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the idea girl says
i’ve been told because the great great grandparents were born in England, UK, that there cannot be any native in them.
Yet Harold’s eyes have a special type of tissue that only NATIVE men can get…

So I’m searching for DNA or information about Native American’s that may have crossed paths with the Chisholm Family Tree back in the 1500s to 1700s before they emmigrated to Manitoulin Island Canada.

I just found something! – October 17, 2017

Native American DNA found in UK
DNA testing has uncovered British descendents of Native Americans brought to the UK centuries ago as slaves, translators or tribal representatives.

Genetic analysis turned up two white British women with a DNA signature characteristic of American Indians.

An Oxford scientist said it was extremely unusual to find these DNA lineages in Britons with no previous knowledge of Native American ancestry.

Indigenous Americans were brought over to the UK as early as the 1500s.

It rocked me completely. It made think: who am I?
Doreen Isherwood
Many were brought over as curiosities; but others travelled here in delegations during the 18th Century to petition the British imperial government over trade or protection from other tribes.

Experts say it is probable that some stayed in Britain and married into local communities.

Doreen Isherwood, 64, from Putney, and Anne Hall, 53, of Huddersfield, only found out about their New World heritage after paying for commercial DNA ancestry tests.