Lafleur 2

Chapter 11

The Wedding of Goderich and Marion Lafleur

It was a bright sunny day.  The girls met for an early morning breakfast and then went to the salon as instructed by Goderich.  Each girl had a hair and makeup designer from Paris!  The girls received manicures and pedicures.  Their hair was high on their heads in a cascade of ringlets and curls.  Even Demora looked lovely.  Each of the girls received a small golden box and the instructions said not to open it until they had put their gowns on.

Louise gasped in shock “My God these are real diamonds!”

She pulled out the large cascade of jewels and put them on.  Then she clipped on the dangling diamond earrings.  A small card read love from the bride and groom.  These are yours to keep.  A fresh bouquet of red roses arrived for each of the girls and there was a corsage for Demora.

When the girls met in the lobby, they were stunned at the billowing, white Chinese silk wedding dress.  It had tiny roses encrusted with tiny diamonds in the shape of tiny hearts.  It glistened brightly in the sunlight and tiny white diamonds were on the waistband and through the long, long train.  Four little flower girls had appeared.

All dressed in pink gowns to match Louise.  Then two white carriages pulled up with four white horses with feathers and jeweled hats on.  Demora and Marion got in one of the carriages and Louise, Alchetta and the four little girls go into the other.  They arrived at the Notre Dame church.

Alchetta was beside herself with envy.  Many politicians and high society guests were at the wedding.  Goderich and Brandon looked smart in their black elegant long tailed tuxedos with matching top hats and white frilly shirts.  Four small boys matching them all stood in line.  A little girl had strewn rose petals while she walked down the aisle before Marion.

Marion looked like a royal queen as she came down the aisle followed by her long gorgeous train.  The four little boys held it on one side and the four little girls on the other.  When Patricia saw Marion she just about fell off her chair at all the diamonds and glitter.  It was too much.  She felt rather over heated and began to fan herself rather furiously.

When it came time for the vows the priest said, “Lord Goderich Anthony Lafleur will you take Marion White to be you’re lawfully wedded wife?”

Patricia and Demora fainted.  Marion almost toppled over.  Louise had grabbed Alchetta for support.

Marion said quietly, “I do.”

The minister said “Now you may kiss the bride.”

Goderich lifted the veil and whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you everything about me soon you will know the whole truth.”  Then he kissed her gently.

She looked at him wide eyed and realized that Goderich was really a wealthy man.  Louise realized it too and looked with loathing at Patricia and Lorraine.  Lorraine just sat there speechless with her mouth gaping open, and then she snapped it shut and glared at Patricia.  Patricia felt mortified at her incorrect assumptions.  She had really messed up this time.  She had set Louise up with Brandon who did not seem to be as rich as Goderich!

They went outside to have their portraits sketched.  Their painted portraits would be for later on.  The reception room was in silk and silver ribbons with loads of white and red roses and baby’s breath.  It smelled heavenly and the roses were some a rare breed.

Patricia shook her head in disbelief.  She did not know anyone who could afford this much extravagance for a mere wedding!  She felt humbled.  Goderich smiled smugly to himself.  The gold digging chaperone and Louise looked like they hated each other.  The jealousy in Louise and Alchetta was unnerving to Marion.  She cried to her Mother about it.

Demora said “Shh darling, it’s something you’ll have to get used to.  Talk to Goderich about it I’m sure he’ll give you some insight on how to handle the girls.”

Marion went to Goderich and said, “Darling I’m overwhelmed by your generosity but isn’t this just too much?  My friends are insanely jealous of me and I’m at my wits end of how to handle them?”

Goderich grabbed her hands and hugged her and said, “You sweet girl I overheard you and Louise on the lower deck on the SS America.  Her being such a gold digger and Patricia purposely setting you up with me because she thought Brandon was the rich one.  I just had to teach the two of them a lesson.  You cannot judge a book by its cover!  In time, they will warm back up to you.  They are both social climbers and once they know where you stand in society, they will beg to be your friends again.  Besides, anyone who is a true friend will get over his or her jealousies eventually.  It took Brandon and Themus awhile when they first found out.  To this day, I have never disclosed the full extent of my wealth that is until now.  Even they are shocked and envious.”

He snickered, “Poor Alchetta will be impossible now.  She likes to be number one in everything and she will never come close to your wedding.  No one will.”

He had that strange gleam in his eye.  He continued, “I’ve sat and watched Brandon and Themus struggle to reach the top.  Brandon finally realized he was happy where he was but Themus on the other hand is always trying to be number one in fashion and friends.  He is always trying to outdo another rich family called the Joneses.

Me, I have been happy to play the role of poor man all this time not to deceive you, but to make those two eat their words.  I am sorry for my deception dear but I am so happy to have finally met a girl who is not a gold digger!  I especially like the idea of being with the one who wants to be the mother of my children and make lots of babies!”

Marion blushed profusely at this.  She was scared about the making baby’s part.  She had no idea what to do.  Demora had told her that Goderich would let her know what to do and to just do what she was told to?

Goderich told her they would spend two days at Chateau Frontenac in the honeymoon suite then they would be heading for England.  He had invited everyone as guests to come to England to his Estate there for a party.

He then said, “I’ve also invited Brandon and Louise to continue their honeymoon there.  Brandon can’t afford much more than that.”

Once they had seated themselves down, they ate an eight-course meal of soups, salads, and breads then several meats, potatoes and vegetables with so many varieties of desserts; even Sasha Totenmyer had come to the festivities.  She congratulated Brandon and Louise with envy.

She hugged her Sister Patricia then Goderich invited her to join them in England, she turned the offer down.

Sasha said, “Sorry but I just cannot bring myself to go there.  I have too many bad memories of that place.”

Goderich nodded that he understood.  After the meal, the bride and groom got up for their first dance as Husband and Wife.  They waltzed to an old English love song.  Marion was tired after dancing with Brandon and Themus then with William White and many others.

She said to William “Thank you for making Mother so happy, I haven’t seen her glowing like that in a long time.”

William said, “You make a lovely bride my dear.  I intend to marry your Mother soon.  We will have a quiet wedding on our Estate.  I hope you will all come.”

Marion said, “Make sure you let Patricia know, she won’t want to miss it.”

William said, “Did she show you the engagement ring yet?”

Marion nodded no and said, “Mothers always wearing gloves.  I guess she forgot to.”

After they danced she headed over to the place where Demora, Patricia were seated, and she said haughtily, “Mother how could you!”

Demora asked in surprise, “What have I done?”

Marion said, “You’ve forgotten to show us you’re engagement ring!  William has informed me he will marry you next month and he has asked that we all attend your wedding at your home.”

Demora groaned, “I know, I can thank Goderich for that.  William has decided he can plan the wedding because if Goderich can, then he can.”  Marion said “The ring mother!”

Demora pulled off her glove.  It was a huge rock, bigger than Marion’s ring had been.  A cluster of diamonds surrounded it.  Marion said, “Wow it’s huge!”

Patricia’s eyes had bugged out of her head and said, “That’s a new ring!  He did not use the family heirloom.  I guess his first Wife had worn it and passed it down to Merry when she married Frederick.”

Demora was thankful for that and said, “I would rather have my very own ring anyway.  So I can someday pass it down to one of my Granddaughters.”

Marion said “Now Mother let’s not talk about that.  I have to say thank you and good night to all of my guests.  I can barely stand another minute.  Patricia said, “Let me help, attention everyone!  Marion and Goderich have something to say.”

She turned to Marion who blushed and Goderich came to her side and put his arm around her then said, “My lovely bride and I are off to start our honeymoon.  Feel free to dance as long as you wish.”

Then Marion piped up, “I’d like to thank everyone for coming and please remember we are having a house warming party in a few weeks at Goderich’s home.”

Goderich corrected her by saying, “She means our home!”  Soon after their announcement, they shook everyone’s hands then they thankfully retired to their suite.

The room was rich in red velvet.  Rose petals were across the bed.  Chilled in ice was a bottle of Cartier wine.

Goderich said, “A gift from Patricia’s friends Antoine and Belle Cartier.”  Marion read the card, “Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lafleur.”

She murmured it so softly and tears filled her eyes.  Goderich held her in his arms and pulled out his embroidered handkerchief and dabbed her eyes then kissed them.  He began kissing her passionately all over her face, murmuring how beautiful an angel she was.  She mumbled how thankful she was to have met him on the SS America and they both fell fast asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

Chapter 12

The Follies of Men

Goderich had decided to take his time with Marion.  She was very nervous and naive and he wanted her to enjoy their first moments of passion together.  The next day when they joined everyone for breakfast, everyone was a bit surprised.  They acted as they always had done.  Marion seemed to blush and be uncomfortable with public affection so Goderich did not push it.  He knew Marion was a little filly and he would break her in gently.  Brandon had asked him if everything was all right.

Goderich had said, “Never been better.  I’m taking my time with my little filly.”

Then he winked at Brandon who asked, “She’s a shy one then?”

Goderich looked at his friend and said, “You’ve deduced her well.  I am not worried about it.  She’s too skittish at the moment.”

Brandon asked, “Would you like Louise to talk to her about it?  The woman is amazing in bed.”

He smiled proudly at this admonition of his wife.

Themus overheard him and said, “What makes her so amazing?  She’s just a young girl.”

Brandon said, “Lorraine tutored her on the art of lovemaking.”

Themus ribbed Brandon and said, “Perhaps she could share her knowledge with our ladies so that we may enjoy what you have.”

Brandon gave a wicked grin, “I’ll ask her.  However, I doubt that Alchetta will want to talk about it.  Her mother Retta is an ice queen according to Melville; sex isn’t something they like to participate in.”

Themus growled, “Well Alchetta better like it, I’m an animal in bed!”

Brandon said, “So we’ve heard!”

Themus said to Brandon “So you have been with some of my cast offs!”

Brandon said, “Lot’s of meat to share.”

They both roared at his joke.  Goderich looked at both of them and said, “You sound like a couple of lions sharing meaty tidbits.”

He laughed at them while shaking his head back and forth, “Shame on you two.  I take my time to warm up a filly then when she is ripe, I pluck her tasty fruits.  I like a woman who warms up to me and becomes a wildcat in bed.  My woman will be shown great love and respect and treated like a queen!”

Brandon and Themus chuckled at that.

Then Brandon said, “Yeah but queen’s like to rule, so I don’t give them too much respect or they will lord over me and I won’t have that!”

Brandon then told Goderich how disgruntled and angry Louise was about the whole thing.

He said, “She demanded to know how much I was worth, so I told her the truth.  I have a modest income but most of my money will be from the lumberyard and Inn.  That is after I pay you two back your shares of your investment.  Boy did she ever hit the roof when she found out that you two were the main investors.  I told her it had not cost me a dime!  She went off in a huff to yell at Patricia then Lorraine for marrying her off to a total loser!”

Goderich said in anger, “That little gold digger called you that?”

Brandon said, “What do you mean gold digger?”

Then Goderich explained the conversation he overheard on the SS America.

Brandon’s eyes flashed and he said through gritted teeth, “Why didn’t you warn me?”

Goderich said, “Honestly chap, I never dreamed you’d marry her.  I just thought you would play her as if you had the others.  I was mortified when you announced your intention to marry her.  Then I figured you deserved each other.  You only wanted her for sex, and she wanted you for money.  You both got what you wanted.”

Brandon stared for a moment looked at Themus with a raised eyebrow then all three broke out into howls of laughter.

Goderich then said, “The best part of all was watching Patricia eat her words after insulting me so many times.  I accepted her humble apology.  She will think twice before calling another kettle black!  She was so wrong about me.”

They were all laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes.

Patricia walked over, “Did I hear my name?”

They all stopped, choked and Goderich said, “We were laughing at the expense of Louise and yourself.  Sorry but it’s just too funny not to.”

Patricia smiled and said sheepishly, “Yes the joke is on me and Louise.  Poor Lorraine is beside herself.  She and Anthony had promised Louise a financially lucrative marriage.  They feel fully responsible for this faux pas.”

Brandon said bitterly, “What am I chopped liver?  Don’t they realize that I love Louise and I’ll provide a good home for her?”

Patricia was mortified, “I’m sorry Brandon I don’t think about what I was saying.”

She walked away in disgrace.

Brandon jeered, “Well now my wife is really going to hate me.  I am going to make her do all the cooking and cleaning.  I was going to hire staff, but why bother now that I know the truth.  She’ll probably leave me for another man someday.”

Themus had a strange glint in his eye when he said, “Do you wish to be rid of her?”

Brandon said, “Yes someday she’ll leave and I’ll be glad to say goodbye.”

Chapter 13

The Lafleur Estate in England

A few days later, they all boarded the RMS Queen Elizabeth and made their trip this time to England.  Several stagecoaches greeted the ship and carried the large party out into the countryside.  The large cast iron gates opened up and they drove into a vast Estate.  Miles of land stretched from forest to forest.  Marion had never seen such a large stone mansion before.  It looked like three large mansions put together in a square.  Patricia and Louise looked at each other and grinned.

Patricia said, “Now I know why he’s called Lord Goderich.”

When the guests had all arrived at the Estate, they went straight to their quarters.  There were many servants milling about and some came to help with the luggage.  Marion had her own private quarters.

Goderich said, “You’re welcome to stay in your own room at night or feel free to join me in my own.”

Marion looked at him in a strange way and asked, “Are you sure it’s okay that I sleep with you?  I just don’t understand the separate room thing.”

Goderich smiled and said, “Some men snore rather loudly and in order for their wives to get a decent night’s sleep, they have their own bedroom suite.  When they make love they would sleep in the master’s room together.”

Marion blushed and said, “I’m sorry dear I just don’t know what to do.”

Goderich’s gentle eyes and hands lovingly patted his wife’s backside.  He said, “I’ve been told that Lorraine gave Louise some very good instruction in the art of making love.  Feel free to speak with Louise about it.”

Marion felt better.  She would definitely require Louise’s help.  She wanted her first time with Goderich to be special.  Marion wandered around the rooms enjoying the view of the many luxuries throughout the mansion.

Demora said, “Can you believe your good luck Marion?  I had no idea that Goderich could provide you with such luxuries!”

Louise and Alchetta were so jealous of her they barely spoke to her.  Marion asked Themus if he would ask Louise to join her out in the garden for a stroll.

Louise headed out to the garden and crisply said to Marion, “What do you want?  Do you want to gloat about what you have?  It should have been me!  Patricia set me up with the wrong man.  She thought Goderich was poor and that you deserved him.  Now I’m stuck in a miserable poor existence with Brandon!”

Marion had to bite her tongue and said, “I need to ask you a favor.  Brandon has told Goderich what an exquisite lover you are.”

Louise stopped and smiled proudly, “He said that?”

Then Marion nodded yes and decided to tell a white lie, “Yes, he said you were an hundred times better than any barmaid.  He could compare you to none.”

Louise brimmed with pride, “Lorraine has taught me well then.”  She said, with a smug smile of satisfaction, “That’s just what I needed to know.  Brandon will crave me now for the rest of his life.”

Marion blushed then blurted out, “Could you please teach me?  I know nothing about lovemaking.  Mother didn’t explain a thing.”

Louise looked at Marion and softly said, “Does Goderich know?”

Marion nodded and said, “He suggested that I talk to you about this problem.  Do you think Alchetta would like to know too?  Louise laughed, “Alchetta once told me that she doesn’t care about sex and wouldn’t give a fig if she pleasured her Husband.  She would only have sex when they wanted an heir and that is it.  She told me her Husband could get himself a mistress as she had no desire to be sexually involved with him.”

Marion retorted, “Is she mad?  Why would she want Themus to have a mistress?”

Louise said wickedly, “Because her Father has one and Retta her Mother said it was marvelous and discrete.  She did not have to participate in the act once she became pregnant with Alchetta.  That is why they only had one child.

Retta refused to bed him again.  She said that sex was dirty and for the heathen.  Melville would go away on business trips and visit the brothels of his choice.  They are both happy with that arrangement.  My Aunt Lorraine told me I could start up a relationship with Themus once he’s married.”

Marion looked distressed, “But what about Alchetta?”

Louise snarled, “She’s nothing but a cold fish.  I could have married Themus but he wants Alchetta’s money to add to his fortunes!”

Marion said, “Another gold digger!  My you both deserve one another than!  I will never want a lover and I hope Goderich doesn’t I must please him to keep him mine.”

Louise said, “You have nothing to worry about.  Themus told me that Goderich is old fashioned and he’ll be totally loyal to his wife.”

Marion sighed with relief.

Then Louise said, “Now about those lessons.  We will meet in the garden each day.  I will tell you what you need to do.  It is very important that you love what you do to him, and be very open-minded about it.  You cannot say or refuse a man anything.  Well there are a few exceptions.”

She went on to explain these things to Marion whose eyes had grown wider by the minute.  All she did was gasp and say, “Oh my!”

Louise was enjoying shocking her.  She thought to herself, ‘Goderich will be proud of my lessons  I’ll make Marion the best lover he’s ever had and if he ever wants an affair, I’ll be there to offer myself, for a price of course…’

Chapter 14

The Shops of England

The next day after breakfast, everyone headed out to the shops on Knightsbridge, Oxford Regent, Piccadilly, and Bond Street looking for the perfect gift for Marion and Goderich’s housewarming party that evening at the Lafleur Estate.  It would be a grand affair with all the local Noblemen, Lords, and Ladies, coming to meet Lord Goderich Lafleurs, Wife Lady Marion.  Many tables had been set up in the large courtyard and under a huge white tent.  They would be serving various gourmet foods from the Le Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London and plenty of wine from the Cartier’s Winery from France.

They had live entertainment and many musicians playing classical music.  Some danced while others just sat and chatted.  Some of the women took tours of the Estate and Marion enjoyed showing them all the many luxuries and treasures of her new home.  Her favorite place was the garden room where there were many plants with white wicker furniture.  She would enjoy reading her books and writing in her journals in this room.

She had even decided on which of the rooms were for a nursery in the future but would not attempt to decorate anything just yet.  She would wait until Goderich invited her to.  Everyone had come to the joyous event.

Louise and Brandon sat with Lorraine and Anthony who was admiring the woodwork of the place.  “I really like his style in the library.  I was told Robert Adam did most of the decor in this place it’s all so very elegant and cheerful.”

Lorraine snapped, “Oh put a cork in it Anthony, I don’t need to be reminded about being made a fool of where my niece is concerned.”

Brandon had gotten up from the table, ‘rage filling his heart and mind and that very moment he had wished he were dead.  He was tired of Louise and Lorraine being so bitchy about the marriage thing.  It had begun to put a real strain on their relationship but he would try his best to be civil until they got back to Place Royale.  Then he would just bury himself in his work and drink his days away until she got tired of her little game of poor me.’

Patricia and Luvena sat with Louis and Genevieve they were cheerfully discussing the fashions of Paris and the wonderful cuisine provided by the Le Cordon Bleu Cookery School.  Patricia made a note that maybe they would refer their girls to take some courses there if they wanted to learn how to cook.

She said to Luvena, “They might as well learn from the best.  That way they will know what’s required of them for entertaining too!”

Luvena thought it a splendid idea.  Genevieve thought it a great idea for she had no idea how to cook a thing and wished to take a few courses on baking pies.  She said that Louis loved his pastries and would be delighted if she surprised him one day.

Demora, William sat with Merry, Frederick, Goderich, and Marion.  They were busy discussing Demora and William’s wedding plans and Demora was complaining that William was taking everything on himself.  She asked Goderich to speak to him about it for she really did not want a fancy wedding, being their second one.  She needed Goderich to remind William of this fact.  She did not want to broach the subject with him for she did not like to argue.  Stacy and she had never argued, she had just said what she wanted and that was that.  William on the other hand she would butt heads with him about the smallest thing.  He liked to be in control of the helm but it was getting to the point that he made each decision without consulting her.  She had to get it across to him that this would be unacceptable for she was a woman of purpose and wisdom.  Goderich had chuckled at this and promised to have a word with William about it when they retired to the smoking room.

Themus and Alchetta sat with Melville, Retta, and they were busy discussing the details about the hotels that they were planning to build.  They talked about where they would hold the wedding for Themus and Alchetta and what they would do to make it grander then Marion and Goderich’s had been.

Themus had rolled his eyes at this and said to Alchetta, “Really darling, is that all you can think about?  I am getting rather tired of your constant whining; you are getting to be such a dreadful drama queen.  Can you do something with her Retta?  She’s beginning to be such an annoyance!”

Retta glared at Themus and said something to Melville.

Melville spoke up, “My dear Themus, our precious daughter has been raised to be treated like a queen, and you my kind Sir are to be treated as a king.  You do realize that we are descendants of royalty; that is where we get our airs; you see we have a fraction of blue blood running through our veins.  Our Alchetta is a special girl, she likes to achieve the best of everything and I trust as her husband you will see that she is not disappointed nor us!”

Themus felt slapped in the face and here a man was hen pecking him about the necessity of how his daughter should be treating him.

Themus’ face became purple with rage and he said, “Are you saying that I cannot provide the proper luxuries for your daughter?  Sometimes she is very unreasonable and her insane jealousy of Goderich is annoying.  After all she’s not even half as rich as he is.”

He glowered at them and Alchetta’s lip began to tremble.

Themus said, “The poor girls going to cry now.  Alchetta please stop pouting like a baby!  You’re embarrassing me!”

Themus got up suddenly and decided he needed some air.

He bumped into Brandon out on the terrace and growled, “God women can be so difficult!  Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!”  Brandon grinned and said, “I’m guessing that Alchetta is whining again?”

Themus replied, “Yes and no, her pack of wolves decided to attack me at the dinner table, I am not amused!  I can’t wait to get back to Place Royale so I can spend as much time away from the bitch as possible!”

Brandon laughed at this, “You sound just like me and you’re not even married yet!”

Themus said, “Don’t go there.  Money soothes a troubled soul as far as I am concerned.  Besides all she wants is a pretty face beside her when she goes to court or wherever mommy dearest takes her, it is pathetic.  At least Louise is not some simpering, whiny child.  You did not really clarify your lifestyle to her so it is understandable that she is bitter.  Hell if it would have happened to me I would have shot you and claimed your fortune!”

Brandon looked at his friend with narrowed eyes and said, “You should have married Louise!  I would have gotten along better with Alchetta.  I can work long hours, drink to my heart’s content and I could not give a rat’s ass about her money!  But oh well, we’ve made our beds and now we get to lay in them, right chap?”

Themus nodded and sighed, “Guess it’s time to go back to the lion’s den.  Maybe if we pray the angels will shut their mouths.”

Brandon’s roar of laughter was echoing over the lush gardens below.

The many other guests looked content in their groups assigned to them.  They were sharing the latest gossip, politics.  They joked about how happy for Goderich was and how shocking it was that he found himself a beautiful wife after swearing to stay a bachelor for life.  Marion appeared to be a simple-minded girl, but she had very gracious manners, and she was lovely and admired by many people.

She would be one of the greater heads of society that would stand out in history.  Since it was her heart’s desire to be a Mother and not to rely on nannies for her children, she would not do the normal way of Motherhood that society practiced at that time.  In most homes, children would play quietly.  The parents would normally travel or go about their business and the nannies would be with the children 24/7.

The parents would pop in to see the children maybe on a Sunday afternoon after church or once a month in the more affluent homes.  With all the garden parties and societies, Mothers just did not find time to see their offspring.  Marion Lafleur would be different and she would be shown respect and admiration by many women in the years to come.  Marion had felt completely overwhelmed at all the rich gifts of crystal, works of art, and collectibles received from the many guests in attendance and from people around the world.  Goderich was popular in several countries for he had spent his younger years travelling around Europe and South America.  Meeting new people and helping various business organizations with their marketing ideas for worldwide trade.  Later that night Marion had decided to allow herself to relax with Goderich and try some of the things that Louise had taught her.  Goderich was pleasantly surprised and found out he had a wildcat in his bed too!

Goderich loved every minute of his evening with Marion and on the next day thanked Louise for being such a great teacher.  Louise was so proud of herself.  However, she was getting tired of England and Alchetta’s constant bitterness and whining.  She decided that Brandon and she would leave soon.  When Marion found out everyone was leaving she asked Goderich to take her back to Canada after her Mother’s wedding.

Chapter 15

The Wedding of William and Demora White

William had been disappointed but had given into Goderich and Demora’s wishes.  His Daughter Merry had advised him that a small wedding ceremony would be best and that they could marry in secret immediately, instead of waiting a few more months.  They had a quite ceremony there at Chateau Frontenac.  They had decided to tell their friends that they had eloped and hold a party with them all once they returned home.

Demora had worn a satin cream dress and after dinner, William took her straight to their honeymoon suite for the night of pure rhapsody as they made love all night long.  They were quite tired the next day but hurriedly gathered their things for they were due to go back home.  Everyone parted ways that day after congratulating the newly married couple.

Chapter 16

Worthington Sussex, England in 1946

Ida Tinkle was happy there was a war on because she could plan her escape this way. Detective Bob Farley decided to move her out of harms way. They sent her to a small town called Worthington, which is situated, on the West Sussex Coast in South East England in 1939.  She would be there until 1946.

They refused to let her know exactly where she was for fear that the immortal Dr Peter Tibideau would rescue her.  Ida wrote many letters to him without any response. The jail keeper was kind enough to find books about the dark arts at the old library. It was a hidden library – by the witches in the fifteenth century. Many died a terrible death according to the records.

Ida refused to let anything stop her. She would plan her revenge on Joseph Munroe and then find a way to murder her nemesis Anthony Atkins the only man powerful enough to stop her.  Using Retta Bailey to start a war between the Totenmyers and the Littlewolfs had been easy. It was genius, and no one was the wiser. Ida wanted to know the extent of Heta Totenmyers powers. Now she did not have to worry about it.

The Littlewolfs would take care of dealing with Heta and Lenno Totenmyer.  Patricia Rosewood their daughter who was not the least bit spiritual was no threat at all and the other daughter Sasha Totenmyer, powerful in white magic definitely was.  Ida would spare Patricia’s life, but Sasha Totenmyer was going to be a problem and she would have to deal with her soon…

Chapter 17

William White and Joseph Munroe

William White and Joseph Munroe poured over the plans before them carefully noting each detail of the new fleet of ships they intended to build.  It would not be a large ocean liner; no, it was going to be something called a “yacht.”  Lenno Totenmyers original plans from a few years ago did not go as planned because of World War II. Now they could start on them. They would prepare the factories for this new type of technology invented by a fella in Paris.

Demora and Merry White found samples for drapes while out shopping for the mansion in London, England.  Frederick Fontaine sat in the corner of the library reading The New York Times Newspaper.

Frederick looked at his wife Merry and said, “I cannot believe how many war brides there are.”

Merry did not quite hear him correctly, when she asked, “What bribes? Is it the government again?”

She looked at Demora and winked.

Frederick raised his voice in a huff and said, “Really darling if you stop and listen for a minute you will have heard me say WAR BRIDES!”

Merry stopped in surprise at the angry tone of voice. She looked at him and said, “Frederick have I annoyed you again?  You know when I am deep in thought I block everything else out. Darling please forgives me. I hate to quarrel.”

Frederick sighed loudly and spat out, “We were not quarrelling.”

Merry said, “Yes we were. You accused me of not listening to you. I am listening. I just don’t always understand your thick French accent.”

Frederick got up out of the chair, “And what is that supposed to mean? I can hardly understand your English accent so were even.”

He was smiling when he said it as he grabbed his new wife and planted a kiss on her lips.

Demora looked up and smiled, “I’ll leave you two love birds alone for awhile. You really need to have a proper honeymoon. Maybe once this wars over you’ll have enough sense to go on one.”

Demora exited out of the library and shut the door. She stopped to listen to the two the them giggling for a moment then she said to a maid nearby, “Please stay near this door and do not let anyone bother them, especially William!”

The maid curtsied and said, “Yes Mam.”

Demora strolled out the back door and went for a walk in the garden. She was feeling frustrated about William. The man was a work aholic. She sat down and started to cry. Suddenly she was missing Stacy. He was a good husband up to the day he died.  Always sweet, kind and gentle but ill most of his life Demora faithfully took care of him along with her father-in-law Wilbur White.  Now that the two of them were gone and her daughter Merry was a new bride, Demora was feeling useless and did not quite know what to do with her…

Chapter 18

Word From Scotland Yard

William was arguing with Joseph about something trivial when there was a knock on the office door.

Joseph barked at his butler Mr Stalin, “I thought I told you not to disturb me.”

Mr. Stalin smiled, “Sir a Detective Bog Farley is here to see you. He says it’s urgent.”

Joseph said, “Fine let him in. William you’ll have to excuse me for a minute.”

Joseph walked out of William’s office and down the corridor to the library.

The maid curtsied and said, “The room is occupied sir. Mrs White says that Merry and Frederick are not to be disturbed.”

Joseph peered closely nose to nose at the maid, “Do I know you?”

She backed away in fear, “No sir…”

Joseph said, “Good… I’ve had bad luck where maids are concerned.”

He turned around and walked away.  Feeling sad because the last time he dealt with a maid it had been Ida Tinkle disguising herself before murdering his Son Jake and his daughter-in-law Jesseline Thirkill Munroe.  Joseph walked with foreboding steps towards the front hall and out the doorway.

Detective Bob Farley, tall with red hair and blue eyes stood quietly nearby waiting.  Joseph joined him as they walked down the pathway towards the patio in the garden.  A well-manicured garden with wildflowers, and sculptures of angels greeted them along the way.  Joseph’s blonde hair shone brightly in the sun and his deep grey blue eyes were quite intense.  He had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.  He sat down first.  While Detective Bob Farley began to pace back and forth, looking very troubled.

Joseph looked up and waited.

Detective Bob Farley said, “I do not know how to tell you Joseph how sorry I am. There was too much bombing in London when World War II started back in 1939.  We moved Ida Tinkle to a safer location in Sussex.  Somehow, she became physically involved with the sheriff there.  I just got word that the two of them have disappeared without a trace.”

Joseph drew in his breath. His eyes bulged and his face turned purple he yelled, “Of all the stupid things to do. You know how dangerous she is! She has murdered so many men that I have lost count. Why didn’t you hang her when you had the chance?”

Detective Bob Farley grimaced at Josephs every word.

Joseph grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, “Now tell me the truth. Where is she?”

Detective Bob Farley hissed “Let go of me first…”

Joseph let go and straightened his collar, “Sorry young chap, I forgot that you are Scotland Yard’s finest, and please forgive me.”

Detective Bob Farley quietly said, “If it’s any consolation Ida Tinkle wrote me a note telling me that she plans to make you suffer for your sins. She was also threatened to do something to my wife and I.”

Joseph looked surprised, “When did you get married?”

Detective Bob Farley blushed, “We had to do it secretly. I got her pregnant.”

Joseph grinned, “Congratulations!”

Detective Bob Farley smiled, “We just found out yesterday about Ida. I have been away on a secret honeymoon and when I came back, I found out that Ida escaped. I doubt is she will be in England though. Dr Tibideau is very angry with her. She kept writing him letters to let him know of her whereabouts. He knows that we monitor the mail, so I am assuming that is why he never answered her.  You are safe here in England.

The last sighting of Ida was at the docks. She is heading to America.  I am assuming that she will go to New York City and hide out there for awhile.”

Joseph said, “How do you know where she’s headed?”

Detective Bob Farley smiled, “We knew it was a matter of time before she would escape. She ran right into my trap.”

Joseph was shocked, “What do you mean your trap?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “She’ll keep on escaping so I figured I would let her think that she has escaped. My men were waiting for hear a docks. They escorted her onto a ship that plans to sail around the world. It is heading to Africa first then to Australia. We plan to have a few Pirates here and there, attacking it when actually they are bringing supplies to it.  She has no idea that travel times are two weeks instead of eight weeks now.  We will have the ship break down a few times and give her a nice long journey out to sea. I figure I can keep her out there for a few years and then once I am established in New York City I will have the boys bring her in.

We can try her there for the death of Zach Conglier. He was a well-known movie director and actor. With public sympathy, we should be able to convict her. It is impossible here in England. She has too many official s afraid of her. I needed to take her somewhere fare away where no one knows her very well.”

Joseph said, “What if she figures it out?”

Detective Bob Farley laughed, “We will drug her using wine, food and narcotics. She will be an addict and have no idea where she is. I feel sorry for the sheriff he is innocent but he will suffer the same consequences. He was warned not to become involved with her.”

Joseph was frightened, “I thought she could only do mind control with the Book of Spells?”

Detective Bob Farley shook his head, “She did a lot of research while she was in jail there for about 6 years. Someone – I mean we assume it was the sheriff- slipped here the secret library of the witches’ books. She has been studying it for years now and she learned some new tricks.  We will have to warn your son Themus and your friend Anthony Atkins. I can keep her out to sea for a few years but I cannot guarantee she will not escape once I bring to New York City. No plan is every fool proof>”

Joseph sighed, “I know what you mean.  Sometimes I wish I could go into a time machine and change the past.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “An old Gypsy woman named Evette Sima once told me that out fates are sealed. She believes that nothing can change our fates.”

Joseph thought for a moment, “What if we are not in the right place to die?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Then death will probably seekers out and find another way to end our miserable lives…”

Joseph smiled and he stopped when he saw Demora’s White face appear over a hedge she said, “Will my daughter Marion be safe in Place Royale?  I should not have left her there. What if Ida Tinkle Comes after her?”

Joseph soothingly said, “Your daughter is Mrs Lafleur. Only the Munroe family seems to be cursed these days.”

Demora felt better she sighed, disheartened about everything. Joseph could tell that she was down about something.

He said, “Retta and Melville are coming back to England soon. They are making plans for a new hotel in Paris.”

Demora’s eyes twinkled.  Then Joseph said, “Have you talked to Patricia or Luvena lately?  Their new school is doing well. They are looking for someone to teach a nursing course. You have lots of experience with that, why not apply for the job.  I can talk to William about it. He is going to be working long hours with me. I think you need something to keep you occupied…”

Demora grinned for the first time in months she said, “Do you think William will let me? Joseph said, “Do you want to teach the lessons here in your home? That way William cannot complain. We still have a war going on and it is safer for the girls to come out to the country for a visit. This big mansion has some unused rooms.

Demora said “Where?”

Joseph said, “There is a private wing upstairs, it used to be Francesca’s they haven’t touched it since she died. Perhaps a family meeting at dinner can change that.

Detective you care to join u?”

Detective Bob Farley nodded his head no; ‘My wife and I planned a quiet meal to celebrate getting pregnant.”

Demora’s grin widened, “You wife is pregnant how exciting!”

Detective Bob Farley turned red and Joseph exclaimed, “hush woman can’t you see it’s a secret? Now do not’ tell a soul and keep the news to yourself. Or you’ll have me to deal with!”

William’s voice snapped, “Are you threatening my wife? Joseph gulped, “No I’m must telling her to keep a secret.”

William mockingly said, “The same secret you told me? What is the big deal? Its not like society will care if a detective gets a woman pregnant than married her.”

Demora gasped, “Oh it’s THAT kind of pregnant.”

Detective Bog Farley blushed. William sneered, “If you were so worried about your reputation you should have kept your pecker in your pants. No one is going to care about you having a baby. They’ll be too busy making fun of you for letting Ida Tinkle get away.”

Detective Bob Farley was red with fury, he snapped, “Where did you hear about that?”

William sneered, “News travels fast you young pup. It’s all over the radio.”

Detective Bob Farley groaned, He forgot about the radio. Now the chief would really be angry with him for making a laughing stock out of Scotland Yard. They would never live it down.”

William laughed and Demora stood there enraged and shocked at her husband’s behaviour she whimpered, “William how can you be so mean?”

William snapped, “I’ve always been mean, didn’t Stacy tell you? We are complete opposites. He was like my mother and I’m must like my father Wilbur.”

Demora gasped, “Oh my God, you don’t mean…”

Then she fainted.

Chapter 19

Do As I Say

Ida Tinkle was enjoying the view on deck for a few days and then she notice that the sun was always to the west of them. It should have been to the east. When she asked one of the crewmembers about it he agreed, “Aye its true thare me lady. We are taking a round about route to avoid being detected by the German subs. They bomb anyone that comes near.”

Ida seemed to find his answer reasonable. The crewmember walked away, went down to the kitchen, and said, “Yer need to increase those sleeping puppies. The witch is aware of the west.”

The man by the stove nodded his understanding and said, “Thank ye lad for telling me. I plum forgot my measuring spoons. I did not want to use too much too soon gotta make it gradual.”

The crewmember smiled and tapped his head, “Using yer noggin – smart man.”

The crewmember went back upstairs and there was Ida Tinkle glaring at him.

She snapped, “You lied to me! The war was over in 1945. This gentleman informed me.”

She was point at the sheriff.

The crewmember broke out in a sweat and said, “But Mam they started another one. Didn’t you know?”

Ida turned over to another crewmember, “Prove it to me!”

The man pulled out a newspaper and there on the front page was a picture of Ida Tinkle and the headline said, – Madam X escapes.

Ida turned white and grabbed the paper.

She snarled, “Who else has seen this?”

The crewmember said, “Non one Mam, I was only looking at the pictures. I cannot read, no one can read on this ship. We were hoping since your picture is on the front page that you could tell us what it says.”

Ida stared intently at him. She looked around, turned back, and asked, “Count to ten…”

The crewman stood there mouth gaping and shrugged his shoulders and said, “1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10”

Then he smiled, “My brother’s real smart. He taught me how to count. I cannot go higher than ten can. I still do not understand why he always asks me to count to ten then he laughs and laughs. Am I saying it wrong?”

Ida began to giggle and said, “Yes very wrong – your brother is making a complete fool out of you. The next time he asks you to count, go 1, 2, 3 and…”

She punched the crewmember in the nose and he went flying back.

He snarled, “Ow!  What did you do that for?”

Ida screamed, “Do you think I am stupid? You can count to ten now do exactly what I did.”

The crewmember said, “Are you sure?”

She screamed, “Yes!”

The crewmember said, “Okay… 1, 2, 3…”

SMACK! – He knocked her lout cold.

The man standing beside her said, “Why you! Why did you hit her?”

The crewmember looked scared and whimpered, “She told me to do what she just did?”

The man’s jaw dropped and then he bent over laughing as he helped Ida get back up on her feet. She straightened out herself and grimaced, then turned and walked away.

The crewmember lowered his voice to another and said, “Whew that was close. Grab me some puppies, I am going to have to tell Captain to send her a complimental bottle of champagne. Add a few extra she’s too much trouble when awake.”

Chapter 20

Ida Tinkle Meets the Captain

Ida was surprised when the Captain of the ship knocked on her door and walked in with a bottle of champagne.

The captain said, “Accept my apologies Miss Tinkle. That boy is too slow to be working on my ship. I should have warned you about him>”

Ida said, “When did the newspaper come on the ship?”

The captain said, “We don’t’ usually carry newspapers on board. None of these men can read. Which is why I hire them? Cheap wages, they are lousy at math too.”

He chortled at his own joke.

Ida said, “Where did you find your crew?”

The captain said, “From an orphanage that got bombed six years ago. Most were teenagers then. We were supposed to drop them off in New York City. A group of them begged to stay. My men trained them, the most retired. My crew was too old to be out to sea.”

Ida was quiet, what makes a sailor give up this?”

The captain sighed, “World War II. We lost most of our comrades on other ships. We got bombed too. Lucky for us the currents carried us to a deserted Island. We were marooned there for four years before ea passing ship rescued us.”

Ida smiled, that was The RMS Queen Elizabeth. I remember reading that story in the paper… I was wishing I could go live on a tropical island somewhere.”

The captain smiled, “You should see how beautiful Hawaii is or Australia. Have you ever heard of the Great Barrier Reef?  There are miles and miles of underground plants and wildlife… Sometimes I wish I could just travel around the world and go from island to island.”

Ida sighed, “I’ve only been to London and New York City. I read book about the islands. I’ve never travelled far before.”

The captain said, “What’s’ stopping you?

Ida looked off towards the moonlit waters, ” A grudge has stopped me from living all these years. My sister was attacked by the Virgin Slayer; she became pregnant and killed herself.”

The captain looked thoughtful for a moment then whispered that is not true… I hear another story…

Ida looked at him and asked, “Who are you?”

The Captain sighs, “You don’t recognize me do you?”

Ida shook her head no, the man said, I am Captain Jerry Bouchard of the White Star II – I used to sail Duvall Marchand’s ship until the German’s bombed it. I met your sister years ago at a Doctor Tibideau’s office.  She was begging him to give her an abortion. He refused because it was his child…

Ida gasped, “What! I thought it was the Virgin Slayers…”

The Captain whispered, “It is…”

Ida looked confused, “I know the Virgin Slayer… I made him… I mean it’s a man from Place Royale, not London, England.”

The captain shook his head, “No your wrong – The Virgin Slayer is immortal -= he feeds on the souls to stay alive.”

Ida gasped, “Oh my God – How do you know of all this?”

The captain said, “It took me many years to figure it all out. The last time I found him, he got away…”

Ida’s eyes narrowed, “What do you mean he got away?”

The captain said, “Once he got a hold of the Book of Spells from Joseph Munroe’s possession – I couldn’t get to him. I carry my vampire’s kit with me very where I go. I hope to cross paths with him and kill the Virgin Slayer for good.”

Ida shook her head, she could not believe what she was hearing, and then a plan formed in her mind.

Ida said, “You know I think I’ll take you up on that offer.”

The captain said, “What offer?”

Ida said, “We are going to travel the world and see all the islands that we want…”

Ida grabbed the bottle of champagne and poured two glasses. She handed one to the captain and said, “A toast to us seeing the world for the first time, going wherever we please.”

She drank her glass of champagne and the captain took a sip then put his down.

He said, “Sorry I cannot get drunk tonight. I am not on duty. I promised to do this again soon thought.”

He smacked Ida’s ass, smiled at her and walked away.

Ida’s head began to swim. She grabbed his glass and drank it, placing it down she smiled.

Poor Joseph Munroe the bastard lost his family because of me. I killed them all because they were his friends his colleagues and all this time the Virgin Slayer were in my own bed. Had I known it was he? I would have murdred him. Now I know how to… Here head dropped as she fell into a deep sleep.

The crewmember came running and said, “Captain comes quickly. It’s Ida she won’t wake up.”

The captain grinned, “Is that a bad thing?”

The crewmember said, “She usually wakes up for breakfast and we give her more pills. Its suppertime what did you give her? ”

The captain gulped he double dose the champagne. He ran to the room and saw the two empty glasses… He felt her pulse. It was very weak. He looked at her eyes and sighed to him, I guess I shocked her into a coma…”

Chapter 21

Joseph Munroe is Not the Father

Joseph was sitting at his desk when Mr Stalin knocked on his door.

Joseph barked, “Stalin how many times do I have to tell you. I do not want to be disturbed… Wait, is Detective Bog Farley here?”

Joseph was peering out the window. He noticed a young woman sitting in a red convertible car.  It was brand new and shiny like a bright red cherry.  The woman had dark curly hair tucked under a lovely hat and a matching jacket.  She did not’ look very pleased about having to stop here.

Joseph murmured, “Stalin tells him I’m coming oust side. Let’s go see his new car.”

Joseph opened the door and walked right past Detective Bob Farley.

Joseph called, out, ‘Maureen Farley you look lovely today. Is that a new dress?”

Joseph could hear Mr Stalin and Detective Bob Farley snickering behind his back.  The two men smiled and winked at each other. Maureen smiled at Joseph Munroe and said, “Ye it is right from Paris! I went to Luvena Carringtons and Patricia Rosewoods Finishing School Fashion Show. Did you know they are teaching Fashion Design now? They have started a cooking class too. Gourmet French dishes… Delicious! I had lunch there.  My husband likes the new French cuisine that I am learning how to make.”

Detective Bob Farley whispered to Mr Stalin, “More like burnt offerings. Unfortunately, for me, the lessons have not improved my wife’s cooking ability. I swear one day she will kill me.”

Mr Stalin chortled at his joke and Joseph spun around and asked, “Bob where you got the new wheels?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “It s the latest 1948 Ford convertible Hot Rod. Isn’t she a beauty?”

Joseph smiled and walked up to Maureen, grabbed her gloved hand, he gallantly kissed the back of it and said, “They are both beauties. What news do you have for me?”

Detective Bob Farley looked jealous for moment then he sae the twinkle in Joseph’s eye as he winked back at him.  Maureen had a smile on her face, Detective Bob Farley let out a sigh of relief.  It was only ten minutes earlier that his wife due to some sort of hormonal imbalance, was screaming at him for driving out of his way.  She was hungry, the baby was kicking and she wanted to eat NOW. How Joseph did it, he did not know. He would suggest that Joseph write a book called What Women Want to clue in the rest of the male population on how to handle their wives.

Detective Bob Farley paused to collect his thoughts. Maureen smiled graciously at Joseph and said, “He rushed here to tell you that Ida Tinkle is traveling on her own accord around the world, and she’s in a coma at the moment.  One of the men told her the truth about the Virgin Slayer and it shocked her.”

Joseph turned white as a sheet and looked helplessly at Mr Stalin, “Did I miss something?

Maureen said, He told her that Dr Peter Tibideau refuse to give her sister an abortion because it was his child. Ida realized that she killed a bunch of people for no reason and fell into a coma. But before it happened she asked that the captain take hear around the world.”

Joseph cried. Mr Stalin shook his head, “So Ida killed Joseph’s family… For no reason…”

Maureen gasped, “She did what?”

Joseph looked at Detective Bob Farley. Joseph looked at Maureen and said, “Ida Tinkle killed my wife, my sons and my colleagues… Out of revenge for a baby that was not mine…all because, Dr Peter Tibideau would not abort the child… I am going to kill the bastard!”

Mr Stalin quietly reminded him, “You cannot kill him. He is mortal.”

Maureen said, “That’s not entirely true. The captain wants to kill the doctor too. He has a vampire kit – he says that it is the only way to kill him – only he also mentioned a Book of Spells protecting the doctor?”

Joseph groaned, “I knew Alchetta Bailey shouldn’t have given him that Book of Spells.”

Mr Stalin said, “We couldn’t stop him. His powers are too great. Even Anthony cannot stop him. Only one person can – Sasha Totenmyer.”

Joseph looked troubled, “There is no way Sash will help. She lost Heta and Lenno her parents… I doubt if she wants anything more to do with any white witchcraft.”

Maureen was shocked and said, “What about Heta’s sister?”

Joseph said, “What sister?”

Maureen said, “Sasha’s aunt Marchina… She lives on a mountain somewhere. Doesn’t have much to do with the family…”

Joseph looked at Maureen, “What is with you? How come you know so much?”

Maureen smiled, “My husband is a detective for Scotland Yards. I am a librarian and let’s say I know people in some government agencies.”

Detective Bob Farley turned around in surprise, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Maureen sighed, “Well darling I’ve been meaning to tell you – I’m an agent. My mission was to get you to join Scotland Yard, get on the Madame X case, solve it and do something about it. You see I have dated all your colleagues from your Police Academy. I found you to be the most honest and truthful person. Now before you get any crazy ideas I did not intend to fall in love with you, or have your baby and yes dear I was a virgin.

Actually the agency did not want me to marry you because well, I have somewhat retired, for now until after the baby is born then we will talk about it then.

Maureen looked that their gaping mouths and smiled. I know I can trust all three of you to secrecy. If you breathe a word of my identity, I shall have to kill every one of you…”

Chapter 22

Lorraine Has a Temper Tantrum

Anthony Atkins read the note carefully… Joseph was babbling about not being the father of a child and that Dr Peter Tibideau was the one responsible for all the deaths in his family and something about a Virgin Slayer. Anthony put the note down and smiled to himself. They were all a bunch of fools the whole lot of them…

Lorraine was waving a piece of paper in her hands as she stomped angrily down the stairs to the basement of the Atkins mansion.  Anthony quickly closed the large book and stuffed into a hidden compartment in the wall.  Lorraine knocked angrily the on the wooden door and rasped, “Anthony must you always hide in your hole! I cannot believe the nerve of this girl. You need to do something … We need to do something about her.”

Anthony looked angry as he opened the door, and closed it carefully behind him, Lorraine was it is now?”

Lorraine held the paper close to his nose, “That impudent child is suggesting that I hold my next grand ball at her mansion because ours is out of date!”

Anthony took one look at his wife and shook his head, “No Lorraine, I refuse to change anything.”

Lorraine hissed, “Your stubbornness is making me the laughing stock of society! I cannot decorate; you will not let me expand anything. I thought Joseph promised to help you get that land your ancestors have always wanted. Instead, Alchetta Bailey gloats to me about expanding the Munroe mansion. She is building a large ballroom, an art gallery and she promises to have the most amazing English gardens in Canada.

CI cannot have it Anthony! I swear if another richer man comes along I’ll leave you!”

Anthony’s eyes grew round and black as the walls began to shake in the basement of their mansion he yelled, “Enough! Or I’ll lock you up in the dungeon and throw away the key!”

Lorraine mocked him saying “The great Anthony Atkins want s the world to know how EVIL he is to his wife. I hate you!”

She tried to pound her fists on him but he disappeared in behind a wall, “Go away Lorraine or I’ll give you warts!”

Lorraine stopped and started feeling her face and screamed, ”
You bastard! Don’t you dare! I have to go to a garden party today.”

She began to wail and cry and whimpered, “I’m sorry for disturbing you. I will leave you alone. Please take it away. Make me beautiful again.”

Anthony laughed wickedly behind the wall and said, “I’ll think about it… Now go away!”

Lorraine spit at the door and then she shrieked, “No! No! No! Not another one!”

Now she had two of them, a huge one on the end of her nose and the other on her jaw.

She spat at the door and screamed, “I wish you were dead!”

Then she stomped back up t the stairs all the way to her bedroom.  Lorraine paced back and forth across the floor, noting how old the drapes were in a bedroom. She ripped them down off the wall and then she started to grab and tear the material on the canopy bed. Suddenly someone with a vice like grip was holding her wrist. She cried out in pain as Anthony hissed, “You are my wife and you will conduct yourself like a high society wench should. Now get out of my room before I give into my desires to kill you. I will torture you slowly and painfully so I can watch; you writhe in pain and scream for hours. Do this again and your sins will have its consequences!”

Lorraine hissed at Anthony, “You’ll never kill me. You need me in order to survive. If it were not for me, you would have died long ago. Besides, you need an heir for this monster of a mansion.”

Anthony snapped, he threw her down on the bed and made love to her. Lorraine was smiling – it always took lots of anger to get Anthony interested in her. Soon her plans would come true and then the Atkins mansion would have a new occupant. Then he could not deny her a special bedroom one to decorate and update. It would be more modern then Alchetta Bailey’s mansion.  Lorraine knew one thing that Alchetta Bailey would never have… A child… She would make sure of it!

Chapter 23

The Lions Den

Ida Tinkle held onto her safari hat as the large truck rumbled quickly over the long grass and rugged terrain.  They stopped and she grabbed the rifle as shots went off nearby…  The sheriff patted her on the back, “Good shot my love.”

He yelled to the group of black natives with bones through their noses and flaps of animal skin across their waists. It was a strange clicking sound of words. The African men moved quickly, grabbing the Tiger and hoisting it up into the truck. Ida would enjoy seeing the look on Anthony Atkins face when he laid eyes on her gift for him. It was something he has always wanted to do. Ida smiled at the sheriff, “it was a great day so far hunting lessons and now a great catch. The Jade from these elephants should fetch us quite a sum.”

The sheriff smiled and cooed at her, “Anything for my little muffin.”

Ida snapped, “Stop referring to me as food.”

The sheriff whines, “I cannot help it. I am hungry. You know these African food dishes do not go over to well for my English appetite. I just cannot bring myself to eat a snack steak or stew, or even those chocolate covered ants.”

Ida said, “We do not worry  … Maybe I’ll drown you at our next destination and solve your eating problem.”

The sheriff cooed, “Where will that be my sweet?”

Ida laughed; I am going to Australia mate! I think I’ll catch me one of those dingoes’s a gift for someone I know!”

The sheriff scowled, “First all you talked about was getting revenge on Joseph Munroe. Now it’s Anthony Atkins!”

Ida hissed, “I need to get that book from him. It’s the only way I can lure Dr Tibideau back to me – and then I can murder him.”

The sheriff had a thought – ‘I wonder if she’s planning my demise too…Too bad I do not know how to read her mind, like Dr Tibideau does. Then I would know what she’s up to…’


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