Jesseline Thirkill 5

Chapter Forty-One

Italian Fashion Designs

Alchetta did not feel like moving at all until the next evening.  The four men went out shopping for the day to buy some new Italian Fashion Designer suits and casual clothes. When they came back, Alchetta was please to have a private fashion show with the four of them modelling their outfits.

Alchetta said, “These suits are an amazing cut, how did you get them so fast?”

Themus said, “They had a sale on. It was marvellous; we got our suits for half price. We bought matching ones. We can wear them for your wedding.”

Alchetta was happy. It was the first time that Themus showed any interest in their wedding.  The truth was that Goderich suggested they buy the suits. He was always looking for a good deal. He convinced the other three that it was a good idea. Joseph winked at Goderich when Themus took credit for it.

Brandon laughed at Alchetta, “Are you going to be able to dance at all tonight?”

Alchetta grinned, “I will try I am so bored being left alone in the villa all day. I cannot wait to go have some good Italian pasta, garlic bread and salad. I can always sit and watch everyone else dance.”

Brandon said, “You won’t see me and Goderich dancing. We don’t know how.”

Alchetta said, “Are you serious? How is tit that Themus is a lovely dance then?”

Goderich said, “Jake taught him.”

Joseph said, “Where did Jake learn how to dance?  I never taught him.”

Themus said, “Jake learned a few dance steps from Chago Sima. He wanted to impress Jesseline. She loved to dance and party.”

Alchetta grinned, “Well that’s good because I like to dance too. Just do not’ touch me anywhere. I can hold your hands and that’s it!”

Themus giggled, “Okay I’ll try to remember that miss crisp.”

Themus walked over to Alchetta and they did a slow dance on the patio. Joseph looked at Goderich and said, “they make a cute couple don’t they?”

Goderich nodded, “Brandon didn’t say a thing. Joseph looked at Brandon, “your pretty quiet what do you think of them marrying?”

Brandon felt an uncomfortable, cleared his throat and said, “They argue a lot. Themus always has to compromise for Alchetta. I think it will cause problems down the road when he gets tired being her puppet.  She is very bossy. I can’t stand her.”

Joseph was shocked then he realized that Brandon was slurring his words.

He looked at Goderich and asked, “Do you feel the same?”

Goderich looked like he wanted to run the other way. He hated confrontation so he lied, “they disagree from time to time. I’m sure Themus will adjust to Alchetta’s…demands.”

Joseph laughed heartily, at Goderich’s answer, and said, “My dear boy if you ever fall in love you’re going to be henpecked to death. All women try to rule the roost. You have to take control of them when the time is right. Themus is wooing Alchetta now. Once they are married, he will lay down the law. Every Munroe does the same thing. I will make him rule her. He’s going to be just like me.”

Goderich felt and odd chill pass through him. He wondered what Joseph meant by that.

Chapter Forty-Two

Alchetta Flirts with Goderich

Themus and Alchetta walked back to the table.

Themus said, “Goderich, Alchetta would be honoured to have the next slow dance with you. I personally find it too boring. ”

Themus handed Alchetta’s hand to Goderich. Themus walked away towards a vivacious looking Italian girl.  He grabbed her and went out on the dance floor with lots of energy. Themus was a fascinating dancer, spinning the girl around him, between his legs, swinging her above him.

Brandon drawled, “Gee Alchetta it looks like you’ve got competition.”

Alchetta laughed at Brandon, “Themus is having fun. I cannot dance like that nor would I want to. My mother…”

Goderich looked at her and quirked a smile and winked at her. Alchetta looked him straight in the eyes, “Every bone in my body is throbbing…from pain.”

Goderich blushed he read her double innuendo but he did not’ believe it. Alchetta did not have one ounce of passion in her. He knew she was just trying to bug Brandon. It was working. Brandon hated playing a secondary role to any man so he got up and grabbed the girl from out of Themus’ arms. He tried to wing her around but he lost his balance and fell on top of her instead. Then he kissed her soundly. She grinned; feeling the hardness of his manhood, the two of them disappeared for an hour. Themus was feeling hot and bother himself. Alchetta looked at him and smiled, “I will be okay. Goderich can keep me company. You run along and I will se you tomorrow. I’m only going to stay for half an hour then I am going back to the villa and straight to bed.”

Themus was grateful; he darted away quickly, found a young girl and headed towards the secluded gardens. Goderich was shocked at his friend behaviour. Alchetta saw that Joseph was ready to pass out; he was so drunk that they left him there.

Alchetta asked, “Goderich can you please walk me back to the villa? I could use some more of that salve on me. My shoulders are killing me.”
Goderich smiled feeling warm and fuzzy form the wine. Normally he would not drink but tonight he felt like letting loose. They took their time walking around. Enjoying the different fountains and lights, the stars it was a heady night and Goderich drank in Alchetta’s beauty as she kissed him softly whispering to him, “thank you for being so attentive.”

Goderich awes angry, “how can you kiss me like that? You are marrying my best friend for god sake control yourself.”

Alchetta grabbed his arm, “Goderich I was only having some fun. I did not mean to offend you. Both of us know that Themus is having sex with some girl right now. My kiss is harmless. It’s a sign of my friendship with you nothing else.”

Goderich was miffed as he said, “You still that that Brandon and I are well beneath you don’t you?”

Alchetta’s eyes hardened, “You know you are eons beneath me. I tolerate your company because you are good friends to Themus. If that every changes then I’ll forbid him to see you…”

Goderich spat out, “You are a witch! You bewitch every man that comes near you, and then you cat, as you have done nothing wrong. Alchetta you are such a hypocrite! But you are a dam good kisser.”

He grabbed her roughly and kissed her hard on the mouth with a fury and passion she had never experienced before.  Then he stopped himself and walked her to the villa.  Goderich helped her undress slowly and put the salve on her body and then he firmly said, “Goodnight Alchetta. I suggest that you remind yourself that I am a man. If you kiss me again I cannot be held accountable if I end up ripping your clothes off of you and taking your virginity after all, I might be the Virgin Slayer…”

Goderich walked away and Alchetta burst into tears. She hated it when Goderich got angry with her. She would respect his wished and hate very minute of it…

Chapter Forty-Three

News of World War II

The next day everyone was feeling quite hung over, so the four of them spent a quiet day out on the patio reading magazines, books and The New York Times Newspaper.  Goderich and Brandon were arguing about the possibility of another world war starting if the Nazi Germany invaded Poland.  France was threatening to go to war with Germany along with most of the countries of the British Empire and Commonwealth.  Goderich reminded them that China and Japan were already at war.

Alchetta was enjoying the portion of the paper about Fashion and Art. Alchetta was excited about a new design called “nylons” created by The Du Pont Company in 1938.

Themus had a splitting headache and went to bed. He did not sleep a wink all night he feasted on the Italian Girl. He planned to sneak out that evening and pay her another visit. Brandon left Goderich and asked Themus if he could tag along.

Themus said, “Sure are you going to visit the girl you met last night?”

Brandon grinned, “No I was hoping yours had a friend for me.”

Themus said, “I don know too much about her besides who will take care of Alchetta?”

Brandon grinned, “Havent’ you notice how cosy Goderich and Alchetta have been?”

Themus looked for the fist time and notice what Brandon meant.

Joseph stopped him for going to punch out Goderich.

Joseph scolded Themus, “nothing to worry about. Alchetta is playing cat and mouse with him. I heard him last night warning her to leave him alone.”

Themus smiled, “I forgot Alchetta thinks you two aren’t good enough for me nothing to worry about.”

Jospeh looekd at Brandon and warned him, “If you try to breaj up this marriage I’ll pull eveyr investment for out of your ass. Do I make myself clear?”

The smile disappeared, replaced with the look of fear in Brandon’s face.

Brandon mumbled, “I’m sorry sir, but i’ve been teasing these two for the past three years. I gues you’re just not used to me yet.”

Alchetta clapper her hands, “Bravo you’ve manage at three way war zone right here.”

That is when they all cracked up laughing.

Joseph said, “Alchetta’s right. It is going to be difficult dealing with a war. Our investments are going to suffer. You will have to sit tight for a while boys. Our building plans are going to slow down. Unless we can get a few government project like building city hall, libraries and schools Of course after a war breaks out we’ll be busy rebuilding whatever gets destroyed.”

It was a sobering thought for all of them.

Alchetta said, “The army will need housing built near the airfield. You should start putting in contract bids for the jobs. Then only way to get Anthony Atkins off your backs is to make him a large sum of money for his Architectural business.  Maybe we should invest in some military factories. Build weapons. If there is a war, there is money for us to make. Joseph I am sure William White has some connections. Barney Rosewood is out of the picture now so I am sure that Chago Sima will step in and fill that market for us.

He is a “spiritual man.” I think we should get tor know if we can trust him. Chago deal with Importing and Exporting goods lets back some of his North American projects and help expand his wealth. He will owe us a favour down the road. Perhaps he can help us when we go on the SS America. Were going to need a spell of protection I think I’ll write to Heta Totenmyer asking for her assistance in the matter.”

Goderich said, “Why don’t you ask Patricia Rosewood to help? I hear that she is very wise and trust worthy. Barney used to brag about her all the time at University.”

Joseph agreed, “Patricia’s father Lenno is a just man. He will help to protect you any way he can. My grandmother used to tell me stories about how the Totenmyers helped in the war of 1812. Where Canada and the United States were fighting over the land, The Totenmyers are highly regarded as honest, trustworthy, dependable people. Their daughter Sasha is very good with White Magic. She is more powerful than her mother Heta is.

Barney told me about her when he visited the brothel with Melville and me. In fact, Barney warned Melville that Ida wood come after him. Barney said if anything happened to him that, I should seek out the Totenmyers for protection. They understand the ancient arts and curses. The Book of Spells is in an ancient language. Only Heta of Sasha will be gifted enough to translate it for us they understand it, we do not. I tired to open the book to look at it and it wouldn’t let me.”

Themus said, “How did you find out that only Heta or Sasha can open it?”

Joseph said, “Ophirah appeared to Mr Stalin and gave him a message for me. You see if she tried to visit me, I might have another heart attack. Mr Stalin does not mind. Sometimes Viktor’s ghost visits him too. He says they are all happy on the other side. They do worry about us though. They can only suggest ways to find protection they cannot offer it. Ophirah says fate plays its hand and nothing can stop it. We can make good decisions and hope for the best. Once were all in Place Royale, I will feel safer knowing that Lenno, Heta or Sasha will be there to help us…

The End

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