Jesseline Thirkill 4

Chapter Thirty-One

Jesseline the Movie Star

Veronica was delighted… Next, they pulled up to a large Estate.

Veronica said, “Is this yours?”

Themus grinned, “It’s my fathers, but he’s out for the evening. We will have an elegant dinner in my quarters.”

Veronica looked shyly at Themus. She walked through the door and gasped at the luxurious marble floors, the baroque mirror with golden cherubs around it.

She asked, “Is this a Robert Adam mirror?”

Themus nodded yes, “The Munroe mansion also has many of Robert Adam’s designs in decor and furniture. My father is an antique collector.”

She nodded her appreciation for his fine tastes.  She really loved the floral arrangements that ran along the grand hallways.  The elegant cherry wood dining room with a gold calenderer’s was the final touch to this fairytale dinner.

Veronica said, “How romantic!”

Themus said, “I hope you like wine? It’s from the Cartier Winery.”

Veronica was enjoying a luxury dinner of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots and gravy. The butler with his crisp black suit and white shirt was attractive too. Veronica wished that she were Themus Munroe’s girlfriend. He was so much fun, exciting and sexy.

Themus said, “So tell me about Jesseline.”

He raised his wine glass as a toast and Veronica responded, “Jesseline started in small roles when she arrived in London four years ago or was it five?”  I think it was in 1935.  We have the local theatres here and I saw her in Shakespeare’s play Macbeth.  She played one of the witches. I fell in love with her vibrant voice and blonde hair; it was like a hole around her head. She was so emphatic with her lines delivering them with passion and reverence.

Jesseline put her heart and soul into her performances and her fans knew it.  She went form theatre to theatre playing small parts her and there. I think her agent Zach Conglier was her biggest problem.  He cared more about his career than hers. He was the director in several of our school plays,”

Themus said, “How?”

Veronica said, “He was the drama teacher there. That’s how he met Ida Tinkle.”

Themus said, “Go on,”

Veronica said, “Zach would tell Jesseline he had to work on a script and he would stay late twice a week here at the school. Ida was delivering his mail one day and she took a fancy to him. He did not like her at all at first and then over time he warmed up to her. It was after Valentines Day. She gave him a box of chocolates and it was overnight that he changed from hating her to loving her. Jesseline and Zach were always s fighting about her turning down “Opportunities.”

They used to row so loud and then when crowds gathered by the window Zach would close it so we couldn’t’ hear them anymore.”

Themus, so the chocolate changed Zach’s attitude towards Ida and Jesseline?”

Veronica said, “No… Zach was a womanizer. He did not love Jesseline at all. He only wanted to make money using her. If she got part in a movie, he goes to direct or produce it. Her acting was not very great, so Jesseline found another acting tutor and fired Zach. He left her and went to live in his own place. He continue to see Ida twice a week and secretly saw a few others here on campus Ida was always making him his favourite chocolates with nuts and caramel in them.

He could never share them thought. Jesseline started seeing a well-known movie star named Clark Gable, a handsome man, with dark hair, eyes and a moustache. Women were jealous of her. Clark Gable was quite a catch. Their affair did not last long. He met another woman, fell in love and then he got married. Jesseline was heart broken. So she put more effort into her acting and stayed away from Zach.”

Themus asked, “More wine?”

Veronica smiled, “fill it up. This wine is marvellous. I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Themus grinned, “Secret ingredients make it taste richer…”

Veronica smiled, “surely you can tell me what the “secret” ingredients are?”

Themus shook his head no, “If I told you. It wouldn’t be a secret anymore.”

Veronica smiled, “That’s true!”

Themus said, “So what else happened to Jesseline?”

Veronica said, “Jesseline never ages. She looked beautiful everyday. Every man she met fell in love with her. The wealthy men would come bearing gifts of diamonds, rubies, emerald and pearls. Jesseline was giving necklaces, bracelets, rings worth thousands of dollars.”

Themus was shocked, “When Jesseline died we were told that she had no family or forutne. What happened to it all?”

Veronica said “Her use to keep it in a bank vault in New York City. She kept the key to it in her diary.”

Themus said, “How do you know about the diary?”

Veronica said, “Zach used to talk to Ida about it. He wanted to steal it from her. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible. Jesseline has a unique signature. No one could ever forge it.”

Themus was thoughtful, “I wonder if she has a will?”

Veronica said, “She used to talk about her heir being rich when she dies. She knew Zach could not keep his mouth shut, so I doub it if she ever told anyone about her fortune. I know her Father Ronel was always sending her money from your Father Joseph Munroes.”

Themus was shocked, “My father sent her money?”

Veronica nodded, “Ronel Thirkill her father was always bragging about blackmailing Joseph Munroe when he was drunk at the bar.”

Themus looked at Veronica, “How can you possibly know such a private matter?”

Veronica smiled, “I was drinking at the bar one night. I did not know who he was at the time. A few days later he showed up to pick up Jesseline.”

Themus said, “Wait a minute… Jesseline didn’t go to school in London?”

Veronica said, “No, she attended school in New York City. I studied drama class there for a few years before coming to London. I finished my schooling there and came to get a degree in business here. I plan to be a movie producer someday.  My father was teaching at the University in New York City then he got a high paid position here in London. I followed him. He got me this job. It’s helping me pay off my student loans.”

Now Themus understood, “Do you mean to tell me Zach was teaching at both Universities?”

Veronica nodded, yes, “But he didn’t meet Ida Tinkle until he came to London.”

Veronica was feeling a little tipsy by now and she was welcoming Themus’ ardent kisses and roving hands. They drank some more wine and then Themus asked, “You know the letters that Ida tinkle is hiding? Are they still in the cupboard?”

Veronica smiled, Yep all safe and sound along with some others.”

Themus aid, I would love to see them again. What do I need to do to get to see them?”

Veronica grins, wiggles her finger at him to come closer. Themus gave into her begging and quickly finished what he started leaving Veronica disappointed.

Themus said, “Sorry it’s been awhile – you’re so gorgeous. I could not control myself. Let’s go get the letters.”

They drove to the university and Themus carried her to the mailroom. He had a bag ready and Veronica was quite drunk by now. She got the key out and opened the cupboard and then pulled out all the letters and put them into a bag. Wrapped at the back in elastic was a bundle of letters addressed to Ida Tinkle. Themus took the letters and the key with him. He smashed the mailroom door and started throwing bags of mail all over the place. The he grabbed Veronica who was passed out by now. He put her in the car and drove away…

Chapter Thirty-Two

The Virgin Slayer Strikes Again

Joseph looked at the young girl lying in her bed, passed out cold. He could not stop himself he had to have her.  He made sure that Themus was asleep before carrying her to his room through the secret door. Joseph put a tie around her head and gagged her. Then he strapped her hands to each bedpost. He lifted up the white dress and took her.  She tried to scream but he put the pillow over her head until she was limp then he finished what he was doing.

He wrapped the body in a special cloth and opened a secret wall panel and carried the body down to this basement and placed her in the furnace, shut the door and fired it up.  The screams muffled by the sound of the oven. Hours later, he took the ashes and put them in a jam jar with a card saying, “Sin has its consequences IT.”

The next day Joseph and Themus went through the letters gathering the evidence they needed. That evening Themus dressed in black, placed the letters in a jewellery box in Veronica’s room. Establishing the evidence needed for Ida Tinkle. Themus went to the University and in Ida Tinkle’s locker; he put the jam jar of ashes and a card in there. Then he went to a pay phone, disguised his voice and left a message for Scotland Yards Mr. Farley.

The next morning Bob Farley walked into his office to see a phone message and a card sitting on his desk. The card said for him to go to a certain address in London and he will find evidence to solve several murder cases.  Bob arrived at Veronica’s flat an hour later. Armed with a search warrant he looked through her room and found the letters addressed to a woman named Ida Tinkle at the University of London. The Superintendants wife, a middle aged, nosy woman came into the flat and asked what he was doing there because men cannot be in a young woman’s quarters.

Bob showed his badge and introduced himself, “I am Detective Farley form Scotland Yard. Have you seen Miss Tinkle today?”

The woman was puzzled, “Who is Miss Tinkle?”

Bob said, “The girl that lives here?”

The woman shook her head, “The girls name was Veronica Bodell. She works in the mailroom at the University of London. She did not come home last night. It is out of character for her to do that. I’m afraid something’s happened to her.”

Bob was curious, “Why would you say that?”

The woman said, “Veronica’s been edgy for months now. She was afraid of her boss. She told me the woman was evil, into witchcraft and the dark arts. They call her Madame X.”

Bob said, “Who is Madame X?”

The woman looked at him closely, “You have the Scotland Yard uniform on, are you a phoney?”

Bob curtly said, “I’m new to the force. I just am starting working for them a week ago. Who is Madame X?”

The woman said, “She’s a murder. A woman whose lovers end up dead like She killed Zach Conglier, Jesseline Thirkill, Jake Munroe, Barney Rosewood and several others. She seduces men, blackmails after they refuse to pay she murders them. No one will touch her because she is in the dark arts and her lover Dr Tibideau is evil. They say he’s immortal, maybe a vampire.”

Bob Farley tried to keep his composure, and holding back a smile he said, “I’m aware of Dr Tibideaus’ activities.”

Bob read Dr Tibideau’s file that day. Some of the murdered victims had organs missing. The authorities kept it a secret only the killer knew what they were doing. Bob smiled he would be solving more than one case today.  Bob thanked the woman and went to the University.  Ida Tinkle was there; bob called for back up and asked Ida where her employee Veronica was. Ida said she had no idea. Bob had her arrested and Dr Tibideau too.

Bob searched Ida’s locker and found pictures of each of the murdered victims on the backs of the photos in her hand writing where the words of different “organs’ that was out of that body. No coincidence there, these murders were pre planned right from the beginning. Then Bob spotted the jar of ashes and the note beside it. Inside the jar was a painted fingernail.

Later forensics discovered that Veronica’s nail polish identified her remains. Dr Tibideau had a furnace with ashes in it and the evidence of murder was set. Bob Farley always wondered who sent him the clues. A month later, he became Captain of Scotland Yard.  The girl named Marjorie that was seeing Bob, mysteriously disappeared. Some claim that the “Virgin Slayer” got her.  Bob Farley filed the case under unsolved mysteries…

Chapter Thirty-Three

Ida Tinkle’s Next Victim is Named

Bob Farley made sure that none of the victim’s names was in the papers, much to Retta Bailey’s dismay. Alchetta Bailey would not be able to claim the right to helping solve the case.  Ida Tinkle vowed that once she escaped from jail, she would get revenge on the person who framed her for the murder of Veronica Bodell.

Themus was distraught about the whole thing. He could not figure out who wanted to murder Veronica. Joseph gave Themus something in his wine that night making him ill for the next couple of days. Themus read the paper and brought it over to Joseph asking, “Father how you could let this happen to her?  She was a nice girl?”

Joseph said, “Themus you know that Ida Tinkle is an evil woman. Somehow, she found out what Veronica did and killed her. You could not do anything for her. Just go out to the brothel and have a good time with a nice filly. You’ll feel better soon.”

Themus said, “There is something you need to know. One of Ida’s lovers is still alive… It’s Melville Bailey.”

Joseph’s mouth dropped, “Melville my closest friend, Ida’s trying to kill me and he’s friends with her?”

Themus said, “Melville just started seeing her a few weeks ago. Ida must have heard about Retta’s Garden Party. Someone let the secret out. We can trust no one. I wonder if Ida thinks that he betrayed her.”

Joseph said, “I think Retta put him up to it. She wanted to keep an eye on Ida and keep her close by so we could have her arrested.”

Themus nodded, “More than likely that’s what it was.”

Joseph said, “Thing are getting out of hand. They don’t have enough evidence to keep Dr Tibideau in jail.”

Themus asked, “Does the doctor know of Ida’s lovers?”

Joseph said, “No he did not He thought she murdered them for their organs to sell on the black market. He was not aware that she was sleeping with them for several weeks to get to know about their health conditions. Dr Tibideau was performing physicals on every one of them. Ida would give them a ring that caused them to be ill.

The doctor would figure out what was wrong, remove the ring (tit would disappear mysteriously) and they would get better. It was a genuine way to find out if they have a strong heart, liver. Zach Conglier was their Photographer. He secretly took pictures of them. That why he was murdered. He slept with Loraine Atkins and told her all his secrets. We have to let Loraine know that she is in danger.

If Ida Tinkle gets out of jail, she’s going to want revenge on her.”

Themus said, “I thought Anthony was powerful enough to protect her?”

Joseph said, “You know your right? He did not protect Jake, Jesseline, Jonathan or Ophirah and Lorraine before. Maybe he is not powerful. Maybe he intends for all of tem to die, even you my son.”

Themus said, “Why would he do that?”

Joseph was grim, “Because he has always wanted my land and the Totenmyers. His grandmother tried to buy these land years ago and the Totenmyers refused.  Instead, she sold it to my ancestors. Anthony’s price for helping me get Ophirah was the parcel of land between my mansion and his. What if he really wants all of it Maybe he is playing all of us and he is controlling Ida Tinkle. She could have killed Lorraine when she was there. She came after the Munroes. Maybe the Book of Spells is the key to all of this. Does it hold some ancient power or something?”

Themus said, “Maybe Alchetta can help. She loves to rad. We could take a look at the library and find out if it exists.”

Joseph said, Which Library.”

Themus said, “Ida Tinkle is a nurse, why would she want to work in a mail room at the University of London?  I have graduated. If she is there, it has not to keep an eye on me. It has to keep an eye on something else. Maybe the book gives her powers.”

Joseph was confused, “But what about my theory of Anthony Atkins?”

Themus said, “Ida’s been murdering people and getting away with it. I think she has the book for now. Somehow, she plans to bring it to Anthony when she is done with everything.  Did Anthony have any business dealings with any of the men who were murdered?”

Joseph looked surprised, “Well yes he did! He collected large portions of money from them. I could never figure out how he got all that money to build all those luxury town homes in Montreal.”

Themus was thoughtful, “Thos letters talked of blackmail in them. What if Anthony uses Ida to extort money from her victims?”

Joseph sighed, there is something were missing here. Why not keep them alive and Keep the money flowing in.”

Themus said, “Two reason. Eliminate the competition and avoid paying dividends. Doesn’t Anthony make a contract deal that offers the sale of a property, six months later his investors get a lump sum as a reward?”

Joseph said, “I don’t know I never paid attention to it.”

Themus .laughed and retorted, “That’s when a woman comes in handy, they pay attention to details.  Alchetta notice it right away in her contract with Anthony. Ida has been seducing Melville Bailey, she plans to make him her next victim! Then she will go after Alchetta and every one of us. Leaving you till last.”

Joseph said, “Themus my son what are we going to do?”

Themus said, “That’s why Jonathan and Ophirah came to us! Jonathan warned Anthony about what was going on and Anthony sent him away. Jonathan must have found out about all this and Anthony killed him.”

Joseph, “Why kill Jake and Jesseline?”

Themus said, “If Anthony wants this land he has to get rid of any heirs. Which means he will kill me before he kills you? We need to find the Book f Spells before I disappear. Once Ida brings it to Anthony we will never find it.”

Joseph said, “How will you get it?

Themus said, “We need to go to the library. Ida’s still in jail but she will not be for long. I will take Alchetta with me. She has a good nose for books.”

Joseph said, “I’ll come too. I will keep the librarian occupied. We will have Mr. Stalin on the lookout as our driver. Let us go get Alchetta. We need to warn Melville.”

Chapter Thirty-Four

Melville is Bewitched

Retta Bailey was surprised, when Joseph and Themus walked into the office. She was busy with the accounts but put her ledger away an asked, “what brings you two here?”

Joseph asked, “Where’ Melville?”

Retta said, “Probably wandering around in the garden. Something has upset him. I cannot reason with him. He keeps babbling about going to the jail!”

Joseph said, to Themus, “We must hurry!

The two of them ran out to the garden and grabbed Melville. They brought him inside.

Joseph barked at Retta, “Fetch me his belts.”

Retta said “Whatever for?”

Joseph growled, “If you want your husband to live do as I say. He is in danger. Ida Tinkle is probably chanting and putting a spell on him, sees how his eyes glazed?  Once she takes over his mind there is nothing we can do. I need you to call Detective Bob Farley and tell him that Ida tinkle is practicing witchcraft in her jail cell. They need to stop her or Melville Bailey’s going to be murdered.”

Retta looked at Joseph with her hand on her hips she snarled, “Have you lost your mind? He’ll think I’ve gone batty?”

Alchetta looked at Themus and Joseph and quietly said, “Mother we don’t have time to explain. Please d what Joseph says it’s a matter of lie and death for father.”

Retta grumbled as she told the servants to bring the masters collections of belts.

Joseph asked, “Do you have any secret rooms where we can tie him up until he’s safe?”

Retta sighed, “How long will it take?”

Themus looked at Alchetta, “it might take us a few hours. I’ll explain on the way there.”

The servant came back with the belts and they all followed Retta through a series of doors. It was a small dark room. It looked like a vault. They placed a wooden chair in the middle away from everything. They sat Melville down. It took three men to hold him down while Alchetta and Retta tied his arms and feet down.

Melville was becoming wilder chanting, “I must go to the jail. I must let out my master.”

Retta was afraid. She had never seen anything like it before. She begged Melville to snap out of it. He did not hear her.

Themus said, “Has Melville been wearing any new jewellery, lately?”

Alchetta said, “Yes he has new cuff links on.”

Themus said, “Grab me some scissors.”

Alchetta ran and brought them back. She was horrified when Themus started cutting her fathers sleeves off at the shoulders.

Alchetta said, “Themus what are you doing? You are ruining his suit.”

Themus stepped back to look at his handiwork and grinned, “You know I might have created new fashionable attire.  Look, it has pockets, you can carry your watch in but in the summer, it is too hot for sleeves.  I’ll call it a vest…”

Alchetta snapped, “This isn’t the time to start being a Fashion Designer. Why did you do that?”

Themus said, “Those cuff links are probably from Ida. I do not trust them. Take these sleeves and do not touch the cuff links. Put them in a box and give them to Detective Farley. He’ll need the evidence to charge Ida Tinkle.”

Retta said, “Why is Melville wearing cuff links from her?”

Joseph said, “Ida’s his mistress and she’s blackmailing him.  She killed Barney Rosewood the same way.”

Retta gasped, “Oh Lord, I should have known. It is my entire fault!  I should have gone after her!”

Alchetta was incredulous, “Mother! How can you say such a thing? We have just intervened in father’s death. We never would have known if it was not for Themus and Joseph. Once Detective Farley stops her from chanting father will be safe for now.”

Themus said, “Your right Alchetta, Now Retta please go call Detective Farley. Tell him to come with two guards for Melville. We need all the help we can get.”

They could see Melville rocking back and forth on the chair.

Themus said, “Bring in two of the servants make sure they are strong enough to stop him.”

Retta was hysterical, “I don’t know who to trust anymore. The servants have been acting strange all day.”

Themus said, “Alchetta was anything delivered to your home today?”

Alchetta smiled, “Yes we received a lovely new vase a pre-wedding gift from a mystery sender with No name on the card telling us who it might be.”

Joseph sighed, “Alchetta that is no wedding gift. Think about it.  No one in England sends a “lovely gift” without getting credit for it!  Especially in the social circles, I am a part of here. It’s always who can outdo the other’s gift game here.”

Alchetta could not believe how stupid she was. She ran out of the room, when two big burly servants walked in and said, “You sent for us?”

Retta nodded, “Yes please watch Mr Bailey. Do not let him leave the room his life is in danger and so is ours. Last time this happened Joseph Munroe had a blood bath in his house.”

The servants nodded looking worried, “We’ll take care of Mr Bailey until Detective Farley comes with his men.”

Joseph, Retta and Themus ran out to the hall, as there was a knock on the door.  Bob Farley looked grim.

Bob said, “I thought you were loopy until I saw what Ida was doing. I don’t understand all this hocus pocus but I’ve put a stop to it.”

Alchetta said, “Thanks for coming on such short notice. I believe Ida has some sort of device in the vase that amplifies sound. All the servants were acting strange today. It stopped a few minutes ago.”

Bob Farley reached into the vase and pulled out a strange little contraption. He put it up to his mouth and everyone jumped when his voice was ten times louder than normal.

Bob Farley smiled, “I could use something like this. He placed it in his pocket.  The two men standing outside came in.

One of them said, “We combed the grounds, everything’s clear.”

Retta said, “I’ll escort you three to where my husband is while you four run along.”

Bob Farley said, “Where are you going?”

Alchetta smiled, “We have to look for something. We’ll explain it when we get back.”

Bob Farley said, “Okay, I’ll see you in a couple of hours then.”

The four of them walked quickly to the car and drove away…

Chapter Thirty-Five

Ida Tinkle the Cameleon

Ida Tinkle was angry. Never before had anyone interfered in her work. Joseph Munroe was proving to be a powerful enemy. She should have killed him when she had the chance. Ida smiled at the young, handsome guard beside her.

He looked shocked, for she had changed into a voluptuous blonde woman in the form of the late Jesseline Thirkill.

The guard sputters, “Your tricks won’t work on me Ida Tinkle, You stop that right now or I’ll have you tortured!”

Ida quickly reverted to herself and pouted.  Things were not going according to plan. She wondered what Joseph Munroe was up to…

Chapter Thirty-Six

Doreen the Librarian

Joseph Munroe walked into the library and smiled.  The woman behind the desk smiled warmly. She was in her mid thirties, a brunette with a petite figure. She remembered Joseph from their time in University. They dated off and on for a year but then she found out that he was not faithful to her so she dumped him.  She wondered why he was here.

The woman smiled and said, “Joseph Munroe it’s been a long time. How have you been?”

Joseph smiled, “Darling Doreen I as afraid that you wouldn’t talk to me. Is there anyone here?”

Doreen looked at her watch and said, “No I am closing for lunch now.”

Joseph said, “Great let’s go eat in the cafeteria, my treat.”

Doreen giggled, “I haven’t’ eaten in the cafeteria for years. Why don’t we eat in the teachers lounge?”

Joseph grinned, leaned over and kissed Doreen on the cheek.

She blushed.

Joseph said, “Darling it just wouldn’t be the same.”

Joseph grabbed Doreen’s arm looked behind her and winked at Themus. Doreen followed Joseph out and she locked the door.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

The Book of Spells

Alchetta moved fast.  She said, “Let’s check the archives room first.  No one goes in there. ”

They walked into a small dusty room and Alchetta turned the light on. She motion for Themus not to move. Alchetta started walking, slowly past the shelves. The long ladder was hanging on the shelf at the top. Alchetta looked closely and noticed that the dust was disturbed halfway up the shelving. She motioned for Themus to bring the ladder to that point.

Alchetta said, “Make sure you have your gloves on!”

Themus said, “Right!”

He pulled them on and smiled sheepishly saying, “Sorry!”

Alchetta laughed as she pulled hers on.

Alchetta said, “Climb up the ladder to the very top shelf be careful not to disturb any of the dust.”

Themus sneezed, “You’ve got to be kidding. There’s about three inches of dust in here.”

Alchetta sneezed, “yes and its helping us find that book. Is there anything up there?”

Themus shook his head, “nothing on the top shelf. Guess you were wrong.”

He climbed down the ladder and Alchetta climbed up. She noticed that the dust seemed disturbed on one shelf in the middle. She looked at the volumes and thought a bunch looked odd. She pressed on them and they swung out.  Behind the books was a little alcove. Inside was a large book wrapped in a cotton type of cheesecloth.  Alchetta tried to pull out the book; it was too heavy for her.  She combed back down the ladder and Themus climbed up, grabbed the book and brought it down.

Alchetta carefully removed the wrapping around the book and gasped in delight, “We found it. We have to find another book around the same size and weight as this one. ”

Themus looked around and eventually found a census book and said, “This should do.”

Alchetta went to a drawer and pulled out some more cheesecloth.  She wrapped the census book up and Themus placed it back into the alcove on the shelf. Then Alchetta went up and closed the door carefully. The dust was disturbed in little tufts.  Alchetta climbed back down.

Alchetta sneezed as she placed the other book in her bag she said, “I wouldn’t mind grabbing a bit to eat. What does your father plan to do with this book?”

Themus said, “I’ll take it to Munroe Mansion in Place Royale. I can hide it in that secret room there.”

Alchetta said, “What if Anthony knows about the secret room?”

Themus said, “You’ve got a point. I wonder if Heta Totenmyer can help. She does white witchcraft.”

Alchetta asked, “What about Patricia Rosewood? She is a Totenmyer can she help us.

Themus sighed, “I think you have to believe in this hocus pocus stuff before it will work. We do not want too many people to know about the book. It could destroy our family for good.”

Alchetta asked, “Wasn’t there a gypsy that Jake new? He talked about meeting him. He was Anthony’s step brother?”

Themus sighed, “You mean Chago Sima? If he is any relation to Anthony, we cannot trust him. He is one of Lorraine’s past lovers.  Lorraine would do anything to get her hands on this book. She had an affair with Zach Conglier. Anthony might be using her as well. Which is why we have to be careful not to talk about this anywhere? I hope your mother keeps quiet about it.”

Alchetta snapped, “And what is that supposed to mean? Do you think we can’t trust my mother?”

Themus looked down at Alchetta, “Seriously darling we both know that your mother loves to gossip. It is going to kill her not to talk about it. Father will have to deal with her if she does…”

Alchetta felt fear pass through her. Themus’ tone of voice was ominous. He was not joking. What was she getting herself into now? It was too late now; she was embroiled in this mess. Signing those contracts with Anthony Atkins was the most foolhardy thing she had ever done.  She could blame Themus for this mess. He is the one that made “the deal” look so wonderful. But then again he was innocent; How Themus could know what was going on with Anthony? He could not have known. None of us knew.  Anthony was sharp. She wondered what he would do now.  They had the Book of Spells.

Alchetta gasped, “Themus I know who we can trust- Ophirah and Jonathan. They know who to trust, they are the one’s that told us to find the book. We will have to fine some way to communicate with them. Maybe hold a séance?”

Themus looked at Alchetta, “You think I’m going to do something like that? No way! They appeared without our help before they can do it again. Well have to keep in a safe somewhere under guard until we can get it in a safe place. What about Bob Farley Can we trust him?”

Alchetta said, “We have no choice. Maybe we can store it at your father’s bank and hire some guards until we go to Canada.”

Suddenly they heard footsteps and voices.

Themus said, “Quick hide!”

Joseph and Doreen came back to the library and she unlocked the door.  They walked in and Doreen went and sat behind the desk. Joseph spotted Themus who gave him the “thumbs up” signal.

Joseph said, “Well it’s been delightful and he leaned over and gave Doreen a long kiss. Themus and Alchetta quickly ran for the door and went out side.  Doreen broke away, looked at the door closing, and looked at Joseph.

She asked, “What are you up to? Who was that?”

Joseph looked innocent, “What do you mean? It’s windy outside maybe the wind caught the door.”

Doreen said, “Your right. It is probably my imagination playing tricks on me. Well it has been nice seeing you again Joseph. Sorry to hear about everything that has happened. You are dealing well with the grief though. I am seeing someone now, so this cannot go any further. I still don’t’ know why your here?”

Joseph said, “Okay! I owe fines on a book I lost… Cold you erase them for me. And just say that the book was lost, please?”

Doreen snapped, “You’re kidding right? You can afford to play the dam fine! Joseph Munroe your still as cheap was you were before you got money.”

Joseph kissed her again and coaxed her saying, “Please darling. I would be indebted to you. Perhaps I can reward you in another way?”

Doreen felt the excitement stir in her. She walked over, locked the door, grabbed Joseph, and took him into the archive room. Several minutes later Doreen came out all smiles. She erased Josephs’ fine and handed her his phone number. Doreen said, “I always wondered what you were like that was the best quickie I have ever had.”

Joseph proudly said, “thank you.”

He grabbed the piece of paper from her and walked smugly out the door. Around the corner, he ripped up the phone number and put it in the garbage saying, “Another terrible lay.” No thanks!”

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Detective Bob Farley

Mr Stalin was glad to see Joseph coming out. The three of them were worried at how long it took him.

Mr. Stalin said, “Is everything okay?”

Joseph grinned as he got in the car, “Everything’s great. Let’s go.”

They drove back to Bailey’s Hotel in London and filed into Retta’s office with Detective Bob Farley.

Alchetta said, “Before you hear what we have to say Detective Farley, “I need to know if you believe in the supernatural?”

Bob Farley looked uncomfortable as he said, “not really but I’ll be open where your concerned.”

He winked at Alchetta who smiled at him.

Themus cleared his throat and said, “Are you aware of all the evidence we gave you in regards to Ida Tinkle?”

Bob Farley looked surprised, “I didn’t know it was you.”

Alchetta smiled, “I’m the one who gave you the note to check Veronica’s flat. You see Ida Tinkle was working at the University’s mailroom and nursing station and she has been keeping our mail away from us. We got the letters back. I am assuming that Veronica took Ida’s letters to her apt to read. That was the first time we saw her.  She was afraid of Ida Tinkle who has supernatural powers. She’s involved in the dark arts, she can cast spells, control peoples minds and I have heard that she can change her appearance completely as well.”

Bob Farley laughed, “I find that impossible to believe.”

Alchetta said, “Whether you believe it or not you have to be award of what Ida is capable of. We want her driven out of England. Ida Tinkle is planning to make my Father Melville her next victim. We saw today what Ida could do. You will have to post a guar by her cell at all times. She can control people’s minds and make them commit murder…”

Bob Farley said, “Listen I don’t know what to believe. Until I see it with my own eyes I cannot believe everything I am told.”

Alchetta looked at Themus who looked at Joseph.

Bob Farley said, “I know you are concerned about your father. It is going to take some time for us to go to trial with Ida Tinkle for the crimes she has committed. She will be in jail for a very long time. You can have my word on that. Once she has tried and convicted I can request that we deport her from England and send her to New York City for the murder of Zach Conglier. I still do not’ understand this mind control stuff but she does mention it in her letters.  In the meantime I suggest you all take care of each other and watch each others backs.”

Alchetta said, “There is another thing. We have a prized possession that belongs to the Munroe family. Until we can move it, I need to hire two of your guars to work for me. I’ll have them watch my father as well.”

Bob Farley smiled, “Okay I help with that. I will give you two of my oldest people. They are almost ready to retire. They can keep your father company.”

Alchetta murmured her thanks and hugged Detective Bob Farley with tears in her eyes.

Alchetta tearfully said, “My father means everything to me. I am sure you understand.”

Bob Farley blushed, “I’ll call them over right away. I can relieve the two guys who are here.”

Bob Farley left and Retta sat down worried her didnt’know what she would do without Melville. He was everything to her.

Retta looked at Joseph, “promise me you’ll do everything in your power to protect him.”

Joseph smiled and patted her hand, “You can rest assured I’ll take very good care of my best friend. Now Alchetta I want you to pack a few things. Retta I am going to borrow your dither until we can all go on the SS America to Canada. I believe we can end this madness there. In the meantime, I think Alchetta, Themus, Brandon and Goderich should join me for a holiday in Europe at my expense.  Somewhere safe and quiet Retta you need to prepare for a long, holiday. I suggest you hire a new manager and train them to run the hotel here in London while were gone. Once were in Canada. You will have a wedding to plan with Alchetta and that is going to take a few months, if not a year to take care of.  You will in the meantime I have to keep my son and your daughter safe. If we split Alchetta and Melville up it will be harder for Ida’s spies to keep track of them.”

Retta said, “Where do you plan to take them”

Joseph smiled, “I’ll take them on a trip with me. I have always wanted to travel around Europe. We will return in mid august. William has informed me that the voyage is on August 31st. I’ve a booked solid so Alchetta, Themus, Melville and Retta will have to wait for the next voyage in September or October depending on what you do.”

Retta said, “It will take me a few months to train the manager.”

Alchetta said, “On August 15th Ferragusto begins in Rome, Italy. Most of the restaurants close for the next two weeks because families go on holiday.”

Themus said, “That will work out perfect. It gives Goderich and Brandon enough time to pack for their voyage to Canada.

Alchetta I will see later… Father let us go pack for our trip to Europe…

Chapter Thirty-Nine

The Holiday in Rome, Italy

It was a few days later when Joseph, Themus, Alchetta, Brandon and Goderich got into the brand new Ford 1939 Black Four Door convertible a luxurious car with comfortable leather seats. They drove to Italy.  The men took turns driving and arrived there by suppertime the next day.

Joseph smiled, “I managed to get a villa from the Cartier family. I told them that I was a friend of Anthony Atkins.”

Themus said, “Are you nuts?

Joseph said, “Once thing Anthony values is family. It is a long story but the Cartier’s are relatives to the Atkins and the Picard’s. Louise Picard is their niece and she is planning to go live with her aunt Lorraine in Canada. I figured Anthony would never think to look for us here. Ida’s in jail so I plan to enjoy myself here.”

Alchetta looked a large Mediterranean style bungalow, with its large airy room and floral print curtains and furniture. Even the bedding was a floral print.

Goderich Lafleur smirked, “You can see a woman decorated this place.”

Brandon laughed, “Pretty in pink it even smells like flowers even the drawers have floral smelling paper in them. I can’t put my cloth in this dresser.”

Themus laughed, “Well chap if you put some cologne on once in a while you wouldn’t have to worry about smelling like flowers.”

Brandon said, “Well at least I don’t smell like the local perfume factory pretty boy.”

Joseph said, “Who’s up for some fishing sand swimming? There’s a pond out back.”

Alchetta wrinkled her nose and grimaced, “Swimming in a fishing hole?”

Brandon sneered, “What’s the matter Miss Prissy? Can you swim?

Alchetta pouted, No it’s not that…”

Brandon said, “Look if you plan to live at Munroe mansion you will have to get used to not having every luxury. I know you have a pool and you have lived in a luxury hotel all your live. You need to let your hair down and have some fun. There is no way Themus will marry you if keep being such a tight ass. Now go get your swim trunks on, come out, and join us. You are as pale as a ghost gets some sun and some color. Beside you need to learn to have some fun. Your mother and father are not here. Alchetta come on, life a little…”

Alchetta looked at Brandon and gave him a warm hug, “You care a wise man. I think I am so used to being the perfect daughter for mommy and daddy that I have never learned how to make a decision on my own. I was actually thinking about what my mother would say.”

Goderich smiled warmly at Alchetta, “Darling you’re going to be married.  You might as well start learning how to make your own decisions now. Come join us it will be fun.”


Chapter Forty

The Swimming Hole


Joseph and Themus were swinging back and fort on a large tire swing. Beating their chests and acting like Tarzan.  They both stopped in surprise when Alchetta appeared with Brandon and Goderich acting like two apes.


Alchetta beat her chest and said, “I Jane – Tarzan serve me.” and she started to giggle.


Themus roared at her joke and Joseph was delighted to see the funny side of Alchetta. Joseph swung wide and jumped into the water. Brandon swung the tire high, did a flip off it, and dove into the water. Goderich stood beside the watering hole and Alchetta came up and started splashing him. Goderich slowly walked into the water splashing back. He lost his footing and went into a deeper part of the water.


Goderich started screaming, “help- help Ida’s getting me…”


Alchetta tired to grab him and he put his hands on her head and dunked her under the water by mistake.  Brandon swam over and grabbed both Goderich and Alchetta as they were coughing in the water. Alchetta felt Brandon’s muscular arms around her and her body reacted to the touch of his thigh in between her legs. She smiled and blushed. Brandon let her go.

He turned to Goderich, and asked, “Do you know how to swim?”


Alchetta snapped at Goderich, “I didn’t appreciate the “Ida’s getting me comment.”


Goderich said, “I’m sorry I was just joking around…”


Alchetta looked fearful, “Goderich it’s no joke, she can kill me, you anyone. Let us not talk about her. I came here to forget…”


Goderich shook his head he was such a fool!


Brandon broke the tension between them, “Chap can you swim?”


Goderich red with embarrassment, mumbled, “No, “I have never learned.”


Brandon smiled, “we can teach you then.”


For the next two hours, Brandon and Themus patiently showed Goderich how to dog paddle and tread water. Eventually he was swimming on his own after he got over his fear of the water.  Alchetta was laughing at the three of them dog paddling in a circle and barking like dogs for a joke.  Joseph was lying in the grass beside Alchetta.


He could smell Alchetta’s virginal essence, it was beginning to excite him, and then it stopped when he looked at her face.  This surprised him; usually a virgin would make him hungry for sex.  He looked at the knapsack beside him. Perhaps Ophirah and Jonathan war right. With the book of Spells beside him, he felt safe from everything.


Alchetta grinned and asked Joseph, “How are the gardens at Munroe Mansion in Place Royale?”


Joseph smiled, “When Ophirah was alive they were stunning. Jake used to help her and Viktor made the most beautiful wildflower arrangements throughout the mansion from that garden.  It smelled wonderful in the morning room. We had breakfast there. It overlooks the garden with great big windows, bright airy benches in the garden. We had a choice of going indoors or out.


Alchetta asked, “Do you have any sculptures in the garden?”


Joseph said, “No, should I have some?”


Alchetta said, “I plan to get some of Michelangelo’s’ works copied. I love Greek Sculptures too. I plan to get some of the Greek Gods made for the garden in white marble.  It will be hard getting the gardens in order for the wedding this year. I think we should get married next summer. I want all the renovations done first on the mansion and have a grand ball there in my honour. A ball like no other, nothing compared to what Lorraine Atkins has ever done. I must outshine her.”


Joseph smiled, “That would be wonderful. Themus is lucky to have you for a wife. Ophirah was a country girl at heart. She never wanted to host a party; in facet we didn’t have any servant other than a cook and my butler Viktor Stalin.”


Alchetta said, “Tell me more about Viktor.”


Joseph smiled, “The Stalin family has serviced the Munroes since the 1800’s.  Every generation of the family has worked for us. They were very loyal people and still art. It was a great loss to me when we lost Viktor. I wonder if Anthony had anything to do with that too. I don’t know what its going to be like in Place Royale.”


Alchetta said, “Put the Book of Spells in a safe place and everything will be all right. You will not have ego worry. Anthony and Lorraine Love making lots of money you need to seduce Lorraine and she will help to protect you from Anthony. Also, talk to Heta Totenmyer and see if she can give Anthony a parcel of land on the other side of his mansion. That might appease him for now.”


Joseph looked impressed, “I see daughter-in-law you have been doing some research. The pan is to make everyone happy?”


Alchetta nodded, “Yes, We have to bring peace to Place Royale. I want to be happy when I go there. That is why I will ask you not to visit until the renovations are complete. I want to surprise you.”


Joseph said, “As you wish dearest. As long as my son is happy, I am happy. Tomorrow we will go participate in the Festa di Noatri. It is in Trastevere. We’ll enjoy the outdoor restaurants, music, dancing and fun.”


Alchetta yawned, “I’m getting sleepy. Perhaps we could tell the apes it’s time to leave we’ve been here all day.”


That evening Alchetta found it difficult to walk for she had very bad sunburn. She looked as red as a lobster. Goderich went to one of the local stores and knocked for an hour begging for some salve for her. Alchetta was self-conscious about the way she looked but Goderich scolded her. He helped to apply the salve on her arms and legs. Themus could not help; he was asleep from drinking too much wine. Joseph and Brandon were snoring loudly.


Alchetta kissed Goderich on the cheek and softly said, “Thank you for taking care of me. Themus is lucky to have a friend like you:


Goderich smiled and winked at her and said, “I am your friend too.”


Alchetta smiled gratefully and he heard her say, “ouch, Ow, Ow, and Ow” as she walked to her bedroom…



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