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Book Three – Jesseline Thirkill Goes to New York City – Stepping Back in Time


The Munroe Series is a collection of fiction novels about several families. The main families are The Munroes, The Atkins, The Cima’s, The Moisans, The Totenmyers, The Rosewoods, The Carringtons, The Baileys and The Whites.  Each family will be in a different book.  Every one has a story to tell, so rather than making one long novel; I decided to break up the original 135,000-word manuscript up into ten parts.  As I started writing, my novel ideas increased to several more novels. Updates about the novels are on and and on

On is a series of websites where I have created fictional character profiles, settings and the Munroe Art Gallery. I also post historical facts pertaining to Music, Theatre, Automobiles, Fashion, and Architecture from the 1900s in London, England, Paris, France, Italy, Quebec, Montreal Canada and New York City.

All of the places where my fictional characters visit in the novels will be on my blogs and websites. I included actual travel and tourism ideas so that you can share in my characters fictional lifestyles. I included the names of real hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in all of my novels.  It adds a personal touch to the stories.

I have enjoyed writing these novels since 2008, where I started a basic outline of the ten parts to The Munroe Series originally called The Mansion on the Hill.  I finished writing a new manuscript for book one The Munroe Mansion in June 2009.  In February 2010, I wrote the rest of the manuscript for the SS America and in May 2010, I wrote a brand new manuscript for Jesseline Thirkill Goes to New York City.  As of June 2010, I have been writing a new manuscript for the fourth novel called The Totenmyer Cottage.  In every book, I will be talking about the Munroe family.

If the novels expand into other stories I may go back in time to give the history of my fictional characters that are in each “part” of The Munroe Series of books. I felt I needed to go back in time from 1935- 1939 to cover the story of Jesseline Thirkill Munroe.  I wanted to show how Brandon Deere, Goderich Lafleur and Themus Munroe develop a friendship and meet Alchetta Bailey.

I also included Raine and Luvena Carrington in this book.  The story starts in Book one of The Munroe Mansion and ends where book two of the SS America begins. I originally started this series with The Mansion on the Hill, which is the story of the great-grandchildren to Goderich Lafleur, Joseph Munroe and Brandon Deere.  I wrote this series backwards. I started with the ending and wrote about three generations that start in 1906 and end in 2018. I know it sound strange and I have had fun trying to keep in the periods of historical events, which unfortunately I did not research when I wrote the original manuscript. This is why I have had to go back and make several changes to the story line.

Linda Randall

The Munroe Series Index

The Munroe Mansion – The Beginning – Book One

The SS America – The Trip to Canada – How it all Began – Book Two

Jesseline Thirkill Goes to New York City – Stepping Back in Time – Book Three

As of June 2010, I am currently writing:

The Totenmyer Cottage – Life in Place Royale – History in the Making – Book Four

Chapter One

Jesseline Thirkill Goes to New York City in 1935

Jesseline was so excited when she got into the car that day with Zach Conglier.  Leaving Jake Munroe and Place Royale was the best thing that she ever did or so she thought…

Jesseline could hardly contain her excitement when she and Zach reached New York City. Jesseline rented a small apt and Zach decided he would stay with her until he found a place of his own. Ronel Thirkill wired Jesseline some money every two weeks. Jesseline’s dream of being a movie star was proving to be more difficult then she originally thought after going through several exasperating auditions. There was so much competition. The problem was that the movie producers wanted to have sex with her. Jesseline refused to sleep with any of them so her reputation as “the ice queen” was reinstated. Jesseline was determined that one day someone would value her acting skills.

It was a few weeks later when Jesseline, who was feeling quite groggy after a night of partying, suddenly slammed down the newspaper and spilled a martini all over the front of her dress.

Jesseline gasped, “Oh dear lord No!”

There it was in bold print in the NEW YORK TIMES – JOSEPH MUNROE’S GRANDSON JONATHAN MUNROE IS DEAD.  JAKE MUNROE LOSES HIS MIND. An unfortunate accident occurred in Place Royale, Canada. Young Jonathan Munroe was playing with a gun and it went off and killed him.  There are no other details about why he was playing with the gun.  His Father Jake Munroe was in a shipyard in London, England wandering around and rambling incoherent words to himself. They took him to the hospital and they found out that Jake is mentally ill. He is on suicide watch after attempting to crawl out one of the third floor windows of the hospital. Joseph Munroe refuses to comment as he has suffered a heart attack at this news and is currently in the hospital. Doctors say that the two of them will be going home within a few days time. Jesseline’s hand began to tremble and Zach looked at her white face.

He asked, “What’s the matter darling? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost!”

Jesseline suddenly felt very contrite and started to regret her decision to leave Jonathan.  For the past few weeks she had tried not to think about her darling little Jonathan.  The odd fleeting thought passed through her mind and then it was gone.  Her career had been more important. What a sad way for him to go.  She had hoped that he would inherit the Munroe fortune then she would come back into his life and reap the benefits of his newfound wealth. If Jesseline needed money, she always thought she could blackmail Joseph Munroe with her secret. Now she would not be able to.  Her Father always came up with something to blackmail Joseph with for Joseph was always getting himself into some sort of trouble.

Jesseline smiled to herself and thought, “You wicked girl now what will you blackmail him with?”

Zach’s eyes narrowed and he grabbed the newspaper from Jesseline, “What is this, Oh My God. Was this your son?”

Jesseline faked her tears, and almost fainted saying tragically, “Yes he is gone; my poor little Jonathan is gone!”

Zach hissed, “Hush woman! Someone might hear you! Do you know if the press ever got wind of what you did in the past they would destroy you?”

Jesseline had fear in her eyes as she quickly composed herself and dropped the act.

She asked, “Why would they?”

Zach gave a wry smile, “Oh it isn’t THEY that I’m worried about. It is your enemy Lorraine Atkins.  She could spill the beans at any time if she wanted to.”

Jesseline shouted, “How does she even know?”

Zach turned red as he said, “Well Lorraine and I had a bit of a romp one evening while I was drunk and she got the truth out of me.”

Jesseline got up quickly and paced across the room, “How could you do such a thing! Do you mean to tell me she seduced you?”

Zach thought for a moment and shook his head yes, shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s how Lorraine controls the men in her life.”

Jesseline roared, “You mean that is how she controls the weak men in her life. Anthony has never given into her whiles, not once!”

Jesseline was seething with anger, her eyes were blazing with hatred, “If I go down, then as God is my witness Zach I will take you into hell with me!”

Zach blanched then whined, “But pumpkin, I didn’t mean to tell her.”

Jesseline was reeling from this news, “Give me a sedative, I need to lie down!”

Zach ran to the bathroom and grabbed Jesseline a glass of water and two pills and said, “Here darling I am so sorry! Honest!  I will try to keep Lorraine under wraps.  Everything will be okay.  I doubt if she knows anything about you or where you are these days.”

Jesseline went to lie down in her room and Zach exited out the door and down the street.  He knew just the person to handle something like this.  Ida Tinkle would take care of things he just knew it.

Chapter Two

Ida Tinkle and Dr Peter Tibideau

Ida Tinkle was surprised when Zach Conglier ended up on her doorstep.  Zach knocked on the door of the hotel room.  Ida answered the door in a black lace gown and yawned. Ida looked at Zach.

She smiled and asked, “Did you change your mind handsome?”

Zach gave a sheepish grin and said, “I’m here on business.  Jesseline is freaking out about Jonathan’s death.  It was such an unfortunate accident.”

Ida says, “Come on in Zach, lets speak in the parlour.”

Zach was puzzled and looked at the man passed out in the bedroom.

Zach asked jokingly, “Is he still alive?”

Ida grinned, “Yes my darling Dr Tibideau will always be alive.  Now as for the accident, I can tell you it was not an accident.  Jake Munroe shot his son.  Anthony Atkins gave him some sort of potion and Jake lost his mind.”

Zach was shocked, “How can you say such things? Do you not fear the dark arts of Anthony Atkins?”

Ida gave a wicked laugh, “I could teach Sir Anthony a few things and intend to in the future.  For now, I am here on business with Dr Tibideau then we are heading back to London, England.  I even tried to work for Joseph but he refused me.  All my life I have wanted to slay the Virgin Slayer.  I just wish I knew how.”

Zach grinned, “Ask Lorraine.”

Ida grinned, “Lorraine likes him, so that won’t work.”

Zach had an evil grin on his face, “What if I told you that little Jonathan wasn’t Jake’s son?”

Ida’s eyes turned round and black.  Zach became afraid of her as she came towards him.

Ida said tersely, “Don’t play games with me Zach Conglier; it could mean your last breath.”

Zach looked at her dark eyes, as though mesmerized.

Ida began to chant then she took Zach into another room and started to have sex with him.  Zach was shocked when he woke up an hour later, naked, out on the street.  He could not remember what happened to him.  He got up grabbed a blanket that was on the ground nearby and wrapped himself in it and wandered around the streets looking for Jesseline.

Chapter Three

Ida Tinkle knows the truth

Ida looked at Dr Peter Tibideau with lust in her eyes.  She admired his muscular body; lean, slim and attractive Dr Tibideau who never seemed to age was a powerful man who knew all the black and white arts. A magic that was so powerful that no witch’s coven could match his in power. Ida would never cross him for he would torture her in body and soul until she went crazy and killed herself.

No Ida would never ever harm Dr Tibideau; she would not even think it for he had the power to read the mind. Ida was happy she found out from Zach Conglier about Themus Munroe being Jonathan’s father.  Joseph Munroe’s newest heir was now dead.  What better way to drive Joseph Munroe to insanity but take away the ability for a man to have any heirs.  She would have to get close enough to Themus Munroe to cast a spell on him.  But then again he is dating the lovely Alchetta Bailey; why not wait to strike later?

In the meantime, Ida Tinkle would pay a visit to the darling Jesseline Thirkill.  Perhaps she could have her write a letter to Joseph asking for money, in exchange for information about his grandson’s death.

Ida thought for a moment. ‘It would give her great pleasure to drive the Virgin Slayer to madness and have him murder again. Yes, she would love to do that again.  Joseph Munroe was easy prey these days.  Strike him when he is weak and sickly.  He just suffered a heart attack; there had to be a way to get at his fortune?’

Dr Tibideau began to stir from his sleep and he huskily said, “My dear, your thoughts are very dark for another.  Why do you insist on tampering with that man’s life?  Are you not afraid if you play with fire you will get burned?”

Ida smirked, “I have you to protect me, as long as I’m careful.”

Dr Tibideau shook his head, “I do not know why I bother with you other then the fact that you are a good lay for a nurse…”

He grabbed her, dragged her into bed with him, and said, “Come here you naughty girl, I’m going to spank you…”

Ida went willingly clearing her mind of all thoughts; she did not want Dr Tibideau to know what she was up to…

Chapter Four

Zach Conglier Loses his Mind

Jesseline wondered where Zach went when she woke up the next day.  She would have to find another agent soon.  She and Zach were not getting along too well lately and Jesseline was getting tired of his whining. The morning newspaper was missing it was not on the table as it usually was and Zach was not in his office.  What was going on?  Where was Zach? Jesseline got dressed, ate her breakfast then headed out to the set of Mr & Mrs Smith.  She was surprised to see that hardly anyone was there.

Jesseline pulled aside one of the cinematographers and said, “Excuse me, is this the correct stage for Mr & Mrs Smith?”

The cinematographer looked at her and sadly said, “Jesseline didn’t you hear the news?  Zach Conglier killed himself this morning.  He was wandering the streets naked. He walked into the river and drowned.  People could not revive him.  It was as though something was strangling him, an unseen force.”

Jesseline screamed, “NO! And then she fainted.”

A female voice could be heard nearby, “No it’s quite alright we’ll take care of her.”

Jesseline woke up hours later in a strange bed and looked at the man and woman close by.   Her heart stopped.  It was Dr Peter Tibideau and Ida Tinkle.  Jesseline hated Ida for she had murdered her Mother Dafny a few years back by poisoning her. Ida was her fathers ex mistress.

Jesseline sat up, “What do you want Ida?  I just got a good movie part, can’t you wait to kill me till I at least become a movie star.”

Ida grabbed her hand and patted it, “Child I have no beef with you.  I simply want to help you become the most glorious actress in the world.  But there is a price, I want Joseph Munroe.”

Jesseline’s fear turned to greed, “I’d like that very much.  I love to get my hands on his wealth. I hate the man for what he did to me years ago.”

Ida’s ears perked up, “Whatever do you mean darling?”

Jesseline looked at Ida and said quietly, “I lied to Jake about who the Father was…It wasn’t Themus, it was Joseph…”

Ida clapped her hands with glee, “Even better when Joseph finds out that Jake shot him.  Moreover, you are going to be the one to give him that glorious news.  I want Joseph Munroe to hate his son before I have him kill him.  That will make his life a living hell.  He won’t even remember doing it.”

Jesseline felt troubled, “But what’s in it for me?”

Ida, “Darling you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.  Who has always wanted you all these years?  Joseph!  You seduce him; marry him after he has killed Jake.  Then you can get control of his fortune.”

Jesseline wailed, “No! I’m not giving up my film to do that!”

Ida said, “Of course not dear.  You will finish filming this movie then you can do my bidding.  All I need for you to do is write Joseph a letter telling him that you have something personal to share with him and that you want to meet him here in New York City.  I will give you something to give to him and then you can proceed with our plan.”

Jesseline asks, “What do I get in the meantime and what if our plan doesn’t work?  I want a sort of payment now and the rest later.”

Ida said, “Here drink this.  It will give you a look of eternal youth and vitality.  Men will be drawn to your beauty and you will be able to get jewels, money, cars, anything from them you please.”

Jesseline grinned, took the vial, and drank it.

Ida pricked her finger with a needle and sucked on it and said, “Your blood has sealed the deal.  Now this is what I want you to write.”

Chapter Five

Joseph Munroe Hears from Jesseline Thirkill July 1935

Joseph Munroe was excited when Mr. Stalin brought an envelope to him; it smelled familiar, like a floral perfume belonging to someone from the past…  How odd it‘s postmarked from New York City…

Joseph’s blood went cold when he read the contents of the letter.

“My dearest Joseph I am grieving the death of my Son Jonathan.  How cold of you not to let me know personally, what had happened.  I fear though that there are some untruths to the story you have been told. You see I have come to know that my dearest Jonathan was in fact murdered.  If you want to know more, then you must send money.  If you must see me, you must wait until my filming is complete here in New York City in nine months time. You need not worry about the murderer they are not far from you.

I am currently starring in a fantastic role in Mr & Mrs Smith and my life long dream is being fulfilled thanks to you darling.  I do miss you and love the many gifts you have bestowed upon me over the years.  Now that I am a woman, perhaps you will want to spend some time in my company. Give my regards to Jake, the poor soul. To go crazy like that, it is such a shame.  I can shed some light on that too for a price of course.”

Joseph threw the letter down and hissed, “Jesseline is as vile as her Father Ronel is… Why did I ever agree to have my son marry such a wench?”

Joseph pulled out a pen and paper and wrote a note to Anthony Atkins.

“My dearest Anthony how can I ever ask you to forgive me?  For some time now, I have been waiting for the right moment to ask for your forgiveness.  To let the feelings of a woman destroy our friendship.  I miss your company.  I am writing because I have received a troubling letter from Jesseline Thirkill from New York City.   She is saying that young Jonathan was murdered and that Jake losing his mind was no accident either.  She has promised to tell me the truth if I give her money.

I have a feeling that I will not like what she has to tell me.  I feel in my bones that it may have something to do with Jake.  Did he kill young Jonathan then go crazy because of it?  Jake has always had a strong mind.  I can only think that someone or something has cast a spell on him.  Was it you my friend?  Did you try to protect me?  I forgive you but I must find a way to deal with Jesseline’s incessant greed.  I also wonder if my nemesis Ida Tinkle is not behind this. She has been trying to get at my fortune now for sometime and she will stop at nothing to get it.  I hope to hear from you soon.” Signed your friend Joseph Munroe.

Then Joseph proceeded to write a letter to Jesseline Thirkill.  A few weeks later that letter arrived in New York City.  Jesseline noticed the floral scent on the letter and took a deep whiff of it. She assumed it was Joseph writing back because its postmark was from London, England.

She opened the letter and read it in silence.

“I’m sorry Jesseline, but I am too ill to travel and Jake does not travel well either. It would be best for you to visit me here in England.  The pain of what you have written has caused me to suffer another heart attack.  I know now that Jonathan was not Jake’s son.  Anthony says that Themus is the father.

I cannot believe I have lost an heir because of a scuffle between Jake and Lorraine. Anthony has told me the truth.  Jake was trying to shoot his wife Lorraine and Jonathan caught in the crossfire was shot by accident.  Jonathan’s ghost has visited Anthony and he warns that you stay away from a strange woman who plans to control your mind and eventually kill you.

He also said that the potion you drank only makes you beautiful for so long.  Then it starts to age you if you do not do what the woman says.  You have sealed your own fate Jesseline.  I will not forgive you for the grief your family has caused me.  Now you will pay the price for your sins…”

Signed Joseph Munroe.

Jesseline’s hands trembled as she put the letter down. She looked in the mirror and slowly a line began to appear on her face then another.  Soon there were bags under her eyes.  The doorbell rang and Jesseline opened the door.

A police officer asked, “Are you Jesseline Thirkill?”

Jesseline nodded yes.

The police officer said, “I am sorry to inform you that your Father Ronel Thirkill is dead.  Someone shot him.  This letter was in his front coat pocked and it had your address on it.  We assume because of your last name that he was your father.”

Jesseline nodded yes then collapsed on the floor.  It was a few hours later, that Jesseline woke up in her bed.  Ida Tinkle was looking rather dour.

Ida said, “How are you feeling?”

Jesseline sat up confused she asked, “What day is it?”

Ida said, “You’ve been asleep for a week now.  We gave you some sedatives to help you rest.”

Jesseline had tears in her eyes, “I missed my father’s funeral!”

Ida said, “We felt that it was best for no one to see you.”

Ida had an evil smirk on her face as she handed Jesseline a small mirror.  Jesseline looked at the old saggy face in the mirror, screamed, and then fainted.

Ida looked at Dr Tibideau and said, “Grab some smelling salts to revive her.”

Ida shook Jesseline and said, “Wake up!”

Jesseline stirred and woke up.

Jesseline hissed at Ida, “How could you do this to me?”

Ida’s eyes became very dark, and round.

Ida said, “I did not do this to you!  Anthony Atkins did.”

Jesseline’s jaw dropped as she looked at Ida and said, “Well can’t you do something?”

Ida sighed, “We tried everything.  Anthony seems to have a very powerful potion or spell on you.   I cannot break it, only he can.”

Jesseline screamed, “Why did he do this to me?”

Ida craftily said, “Anthony cannot abide lies. You lied to him about the father of Jonathan Munroe and it was both Joseph and Anthony’s revenge for the trouble you have caused. You need to open this letter from your father.”

Jesseline took the envelope and opened it in surprise.  Several thousand dollars was in the envelope and a card.  Jesseline’s blood turned cold when she read, “Sin has its consequences. VS.”

Jesseline dropped the card and screamed as her hands began to burn in fire before her.  Ida began to chant some words and so did Dr Tibideau and the fire stopped but Jesseline’s hands became badly burned and her face too.

Jesseline cried, “Joseph killed my father.  This must be the money he tried to extract from him.”

Ida put some special salve on Jesseline, but her face only got more hideous.

Ida said, “You need to see Anthony and beg for his forgiveness… He will continue to torture you until you die.  We will take you secretly to England.  Anthony is visiting Joseph now.  Seduce him and he will give you back your beauty it is your only chance of survival.”

Jesseline sighed, “At least he is a handsome man.  I won’t mind to bed him.”

Ida wrapped Jesseline’s hands and gave her a sedative.  They would continue to sedate her until they reached England. Ida had a maid write a note for her stating that Jesseline could not do so, but would be in England within a few weeks.  Her only request was to be a guest at Joseph Munroe’s estate.

Chapter Six

Anthony Atkins Hears from Joseph Munroe

Anthony Atkins was fully aware of the contents of Joseph Munroe’s letter before he even opened it.  The dark arts were swift and sure to advise when the ghosts of the past came round.  The ghost of Jonathan Munroe warned Anthony of the evil tidings from Joseph that day. Jonathan tried to contact Joseph but he just was not open to “spiritual” things.  Anthony thanked the boy and told him to return to where he had come from.  Anthony did not want Jonathan to know what he planned to do.  He would pay a visit to the glorious Jesseline Thirkill and put a monkey wrench in her plans to seduce Joseph.  He fancied the lovely girl and wanted a piece of her for himself.

Anthony said goodbye to his wife Lorraine and told her he had an extended trip in Montreal for a few weeks, due to some building plans there.  It was partly true and Lorraine bought it.  Anthony climbed aboard the SS America and sailed to London, England.  He knew where to find Jesseline Thirkill; he would deal with Ida Tinkle at another time.

Chapter Seven

Jesseline in England

It was a few weeks later when a young maid and a woman shroud in a black lace veil appeared at Joseph Munroe’s door in London, England.  Mr Stalin the butler answered the door.

Mr. Stalin asked, “Hello miss, who should I say is calling?”

The Maid says, “Jesseline Thirkill and her maid.”

Mr. Stalin says, “One moment please.”

Mr Stalin walks over to Joseph’s study and knocks on the door.

Joseph tersely says, “Mr. Stalin I told you not to bother me.”

Mr. Stalin, “I’m sorry sir but a Miss Jesseline Thirkill is here to see you.”

Joseph looks up, smiles, and says, “Bring her to me then run along and tell Anthony his guest will meet him in his bedchamber.”

Mr. Stalin escorted the two women into the library.

Joseph stood up, smiled, and said, “Jesseline you can join me in my study and your maid can accompany Mr. Stalin to the servant’s quarters.  I’m sure she is hungry and needing rest.”

Joseph smiled at the lovely young maid who blushed at his penetrating look.

Once they left the room Joseph whispered, “So my little deceitful one how does it feel to be cursed by the mighty Anthony Atkins?”

Jesseline pulled back the veil and Joseph recoiled from the gruesome looking face before him.

Jesseline sneered, “I don’t know, why you don’t tell me you bastard! How do you think Jake will feel once he sees what you have done to me?  I did not deserve any of this.  My Father Ronel is to blame and so is Ida Tinkle.  She put a spell on me.  She controls people’s minds. I am a puppet and you have been the one pulling my strings for many years.”

Joseph felt repelled by what he had done.  The beautiful Jesseline looked like a monster with her old, decrypt, face.

At that moment, he felt pity for Jesseline and said, “My dear let me see the rest of you, perhaps there is a way to get Anthony to restore your beauty.”

Jesseline stood there shaking in rage but she was desperate.  She knew, according to Ida, Anthony would be the only one who could remove this ghastly spell.  She complied and slowly undressed until she stood naked before Joseph.  She could see the hunger in his eyes, surprised she looked down.  Her body was still beautiful!  It had only been her face and hands affected by the spell.  She had never looked at her body; Jesseline assumed the spell affected everything.  She stood in shock as Joseph gently ran his hands down her body.

Joseph embraced her and said, “I will beg Anthony to restore you, but only on one condition.”

Jesseline’s body taunt with fear stood immobile.

Joseph whispered in her ear, “I must have you again…”

Jesseline stepped back and screamed, “Why? You raped me once already.”

At that moment, the door opened and Jake stood there and cried out, “Jesseline? Is that you? Oh God what happened to you!”

Jake ran over and hugged Jesseline saying, “My beautiful wife.”

Jake turned to Joseph, “I hate you!  When did you have her?”

Joseph turned white as a sheet and sat down, “Jake I had to have her, and she was a virgin.  It was on your wedding night.  You passed out drunk, the room was dark, and Jesseline did not know it was I until I was finished with her. ”

Jake turned to Jesseline, “So that’s why you didn’t want to sleep with me for weeks.  I could never figure out how I got you pregnant so fast.”

Jesseline’s voice hardened and she looked at Jake and said, “Jonathan wasn’t yours. He was Joseph’s!”

Jake let out a gargled cry as he lunged, fists flying at Joseph.  He hit him until he could not hit him anymore.  Then Jake ran out of the room to go look for his small silver pistol.  Ida Tinkle watched with an evil grin on her face.  Disguising herself as a maid had been easy.

Jesseline helped Joseph get up off the floor and he said, “Go lie on the bed in the room two doors down. Seduce Anthony and he will give you your beauty back.  That is what he wants.”

Jesseline went through a secret door in the wall; tip toed into the room, and lay on the bed.  Ida stood there watching in the corner then she saw Anthony and darted through a secret door.  She would go after Jake now…

Anthony walked into his room, and was surprised to see a young beautiful naked girl lying on his bed.  Then he saw her face and knew who it was.

Anthony sneered, “So the ice queen is offering her body to me now?  How fortunate.  What happened to your face?  My spell was to age you?”

Jesseline looked up and said, “What do you mean?”

Anthony looked at her, shook his head, and sighed saying, “My dearest Jesseline my spell was to be a joke.  It only lasts for a day – a lesson for you not to lie to me ever again.  I asked who did this to you.”

Jesseline rasped, “It must have been Ida Tinkle! She did this to me to get to Joseph! She plans to murder him.”

Anthony calmly asked, “When did you last see her?”

Jesseline said, “In New York City. I was drugged and I woke up here in England with a maid escorting me here.  Ida said you did this to me out of revenge.  She and Joseph both said if I sleep with you then this spell would be lifted.”

Anthony’s eyes grew round and black as he undressed and brushed his hand over her face and hands.

Jesseline could feel her skin turning to normal and Anthony cupped her face in his hands and said, “My beautiful Ice Queen I adore you.”

He gave her a warm, gentle kiss. When she did not flinch or pull back, he kissed her deeply.  Jesseline was so grateful and starved for affection, she felt a fire burning within her soul and then she wanted Anthony.  He took her quickly and left her breathless and wanting more.

Anthony looked into her gorgeous, beautiful eyes and said, “I have to go check on Joseph. I’ll be back soon.”

Ida stood waiting in the hall as Anthony came out.

The maid asked, “Is my lady alright, Sir?”

Anthony ignored her and started looking for Joseph.

The maid followed him and said, “Sir Joseph is out in the stables.”

Anthony tersely said, “Thanks” as he walked out the door.

Joseph came out of the hidden door and surprised Jesseline.  He held his hand over her mouth as she struggled.  He raped her with passion in his eyes.  Surprised he looked into her eyes and saw that she wanted him.  He removed his hand and Jesseline begged for more. Joseph gave her all that he had until he was finished.  Exhausted he went back through the hidden door.

Jesseline tried to follow him, but she was lost and ended up in Jake’s room instead.  Jesseline grabbed Jake, threw him down on the bed, and undressed him.  While they were busy, Ida crept into the room and grabbed a small silver pistol out of Jake’s drawer. Ida left the room and went back to wait near Anthony’s room.

Jake was quick then he hissed, “Anthony’s back. Get back to his room before he finds out what I have done. ”

Jesseline scrambled out of his room and went back towards Anthony’s room. This time she ended up in Josephs’ room and her maid was there.

Jesseline giggle, “I seem to be lost. What are you doing here?”

The maid smiled and suddenly it wasn’t the maid anymore. It was Ida Tinkle standing there instead. Jesseline gasped in horror and tried to scream but nothing would come out of her mouth.

Ida put the gun in Jesseline’s hand. Ida’s eyes grew round and black and then she began to chant.  Jesseline with a glazed look in her eyes entered the secret door, crept down the passageway and quietly entered another room…

Chapter Eight

Ida Tinkle’s Revenge

Suddenly there were two gunshots and then the pounding of feet making their way through a maze of rooms. The sounds of doors opening and closing until finally there lying on the floor in a pool of blood are two bodies.  Jake was dead and Jesseline’s gunshot wound to the head was spewing blood all over the place.  Jesseline had killed Jake then shot herself in the head. Jesseline was desperately trying to whisper something to the man leaning over her.

Joseph leaned closer and heard Jesseline say, “Sin has its consequences” then she died.

Joseph sobbed as he grabbed Jake and held him in his arms.

Joseph looked at Anthony and cried, “Is my family always going to be cursed?

Anthony sighed, “Look at Jesseline; she has a glazed look in her eye.  Someone’s put a spell on her!”

Anthony jumped up, ran out to the hallway, and asked Mr. Stalin, “Where is Jesseline’s maid?”

Mr. Stalin said, “She had to run some errands so she left twenty minutes ago.”

Anthony said, “Did she look extremely agitated or pleased with herself?”

Mr. Stalin snaps his fingers, “Why yes!  I thought it odd. When they first arrived the maid looked worn out and different.  Actually, she did look very different.  I couldn’t see her face clearly, but I could swear it was another person!”

Anthony looked grim, “Mr. Stalin it’s imperative that no more strangers be allowed into this mansion any more.  Jake is dead and Jesseline killed herself.  I think that maid cast a spell on Jesseline.  There is no way she would do something like this on her own.”

Mr. Stalin said quietly, “Not even for revenge?  Joseph did kill her father after all.”

Anthony looked surprised, “Whatever for?”

Mr. Stalin whispered, “He tried to blackmail the Virgin Slayer about little Jonathan.”

Anthony asked, “What do you mean?

Mr. Stalin whispered, “Little Jonathan was Joseph’s child!”

Anthony’s jaw dropped, “Do you mean to tell me he, when?”

Mr Stalin said, “On their wedding night!”

Anthony’s blood was boiling now, he stomped over to Joseph and looked at him and said, “Joseph, this is the consequences of your sins. You lost your wife, your daughter in law, your two sons.  When are you going to stop being a Virgin Slayer?”

Joseph whimpered, “Anthony I don’t know.  It’s like something comes over me and I cannot control it.”

Anthony asked, “Have you ever seen Jesseline’s maid before?”

Joseph thought for a moment then said, “There was something very familiar about her. I could swear that I had seen her before but it was years ago. There is no way it could be the same girl.”

Anthony thought for a moment, “Maybe it wasn’t. Whoever it was, knew the girl and they are acting out of revenge.  What happened to the girl?”

Joseph gulped, “I got her pregnant and she committed suicide.”

It was if a bell rang loudly in Joseph’s head, “That’s it!  I knew the name Tinkle but could not place it.  Ida Tinkle was the girl’s sister!  She’s out for revenge because of what I did years ago.”

Anthony shook his head, “Come on, we need to get the servants to clean up this mess and bury these two quietly. No one will know. We will just make up a story about Jake becoming ill and dying. As for Jesseline we can say she killed herself out of grief.”

Joseph said, “What about the servants?”

Anthony grinned, “I’ll make them forget everything for good.”

Joseph warily looked at his friend, “Please don’t touch Mr. Stalin. Promise me you will not harm him. So is it true that you caused Jake to go mad?”

Anthony sighed, “Jake shot Jonathan by accident. He was trying to kill Lorraine. Jake was already going crazy. I gave him a potion to forget. He double-dosed and it made him lose his marbles.  I am sorry Joseph. I was trying to spare you some grief.  Only my plan backfired.  Then again, Ida Tinkle caused all this. If I ever see her again, I’m going to kill her.”

The funerals for Jesseline and Jake were at the Munroe Estate in England.  Themus Munroe sat there cold as stone. He would not respond to his girlfriend Alchetta Bailey or anyone.  He just wanted to be alone. Losing Jonathan and Jake was too much to bear.  It was shortly after this that Anthony Atkins headed back to Place Royale.   Joseph told Themus to forget about everything and to go to University to start his studies.

Chapter Nine

Themus Goes to University

It is Sept 1936 and the University in London, England looked quite inviting to the young man standing there.  Themus Munroe took a deep breath as he walked slowly up the steps. For several months last year he mourned the death of his brother and nephew, now several months later he had to concentrate on his studies.  Joseph insisted that his Son Themus work hard and forget about everything that happened.  Alchetta Bailey, the girl that Themus was now courting, was very understanding.

Alchetta said, “Themus darling, take as much time as you need to heal.  You need to let out all that bitterness within your soul.”

Themus said, “You’re lucky Alchetta, to have your parents since birth.  You were born rich and comfortable. I have struggled since the day I was born. I finally get a brother, we only get a few years together and then a nephew and it is all so complicated.  There is so much hatred towards my family so much tragedy I hope someday to find happiness.”

Alchetta smiled and said, “You will Themus. Just take one day at a time.  Now go concentrate on your studies. Do not worry about me. Call me when you need me. I will be waiting for you.”

Themus grinned and said, “Thanks, you’re the best!”

Chapter Ten

The Arranged Marriage for Themus Munroe

Melville Bailey sat and waited at the old pub in England. Joseph Munroe walked through the door, looking a bit worse for wear. Melville heard about Joseph’s battle with the booze.  It seemed that each time tragedy struck, Joseph would turn to his booze for comfort. Melville shook Joseph’s hand as he sat down.

Melville said, “It’s good to see you my friend. How is business these days?”

Joseph grinned and said, “Business is booming. My development plans with Anthony Atkins are coming along nicely. I have poured some more investment money into his next enterprise.  Anthony is working on development plans for Quebec and Montreal.”

Melville grinned, “That’s great! I hope to visit Quebec within in the next year and scout out some land for my hotel projects.”

Joseph smiled, “I hear that Chateau Frontenac is quite the place in Quebec. You will have some stiff competition there. I think Paris, France is a better idea. ”

Melville grinned, “Well I have my dreams and you have yours.  Speaking of dreams, you asked me to have a meeting with you about a joint venture, what do you have in mind?”

Joseph chose his words carefully and said, “Do you think Alchetta will provide you with an heir for your fortune?”

Melville was shocked at first then he thought about it some more, then said, “You know the thought never really crossed my mind before? Is Themus planning to provide me with one?”

Joseph grinned and said, “I see were on the same train of thought. I would think that a marriage between Alchetta and Themus a great benefit to both of us. We could work on a few hotel projects together form an alliance of sorts in the business and financial world. Anthony is willing to help with your hotel designs and become a partner as well.”

Melville thought for a moment and said, “I have big plans. I was also thinking of inviting Barney Rosewood and William White into our business enterprise. Both are very rich and talented men.”

Joseph thoughtfully said, “It was a real blow to White Star when the Titanic sank. We learn from our mistakes. William White is a genius in that department. Maybe we can get a discount when the SS America is ready to sail.”

Melville asked, “When is that?”

Joseph said, “William expects to have it ready in the summer of 1939.”

Melville said, “It will be good for business and trade.”

Joseph grinned, “Quite a few people are planning to take the first trip to Canada on that ship.”

Melville grinned, “I’ll be one of them I hope. Now about this marriage alliance thing I have to talk to Retta first. You know I am hen pecked to death if I do not. After all, she is the one what wears the pants in the family.

Joseph laughed, “I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with that anymore.”

Melville smacks Joseph on the back, “You’ve never been hen pecked once and you know it!”

Joseph raises his glass of port in a toast and says, “You’ve got that right!”

It was the next day when Melville, during breakfast, cleared his throat and said, “Retta darling, I’ve got a proposition for you.”

Retta looked up at Melville’s flushed face and snapped, “What kind of monkey business have you been up to now?  Betting again?”

Melville furiously shakes his head no, “Not at all darling.”

Retta sarcastically says, “The only time you call me “darling” is when you want something very bad.  Come on spit it out! What is it now? A new car?  A new suit?”

Melville flushed red and said, “No it’s Alchetta. We have an opportunity to expand our wealth.”

Retta was interested now and she put the New York Times newspaper down on the table and said, “I’m listening.”

Melville licked his lips and said, “Joseph Munroe plans to invest in our chain of hotels and we plan to form a partnership with William White and Barney Rosewood.”

Retta stared intently at him and asked, “What’s the catch?”

Melville paused and dramatically said, “He wants Themus and Alchetta to wed.”

Retta stared at Melville for a moment taking the words in.

Melville continued, “He desires an heir for his estate and suggested that I needed one too.”

Retta’s eyes did not waver. She was so quiet you could see the wheels turning in her head then her face radiated with a big smile, and she says, “Melville your a genius!  That is the best idea you’ve ever come up with!”

Melville smiled proudly.  It was not often that his wife complimented him, so he took it in stride.

Then Retta said, “However, darling, we must consider Alchetta’s feelings about the matter. It is best for Themus to finish University and travel around Europe before marrying. Themus talks about going on tour constantly. Let him sow his wild oats first before settling down with Alchetta.  I do not want any Munroe scandals to tarnish the “Bailey” name. I will not have it. As for Mr. Joseph Munroe he will have to stop his shenanigans before I agree to let our dear Alchetta marry his son.”

Melville paused then hastily said, “Yes Retta, I’ll tell him.”

Retta says, “By the way Melville who is William White and Barney Rosewood?”

Melville says, “William White has investments in White Star Shipping lines. Remember the Titanic?”

Retta tried to compose herself as she wearily said, “How could I forget? I lost my parents then. What does it have to do with William?”

Melville tried to be patient with his wife.

Retta clued in and said, “Oh I get it now. White Star owned the Titanic. That is where I have heard the name before. Aren’t they building a new ship called the SS America?”

Melville nodded.

Retta said, “I hope we can get VIP service on the ship. I would love to go on a voyage to New York City or Canada.  I hear that Chateau Frontenac is divine! Now who is Barney Rosewood?”

Melville smiled, “Do you remember our last political dinner fundraiser?  The man you chatted with all evening was Bartholomew Rosewood his father.  They are in commerce and trade and they use the White Star lines to ship goods all over the world.  They are one of the main Importers/Exporters here in England along with Chago Sima.”

Retta blushed at the name. Who could forget the dashing and romantic Chago Sima?  Retta came very close to having an affair with the handsome Spanish man.  The fear of scandal was the only thing that held her back.

For Melville Bailey constantly complained about his wife’s lack of sex drive and referred to her as being “frigid.”  Retta no longer had sex with him after becoming pregnant with Alchetta, which was one of the reasons Melville, frequented the brothels of Paris, France.  That is where he met Joseph Munroe and they have shared many women together along with Bartholomew Rosewood and his Son Barney.

Even though Barney Rosewood was married, he too had his many mistresses. His Wife Patricia was completely unaware of it. Retta however knew Melville’s every move.  She allowed her husband to play as long as the women promised to keep it a secret.  Melville’s many monetary gifts of jewellery kept his mistress’ satisfied even though they hated sleeping with him.  The women at the brothels usually sent the youngest member of their group.  Melville was as gentle as a lamb; he would break in the new girls first. Then they would go to Joseph Munroe.  Many times Melville could not perform, so he would pretend that he had been with the girl.  The girls felt sorry for him and never spoke of his “little” problem.

All women desired Joseph. Young women flocked to the brothel, each hoping to have a taste of him for he had a certain reputation.  Joseph purposely set up his reputation as such.  He would actually assault the women then vow to slay them or have a spell cast on them if they told anyone.

Everyone feared Joseph after hearing how his spell made the famous movie star Jesseline Thirkill hideous looking.  The poor girl went crazy and shot herself and her lover. That was the story fed to the tabloids.

“Virgin Slayer drives movie star to madness ending in murder suicide.”

The gossip papers were always careful never to mention “who” the Virgin Slayer was. Only a select few knew or thought they knew the “identity” of the man.

Retta was blushing when she asked, “Have you seen Chago Sima lately?”

Melville grinned, “He’s just finished sealing another major deal here in England. Chago is talking about expanding into North and South America. He is setting up a conference in England.  Men from all over the world will attend and share their ideas.”

Retta smiled, “Chago did say he wanted to build great wealth. Some say it is because of a woman that spurned him years ago.  Now it drives him to succeed.”

Melville’s ears perked up, “What woman?”

Retta said, “No one really knows who. Chago asked for her hand in marriage and she turned him down.  Six months later, she was married to a very powerful and rich man. Chago tends to keep the woman’s identity a secret. He must fear the husband or something.”

Melville sighed, “There is nothing better than a good love story.”

Retta agreed. The one thing that made her fall in love with Melville was his romantic side. Melville wrote the most endearing love letters, and he was always buying Retta flowers and jewels.  Retta was always showing off a new fashion piece.  She became so well known for it that jewellery designers often approached her with their ideas and would make her a “one of a kind” piece.

Retta would wear her jewels to all sorts of galas and balls. Many movie stars would covet her jewels and order a “one of a kind” piece for themselves.  Often the Jewellers would make several thousand dollars just because Retta attended a certain event. This is why she receives invitations to any type of Royal or Hollywood functions in Europe.  Retta wanted to expand her party functions to Canada and Paris, which is why she was delighted that Melville would build Hotels there. Retta had a vision of developing her own line of jewels and having a shop inside the Hotel. However, that would be in the future.

First, she would have to speak to Alchetta about the Munroe marriage proposal when she was finished her schooling in Paris.  Retta knew how headstrong Alchetta was she had to make sure her daughter would see the advantages in the marrying of Themus Munroe. Alchetta Bailey had turned down every suitor her mother had introduced to her. Retta feared that her daughter would continue in the role of an old maid.

Retta did not want to upset her precious Alchetta; a girl spoiled beyond anyone else, but still has a sweet disposition although quite haughty at times. Many assumed upon first meeting Alchetta Bailey that she was royalty. Her cold, crisp, manner, her intellect was far beyond most young women her age.  Retta missed her daughter while she was away, but Retta was always busy with some charity event or fundraising event so over the years she did not spend much time with her daughter.  They were close but not too close.  Retta used to envy how close Raine Carrington was to her Daughter Luvena.  Maybe someday Alchetta and she would become closer like they were.

Retta thought about how she feared travelling.  It would be difficult to go on a trip that Melville was planning. It would take everything in her power to actually step foot on the SS America and take that first voyage to Canada…

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