lindas cupboard donation flyer – providing food for hundreds of people, food banks, soup kitchens, and needy families that are hungry

lindas cupboard donation flyer


the idea girl says

I started working on different types of flyers for Linda’s Cupboard since February 2017.  This one is what I’ve finally decided on after spending over $20 on .25 cent print fees for each flyer I designed.

I had to change them, because my simple little program to just bring food to a food bank, changed!

I now bring fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to COPE in Fort Erie, and St Vincent de Paul Food Bank in Crystal Beach at St George’s Catholic Church.

We also bring donations to Ugly Mug in St Catharines, Harry’s Mug in Crystal Beach, and the luncheon at St Michael’s in Fort Erie.

It looks like my plans to expand into other cities will be soon as well.

Next on my list of to do’s is Port Colborne and Welland soup kitchens and possibly food banks.

We checked on Project Share in Niagara Falls, the food bank is going strong there, and people actually were getting three times the amount of food (singles) that were getting here in Crystal Beach and Fort Erie.  I will have a chat with them to find out how they do it, or if it’s just they had extra donations come in so people got more food given to them.

We found out by interviewing people that most of them rely on the food bank for MOST of their month’s groceries, which is really SAD.  I didn’t know that.  Usually the amount of food you get is enough for 3 days of food, literally!

So if they are stretching 1 can of soup add 1 cup water, so that’s 2 cups of liquid for two people and eating some bread or a bun split into two… that’s their meal.

It’s not healthy enough to give them the nutrition they need and it shows, they are constantly fighting illness and have an extremely low and dangerous level of immune system.  So our nutritious meals can affect people’s health and we didn’t even look at it that way before.

God has opened our eyes as we see the truth of where people are in life.  Many are proud and do not want other people’s help.  We have come across people that when we offered them food – steak, peameal bacon, vegetables, fruits, they actually declined to take it because they felt guilty having someone else supply food for them. (our pride trips us up don’t it?) I can see their point but then again since I love food, I never turn it down. Kudo’s to them for not loving food as much as I do.  But then again I wish they weren’t so proud, because I get a blessing if I give to them and people bless us with food to help anyone out that we come across in our daily goings of here and there.

We’ve managed to do “linda’s cupboard” not only in Crystal Beach, but also in Fort ERie, Ridgeway, Stevensville, Port Colborne, Welland, St Catharines and Niagara Falls.  We even fed people from Toronto and Hamilton, that came out to Harry’s Mug for a bite to eat and to enjoy a social night out with other people.

Harry’s Mug gets most of it’s food from Linda’s Cupboard or from my own grocery cupboard.  I buy bulk and share my food with others.  I’ll cook for 40 people instead of 2.  Its pretty easy and it’s expensive, but the food stretches.  I’m beginning to wonder if were having a miracle of sorts without even meaning too. WE brought food for 24 people and fed 29 people last week at Harry’s Mug.

Now we have other people in other cities interested in coming into Harry’s Mug and being a part of Linda’s Cupboard.

I’m having a meeting with government representatives, to see how we can expand the food program across ontario, than Canada and USA (that’s my vision for this food share program and I can see it expanding very quickly, in three months it’s gone from one place to eight places 🙂

that’s what happens when you obey God’s call on your life… He makes miracles happen.  And I plan to tell you about all of them as we go along and it grows! 🙂

Mrs Linda Chisholm

my helper my husband Harold Chisholm

“Linda’s Cupboard”

“Harry’s Mug”

“Lighthouse Diner”

“The Clothing Depot”

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Linda harold chisholm thank heartland forest niagara falls canada

Linda harold chisholm thank heartland forest niagara falls canada

take 1

Harold linda chisholm thank you take 2

the idea girl says
i filmed us playing mini putt at heartland forest in niagara falls ontario canada
i’ve blogged those videos on idea girl canada wordpress on june 5 2017
here’s the list of them

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Daisy my toy poodle is itchy chews fleas off her leg

Daisy my toy poodle is itchy chews fleas off her leg


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Harry’s Mug BBQ Family Games Nights for the Summer in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada

the idea girl says
Harold and I are hosting Harry’s Mug, along with a few volunteers, every other Friday night at the Crystal Ridge Community Church Hall, 241 Elmwood Ave, Crystal Beach Ontario Canada

this friday may 26th, 2017 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm were putting on a BBQ

serving free
hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pop, salad, cookies and any other goodies that are donated for this evening of fun and games (if you wish to play)

we changed it from an adult games night to family games night so that teenagers, 12 and above can come out and play games or just sit and visit with their families.
parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, they can all come out and join in the fun!

we’d also like to invite our local tourists from any campground, RV resort, hotel or motel to also come out and join us in an relaxed setting where you can walk in, grab a bite to eat and chat with people, or you can just sit alone by yourself in the comfortable chairs there.

some people come to eat, than leave, others stay to visit, while others enjoy playing card and board games with each other….

you don’t have to stay for the whole 3 hours, it’s open for you to come and go as you please (kind of like an open house would be like)

any and all are welcome… we ask only non alcoholic beverages be brought on the premises, and there is no gambling allowed with our card games

also any families are asked to bring your own games if you wish and we can share them with others and then you take them home with you

indoor and outdoor games are welcomed
bring a lawn chair if you wish to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air
in the summer we will have the air conditioning on so you can come in and cool off for the evening and sit and relax and enjoy yourself!

see photos of our food, and snacks and the dining hall we host harry’s mug in

on facebook 🙂

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Harry’s Mug Social Games Night for Adults – Crystal Ridge Community Church 241 Elmwood Ave Crystal Beach Ontario (Lake Erie Camping)

Harry’s Mug Social Games Night for Adults – Crystal Ridge Community Church 241 Elmwood Ave Crystal Beach Ontario (Lake Erie Camping)

Harrys Mug every other friday 630 to 930 pm a Free Social Games Night for Adults

Harrys Mug every other friday 630 to 930 pm a Free Social Games Night for Adults

blogger idea girl canada plays cards euchre rummy yahtzee harrys mug games night crystal beach fridays

blogger idea girl canada plays cards euchre rummy yahtzee harrys mug games night crystal beach fridays

the idea girl says

I want to invite all our locals and tourists to a fun night for adults

we have a social games night every other friday 6 30 to 930 pm.

we have inside the Hall or outside on the patio – chairs, tables and umbrellas, bring your own lawn chairs if you want to sit outside..

chairs and tables, games and light refreshments provided inside free for your enjoyment!

people bring goodies for us all to share (pop, chips, cookies etc)

we make coffee, tea and provide a cold drink for you to enjoy along with munchies too!

you can drop in and leave anytime you want.

But if you love to play cards like I do, you might want to play Euchre, Rummy or even Yahtzee and Skipbo or UNO … we even have some people that like board games, so we have checkers, chess and scrabble available to play…


you can like our facebook page, and check out the dates of our next event!



Crystal Ridge Community Church HALL

241 Elmwood Ave, Crystal Beach, Ontario Canada

close to fort erie, stevensville, port colborne, welland, ridgeway (all within 25 minutes of each other) and the peace bridge buffalo new york usa., and Sherkston resort

Local campgrounds in fort erie, hotels, motels, RV resorts



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