to bump and grind.  Felix wasn’t used to it and everyone could tell.  His ears were bright red and his cheeks were flushed.  He worried that John, who had a short fused temper, would punch him out.


Neilson saw John heading towards Felix with his fists clenched and he stopped him.


Neilson said, “John you got a lot of nerve.  Your bumping and grinding three hot chicks, kissing them, fully intending to cheat on Lynn.  Face it bud, you don’t want her, so don’t make a bloody scene.  Everyone already things your a smuck from that murder trial you were in.  You are going to give yourself a headache if you do it.  Besides as you can see my man Felix isn’t the instigator.  I think Lynn’s getting revenge on you for hurting her.  She’s  a tough girl but both of us know deep down inside she’s madly in love with you and she’s probably ready to kill one of those girls.  I don’t want history to repeat itself….”


John stood there and Neilson grabbed his arm and dragged him over to the other side of the bar and said, “Sit down let’s have a beer.  I need to talk to you anyways.”


John said, “What about?”


Neilson said, “My brother’s missing man.  They can’t find him.  It’s pissing me off cause I need funds and he’s got all the money tied up in his bank account.”


John said, “That was ages ago, why haven’t you asked for the will to be read to see who gets the cash? I’m sure my lawyer Grant Hunter can get you the money.  You are his heir after all.”


Neilson said, “You know your right, I never thought of that.  I have to contact Neulan & Associates and have them speaker to Grant.  Can you let him know what I plan to do?”


John pulled out his cell phone and sent a text, he got a message back, “Tell Neilson it’s done.”


Neilson said, “Boy that was quick.”


John laughed and pointed across the room.  Grant waved back at them then leaned over and kissed a gorgeous, slinky looking blonde.


Neilson felt like an idiot but now he felt excitement.  Tomorrow he would find out how much Jordan had in his bank account and make the proceedings to get that cash.  He still hadn’t heard a thing from Cynthia either.  Something must have happened to both of them.  She promised to call him….


Felix walked over and said, “Were celebrating tonight.  Troy Stevens and Suella Lafleur are getting married in May of next year.”


John raised up his beer and said, “Hear , hear to the old ball and chain!”


Lynn stood there in shock then turned around and ran out the door crying.


Neilson looked at John and said, “You know you really are a bastard aren’t you?”


Crescenda saw Lynn run out the door and walked over to John, “You know for a guy who was given a second chance in life your being pretty shallow.  Lynn was the only person that believed that you were innocent when they had you in jail for the murder of those three girls.  Why don’t you be a real man, go home, help her pack her stuff.  She’s moving out this weekend.”


John turned around and hugged Crescenda, “Thanks for the good news.  I can’t wait to get rid of the bitch.”


Crescenda lost her temper and without even thinking she punched John square in the nose.  The blood began to spurt all over his nice white polo shirt.


Crescenda said, “John your Karma’s going to come back on you someday.  When you fall in love with a girl, she’s going to do the same thing to you….”


She turned and walked out the door following after Lynn and gave her a hug down by the coffee shop down the street.  Lynn laughed as Crescenda told her what she had done to John.



Suella, Troy and Felix came out the door and joined them at the coffee shop.


Suella said, “Leave it to John Spearman to try and ruin our engagement party.”


Crescenda laughed, “That asshole can’t ruin anyone’s party. It was too noisy in there, let’s all go to my place. I have a bar , lots of goodies and a new surround sound stereo system thanks to Felix.”


Felix blushed as his sister gave him a big hug.


Lynn hugged him too and quietly said to Felix, “I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.  I hope you can help me pack up my things.”


Suella said, “You know what Lynn that’s a great idea.  I don’t want you to have to spend another minute with that asshole, let’s all go over to your place and help you pack up your stuff.  I’ve got boxes in  the back seat.  I’ll help you move and then I’ll take my boxes back.”


Crescenda was surprised, “Aunt Stella never said a thing about moving?”


Suella said, “I’m moving into my own house.  I’ve got my eye on a place and I put in an offer.”


Troy said, “You didn’t tell me about that?”


Suella said, “I was leaving it as a surprise. I was planning to live with you.  Now you’ve made it even sweeter.  We are going to get married in eight months, in May.  I want a simple wedding, I don’t care what mother says.”


Felix whispered, “It’s the booze talking, we all know Aunt Stella won’t have it.  It’s her one and only daughter, there’s going to be a huge wedding….”

2a   Sept 2010  – The Red Diary



Meanwhile in Italy a frail old woman was lying in her bed drawing her last breaths.  She motioned to the little servant girl to come over to her.  The little girl leaned over the bed and the woman whispered something in her ear, then she laid back , closed her eyes and drew her last breath…


It was a quiet funeral , many friends turned out but there was mumering about the fact that the poor dear didn’t have any family.  Not one relative was alive, they were all dead from years ago.


The little servant girl went up into the attic and found the big brown chest with the letters LP on it.  She wriggled the leather straps off of it one by one and carefullyopened it up.  There lying in tissue paper were several old antique gowns.  Lovely gowns from the early 1900s.  She pulled them out one by one admiring the ribbons, the lace and the fine details in the stitching, then she spotted the latch to the secret compartment in the bottom.


She opened it up and there inside was a little red leather diary…just like the old woman had said.  She brought it down to her mother who had tears well up in her eyes.

Both of them drove the old ladies car to the lawyers office in London, England several days later…..




An Old  Mystery is Solved


Bob Farley got off the phone and sat for a moment looking off into space.  All these years of wondering where she had gone to what had happened to her.  Brent would be very happy, now he would be able to solve some of those murder mysteries.


Bob dialed his sons number and waited.


A groggy voice answered, “Hello?”


Bob grinned, “have you been drinking Brent?”


Brent smiled and winced, “I had some wine last night, too much.  I was celebrating.”


Bob said, “Well it looks like you’ve got a break in an old case.”


Brent sat up and said, “What case?”


Bob said, “The history of Place Royale is here in my hands.”


Brent said, “How, what are you talking about?”


Bob said, “Neulan & Associates from London, England contacted me.  They need you to find  out who the heir is for Louise Picard.  I have the orphanage where she gave birth a place called St Mary’s Covent.  Her son’s name was Jacob Deere.  He was adopted by an Ashton and Eve Deere from Paris, France. That’s all I know.”


Brent smiled, “I left my business card with the heir in New York City.  His name is Justin Deere I  know of him.”


Bob said, “How did you know?”


Brent said, “A ghost informed me, but now I have proof right?”


Bob said, “There’s a birth certificate here with Jacob Deere’s name on it and his father was a Joseph Munroe from Place Royale.”


Brent said, “I knew that too.  I believe he’s in danger.  There was a second heir by the name of Cherry Dowling.  She was murdered in New York City by a girl named Cynthia Stalin.”


Bob said, “Cynthia and Arthur Stalin, according to this diary, were the butler and maid at the Munroe Mansion when Themus and Alchetta Bailey were living there.  Themus is Joseph’s illegitamate child.  Something I did not know.  You wouldn’t beleive the story in this diary, it’s amazing.  If we can find a writer to put all this down and sell the books, we’d make a mint of cash.”


Brent said, “You don’t own the diary, Justin does.”


Bob said, “Well I discovered it when a friend of mine called me to ask if I knew where to start.  They knew I was dealing with the cold murder cases in that area.  The diary names the killer.”


Brent said, “Now that is very interesting.”


Bob said, “It looks like the Atkins family, bless their hearts for being the pillar of society, are rich in the history of serial killings.  Even Ida Tinkle is mentioned in this diary.  How she killed Lorraine and Anthony Atkins and raised their child Angus as the godmother.  Unfortunately she doesn’t name the heir to Angus’s Estate. So we have no idea if its a girl or a boy.”


Brent said, “I’m going to go to Place Royale and track her down.  I had a picture of Anthony Atkins from a 1900’s architecture book given to me by a ghost named Viktor Stalin or his brother I mean.”


Bob said, “Viktor is in the diary too.  He was a butler to the Munroe family for many years.  Destine Munroe died during childbirth after living in the Munroe mansion for thirteen years.  She was Joseph’s mother.  Then Ophirah Munroe who was Josephs’ wife died in the thirteenth year just after her son Jake’s thirteenth birthday.  I didn’t go back into history did you?”


Brent said, “Yes something happened back in the 15th Century, a curse over the mansion and the family started.  It has something to do with a war of spells between Joseph Munroe’s grandmother and Anthony Atkins granmother.  One of them wrote the book of spells and the other one stole it.  Then they got it back and the other one cursed them or something.”


Bob said, “Where did you get all this information from?”


Brent said, “The ghosts keep mumbling to me when I sleep, which is why I’m having problems sleeping.  They keep saying I have to go break the curse.  I don’t know how or what to do to break it.”


Bob said, “I’m sure when the time is right you will know exactly what to do.  Something or someone will magically appear when fate has everything in place.  That’s how things have worked so far for me.  It’s all part of a big plan, all connected like some large, supernatural network.  The only thing that screws it up is someone’s karma.  If they do something  bad, then it comes back on them or their family…”


Brent sighed, “I never used to believe in an y of this stuff.”


Bob said, “I was the same way until Marchina Totenmyer started visiting me in the early hours of the night.  She was only six years old when she transported out of her body and visited me in spirit.  She gave me warnings of things to come.  Including my wife Maureen’s death and then Roslyn’s.  Although she never said Roslyn was going to die.  I keep going over what she said to me but I cannot remember.  We also have to rescue Roslyn’s son Cam when all this happens.”


Brent said, “Is this all the stuff you removed from your diary?”


Bob said, “Marchina told me to take it out, and give it to you when the time came.  If you knew about it as a teenager you would have become belligerient and rebellious insisting that you had to do it then.  Now that your older, wiser and trained, I can give you all the information you need, plus this diary and you’ll be able to solve most of the cases from the early 1900’s up to around 1948.”


Brent said, “Your kidding!  Why did Louise Picard keep this a secret for so long?”


Bob said, “She set up a whole new life for herself In Paris, France with her second husband Nicholas Bouchard.  Her first husband was Brandon Deere in Place Royale.  She was having an affair with Themus Munroe and Joseph Munroe.  Brandon drank himself to death, literally.  Ida Tinkle told Anthony that Themus Munroe was having an affair with is wife Lorraine Atkins, who by the way was Louise Picard’s aunt.  Then Anthony went to a hotel to kill Themus, instead he killed his wife Lorraine then after a struggle the gun went off and killed Anthony.  Themus fearing for Louise’s life, got her out of the house, and took her to England.  The totenmyer’s cast a spell of protection over her.  She had the baby, it was adopted then she met and married a wealthy man.  She was pregnant, had a miscarriage after the news of her husband Nicholas’ death while at war.  Then her mother in law died shortly after.  She was the sole heir of all their estates.  When she died she had no family, just servants and friends.  They buried her in Italy in the Bouchard family crypt.  It says in her diary she had nightmares and a drinking problem after she lost all her family.  She lost her mother when she was a young girl.  She found out from her mother’s diary that Jospeh Munroe was her father.  Her mother Elsa was a virgin and it says that the Virgin Slayer got her….”


Brent said, “I haven’t heard the term Virgin Slayer in a long time.  I always thought it was Anthony Atkins or Dr Peter Tibideau.  The doctor’s the only one with the long black cloak, which is something that people see at several of the murder scenes, or supernatural murders  like Sasha Totenmyer diving off the ship into the ocean.  There was a large dark man in a cloak up in the sky.  The only person left is Marchina Totenmyer.  She has the gift of white witchcraft and can fight against the witches covent from Dr Peter Tibideau, Ida Tinkle and Anthony Atkins.  ”


Bob said, “In Louise’s diary she talks about the powers of the book of spells and how the book of the dead has a list of names in it.  Names of immortals killed by the Virgin Slayer.  He gathers their souls and locks them somewhere.  It also talks about a secret closet or potions room that the Atkins have in their mansion.  But she warns there are many underground tunnels and that the evil spirits roam around them looking for their next victim.”


Brent said, “Now I know why you said it would make a great book to read.  So much stuff but I guess over a 100 year period there would be.”


Bob said, “There has to be more diaries.  Louise says that Themus Munroe and Anthony Atkins both have diaries with more information in them.  Louise used to live with Anthony and Lorraine before they died.  She says there’s hidden tunnels inside the mansion and under it.  The tunnels are joined with the munroe mansion and the totenmyer cottage and go all the way into the village of Place Royale according to Jake and Themus Munroe.   There is supposed to be maps of the tunnels in the library and swinging walls in the Munroe mansion as well.”


Brent said, “Gives me lots of things to investigate once I go to Place Royale.  I wonder if Justin Deere or the Atkins girl is aware of all these things?”


Bob said, “Louise also writes that there is a mystery as to what happened to Amelia Stone Atkins, she was Angus ‘s wife.  They say she up and left one day in search of her lover Cherry Dowling.  But the boat men swear she never came outdoors.  People say she was probably killed at the mansion and buried there. ”


Brent said, “where did they get that information?”


Bob said, “Angus Atkins went crazy and his nurse said he used to ramble on about torturing and killing people.  He said his five year old daugher killed her mother.  I find that hard to believe.”


Brent said, “Not judging by the cases I’ve come across here in New York, this Atkins girl is worse then Ida Tinkle.  Does she have any supernatural powers?”


Bob said, “the nurse claims that as a child she studied the book of spells but her father took it away from her when she was five, after she killed her mother.”


Brent said, “Was there a reason for her to kill her mother?”


Bob said, “According to Cherry Dowling, Amelia Atkins was sexually abusing her little girl, everytime Angus went away on business.  Amelia and Cherry had a fling.”


Brent said, “who told you that?”


Bob said, “I called Cherry’s ex husband Doctor David Johnson.  He told me most of it, the rest is from Louise Picard’s diary.  There is one more thing…”


Brent said, “What is it?”


Bob said, “David Johnson said that a child from one of the covent has to marry the munroe heir, to get their wealth and get all the powers from the immortals that have died.  If they have the book of spells, the book of the dead and they unite with the munroe heir, all the powers will be given to them to do evil…”


Brent sighed, “So we have to make sure that the Atkins heir doesn’t get to the Munroe heir before I do… Let’s hope that Justin Deere is as smart as he seems. I have no idea where to look for him.”


Bob said, “You’re going to have to find him and this girl that calls herself Cynthia Stalin, or it might be too late.  You have to break the munroe curse and destroy this ancient witches coven.  You are their only hope.  The fate of Place Royale and the world lies in your hands…”


Brent said, “Why me….”

3 Sept 2010   The Private Lab of Felix Lafleur


It was the week after lynn moved into Crescenda’s place that Felix was sitting at the table showing his sister some photos on a website.


Felix said, “This lot of 16.80 acres is for sale on West Mombasha Road in Monroe, NY, and then I found a some commercial land close by on NYS Rte 17M in Monroe, Ny.  Its only going to cost us 1, 625,000 dollars to purchase the land.  I found an old red brick house from 1905 that I want to replicate and put on the property.  I’m going to build an underground subway that goes directly to the plant or build a flying car and go in the air.”


Crescenda said, “I just saw a flying car for about 100,000 on the internet from Terrafugia.  Order one of those instead, it’s cheaper then making the underground subway.”


Felix said, “but I want the underground one for the winter time.”


Crescenda sighed, “Fine do what you want, just don’t be using rocket fuel down there.  I don’t want you blasted to smithereens.”


Felix said, “No I plan to fly my rockets to warp 5 once I figure out how to quantum leap the rings and cut across space to get from planet to planet.  I know the technology is hidden in the Egyptian pyramids somewhere I just have to decipher it.”


Crescenda said, “We’ll take a trip to Egypt someday but at the moment let’s look at these plans for the new Lafleur Industries building.”


Felix said, “it’s a good deal, they have provided some old plans for a 11,000 sq foot commercial building.  It will do for our labs. We can always expand it later.  I’m building my lab at the back, I want the patio area so I can run out the door and do my experiments in the field.”


Crescenda said, “Are you sure you want to live out in the country? You have to use well water there.”


Felix said, “Actually our labs will have city services, but my house will have well water.”


Crescenda said, “Have you asked Suella if she wants a lab there too?”


Felix said, “I’m not sure what she wants to do anymore.  With the wedding coming up I’m not going to ask her about plans for the lab.  I’m just going to build hers on the top floor along with the guest rooms up there.”


Crescenda said, “what do we need guest rooms for?”


Felix said,”Just in case there’s a bad winter storm or we need to sleep.”


Crescenda sighed, “Felix just because Uncle Michael died behind the wheel doesn’t mean were going to.”


Felix said, “I can’t get over it.  The same thing happened to mom and dad.  They think dad fell asleep behind the wheel and that’s why they crashed in Place Royale. I refuse to let history repeat itself again.”


Crescenda smiled and hugged her brother, “Your such a sweet man.  I’m going to miss you.”


Felix said, “Why would you miss me?”


Crescenda said, “Someday both of us will meet people and we won’t be around each other as much.”


4 – Sat Dec 1 , 2012  The Penthouse


Crescenda was reading the article about a new condo called Deere Towers located on 56th Street in New York.  She looked up at the clock it was  9 am in the morning.  The office would open at 10.  Which gave her enough time to grab a bite to eat and head over there before someone snatched up her dream home…


Felix answered the phone, “Yes darling what is it?”


Crescenda said, “I finally did it.”


Felix said, “What did you do?”


Crescenda, “I bought my first place.”


Felix grinned, “what kind of house did you get?”


Crescenda said, “it’s not a house. I bought a penthouse suite at Deere Towers.  I’m hiring a woman named Gillian Abrams to do some interior decorating for me.  I need the plans for the tub to give her.”


Felix said, “That soon?”


Crescenda looked at the calendar and said, “I’m moving in Saturday December 8th, do you think you can help me with my stuff?”


Felix said, “You know I can’t lift furniture.”


Crescenda said, “I’m ordering brand new furniture.  I just need help with my clothes and personal belongings, like books and stuff.”


Felix said, “What about everything else?”


Crescenda said, “My stuffs been in storage for years.  I’m going to ship it to a charity of sorts.  I’m going through the stuff this weekend.”


Felix grinned, “Is Suella going to help you?”


Crescenda said, “I’ve got a few people from the flower shop helping me, yes.”


Felix said, “Count me in, come and get me.”


Crescenda smiled, “I’ll send someone for you, where are you?”


Felix said, “I just happen to be close by at Starbucks. I was waiting for you to call me.”


Crescenda was shocked, “How did you know where I was?”


Felix said, “Your  GPS signal on your cell phone.”


Crescenda giggled, “I forgot about that feature, well then come here.”


Crescenda hung up the phone and laughed as Felix walked through the doors.  A group of students were standing there waiting.  They all went on the subway to the storage place and helped Crescenda move everything onto a truck.  She only kept her special things and planned to come back later to pick them up.


Felix said, “where are you going to put them in the meantime?”


Crescenda said, “I have a storage locker in the building.  The paintings done.  I’m just adding flooring and carpet to the unit.  I like the plain eggshell beige walls.  I don’t want to waste their money by changing the paint.  I will have some wall paper added in the bedroom and that’s about it.  She’s going to put new curtain’s up and show me the furniture catalogues so I can give her an idea of what I like.”



Felix said, “I hope you plan to have a Christmas Party at your place for a change.”


Crescenda said, “That’s a fabulous idea!”



Christmas in New York Dec 25, 2012


Crescenda was excited after serving the turkey dinner , vegetables, salad and dessert.


Suella said, “How do you like having your own place now?”


Crescenda said, “It feels strange being alone but I’m getting used to it.”


Felix said, “How is my tub?”


Crescenda said, “It’s marvelous, so far so good.”


Aunt Stella said, “It’s a shame that you live alone.  You should be married by now.”


Crescenda sighed, “I find it amazing Aunt Stella that you never  say any of these things to Felix.  We are the same age.”


Aunt Stella said, “It doesn’t matter if men stay alone.  It’s women that we call old maids, or spinsters.  I’m only looking out for your dear, you know that right?”


Crescenda smiled, “I have a new business enterprise starting up. I don’t think it would be fair to drag a man through that. I’m sure in the future when life slows down a bit I’ll meet someone.”


Aunt Stella muttered, “Before you know it you’ll be alone at sixty.”


Felix intervened, “Are we speaking from experience Aunt Stella? After all you weren’t married for too many years, why haven’t you settled down with anyone?”


Aunt Stella looked murderously at Felix.  Crescenda let out a sigh of relief.  That would shut up her aunt for now…








The Penthouse Dec 2012

Crescenda had moved into her own penthouse suite in New York City and had hired a Maid named Madeline Mocha and a Cook named Julia Journay.  Stella and Suella decided to move to a lovely red brick house out in the country.  A new chapter in life had begun for the Lafleurs.

Julia Jurnay always knew the latest gossip.  She had deep blue, penetrating eyes, golden blonde hair in a bun and she wore a uniform in the color of powder blue with a white Victorian apron, freshly pressed and crisp to the touch.  The smell of honey soap lingered in the air, whenever she would pass by.  If there was a large order of meat required Julia would phone an order to the butcher’s shop, requesting a same day delivery.

If Crescenda needed a caterer for a large group of people then she would call Monique’s Fine Foods.  They specialized in various dishes from around the world and the menu, depending on the nationality of her guests.  Julia would have Madeline the Maid set up Chinese lanterns and red silk and bamboo chairs with glass tables in the sunroom if Crescenda had a Chinese dinner party in her home.  Madeline was a tall and thin woman with small brown eyes and short dark brown wiry hair.

She would not say much, she always just kept to herself.  She could not stand Julia’s constant chatter so she would try to make herself scarce as much as possible.  She would always seem to appear out of nowhere whenever Crescenda would call.  Julia had become more of a friend to Crescenda who showed her appreciation as an employer.  Crescenda said, “Really Julia you should write a cook book or something.  You always make delicious new recipes from off the top of your head.”  Julia nodded, “Yeah I learned most of them from my Grandmother, and she was a great cook.  The funny thing is that she never wrote any of her ingredients down and I guess I learned to do it from memory.”

On the evenings of Crescenda’s Chinese Dinner Parties, Julia would not have to cook because Fu Wong would come over to do the honors.  Fu Wong was a short, small man with neatly combed black hair, almond shaped brown eyes, and he always had polite and gentle manners.  Crescenda had been so happy with his fare of food that one of her first investments had been to open up a restaurant for Fu Wong in china town.

After a few years, Fu Wong had purchased the restaurant at a fraction of what it was really worth.  Crescenda was a kind and generous soul and she wanted to reward Fu Wong for all his goodness.  Sometimes he would just come over for a visit.  It was not like regular company, for the two of them would sit on lovely brocaded cushions, and spend a luxurious hour of listening to Classical music and meditating together.

At times, they would even put on some tai chi music and do the various moves to refresh their bodies.  This was a treat, for it only happened once in awhile.  Crescenda was usually busy at work, or being creative on her own so when Fu Wong came over to prepare the meal of fluffy moist chicken fried rice, nice big round chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce, tiny spring rolls and egg rolls made with the freshest of ingredients.  Assortments of meats stir fried and spicy with flavors of garlic, honey, and black bean sauce.

If Crescenda were to have guests, she would be sure to enquire about favorite dishes or any food allergies.  Julia would contact the guests with the list of menu options, before bringing them back to Crescenda.  If she was not working or out in her garden or planning dinner parties and menus, then she would be out lazing by her indoor pool and having a margarita.  It was a large room, with windows all along the massive sun & pool area.  Exotic, tropical plants beside the lounging chairs, café like tables, in case she decided to have a light lunch there.

She really enjoyed reading and sun tanning under her balmy palm trees.  There was a large aquarium on one wall full of tropical salt-water fish, beautiful coral plants inside in vivid colors.  Sometimes, she would just sit there and gaze at the fish.  Swimming in unison in little schools of three or four, they mesmerized you into a trance by the flow of color before the eyes.  She remembered as a child growing up, how busy her parents had been and wondered if they were alive, what they would do at that moment in time.

Their parents had left them a good-sized inheritance and now she would be making her own way in the world.  Her Brother Felix had decided his passion was inventing things and he was always making things for the future smart homes.


She came out of her revere with a start time had flown by quickly.  Lately, life had been a bit of a bore.  The same old routine from day to day she was craving something new and wonderful.  Something that was fresh and invigorating to the soul.  She decided it was time for a nice bubble bath.  So she headed into her large bathroom where the large rectangular white claw tub was with broad shelves around it was surrounded by large balmy palm tree plants and a window in the ceiling that gave a picturesque view of the sunny and clear sky as she lay back in the tub.

Felix had created a small machine that would blow air bubbles into the water.  Crescenda was thoroughly enjoying Felix’s new invention.  Crescenda would always give Felix great recommendations to improve his inventions.  So far, the Bubble Tub was a success!  An hour later Crescenda decided to get out of the tub and apply her new moisturizing lotion made of special herbs from her own product line.  She was always trying different concoctions of herbs that she developed and analyzed them.  She put on her housecoat and sat down at her desk to write an invitation to Suella for lunch at Cravots and for a Chinese dinner party next week.  She sent a bouquet of exotic orchids with the letter, wishing her Cousin Suella a happy birthday!

Crescenda thought about her Cousin Suella who was always making new kinds of fragrances.  Suella was a tall, physically fit girl and full of life and vitality.  Her beautiful blonde hair, cropped short at the shoulder with a fringe of bangs.  She was the look of a true executive.  Her small square glasses gave her the appearance of a professor.  Which is why most people addressed her as professor Suella for a joke?

Her husband preferred to stay in the background, as he was the shy type.  Suella was always discussing politics or fashion with anyone at the fashion shows she attended in Paris.  Suella was always well dressed in designer clothing and would often drag Crescenda out with her on shopping trips around New York City.  The odd time they would go shopping in Paris or even in Montreal.  Wherever the hub of fashion was, Suella wanted to be.

Suella would send various perfume samples to Crescenda to try on and give her opinion about as well.  Crescenda would send samples of her new beauty products to Suella to see what she thought of them.  Crescenda was always developing new ideas for her line of beauty products.  She would always test her products first before taking them to the lab to be mass-produced.  She had already made lotions for different parts of the body.  A firming cream for the face, to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin then she developed a deep after tan moisturizer that would seal in her tan and prevent the skin from ever peeling.  The Nocell lotion was to prevent any cellulite on her legs or buttocks.  The Ackaway Cream would remove blemishes caused by acne and her latest called firm skin was proving to work quickly and effectively for the body.

She needed to test it on someone older then herself someone with dry and wrinkled skin.  Skin that was not as pampered as hers was.  She made a mental note to go to her client files and have her lab secretary Thomas Smith put out a bulletin for volunteers.  She would do a small test group of twenty people.  Ten men and ten women, each person would be at various stages in life so that they could compare their results on a daily basis.

They would create before and after picture, profiles and they would be required to come to the lab on a daily basis for a month.  It would be a quick study and the one’s that benefitted the most will be in her commercials and true story pamphlets.  Now she wanted to get the preparations ready for Suella’s surprise birthday party.



Suella and Tony Stevens


Suella Stevens loved flowers and creating fragrances.  She learned about floral design, then the basic concepts of scents and how their chemistry can affect the body.  Then after working full time in the de la fleur flower shop she had a business meeting with Crescenda and Felix .

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This was their first major business venture.  At the time, they recalled what their dreams of what they wanted to be but they needed some business experience before expanding into the different areas of expertise.  During this time, Suella met Tony and he had asked her out for dinner by befriending Felix.  Who did the asking for him, it was more of a suggestion really for Tony was too shy to do it himself.  She was living with her Mother Stella at the time who had never remarried.  Stella had become a very bitter and austere woman.

When Suella first mentioned Tony her Mother was happy for her but insisted that she meet Tony.  She was impressed that evening when he came over for dinner.  He was a tall man, dark hair, small grey eyes, very quiet and proper.  Tony handed Suella a lovely bouquet of orchids.  Suella recognized them “Hey!  Crescenda made those today!”

She laughed, “You little sneak no wonder she insisted she had to be the one to do it!”  Tony just smiled.  Stella asked as they sat down to dinner, “What is it that you do, Tony?”  “I work for the Government at Nasa.”  “Ah.”  She looked with great interest.  “Are you a scientist then?”  “Yes, you could say that.”  “Have you met my nephew Felix yet?  He is a genius and loves inventing all sorts of things he’s quite brilliant!”  Suella said, “I was thinking that as well Mother we should have a dinner party here some evening and invite Crescenda and Felix so that they can get to know Tony better!”  “Yes, dear that is a lovely idea.”

Tony groaned to himself ‘He hated having to meet family.  It was always very awkward for he never knew how to talk about his life’s work.  Most people did not understand any of it for it was beyond their comprehension.’  Stella asked, “Tony will you be available this Thursday evening for dinner?”  Tony nodded yes, “I am off for the week on holiday with no prior commitments.”  Stella said, “Well then it’s settled.”

Suella was pleased that her Mother had taken a great liking to Tony.  After dinner, Suella and Tony went for a walk.  “I love the moon and stars it’s all so romantic!”  Tony looked at her.  “You’re such a beautiful girl I’m sorry I didn’t ask you myself.  I am learning not to be so shy around you.”

Suella said, “It’s good that we have my Mother’s blessing, so that I can go out on dates with you.  Mother usually has not approved of anyone I have brought home.  I usually bring them home for her viewing right away because she has forbidden me to date anyone without her approval first!  I love my Mother but she can be rather overbearing at first.”

Tony grinned, “That’s okay I lost my Mother at a young age so not to worry.  I find her fascinating and very caring person deep down inside she just adores you!”

Suella replied, “She turned somewhat bitter after my Father died.  They were so in love and he was her true soul mate.  She has busied herself in charity work as Father left her well provided for.  My Father used to work with Crescenda and Felix’s Father Richard in their pharmaceutical company.  We are expanding Lafleur Industries and adding three more labs to the company.  Our dream is for each of us to do our own research facility.  Crescenda likes beauty care, Felix is an inventor and very interested in space research and I shall create fragrances and colognes.  I’ve made a few out of our flowers for myself.”

He said, “I noticed your wearing perfumes that I have never smelled before, they are heavenly.”  “Yes, I have always made little gifts for the family and my girlfriends.  When we would go shopping, the sales clerks would ask about my lovely perfumes and beg me to make some for them.  I love fashion as well!  I go to fashion shows in Paris, New York City and Montreal all the time.  I usually drag Crescenda along with me.  She is my chaperone!  Mother finds fashion and shopping tedious, so she’s happy that Crescenda takes me.”

Tony replied, “How nice!  Yes you dress lovely.”  He looked at her slim shapely form.  She was a vision of beauty.  An intelligent and witty girl she was a breath of fresh air to him.

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They married in the backyard of Stella’s house on  Saturday May7, 2011 .  Many guests had attended.  Stella lived out in the country still.  She had flower arrangements in each room.  Stella spent most of her time now reading many books about politics, art, and was involved with various local charities.  She was a large woman, with silver hair and icy blue eyes.  Always with a serious look of disapproval on her, face.

She had loved planning her daughter’s wedding.  All the employees from the labs had been invited and her society contacts.  She had made sure it would be a lavish affair so that others would envy her daughter.  No expense spared and Tony was thankful that Stella paid for the wedding.  For it would cost over a million dollars!  Tony could not wait to bring his bride home for the first time.  Stella had been very strict and not allowed much time alone together.  Their wedding night had been awkward for both Suella and Tony were virgins and were very naïve in the art of making love.  It was a special time of learning for them both.

A few years later Suella had found out that she would not be able to have children.  That was fine for both of them each had been engrossed in their own careers.  Stella had been disappointed but never criticized her lovely daughter.  When Tony and Felix had met, they had hit it off right away.  Felix had told Tony some of his ideas and Tony had introduced Felix to his boss at NASA.  Felix started doing private jobs for the Government in his private lab.

9**new mss chapter – Goodbye Flowers – selling de la fleur **

Suella and Crescenda had kept the de la fleur flower shop and had hired people to run it for them while in University.  They eventually sold it to another party.  The name de-la-fleur would stand though.  Suella received Crescenda’s letter and bouquet of orchids for her birthday.  She had been delighted for they were her favorite!  She had sent a letter back and they had decided to go on a shopping trip next day.  Suella had celebrated her birthday night alone with Tony.  He had taken her out for a nice steak dinner with wine, salsa dancing and then home to make love to her until the early morning hours.  They had decided to try some Kuma Sutra moves and erotic massages that night and were pleased with the pleasurably results.



Crescenda drove up to Suella’s house the next day.  It was a very modern tall home with long glass windows across the front and a long red brick driveway.  It had a two-door garage with a red sports car and a black truck.  Crescenda laid on the horn and waited for Suella who walked out dressed in a chic black and white suit with a big smile on her face.  She carefully got into Crescenda’s black porche.  “God you must try some Kuma Sutra, it’s very fulfilling.”  “Oh stop, you know I’m not active in that manner and I’m not interested!”  They spent the day buying new clothing, shoes, and accessories.  They went to Prada, Vera Wang, Gucci, and Channel.

After a few hours and many parcels later, they walked over to Cravots.  It was a lovely café in downtown New York City.  The French Chef Alexander Cravots had many specialty dishes.  Their favorite was his crepes and salads.  For dessert, they had crepes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  It had been a lovely day so far.

“Aren’t these shoes divine?”  Suella was holding out a small pair of black sandals with tiny rhinestones decorated across the strap.  I think I will wear these for dinner Friday night.”  Crescenda said, “I love the red dress you got with its silky folds of material and it shows off your figure well.”  Suella said, “Yes, I will have to wear a red lacy camisole underneath it tonight to hide my cleavage.  Mother would have a fit if she saw how I wear it to the business dinner parties.”  Crescenda laughed, “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.  I on the other hand, will be wearing this lovely silky black v-neck cocktail dress.  I’m sure she’ll love it.”

Suella replied, “Yeah you get to wear your cleavage and I don’t!”  Crescenda added, “Yeah well maybe someday you’ll be brave enough and do what you want.  You cater too much to her.”  Suella sighed, “Yes I know I do but would you want my Mother calling you every day for the rest of your life bitching about it?”  Crescenda grinned, “You’ve got a point there.”

Suella said, “God I love these crepes Alexander is the best!  “Yes, but my hips don’t like it,” said Crescenda.  “Oh, you never worry about your figure I on the other hand have to work out at the gym every day,” said Suella.  “Tony’s beginning to get a nicer shape too, since we joined the gym together.  It has made our sex life even better.  I’m more flexible now!”  Crescenda looked at her, “Will you please not talk to me about that.  I’m not getting any!”  “  Well that is your choice!  You and Felix are always working; all work and no play how can you possibly stand it?”  Crescenda said, “Well I have my playtime with you and that’s good enough!”  Both girls giggled when the nosy elderly woman next to them said, “Oh can you imagine Mabel these lesbians boasting about playing with each other in public?”  Both girls looked at each other and cracked up.

Suella made a parting comment when they left, “Yes we shall enjoy one another all afternoon.”  She howled when the woman’s jaw dropped.  Crescenda scolded her, “You shouldn’t do that!”  “Oh I couldn’t help myself the old biddy lesbians I’m sure!”  Were out enjoying lunch and shopping and that nosy old biddy makes something out of nothing!  I just had to shock her.”

“Your Mother would never understand this.”  “I know my temper gets the best of me at times.”  “I heard Felix and Tony complaining the other day.  Their always chumming around together and people accuse them of being gay now too!”  “  It’s ridiculous isn’t’ it?”  “  I am so far from gay!  I love my man!  You on the other hand I do not know about you Crescenda.  Do you have a secret life I don’t know about?”  Suella laughed at the expression on Crescenda’s face.  “Sorry to disappoint you no secret life here.  I am just too busy to bother and honestly, I have not met anyone in a very long time that would even catch my interest.  Most men here in the city want sex with no strings attached and the one’s I have met half of them are married and I am not interested in their stupid head games.  I tried a dating service once.  All I met were a bunch of losers that could not hold an intelligent conversation for even five minutes.  It usually ended as an inquiry about being into kinky sex.  I’ve left many a man at the coffee tables disgusted with their lack of respect for me.”

Suella sighed.  “Crescenda not all men are sexual ogres.”  “Yeah well when you find one send him my way then!  Just get your Mother off my back.  Sometimes I am tempted to say I am gay so that she will leave me alone!”  “  Oh, gods no are you kidding.  She would rant and rave and refuse to let me have anything to do with you!”

“Is she that old fashioned?”  “Oh yes, Mother is still very particular who my friends and acquaintances are.”  “I am glad my mother was never like that.  I really miss my parents though.  I know Felix does too especially dad.  They use to spend hours at Fathers lab together.  I think that’s all Felix has ever known.  He’s a hermit at his lab now.”

“Oh not to worry he has loads of geeky friends and didn’t they just go up to the lodge recently?”  “Yes Felix should be back already and calling me this evening about Friday night.”  “See he’s socializing in his own way then.”

“Funny he’s never had a girlfriend and everyone in school used to think he was gay because of it.”  They both laughed at this.  Felix was definitely not gay.  They knew he liked Crescenda’s Maid Madeline but he had kept it to himself.  Crescenda figured it out when Felix made sappy eyes at her when she had interviewed Madeline in her office at the lab.  “We must be going now I’ll drop you off at home and get going to my own.  I’m sure Tony is waiting for you at home by now wanting to spend more time trying out your Kuma Sutra moves.”  They both howled at this.  “Thanks for the gorgeous exotic flowers!  They are just lovely”  “You’re welcome dear.”  She gave Suella a hug and a peck on the cheek when she dropped her off.  “Nah we don’t look at all gay,” and she winked at Crescenda who drove away laughing.

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Madeline and Julia


Crescenda drove home, parked her car in the underground garage, and made a call to Madeline to come help her with her parcels downstairs.  Crescenda had called the shop she had passed by and asked for a parcel delivery to her penthouse.  “Did my parcel arrive from the Chinese art shop?”  “Yes, it did.”  “Good!  I would like to see you and Julia this evening after my supper.  “Okay we’ll be there.”

Madeline wondered why she needed to see her hopefully it would not be bad news.  She was tired of losing jobs.  She had three employers let her go with the excuse they did not need her anymore.  She was afraid it was going to happen again.  After she grabbed all the parcels and placed them in Crescenda’s bedroom, she brought in the parcel from the Chinese store and laid it on the bed.  Crescenda said, “I’m going for my bath now and then I’ll be having supper.  Tell Julia to have my dinner ready around seven o’clock then again never mind I’ll tell her myself stay here for a minute I’ll be right back.”

Crescenda went into the kitchen and said, “Julia I’ll be eating dinner later this evening at seven instead of six o’clock.  I am still full from Cravots.”

Julia looked annoyed at this for she had been planning to go out to an early movie and now she could not.  Crescenda noticed this by the expression on her face.  “Oh dear its Tuesday isn’t it?  I am sorry I forgot you love your movie night.  Tell you what forget about supper I will just order a pizza and a salad.  I want you follow me into my room.  I want to show you and Madeline what I got today.”

They came to her room and she opened the parcel from the store.  They both gasped, “How lovely!”

Crescenda said, “I got it for Suella!  It was her birthday yesterday and on Friday night I’m having a dinner party.”  Julia stiffened, “This is such short notice!  I can’t prepare anything that quick!”  She said angrily.  Crescenda’s chilly tone cut like a knife in mid air, “Julia let me finish I’m having the dinner party at the Fu Wong Restaurant in China Town.  I’ve decided you will both have the rest of this week off till Saturday.”

Both women clapped their hands in glee.  “Also I shall be heading to the Lodge on Saturday afternoon and I plan to be away for at least two weeks maybe even more depending on how my new project goes I just need you to make sure all my laundry is done on Saturday and that’s it!

Madeline looked fearful at this news.  “I’m sorry Madeline.”  Madeline thought to herself ‘here it comes.’  Crescenda added, “I’ve never explained how things are around here to you.  I spend a few months in Place Royale twice a year.

My last Maid retired as she used to work for my parents and had grown rather elderly and well it was time for her to go live in an old age home.  You are my new lucky Maid while I am away in Canada you will have vacation time with pay of course.  All that I ask is that you give the penthouse a good cleaning and polishing before I come home.  I will give you a weeks’ notice when I plan to come back.  So feel free to do as you please.”


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Julia beamed at Madeline’s shock of surprise.

Madeline said to Julia later, “Pinch me am I dreaming?”

Julia said,“No Madeline you’re not.  I told you that you would love this job and want to stay here forever.  There are a few times during said vacation that we will be required to do some work for Master Felix.”

Madeline grinned, “  Do you mean her gorgeous Brother?”

Julia stopped at this admonition.  “Yes, her Brother.  The odd time he will have to entertain his clients here at Crescenda’s place.  We usually order the food dishes from Monique’s Fine Foods for all of our business parties.  Our job is to keep an eye on the caterers and direct them to the kitchen.  We will be in charge of the cleaning.

They do all the dishes and everything.  It is great!  We get to eat afterwards as well.  Felix usually makes sure there’s two plates set aside for each of us.  His place is far and usually he takes his guests about the town with Tony and Suella.  I should say he organizes it with the help of Crescenda’s secretary Thomas Smith.  A dreamy man and one I hope to catch the attention of somehow.”

Madeline ecstatically said, “I went to Felix’s house today.”

Julia asked, “Did you meet him?”

Madeline said, “No.  I saw his portrait over the fireplace and fell in love immediately.”

Julia said, “We should tell Crescenda, she’ll be thrilled!”

Madeline asked, “Why is that?”

Julia grinned, “Because no one shows any interest in Felix, he is a bit of a nerd and a bore.  Do you like science?”

Madeline said, “Sure, I love it.  I never find anyone to talk to about it.  I’ve studied astronomy and the arts it’s a hobby of mine.”

Julia said, “Felix does scientific research for the Government.  It’s all hush, hush, but I hear Crescenda talking on her phone through the heating vents.”

Madeline giggled, “Does she know that you know?”

Julia grinned, “Heavens, no and do not tell her.  Where else do I get my juicy gossip from?”

Madeline asked, “I never see her date anyone. She’s such a beautiful girl too.”

Julia paused to think, “Not to my knowledge.”

Madeline asked, “Is she gay then?”

Julia laughed “Definitely not.  She just loves her work as much as Felix does.  They are twins fraternal twins you know.”

Madeline said, “I always thought twins looked alike.”

Julia asked, “Can you come to the movies with me tonight?”

Madeline grinned, “I would love to.  Let’s leave now so we can grab some gourmet pizza from the shop right across the street from the cinema.”

The two women headed out for the evening.  Crescenda had not heard a thing for after she had dismissed them she had headed into her bathroom to have another bubble bath in her glorious new tub.

12**new mss Felix & friends**

The Many Inventions of Felix Lafleur


It was hard to believe that Felix had friends that were as shy as he was.  They had been in a science club together at Public School and had maintained their friendships over the years.  Whenever they went to the Lafleur Lodge, they would enjoy a good spin in the yacht, go fishing, hunting, or even mountain climbing.

They would camp, roast the fish over an open fire, and have a few beers with it as well.  They would go horseback riding on the trails around the Deere property and spend hours out in the great outdoors.  It was a getaway from stuffy offices and the hustle and bustle of smog and city life.  They would rent the horses from one of the old farmers nearby and enjoy the trails all day long.

At night, they would light a campfire and study the stars with their telescopes.  Sometimes they would dream about something to create for NASA and Felix made a note of them in his journal.  Over the years, he developed the ideas one by one.  His latest top-secret invention had to do with the material used for space travel where the rocket would stay intact in high temperatures of heat.

He had developed a formula to create a material that could withstand thousands of degrees of heat and stay cool.  He was going to make billions of dollars and decided that NASA was the one to get the contract.  They promised him to go on the first trip in his new prototype spaceship.  On one of his trips to Egypt, he had discovered a secret cave with writings on the walls and developed a super jet formula that burned slowly and could last for months.  Then he developed a theory for the space ships to travel to other planets in record time, rather than having to follow the gravitational pull.  He had them skip across into a time travel port and get directly to the planet of choice.  Pluto was his ultimate goal and he had almost designed a way to do so.  He and his friends also came up with a way to see far into space so that other worlds we could explore.  In his quest to find life on other planets, Felix moved the age of space technology way ahead of its time.  Many museums and space stations are in his honor starting with the Felix 1.

A recent testing of his spaceship prototype the Felix 1 was having problems getting to outer space and past Earth’s atmosphere to see if time space travel is possible.  As for house gadgets, he developed super wash – a dishwasher that cleaned and dried a small load of dishes.  He had created mini-car wash robots for the public to clean their cars.

The lab was on a large sized lot with acres and acres of land.  Felix lived close by to the lab so he could take the underground elevator he had built that went straight over to the lab.  The lab consisted of three buildings.  One was for beauty care products, the second one was for inventions and space research, and the third was a fragrance and cologne factory.  Crescenda was the beauty care girl, Suella the fragrance designer and Felix the space and inventions guru.

While one was away on vacation or travelling, the other would tend to the lab to make sure all was well.  Felix always had his notebook with him.  He constantly worked even when on vacation.  He would contact the office at least every other day to see if anything was required.  His friend’s did not mind.  They found Felix’s work fascinating especially if he had used one of their own ideas.  Felix treated them like business consultants.  He would pay them handsomely if one of their ideas were a success.  Felix had just gotten back from visiting the Lafleur Lodge when he received the invitation to Suella’s birthday party for Friday.

13**new mss chapter The Dry Cleaners**

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Felix called Crescenda, “What are we getting her?”

Crescenda said, “I took care of the gift for her I found a lovely kimono at a Chinese art shop in China Town.  The funny thing was I had been out shopping with Suella when I spotted it.  I had to drag her away from the store before she got a look at it.  I mentioned that I was hungry and that we had reservations at Cravots.”

Felix said, “Suella love’s Cravots.”

Crescenda, “Yes we had your favorite there chicken crepes and garden salad with red wine.”

Felix said, “You’re making my mouth water.  It sounds delicious.  I have not been there in ages and I do not care for the yuppie crowd there now.  They are much too modern for me.  I like my little old Scottish diner at Mctavats my favorite Scottish meat pies are there and some Scottish ale.”

Crescenda said, “Make sure you dress proper for Friday night.  I expect fresh clothes on you!”

Felix asked, “Where am I supposed to meet you?”

Crescenda said, “We plan to meet at the Fu Wong Restaurant for Chinese food.  He has generously provided a private room for our party. Because Aunt Stella’s coming and you know what she was like last time.”

Felix groaned.  “I’ll have to do my hair proper too then.  Have my shirt pressed and starched.  I will drop off my suit to the dry cleaners.  It will be done in an hour.”

Crescenda cheerfully said, “Actually there is a suit and shirt already for you in your closet.  I took the liberty to take care of it myself.  Just in case you got back late or something.  Madeline helped out of course.”

Felix said with exasperation, “You let Madeline see my house all a mess?”

Crescenda said, “Felix, your house is always a mess?  You never clean it.  I sent Madeline over there to clean it for you when you’re gone so she’s used to it?”

Felix could feel himself turning red, “I always wondered who was doing it.  I assumed someone from the lab had done it this time.”

Crescenda quietly said, “Well usually they do, but this time I wanted to be sure a suit and shirt would be ready for you, so I sent Madeline to take care of it.”

‘Felix had always liked Madeline, but had been too shy and busy to ever ask her out.’

Felix sighed, “Okay well thanks dear I really appreciate you girls looking after me goodbye for now see you then.”


15**new mss feb 7,  2014 use your imagination for chinese décor Suella birthday party**

Suella’s Party Friday Feb 8, 2013


It was the day of Suella’s birthday party.  Crescenda always loved going to the borough of Manhattan where China Town was with so many shops and things to see.  Aunt Stella would be there and she would probably be as miserable as ever.  Crescenda and Felix never looked forward to spending any time with their Aunt and they were thankful that they spent a lot of time travelling on business.  It was getting late and Stella still had not shown up so they decided to start without her.

Fu Wong had prepared a delectable meal as always and he came up to the tables to greet his guests and say hello to the birthday girl.  “How’s the food?”  “Marvelous as always” Chirped Crescenda in a jovial tone.  “Excellent fare” said Felix with a flourish.  Tony just nodded.  Suella beamed at Fu Wong “Thank you for giving us a private room.  It’s much quieter in here and we have much catching up to do!”  She looked at Crescenda, as if scolding her.  Crescenda huffed, “You can always send a letter to me my dear it’s you who chooses not too!”

“Oh I hate writing letters to you.  I prefer having conversations face to face at Cravots.  Felix chuckled, “Yes, it would take poor Suella all day to write one measly letter.”  He winked at his Cousin, “Because she’s a gifted chatterbox and cannot help herself!”

Suella smacked Felix with her hand “Oh, phooey on you; your one to talk!”  Tony smiled.  Crescenda said, “Now you two, behave!”  Felix added, rolling his eyes, “Oh behave darling!”  Looking squarely at Suella with a sarcastic grin adding “Crescenda always behaves – oh how boring!”  Suella and Felix roared with laughter as if they shared a private joke.  Tony just smiled some more.

Suddenly a large, boisterous woman bustled into the room all prim and proper, grabbed her chair, and sat down in a huff.  Felix looked up and said, “Hello Aunt Stella!”  Humph, she sniffed.  “Hello to you!”  She looked around the room, noticing that they had all grown a little bit older since the last time she saw them.  “My, my Felix you’ve got a bit of a paunch there!”

Then she turned to Suella, and sweetly said, “You look as lovely as ever my dear.”  Then she looked over at Tony still with a silly grin on his face “There’s Tony looking like a smiling Cheshire cat.”  Tony faltered for a moment and Suella looked at him then said, “Now Mother leaves him be.”

Then she turned to look at Crescenda “I see you’ve come alone yet again still no husband or boyfriend?  I am beginning to wonder about you Crescenda!  Why would you want to end up an old Maid?”  Crescenda just smiled at Aunt Stella.

Thinking to herself ‘Here we go again pick on Crescenda night.  Doesn’t she have something better to do?”  “  No Aunt Stella I don’t need a man I’m too busy with my work!”

“  It’s always work that you two ever think about!”  She glared at Crescenda and Felix.  “Now, now Mother it’s my birthday today let’s not quarrel” admonished Suella.  “Here have some delicious food before it’s all gone.”

Fu Wong had exited stage right when he saw Aunt Stella bearing down on the table.  ‘That woman so nasty and self-righteous all the time he couldn’t stand her rudeness which is the main reason he put them in a private room this time.  Crescenda had said he did not need to but for the sake of his other guests in the restaurant, he had wanted too.  Aunt Stella was a woman who spoke her mind to anyone and everyone within reach.  Last year she had upset several guests commenting on how they looked.  One couple’s age difference and a married couple who were black and white within minutes Aunt Stella had his entire Restaurant in an uproar!

Normally he would request her never to darken his door again but since she was with Crescenda this would be unacceptable.  Crescenda had been so kind in helping him set up his own restaurant.  He just could not do it.  So he sectioned off a room that was usually for weddings and family gatherings.

He knew that Aunt Stella would complain about the food, she always did.  The woman wasn’t happy unless she made everyone around her miserable.’  Sure enough, the server came in, “She says the foods too cold for her.”  Fu Wong said, “Okay make a fresh batch of everything and we’ll eat the rest here in the kitchen.”

The server nodded and went back to the table to inform Crescenda of this matter.  Crescenda apologized for the inconvenience and told them she would pay for whatever it cost.  Later Fu Wong said not to worry for he would take care of it.  They all enjoyed their meal and then ordered dessert.

Aunt Stella looked at Tony and said.  “You need to eat some more there boy!  You’ll disappear when you turn sideways.”  Tony did not care for the comment and glared at his Mother in law.  He could not stand it if anyone made fun of his small thin frame.  He just did not care too much for Chinese food.  He picked at his food looking glumly at it.  Aunt Stella turned back to Felix.  “What new contraptions are you creating at the moment?”

Felix paused for a moment and finished chewing the wad of food in his mouth.  Aunt Stella always seemed to catch him when his mouth was full.  “Ah, I’m not at liberty to discuss my latest invention.”  He whispered, “Its top secret for the government!”  Aunt Stella’s eyes became rounds as saucers, “Is it dangerous?”  “Oh, yes!  Very” said Felix, trying to keep his face straight.  He loved telling Aunt Stella the biggest whoppers.  She was such a nosy goat!  He knew it would drive her nuts to find out what his secret was.  Crescenda and Suella gave him a knowing look and he winked at them.  The game was on.  “Yes Aunt Stella Felix’s invention is top secret it will be of great benefit to the military!”

Aunt Stella glared at Crescenda.  Then Suella added, “Yes it will be used in outer space!”  Then a surprise to them all Tony piped in, “Yes, it’s the most technically advanced thing that Felix has created yet!”  He said it with a triumphant look on his face.  Aunt Stella’s face became purple with rage and she sputtered glaring at them all, “If it’s such a secret, how is it you three know about it and I cannot?”  They all sat there with their mouths gaping open when Tony gasped, “Were all working on it together!”

By then Tony was finding it hard to contain his mirth.  He clamped his mouth shut and began to snicker then whelped for Suella had kicked him from under the table while putting on an innocent face to her Mother.  Crescenda added sweetly, “Dear Aunt Stella we shall be the first to tell you once the Government allows us!”

Felix was biting his tongue it was so hard not to laugh at the expression on Aunt Stella’s face.  After that, she sat in a quiet and stormy mood.  Later that evening they pulled out their gifts all nicely wrapped in shiny paper with bows on the boxes.  Felix and Crescenda had given her a lovely pink and cream floral kimono.  It had been very expensive as it was hand painted by the local Chinese artists.  Aunt Stella had bought her a new diary, which was no big surprise as it was the same thing year after year.

Tony gave her a lovely diamond and silver bracelet.  Suella got up, “Thank you everyone for your lovely gifts.  I shall deeply cherish them.”  Then she sat down and they all had some tea, and then it was time to go.  “I’ll call you next week Crescenda.”

16**new mss Crescenda travels march 2014 to see her brother Felix at the cabin and they make plans to renovate it and add new things to it**


“Suella I’ll be in Canada?”

“Okay I’ll call you when you get back, so we can go to that fashion show here in New York.”

17** new mss fashion show new York city april? 2014 Create new designer name?


Aunt Stella criticized her with, “Crescenda if you bought some decent clothes, then maybe you’d find a husband for a change.”

‘Crescenda was angry she always wore designer clothes maybe a bit low-cut and sexy for Aunt Stella’s tastes.  Aunt Stella dressed as though it was the Victorian Era.  Collar up to her neck long sleeves long skirt with drab colors and very old fashioned.  Crescenda loved her black silk cocktail dress.  Felix and she had decided to go clubbing afterwards with Suella and Tony later that evening.

They finished dinner after nine and Aunt Stella had left so they decided to head to the Yorker.  Felix bought a round of martinis for everyone and they all sat at the table.  Suella and Crescenda were on one side, Tony, and Felix on the other.  People used to think that Crescenda and Felix were together because they made such a handsome couple.  They were fraternal twins, so they looked a bit like each other in hair color and eyes.

They would always dance together and even slow dance.  They were just very close and comfortable with each other.  Always busy discussing things so intent in conversation that they never noticed the glances of appreciation from would be suitors.  No one ever got close to ask if the two of them were a couple.

They only went out because it was Suella’s birthday.  Suella and Tony always went dancing.  They also salsa danced and were very good at it.  They had taken all sorts of dance classes together.  They had dated for a short time before getting married.  Tony did not mind not having children for his Brother had a healthy brood of them.

18**new mss what is Tony’s brother’s name? change to cousin.. no mention of kids in mss***

Tony and Suella would take the kids for the odd weekend to give his Brother and Sister-in-law a break.  After the weekend was over, they would be so exhausted and happy that they did not have kids.  It made them be the best Aunt and Uncle a Nephew or Niece could ever hope for.’  It was midnight before Crescenda got home.  She went straight to bed; she would pack in the morning.


19**July 2014 – bikini scene in boat**

The Lafleur Lodge July 2014


Crescenda got up in the morning quickly packed and then headed towards Quebec in the late afternoon.  She was on the outside of town, and driving up the winding dirt road towards the lodge.  It was just starting to get dark out and with no streetlights; she was having difficulty seeing her way.  She was tired and fighting the drowsiness.

Suddenly a glare of lights veered in her lane as a black Mercedes came flying around the sharp bend, she had to swerve sharply to the right to avoid hitting the other car.  She wildly slammed on the brakes and stopped within inches of a guardrail.  She caught her breath and was thankful that it had not been raining.

She got out of the car shaking like a leaf and looked down the steep hill into the ravine.  The dim lighting from her car revealed the wreckage of something white, rusted, twisted, and burnt.


A flash of pain and Crescenda began to sob hysterically.  Her parents had died here.  She had never come to the site of their death.  She felt a shock wave hit her from time’s past and finally after she calmed down she got back into her black porche and slowly pulled away, until with a sigh of relief she pulled safely into the driveway of the Lafleur Lodge.

She pulled up in front of a large pine cabin.  In the daytime, it had a glorious view of the lake and waterfall.  It was a little mountainous there but nicely secluded.  She enjoyed the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.  The cabin was just a plainly decorated in country style colors.  The furniture was mostly wicker.  The double bed was soft and comfortable.  The sunroom had plants with their own self-watering system, thanks to Felix’s design.  They usually flowered when she was there on vacation in the summer.  They were like cacti and on a patented watering system.  Felix had made that himself with a little trough that feeds each row of plants.


Crescenda was planning to come up twice a year.  Felix did also but at different times.  Between the both of them, someone was at the cabin every three months.  Felix liked the winter months and spring.  He would go skiing, ice fishing up there during the wintertime.  In the spring, he would try new plants that he had developed at the lab.  He was constantly jotting down things in his notebook things for the present and things for the future.  When he came to the cabin, he often suffered from pure boredom.  He liked being busy.  Crescenda on the other hand enjoyed pampering herself.

She would do manicures, facials and a special mud bath that she used.  It would help tighten the pores of her body.  She had a nice stereo built into the walls and dim lighting.  She did not want to use candles for fear of a fire.  She had a bad habit of dozing off in the tub.  It had a no slip bottom, so she would not drown in it.  She was usually too busy working all year long to go see any movies.  So on vacation she would catch up on things like gossip magazines, romance novels and various kinds of music


The grocer would the next morning deliver her groceries to the lodge.  Tomorrow she would pull out her cookbooks and do some baking.  She decided to go into town to the local grocer ‘store to get what she wanted instead of ordering it online.  Crescenda thought about the local Market Place.  She decided on an early night to bed as she looked up outside at the thousands of stars overhead enjoying the quiet fresh clean air and the sound of crickets and wildlife stirring outside.  It was easy to fall asleep it for it had been a long day.


20**new mss chapter Jean Moisan & Crescenda Lafleur**

The next morning the sun was glowing warm and bright.  She sat down for some breakfast and tea.  She heard the putter of Jean’s truck as he pulled up the drive.  Her food delivery had arrived.  A knock on the door and a loud boisterous and cheerful voice greeted Crescenda as she opened her screen door.  “Good morning to you Crescenda.  My dear how have you been?”  “  I am good thank you and yourself?”

“  Ah very busy my dear.”  He replied gruntingly as he was lifting the box up the step and into her kitchen.  Jean helped her unpack each box and handed her the items carefully.  “You know you’ve only got enough for a few days here, right?”

“Yes, my fridge is small and I’m on a diet of salads so not as many hot meals will be required.”  Jean looked at her “You on a diet?  You are thin like a rail already!  My misses every time she see is you says she wishes she could fatten you up!  Don’t let her get wind of this so called diet!”  He rolled his eyes emphatically “I’ll never hear the end of it!”

Crescenda decided to change the topic of the dieting, “Shall I make you a cup of tea Jean?”  “Oh I could use a cup of tea,” he said with a big grin on his face.  Jean always made sure to sit and chat with Crescenda, for he did not see much of her.  She was always a breath of fresh air to him.  Life was sedate and tiresome at times.  Ms. Crescenda always had a good story to share.  “How’s Felix these days?”  He inquired.  “Felix, yes he’s a busy boy of sorts, always cooking up some new gadget for me to try.  This time he has outdone himself with The Bubble Tub I absolutely love it!  She explained how it worked to Jean.”  “  Man what I would not give to have that contraption in my bathroom!  I’m sure the misses would be tinkled pink to have one!”  “  Well I can see what we can do Jean.  Maybe you can set up a display room in the shop and use it after hours?”  She giggled at the thought.

Mischief was in Jean’s eyes “Yah I just might do that!”  “Did you know that Patricia Rosewood passed away a few weeks ago?”  He looked glum.  Jean had been friends with both Patricia and Barney her husband.  She was always baking for the market for many years and now she was gone.  Crescenda vaguely remembered the name but could not place a face with it.  “I’m sorry for your loss.  I guess a lot of people will miss her?”

Jean nodded “Patricia was well known not only in Place Royale but in England and Paris as well.  I guess her place will be going up for sale.  I can just see Annie Atkins rubbing her hands together.  That woman, all she thinks about is making money!  We have a couple of new investors in town now too  Justin Deere & Associates they have been buying properties up here and intend to develop this into a tourist area of sorts.”

Crescenda looked at Jean’s face.  He did not seem too worried about having hordes of people coming into town.  Things had been quiet for such a long time she could see he would not mind making some money too!  “I hope my place stays quiet,” she said in a worried voice.  “Not too sure about that, they are planning to make a Hotel and wave pool and theme park right next door to you on the Deere property!”

Watching her carefully he added, “Justin’s a good guy, not too much to worry about with him.  I’m sure you’re going to like him” and with that he winked at Crescenda in a knowing way.  “Hey is it okay if I make some baked goods for the market then?”  Asked Crescenda in trepidation “I know it will be hard to replace Patricia’s pastries but I can do my best to make something good and tasty!”  “I’m sure that would be fine.  I know everyone misses her goodies!”  He said in “I am on my way back to town and I have another delivery nearby do you want a lift?”  “Sure let me get my things!”  Off they went into town, puttering down the dusty road.



Crescenda Meets Justin Deere


Crescenda noticed a few new buildings when they got into town.  A new city hall had been built and a new library.  Jean said, “I wonder what they’re going to do with the old lumber yard and Inn that was built on the Deere property.  Reckon they will tear it down and build something brand new?  Even Mr. Deere’s cabin is in need of repairs.  It’s been sitting there for years just itching for someone to mold it and run it all again.”  They had pulled up in front of Jean’s store.

It was a lovely red brick building with big glass windows.  They walked into the store “Not much has changed here I see” said Crescenda warmly.  “The Misses and I keep it all old fashioned like the good old days don’t we sweetie?”  His Wife gave him a peck on the cheek and responded with, “Yes my love.”

Riva always attended the store while Jean went out on deliveries.  She was a tidy woman with curly red hair and green sparkling eyes.  Jean was a tall man, with dark hair and green eyes.  Both were slim and trim and Jean was on the muscular side from carrying the big bags of food and boxes around.  They had two children Hewitt and Dessa.

The nanny Cira Sima took care of them upstairs in their home.  Crescenda decided to wander around the store and gather the items she needed for baking.  She was carefully checking them off her list on her grocery guide when she heard the bells tinkle on the door.  Crescenda did not pay much attention at first until she heard the name Justin.  Then her ears perked up.  She decided to try to get a good view of this Justin Deere.  Just then, the bells on the door tinkled yet again and someone else had entered the store.  ‘Great she thought to herself I am sneaking around trying to get a look at some guy for what reason?’

20A**fix mss dialog**

She went back to her list as she rounded the corner she bumped into someone.

Crescenda said, “Oh I’m so sorry!  I was busying looking at my list and…” she stopped midsentence as a pair of dreamy sky blue eyes were staring intently at her.

The chiseled tanned face broke out into a wide grin and with a comical look of delight on his face he said, “Well hello there beautiful!”

Crescenda turned three shades of red.  She was not used to having a man compliment her this way.

He extended his hand out to her.  “My name is Justin Deere and you are?”

“Oh,” she blushed, shaking his hand “I’m Crescenda Lafleur”

Now what had come over her?  No man had ever rattled her chain in that way.  However, this man did!  His piercing blue eyes gazing at her, almost reaching into her soul, made her flush even more.  She had dropped her list of ingredients for baking and he bent down to pick it up.

“You forgot the baking powder.”  He said with a grin, as he handed it back to her,  “Well at least it doesn’t look broken.  Handy little gadget, where did you get it?”

Crescenda stared at him, trying to think.  “Felix made it for me!”

“Ah, Felix you say?”  He inquired with interest, wondering who Felix was.

She mumbled “thanks” and turned to walk away towards Jean.

Justin followed her, “Hey are you the gal that lives in the property beside my ancestor’s place?”

‘Man he’s nosy, she thought to herself.’

Crescenda said, “Yes, that’s mine and Felix’s place.”

She wondered at his crestfallen look.

He went over to Jean, “Is my order ready?”  He said rather gruffly.

Jean smiled, “Yes sir.  I was planning to bring it over and give Crescenda a ride back to her place.”

Justin looked at Crescenda then back to Jean, “I’ll save you a trip I can take all of it in my jeep and give Crescenda a ride back home as well.”

He said is so kindly, sweetly, and adamantly that she was off guard.  He had a sound of finality in his voice that there would be no reason to protest?

“Okay” she said.

She handed the list to Jean and Justin said, “She forgot to add the baking powder”

She grinned at him.  She felt like a silly standing there all tongue tied and red faced.

Jean looked at Crescenda with a twinkle in his eye and with a sly grin on his face and asked, “Cat got your tongue pretty lady?”

Jean leaned closer to Crescenda and said “He’s a fine bachelor, Justin is” then he winked at her, “You’ll be safe with him.”

Crescenda let out her breath that she had been holding.  The knots in her stomach started to subside.

Justin was busy picking out his week’s worth of groceries and compiling a list for the next week to give to Jean.  Crescenda finished finding the last few items, including the baking powder and got Jean to box it all up.  Riva had gone upstairs to make some lunch for the family, so she had missed all this excitement.

Jean went upstairs to fill her in on all the silly details of Crescenda meeting Justin for the first time.  Jean and Justin carried all the parcels out to the black shiny jeep.

Justin asked, “Are you ready to leave now?”

“Yes” she replied candidly.

Justin opened the door for her and gallantly said, “Your chariot awaits my dear!”

‘She felt kind of awkward not being used to this gentlemanly treatment or for a guy to have manners.  It had been a long time since Crescenda had even gone out on any dates.  She had been too wrapped up in her career and the lab and doing her own thing to think about dating.’

Justin put on the radio and began to drive up the bumpy dirt road.

Justin asked, “So how often do you come up this way?”

Crescenda said, “Twice a year usually it’s in the summer and fall.”

‘She was feeling too tongue tied to mention the fact that Felix came up in the winter and spring.’

Justin asked about her career, music, and movie tastes and before they knew it, they were at the cabin.  Justin grabbed her packages and carried them into the kitchen for her.

He looked around the tidy pine cabin and noticed that the décor was in the form of a woman’s tastes he asked, “Is your husband joining you soon?”

He asked blatantly hoping deep inside that she was going through a divorce or something.  Crescenda was the most ravishing creature he had come across in a long time.  There was an air of innocence around that lovely framed face.  Her long, silky golden blonde hair and her vivid green eyes were looking at him rather oddly.  Her mouth quirked then she roared unexpectedly.

“What‘s so funny?”  He looked perplexed.

“If Felix were here he’d be howling for sure,” said Crescenda in a saucy fashion, “I’m sorry Justin but the thought of me having a husband is so far out in left field.  I am a confirmed bachelorette I am too busy with my career and have no desire for any children frankly; I never have time to date.  Felix is my twin brother.

Well, he is somewhat just like me.  We are fraternal twins, but much alike in ways you would not believe.  It is like having a male version of me.  He is an inventor and works in our lab.  We take turns every three months using the lodge.  He comes up with his friends, hunts, fishes, and parties with the boys, if you could call it that.  He is a bit of a nerd but oh so intelligent and brilliant and sweet.

I on the other hand am very studious, hard working, talented, and creative.  I have built my own empire in the beauty care market and I’m dam proud of it.”

She ended it so emphatically and with such drama.

Justin just looked at her mouth gaping wide.  “Ah she speaks!  I was worried there for a moment I guess you were playing the shy, hard to get type eh?”

Crescenda said, “Nope I am not playing.  I was shy and tongue tied for some reason.  It is just my social graces are kind of lacking lately when it comes to the opposite sex.  Once I get to know you though look out.  I will chatter so much until your ears drop off or they want too.”


20B**fix mss dialog**

“Hey I’m going to the market place tomorrow for the festival, would you like to get a ride into town with me?  I have a few details of business to attend to, but after that, I will be free.  Maybe you can show me around.  It’s my first week here and I’d love to get to know the area better.”

Crescenda thoughtlessly said, “I bet you would, you’re probably looking for more places to ruin with that crazy idea of developing the area.”

At his look of hurt, then surprise, she added.  “Oops, that wasn’t supposed to be said aloud.  I’m sorry but really, this is a nice quiet town and you’re planning to make it into a wild zoo of tourists and crowds and loads of noise.”

He looked at her and gently said, “Not at all, I plan to bring jobs into this area and growth and development, while preserving the freshness and antiquity of the place.  My developments for the wave pool and amusement park will not be beside your lovely lodge my dear.

I plan to do that on the outskirts of town, where there is lots of water and land, down beside the waters.  I have been able to buy quite a lot of property up in these parts.  Thanks to the generosity of our investors and planning department.  My two business associates Josh and Nathan Adam have been a Godsend right from day one.  Did you know that their ancestor is the great Architect Robert Adam?”

Crescenda looked at him blankly and said, “Who is that?”

Justin replied, “Robert Adam was an amazing designer of buildings in many places.  I have a passion for 18th century Architecture.”

“I can see that now,” she said, “We’ll discuss this another time though I have some baking to do for tomorrow’s fair and can you pick me up around ten in the morning?”

Now it was Justin’s turn to act surprised.  Here was an organized, brainy, beautiful woman who seemed to be the perfect angel.  Oh, he was going to enjoy his stay now in Place Royale.  It had been so dreary and boring until now.

Justin said, “Yes, your chariot shall be at the door sharp at ten in the morning!”

After he left, Crescenda felt somewhat flat.  The Lodge even felt empty for Justin’s presence had seem to fill the room with an aura of strength and virility and his sensual body and voice was making her tingle all over.  She had a strange glow in her heart.  It had been a long time since anyone had affected her in that way.

Almost since a young teen, she never had felt anything for anyone.  She had seen her friends go through many bad relationships and marriages that ended in divorce.  She did not want the hassle.  Every time they would, all get together, they would whine about he did this and he did that.  The only person that was worried about Crescenda’s lack of dating was her Aunt Stella she would reprimand her whenever she went for a visit about the maladies of becoming an old maid, how she could not bear children and so on.

Crescenda never brought up the subject, why argue about it.  Aunt Stella was old fashioned and believed all women need a man in their lives.  Crescenda thought otherwise.  Her life was uncomplicated and yes lonely at times, but she relished in the fact she could do what she wanted, when she wanted without having to answer to anyone.  She could shop and spend as much money as she wanted and never hear anyone harp at her about it

Any time that Crescenda did crave male companionship, she had either Felix to hang out with or one of her many business clients.  She was a woman of means so she could always go and play golf; go to dinner or the odd movie.  She had a strict rule of not dating anyone she did business with, and this was if any of the men cared to mention any type of dating or relationship of any kind she would set them straight!

Felix and she were very close.  They were always working together at the lab and outside of the lab on various ideas.  They got along famously and enjoyed doing the same things recreation wise.  Felix had a few friends as well.  However, his sister Crescenda was his closest of friends.  They knew each other’s thoughts and could finish each other’s sentences.  You could say that the two of them mirrored each other’s ways.

Crescenda came back with a start.  ‘I have to get this baking done, or I’m going to be up all night!’

She finished baking in record time.  Grandma Marion Lafleurs secret recipe for apple pie and chocolate chip cookies baked beautifully without a hitch.  She even had a few more hours before it would be time for dinner.  She decided it was time to go for a walk and headed out the door.



The Mansion on the Hill


Crescenda made her way down to the lakeside behind the lodge.  A long dock went across the expanse of the land that jutted out on the lake.  The large boathouse was several yards away.  Built of pine as well it housed several boats of different shapes and sizes.  She walked into the boathouse looking over each of them.  They all looked intact, a little dusty, for they had been sitting there for a long time.

There was the birch bark canoe made by the local Indians.  It had engravings of deer and bear’s on It., then her pelican paddleboat of yellow, royal blue, and white.  The large Silverette Yacht was her newest acquirement.  It had been more Felix’s idea then hers.  They both used it though.  An old white rowboat was off in the corner with a pair of oars in it.

Crescenda’s favorite was the canoe.  It was always a good workout and she loved the view on the lake.  The tall hills and mountains the bubbling waterfall that shot off the high cliffs down on the western side of the lake she could see why someone would want to put a resort here.  The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills of green, trees, and flowers everywhere.  It would take a lot of special designing to keep the area intact for wildlife and such.  She was sure Justin would consider all.

She had paddled along the shoreline when she noticed Justin sitting out on his dock on a lawn chair.

A fishing rod in hand and a tackle box beside him, Justin motioned for her to come over.  Crescenda grinned and shouted, “Ahoy there mate!”

She roared with glee.

Justin said, “Ahoy there skipper, where you headed?”

Crescenda “Aye there mate I’m off to paddle these fine shores and look for me treasure.”

Justin laughed at her sense of humor, ‘God she was funny another bonus point in her favor.  This woman was turning out to be perfect.  He had not met a girl like Crescenda she was one in a million kind of girl.  It was becoming more evident to him as he has to know her, and it had only been a few hours.  He was becoming enamored with her, way too quickly!’

Justin asked, “Do you mind if I tag along?  I could use some exercise myself.”

‘He knew this was not true for that very morning he had done several laps in the pool at the Place Royale Hotel.  He had a suite there as well, but today he just felt like hanging around.

Crescenda smiled, “Sure, hop in!”

Justin grabbed his treasured tackle box and fishing rod and ran back up the dock and said,  “I’ll just be a minute” and he put his gear in his car and locked it up, then ran back to the dock.  He carefully got in the canoe and Crescenda noticed right away that he was not panting or even breaking into a sweat?

Crescenda commented, “You’re in shape aren’t you?”

He looked at her and cracked up.

Justin grinned, “Oh yah well I swim everyday go jogging and workout in my gym at home.”  “Nice” was all she said.

‘Meanwhile she was picturing his well muscled body lying naked in bed and then blushed with a look of guilt on her face she noticed him staring at her in a funny way.  He too had been picturing her luscious body and nicely rounded breasts in bed naked with him as well.’

Both of them blushed profusely then looked away.  The inquiring look in his eyes spoke volumes to Crescenda.  She could sense the sexual tension between them as their thighs were rubbing together as they paddled along the shore.  The blood was pulsating through her veins and her heart was pounding in her ears, her hands were sweaty and damp.

‘My God, he affects me in such a way.’  She glanced at Justin.  He too, seemed to be off in some sort of dreamland judging by the look of content and raw sexuality in his eyes.  She saw a hunger in him that she had always craved from a man.’

Suddenly Justin pointed past her, “Hey look at that!”

She looked and saw the big mansion up on the hill.

Justin said, “Let’s go get a closer look shall we?”

They paddled over to the rickety dock.

“It doesn’t look very safe now does it?”  He hadn’t spoken too soon, Crescenda had dismounted to tie the canoe to the dock, when suddenly she fell down and one leg went right through the old rotted wood.

“Ack I’m such a dweeb!”

She tried to pull herself out and struggled for a minute then started to giggle.

Justin had carefully gotten out of the paddleboat and pulled it up onto the sand.

Concerned he asked, “Are you okay?  Here, let me help you.”

He gingerly and gently pulled her up and out of the hole.  He walked over to the sand carrying her in his arms.

‘She could feel the beat of his heart.  She quivered in his arms.  He was looking down at her in a funny way.  He slowly placed her down on the sand, and she could feel the shock run through her when her breasts were close up against his chest.  His cologne was heavenly.

His eyes mirrored dark pools of desire looking at her in a hungry fashion.  He leaned into her and she could feel his thigh up against her.  His breath was coming in short gasps.

He managed to contain himself and asked, “How’s the leg and foot?”

She looked down, “I’m alright I think, just a little shaken up.”

She parted from his arms, and the moment was gone.  She was back and in control.  She did not want this to go any further then it already had.’

They started up the small dirt path at the base of the hill.  The path was quite overgrown and tangled.  Justin pulled out his jackknife and cut a path up the hill for the.

He said, “Good thing I brought my camping gear with me I’m well prepared for all this.”

They managed to get up the hill finally after much ado.  They looked at the sight before them.  You could say the mansion, which was in shambles on the outside, was a welcome sight.  The shutters hung haphazardly creaking as the gentle breeze swung them from side to side on a rusty old nail.  Some of the shutters were weather beaten and others were still intact.  The eerie creaking sounds could be heard whenever the gentle breeze would sway the wood.

A shiver ran down Crescenda’s tingling spine.  She felt an ominous warning that something terrible had happened there.

She stopped for a minute, looked at Justin, then asked, “Are you sure you want to go in there?”

For a minute, they both stood looking at the tall long grey stone mansion.  It looked so desolate standing there.

Creeping ivy was making its way up the wall covering it into a wall of green.  The mansion was a mixture of Neoclassical and Gothic designs with large windows and a long roof.  High points around each corner with a round tower on each end.  They slowly walked around the long mansion and at the back was a terrace with an old broken trellis.

Running along the back of the mansion was what appeared to be some sort of maze of brush and along the back wall was a row of balconies jutting out that appeared to be falling apart.  The tall French windows on the lower floor looked out over the terrace.  A cobblestone path wound its way around what used to be an elegant garden and mazes of shrubbery.  They walked around to the front of the mansion and Justin walked up to the heavy mahogany door with the brass lions head.  It had a brass ring right through its nose, and then he knocked.

You could hear the echo of his hand hitting the door several times.  Inside they heard the scurry of the raccoons, squirrels, and the twittering of birds around them.

Justin looked at Crescenda and said, “I guess no one’s home so let’s go take a look”

His sense of adventure was pulling him in.

He pushed on the door it did not budge.  Grunting, groaning, and using his shoulder he shoved it open.  The smell of musty stale air greeted them.

Justin lit a lamp that was on the shelf and went inside.

He turned and said, “Are you coming in my fair lady?

She looked at him, “Isn’t this considered trespassing?”

Justin grinned, “Well sort of but I’m planning to buy this place anyways so I shall give myself a tour,”  he grabbed her hand and said, “Come on scaredy cat!”

She followed him slowly peering in the doorway.  He carefully made his way over to the heavy curtains and pulled one of the long floral patterned, dusty curtains back.  The sunlight filtered in.

Crescenda looked to her right, “Oh look I found a switch.”

She flicked it and on came the dim lights.  Half the bulbs were not working but at least they could see enough to get around the place.  Crescenda let out a loud sneeze and it made them both jump.

“Bless you,” said Justin.

“Thanks” said Crescenda.

They cracked a smile at each other and looked around.  The main hall was huge, to say in the least.  The large spiraling staircase with a landing every few stairs, wrapped itself up high.

Crescenda asked, “There must be about three levels to this place?”

The wood was mahogany with large newel posts running along the smooth wooden banister.  The staircase was in sections of five stairs and it curved gently as it went up each landing.

A tattered stringy strip of carpet was pinned to each stair running along the middle part of the stairway.  To the left was the drawing room.  The furniture had large sheets of white fabric.  It looked like a room of ghosts in the dim lighting.  A large black marble fireplace with decorative ornament of urns and swags gleamed as ebony.

“I can see these people preferred Robert Adams style of design,” said Justin with great appreciation.

Now Crescenda had a better idea of what Justin had been referring to before.  The tarnished silver fireguard stood in front of it.  It was a long rectangular room boasting of works of art and sculptures of Roman and Greek tastes.  Mini alcoves dotted the inside wall.  Brass lights hung on decorative wall brackets.  Walking along the hall of blue marbled floors, they walked into what looked like the dining room.

“Man the furniture is just huge!  Can you imagine breaking your back moving that thing?”  Justin said it as he pointed over to the long and cherry wood table with elegant carvings and patterns.

The many chairs were also made of cherry wood and had upholstery on the backs and seats and arms.

Justin ran his strong muscular hands along the fine wood, “Look at the art work shown on this chair it is amazing.”

Crescenda said in awe.  “You can see these men were greatly talented in their time.  We don’t even come close to this kind of carvings and designs nowadays.”

“Yeah my furniture is so lame compared to this,” said Justin with a wry grin.

You could not help but notice that the artistic designs on the chairs was what they called ensuite to the walls, floor, and ceiling.  The landscape paintings complimented the whole theme of the room.

“It almost creates a harmonious room of vivid rich deep colors,” Crescenda said it with reverence in her voice.

Justin was marveling at the curtains, “Look at this, embroidered silk with oriental tastes of flora and Chinese women dressed in Kimono’s with bagotas and mountain scenes.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”

The large silver candlesticks were on each end of the long table tarnished by the ages of time.

The large elegant dining room cupboards had white porcelain plates, cups, and bowls with the family signature on them.  The old wallpaper of satiny flowers and murals of the cities of china.  The exotic woods for the furniture that decorated the rooms were something not seen in this century.  Large murals were along the top of one of the walls the style of wainscoting with wood panels along the bottom of the wall round medallions with painted scenery of various landscapes from around the world.  The floor had a rich carpet with a matching pattern of flowers and Chinese symbols.  Then they walked towards the back of the mansion, through a series of doors and came into the scullery room and into the grand kitchen.  A large range was along the one wall.

Oven’s for baking and large wooden counters for preparing dishes.  On the walls hung, many big pots, saucepans and utensils, all made of copper and used for cooking.  In the next room was a small area with a long sink and an old wringer contraption attached to one part of it.

Crescenda laughed and said, “I’m glad I don’t have to do laundry like that!”

In the sink laid a few scrub boards and bars of old, musty and cracked soap.

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Justin said,” those were used to scrub the clothing on the board, then rinse and wring it out through the rollers while you turned a long handle over here.  It would take them all day to do a few loads of wash then they would hang it to dry.”

Crescenda mockingly said, “It sounds complicated and exhausting!  I bet those women had some good muscles back then!  They didn’t have to go to the gym to stay toned back then.”

‘She smirked at the thought she had not been to a gym in years.  She was naturally slim and had a high metabolism.  She was blessed with a body that stayed fit.’

Justin laughed, “Well at least they had the smell of fresh clean air.  I do my laundry once a month and it always smells like the dryer.  I cannot imagine having to wash then press my suit.  I love using the dry cleaners it has done in an hour and voila.  I am ready to go.”

Crescenda said, “I don’t do my own laundry my Maid Madeline does it for me.  I do not have the time for such trivial things.  I’m always busy working.”

Justin looked at her, “Must be nice having a maid eh?”

Crescenda said, “Yes I also have my own chef Julia she’s wonderful.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

Justin asked, “How come there not here then?”

Crescenda said, “It is their vacation time.  They take care of my penthouse suite in New York City at Deere Towers”

Justin’s jaw dropped,.

“You live at Deere towers?  Which side are you on?”  He asked with great interest.

She gave him a funny look then said, “My suite’s on the west side, why?”

Justin thought for a moment then marveled “I wonder why we’ve never bumped into each other before?”

“Why’s that?”  She asked in surprise.

He said, “Because I live on the east side of Deere towers.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.  You are pulling my leg right.  Are you in that ridiculously huge penthouse suite?”  She asked.

Justin grinned, “Yep, that’s my baby!”

Both of them howled at this fact.

Justin said, “It goes to show we both work too much.”

Crescenda said, “That’s why I am enjoying my holiday.  I am usually alone at the Lodge and I usually just relax for a week or two.  I take the time to drum up new ideas for work.  There is never a dull moment for me.  I work even when on vacation!”

Justin smiled, “I know exactly what you mean I’m always getting ideas for a building or a landscape, so I’m constantly sketching things.  I usually carry my brief case around with me.  I have my business planner and a sketch pad in it as well.”

Crescenda gasped as they came into the elegant ballroom for it was octagon in shape with square alcoves where the tall French windows and doors stood.  The baroque designs with the elegant and golden gilded ornamented mirrors gleamed in the dusty light.

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Crescenda said, “I can just picture the people dancing in here, swirling around to the classics of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven to name a few.  In their dashing gowns of silk and satin and big fluffy feathered hats, bubbling along their heads as they move this way and that.”

Justin looked at her, “You know you’re a romantic at heart eh?”

“Yes I am” she replied in a soft voice.

Looking around they could see the theme of ‘angels’ was apparent.  You could see that three sets of double doors went out onto the terrace.  They circled back into the great hall each deep in their own thoughts.

“Let’s see what’s on the other side now,” said Justin in a reverent voice.

They proceeded to the other side of the mansion and there they found several more rooms.  The salon was elegant in the taste of Robert Adam as well, as per Justin’s knowledge of the designs.

A room off to the side held a water closet and white porcelain enameled sink with patterns of exotic flowers on the base of each item.  The shower with copper rings that came around each side of the body and would shoot jets of water out, were in a large box canopy with floral curtains.

The stain leaded glass window with the multicolored glass in shapes of circles and squares and geometric forms.  A large ornate mirror with brass lights in brackets on each side of it.  The brass taps, old, dirtied, and on the wall hung small glass portraits with pressed wild flowers in them.  The names written in Latin on a silver plate underneath each picture, naming each English garden rose and the wildflowers from the mansion’s garden.

Crescenda said, “How exotic to see and so very educating!”

She read some of the names of the roses engraved on the silver plates and then said, “I have a lovely garden at my penthouse with herbs, flowers, and vegetables.  We put it out on the roof.  I built a large deck and stone patio on my roof as well.  There is a grassy area and trees.  I have cast-iron benches and Italian and Greek sculptures from around the world in my garden.  On nice days, my staff will set up my white wicker furniture with my navy blue cushions and a small table with a white Victorian lace tablecloth for my breakfast.

Usually if I am in the mood to watch the sunrise, I will get up earlier and enjoy the start of my day that way.  Sometimes I like to write poetry or short stories.  I will even listen to my meditation records up there.  My Chinese chef, Fu Wong will come over sometimes to cook for a dinner party.  He also knows tai chi, and I would invite him over for breakfast and we would meditate and do some tai chi for about an hour.  It was very refreshing in the early hours of the morning.”

Justin laughed, “I’m not much of a morning person.  I always have to drag myself out of bed.  That is unless I get the urge to go for an early morning swim.  Then I will get up and take a dip in my pool.  My garden is small and I have a dirt trail that goes in a circle and then a fair sized pool with two large slides and a diving board on it.  I also have an outdoor-all-season hot tub and a whirl pool.”

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“It sounds heavenly,” said Crescenda.

Justin continued, “I have my steam room inside of my indoor gym.  My gym room is quite large and full of state of the art equipment.  I sometimes do some yoga.  I also have a punching bag and boxing gloves.  My business partners Josh and Nathan like to come over and go for a round with me.  We also play basketball, hockey, and football in my indoor gym.”

Crescenda said, “Wow that sounds fantastic.  I always wondered who lived on the other side of the building.”

Justin grinned, “Yeah I even have my own theatre room.  I have plush, huge comfortable leather seats.”

Crescenda said, “I prefer to laze on my couch when I watch TV.”

They decided to continue their tour into the billiard room.

Justin said, “This would also be used as a Gentleman’s smoking room back in the 1800’s.”

Crescenda asked, “What about the ladies?”

Justin laughed, “They weren’t allowed to smoke.”

Crescenda was shocked,   “You’ve got to be kidding me.  How male chauvinist is that? “

Justin looked at her for a minute then asked.  “Are you a suffrager?”

“Kind of I guess,” said Crescenda with pride.

Justin was surprised she knew the terminology of what they used to call women’s lib back in the early 1900s.

“I like to call it more of an independent sort of spirit,” said Crescenda with sincerity in her voice.

Justin laughed then said, “Look there’s an old pool table under this sheet.  We will have to have a game sometime.  It’s getting too late to play today.”

The sauntered out of the room and walked into what would be the library it had rows and rows of books from floor to ceiling.  On the fireplace were statues of famous men.  One was Robert Adam the other King Louis XIV.  Justin heard a noise from what he thought was behind the wall.

Justin looked at Crescenda and asked, “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah it sounded like footsteps and someone dragging their feet in behind the wall,” said Crescenda with uneasiness.

She was getting knots of fear in her stomach.

“It’s probably just mice and rats and who else knows what,” replied Justin with a matter of fact kind of voice.

Crescenda said, “I’m not crazy about meeting any furry things in this dark dusty house.”

They decided to do a quick peek upstairs then they would have to get going.

Crescenda’s stomach had started to rumble, “My tummy wants its supper” she quirked.

Justin replied, “Yeah mine’s singing a chorus with yours.”

They looked at each other and chuckled as their stomachs rumbled in unison.

Suddenly they heard the distant echo of footsteps again.  This time it sounded as though it was coming from the top of the grand staircase in the main hall.  They both stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up expecting to see someone there.  Crescenda’s spine was tingling and her hairs on her arms began to stand up and so did the hair on the back of her neck.  She felt coldness pass her and she could have sworn that something brushed up against her.  She backed into the wall with a terrified look on her face.

Justin looked at her blankly, looked around, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “Something just touched me. It was cold.”

Justin shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s drafty in here.”

She asked, “Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural?”

Justin gave her a wary look and said in a matter of fact tone of voice, “Nope not really.  I am not into any hocus pocus stuff.  I do not believe in something until I can see or feel it!  I think your imagination is running wild Crescenda this place is creepy it’s enough to set anyone’s mind on a wild goose chase.”

He turned around and started up the large wooden staircase.

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The stairs creaked as they climbed up.  Along the wall were various portraits and each had a silver plate engraved with the name of the artist and the pictures.  They reached the top of the landing that was curved on the inside wall.  It formed a type of balcony where you could look down into the grand hall and at the front door.  Which had mysteriously closed all by itself?

Crescenda looked at Justin “Did you close the door?”

“No?  Did you?”  He asked.

“Nope not me I didn’t touch it!”  Crescenda smiled wryly and saucily said, “You don’t believe in ghosts?”

Justin shook his head and replied, “It was probably the wind, when we were in the back of the house.”

Crescenda thought ‘Well if there was wind, then the shutters would have creaked and the curtains would move.”

Justin had opened the curtains in each of the rooms.  She did not remember any kind of wind.

Justin said, “A gentle breeze maybe blew in unnoticed?”

She looked at him, cracked a smile, and continued to walk forward.  The large room to the right boasted of a large art gallery.

Crescenda was enthralled as she walked in and said, “How extraordinary!”

Justin agreed.  On the ceiling were paintings of various periods of history from different centuries.  In each section were several paintings of famous artists and the name and year of each of them.  Beautiful portraits and landscapes in oils and watercolors hung on the canvas preserved by the ages of time but some were very dusty.  The room did have a set of double mahogany doors engraved with symbols and patterns of artistic design.  Large statues of marble figurines were in the alcoves with tall windows.

Short wooden paneled of wainscoting and a dark red wallpaper on it.  Another door leads from the art gallery into what appeared to be an artist’s studio.  Paintbrushes, oils and cracked water colored pencils, charcoal, canvas and easels littered the room.  A wooden table and chair stood near the large bay window.  A smaller room contained a single bed and water closet ensuite.  The bedroom was very plain with a single bed and a tall pine wood chest of drawers.  In the corner was a small pine desk and chair set.

Crescenda said, “Oh, how lovely this is.  I take painting courses back in New York City.  I would love to have my own studio like this.  I am learning how to do landscapes in water colors at the moment.”

Justin smiled at her.  “You’ll have to show me some of your art work sometime.”

Crescenda said, “It’s pretty good actually I’m quite talented at it.  I was even planning to do an art exhibit in New York City.  Suella, my cousin thought it would be fun.”

They walked out into the hall and further down the hall they found a series of bedrooms.  Each with its own theme at the back was some guest suites labeled by a silver plate on the dark mahogany doors.  There was ‘The baroque room’ with Louis XIV style of furniture, upholstered chairs, and tapestries on the wall.  The other was ‘The roman room.’

This one was obvious in Roman and Greek tastes with the design and décor on the bed, floors, and fireplace.  Each of the suites had their own balconies over the terrace below.  A view of the grounds was seen from up above.  The pathways of stone and what used to be pruned shrubbery.  Justin said, “In those days the garden would consist of geometric shapes and sizes for the shrubs and it would have been from English landscape designs with various types of rose gardens.  As they walked down the hall, again they could see a series of simpler rooms.  You could tell by the washstand in the corner with a white porcelain jug and bowl.  A towel hung on the hook a pine dresser and a single bed of rope and feather mattress it was very plain with one picture on the wall compared to the other rooms they had seen.

Justin said, “These are definitely the servant’s rooms.”

At the end of the hall was a stairwell, tiny, cramped, and hidden right in the wall.

Justin said, “These stairs would only be used by the servants to go through the house, so that they would not be seen by any family or guests.  There is a maze of stairs and secret passageways that goes all over the grounds as well in some of these older homes.”

Crescenda found this fact very amusing, “Too bad that its dark now I would have loved to search them!”

They made their way back down the long hallway and down the stairs.

Justin said, “We’ll have to come back again sometime, in the broad daylight.  It would be fun to do some more exploring!”

Justin opened the door, and Crescenda shut off the lights.  As they, left Crescenda had the feeling of someone watching them.  They made it back to the paddleboat and she crawled in.  Justin pushed them out into the water then got in.

“I’m sorry your shoes got all wet,” said Crescenda looking down at Justin’s feet.

Justin looked down, smiled, and said, “Its okay these are my old runners that I use just for fishing.  They will dry out in no time.”

They paddled across the lake and Crescenda had turned to look at the mansion on the hill, she could have sworn there were lights on where the ballroom should have been…


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The Ghosts of Munroe Mansion


If you were to look inside the Mansion after Crescenda and Justin left, you would have seen two ghostly forms and the lights on in the ballroom.  “Arthur dear, are they gone?”  “Yes Cynthia I checked when I shut the door.  They were a nice couple don’t you think?”  Arthur smiled at his lovely ghostly Wife dressed in her long simple gown and white apron.  She was wearing the same outfit as she had years ago.

She had been a maid at the mansion and Arthur her husband had been the butler.  He looked smartly dressed in his black suit and white shirt.  Arthur headed over to the phonograph and opened it up.  “Shall we dance my darling?”

“Oh yes,” said Cynthia with anticipation.  He put on Schubert’s song ‘Serenade’ and went to her side.  Two ghostly forms were spinning around in a circle on the vast marble floor in the ballroom.  “It’s been a long time since anyone’s been here,” said Cynthia with a sigh…



The Market Place


Crescenda and Justin had paddled silently back to the dock.  Each wrapped up in their own thoughts.  “Well thanks for the adventure did you want to come in for a drink?”  “I’m sorry I still have a few things to do this evening, another time perhaps, but thanks anyways.”

She paddled off towards her place.  She was happy that Felix had developed a series of light sensors along the shore leading up to the boathouse.  It was somewhat dark and she would not have been able to see a thing.  She paddled back into the boathouse and walked up to the lodge.  She grabbed her warmed lasagna and some salad from the fridge and sat down to eat with a hearty appetite.

She kept thinking about Justin and the mansion.  She remembered that her pastries needed some final changes so she pulled out some fancy little papers and foils to put around her cookies and got the boxes out for her apple pies.  Everything was ready to do.  She decided to listen to the radio and dozed off into the night on her couch.


The early morning sun stirred her awake.  The twittering of birds outside the window awoke her from a very sensual dream with Justin passionately kissing.  She got up quickly and looked at the time Justin would be there in a few hours.  She made a quick breakfast of homemade blueberry muffins, mixed fruit, and a coffee.  She cleaned and put everything away from last night’s mess and went to sit out on the front porch by her table with pen in hand and began to update her journal.

Justin showed up a few minutes late, apologizing profusely.  “My tire was low on air, so I had to go rummaging around to find the air pump.”  He was slightly dirty from the dust.  He grabbed the boxes of baked goods from the kitchen and put them carefully in the back seat of his jeep.

Then he opened the door for Crescenda saying, “Your chariot awaits my dear!”

She smiled and blushed.  “Not again!”

Justin got in beside her and he started up the engine.  She kept looking at the smudge of dirt on his face.  She grabbed a handkerchief out of her purse and he turned to her and said, “Thanks!  I need a cleaning every now and then.”  She gently patted his cheek and removed the smudge.  “There much better now!”

They started talking about the mansion on the hill.  When they arrived in town, there was a colorful banner flying overhead that read, ‘Country cooking at its best.’

They pulled up to Jean’s store and he had tables set up out front.  Justin excused himself as he had something to do.  Crescenda busied herself putting her pies and pastries out in neat little rows.  All decorated nicely with little foils and napkins with a country style print.  She started thinking about how she had felt at the mansion with Justin that day…



Meeting Ms Annie Atkins


Soon there were crowds of people wandering round the market place.  Some of the older folk recognized Crescenda and asked her how she was and how was Felix these days?  Within an hour, Crescenda had sold everything.  She had not realized with the amount of locals and tourists that she should have made more.

She made a nice profit for herself.  Justin came along as she was putting back her table and things away.  “How was it?”  He asked.  Crescenda looked up and smiled.  “Not what I expected.  I think my face is sore from smiling so much.  I talked to so many people.  Annie Atkins advised me that the mansion on the hill could be up for sale at below property cost because of it being haunted.”

Justin just looked at her “You’re kidding me right?  Haunted?”  “  Yes, that is what she told me.  People had been scared to buy it.  I was shocked at first when she said it, but now that I think about it, I can believe it.  I felt something there and someone watching us that day.  Besides, how did she know we were there?”

She blushed to herself, ‘she didn’t tell Justin everything Annie had said.  Annie had asked if Crescenda was dating Justin now because they were the local gossip now.  In a small place like that, you cannot keep a secret for long.  Crescenda had told Annie that she had just met Justin and he had offered to help her out that’s all.  She had been a bit angry with Annie for even asking.  What business was it of hers anyway?  She soon found out why.  Annie said she had her eye on Justin for a long time and wanted him for herself.  After all he was the most handsome and eligible bachelor.  A bit of a ladies’ man but that is understandable.  Annie planned to whip him into shape and only have eyes for her once she got her hooks into him.  Crescenda had tried not to laugh knowing that Justin had already shown some interest in her.  Until Annie said, “Yes he has broken many of the girl’s hearts here.

He is so nice, kind, gentle, and ever so charming.  He is a romantic at heart and always is acting as if he wants to kiss a girl at the right moment.  Women are suffering from delusions by his charm.  Then when he stops calling, and he surely will, for he tires easily of any woman’s company.  That is except mine.  I have managed to keep him within arm’s reach for the past year.”

She smiled so confidently at Crescenda and added, “I have no plans to let him out of my grasp.  He is mine and no one else will have him!”

Crescenda stood there opened mouth.  Annie had sounded so bitchy and controlling she had an omen of danger then.  She knew how some women’s obsession would turn for the worse and she had heard that the Atkins were mentally unstable people, from someone?  She was looking at Justin as she owned him already.’

When Justin came over later, Annie stopped him to ask if they were still on for dinner the next day.  Justin smiled, winked, and said, “Most definitely my dear girl!”  He said it with too much exuberance for Crescenda’s ears.

Crescenda felt a wave of jealousy and silently scolded herself.  ‘Who was she kidding?  She enjoyed being single and she worked long hours and she loved her city life.  So why start anything with him?  After all, it looked like Annie was right he had smiled so warmly and the seductive note in Annie’s voice was quite evident.  Her heart raced wildly as Justin steered her towards the jeep.

“Well we must be going now, Annie.  See you tomorrow night.”  Crescenda had her back turned as they pulled away Annie’s facial expression changed from a sweet smile to a “looks could kill” face of pure hatred.  She thought to herself, ‘That woman is a threat to my whole plan.  I have to do something about her!’  She stalked off towards her black Mercedes and took off like a shot.




The Woman Who Saw It All


A pair of blue wrinkled old eyes had watched this exchange of unpleasantness between Crescenda, Justin, and Annie Atkins.  With eyebrows raised, a worried thought passed through her weary old mind.  ‘Not again!  I have to keep an eye on that Annie for the cards had foretold of change for the mansion and that Crescenda and Justin would be the ones to do it!’

She scurried over to her bicycle and rode it to her cabin on the lake when she got inside she pulled three tarot cards.  Danger loomed ahead.  Evil was to rear its ugly head again.  This time she was ready for it!



Things in Common


Crescenda was deep in thought as Justin drove her to her cabin.  Annie’s words ringing in her ears.  She looked intently at Justin and asked tentatively, “Justin?  Can I ask you something?”  He looked at her.  “Sure?”

“Annie was giving me many thoughts to ponder about you and I’m trying to figure out where she gets the idea that you’re a heart breaker?  You just don’t seem like that kind of person?”

He looked at her and laughed.  “You know Annie Atkins has it out for me.  She has made it loud and clear lately that she wants to be Mrs. Justin Deere.  Anytime I talk to any woman she immediately fills their heads with nonsense about me.  You are the first one to even doubt her as well as ask me directly!  I have many dinner meetings with various clients for many of my business meetings.  I have gotten involved with some and made it loud and clear that I am a bachelor, not looking for a girlfriend or even a Wife.  I am too busy for that.  All the goals and dreams I have keep me out of the dating circuit.

After our business had completed I would no longer see them or even have dinner and I guess they still fell for me and became broken hearted.  I guess I’m too nice and charming as a man and I’ve been referred to as a heart breaker since I was a young teen.”

Crescenda smiled at this, “Well I just like to clear the air and let you know where you stand.  I am the same I am busy with my lab and my inventions and always working with my twin brother Felix.  I have never taken any time for any man, other than clients.  I had my few romantic allusions, but never anything serious.  I never dated any of my clients as a rule.  I have no plans to be married or have children.  I really do not even believe in “falling in love.”  I think it’s a fairy tale that will always be a big lie.”


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Justin smiled warmly at Crescenda.  “I’m so glad I’ve found a comrade who believes in me and will only expect friendship from me and nothing else.  Do you enjoy my company Crescenda?”

“Yes I love it,” she blushed, “I mean I love the fact that we seem to have a lot in common.”

Justin replied, “Tell you what we’ll hang out when I have some free time.  Ok?  I’ve got a cool surprise for you.”

Crescenda asked, “Really what kind of surprise is it going to be?”

He said, “You will have to wait and see.  I’m going away on business for a few days and I’ll call you when I get back.  How long will you be staying at the Lodge?”

Crescenda replied, “Probably for another week then I think I have to get back to work.  I will be coming up again in about three months though?”

Justin said, “Good  I will show you one of the surprises next week and the other when you come back to visit again.”

He dropped her off at the Lodge and she waved bye wondering what his surprise would be?

Crescenda was so tired after a long day, so she decided to run a bath in her big claw tub.  Bubbles surrounded her as she lay back in the tub full of water.  She was missing her Massa Tub back home.  She could not wait to tell Felix all that had happened.  She did not feel very hungry so she went to her bed and put on a reading lamp.  It was time to catch up on her gossip magazines.  Her eyes became droopy and an hour later, she put her magazine down and decided to put on her radio.  Lying back listening to the soft sounds of piano, flutes and strings as the classical tones vibrated through her body.  She dozed off into a lovely night’s sleep…



Meeting Detective Brent Farley


Meanwhile Justin decided he better hurry back to his Hotel room.  ‘He needed a shower and he had to start on his ideas for the Deere property.  He started thinking about Annie Atkins; the woman was obsessed with him.  He did not like what she had said to Crescenda.  The other women he did not care about what they thought.  It had helped get the clingy ones off his back.  He did not like to have a reputation as a womanizer and a heartbreaker.

It bothered him that Annie had told Crescenda all this?  Now why was that?’

Thinking to him aloud he said to the mirror, “Can I help it that I’m a handsome dude who can charm any woman?  What was it about Crescenda that rattles me?  She is the first woman to confront the issue head on.  I admire her for that!”

He decided he needed a drink, so he went down to the bar for a bite to eat and a beer.  He checked his phone messages.  His secretary had called to tell him a Detective Brent Farley had some legal business to discuss with him and that he would be there this evening.

When he walked into the bar, the room was crowded so he sat at the counter and ordered a pint of beer.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed some distinguished looking man looking at him with something in his hand.  His intent stares were making Justin uncomfortable the man had had unruly orange-red hair, and if the sun were to hit it would make him light up like a match.  His green eyes peered intently at Justin then darted away when he noticed Justin staring back.  He had an unshaven face, he was a bit round the middle, and yet he had a militant way about him.

Justin wondered if this would be Detective Farley.  After awhile, a man approached him and asked, “I was wondering if you happen to be Justin Deere?”  He knew then that yes, it was Detective Farley and after their short meeting and agreeing to meet with the law firm in a week.  Justin went back to his room.

He sat down at the desk, pulled out his notebook, and started jotting down ideas for the new tourist place they would build.  Thinking of the type of designs for the buildings would be tough.  He felt frustrated that nothing would come to mind.  Then he started thinking about Munroe mansion.

He felt drawn to the place for some strange reason.  He thought it would be cool to buy that place and restore it to its former glory.  He would make it a museum depicting the history of the town and cities there!  If he had the money, he would make notes on how to restore the mansion, furniture, and paintings.

He would bring it across the attention of his business partners later this week.  It would fit in perfectly with his theme park, Hotel plans for the Deere property.  Maybe use the old sawmill as part of a historical walk showing how it was to live in the 18th century, which was so long ago.  He felt an excitement stir in his soul.  He went to lie down on the black leather couch and watch the news and then he dozed off dreaming about Munroe mansion.



The Atkins Mansion


Annie had driven home in her black Mercedes Benz up to her large and grand estate.  The Atkins mansion was a gothic castle with castellated walls and very little windows.  There were towers on each end and it was made of grey stoned walls.  It boasted of tall dark double doors at the entrance.  There were no lovely gardens here.  It was a very bleak, morbid, bland, and spooky looking estate.

The lawns had a manicured look with high hedges around the mansion.  A tall stonewall surrounded the whole estate with two large wrought iron gates across the front drive.  At the back of the estate was a large cottage made of the same grey stone but with a regular roof and gothic in style as well with a few small windows with bars over them.  It had been use as a gardeners place and a guesthouse every now and then.  Annie walked in the great hall.  Some rooms are in dark red colors.

Red and black was the theme.  Down the halls were armored statues of suits of war, there were swords hung on the walls and medieval weapons were decorated throughout the mansion.  In the study were rows and rows of books and a huge desk.  The same kind of desk was in Annie’s room but a smaller version.

There was a duplicate of the desk in the Munroe mansions’ library as well.  Angus Atkins had each of them designed with secret compartments built into it and that is where the family would hide their personal diaries and wills.  Annie knew how to open the desk and she decided to update her journal.  She had written in it as a child all the secrets of the family and her own personal stories of what she had done in secret.

Now she added her plans for Crescenda and Justin.  “All these years I have prepared myself to be Justin’s Wife as Father had planned years ago.  I went to University to study forensics and obtain a science degree.  Then Father advised me to get my realtor’s license, for there was much money selling plots and real estate in Place Royale.

Sometimes I miss Father and other times I am glad he is gone.  It is nice to be in charge now.  I was tired of him running my life.  I’m glad to be rid of him.”  Annie put away her diary and headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat.  She did not keep much staff at Atkins Mansion.  She had people come in to clean and polish on certain days.

Then they would leave early in the day, usually before suppertime.  Annie liked living alone.  She had her reasons for not wanting anyone around.  After dinner, she went down to the basement and proceeded to sharpen her knives.  She was talking to someone there.  Then she came back upstairs and went to bed.  She would phone Justin in the morning to remind him of their date for dinner tomorrow night.  She went to sleep dreaming of being his bride.



Place Royale Hotel


The next morning Justin awoke to his cell phone ringing.  It was roughly nine in the morning and he had the worst crick in his neck.  It was stiff from sleeping on the couch.  He grabbed the phone, “Hello?  Oh, hi Annie, what do you want?  Yes, we will be having dinner tonight at 6 pm.  You want to pick me up.  Okay?”

He got off the phone.  ‘Annie was becoming difficult.  He could not wait until all his business real estate dealings would close.  She gave him the creeps and he did not know how to approach her about her obsession with him.

He knew he would have to deal with it.  However, not until all deals were sealed and completed.  Annie had been very helpful the past few months.  He wondered why she had never mentioned Munroe mansion.  It would fit in perfectly with his plans.  He would have to ask her about it later.

He rambled into the kitchenette and threw on some coffee.  He was lucky to have a beautiful Hotel suite that came with a mini kitchenette with a small bar fridge, hot plate, kettle, and toaster.  The cupboards were full of breakfast items, milk, fruit, and snacks.

He grabbed his coffee and went to sit out on his balcony.  The view of Place Royale was breathtaking.  Place Royale Hotel was made of stone and fashioned like a palace.  Rich colors of embroidered drapery and plush burgundy print carpet with thick upholstered chairs.  On the balcony, a small table with a brightly colored floral umbrella and white wrought iron chairs with matching cushions to make the seats more comfortable.

Justin grabbed the paper that was in his doorway and looked at the front page.  Startled he seen a picture of himself starting back at him.  The headline read, “Justin Deere & Associates to Redevelop Place Royale.”

There was a short story about his plans to develop a Hotel, tourist areas and have a wave pool as well.  ‘Man news travels fast!  He had not even finished all the paperwork on the real estate end and then he noticed the source of this news was Annie Atkins!

He didn’t want everyone to know all their business plans for fear of word getting out and bringing in more competition and causing more headaches for him.’  He grabbed the phone and dialed Annie’s number.

A sweet sickly female voice said, “Hello, Who is this?”

Justin gritted his teeth, “Annie!  Its Justin, I just saw the front page of the paper.  I don’t appreciate seeing my picture there and all my business plans laid out for all to see!”

Annie thrown off for a minute but she quickly recovered and said, “I was only trying to help you get more funding for your project, since I know you don’t have all your sponsors yet!”

Justin winced then retorted.  “I can handle my own financial affairs without some nosy woman sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong!  Stay out of my personal affairs too!  You had no business telling lies and tales about me to Crescenda!  I won’t have it!”  He slammed the phone down.  ‘He had enough of Annie and her antics!  He did not want to do any more business with this woman.  He would find another way and fast.’



The Mystery Surrounding Angus Atkins


He decided to go for a run so he threw on his jogging pants, a t-shirt, plugged in his iPod, and ran out the door.  Running down the dirt path full speed, he was very engrossed in himself when bang!  He flew back and down on the ground.  The bike went flying and a black floral dressed figure ended up upside down into a hedge.  Justin laid there stunned, the wind knocked out of him.  He caught his breath, slowly got up and ran over to the flailing pair of legs, stuck in the hedge.  He gently grabbed the knees and slowly pulled the woman out of the hedge.

Marchina has looked kind of put out, but they stood chuckling as they looked at one another.  Justin’s nose was red and swelling and Marchina looked like an unmade bed.  They looked at each other laughing with tears in their eyes.  Justin began to apologize profusely, “I’m so sorry Marchina!  I was in my own rage of a world because of that dam Annie Atkins!”

Marchina said with a twinkle in her eyes, “Yes I know Justin I knew we would meet today but I didn’t know how.”  She laughed.

“Are you okay though Marchina?  You took a nasty fall there?”

She looked at the hedge, with its bent branches.  “Thank God for big bushes!  I only have a few scratches on my arms I am fine my dear boy.  You seem to be out of sorts?”

“  Yes I am!”  Justin felt such a feeling of warmth towards Marchina she was like the grandmother he never had.  “Do you have time to talk?”  She nodded yes.  They sat down on a picnic table nearby “Marchina is there anyone else that can help me with my land development deals up here?  I have had enough of Annie Atkins.  She has jeopardized my plans by telling everything to the press.

She’s telling Crescenda false tales about me and she’s acting like she’s a jealous minx who is out to get me and become the next Mrs. Justin Deere.”

Justin told Marchina everything and all the hassles he has had to deal with Annie.  How any female clients or business deals she is interfered with and given each woman a bad impression of him?  It was as if she is mad and obsessed with him always making romantic dinner appointments at various cafés and restaurants.

Being seductive and possessive and the worse thing is she gives him the creeps.  He said, “It’s as though she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  I get a bad vibe from that woman.  Do you think I’m nuts Marchina?”

Marchina nodded no.  “Actually Justin I am relieved to know this.  You see I have sensed great evil from the Atkins place and Annie is the last relative there but she has the seed of the devil of her Father Angus in her.  I’ve seen evil things in my dreams and visions over the years but now I feel a strong foreboding over Crescenda!”

Then she told Justin about seeing Annie and Crescenda the day before while at the market place.  She had seen Annie’s look of despised hatred for Crescenda.  She had a bloody vision of Annie stabbing Crescenda to death!  Justin looked at her.”

What other visions have you seen Marchina?”  I can see that Annie hates Crescenda enough to kill her.  One of his friends back home had it happen to him.  He had ignored the signs but Justin had tried to warn John that Sylvie was obsessed with him.  There had been no trial.  John had been the main suspect.  However, at the last minutes, a Detective Brent Farley had found evidence against Sylvie and cleared John’s name…

Marchina asked, “Have you heard from Detective Brent Farley lately?”

Justin said, “Yeah he’s been leaving messages for me to contact a law firm.”

Marchina thought that was interesting.

Justin said, “I have to go out of town for a few days then I’ll be back in Place Royale sometime next week.”

Marchina said, “You need to cut all ties with Annie.  You can do it on a breach of confidentiality.  You’ve already purchased this land you need?”

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Justin said, “I still need to purchase a few more lots of land.  I’m wondering why she didn’t mention the mansion on the hill to me.”

Marchina looked closely at him.  “What do you mean?”

Justin said, “Crescenda and I were out canoeing and came across this old run down mansion.  I’ve had a wonderful idea to restore it and turn it into a museum.”

Marchina clapped her hands, “That sounds like a marvelous idea!  I can tell you something about the mansion.  Many years ago, my ancestors owned that property.  They sold it to the Munroe ancestors.  Themus Munroe renovated the mansion for his bride Alchetta Bailey.

The Atkins Ancestors have wanted that property for years.  The Totenmyers refused to sell it to the Atkins.  They believed that the Atkins were crazy and evil people and wanted them to leave the area.  I’m surprised you haven’t heard the strange tales and stories about the Atkins.”

Justin asked, “What kind of strange tales and stories?

Marchina smiled, “Sounds of howling, screams and ghosts haunting the place since the Atkins have been here.  Strangers passing through town and never seen again.  There are underground tunnels that go out of town.  In times of war, the tunnels were for the military to go from place to place, undetected.  There is one to my place, the Munroe Mansion, and the Atkins Mansion.  They all use the same tunnel.  The map for the tunnels disappeared hundreds of years ago.  No one knows where it is exactly.  I am sure it will resurface one day.”



Marchina’s Plan


Marchina said, “Anyways Justin, keep an eye on Crescenda and warn her about Annie.  She should not to be alone around her.  I would suggest no more meetings with Ms. Annie Atkins.  I will see what I can do about arranging for you in regards to the land.  I know all the old families in the area.  You can get any real estate agent to help you.  Annie has breached your trust, clip out the newspaper article, and keep it with you when you procure your new realtor.  May I suggest that you get a man instead?  You seem to have quite an effect on women.”

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She said with an ironic smile.

Justin grinned then said, “Yeah, I do, except for Crescenda.  She is the first levelheaded girl I have met in a long time.  She was smart enough to confront me in person about what Annie had told her.  We easily cleared the air.  Crescenda has a good head on her shoulders.  I guess Annie would see her as a threat to her stupid maniacal plan.  I have to go out of town for a few days; can you keep an eye out for Crescenda?”

Marchina said, “You could hire Detective Farley and let him work on your cabin Justin and he could keep an eye open without Crescenda knowing?”

Justin said, “That is a brilliant idea Marchina.  I will give him a call.  I will talk to you later next week.  I’d like some of your input into the history of Place Royale for the museum; I’m going to build at Munroe mansion.”

He turned and continued his run into the dirt path in the forest and out to the end of where the old town had been.  As he turned the corner, he stumbled and fell into a prickly brush…

Justin groaned to himself,’ this just isn’t my day!’

As he got up, he noticed a small patch of wood hidden in the crawling ivy behind the overgrown prickly brush.

He had to pull back the ivy, ‘Here was an old oak door?’

The foliage was covering the door.

He wondered, “where does this lead to?’

He grabbed and ripped off the hem of his old white t-shirt and tied it to the prickly brush and another piece on the tree beside it.

‘Next week when he got back he would look into it then.  He got back to the Hotel, hungry, sweaty and feeling energized for the first time after talking to Marchina he felt as though a great weight had lifted off his shoulder.’

He phoned Detective Brent Farley explaining about Annie and Crescenda and asked him if he was handy at all.

“As a matter of fact I am. I’ve been waiting for you to call me.” said Detective  Brent Farley.

Justin told him about the mystery around the Atkins and that maybe he could solve a few more things while he was staying at Justin’s cabin.  Detective Brent Farley would be there late that evening.  Justin figured he would get everything stocked up at the kitchen and made up a cot with blankets and a pillow for Detective Brent Farley.

He had warned Detective Brent Farley it would be like a camping trip.

Detective Brent Farley did not mind.  He loved fishing, boating and hiking his main job would be to clear out all the old junk in the cabin and do some painting and minor repairs.  He had to keep an eye on Crescenda when she was home that would be the tricky part.  Detective Brent Farley was good with people.  He would just become a friend to Crescenda.

Justin had said she was easygoing person and loved adventure.  She would probably love to explore and help solve cases with Detective Farley.  Justin would call Annie later in the afternoon to cancel dinner and tell her he to go away on urgent business.  She would finish the paper work and have it couriered to his office for him instead.  He would have to let her down easy.  He knew Annie was dangerous.  She acted just as Sylvie Hallet had with John Spearman.  Only this time, Justin would take no chances…

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The Mystery of the Missing People


After getting the cabin as ready as he could, he drove towards town.

Justin walked in and said, “Hi Jean, I need to set up an account for my construction worker, a Detective Brent Farley.  He will be coming in for supplies.  He is going to be doing repairs on my cabin for me while I am away.  Do you think you could possibly relay a message to Crescenda for me?”

Jean said, “Sure, I’m supposed to take a load of groceries to her sometime tomorrow.”

Justin asked, “Could you also ask her to show Mr. Detective Brent Farley around town and help him get familiar with the area?”

Jean asked, “Is there a reason why you were unable to tell her yourself?”

Justin apologized, “Sorry, I’ve had so many things to do in such a short period of time.  I cannot call her, because I’ll start chatting and time flies by too fast.”

Jean smiled knowingly, “Okay, just making sure you two were ok with each other.”

Justin asked, “What do you mean?”

Jean said, “I know Annie Atkins, she’ll try and destroy anyone or anything that gets in her way.  She hates Crescenda with a passion.”

Justin said, “Yeah, I know, I am worried about that.  Can you do me a favor Jean?”

“Sure” said Jean.

Justin asked, “Can you please keep an eye out for Crescenda when she comes into town and keep an eye on Annie as well?  I am cutting all ties with her today.  Did you see the paper?”

Jean answered, “Yeah I did.  Annie is getting possessive this time.  She is trying too hard to help you but not for your good, only for herself.  She is the most selfish, vindictive woman I have ever had the misfortune to know.  Just like her Father, Angus never saw much of the mother.  Poor soul she always looked like a zombie whenever she came to town with him, years ago.

Then she just disappeared one day, no funeral and the same thing with Angus Atkins.  He closed down his business and no one ever heard from him again.  You would think they would want to be buried in the cemetery her in our hometown eh?  All very strange, my Father Jean told me stories about Angus Atkins.  He would be interested in any strangers that came to town at the Old Port Inn.

The people would come into the store looking for work and then go to the Inn for a drink.  They would walk out of the Inn and Angus Atkins would leave too.  The strangers were never seen again and no one saw them leave town and I heard that they didn’t make it to the next one.

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Both of my Uncles own the general stores and Inns in the towns on either side of ours.  My Uncle Edward would say they left a few days ago, and then we would see them here at the Old Port Inn.  Usually they would come into the store here first looking for it and my Father would tell them how to get there.

Then Father would contact Albert to see if they made it to his Inn, which is on the other side of town.  They were transients, always looking to do a few days work, and then be on their way.  It would pay for their lodging and a few meals.  It was a great way to travel if you were a handy man.  Usually they were looking to go out west to build the railways or to the seaway on the St Lawrence River to work on the ships or work for the ship builders there.  A few joined the military and ran with the revolution army.

Others would be involved in the fur trading business with the local Natives like the Totenmyers.  Some even travelled up north to the Georgian Bay to set up camp with the Iroquois and work with them.  Many a time, you did not get their name for so many would pass through here.  These men and women were looking to make a fresh start in life here.  Some were European shipped here from overseas.  A few would find land, settle down, and farm it.  There are many years of history here in these parts.”

Justin made a note to relay this information to Detective Farley.

‘He would recommend that Detective Farley find out as much information from Jean and Marchina as possible.’

He excused himself.  His head was swimming with thoughts.

‘First, Marchina, now Jean, told him all these strange tales about Angus Atkins.  He was beginning to feel a sense of deep foreboding in his heart.  His instincts were usually correct.  Since he had studied Buddhism and taken up daily meditation.  He had learned the art of clearing his mind, listening to his heart.  To have clarity of thought and be -in-tune with the universe and his intuitions he knew people would band together and fight any evil when they had to.

He felt safe in knowing between Detective Farley, Marchina, and Jean that Crescenda would have people there to look out after her.  Then a little voice in his mind said whose going to look after you, if she comes after you?’

He shook off the feeling of dread, “I can take care of myself,” he said to his mirror in his jeep.

He headed over to the Hotel to pack his things…



Justin’s Plan


Justin was famished.  Once he got back to the Hotel, he headed down to the dining room to a large buffet for brunch.  Justin piled his plate high with eggs, bacon and pancakes and sausage.  He was a good eater.  He would eat healthy choices in most cases.  He felt stuffed after breakfast.  He went back to this room to meditate for an hour.

Listening to the classical music of Mozart and Beethoven, he was lost in the throes of music when his phone rang.

It was his secretary Lynn Farsworth, “Hi Justin, sorry to bother you but I needed to know when you’re planning to come to the office?”

Justin said, “Tomorrow morning, I’ll be back for a few days are there any messages for me?”

Lynn said, “As a matter of fact yes there are.”

She gave him the date and time of his legal appointment.  He jotted it down in his business planner.

Justin said, “Okay I’ll see you soon.”

Justin threw on his swimsuit, grabbed a towel, and went for a quick dip in the pool.  After swimming about twenty laps, he headed over to the hot tub, then back up to his suite after spending some time out in the sun.  He finally sat down at his desk and started drawing up the plans for the new Hotel.  It would have modern conveniences but he wanted to preserve the history of the area so he could design it after the 18th century types of architect.

Thinking of how the landscape rolled and the trees and flowers.  He designed a large villa with picturesque and gothic mixed with neo-classical designs.  There would be Hotel suites designed in various time- periods starting from the early 1500s up to the 1900s.  Each room would have a story to tell about someone famous.  The Samuel de Champlain room would be of French design and historical paintings showing the story of his life;  The building of New France, the fur trade, and his dealings with the local Natives his sailing the sea’s and exploring the waterways of Canada.

A copy of one of the maps penned by Samuel de Champlain, would be hanging on the wall.  A room decorated like a royal palace would be in honor of King Henry XIV.  Baroque in style, with large mahogany furnishings, French embroidered tapestries and matching chairs.  The ceilings had copies of Michelangelo’s paintings and sculptures pasted on them.  A woven carpet was matching the design of the ceiling.

Before Justin knew it, suppertime had come upon him.  His stomach was rumbling.  It was evening and Detective Farley should be arriving soon.  He called Annie to advise her that he had to cancel their dinner plans, as he had to go away on business.  Annie had been furious, he was sure of that.  He had not given her time to say one thing.

Justin went down to the bar to have a bite to eat and wait for Detective Farley to arrive.  He had just sat down to his pasta meal with a Caesar salad, garlic bread with cheese and a glass of red wine, when Detective Farley walked in the doorway.

Detective Brent Farley said, “I just realized I haven’t had a bite to eat yet.”

Detective Brent Farley looked up at the waiter and proceeded to order a burger and fries with gravy and an ice-cold beer.

Justin quietly said, “We’ll talk later in private about my other plans.”

Then Justin said in a loud voice, “Nice of you to make it, how were the roads?”

“It’s a bit slippery from the rain for me in my car,” said Detective Farley, playing along with him he continued, “I need a jeep like yours.”

He smiled and waiting for Justin to reply.

Justin quietly said, “I’ve made an account for you at the Moisan store for any food or supplies that you will need while renovating my cabin.”

They noticed some of the patrons ears had perked at this news.  Ever since the newspaper article, it seemed that a lot more people had taken interest in everything Justin said or did now, thanks to Annie!

Farley smiled knowingly, while looking about, he thought, ‘it’s going to be fun trying to keep my identity a secret in this small town.  In public I’ll be the local contractor here to renovate the Deere cabin, in private I shall be the protector of the fair maiden Crescenda.’

He jumped when Justin asked, “So the roads were fairly slippery I take it?”

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Detective Brent Farley complains, “Yeah I almost ended up in the ditch when some broad flew by me in a black Mercedes.”

Justin said waspishly.  “Sounds like Annie, she’s the only one in town with a black Mercedes that drives like a bat out of hell.”

Justin laughed at his own joke.

He could see the people around him smirking at this, for they all knew that was the truth.

Farley then replied, “Yeah I almost missed my flight, because I couldn’t find my dad’s fishing tackle box.  I finally found it at the very back of his garage, along with two fishing rods.  I also brought a few books and some music…  This will be like a holiday in some sense.”

“Yeah you get to do your own thing, while I’m not around,” said Justin as he winked at Detective Brent Farley.

Detective Brent Farley said, “I also brought some oil paints, canvas, and an easel.  I think I’ll do some landscape paintings.”

Justin was surprised, “I didn’t know you could paint landscapes?”

Detective Brent Farley sighed, “Oh yes, it is one of my hobby’s.  I can do portraits of people good too.  Sharp memory that I’ve been blessed with I’ve even attempted a few reproductions as well!”

“Wow!  You’re a true jack of all trades now aren’t you?”  Justin said this with mock sincerity.

He winked at Detective Farley.

Farley just laughed and said, “Your one to talk!”

Justin grinned, “You know, you’re right.  I guess I am multi-talented as well.  Let us get down to business shall we?”

Justin pulled out some sketches for Detective Farley to look at.

Justin said, “I have decided to paint everything white as the base color then I want to add some wallpaper and wall murals later.  How are you with windows?”

“No problem”  said Detective Farley.

Justin replied, “Good, because I’ve ordered a large bay window for the living room and I want a shelf built for plants and then a lower bench, upholstered and a cupboard underneath.  I will assist you with the window when I get back.  You and Jean can deliver it to the cabin, while I am gone though.  He does not have room to store it at his shop.  On each side of the window, I want shelves and bookcases.

Then over here on this wall, I want a fireplace.  I have ordered two oak wall units one is for storage of games and things on the other side the stereo, wine, and champagne glass holders on top.  The other wall will have my fifty-two inch television and surround sound speakers built into the walls around the room.

Now all I have is a small kitchen stocked for you.  Jean will deliver all supplies to you.  You just go in the store and order what you need.  I will pay the bill when I get back.”

Detective Brent Farley wryly said, “Is that all?”

Justin shook his head no and whispered as he handed an envelope to Detective Farley, “Here is your fees for your troubles.”

Detective Brent Farley smiled and pocketed the bulky envelope. They finished eating and headed out into the gardens and then to Justin’s jeep.

Farley followed Justin to his cabin.  Justin helped him unload his things.  They sat down and Justin told Detective Brent Farley everything he knew about Crescenda Lafleur.  He also told Detective Farley what Marchina and Jean had told him about Angus Atkins.  Jean could point out who Annie was any time a new man showed up in town, she would be flocking to his side immediately.  Justin told Detective Farley he would be back in a few days.  He could contact him at his office in New York City.  He had to work on the plans for the Hotel.  He warned Detective Farley that Annie was very angry about him cancelling dinner plans with her.


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Detective Farley, Jean and Marchina would be helping with Crescenda as well and Detective Farley was to visit both the next day to find out all he needed to know about Annie Atkins.  He also mentioned the underground tunnels and finding the old oak door out in the middle of the forest on the outside of the east side of town.  He had marked it with two white pieces of his t-shirt tied around the tree and prickly brush.  He said next week, he would explore it with Detective Farley if he wanted to?  Then Justin headed out of town.



Justin Deere & Associates


Justin drove to the airport, climbed into his airplane, and flew himself to New York City within two hours.  He took a taxi to Deere Towers, which was in a tall glass building, over fifty stories tall.  His penthouse suite was luxurious and elegant.  Walking into the large oval shaped living room you could see a white polar bear rug in front of the black marble fireplace and two large black leather couches formed a square around a glass table.

Figurines of art were scattered here and there.  A large golden Buddha was in one alcove and a waterfall on each side with a small green self-watering garden in front of it.  Chinese chimes with ancient medallions hung over the Buddha.  The large windows looked over the many lights dotting the city.  The black lacquer cupboards gleamed in the moonlight.  It was an open concept kitchen with a counter separating the living room.  The dining area had tall gleaming cherry wooden chairs and table.

The lights came on at the sound of Justin’s voice and he turned on the radio to put on the jazz music.  He carried his suitcases into the bedroom.  The large king sized bed with a jungle theme on the comforter.  Hunter green prints on the walls as a border with matching green blinds and grey carpet.  Shiny black walnut furniture, artwork from Africa on the walls, various masks, and rough wooden figurines of warriors and African peoples were on the walls of the rooms.  Justin collected art figurines from all over the world.  His bathroom had a large Jacuzzi tub and oriental flare and artwork on the walls and floor.  He had a large silk kimono hanging on the bathroom door.  This was his modern home for business purposes, because they did some entertaining in his suite with business clients, he had decorated with a modern urban flair with the help of his secretary Lynn who liked to travel all over the world so she always brought the most interesting souvenirs for her boss.  Justin also picked up a few things on his own travels to Paris and Italy, London and Place Royale.


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Justin fell asleep on top of his bed from sheer exhaustion.  His alarm went off around eight thirty on his watch.  Justin looked around, forgetting where he was.  After a shower, he put on his blue tweed suit and white dress shirt and tie.  What a transformation he went from Jeans and t-shirts to office attire Oh well!  He went downstairs to his favorite café for a large coffee and toasted bagel with cream cheese.  He was not too hungry.  Still tired from his trip he got into his black porche and drove to his office.

Walking in, Lynn greeted Justin with a, “Hello stranger how was your trip?”

Justin answered, “It would be considered interesting, intriguing, mixed with danger!”

Lynn said, “Really, you must update me soon.”

Justin grinned, “Okay, will do!”

He walked into his office.

Lynn followed him.  “How are your plans coming?”

Justin said, “Very good thanks.”

Lynn said, “Josh and Nathan are upset about that newspaper story.”

Justin said, “Yeah, tell me about it.  We will finish the last of the paperwork with Annie Atkins and then I will not be dealing with her anymore!  What a breach of confidentiality, I have a mind to sue her.  We are going to find another realtor that can take care of purchasing properties up there.  It will have to be a tough old bird.  Annie Atkins is a difficult, conniving woman who has it out for me.  She won’t be easy to deal with.”

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Lynn answered, “I gathered that from her many phone calls about you.  That woman always wanted to know every step and meeting that you had.  Would you believe she called me yesterday to ask if you would be in the office soon?  I told her you were due back tomorrow before I realized to whom it was that I was talking!  She calls from pay phones and tries to disguise her voice.  She always knew who your clients were?”

Justin said, “She did?  That little minx, she must have looked at my business planner somehow.  It had gone missing a couple of times.  She always graciously found it.  I thought I was misplacing it too many times.  I was starting to develop a complex about it.”

Lynn laughed, “Well now you know, my God is she like Sylvie Hallett?”

Justin nodded yes.

Lynn looked troubled, “You make sure you get rid of that woman.  She’s nuts!”

Justin said, “Did she courier the final documents?  I told her yesterday afternoon?”

Lynn said, “No, not yet.”

Lynn hurried back to her desk.

Josh and Nathan quietly snuck into the office while she had her back turned to the door, winked at each other and both yelled, “Hi Lynn!”

Lynn jumped, turning she scolded them,  “I hate it when you sneak up on me.”

They were both snickering about it.

Nathan asked, “Is Justin here yet?”

Lynn said, “Yeah, and he’s got lots to tell you.”

“I’ll bet” Nathan winked at Josh.

Josh grinned back, “Let’s go grill him.”

In they stomped into the business room.

Nathan pressed the speaker button and yelled, “Justin!”

Justin jumped in his chair.  He hated that dam speaker; it always caught him off guard.

“Get your butt in here!”  Nathan said in the curtest tone available.

Justin groaned.  ‘He had to go face the music with his business partners and hear the “I told you so” from them.’

Both Nathan and Josh had warned Justin to be careful with Annie.  They had said she was a bad egg and the he was to keep his plans to himself.  Justin being overly zealous and excited about his plans had spilled the beans to Annie over a few drinks.  It was when he and Annie had met at the bar.  She had kept buying him drinks and it had loosened his tongue or so he thought.  Annie had actually put a drop of very powerful ‘truth serum’ in his drink.

She kept the potion in one of her big black opal rings.  It also made a man drunk fast.  Justin had wondered why his tongue had been so loose that night.  It had been a big of a blur that evening with Annie.  He had not realized how much he had told her until a few days later when she was discussing the sale of various properties and his plans to develop them.  He had been mortified when he realized what he had done.  He apologized to Nathan and Josh.  He had assumed that Annie was a professional and would never breach his confidence to anyone, But why to a local newspaper?

It was a ploy to mark up the sales of the properties he was sure of it now.  Josh and Nathan agreed.  He did assure them that he had become friends with a Marchina Totenmyer who was a dear friend and long time resident of Place Royale.  Her family went back for hundreds of generations.  She had promised to help and that it would all work out.  Then he told Nathan and Josh that he had a meeting in a few days with a law firm.

Nathan said, “Maybe you’ll get some good news there.”

Lynn walked in, “good news, where?”


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Josh said, “Now that would be just what the doctor ordered right Justin?”

Justin smiled and worriedly asked Lynn, “Did those forms come in yet?”

Lynn apologized, “Sorry Justin they haven’t.”

“This is all I need” and Justin shook his head.

Nathan asked, “What’s up?

Justin said, “Annie Atkins, our ex realtor has the draft papers for the property we just purchased.  I cancelled the dinner date with her and requested them by courier to the office.  I don’t’ want any more to do with her.  She acting obsessed like Sylvie Hallett was with John Spearman.”

Nathan said, “We told you so.”

Justin sighed, “I know, I should have listened to you, but honestly, that woman seems to plan everything to go her way.  She has it out for me.  She wants to make lots of money off us and now she has made it a very competitive market.  She’ll want the highest bidder.”

Josh, Nathan, and Lynn looked at each other then at Justin with great interest and all three asked, “And who is Crescenda?”

Justin said, “This woman I made friends with up at the cabin in Place Royale.  She happens to live next door on the Lafleur land.”

Nathan asked, “The Crescenda Lafleur?  You are one lucky person because she has loaded big time.  She owns all sorts of companies and she’s the owner of Lafleur Industries!”

Then Josh added, “Hey, didn’t we go there before college, to be guinea pigs for one of their products?”

“Yeah,” said Nathan, “I remember all the red spots on my face when I found out I was allergic to bee pollen!”

Josh grinned, “Yeah you were a mess!”

Lynn just looked confused.

Nathan said, “They paid clients to come in to their testing groups.”

“Oh!”  She said, “I know about de-la-fleur flowers?”

Nathan said, “Yes!  That is hers as well.  She used to run it a few years ago.”

Josh said, “Actually her brother Felix and her Cousin Suella also work with her.”

Nathan said, “Felix is quite an inventor.”

“I remember him now,” said Justin.  “He was such a nerd and we used to poke fun at him in University?”

Nathan said, “Yeah, I wonder if he still wears that dumpy brown suit.  I asked him why the same suit.  He said it made him look like Einstein, who was his hero.  Felix is a genius and a science guru.”

Lynn added, “I like nerds and brainers.  They are easy to manage.”

Lynn went back to her desk.  The three men sat down in the business room to discuss Justin’s plans for Place Royale.  Justin told them about exploring the Mansion with Crescenda.The men looked at each other, then at Justin.  Justin had never talked about any woman he had ever met or dined.  Crescenda must have made quite the impression on Justin.  He could not stop talking about her.

They were going over the designs and arguing about the cost of the historical rooms when the door flew open and they all stopped mid sentence with their mouths open.

“How dare you cancel dinner plans?  I thought the sale of this property was the core of your business plan,” Annie Atkins stood there hands on hip, bristling in pure red-faced anger.

Justin looked at Nathan and Josh and quietly asked Annie, “Did you at least remember to bring the paperwork with you?”

Annie saw the steely glint in his eye.

Annie gritted out coldly, “I don’t entrust important papers to any courier or post.  I prefer to handle everything personally.  I provide superior service to my clients.”

Justin gritted his teeth and bit his tongue.  Nathan had given him a warning look.

Justin suddenly smiled and with every bit of charm, he apologized for having to cancel his plans with her.  His contractor Mr. Brent Farley had arrived late and they had to discuss things.  Then he had to fly back to New York City and have meetings here in his office.

Then he said, “Annie, let’s see the paperwork.”

They all sat down three on one side and Annie at the head of the table.  Annie thought to herself, ‘I could get used to this.  Maybe I will marry Justin and be the head of this company.  After all I’m good at interior design.’  It had been one of her college studies.  She pulled out the documents from her briefcase for everyone to sign and then seal.

Lynn had written out the checks for Annie and brought them in.  Both Justin and Nathan signed them.  Annie asked if Justin would be free for lunch.  Nathan and Josh looked at Justin and nodded.

Nathan turned to Annie, “We’d like to thank you for your services thus far.  The stunt you pulled with the newspapers in order to gain competition for the properties is a breach of contract.  You spilled to the press and had our personal business plans printed in a local newspaper.”

Then Josh cut in, “because of your breach, in divulging our private matters, we will no longer require your services.”

Then Nathan said, “Justin will no longer require any dinner or lunch engagements with you.  We have the right to sue you if you bring any other parties into our business dealings.  Do we make ourselves clear?”

They all stared stone faced at an open mouthed Annie.  She got up and so did they.

Her face had turned into a purple, twisted rage Annie screamed, “You will all be sorry for this!”

She stormed out of the office.  Lynn was white faced when the men came out of the office after her.

Justin asked, “What’s wrong Lynn?”

Lynn stared helplessly at Justin and broke into tears.

Lynn said, “She said you’re a dead man Justin Deere when she ran out of the office…”

Detective Farley Meets Marchina and Jean


Detective Farley woke up with a sore back.  The small cot had not been very comfortable.  All night he had tossed and turned.  He got up and made himself some strong coffee, and a bagel with cream cheese.  Justin was a nice chap.  Farley drove into town and went to the grocer to place his order with Jean.

He grabbed the paint, rollers, and brushes and put them out in his car.  Then he picked out his groceries and asked Jean if he could stop in for a cup of tea.  He wanted to know more about the history of the town.  He told Jean he was a painter and wanted to make Justin a special surprise.  He then asked for directions to Marchina’s place.  Jean said he was heading that way so Farley could just follow him.

Farley helped him load up the pickup truck and off they went for a drive around the lake.  The forest was beautiful and on the outside of town Farley noticed two faint white markers on his left side ‘that must be where that tunnel is.’

They pulled up to Marchina’s cottage and she came out.  “Hello there!  You must be Detective Brent Farley?”

He nodded yes.

“Pleasure to meet you” he said as he shook her hand.

She asked, “Will you come in for tea?”

Marchina placed plates of pastries and cookies before them.

‘Farley was in heaven.  He loved fresh baked goodies.  He did not have many of those living alone as a bachelor in his cold, damp, dingy apartment.  He was finding Place Royale a very wonderful experience so far – except for that lumpy cot.’

Marchina looked at Detective Farley, “Didn’t sleep well I see?”

He looked at her in surprise.

She gave him a small bottle of purple colored liquid, “This is a sleeping potion.  It could help you or another if needed.”  She winked at him.

He smiled and thought to himself.  “She’s a wise old owl if I’ve ever met one.’

“Thanks, I’ll put this to good use I’m sure!”  Detective Farley said as he winked back, “Justin mentioned that you know a lot about the history of this place.  I’m interested in the tales of the Atkins.”

Jean relayed the stories his Father Jean had told him about his Uncles Edward and Albert.  Then Marchina added her visions and dreams and how Annie was with Justin and Crescenda.

How the Atkins wanted the Munroe land and Marchina’s land as well.  How Marchina’s ancestors sold the lands to Themus Munroe’s ancestors.

Farley gave a start at the name.  “You say Munroe Mansion belonged to a Themus Munroe?”

Then she continued and added the strange happenings of the girl named Louise Picard at that time as well. Farley shook his head in disbelief.  So many puzzle pieces were now coming together.  He could not tell Jean or Marchina what he knew, but Marchina had a knowing look in her eye when she glanced his way.

Detective Farley noticed on the shelf a deck of tarot cards tucked in behind a crystal ball.  He derived a conclusion and asked if either knew where the map of the underground tunnels might be?

Jean said, “I think Themus Munroe was the last one to acquire the tunnel map.  He needed it before restoring the mansion.  Angus Atkins would also have a copy.  He had tunnels from his home to the town.  In the winter he would use them to get to his office, rather than by going by horse or coach.”

Jean had to get back to work, so he excused himself with, “I’ve got more deliveries to do.  I’ll bring your stuff around sometime this afternoon and then I’ll take you over to meet Crescenda.”

Detective Brent Farley said, “Okay, see you then.”

When Jean left, Marchina told Detective Farley that Annie had left town.  Farley had a good idea where she went.  He called Justin’s office and asked Lynn if Annie Atkins had been there.

Lynn said in surprise, “How did you know?”

“It was instinct,” said Detective Farley in a wry voice.

Lynn told him Justin, Nathan and Josh had told Annie they no longer needed her services and when she had left, she had said Justin Deere you’re a dead man.  Farley was feeling troubled by this news.

He suggested that Justin try to come back to Place Royale as soon as possible for his own protection.  Lynn relayed this information to Nathan and Josh and they fully agreed.  They loved Justin’s ideas but they were worried about funding the project and would work on business propositions and search for a realtor.  Justin would spend two more days in New York City then go back to Place Royale.  When Detective Farley got off the phone, he told Marchina what had happened.

Marchina thought for a moment, “Yes she would say that in anger and then try something on him when he’s alone.  Not in New York City, she would try it here out in the country where she can deal with him in her evil way.  She will try to use Crescenda to bring them both to her.  We must warn her before its too late.  I will come with you.  She will trust me.  You are strangers to her and Jean is not that close to her.”

They went back to Jeans store and then to Justin’s cabin to drop off the food and supplies for Detective Farley.  Then all three headed over to Crescenda’s place.  She was surprised but delighted to have some company.  Life was kind of quiet and boring without Justin around.  They brought in her supplies and they all sat down.

Marchina grabbed Crescenda’s hand.  “My dear, we have serious news to tell you.”

Crescenda panicked.  “Did something happen to Justin?”

Jean said, “Well, yes and no.  He is all right.  But let us explain.”

The three of them poured out all the tales to Crescenda about Angus Atkins and Annie’s threat to her and the death threat to Justin.  Crescenda sat there numb from it all.  She remembered when a girl named Sylvie had murdered her friend Cindy.  Annie Atkins had reminded her of Sylvie as well.

She relayed this to Marchina who smiled and said, “You and Justin both knew Sylvie!  She used to be one of his clients.”

Crescenda, “Wow!  Small world so what do we do now?”

Marchina said, “Justin’s planning to come back soon in a few days, so we can keep an eye on him.  We are going to advise you not to go out alone anywhere.  In or out of town, until we can make sure Annie will not hurt you or Justin.  Detective Farley is here to protect you.  He is going to be working on the cabin next door and doing renovations there.  Jean and I were to keep an eye on you and Annie in town.”

‘Crescenda was touched that Justin cared so much for her well being.  He was such an amazing man.  She could see how easily girls would fall in love with a man like him.’

The plan was when she wanted to go out for walks or fresh air, Detective Farley would accompany her and into town if needed.  Marchina would come visit her as well.

Jean had to keep the same routine.  They could not trust the local authorities for they had been long time friends of the Atkins and Annie had most people in her pocket.  She would make the nastiest enemy and cause undue headaches for Justin.  She had in the past for many new comers.  However, most of the people in town had family ties to Justin Deere and all the good things his family had done would pave new roads of opportunity for Justin.  So Detective Farley went back to work on the cabin and Jean took Marchina back home to her cottage…



Detective Farley Meets Annie Atkins


Detective Brent Farley was pulling out a load of debris when a black Mercedes pulled up outside.  He noticed the young, black haired woman right away and half guessed just who she might be.

“Hello, you must be Farley the new contractor.  My name is Annie Atkins.  Do you have building permits?”

Detective Farley looked at her and sarcastically said, “And why is that any of your business?

Annie bristled.  “Because I just figured Justin’s so wrapped up in Crescenda he may have forgotten to get them?”

“Well I’m sure he knows what needs to be done,” said Farley in a diplomatic manner.

She asked, “Would you like to come over for tea?”

Detective Farley said, “No, but I do want to go to the Old Port Inn for a beer, care to join me pretty lady?”

Annie blushed.  ‘This tall red haired, muscular stranger was amusing.  He was strong willed and he did not cower under her words as Justin had.  She liked this Farley fellow.’

“Your strong as an ox aren’t you?”  She said as she trailed her fingers along his muscled arms.

Detective Farley’s skin crawled.  ‘The darkness in this woman’s soul glared out of her shadowed eyes.  Ah, she has lots to hide.

Detective Farley said, “I’ll follow you in my car.”

“Why not ride with me?”  She pouted.

Detective Farley said, “Annie, I don’t have time; I’m going for a beer, talking to you and then coming back to work alone.”

‘His main goal was to keep Annie away from Crescenda and gain some information from her.  He could tell at first glance Annie was a bragger and given the right dosage of liquor, he could weasel information out of her.’

They drove into town and to the Old Port Inn.  Marchina was on her bike and saw the two of them go into the Inn.

Annie rasped, “That old woman’s the nosiest old goat I’ve ever known.  She’s always staring me down.”

Detective Farley told Annie to go have a seat and he would get them a drink.

Detective Farley asked Annie, “Would you like some red wine, pretty lady?”

Annie smiled, ‘Wow, he even picked my favorite drink.’

He sat down with the drinks and she asked, “So where you from?”

He replied, “I’m from Scotland.”

She looked at him and said, “How did you get to know Justin?  I’ve never heard of you before.”

He looked her straight in the eye and said, “So you know everything Justin does?  What do you have?  Built in radar or something?”

She laughed, “Something like that.  I have my ways and they are electronically inclined.”

‘Farley made a mental note of the comment.  He would ask Justin later if he put all his appointments and contacts in his diary.’

Detective Farley said, “Yes, I’m a tradesman at heart.  I had heard of Deere & Associates looking for 18th century artisans.  Moreover, that newspaper story you supplied confirmed what I had heard, so I contacted them and offered my services.  Now what is your story pretty woman?  Why so interested in Justin?”

She looked at Farley and said, “What’s it to you?”

Then she laughed wickedly while smiling at him.

Detective Farley mockingly said, “You started it beautiful!”

Annie said, “Okay, okay!  I want Justin because he will make me a rich woman and I need other things from him.”

Farley looked her in the eye, “Where’s Munroe mansion?”

Annie looked taken back, “Why?”  She asked with trepidation in her voice.

Detective Farley said, “Justin mentioned it had ghosts.  I am interested in the supernatural.  Are you?”  He asked nonchalantly.

“Not really, although I do have ghosts haunting my place from time to time,” she said candidly.

“What do they do?”  He asked interested.

“Mostly scream and scare people.”  She said with demure.

He asked, “How come you’re not scared of them?”

She replied, “Because they are scared of me!”

This devilish laugh came out of her.

He said, “Aw, come on!  What do they have to be scared of?”

She looked at him and whispered, “My skeletons.”

She got up and excused herself.

He grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her back close to his face, “I’ll come over and meet your skeletons then” jeered Farley.

Annie looked at him for a minute.

Then he said, “I’ll whip them away for you.”

Annie had a strange gleam in her eye and smiled, “Oh I would love to see you whip them.  Too bad they don’t bleed!”

She walked out.

‘Farley got a sick feeling in his gut.  He had suspected Annie liked violence and her answer had confirmed his worse fears.  This woman relished giving pain and suffering to others and wanted them to bleed?  She was a sick puppy and from his years of experience dealing with serial killers, Annie Atkins had all the makings of one.  He had to find out more about Angus Atkins.  That tunnel was somewhere and he was going to find it.’

Farley checked with Marchina to confirm that Annie had driven towards her own estate, the he headed back to the Deere cabin.


The Sleek Silverette


Detective Farley knocked on Crescenda’s door.  She had been watching TV all afternoon and was looking tired when she answered the door.

Detective Brent Farley said, “I’m here to go for our evening walk my lady!”

Detective Farley bowed with a flourish, stretching out his hand.

Crescenda laughed, “Come in for a minute.  I need to change into some track pants.”

Detective Farley walked into the simple designed lodge.  It was warm and cozy inside.  He told Crescenda about Annie coming to his door and the conversation he had at the Old Port Inn with her.

Crescenda said, “Oh my God, she’s such a mental case.”

Detective Farley murmured, “I wonder why no one’s ever caught it before.  She keeps to herself except when she is determined to cause trouble in other people’s lives.  She sounds like a cold-hearted killer.  Do you have a gun here?”

Crescenda nodded yes.  “I keep a small silver hand gun in my bedroom dresser drawer.  It’s on the left side of the bed.”

Detective Farley said, “Okay, keep it loaded and under your pillow.  This woman’s got the makings of a serial killer so I’d be careful if I were you.”

They went for a walk along the beach.  Crescenda decided to show  Detective Farley her boathouse.  Inside was a Silverette Yacht, an old canoe made out of birch bark, an old rowboat, tucked away in the corner.

Looking worse for wear, it had rotted over the years.  The canoe had pictures of bears and deer on it.

Crescenda explained, “Some Native Indians had given it as a gift to her Grandfather Goderich Lafleur.  I think it was the Totenmyer family actually.  It had been the main means of transportation to town for groceries back in the 1900s when they built it.  They had also used horses and carriages to get around once in town.  There were no brick roads back then, just treacherous dirt roads.  Very rough at times for the carriages to travel on, so her Grandfather had preferred the canoe instead or sometimes the rowboat.”

Detective Farley wanted to go for a spin in the yacht and asked Crescenda, “Can we go fishing for a couple of hours tomorrow morning?”

Crescenda replied, “Sure I wouldn’t mind to go out for a ride in the yacht; I never go out alone, so this would be a good time.”

As they walked along the dock, Detective Farley noticed a glint of light off in the distance.

Detective Farley asked, “Who lives over that way?”

Crescenda replied, “Annie Atkins mansion is over to the left, and then beside it is Munroe mansion and then Marchina’s cottage.  They are all across the lake from my place.  Why do you ask?”

Detective Farley said, “I just noticed a glint of light from over there and I am assuming that someone is using binoculars and watching us.”

He lowered his head and warned Crescenda, “Keep your face straight and don’t say anything more in that direction, she may be able to read your lips.  Just act like you saw a bird or something.”

He was right.

Annie had watched the two of them with gritted teeth.  ‘That witch!  She has Justin and now she is flirting with Mr. Farley too!  Wait until I tell Justin, what a player she is.  She cannot have all the men in Place Royale.  She has already ruined my plan with Justin.  I will just have to kill her and Justin.  Then I will get their land as well.  Marchina will have to go too…’

Marchina woke up with a start, ‘She had heard Annie’s thoughts loud and clear.  She got up and started preparing some potions.  She would protect them all.  Annie was too evil.  Something had to be done and soon.  She would get her before Annie got everyone else…

Crescenda decided it was all too creepy and went home.  She had agreed to an early morning start around five for the fishing trip with her yacht and Farley.  She locked up all her windows and did something she has never done in years.  She pulled out her small silver gun and placed it under her pillow.  She went to sleep feeling very uneasy that night…

Crescenda’s alarm went off around four thirty.

‘Ugh, fishing trip!’ she had not slept well, tossing and turning and jumping at every little noise.

‘Some holiday this turned out to be!’

She got up and got dressed in a nice grey sweatpants and t-shirt.  She grabbed a sun hat, sunglasses, and a black sweatshirt.  A couple of bottle of water, Baby Ruth chocolate bar and she was all set.  Detective Farley met her down at the dock.  He was excited to see the Yacht’s silver slim design.  He put his fishing rods, gear in, and then jumped in himself.

Detective Farley asked, “Mind if I drive?  I have my own speedboat at home.  Looks like you had a restless night?”

“Yes,” said Crescenda with a weary voice, “My holiday is slowly turning into a nightmare.  I might go home earlier than planned.”

Detective Farley said, “It will not matter.  Annie has convinced herself that you are a threat to her, so she will follow you.  You would be safer here amongst friends.  In the city it would be all too easy for her to get to you.”

Crescenda felt frustrated.

‘She had worked in the lab.  Well not, really, Felix could oversee most of it.  She usually just created new product ideas, and then gave it to her lab team to come up with the correct formula.  Her research scientists had said something about a new idea of theirs, when she left.’

She said aloud to Detective Farley,” I could let my science team have some fun and develop a product on their own.  Kind of like an inventive exercise.  They could work as a team and develop the marketing part.  I am so used to doing everything by myself but after being here for a week, I can see that I lack being a team player.

I have watched Justin involve the whole community in his business plan having each small group of people contributing a part of them.  I have learned to work with a team and now this problem with Annie makes me stop and think.  All these years I have alienated myself from the social world.  Working so hard to make something of myself my Father had been a scientist and inventor as well.  I guess that is where Felix developed a passion for it.  He designed this cool Massa tub for me back at home.  It has a built in massage unite.  I miss my toys!”

Detective Farley said, “Hey look is that Munroe mansion?”

Crescenda said, “Yes, it is.”

Detective Farley asked, “Can we stop and take a look at it later on?”

Crescenda smiled, “Sounds like a plan.”

They drove out at top speed out and around the lake.  Flying past the coastline in a blur they quickly made their way to their destination.  Crescenda was enjoying the ride.  Usually Felix and his friends used the yacht.  She never went out alone in it.  The wind blowing through her hair, she watched the glorious pink and red sunrise.  Farley had put the anchor down and was getting the fishing rods ready.

Detective Farley said, “Justin told me there’s a nice large bass out here.”

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Crescenda smiled.  ‘Farley was proving to be quite the funny guy.’

He told her, “I love the castles of Scotland.  How grand they are.  I studied artisanship at the academy of art there.  Worked for a few years doing restoration projects and then decided he wanted to see a bit of the world.  I visited England and then New York City and found that not many artists are training in 18th century restoration work.

I applied to work on some movie sets in New York City.  Then I became interested in a few cases at the time, so then I decided to attend the police academy and studied forensics and law enforcement.  I became interested when I saw an investigation going on in the park.  As a child, my friends and I played the game of Sherlock Holmes.  I learned many techniques in the art of deduction from reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books.  My art work is considered special, but not always required, as he I have become quite talented in drawing criminals for posters and for witnesses to identify.”

Crescenda listened with great fascination.

The she said, “I paint landscapes with watercolors too.  Maybe you can teach me a few things.”

Detective Farley said, “Sure, I’d love too.”

‘Detective Farley was really beginning to like Crescenda.  She was a smart, intelligent and a witty person.  She had a cheerful disposition and a level head.  He was glad Justin hired him to look after her.’

Detective Farley said his last thought aloud then blushed at Crescenda’s look of mirth.

She smiled and said, “Well thank you for the compliment!”

Suddenly she felt a strong tug on her line.  She got up on the side of the boat to get a better look and Farley yelled out to warn her, but it was too late.  The fish did another tug and Crescenda lost her balance and toppled over board.  Farley threw down his fishing rod, grabbed the lifeline, and threw it out to her.  Crescenda was gasping for air.  He pulled her to the back of the yacht and she climbed up the ladder and sat down laughing on the mini-deck.  He came down and helped her untangle herself.

Detective Farley leaned over her and asked, “Are you sure that your okay?”

She looked up ruefully at his sexy bright blue eyes, “I’m so sorry!  I lost your fishing pole.”

He said, “that’s all right, I’m just happy that your okay.  I don’t think Justin would be too impressed if on my first day you drowned!”

With that thought, they both howled.  They spent another hour there.  Crescenda had put some tunes on and decided to do some sunbathing while Detective Farley fished.  She went down below and they came up with her pink shiny bikini.  Detective Farley gasped.  Crescenda had worn baggy clothes, he had no idea how gorgeous, and curvy she was.  He had to try hard not to gawk at her.

She smiled and asked, “Would you like a beer?”

Detective Farley smiled, “You’ve got a bar on here?”

Crescenda smiled and said, “Yeah, I threw a couple in the fridge last night on the boat.  I brought water with me too.  I’m going to make some nestle iced tea mix as well.”

Detective Farley guzzled his beer greedily.

Suddenly his fishing line moved – he said, “I think I got one!”

Then he stood in a stance, bracing himself for the fight ahead.  He leaned back and Crescenda could see his rippled arm muscles.

‘God he was built.  Crescenda always enjoyed some eye candy.  Although she did not care for Detective Farley’s red hair, she preferred tall, dark, and handsome men, like Justin.  His face flashed before her eyes.’

Then Detective Farley gave a yell.  Crescenda stood up but did not get too close to the edge of the boat again.  She watched as Farley slowly reeled in the huge fish.

When he brought it a board, she gasped at the sheer size of it and said,  “Now that’s what I call a large bass!”

The thing must have been about twenty pounds in weight.

Detective Farley grabbed his camera.  “Take a picture for me please.”

He handed the camera to Crescenda then he held the fish up high.  Crescenda clicked two pictures, and then Farley asked if he could take a picture of her as well?

Crescenda grinned, “Sure”

He said, “Well now I think we’ll head over to the Munroe Mansion for a bit.”

Crescenda went downstairs, changed back into her sweat suit, and came back upstairs.  She grabbed the beer bottle and her glass and put everything away, then watched as  Detective Farley carefully pulled up and dropped anchor close to the shore…



The Underground Tunnel


Crescenda told Farley the last time they were there that she had fallen through the dock and Justin had to carry her.  She pulled out the Zodiak inflatable kayak and with the push of a button, instantly inflated it.

Detective Farley looked at her in surprise when she said, “This was invented by Pierre Debruitelle in 1934.  Felix got it for me.”

She pulled out two oars and they got in.  Detective Farley rowed them into shore.

They got out on the sand and pulled the boat up on the shore.  They walked up the path of the hill and Crescenda found herself thinking about her last visit there with Justin.  She explained to Detective Farley it had been quite dark before and today, being bright and sunny it would be easier to see the rooms much better.  They had walked through the downstairs part and ended up in the library.  Detective Farley noticed the odd design around one of the bookcases immediately.  On the right was a glass cabinet that was full of ancient scrolls of maps.

Detective Farley pulled out some gloves from his pouch.  “I never leave home without these.”

He found the key to the cabinet in the large, exquisitely baroque designed mahogany desk.  He opened the cabinet and gingerly pulled out the parchments.  One was the plans for the mansion, the other a type of map.

Looking over the plans, Detective Farley walked around the mansion looking at each room and then excitedly saying, “Hey Crescenda this place has secret stairways and passageways.  They had been built for the servants to move around the mansion unseen to the guests.”

He went back to the library where Crescenda was standing with a petrified look on her face.

A ghostly apparition had appeared before her saying, “Welcome my lady to Munroe mansion!”

However, when Detective Farley entered the room, the ghost had disappeared.

Detective Farley asked, “Crescenda, are you okay?  You look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”

Crescenda nodded yes and pointed at the wall, “I thought I had seen one standing there.”

“Oh!”  Said Farley who did not believe that there were any ghosts there, “I think you’ve had too much sun” and advised her to take a seat in the armchair by the fireplace.

He leaned against the mantelpiece and asked in an ironic voice,  “What did the ghost say?”

Looking at her with a silly grin on his face she said, “He welcomed me to the mansion?”

“Well at least he isn’t trying to chase you away!”  He said emphatically.

Crescenda said, “You know that’s kind of odd isn’t it?  Anyone else who’s come to this place has been chased away?”

“What do you mean?”  He asked with great interest.

Crescenda said, “Well I was told that people had strange things happen to them here and they ran out screaming saying they’d never buy this mansion in a million years!”

Detective Farley wondered if Annie Atkins had anything to do with it.  He placed his hand on the sculpture of King Henry XIV and leaned on it.  Suddenly the library wall swung open.  A draft of cold, musty air hit their faces.  Cobwebs and dust flew in the air.

Detective Farley looked down at the map and said, “See this passage way connects to one of the underground tunnels.”

He put the map down on the desk, grabbed his large light, from out of his pouch, and lit it.

He said, “Come on, let’s go!”

Detective Farley went right in.

Crescenda stood there for a moment and again the ghostly apparition appeared before her and said, “Danger, my lady, don’t go in there.”

Crescenda screamed.

Detective Farley ran back.  Crescenda pointed at the wall as the ghost disappeared.

Detective Farley said, “You saw it again?”

Crescenda nodded, “he told me, danger!  Don’t go in there!”

Detective Farley said, “Its okay Crescenda, you’re with me.”

He showed her his holster and gun under his shirt.  Into the steep staircase, they climbed down, Detective Farley batting at the many cobwebs.  The tunnel came to a wooden oak door.  It had a steel latch across it.

Detective Farley grunted as he pushed it up and said, “It’s a bit rusty and old as the hills but nothing that I can’t handle.”

They came into a tunnel that went two ways.  Farley had studied the map.  The left end headed into town, the other way he was not sure.  Therefore, they went left.  He noticed the row of lamps along the passage and flicked the switch.  It was a ghostly illumination.  It took half an hour and they came to a wooden oak door.  They had trouble pushing it open for there was lots of over grown vegetation around it.  Farley had to grab around the door and pull the long strands of green ivy off.  Finally, they both shoved it open.

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They tumbled out onto a dirt road.  The sun blinded them for a minute then their eyes focused.  Farley looked at the snags of white material.  One tied to a tree the other to the prickly brush in front.

Detective Farley said,  “It looks like Justin found this door the other day.  We were supposed to explore it when he got back.  It leads to the outside part of town.”

Crescenda said, “Really, that is so amazing.  I wonder where this leads to.”

They wandered back and saw their door with the initial M.M inscribed on it. The passage way went deeper into the earth.  There was another tunnel on the left further down and they followed it until they came to another wooden door on it were the initials LT.

Crescenda said, “This must be Marchina Totenmyer’s tunnel!”

They walked back, made a left, and followed the tunnel down to the other end.  It was an hour later.  They came to the third wooden door with the initials of AA on it.  Detective Farley could not resist he had to know.  As they opened the door, they came into a dark, moldy basement.  Various whips, knives, and sickles were hanging along the wall.  In the next room, both of them stopped dead.  There was another smaller wooden door and on it was inscribed the words ‘The devils play room’.  Both of them looked at each other.

The hair was standing on the back of their necks.  They both felt an evil presence there.  Detective Farley slowly opened the door.  Inside to their horror were various chairs, racks, and torture tools.  Detective Farley turned white as a sheet.  So did Crescenda.  There lying in front of them was a ghost of a woman tied down on the bed of sharp spikes.  Another ghost of a man standing with his back to them, whip in hand.

The ghost of a woman began to wail and scream, “Let me go!  Please!  My family will miss me.  My name is Amelia White.  My Father will give you money.”

The man sneered, “Do you think I want anyone to know what I do here?  Your life means nothing to me.”

With that, he began to press on the levers, the woman’s body stretched over the spikes, and they began to dig into her bleeding flesh.  She let out a blood curling scream as he whipped her flesh raw calling her a filthy whore and that now she would pay for her sins.

Suddenly the man called out, “Annie!  Do you want a go at this wench?”

With that Detective Farley grabbed Crescenda, dragged her slowly back out and closed the doors and as they ran back down the tunnel.



The Locked Tower


Annie had been having an early breakfast when she heard the large silver yacht zoom by her place.  She grabbed her binoculars and saw Farley and Crescenda laughing and driving out on the lake.

She was fuming mad, ‘that woman was getting her hooks into her Farley.’

Annie had decided she wanted Farley.  His muscular body had sent shivers down her spine and his mention of whipping had created a stir in her.  She saw it when they had gone to the Munroe mansion.  She decided to go investigate but she used one of her Father’s secret tunnels instead.  She had been standing near the library wall when it had swung open and had hidden in the alcove under the boards.

She knew all the hiding places in that tunnel.  She used to play in there for hours as a little girl.  She had heard Farley say he wanted to explore the tunnel.  When they had gone left, Annie went right to prepare for her plan.  She had called out to the ghosts of Atkins place to help her get Crescenda and Farley.  She was waiting with a bat, when they came running through the tunnel.  She banged Farley on the back of the head and then shut the lights out.

At first Crescenda, had been so terrified had not noticed.  She heard a clunk but then heart running footsteps and noticed that a flashlight came on as the lights went out.  So she headed for the mansion.  When she got there, she was out of breath.  That is when she noticed the lights come back on.  However, Farley was nowhere in sight.

‘Now where had he gone?’

She walked back to the tunnel and saw Farley’s nap sack on the floor and blood beside it.  It looked like a trail went towards the Atkins door…

‘Oh God Annie has Farley and she turned and ran back towards Munroe Mansion.  Annie had pulled Farley in, locked him onto one of the chairs then taken another tunnel door back to the mansion’s other side.  Crescenda came out into the library and there stood Annie.  Blood smeared across a leather apron and she was wearing men’s clothing.

She had a wild look in her eye as she tilted her head back and gave a cold blood-curling laugh, “Now Crescenda, you are all mine!”

She knocked out Crescenda, dragged her up to the tower in Munroe mansion, and locked her in.  She would come back later for her.  She wanted Farley, first.

She walked back through the tunnel and went upstairs to bath herself, apply makeup and perfume and she put on a black leather outfit.  Dressed as a dominatrix she grabbed her horses riding crop and made her way downstairs.  She grabbed one of her special potions and forced it down Farley’s mouth.  He would participate as though drunk, but would not remember much.  She stripped him of his clothes, laid him flat on his back and began to whip him.

Annie huskily said, “You love a good whipping don’t you bad boy!”

Detective Farley was trying to gain his faculties but he just could not for his brain was all foggy and he was naked and felt stings of pain when Annie whipped him.  She pinched his nipples and coddled him with her hand.  She worked on him then she raped him.  He did not want Annie.  He struggled.  She gagged his mouth.  He was at her mercy.  Then all went black.  Meanwhile Crescenda had awakened up in the tower and she crawled up on a wooden box and saw through the torrent that it was nighttime.

Crescenda hated the damp floor and the sounds of rats scratching.  She noticed a chest of drawers and Farley’s knap sack on the floor.  Annie must have grabbed it and put it there.  She pulled open the drawers and found an old quilt inside and some candlesticks.  She lit the candles with the matches from Farley’s knap sack and sat down on the quilt.  She looked around the room.  Old portraits all dusty were lying against the one wall.  It looked like odd pieces of furniture and belongings lying across the wooden floor.

She had tried the door but to no avail, it was solid.  She started to look through the big leather chests and found an old tan leather suitcase full of men’s clothing.  A pipe, some tobacco from London, and leather bound book.  She pulled on the gloves she found in Farley’s knap sack.  Farley had a Baby Ruth chocolate bar and a bottle of water in there as well as a small bottle of potion.  She remembered Farley telling her Marchina had made it for him to use when he needed to get some sleep or when necessary?

She opened up the leather bound book and found it was the diary of a Themus Munroe.  He spoke of his plans to rebuild the mansion.  He talked of his wife Alchetta going to the cottage to learn to bake with Marchina and her Aunt Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood.  Stories of the grand balls and dinner parties they had there at the mansion.  It sounded marvelous.  It included an entry about Angus Atkins who helped with the Architecture and designs of the mansion.

Then the diary mentions that Joseph Munroe desired an heir for the mansion. Themus talked about his raping his wife Alchetta and her leaving him.This had caused a strain on his marriage to Alchetta.  He came back home and found Alchetta dead on the garden floor.  He wrote that Angus had told him the place was evil and cursed and that ghosts haunted it.  He knew that his memories of Alchetta would keep haunting him as long as he kept living there at the Mansion so he had to leave.

Then it said that Angus had something special to show Themus about his home.

‘So Themus hadn’t designed the whole mansion on his own.  Did he know about the secret rooms?  According to the diagrams in the book, no secret passageways were marked and when she looked at the plans though she had noticed the drawings of the tower.  She heard a noise outside.  Looking out the small turret, she saw a light and another boat.  It was her canoe.

Then she saw the tall figure looking through her yacht.  The canoe came up on shore and she could see the kayak still there.  So did the mysterious visitor.  As the figure came closer, she recognized it as Justin and began to yell.  She was too far away.  He could not hear her and there off in the corner was Annie dressed in her leather apron, and men’s clothing.  She came up behind Justin and knocked him over the head with a long flashlight.

She began to drag the body across the sand then into a bush and disappeared.  There must be passageways over by the beach too!  She had to do something.  Then she saw another figure wandering around with a lamp.  It was shorter with a flowered smock on it.  It too disappeared behind another bush on the left side of the property.  I wonder if that is Marchina.  She was tired so she blew out the candles and laid down to rest for a moment, and then she jumped up with a start…


Justin Returns to Place Royale

Justin figured out how Annie knew all his appointments.  Somehow, she had managed to read his diary.  Justin had gotten back from New York City in the morning as planned. He went to his meeting with Neulan and associates in the afternoon and left there all excited about what they had told him.  He could not wait to share the good news.

First, he had some dinner at the Hotel.  Fish and chips and some pop.  Then he drove out to the Deere cabin.  It was all dark.  Farley was not around but his car was still there?  No sign of the fishing tackle in the car.  He went and knocked on Crescenda’s door.  No one answered and there were no lights on inside.  Now he was getting worried.  It was late and no one was around.

He grabbed a light and he walked over to the boathouse after following the set of four footprints in the sand.  He went into the boathouse and realized that the bay area on one side was large and empty.  He grabbed his binoculars and noticed a large outline of what appeared to be a yacht out on the lake.

‘I wonder?’

Justin jumped into the canoe and paddled it over to the large yacht calling out, “Hello is anyone there?”

He climbed aboard and went down below.

He saw the portrait of Crescenda on the mantelpiece with another chap.  That must be Felix.  They look a bit alike.

“Where is she?”  He wondered in puzzlement.

Then he looked up at the tower of Munroe mansion and saw some lights flickering up in the window.

Justin muttered, ‘They must be at the mansion.”

He paddled to the shore, pulled the canoe up on the sand, and noticed the kayak laying there.  He had started walking up the path and had gotten to the top when from out of nowhere there came the stabbing of pain in his head then total blackness overtook him as he crumpled to the ground…



Marchina’s Secret Potion


Marchina knew the time would be soon to put her plan into action.  First, she made some homemade wine down in her cellar.  Then she went to a lever on the wall, hidden high near the ceiling and pulled on it.  The wall swung open.  Inside were shelves with rows and rows of small glass jars.  Each labeled with various kinds of herbs and potions.

A large spell book was lying open on the large wooden table.  A large black cauldron was in the center of the room and a smaller one.  In the smaller cauldron, she mixed one measure each of vermilion and quebrith and three measures of hydragenum.  Marchina read fisstech would make them feel stunned, lose consciousness, and can last up to eight hours.

‘Yes, this will be very useful…’

as she poured it carefully into a bottle of wine and then carried it upstairs with her…



Annie’s Plans are Revealed


Marchina had been closing her shutters for the night.  She had heard strange noises from her basement and had not thought much of it.  ‘The ghosts are being restless again’ she thought to herself.  The ghosts had been restless before, howling and screaming.  Then she heard a piercing scream of a woman.  She noticed the flickering light up in the tower of Munroe mansion and had a foreboding feeling.  She grabbed her special truth serum, took her lantern, and made her way out into the garden.  It was time.  She headed into her secret passageway…

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Detective Farley woke up cold and bleeding.  Strapped naked to the bench, he tried to wiggle but could not move.  He had no idea how long he had been laying there.

‘What had happened to Crescenda?  He was worried about her.’

Then he heard another noise in the next room.  Annie was talking to someone else.  He could hear the sounds of the whips and the scream of agonizing pain.

A familiar man’s voice asked, “What have you done with Crescenda?”

Annie said in a hoarse whisper, “I have locked her up safely in the tower.  She will be my next torture victim after I’m done with you Justin Deere!”

Justin gasped, “You are a crazy bitch you know.  Where’s my contractor Farley?”

Annie said, “He is naked and strapped down in the next room.  He is my bondage playmate.  I raped him and whipped him good.  I drugged him first, I know he will like me much more then you ever did.  Your love for me went cold as soon as that vixen Crescenda showed her face around here.  It does not matter, I do not care about you anymore Justin.  Once you are dead, I will take what is rightfully mine -Munroe mansion.  Then I will take Marchina’s place, Crescenda’s and yours.  Oh yes, I will design it as you wish.  Now sign this document.”

Justin’s feeble voice said, “What is it?”

Annie said, “It is a copy of your last will and testament; you will be leaving me with all your lands, properties, and businesses.  I will rename it Atkins & Associates and continue to design the fabulous tourist attractions.  I will make sure to design underground tunnels so I can grab whomever I want and bring them back to my torture chamber.”

She pulled on the levers some more as Justin’s naked body stretched some more over the spikes below.  She whipped him some more.

Annie went on to say her Father Angus had taught her the art of torture.  She had watched her Mother die here and many strangers.

“Where are the bodies?”  He rasped.

Annie said, “We ground up the bones and threw them over the cliffs at the end of the trails.”

“What happened to your Father?”  He could barely speak.

Annie coldly said, “I killed him and killed the guy who wrote the death certificate.”

Justin wanted to puke, ‘this woman was vile.’

Detective Farley felt helpless listening to all this.  Marchina stood quietly at the door of the tunnel and stopped as someone came creeping up behind her.  She whirled around and let out a silent sigh of relief.  It was Crescenda!  She nodded to be quiet and she made her way carefully up the stairs into the house.  She knew Annie always had a glass of wine before bed.  She put the sleeping potion called ‘fisstech’ in the bottle of wine that was open.  It was in a cup of ice, cooling.  She knew that Annie would go clean herself up before visiting Justin.

Marchina crept back downstairs and motioned to Crescenda to follow her back to Munroe mansion.

Marchina said in low tones, “We need to lure Annie away from Justin and get her to drink the wine.  How did you get out of the tower?”

Crescenda pulled out Themus Munroe’s diary and showed her a picture of the trap door that was under a carpet on the floor of the tower.  Marchina took the diary and put it in her sack while Crescenda explained what had happened to her.

Crescenda said, “I climbed down the spiraling staircase, went through the library, and spotted you walking ahead of me.”

Marchina said, “I will take care of drawing Annie upstairs at the Atkins mansion and give her some wine.  You will have to work on freeing Detective Farley and Justin until I can join you.”

Crescenda said, “Good luck.”

Marchina went out of the Munroe mansion and walked over to the front door of the Atkins home.  She rang the bell and banged the brass lion’s head doorknocker.  Then she hid herself from view.

Annie wondered whom it could be, so she closed the dungeon door and ran upstairs; she hit the speaker button and said, “One moment please.”

Annie threw a large white cloak over herself and went to the door to peak out.

Annie said, “What do you want?”

Marchina came out of the shadows and said, “Annie I need you to come with me to see what’s in the tower at Munroe mansion?”

Annie sighed, “Why?”

Marchina said, “Because there are lights flickering there so I must go investigate.”

Annie looked out the window and sure enough, there were.

Annie impatiently said, “Give me a few minutes.”

She let Marchina in and then instructed Marchina to go have a seat in the sitting room on the left.

Annie said, “I have to change; I’ll just be a few minutes.”

Annie kept herself hidden behind the big door.  She could not believe her luck.  This would simplify things.  She would take that old nosy windbag up to the tower and shove her into the little hidden room next door to Crescenda.  She went to wash up and change.

Meanwhile Marchina grabbed two wine glasses and poured out a glass of red wine for Annie and for herself.  She grabbed a flask of her own wine from her bag.  Annie came down to the sitting room.

Marchina said, “Annie, I hope you don’t mind, I was thirsty and your wine was too enticing for me to ignore.”

Annie smiled and thought, ‘I’ll get her drunk, and then I will kill her.”

Annie sat down and gulped down the wine that Marchina handed her.  She was in a hurry.

Annie looked at Marchina and smiled as she thought

‘After killing Marchina, she would change into her nurse outfit and go rape Justin and torture him some more.’

They sat there by the fireplace for a few minutes.  Marchina was sipping her wine slowly and faking being sleepy.  Annie was feeling peculiarly sleepy herself.  She rested her head back and began to doze off.

Marchina grabbed her, shook her awake, and said,   “Come on, let’s go to the tower.”

They stumbled outside the door and made their way to the tower at Munroe Mansion.

Annie could barely walk; she could not see much for her vision was rather blurry.

Annie reached the tower pulled out the key opened the door and motioned to Marchina, “age before beauty,” she rasped as she fell to the floor.

Marchina grabbed Annie and pulled her into the tower of the Munroe mansion.  Marchina made sure a heavy carpet and trunk was over the trap door before leaving Annie in there in the tower.  Marchina locked the door and pocketed the key.  Then Marchina went back down through the tunnels and up the spiral staircase and bolted the trap door from underneath the tower  after she picked up the candles and knapsack and left a light on for Annie along with a Baby Ruth chocolate bar and a little bottle of water.

While Marchina was busy, Crescenda had made her way back to the Atkins place tunnel, after going through the library wall of the Munroe Mansion.  Crescenda grabbed some sheets.  She placed them over Detective Farley’s body, and then she undid the chains.  Annie had left the keys hanging on the wall. Detective Farley helped her get Justin off the rack carefully after putting a sheet over him as well.

Detective Farley carried Justin to a couch and Crescenda looked for bandages and found none.  Marchina showed up with Detective Farley’s knapsack.  Marchina found some ointment and bandages in the knapsack.  Marchina worked on Detective Farley, as Crescenda did on Justin.

Marchina said, “Annie will be out cold for at least eight hours. We can all come back in the morning after getting some rest.”

Everyone smiled and left.



The Stranger in the Night


It was in the early hours of the morning that a dark figure crept through the underground tunnel and into the basement of the Atkins Mansion.  The figure carefully opened the door to the tower room and grabbed Annie and pulled her down the stairs and over to her bedroom at the Atkins Mansion.  Annie sat propped on the desk half asleep and her vision was blurry.

She heard a voice say, “Annie before I release you, I want you to sign a letter that says you were sorry for what you have done and that you are suffering a mental breakdown.”

Annie thought she was dreaming.  She signed the note and noticed the gloved hand then she felt a small silver gun placed at her temple, the gun went off as she slumped over the desk.  The figure turned and went through the library wall to the passage way, followed the tunnel to town and then wandered away as the light of dawn was breaking.



A Body is Discovered


Jean Moisan arrived around seven o’clock the next morning at the Atkins Mansion to deliver Annie’s groceries. When she did not answer the door, he noticed that it was unlocked.  He opened it, walked through the open door, and searched the house.  He was shocked to find Annie Atkins slumped over the desk in her bedroom in a pool of blood with a small silver gun in her hand.

Jean rushed to the phone and called the police.  The police arrived and secured the mansion.  There would be no investigation for a suicide note was there lying on the bed signed by Annie.

A story appeared in newspapers all over the world telling the strange tale of the Atkins Mansion; Annie Atkins the heir had committed suicide.  The people of Place Royale attended Annie Atkins’s funeral  a few days later and some were wondering what would happen to the Atkins Mansion now that there was no heir.

After Annie’s funeral Crescenda, Justin and Detective Farley headed over to Marchina’s place to have some tea and cakes.

Marchina looked at them and said, “We can be thankful that Place Royale is now free of the evils of the Atkins.  Annie’s karma came back to haunt her.  We can all learn something from this.”

They all nodded in agreement.  Tomorrow would be another day and Place Royale would never be the same.




26** detective Farley discovers the secret diaries of Themus munroe (from marchina), the skeleton closet, the unsolved mysteries, Nelson fields as annie’s killer not dr Tibideau as thought of before Oct 2014  Thursday oct 30 – devils night.. witches cast their spells? Raise the dead? Dr tibideaus lover – ida’s sister?**


27**how does dr Tibideau die – Brent Farley has to kill him somehow using the powers from the book of the dead and the book of spells with marchina totenmyers help?**



28**  oct 30 2014 detective Brent Farley after he kills dr Tibideau, ida tinkle and Anthony atkins (they find a way to come back through the time machine after dr Tibideau raises them from the dead for the covent service with the book of spells and the book of the dead.


29**Marchina totenmyer kills all three – Ida Tinkle, Anthony Atkins, Dr Peter Tibideau and becomes Immortal with all their powers for the GOOD.


30 **the munroe curse is broken by detective brent farley

31** Brent Farley  & Marchina Totenmyer releases  – Cam Kade is released from his spiritual prison


32** Cam Kade returns to Scotland with his mother Roslyn to bob farley. (end story with them)

33**CHANGE time frames from 2018 to 2014 for the ending of the series**

The End

26 oct  25 – 30, 2013    The Secret Diaries


It was October 25, 2013 when Detective Farley sat there looking at Marchina and quietly said, “So tell me was it you that pulled the trigger or Crescenda?”


Marchina said, “Neither one of us.  She was fast asleep on my couch.  I thought I heard strange noises down in the tunnel. I assumed it was the rats again.”


Detective Farley said, “Then who would it be?”


Marchina said, “Maybe it was Dr Peter Tibideau.  He’s going to want to get his hands on the book of the dead and the book of the spells.”


Detective Farley asked, “Why do you say that? Do you know where they are now?”


Marchina smiled, “I spotted the doctor milling around at the Old Port Inn in Place Royale.  That is why I called you. I have the book of spells.  I haven’t found the book of the dead.  There’s been no time to look since Annie was being difficult. I had to watch her and Crescenda and Justin.”


Detective Farley said, “So what do I have to do now?”


Marchina said, “The witches coven will meet on devil’s night to try and raise the dead.  Dr Peter Tibideau will raise up Ida Tinkle and Anthony Atkins.  Then he will try to raise up his love Valerie Tinkle.  We have to stop him before he unleashes all the powers of hell.”


Detective Farley said, “How are we going to do that?”


Marchina looked over at her sister Patricia, “We will need Patricia to tap into her powers.  They have been dormant for years.  She will help when the time is right.”


Detective Farley gasped, “Your sister has never mentioned having any powers?”


Marchina said, “We all have supernatural powers in us but Patricia never tapped into hers. ”


Marchina pulled out a small brown leather diary, “Crescenda found this at the Munroe mansion, it belonged to Themus Munroe.  It’s going to answer some more of your “unsolved” mysteries. ”


Detective Farley looked at it and smiled, “How long have you had this on you?”


Marchina sighed, “Crescenda found it the day she was locked in the tower.  I placed it in the pocket of my shawl and just found it the other day.  I’m an old woman, I don’t remember things like I used to, sorry….”


Detective Farley grinned and opened up the diary, “The last entry says he has to save Louise Picard from Ida Tinkle.  He plans to take her to a convent in London so she can safely have the baby.  He says that your mother Sasha Totenmyer cast a spell of protection over her and so did Dr Tibideau? That’s odd.”


Marchina said, “I think were missing something here.  Dr Peter Tibideau has protected the last heir of the munroe mansion each time.  He must need them for something.”


Detective Farley said, “I was reading up on the devil’s witches rituals.  I think they intend to sacrifice the heir to gain the final powers of the book of spells.  Look here in Themus’ diary he says once a munroe is dead,the powers of the book of spells will automatically be transferred to the one’s who do it.  So all three of the coven will share the powers.  But it looks like Ida Tinkle got greedy and wanted all the powers for herself.  Talk about working with the devil’s adversary.  Dr Tibideau has to raise her from the dead in order to get what he wants then he has to figure out a way to kill her or keep her prisoner afterwards.”


Marchina said, “He’s counting on me to do that.  We talked about it years ago.  Now I know why he wants me to kill Ida Tinkle.  He said if I do, I’ll become immortal and gain all her powers, only because my heart is pure, I will have positive powers and destroy the negative ones.”


Detective Farley said, “How do you plan to kill Ida Tinkle?”


Marchina said, “Dr Tibideau will give me a potion to look like him for twelve hours.  She has a thing for him.  I’ll woo her then kill her.”


Detective Farley said, “What about Patricia?”


Marchina said, “She refuses to have anything to do with it other then protect me before she dies.  She will sacrifice her life so that I can live long enough to become immortal.  Maybe I’ll be able to raise her from the dead although she doesn’t want to.  She’d rather cross to the other side.  She wants to see her parents and husband again.”


Detective Farley said, “I see and how do you plan for me to become involved?”


Marchina said, “I plan to have a halloween party. I’ve invited everyone to join us.  You’ll meet Crescenda’s twin brother Felix and her cousin Suella. They plan to have a holiday once this is all over with.  In the meantime you need to creep through the tunnel and go over the Atkins mansion with a fine tooth comb.  Both of us know that someone’s killed Annie and we won’t solve the mystery until we find her diary.  I see us finding something else too, something in the dungeon that is hidden behind the potions wall.  The book of spells has been educating me as I go through it.  It opens a different vision each time.”


Detective Farley said, “Does it show the future?”


Marchina said, “No it only shows what needs to be done, only fate can decide who lives or dies.”


She was looking at Detective Farley when she said it. He gulped and sat there looking out the window and sighed.  It was going to be a difficult week.


Justin Deere was crawling on his stomach through the tunnel when he heard someone breathing behind him, he turned around and a bright flashlight blinded him.


Detective Farley jovially said, “Fancy meeting you here, why are you crawling on your stomach?”


Justin said, “There’s a bat that keeps flying around.”


Detective Farley stiffened, “That’s no bat, it has to be Dr Peter Tibideau in disguise.”


Marchina started chanting and put up an invisible wall of magic.


Marchina grinned, “He will fly back and hit my wall.  That will hold him for now, until he figures out which spell I’ve used.  He knows the book of spells too.  Hopefully his memory isn’t as sharp.  We have to hurry.”


The three of them went through the Atkins Mansion door from the tunnel and walked over to another door opening up what looked like the potions room.


Detective Farley said, “Themus wrote that Lorraine Atkins said she hid the golden amulet for Alchetta Bailey in a cubby hole under the counter.”


He got down on all fours and Justin joined him, shining the flashlight in the corner.


Justin said, “I see a line in the wall, is that it?”


Detective Farley placed his hand and pushed on the small square, it popped open and there inside was a black, narly looking book.  He grunted as he pulled it out.


Detective Farley said, “This book weighs a ton.  I think the cover is made out of the same material the suits of armour are upstairs.”


Marchina said, “Let me open it.  There could be a curse on the book for one who has no powers.”


Justin looked at Detective Farley and said, “I would listen to her, she can protect herself if she needs to.”


Detective Farley said, “We need her magic to protect us so I should open it.”



Marchina said, “Detective Farley we need you to be alive to destroy the curse once and for all so I will open it.   Stand back you two.”


Marchina read the incantation on the outside of the book and it opened slowly.  Inside was a key and a button.  She pressed the button and up popped a hollogram.


Annie Atkins stood before them and said, “The key is in my diary, you need both to open the doorway to hell’s gate.”


Then the vision peetered out and Marchina gasped as the book closed shut.  All there was now was a key hole, in the shape of a skeleton with crossed bones on it.


Marchina said, “Annie must have the key somwhere in her room.  Let’s go look for her diary.”


Detective Farley and Justin bounded up the stair racing to see who would find the diary first.  They pulled out all the drawers of the desk, looked in the closets there was nothing there.


Justin said, “It looks like someone else was here too looking for something.  Annie was a neat freak, they pulled out all her dresses and laid them in a heap in the corner.  There’s a small safe in the back of the closet.  I think someone else is here too.”


Detective Farley shouted out, “Whoever you are, reveal yourself or I’ll shoot.”


Suddenly from behind a curtain Neilson Fields stepped out.


Detective Farley smiled, “I think I know why your here.  You want to find Annie’s Diary to see if she wrote anything about your brother Jordan?”


Neilson said, “I’ve been looking for it for the past few months.  I can’t find it anywhere.”


Justin had a thought, “Are you the one that killed Annie?  She signed a document saying she killed your brother, was that your doing?”


Neilson sighed, “I wanted to get to my brother’s money…”


Detective Farley said, “What are you doing here?  You should have the money, isn’t that enough or do your really care about your brother Jordan after all?”


Neilson had tears in his eyes, “I never realized how much I loved my brother until he disappeared and I’ve got something to tell you.  Annie showed up at the lawyers and the bank with documents stating that her and Jordan were married.  They went to Africa and Jordan was killed by a lion.  She had pictures and everything.  She withdrew all his money from the bank and collected the insurance money.  He left it all to her in a supposedly new will.  I know my brother wouldn’t marry her.  She must have forced him.  You see we had this plan her and I.  She would make him fall in love with her and rob portions of money out of his bank account and give some to me.  She was supposed to get a percentage of the money for helping me get my share of my grandfather’s fortunes.  She double crossed me, and that’s why I killed her.  I figured I would go and get my brother’s money only she left me one dollar that’s it.”


Justin and Detective Farley couldn’t help but laugh.


Marchina said, “One dollar?  Now that sounds like Annie had a sense of humour.”


Neilson said, “It’s not funny, I’m in debt up to my ears.  I could loose the funeral home without that money.  It’s been in our family for generations.”


They all walked back into the library and stood there for a minute.  Detective Farley looked at the desk and said, “Of Course!  Themus Munroe wrote in his diary about two special desks, but it looks like there are three.”


Detective Farley walked over to the large desk , and began to run his hand along the edge, sure enough there was a button, he pressed it and a hidden drawer opened underneath. He felt up inside and pulled out another diary.  The name on it was Anthony Atkins.  He reached up inside and pulled out another it said Angus Atkins.


They all sat down while he looked at it.


Detective Farley said, “Anthony ordered the three desks to be made to hide his wills and certificates in.  Look this one says that if the final heir to the Atkins dies, the estate reverts to the final heir of the Munroe family.  This agreement was signed because of the two grandmothers who wrote the book of spells together.  So it wasn’t just Grandma Munroe it was both.  They were supposed to share it, but then they got into a quarrel and he took it away to hide it.  That’s when his grandmother assumed that  Mrs Munroe took the book of spells and put a curse over the mansion and the family.  Now it all makes sense.  Dr Peter Tibideau knew about the book because he helped to deliver Anthony Atkins when he was a baby.  He killed the family according to Anthony and raise him as his own, making him immortal with one of his experiments.  They met Ida Tinkle at a witches convention and both of them fell in love with her.  Anthony’s the one that introduced Ida’s sister to Dr Tibideau.  He fell out of love with Ida and in love with her sister.  Ida wanted the doctor and didn’t want Anthony so he killed her sister.  So she really didn’t commit suicide because she was having Dr Tibideau’s baby.  What a mix up!”


Neilson said, “What about Annie’s diary?”


Detective Farley said, “He writes about the day Annie killed her mother Amelia Stone.  They tortured her for a few weeks and then put her in the skeleton closet?”


Marchina gasped, “I’ve seen it in my dreams.”


Detective Farley read, “Angus says that Annie’s got a desk like his fathers and it has a secret compartment too.  He also writes there are secret passages throughout the house.”


As he said it, Neilson was opening up the wall and heading up the stairs towards Annie’s room.  The rest of them followed.  Detective Farley found the switch and sure enough there was Annie’s diary.


Detective Farley started reading it and turned pale, “Jordan is dead Neilson, she’s put him in the Skeleton Closet with the others.  And she says the money’s hidden in a secret room.”


Justin said, “Where do you think the skeleton closet is?”


Marchina was holding up a key.  It was like an old door key with a skull and cross bones on it.


Marchina said, “I think I know where the skeleton closet is.”


They all went down into the dungeon and Marchina placed the key into the book of the dead, sure enough the ground began to shake and the wall slid open.  They all gasped and felt ill.  Detective Farley shone his flashlight into the room .  Hanging on the wall in meat hooks were white skeletons, each labelled with a name plate.  The room went for miles….



Justin said, “Oh my god, there must be hundreds of dead people in here.”


Marchina said, “Look here’s the real book of the dead.”


She opened it up to reveal the names of the dead, how they were tortured and the day that they died.  It gave details of how Anthony Atkins would snatch them from town as they passed down the road.  He would bring them back to the house and torture them to death.


Marchina tearfully said, “That would explain the screams coming from the tunnel all these years.”


Justin said, “What’s the first date?”


Marchina said, “It all started back in the 15th Century… It’s been a family tradition ever since.  The entries are signed by many of the Atkins ancestors, as well as Anthony Atkins, Angus, Amelia Stone and Annie.”


Detective Farley said, “So Lorraine Atkins didn’t do anything?”


Marchina said, “Lorraine didn’t know anything about it.  She wasn’t that evil.  She was jealous of Alchetta Bailey and hid the golden amulet that Anthony made.  Inscribed on the back are the words Love Anthony…”


Marchina was holding up a golden amulet with a strange green liquid in it that glowed.

She said, “It was wrapped in a cloth hiding in a cupboard.”


Neilson Fields cried out, “I found him!”


They all walked down the row of skeletons and there on the wall was Jordan Field’s name.


Detective Farley said, “It looks like he was Annie’s last victim.”


Marchina pointed at the remaining empty hooks and it gave her a chill she read out loud, “This names on the plates on the wall, Brent Farley, Justin Deere, Crescenda Lafleur and Marchina Totenmyer.  She planned to kill us all…”


Detective Farley said, “She must not know about Felix then?”


Marchina said, “Felix comes up here and stays in the cottage, he’s never gone into town.  He’s too busy working on inventions or entertaining his friends.  Jean always takes care of things or Crescenda did.”


Neilson said, “We need to call the authorities now.  I want my brother buried properly, I’m sure all these people do.”


Marchina gasped, “Look this one says Amelia Stone Atkins, the other one says Cherry Dowling , Cynthia Stalin, Arthur Stalin.”


Neilson said, “Who were they?”


Marchina said, “Cynthia and Arthur Stalin were the maid and butler at the munroe mansion.  They took care of Themus Munroe and Alchetta Bailey. They were blamed for Alchetta’s murder.”


Detective Farley said, “Anthony Atkins writes that Ida Tinkle is the one that murdered Alchetta because she had his baby in her.”


Justin said, “Alchetta was married to Themus Munroe but was pregnant with Anthony Atkins baby?”


Marchina said, “Yes and Louise Picard Deere was married to Brandon Deere but was pregnant with Themus Munroe’s baby.  There were a lot of affairs back then.”


Detective Farley says, “Your not going to believe this.  It says here according to Themus Munroe, his father Joseph slept with Elsa Picard and is the true father of Louise Picard.”


He shook his head, this is crazy.


Neilson held out a gun and said, “I want the money, give it to me.”


Detective Farley said, “Neilson really there is no reason for you to kill us.”


Neilson grinned, “you all know too much, besides the hooks are ready for you.  Annie told me how she used to kill people, pour acid on them to remove the flesh, I know how to do it.  She’ll get the blame and I’ll get all the money she’s hidden down here.”


Justin said, “Where is the money?”


Neilson said, “At the end of this tunnel is another door to a smaller room.”


Neilson held up a  small key with a dollar sign on it, “I found this one in Annie’s desk but couldn’t figure out how to get in.  She said it would take someone with special powers to do it.”


Detective Farley said, “Neilson you don’t want to do this.”


Neilson said , “Oh yes I do.”


Suddenly a bat came flying into the tunnel and went right towards Neilson, everyone ducked as it flew into him and bit his neck.  Neilson slumped to the floor screaming in agony and dropped the key on the ground.  Justin placed it carefully in his pocket and then there was Dr Peter Tibideau standing before all of them.


Marchina innocently said, “It’s good to see you again doctor.  Sorry about the spell I thought you were just a bat…”


Dr Peter Tibideau looked at all the skeletons and turned pale, “I had no idea how evil Ida was.. This is terrible.”


Marchina said, “what do you mean?  It says here that this was an Atkins tradition…”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “Not really, they didn’t do it on their own.  Ida cursed them because Anthony wouldn’t give her back the book of spells.  This is all her doing…”


Detective Farley groaned, “When does the story end here?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “You all need to leave, there is something I have to do…”


Marchina nodded at the others, “Do what you want Peter, I’m having a halloween party on the 31st, your invited to come.  Bring along Ida and Anthony too. ”


Dr Peter Tibideau, “Is our plan going to happen there?”


Marchina nodded, “I’ve told the others what I plan to do, just to make sure they help if I need it.”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “Is your sister going to help?”


Marchina sighed, “Yes just this once.  She’s tired, she wants to die soon. I pleaded with her to stay long enough for this moment and then I will release her spirit.”


Dr Peter Tibideau nodded and said, “Brent Farley it is a pleasure to meet the one that Marchina prophesied about.  Although since you have no powers, I doubt you’ll be able to stop what I’m about to do.”


Detective Farley turned pale and looked wildly at Marchina and then he slumped to the floor.


Justin yelled,  “What did you do to him?”


Dr Peter Tibideau sat there in shock, “I didn’t do a thing?”


Marchina smiled wickedly at Dr Peter Tibideau, “It’s okay, I took care of it.  Now Justin you will help me carry him back to my place.  We will have to bury him somewhere safe.”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “Why not pour the acid on him and hang him on the hook?”


Marchina said, “Because his father will come after you if you don’t let me say he’s had a heart attack and died…”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “I forgot about Bob, very well then, take him away.”


Justin was seething, “How could you betray him!”


Marchina looked at him and cast a spell to shut him up.


They carried Detective Farley back to her house and laid him in a guest bed and then Marchina put Justin into another bed.  The two of them would have to sleep for a couple of days until everything was in place….


28 oct  31, 2013   – The Time Machine


Dr Peter Tibideau flew back to London, England.  It was October 29th, 2013 he went back in time and gathered Anthony Atkins and Ida Tinkle then brought them to Place Royale.


Ida said, “What is going on? What year is it?”


Dr Peter Tibidea smiled, “It is time my dear for the coven to reunite.”


Anthony looked at him and blinked and said, “It’s Halloween in 2013?”


Ida said, “Where did the time go?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “You are both dead, I brought you back to life to finish this…”


Ida said, “Did you get the final heir?”


Anthony said, “What about my heir where are they?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said to Anthony, “You have no heir, yours died in the womb of Alchetta Bailey, thanks to Ida Tinkles stupidity!”


Ida said, “That was the final heir?”


Dr Tibideau said, “Yes, I’ve been managing the mansion ever since.  By the way Ida, that’s a nasty closet that you’ve made.”


Ida laughed and looked at Anthony, “He found our skeleton closet.”


Anthony said, “It’s a prize room full of trophies.  I’m quite proud of it.  All of them were easy prey.”


They walked in the skeleton closet and Anthony said, “Wait a minute, there’s several names here I don’t recognize. ”


Anthony grabbed the book of the dead and saw the final entries, “Dr Tibideau why did you lie to me?  I have a grand daughter named Annie Atkins.  Where is she?”


Dr Peter Tibideau sighed, “I didn’t want to trouble you.  One of her lovers shot her, a bloke named Neilson Fields.  I killed him before I knew what he did.  He was going to kill Brent Farley.  Who by the way is dead too.  Marchina Totenmyer took care of that.”


Ida was surprised, “Why would Marchina help you kill him?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “Because she plans to join our coven tomorrow night.  She’s been in training learning from the book of spells.  Do you know she was twice as powerful then all of us at the age of six?  She’s very gifts in white and dark arts.  I’ve tried to get her several times and she always stops me.  It is better to be friend then foe with the enemy.  She can destroy us all. I have no way of protecting any of us.  So I invited her into our coven and promised her more powers….”



Ida rasped, “The only way she can get more powers is by killing one or all of us…”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “I only used it to entice her, I figure we’ll try with all three of us.  Besides her sister Patricia wants to die, but I’ll bet Marchina will not like the fact that I plan to kill the woman… She will do anything to protect her sister, including giving us her powers.  She will lay her life down to save others.  Marchina has a good soul.  I know she plans to try and kill me, I’ll get to her first though.”


Ida said, “Your more devious then I’ve ever given you credit for.”


Anthony asked, “Are you planning to raise Valerie from the dead?”


Ida said, “My sister?  Peter you still want my sister after all these years?”


Dr Peter Tibideau sighed, “No I still haven’t perfected the spell. I will have to continue in my research after we do everything.”


Anthony said, “Then why are we having the ceremony?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “I thought you would enjoy meeting your grand daughter Annie Atkins….”

29 oct 31 2013 The Coven vs The Totenmyer





Marchina could see what they were planning to do in her visions, ‘Annie? I thought he wanted his lover Valerie, this is bad, very bad.  We will have to work fast.’  She looked at the clock it was almost midnight, they would start the incantations soon.  She woke up Detective Farley and Justin Deere and told them what they would have to do.  She pulled out a vampire’s kit and handed it to Detective Farley.


Marchina said, “Justin you need to come with me.  They want to sacrifice you.”


Justin was scared, “What if your plan backfires.”


Marchina stonily said, “Fate will have to decide.”


Marchina looked at Patricia and said, “Are you ready?”


Patricia nodded and before their eyes she became Marchina.


Justin and Patricia walked over to the Atkins Mansion and knocked on the door.  Dr Peter Tibideau let them in and they all walked into the library.


Justin gasped at the sight of Annie Atkins standing there.


Annie purred, “Justin darling, I never did get to finish with you.  Tonight I will…”


Justin’s blood ran cold as Annie wrapped herself around him and began to kiss him, then he fainted.


Annie laughed, “My sleeping potion lipstick works great.”


Patricia smiled, “I can see you have learned many things over the years good for you.”


Annie looked at her in a funny way and her eyes narrowed, “You don’t talk like Marchina…”


Dr Peter Tibideau was looking at her strangely too.  Suddenly the room filled with a white cyclone and Annie , Anthony, Ida and Dr were all bound together.  Marchina walked into the room and Patricia turned back to her own self.


Detective Farley walked into the room and Justin woke up.  Marchina placed the book of spells and the book of the dead side by side.  Detective Farley walked up to the book, marchina began her incantations and he pulled out a stake from the Vampire’s kit and pierced the two books at once.


A dark cloud arose and screams could be heard as the Atkins mansion opened up, hundreds of souls were released from the book of the dead and they went towards the light.


Suddenly a young man stood before Detective Farley and said, “my name is Jordan Fields, thank you for releasing my soul… And they he flew away.”


The whirlwind started to dimish as the four in the coven started to chant.  Patricia and Marchina began to chant as well and Detective Farley handed the stake to Justin Deere who stood there looking at all of them .


Justin and Detective Farley said, “The Munroe curse shall be broken this day by the heirs of the farley’s and the heir of the munroe’s and atkins, may the powers of the totenmyer’s cleanse the evils of this place.  Justin brought the stake down into the book of the dead and the book of the spells and a cry went up from the whirlwind, a fire burned and all of them disappeared…


31  oct 31 2013 – Cam Kade’s Spirit





It was October 31 , 2013 when Justin and Detective Brent Farley woke up from their dreams.  They were in Marchina’s cottage.  She was talking to Patricia and a young man.


Detective Farley got up out of bed and grabbed his head, “I had the strangest dream…”


Justin said, “Did it involve a Vampire kit, a coven…”


By the look on Detective Farley’s face, he knew the answer.  Both of them got up and walked out into the living room.


Marchina said, “Brent Farley I want you to meet your brother Cam Kade and your mother Roslyn Farley.”


Roslyn was crying and so was Cam as they walked over to Detective Brent Farley and wept as they hugged one another.


Marchina said, “It wasn’t a dream, it was real.  I took the powers of the coven into me, I’m immortal now.  I raised Roslyn and Cam up before the ceremony.  The same time as they were raising up Annie.  They are all dead now, the Munroe curse is broken and we have to get ready for a Halloween Party.”


Roslyn said, “Brent you look so much like your father, how is he these days?”


Detective Farley said, “He’s been ill lately.  Drinking too much.  Herman’s not doing good either.”


Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  Justin opened it and smiled.


Crescenda was standing there with a young blonde haired man that looked a little bit like her, she said, “Justin Deere I’d like you to meet my twin brother Felix Lafleur.”


Felix shook hands with Justin, “My sister is quite enamored with you. I had to laugh when she told me you thought I was her husband.”


Marchina said, “The rest of the guests will be arriving at the Atkins Mansion.  It’s scarier looking then the Munroe mansion.  I’ve invited the ghosts to attend our party.”


Felix said, “Ghosts? What ghosts?”



Marchina said, “All the souls of Place Royale have come to celebrate.  You will meet the ancestors of the Munroe mansion, including the Deere’s and the Lafleurs.  It’s for one night only, I made arrangements with the great spirit.  My family will be there as well, they have come for Patricia.”



Crescenda said, “I wonder if I’ll see the ghosts that warned me.”


Suddenly a tall man in a black butlers uniform appeared and smiled, then another.


Crescenda said, “Oh you both look alike?”


The taller one said, “My name is Arthur Stalin, I was Viktor’s son, secretly of course.”


The other butler bowed and said, “My name is Viktor Stalin, it is an honor to finally meet  the next lady of the house.”


Crescenda blushed as she looked at Justin who was smiling from ear to ear.


Justin said, “You guys just ruined my surprise.  Crescenda I realized as i was about to die that life is too short.  Your the first woman that I’ve ever met that I would consider spending the rest of my life with, will you marry me?”


Crescenda balked for a moment and stood there petrified.


Felix coaxed her, “Go on love, marry him, you know you want too.”


Crescenda smiled and cried, “Yes..”


Justin hugged her close and gave her a long, melting kiss.


They all walked towards the Atkins Mansion and off in the distance Detective Brent Farley saw two tall red haired men coming towards him.


Bob Farley stopped and grabbed his brother Herman’s arm, “I’m seeing a ghost, look it’s Roslyn and Cam!”


Bob began to run towards his wife and her son, the three of them embraced crying.  Herman walked over and gave his nephew Brent a hug.


Marchina stood there transfixed as several native people walked towards her.  It was the ghosts of Sasha her mother, Heta her grandmother and Lenno her grandfather.  They too embraced and Patricia came out the door and cried as her mother hugged her too.


Justin stood there feeling out of sorts, as the ghosts of Goderich , Marion , Michael, Richard and Dana Lafleur came over and hugged Crescenda and Felix.


Suddenly Aunt Stella, Suella and Tony Stevens showed up and gasped at the sight before them.


Aunt Stella began to cry as Michael Lafleur her husband and her brother and sister in law Richard and Dana came over to hug her.  Suella gave her father Michael a hug then introduced her husband Tony Stevens to all of them.


Finally a man walked towards Justin and smiled, It was the ghost of his father Jacob Deere, and beside him were Joseph , Jake, Themus and Jonathan Munroe along with Alchetta, Melville and Retta Bailey and Jesseline Thirkill Munroe who was Jake Munroe’s ex wife.


Marchina smiled, it was a family reunion – the family of Place Royale.


Suddenly there was a cry of joy as little Jonathan Munroe came running up to them and said, “I found your money Uncle Justin.


They all clamoured down into the dungeon of the Atkins Mansion.  All the skeletons were gone, the police had removed them all, the bones had been buried in the local cemetery.  They held a huge funeral for all the people and a monument was placed there with all the names of the people there.


There hidden in a small room were several black duffel bags all full of money.  Justin smiled at Crescenda, “now we’ll have enough cash to restore the Munroe mansion into a proper art gallery and the Atkins mansion into a museum.”


Detective Brent Farley walked over to Crescenda and said to her and Dana and Richard Lafleur, “I was reading Annie Atkins diary.  Just so you know the black mercedes that ran you off the road was hers…”


Crescenda and Felix stood there crying with the knowledge that the final piece of the puzzle was complete.


There was a knock on the door and a handsome Spanish man who looked like a gypsy wearing a dark cloak walked in and bowed, “My name is Chago Sima.”


The small dark haired woman beside him was spanish too, she had a handkerchief wrapped around her head. She looked like a gypsy too.


Chago said, ” I will be your magician tonight and my mother Evette Sima will read your fortunes with her crystal ball and tarot cards.”


Marchina saw the puzzled looks on Bob and Brent’s faces she turned to them and said, “The Virgin Slayer was Doctor Peter Tibideau… I gave his cloak to Chago for good luck…”



The End










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