Jesseline Thirkill 3

Chapter Twenty-One

Chago Sima – The Bachelor

Chago Sima was a fascinating man. A Gypsy, who’s Grandmother could foretell the future. His family travelled with the local circus people. Chago was quite “spiritual” himself. He had the gift of foretelling as well. However, after seeing how unhappy his future would be one day, he opted never to consult the tarot cards again. Chago would live by Fate and hard work. Not only did he strive to become one of the most successful businessmen in the world, he vowed to someday have Lorraine Picard as his wife.

Chago never attended a college or university because he could not afford it. Instead, he worked in the bathhouses and massage parlours around England and Paris.  He listened to all the businessmen telling their stories to their friends.  He became friends with several of the men and a reliable source as a business consultant.  None of them ever knew where he got his information.  Chago poured over every newspaper from Canada, United States and Europe.

He learned the importance of investments and was pleased to hear the stories about Alchetta Bailey’s success stories from Melville Bailey.  A man who loved to brag and brag about everything he did.  Melville talked about everyone he knows and what everyone else is busy doing, thanks to his Wife Retta’s constant eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.  She was a goldmine of information, which is why Chago made his slow progress in trying to seduce her.

He found out that Retta is not a sexual person so he tried a different tactic.  She loved knowledge and power.  She would give him information in turn he would give her some of his.  Chago’s was better but Retta did not mind.  She just loved talking to an intelligent man.  Melville was rich but he was far from being intelligent.  If he were not rich, Retta never would have bothered with him.  He was a kind soul, a little simple minded at times, which frustrated her.  She found solace in Chago’s company.  Many people assumed they were having an affair when she would meet him secretly at the cafes in Paris.  It was never that way because Retta would not allow herself to give into her “carnal” desires.  She would never know what she was missing.

Retta was displeased when she found out about Lorraine Picard mocking Chago’s marriage proposal years ago – Chago was devastated and confided in Elsa Picard and Retta Bailey about the whole ordeal. Chago swore to Retta that his relationship with Elsa Picard was a close friendship, a platonic relationship. True they were lovers off and on but Elsa was such a boring specimen in bed that Chago only had sex with her out of pity.  Some people assumed that he was the father of the child but Chago knew that Elsa must have been pregnant for a month before he met her at the bar that fateful evening.  He often wondered who the real father was, but Elsa never disclosed the man’s name.  She only told Chago she a man raped her and that was the story she was sticking to for now.

Retta knew that Elsa had feelings for Chago, but she never said a word about it because of her Sister Lorraine who was always stealing boyfriends away from several girls.  They all hated Lorraine for what she did but afterwards when they thought about it, she did them all a favour. If a man is willing to cheat before marriage, he is definitely going to cheat after marriage…

Chapter Twenty – Two

Lorraine Picard Growing Up

Lorraine Picard was wild when Chago Sima met her.  In fact, he found her to be too wild and he quickly walked the other way, much to Elsa’s surprise.  Lorraine hated him for that, for Chago Sima was the first man she could not seduce.  Lorraine knew it had something to do with Retta Bailey.  That woman would meddle in people’s lives if she could.  She was a friend to Elsa only because of her “crush” on Chago.  Lorraine got great pleasure in knowing that Retta would never sleep with Chago.  She encouraged Elsa to sleep with him, she knew that would put a wedge in Retta and Elsa is little friendship and she was right.  Retta was cordial to Elsa because Melville insisted that she be that way.

Lorraine on the other hand, started having sex at a very young age.  She was fifteen when she lost her virginity to Chago Sima.  He was horrified to find out how young she was and that was the reason he walked away.  He refused to admit to anyone that the two of him or her had sex and Lorraine instructed to keep it a secret.  Chago introduced Lorraine to Dr Tibideau, only because he was worried she would get pregnant.  Dr Tibideau was working on a new device that stops pregnancy and Lorraine agreed to be his first patient.  It failed of course, Lorraine got pregnant with Chago’s baby but then she aborted it.  In fact, it took several abortions before Dr Tibideau device would work.

Lorraine got money for each sale she made.  She would approach wealthy men and offer the device for their lovers.  She doubled the price, paid Dr Tibideau his fee and kept the rest of the money for herself.  Someday she would go to one of those fashion shows in Paris and buy a completely new wardrobe.  She would wait until she found a rich man to marry before disclosing any of the money that she had.  There would be no other way to explain its existence.

Her sister Elsa was not aware of this fact, ever. Lorraine would later use the things she learned at a young age, to support herself and her sister. Elsa was innocent; she never knew exactly what Lorraine did. She knew that some men regarded her sister as a wild flower, easy for plucking. Many paid money to have the beautiful, sexy girl do things with them. Lorraine’s speciality was to arrange for a man’s fantasy to happen.

She would pay certain types of women to do her bidding. When Lisette and Byron died in the train accident along with Aunt Blaise Marchand, Lorraine started blackmailing the wealthy clients after their sexual fantasies fulfilled. None of them ever caught on to the mastermind of the whole thing. Lorraine was careful to use other people as “puppets” to do her bidding.

Elsa was always reading books or writing poems. A quiet girl with a simple mind, a little slow at times.  She was pretty in her own way but not overly attractive.  She looked like a little country girl who was naive in all things. Elsa hardly ever spoke to her Sister Lorraine during their teenage years.

Elsa learned at a very young age, to be quiet, was to disappear and stay out of harms way. She learned to hold in her emotions after talking one day to her Aunt Blaise about Lorraine’s constant teasing. Her advice changed Elsa’s life. Do not react and she will get bored.

Aunt Blaise was right. Within a few weeks – Lorraine found someone else to tease instead of Elsa. That day when Aunt Blaise encouraged Elsa to start a new hobby, she never imagined at her Fashion sketches would help make her aunt very rich. Elsa told these tales as bedtime stories to Louise.

When Louise reached her teenage years it became a reality that her Mother Elsa was not entertaining her with fictional tales, she was horrified to learn that they were actually true stories. Louise grew up disliking her Aunt Lorraine. She did not care for the woman. Elsa’s picture of Lorraine was outdated and since Louise never met her Aunt Lorraine before she worried about how she would treat her. Louise knew that her Aunt Lorraine took her mothers share of Aunt Blaise’s fortunes when she died and again when Uncle Duvall died, she took all that money too.

She did not share a penny with Elsa who worked all her life to support the two of them. Louise never found out that Melville Bailey was quite generous to Elsa and took care of them all those years.  When Elsa died, Melville felt relieved in some way. He did not ever have to disclose the truth to his Wife Retta or to his Daughter Alchetta. No one would ever know his little secret…

Chapter Twenty-Three

Zach Conglier-The Blackmailer

Zach Conglier assumed that he was the second person to know about Melville Bailey’s little secret.  He knew that Joseph Munroe would never talk about it.

Zach was a man who was always looking for ways to make a buck. Zach was one of Lisette Picard’s lovers.   Zach was very attractive with his wavy black hair, muscular shoulders and well-defined chest.  His small waist and nicely rounded buttocks made women swoon every time he took his clothes off they would immediately start to drool and want more. He was an ardent lover, experienced in all types of sex acts and his main goal was to pleasure his lovers for hours and leave them very satisfied.

He started having sex with older women at the age of fifteen.  He was so good in bed that women hired him for sex, especially older women, but only if they had lots of money.

Zach often sat in the corner of the bathhouse and one day while Melville was drunk he let it slip that he was the father of Elsa Picard’s child. Years later when Zach met Lorraine Atkins, he blackmailed her with this bit of gossip.

Chapter Twenty – Four

Lorraine’s Heartache

Lorraine was not getting along with Anthony because of what she did to Ophirah Ramsbottom. Hiding that golden powerful amulet from Anthony had been a serious mistake.  For the rest of her life, Anthony vowed to make her life a living hell. Lorraine paid Zach the money, and vowed to herself to get him back someday.  She seduced him. Her plan was if he ever tried to blackmail her, again she would tell Anthony that Zach raped her and he would suffer a sudden death.

When the news of Zach Conglier’s drowning came to Place Royale, Lorraine feared for her life.

Zach shared the news of Themus Munroe being little Jonathan’s father. Lorraine liked Joseph, so she would never disclose that information to him. With Jonathan and Jake gone, Anthony became very withdrawn from Lorraine.  She had to find a way to reconnect with her husband for it was her hearts desire to become pregnant with his heir.

Lorraine knew that only one person could help her win her husbands affections — Heta Totenmyer.  When Lorraine approached Heta, she lied and told her that she and Anthony were having trouble conceiving. She asked for a love spell because Anthony’s frustration was making him moody. She only wanted a love spell for three months. In that, time she would get pregnant and things could turn back to normal. Heta complied, made the potion, and put it into a box of chocolates, which Lorraine presented Anthony on Valentines Day.

After resuming their sexual relationship- two months passed and Lorraine did not get pregnant.  When Chago Sima showed up at Lorraine that fateful day when Little Jake Munroe was visiting. Their drive in the country ended up with having sex out in a cornfield.  Anthony went away to Montreal that weekend and because he was busy for the next two month, Lorraine hardly saw him at all. Several weeks later Lorraine found out that she was pregnant.

Delighted she decided not to tell a soul for a few months. She wanted to make sure that the time was right. The love potion wore off and Anthony reverted to him self, ignoring Loraine and hardly seeing her for the next five months…

Lorraine never realized just how much she loved her Sister Elsa until that fateful day when she received a letter stating that Elsa Picard had died tragically. Loraine, for the first time in her life thought about someone other than herself. She would do the right thing this time. Little Louise was her Goddaughter and show would take better care of her then she had of Elsa.

Loraine felt bad. Years ago, she was concentrating on establishing herself in all the social circles in Canada. She assumed that Anthony took care of Elsa’s needs. The two of them never discussed it until Elsa’s death. Lorraine was horrified to find out that Anthon y never send a dime to Elsa. He thought Lorraine took care of that sort of thing. That is when Lorraine found out about her husbands trickery.

Anthony wrote a letter to Melville Bailey telling him that he was the Father of the child. Anthony was jealous of Joseph’ friendship with Melville so he wanted to make him pay. Melville always looked down on Anthony when they went to University together. Anthony worked hard to increase his fortunes. Melville had his handed to him when his father died. Being an only child, Melville inherited millions. A selfish man, not prone to give a dime to anyone, Anthony thought it would be a great joke and lesson to play on Melville. He assumed that Melville would eventually figure out that it was impossible for him to be the father of Elsa’s child for she would have been pregnant for a month upon reaching England.

Anthony assumed the child belonged to Chago Sima because Elsa and Chago had an affair while he was staying there in Place Royale. Anthony later heard that Chago was Elsa’s lover off and on for the next two years and then he stopped seeing her.  The picture of the little dark haired girl, with tanned skin could very easily belong to Chago Sima. However, Anthony did have an uneasy feeling all those years.

If it was Joseph Munroe’s child then Anthony, knew if anyone found out about it, the scandal would rock Europe and Canada and reach the highest social circles everywhere?

Lorraine’s flawless reputation that she concocted while living in Canada would be challenge, not to mention his own, Joseph and Elsa’s. If Retta Bailey found out the truth, she would sue Anthony and so would Melville. Anthony was thankful that Melville did take care of Elsa all those years. He too felt guilty and vowed to make things right when his niece Louise Picard came to stay with them.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Lorraine’s Joy

Anthony asked, “Lorraine how old is Louise now?”

Lorraine smiled and thought for a moment, surprised she said, “My goodness she’s eighteen now!”

Anthony was shocked, “I thought she was a few years younger then that for some reason.”

Lorraine smiled, “So did I. Time flies by when you’re busy. I was reading an article about your luxury homes in Montreal.”

Anthony grinned, “Yes the Montreal Gazette loves featuring me in their paper.”

Lorraine smiled mischievously and said, “It was not the Montreal Gazette, it was the NEW YORK TIMES!”

Anthony’s Jaw dropped, shocked, he sat down, and said, “I finally made it into the New York Times? How?”

Lorraine blushed then said, “I sent them several of your Montreal Gazette clippings… I know your looking for more investors so I thought I’d help.”

Anthony stood there looking at his wife. It had been years since he looked at her that way. He gently caressed her cheek and softly said, “You know how to get to me. My life long dream and you brought it to me…”

He leaned forward and gave her a long, loving sweet kiss.

Lorraine had tears in her eyes as she looked up at him and said, “You haven’t kissed me like that since the day you asked me to marry you. Remember Montmorency Falls?”

Anthony grinned, grabbed her hand and led her out to the car.

Loraine said, “Where are we going?”

Anthon had a twinkle in his eye, “It’s a surprise.”

Later Anthony pulled up by the trail that leads up the top of Montmorency Falls. He stopped the car and got out.

Lorraine asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

Anthony looked darkly at her, “to do something to you that I should have done that day.”

Lorraine was terrified and thought of the steep cliff… My god was he going to throw her to her death now.

Anthony grabbed Lorraine and carried her up the path to the top, and then he put her gently down in the grass under the tree where they met and removed her clothing and made passionate love to her there.  Anthony had never been so ardent in his love making before.  For the first time Lorraine felt like he loved her and the truth was he did…

That day Anthony Atkins fell in love with his wife for the first time.  His final words that evening were, “I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you all these years. Maybe if I had paid more attention to you – Things would have been different. You know I never intended to leave you for Ophirah Munroe.  I always wanted to be with you, forever…

Until death, do we part…? Moreover, with that he kissed her deeply, passionately, tenderly. Lorraine was crying. For years the though that he loved Ophirah, more than her had tormented her soul… Now she could be at peace. She would be a good mother to Louise and the unborn child…

Chapter Twenty-Six

Patricia Loses her Temper

Patricia’s voice was finally getting through to Louise, who woke up with a start.

Patricia said, “Goodness child are you always this difficult to wake? Heaven forbid that we have a fire or an emergency! Nothing seems to wake you up.”

Louise smiled I am a sound sleeper.”

Patricia said, “I plan to go into Paris today to do some shopping. Melville gave me some money to get you some new gowns. You’ll need a ball gown and some nice outfits for your cruise.”

Louise looked blankly at Patricia and said, “My what?”

Patricia said, “Heavens child, did Retta tell you what her plans were?”

Louise looked fearful, “she’s not throwing me out is she? I refused to work in the hotel; I asked if I could get a governess job instead.”

Patricia smiled, “Let’s go see what she plans to do with you.”

Patricia and Louise got dressed and wend down for some breakfast.

Retta was busy planning her last minute touches to a garden party that was about to start soon.

Patricia pulled Retta aside, “My dear it has come to my attention that Louise has not been advised about her future?”

Retta said, “Oh my! I forgot! You see I wanted to make sure the two of you got along first before telling her. I am worried that she will be upset about it and cause a scene for you o n the ship. She can be quite stubborn at times. Unlike her mother, you would think the child was adopted or something.  I know Melville has been keeping a secret all these years. I was hoping since Elsa died, he would tell me the truth. Elsa adopted Louise – I just know it! She got her from a girl at the Nun’s hospital.”

Patricia was quiet for a moment trying to hold back a laugh she said, “What makes you think that?
Retta whispered, “Because I found a letter in Millville desk stating that her child was his. I am assuming the stupid man got one of his mistresses pregnant and he smartly concealed the story somehow. I am so thankful that he avoided a scandal! Elsa could not possibly be the mother. Have you seen how she is?  Chago Sima as her lover – HAH – I know for a fast he felt sorry for the girl and tried to help her out financially.

Retta blushed at these words…

Patricia’s steely eyes and cold voice said, “And when did you have a chance to be alone with the neperious Chago Sima? Perhaps you wanted dot be hi mistress?”

Retta faltered and looked at Patricia who continues, “Chago made a pass at me one night – kissing me full on the mouth. My darling husband Barney caught us and it ruined our marriage. Barney refused to sleep with me again.”

Patricia was bitter when she said, “Chago Sima ruined my life and my marriage. I’ll never forgive him for that!”

Retta said, Oh Patricia I am sorry! I’m sure if Chago would have known … He would have corrected Barney.”

Patricia sighed, “Well the past is over. I’m taking Louise shopping today in Paris.”

Retta said, “But what about my garden party? This is the perfect opportunity for Louise to start making some good social connections!”

Patricia loses her patience, “Retta of all the stupid things to say! Both of us are grieving the loss of our loved ones and you are a very cold hearted bitch of a woman to say such things!”

Patricia turned on her heel and walked away. Retta was white faced, for several women from the garden party heard what Patricia said and tongues were wagging immediately. Retta really was wishing that Patricia and Louise would just go away and never come back!

Patricia hurried over to Louise, “We have to go now. I just caused a delightful scene with Retta Bailey and she’s ready to kill me.”

Louise giggled, “It’s about time someone got the best of that intolerable woman. Oh Oh… Alchetta’s coming this way and I think she just heard what I said.”

Alchetta was enraged and yelled at Patricia, “You’ve got a lot of nerve! My mother invites you as a guest and you treat her in an insolent way.”

Then Alchetta looks at Louise and said, “Pack your bags you little bitch. We don’t need scum like you in our hotel your not welcomed here anymore.”

Patricia turned and looked at Retta, Melville and Alchetta, walked over to Melville, and whispered, “This is no way to treat your daughter. I expect full payment of her fortune or the whole world will know about who you really are! And remember – my Father Lenno Totenmyer has always wanted to scalpel a fat ass like you.”

Then Patricia turned to Retta and Alchetta and said, “Congratulations on our up coming nuptials Alchetta, Themus Munroe, England Rake and the Virgin Slayers son will only be too happy to kill your family once they get their hands on your fortune!”

Patricia stood there watching the look of terror on everyone’s faces.

Patricia hissed, “If any of you breathe this to anyone, I’ll have my Mother Heta cast a spell on all of you that will be ten times worse then the one Ida Tinkle cast on Jesseline Thirkill before she died! If you want a lunching party, why do not you all go after the real witch in the city – Ida tinkle has slept with half the men in this city and murdered several others? Yet no one has the courage to take the law into his or her own hands? I say you burn the witch before she kills or blackmails any one of you again…

Lastly, she turned to both Retta and Melville and said, “Melville Bailey I’d like to thank you for your many years of generous gifts. For the record, Louise Picard is not your bastard child, and your Wife Retta already knows that you sleep around with all the whores of England. Louise belongs to someone else. Someone with a lot more class than you will ever have!  Someone powerful and richer than all of you but you will never hear it from my lips, which he is…”

Patricia grabbed Louise’s hand and they quickly walked away. You could hear a pin drop.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Melville’s Secrets Revealed

Louise was mad and embarrassed and hotly said, I liked the roasting until the end…Now my chances in society will be ruined.”

Patricia sighed, “I have a temper and that was me snapping. Louise you are a bastard child – no one in England will every accept you. Someday you must marry an extremely wealthy man in Canada or in Europe to make a name for yourself. I will help you find someone, I promise.”

Louise wailed, “Where am I going to live?”

Patricia pulled out a letter, “Your Aunt Lorraine has invited you to come and live in Canada with her and your Uncle Anthony.  He is a very wealthy Architect. Look here, there’s a story about him in the New York Times.”

HEADLINE READS – LORRAINE AND ANTHONY ATKINS – LUXURY HOMES IN MONTREAL CANADA – SOCIAL GATHERINGS FOR THE ELITE – HOLLYWOOD STARS – POLITICAL DIGNITARIES AND ROYALTY WELCOME to attend the debutante ball at Chateau Frontenac in November 1939. The events will be by invitation only.  Please write to Lorraine Atkins, Place Royale, and Canada for details. Please RSVP by September 30th, 1939.

Louise said, “Boy this photo of my aunt and uncle is amazing. They both look so young and handsome. I wonder how they do it. My uncle is dreamy looking. If anything happens to my Aunt, can I marry my uncle?”

Patricia looked at Louise, surprised to hear such a thing she said, “You are so much like your Aunt Lorraine. She’ll be able to pass you off as her daughter, I’m sure.”

Louise asked, ‘Why would she do a thing like that?”

Patricia grinned, “Social connections of course! She’ll say that you were sent to a private school in London, England and that she decided to bring you out for your eighteenth birthday as a social surprise.”

Louise was miffed, “She doesn’t want my mother to exist?”

Patricia wryly asked, “Why did you have to wait eighteen years to meet a very rich aunt? Who, by the way, comes to Paris, France every year for a fashion show?”

Louise gasped, “No! Really?”

Patricia nodded, “Yours truly attended along with Retta, Francesca White, young Alchetta and whoever else was part of Retta’s “click.”

Louise said, “I take it you weren’t in their “click.”

Patricia sighed, “Native women aren’t welcomed in clicks. That is why I was surprised at Retta’s invitation! Delighted in my own vain way I actually thought she wanted to be friends. Turns out, she was after my husband’s money and looking for a way to get rid of you. Not to worry we are going to pack up your things. Go shopping at the haute couture of Paris.  Maybe attend a few fashion shows as well. We will stay in Paris with Luvena.  I am sure she will understand.  Raine raised her to be a loving, caring soul. Two women out on the street are not allowed in the Carrington household.”

Louise said, “What happened to your house?”

Patricia smiled, “I sold it. Now go pack your things and meet me downstairs in fifteen minutes. I’ve got to say goodbye to Melville before we leave.”

Louise quickly packed her things. Patricia was already half packed. She went downstairs and told one of the servants to get Mr Bailey for her.  Patricia met him in his office.

Melville said, “You have a lot of nerve!”

Patricia quietly said, “Lorraine Atkins thinks that you are Louise’s father. Pay me the money and I will tell Anthony the truth. I am the only person he’ll believe – my mother will make sure of that, if you don’t than read this letter.”

It was for Melville Bailey from Lorraine Atkins, it said,

“Melville our mutual friend Zach Conglier informed me about your little secret. I expect you to pay a yearly income of one-hundred-thousand pounds to our darling Louise or your story goes to the New York Times.”

Melville turned white, he hoarsely said, and “What do you want?”

Patricia said, “I’ll take the one-hundred-thousand pounds and call it even.”

Melville said, “I don’t have time.”

Patricia said, “I called the bank yesterday. I informed them that we have a partnership with Anthony Atkins to develop properties in Montreal. I asked them to make a check payable to Louise Picard who is his niece. They did not ask any questions. I told them you would come to the bank today and sign a release for the funds and a business agreement.  I will invest ten percent of the costs required for your hotels and I’ll get twenty percent of all profit you make.”

Melville smiled, “A business arrangement. Thank you! It will be easier to explain to Retta.”

Patricia smiled, “I took it out of your personal secret account. The one that Retta knows nothing about the one you pay the jewellers for all your mistresses’ gifts… Barney told me. My lips are sealed.”

Melville sputtered, “How, Oh never mind! Let’s go!”

The three of them left quietly through the back entrance. No one saw them go…

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Retta Bailey’s Revenge


Retta Bailey looked around at her Garden Party of guests.  Her beautiful exotic flower arrangements looked perfect on the Victorian lace tablecloths that were on her garden furniture. Her new white chairs looked sleek and elegant and her guests were busy gossiping about what had just happened.


Retta knew she had to do something.


Retta said, “Can I have everybody’s attention please?  I want to discuss our new task. How are we going to rid England of Ida Tinkle? ”


She looked carefully at each of the women and said, “Some of you have already suffered because of her.  Every time one of your husbands takes her up as a mistress, you fear for his life and that of your own.  We know the treachery she has done, but none of us has been bold enough to speak of it.  For we fear the dark arts.  There are only two people here to fear.  Ida Tinkle and Dr Tibideau, yet there are hundreds of us?  Why is that? Why have we not done something about this?  I say we protect our children.”


Retta grabbed Alchetta, hugged her, and said, “I want to make an announcement but you must keep it all to yourself until we make it public.  My daughter intends to marry the very powerful Themus Munroe.  Some of you may not know but Themus is actually Joseph Munroe’s son a very powerful man in so many ways.”


She grinned at all the smiles coming up in the audience and continued, “Joseph Munroe is very good friends with Anthony Atkins, who is also know to have powers in the dark arts.  He is the last person to remove one of Ida Tinkle’s curses.  You must keep these secrets to yourself because I cannot guarantee that Anthony will do hideous things to you as he did to Jesseline Thirkill.  Actually, he made her beautiful again before she died.  He has powers to help.  Our family has a powerful ally now, and I know that Ida Tinkle and Joseph Munroe are enemies due to Ida Tinkle and her sister’s suicide. So you see we cannot fail!”


There was a murmur in the crowd.


Retta said, “I’m going to give each of you a few minutes to discuss among yourselves what we can do. Pull together your resources.  What gossip have you heard and what evidence can we produce to prove that Ida was involved with the men that were murdered and we need someone to say they were together before the men died.”


Retta said to Alchetta, “I am thankful that Patricia gave us something to change the topic. Imagine how famous I will be…no…Alchetta, you said that you needed to do something drastic to impress Lorraine Atkins.  Getting rid of Ida Tinkle would definitely make a name for you. It will take everyone’s cooperation to do it.  They will have to get rid of Dr. Tibideau somehow, or turn him against Ida Tinkle! Now that would be a better plan. Dr. Tibideau does not know about Ida Tinkle’s lovers.  ”


Alchetta interrupted, “How can he not know, he has the power to read minds.”


Retta smiled, “Ida is a very powerful woman, and she blocks him from seeing her true thoughts.  He reads what she allows and that is all her dreamy thoughts of his gorgeous body.  He is a handsome man, which is why it is easy for him to seduce his victims.  I’m surprised that people don’t know that he is the Virgin Slayer…”


Alchetta was thoughtful, “Mother how do you know all of this?”


Retta blushed and said, “Your father is friends with Joseph Munroe, who knows everything if you know what I mean? Now I want to get back at Patricia for what she did to us today.  Barney Rosewood has a few secrets of his own.  Melville is always sharing secrets with me, the man talks in his sleep.  He has some pretty powerful secrets about Barney Rosewood.”


Retta said, “Attention everyone I just thought about some things. I have secrets that I can use to drive Ida Tinkle or I mean that WE can use to get Ida out of Dr Tibideau’s life for good.  We need someone from Scotland Yard.  Someone brave enough to lay charges and gather evidence against Ida Tinkle.  Do you know any good, honest, strong, detectives who work for Scotland Yard?”


A young woman with black hair and dreamy blue eyes, attractive and slim put up her hand.  Retta nodded and the young woman stood up, blushing, “I’ve recently been dating a young man named Bob Farley. He has just graduated from the Police Academy and accepted a position with Scotland Yard.  His family has worked in Scotland Yard for generations, including his late grandfather.  His name is Bob Farley and he wants to be Captain.  If we help him solve a few murder cases, he can help us with Ida Tinkle and get that position he wants in Scotland Yard.”



Retta whispered to Alchetta, “I can get your father to find the receipts for the jeweller’s gifts to Ida Tinkle for the men that she has murdered.  One of her secret admirers sends letters to the University her in London.  I am assuming she has loads of letters from all her secret admirers, because Ida loves to collect things like that. I’ll bet she has a whole drawer full of evidence hidden somewhere safe.”



Retta smiled, looked at the young woman and announced, “Thank you? Sorry what was your name?”


The young woman said, “My name is Marjorie Keith.”


Retta continued, “Thanks to Marjorie, we can name Bob Farley as the man who is going to help us. Now as you can see I have cucumber and cheese sandwiches, scones, butter, home made strawberry jam and all sorts of cookies, squares and pies to eat? So please help yourselves.”


Retta turned to Alchetta, “Please go tell the servants to bring out the tea now.”


Alchetta smiled and walked quickly towards the house.


Retta thought to herself,

‘Melville will get the latest evidence for her. Ida Tinkles latest murder victim…Barney Rosewood…The  papers would have a hay day with it and that smug, pious, look on Patricia Rosewood Totenmyers face will be wiped away for good…Her reputation tarnished forever…That’s what she deserves… A niggling thought crossed Retta’s mind. What if Heta or Lenno Totenmyer comes after her then what will she do? Ah, yes another secret that Melville knows …What were their names again? Oh yes, The Littlewolfs… They would deal with the Totenmyers… For good!

Chapter Twenty-Nine

The Ghosts of the Munroe Estate


Joseph Munroe sat in his study reading the letter sent to him from Retta Bailey. He looked up at Mr. Stalin and said, “Has Themus come home for dinner?”

Mr Stalin nodded yes.

Joseph said, “I will want to have some privacy with my son this evening. I would prefer that the servants bring in the food than leave us alone. If I ring the bell, I only want you to serve us this evening. I promise not to be long.”

Mr Stalin nodded and went to the kitchen to organize everything. The servants were worried about something for they were whispering among themselves. Mr. Stalin asked the cook what was wrong. The cook said, “sir we seem to have a ghost appearing late at night.”


Mr Stalin said, “Anyone that we know?”

Another servant said, “Its young boy sir, he looks like Master Joseph.”

Mr. Stalin stopped for a moment and thought about his Brother Viktor then he asked, “Is it only a young boy that you see?”

The servant shook his head no and said, “Sir, Sometimes we see another man who dresses a bit like you and he’s with a woman who has bright red hair. Like the woman in the wall painting in the library.”


Mr. Stalin pale, “Have they said anything to you at all?”


The servant nodded, “They say to beware of the woman who has magical powers. The woman with red hair says to find the book of spells. She says it will protect Master Joseph.”


Mr Stalin said, “Have you told anyone else about this?”

The servant said, “No sir, they would call us crazy if we did.”

Mr Stalin agreed. People were superstitious about things that seemed out of order. He wished that there were a way to communicate with these ghosts. He assumed it was Jonathan and Ophirah trying to warn Joseph of the danger he was in. Mr Stalin said, “Thank you for telling me.”

Mr Stalin went to see Joseph and said, “Sir, I have a delicate matter to discuss with Mr Anthony Atkins. It’s about the ghosts sir, they are bothering thee servants again and I need some advice on how to deal with them.”


Joseph looked up and hoarsely said, “So I’m not losing my mind… I thought I was hallucinating. Young Jonathan and Ophirah have been in my study, but I just tell them to go away. Do you know what they want?”


Mr Stalin said, “Ophirah say to find the Book of Spells it will protect you from the woman that does magic. I am assuming she means Ida Tinkle.”


Joseph looked uncomfortable as he said, “Mr Stalin that woman happens to be the subject of my conversation this evening. I received several warnings from people about Ida tinkle. Now you have convinced me I will have to write Anthony a letter. The problem is his wife Lorraine can intercept his mail, she is proving to be difficult these days. Retta Bailey has suggested that Ida needs to leave England and has asked that Anthony and I help her. I have no idea how to do such a thing. As for this Book of Spells, where can I find such a thing?”


Mr Stalin said, “My brother Viktor talked about it. He said your Grandmother wrote her spells in the book. It must be hidden somewhere at the Munroe Mansion in Place Royale.”



At that moment, Themus Munroe walked in and said, “Maybe it’s in the storage room there.”


Joseph said, “Good to see you son.”  Moreover, he stood up and hugged Themus, much to his son’s surprise. Joseph stood back and looked at Themus, “Have you been playing sports? You seem to have filled out?”
Themus grinned, “I have been playing Rugby for two years now an Alchetta likes a bit of muscle on a man.”


Mr Stalin said, “Sorry to interrupt sir, what storage room are you talking about Master Themus?”

Themus looked sad for a moment, “When I first came here Jake talked about secret underground tunnels and walkways throughout Munroe Mansion. He says there is a secret storage room up in one of the turrents. You can get to it from a spiral stairway that connects to a secret tunnel that goes behind a set of stairs and another tunnel that connects to the library.”


Joseph was shocked, “I have secret tunnels under my mansion?”

Themus was surprised, “I though you knew?”

Joseph shook his head, “I could never figure out how to get into tit. How did Jake figure it out?”

Themus said, “He found a rolled up map in your study there.”


Joseph smiled, “Those were my Father Denley’s Maps. I am not to touch them. I guess your brother didn’t listen.”


Themus said, “One of the things I look forward to are exploring those tunnels and finding that secret room.”


Joseph looked worried, “Themus that reminds me we have to discuss your plans to go back to Munroe mansion. I do not think you should go there. Mr Stalin has told me that the servants have seen the same ghosts as I. It is my late wife Ophirah and young Jonathan. They are saying that we need to find the Book of Spells in order to protect us from Ida Tinkle’s spells.”


Themus pulled out his amulet, “Anthony made this for me to protect me. You should wear one too father.”

Joseph sighed, “I’m sorry Themus, and I cannot believe that an amulet will protect me. Besides, I am allergic to gold. I cannot wear one. As for the Book of Spells did Jake ever mention it?”


Themus shook his head no. They both looked at Mr. Stalin and he had a faraway look in his eye when he said, “MY brother Viktor used to tell me the craziest stories. I never believe him until now. The secret room, the tunnels, he used to write letters about it when he was younger. I thought he was fibbing, trying to make me jealous here in England. I cannot believe they really exist. What if Jake was making up stories?”

Joseph sighed,”He wasn’t. Anthony mentioned the underground tunnels one evening when he was drunk. I thought he was joking.”


Themus had his arms cross as he looked at the two of them, “well you’re a fine bunch! Now I really want to find those tunnels. Maybe Anthony can give us a tour someday.”

Joseph smiled, “Not likely Anthony is a busy man, I doub it he used those tunnels anymore. Now what should we do about Ida Tinkle?”


Joseph said to Mr Stalin, “Tell the servants thank you for the message. Now go enjoy an evening off. Themus and I have much to discuss!”

Mr Stalin walked out smiling. Joseph turned to Themus, “come let’s eat dinner and we’ll talk more about the mansion and a letter I received today.”

Themus said, “Thanks for reminding me. Ida Tinkle works in the mailroom at my University. She has been intercepting my letters and Alchetta’s, keeping them hidden in a drawer there. She has also been receiving letters from a secret admirer. No one knows who he is; she also works as a nurse on campus!”

Joseph surprised by the news, “Do you mean to tell me she hasn’t tried to do anything to you the whole time you were at school?”


Themus said, “No, I think her vendetta is with you. Maybe she wanted to learn more about you before going after me. Anthony gave me this medallion before I went to University. I did not tell you about it because you would have made me remove it. Perhaps it does work.”


Joseph said, “What’s the orange liquid in it? What makes it glow?”


Themus said, “I don’t know. Anthony said it was a potion to ward off spells cast by Ida. Sometimes it burns my skin, as if it is fighting something.  Sometimes I felt like someone was trying to control my mind. I would wake up after dreaming of hearing a woman changing in my bedroom. I had nightmares about it.”


Joseph asked, “Did you talk to Anthony about the dreams?”


Themus said, “No, I forget about it. I party day and night and I was never in any frame of mind to deal with it. Do you think Ida will attack Alchetta? I am worried because Alchetta refuses to believe that this amulet protects me from anything. She refuses to believe in ghosts, spells or witchcraft. Her Mother insists it is nothing to worry about people is crazy and hallucinating from such things, they are not real; it is all in their imagination. That is pretty clear where you are concerned.”

Joseph held up the letter that Retta sent to him, “Retta is warning me to watch out for Ida Tinkle. She suggests that we run her out of England. Melville will find the evidence he needs against her. She suggests that Ida needs to fall in love with someone and that we need to put a wedge between Ida and Dr Tibideau in order for this to work.”


Themus said, “We need to get a hold of Ida’s letters from her secret admirers. I’d like to get the letters she stole from Alchetta and me.”

Joseph was thoughtful as he munched on a leg of roasted chicken and potatoes. Themus was enjoying his vegetables and looking at the selection of pies. He chose slice of apple pie. Then Themus said, “She probably gets all her correspondence sent to the University if she doesn’t want Dr. Tibideau to find out about it.”

Joseph said, “I have an idea…Dr Tibideau is very good at performing abortions…Here’s what we will do…”


Chapter Thirty

The Librarian


Themus looked smashing in his navy blue suit and tanned skin. The blue suit made his eyes look mysterious and dreamy. The girl at the University mailroom was surprised to see him again.

She said, “Oh it’s you again! Your friend Goderich was such a bore. I can see why he is a bachelor! No one want to date him, he is too quiet and old. Are you sure he’s twenty-one years old?”


Themus grinned, “Yes he’s the same age as me.”


She looked at him, “I thought you graduated?”

Themus said, “I did graduate. When do you graduate?”

She said, “I have two more years to go, then I’ll be going to another university in New York City.”

Themus said, “Why there?”

She said, “I want to study acting. I was a fan of your sister-in-law Jesseline Thirkill.”


Themus said, “Really? How about we have dinner tonight you can tell me all about it?”


The girl said, “I don’t know… What about that girl you were with?”

Themus said, “We have an open relationship. I am free to see whomever I please and I have only asked you out for a dinner date. I do not know much about Jesseline. It was a touchy subject with my Brother and My Father so I would love to learn more about her?”

He grabbed her delicate, white hand and gently kissed it. A pretty blonde with big blue eyes, a petite figure she would delight him in many ways.


She blushed, “I can leave now if you’d life?”

Themus grinned, “I timed it right. Do you have a nicer dress?”


She shook her head no.

Themus said, “We’ll let’s go shopping then! I need some new clothes.”


She walked out to the parking lot and gasped at the shiny red hot rod convertible a 1930’s Ford Special Edition.


Themus said, “What’s your name? Your real name…”


She gasped, “How did you know?”


Themus said, “I like a woman who is mysterious.”


She said, “My name is Veronica Bodell.”

Themus said, “I am Themus Munroe.”

Veronica gasped, “Your dating Alchetta Bailey! Are you sure she won’t mind?”


Themus said, “Let’s keep it a secret. You know what she’s like.”


Veronica said, “Isn’t she cold towards you? Alchetta does not have an affectionate bone in her body.

Themus was surprise, “How would you now?”

Veronica said, “My older brother went on a few dates with her. Secret date, her mother never knew about them. Her father did. He arranged them.”


Themus said, “Why would he do a thing like that?”


Veronica said, “My mother was having an affair with Mr Bailey. My brother kept Alchetta company, he did not like her at all. My bother is quite amorous and overbearing to some.”


Themus laughed, “I’ve not gotten close enough to find out. Alchetta and I are good friends. Our relationship is solely based on money not on love or affection. She’s agreed to let me have my lovers as long as they are quiet about it.”


Veronica looked at his handsome features and said, “I can’t picture being your girlfriend and not having some sort of affection for you.”


Themus had a wicked glint in his eye, “Do you mean like this?”

He haled her close and kissed her gently, passionately. She melted in his arms and then he pulled away. They got into the shiny red car and drove to a Fashion Shop called CHANEL. Themus picked out a lovely white dress, stockings, and black pumps and anew purse and gave them to Veronica.


Themus said, “I want you to remember my date as the best you you’ll ever have in your life. Now don’t argue, go and put these on…”




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