Revenge 1

Book Nine – The Revenge of the Atkins – The Mansion on the Hill – Things Change

pages 1 – 150

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1**new mss brent Farley age teen?**

1  Sept 1989 –  1993 May Brent Farley

Bob Farley looked at his son and said, “So how did school go today?”

Brent Farley smiled, “It was pretty good.  Most of the kids were talking about the new Batman movie  that was filmed last winter at the Pinewood Studios. They were showing me their autographs from Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson , Kim Basinger, Robert Wuhl and Jack Palance.”

Bob Farley said, “Did you fee left out?”

Brent said, “I did at first until I told them I was in a BMX race with Dale Holmes.  He beat me by a long shot but I still had fun meeting him.”

Bob said, “Your constantly playing on your new BMX bike.”

Brent said, “I can’t wait till my twelfth birthday to see what you get me next.  This is the best present ever.”

Bob watched as his son pulled out his red ,white and black BMX Racer bike.  Bob got a great deal on it at the Bunny’s Bike Shop in Nottingham.  That’s where Brent had originally met Dale.  He couldn’t believe his luck when Dale challenged him to a race for fun.  It was the highlight of Brent’s summer for Dale was his idol – a BMX Champion Racer from Heanor, Derbyshire UK.  He had been training to compete in the

BMX UKBMX National 1989 Poole Superclass Race.  Brent wanted to ride in it to but he didn’t qualify.  Getting his favorite’s autograph and a photo op with him had appeased his sense of fairness about the whole thing.

Bob said, “Remember Ghostbusters when it came out June 8 , 1984?  Well the Sequell came out June 16th and we missed it so I picked up the VHS tape today.”

Brent said, “Great I can’t wait, are we having supper first?”

Bob said, “I ordered a pizza for supper and thought we’d watch the movie then go out and play some baseball with the guys down the street.  I offered to empire the game.”

Brent smiled at his father, “You are the coolest dad in the world….”

The next day after school Bob drove his son to the new shopping center called Whiteley’s.  They headed into Marks & Spencer, HMV and then went to Starbucks for a coffee.

Bob looked down at his son and smiled, “You know if you plan to be a detective you’ll be drinking lots of these.”

Bob held up a large Starbucks coffee and Brent grinned at him poking him in the belly.

Brent said, “Dad your beginning to get your own jelly belly from eating all those donuts.”

Bob laughed as he pulled out a white sugared raspberry filling donut and took a big bite.

He handed it to Brent and said, “Here’s your donut kid.  I decided to share, this diet is killing me.”

Brent giggled, “Gotta stop sitting behind the desk too much dad, why aren’t you out on the beat with Scotland Yard anymore?”

Bob said, “I decided to take on a new type of case, some unsolved mysteries dating back to 1935…”

Brent was surprised, “Why go back that many years?”

Bob said, “Because the same serial killer has been committing crimes all the way up to now.  I was just handed a new case where one of our sheriff’s who skipped town with Ida Tinkle, has gone missing.  We think it’s connected.  I’m trying to find out what the common denominator is.”

Brent said, “Is this the same case you were referring to in your sleep the other night?”

Bob nodded, “Probably the same but now is not the time to discuss it.  We’ll talk about it again in a few years when I can tell you everything.  Your too young to hear all the gory details about the cases.  I’ll wait till your about fifteen years old then I’ll tell you some more…”

Brent crossed his arms and pouted, “I wish you would stop treating me like a child.”

Bob sighed, “Brent I know I’ve been treating you like an adult all these years but your only eleven years old and someone told me I need to let you be a kid for once.  I don’t want you to resent me when  your older.”

Brent said, “Were you watching The Arsenio Hall Show the other night or something?”

Bob blushed, “How did you know?”

Brent said, “Because the tv was on so loud and you were snoring louder, I turned it down and you woke up.  I guess you heard it in your sleep.”

Bob grinned, “I just started watching that show, it’s pretty funny.”

Bob pulled out a Record and handed it to Brent, “I bought this for you today.”

Brent looked at the album from Black Box and said, “I love this song Ride on Time.  I saw Heather Small on ITVs Saturday Morning Program  – The Chart Show.  This is one of the hot singles for this year.  They also played a song that came out on June 18th  Back to Life However Do You Want Me from Soul II Soul.  I love the pop, rock, dance tunes, it’s great for doing homework to.”

Bob grinned, “how about that new song from Madonna called Like a Prayer that was released in february?  Boy did that ever rock the Catholic Church, it has everyone in an uproar and it’s shot her to another level of fame across the world.”

Brent said, “I’d love to go to one of her concerts someday.”

Bob said, “You’ll have to wait until your older, I hear her costumes can be quite revealing and your too young to see that kind of thing.”

Brent sighed,”I hate being called too young for this, too young for that. Half the time I can’t hold a decent conversation with the kids in school.  They are all so much younger then me. I find them too immature…”

Bob grinned, “the girls will like that.”

Brent said, “Why?”

Bob said, “Because mature wise, girls are two years older in mentality and maturity.  I think that’s why men let them boss them around because the girls always remind them that they are older.  At least that’s what your mother used to say to me when we were kids.”

Brent drew in his breath.  It was an odd thing for his father to mention his mother Roslyn.  Usually he would do it when he was depressed or drinking but not today, it was because of something else.

Bob said, “You know those unsolved mysteries I’m working on?”

Brent nodded.

Bob said, “One of the mysteries is why did your mother die.  Someone warned me that she would.  It was Dr Peter Tibideau and he is involved in these cases along with Ida Tinkle.  They used to work together.  Ida was his nurse.  Dr Tibideau is a doctor with questionable practices, none of which I have any evidence to prove, not yet… I hope to uncover something in Place Royale…”

Brent said, “Why in Place Royale, where is that anyway? I’ve never heard of it.”

Bob said, “Place Royale is in Quebec, Canada.  That is where we think Ida Tinkle fled with the sheriff.  She someone wangled her way into becoming Anthony and Lorraine Atkins nanny to their child Angus.  She also instigated their deaths too…”

Brent said, “It all sounds so puzzling but I know… I have to wait till I’m older to find out…”


It is November 10th and the Prime Minister of London, England – Margaret Thatcher has gone to see the Berlin Wall which fell the day before.  Now people living in the West side of Germany could go visit their families that they had not seen since 1961 in East Berlin when the two had been partitioned after the war.  Bob Farley was watching it on his newly installed Satellite TV from Sky Television who started business earlier that year in February.  It was raining outside and his tv kept getting static on it.  He found out later it was because of the weather and not the tv station itself.

Brent ran into the room excited, “Dad I made up a christmas list of music cd’s that I want.”

Bob grinned, “Christmas isn’t for another month.”

Brent said “I know but just the same – New Kids on the Block is coming out with a new song called You’ve Got it The Right Stuff on November 19th.  I want the Kylie Minogue hit single Hand on Your Heart that came out in May and Band Aid II is coming out with a charity album December 23 called Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

Bob said, “I’m going to be broke this christmas aren’t I?”

Brent said,”You said you were getting a special bonus for cracking this case…”

Bob said, “I was talking on the phone… You were eavesdropping…”

Brent said, “I didn’t mean too. I was trying to find out if you had a girlfriend.  You’ve been working long hours lately and I was hoping…”

Bob was surprised, “You were hoping I had a girlfriend?”

Brent hung his head, “Yeah you know dad it’s been almost eleven years… And you’ve been alone all this time.  I think it’s time you had a girlfriend.  How am I supposed to get one if I can’t watch what your like with a woman?  I feel out of place at school, I’m the only kid without a mother…”

Brent’s voice cracked when he said it.

Bob said, “Come here son.  Don’t ever feel like less of a man because you didn’t have a mother while growing up.  It’s been hard for me to move on.  I knew your mother all of my life, we were soulmates. I just can’t picture any other woman filling her shoes.”

Brent sobbed as his father hugged him.

Brent said, “I wish we had little movies of her or something so I could see what she was like.  You never want to talk about her with me and I’m getting older now and I’d like to know more…”

Bob sobbed into his son’s shirt, “I can’t dammit, it hurts too much, now go to your room…”

Brent backed away and saw that his father was going for the whisky cabinet, he turned and ran into his room wishing he had kept his mouth shut…

It was a few years later on May 15, 1993 Brent’s fifteenth birthday that Bob handed his son his work diary.

Bob said, “Your old enough now to know all the details of the cases I’ve been working on.  We will discuss it soon I promise.”

Then his dad walked away.  Brent looked down at the gift and wondered why his father had handed it to him.  He opened up the first page and there was a prophecy written stating that Brent Farley would be the child born to break the curse over the munroe mansion and he would also break up an ancient witches covent from the 15th century.  He snapped the book shut and thought to himself, this is just too weird…

2**new mss dialog new ship  1993 – trip with patricia marchina , sasha drowned, Richard, dana , Crescenda, Felix (5 yrs old)arrive in London from quebec**

2 –  Aug 2, 1993 RMS Queen Elizabeth II

It was August 2, 1993 on the RMS Queen Elizabeth II when a party of solemn looking people watched as England was spotted in the distance.  Patricia Totenmyer looked at her niece Marchina Totenmyer who was fifty three years old now.  Hard to believe time had gone by so fast, yet Marchina looked like she was in her late twenties.  The girl’s potions were from the fountain of youth.

Marchina said, “I can’t believe my  mother is gone.  Why did she jump into the water?  Some people say they saw a large dark form up in the clouds.  A man in a dark cloak…”

Patricia said, “Sasha mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of our trip.  Maybe she was hallucinating…”

Marchina said, “You mean like Alchetta Bailey did before she ran and fell off a second floor balconey to her death at the Munroe Mansion?”

Patricia sighed, “I was warned of this happening. I didn’t take it seriously.  I know that Ida Tinkle and Dr Peter Tibideau felt threatened by your mother’s powers.”

Marchina said, “Well they should fear me.  My witchcraft is ten times stronger then mothers… I will wreak revenge on them all.  I will kill them.”

Patricia said, “Sush girl, do you want them to hear you?”

Patricia nodded and smiled at the Lafleur family which was standing nearby.  She wondered what Richard and Dana thought about all this.  Patricia was reminded of Richard’s parents – Goderich and Marion Lafleur – they once stood on a ship on their way to Place Royale in Canada.

Could fate had been stopped back then?  She shook off the feeling of dread that was coming over her.  Many people would be scared now in Place Royale for Sasha Totenmyer had been their spiritual protector – from the evils that were committed at Atkins Mansion.

No one was brave enough to talk about it, not even Patricia who had absolutely no powers whatsoever, although her sister said they would be deep within her if she tapped into her instincts and allowed them to come out.  Marchina would have to take over now until such a time where the evil powers could be broken once and for all.

Sasha said a few days ago that a young child from Scotland would banish the powers to the pit of hell so they could no longer harm the inhabitants of Place Royale.  Patricia wondered if it might be Detective Bob Farley’s son – Brent.  He could possibly be the one they were looking for.

Marchina said, “Patricia keep your thoughts about such matters clear.  You know that Dr Peter Tibideau can read minds and yours is very open…”

Patricia apologized, “I’m sorry I forgot…”

Richard said, “I can’t believe that Sasha Totenmyer fell overboard and drowned. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Dana looked down at their  five year old twins Felix and Crescenda and said, “It’s been hard trying to explain it to the children what happened to Sasha.  They loved her stories about ghosts and things from Place Royale.  Do you think those stories are true?”

Richard said, “I don’t know what to think. I”ll just be glad when we get back home.  It makes a difference in travel time now with these new diesel powered engines.”

Dana said, “I thought they used oil?”

Richard said, “They put the new engines in 1987.  They save time and money.”

Dana said, “I wonder how Luvena Carrington is doing.  It will strange visiting your mother’s teacher’s house.”

Richard said, “So much history to learn.  I don’t know too much about what happened in Place Royale years ago.  I’m not sure that I want to know.  We asked our parents once and they both skimmed the topic and didn’t want to talk about it.  My dad’s best friend Brandon Deere died there and then his friend Themus Munroe disappeared and well he just didn’t want to go into it.  Now this happens, you can bet that the New York Times will bring up all the “mysteries” of Place Royale once they get wind of this story…”

Dana said, “We can read it if we want to but how do we know what it or is not true?  There was so many things that Sasha told us.  It’s scary, are you sure you want to vacation there?  Maybe she was trying to warn us to stay away…”

Marchina overheard their conversation and agreed, “It’s not a good idea to go to Place Royale until your children are much older.  For then fate will use them along with another child from Scotland to break the curse…”

Dana ushered the children away and Richard snapped, “Marchina I am tired of this hocus pocus talk, I really don’t want you going on about Place Royale in front of my children…”

Marchina said, “Richard we cannot stop what fate has in store for us.  It is better to be warned of things to come then to be unpleasantly surprised…”

Richard said, “Forget it, I’m sorry I asked about my parents life when they were younger…”

Patricia said, “Your father was a fine man. I met him and your mother before they started courting.  I was the one that put them together…”

Richard stopped in surprise, “You did what?”

Patricia smiled, “I was on the SS America on my way to visit Sasha when I met your father and your mother.  It’s quite the story…”

Richard said, “You mean where my mother Marion White at the time was bethrothed to marry Count Frederick Fontaine a man much older then her.  I hear that my Father Goderich was  a confirmed bachelor, how did my mother manage to get him to marry her?”

Patricia laughed, “Your mother didn’t even try.  It was another girl called Louise Picard who wanted to have your father.  She was a colorful creature and at first your father was enamored with her but then when he found out her true intentions he decided your mother was the better of the two.  She admitted to only wanting to be a mother of many babies and he found that intriguing at the time.”

Richard said, “My mother was a very loving and caring creature, when I see how some of the mothers are today I cringe.  So many broken homes – divorced parents -single parents – it must be tough raising little ones on their own.”

Patricia said, “Sasha knew all about it.  She secretly raised Marchina on her own.”

Richard said, “What happened to the father?”

Patricia said, “He was murdered by my father Lenno for raping my sister Sasha.”

Marchina gasped, “Mother never told me…”

Patricia said, “Wait Marchina I didn’t know, I thought Sasha told you…”

Marchina said, “So that is why I feel the native blood running so strongly through my veins.  Who was my father?”

Patricia said, “Your father was Andy Littlewolf, he was a very evil native. Which is probably why Sasha was too ashamed to tell you it was he that raped her years ago and produced you… But you turned out to be the best thing in the world for her.  Our parents were murdered by the Littlewolf family at the same time.  So Sasha lost her mother and father and gained a child from the experience.  I too lost my husband Barney Rosewood – all because of Ida Tinkle.  I will never understand why Detective Bob Farley moved her out of that jail during World War II it would have done all of us some good had she been bombed during the war at the time.  It would have saved many families lots of grief.”

Marchina said, “Ida paid the price for her sins.. It’s Dr Peter Tibideau we have to worry about.  He is going to be a force to wrecken with once he figures out there’s another child out there that can destroy his powers.  Sasha was protecting him, I’m going to have to create a new spell now that she’s gone?”

Patricia said, “Maybe there’s another way.  IF you convince Dr Tibideau that the only person he needs to fear is Ida Tinkle and that she planned to use Sasha’s powers for her own means… But then It couldn’t have been Ida that killed your mother, it must have been Dr Tibideau.  He wants to have full claim to the powers in the book of spells and the book of the dead.  Your mother was the only person standing in his way.  He must never find out about your powers.”

Marchina sighed, “He knows about my powers, he fears them and we are sort of freindly with each other.  I”ve been visiting him since I was a child.  I stopped seeing him about ten years ago, I haven’t been able to find him since Bob Farley started investigating those unsolved mysteries with Scotland Yard.  I think the doctor is lying low to remain undetected from everyone.”

Patricia said, “we will know soon enough.  I heard the captain say we would be reaching the docks of England first thing tomorrow morning.  I think we should all go get some rest now.  We shall see you again soon Richard I’m sure…”

Richard nodded and walked away.  Wishing it weren’t true….

The Memory of a Dear Friend August 1993

After leaving the ship, they all climbed aboard the train and headed towards Paris, France.  Patricia had sent a message to Luvena about their imminent arrival and that the Lafleur family would be staying at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.  She also sent word about what had happened to Sasha and that they would have to plan a memorial service for her there in Paris.

A Maid answered the door much to Patricia’s surprise she said, “I’m sorry have we come to the wrong place?  I’m looking for Luvena Carrington.”  The Maid curtseyed and said, “Please come in Luvena is ill and presently in bed.”  Patricia looked at Marchina, and walked through the door and she placed their luggage in the entranceway.  Patricia asked the Maid, “Should we stay?”  The Maid nodded yes, and then she directed them up the stairs to the guest rooms and then said, “I will be serving you some lunch and then you will be able to see Luvena.”

The two women sat down and looked at each other with tears in their eyes.  Patricia said, “I can’t believe your Mother is gone!  Life will not be the same without her.  Marchina sat quietly crying to herself and wondering what would happen to her now.  She was so used to Sasha taking care of everything.  Life would truly be a bit of burden for both of them.  Marchina would have to be on her own by the looks of it.  Patricia had spoken to the Maid and found out that Luvena was suffering from Leukemia and would only have a short time to live.  Patricia said, “So much grief we’ve had to bear these last few years.  Sometimes I feel like I am swimming, coming up for air then sinking back down again.  When will it end?”  Marchina just shrugged her shoulders and said, “We have to take one day at a time and just follow our instincts I guess.  Where do you plan to have the service for Sasha?”  Patricia thought for a moment then said, “We will have it in London at the Fields Funeral Home.”  Marchina asked, “Where do you plan to bury Mother?”  Patricia looked serene for a minute then said, “In Place Royale at the Native cemetery beside her parents.”

Marchina nodded in agreement, “She would want that.  I have not seen their graves yet.  It will be a sad occasion but necessary.”  Patricia said, “I plan to stay here with Luvena for awhile at least, you in turn will have to manage things at home.  I have taught you all that I know and you have seen your Mother doing it for years.  I’m sure you’ll be okay.”

Marchina had tears in her eyes “It will be so hard to be alone in our house.  Mother was always the best company besides you.  Patricia murmured to herself “I’ll have to do something about that then.”  She had a funny look in her eye while gazing out the window at the streets below.

2a ***new mss Drew and Edwin Chambers*** (give some history of the family in a conversation)

2a – Drew and Edward Chambers

Drew Chambers was a portly blonde haired man with round spectacles and a belly to match his son with dark matted hair and glasses looked just as studious as his father.

The chambers were a highly successful family in the business of importing and exporting.  Often doing business with a Spaniard by the name of Chago Sima.  Well known to business persons from around the world.  Their fortunes were many yet they were humble enough to speak with when spoken to.  Edwin had an easy air about him.  After graduating from University and majoring in Science and Mathematics many were surprised that he chose to walk in his father’s shoes.

His friends assumed he would become some sort of scientist , work in a lab and create chemistry solutions for a pharmaceutical company called Lafleur Industries.  But the experiments on the lab rats, is what deterred Edwin Chambers from pursuing that job any further.  He just couldn’t stomach it anymore and quit.  His father Drew of course was upset because after spending thousands of dollars to educate his son for this field, he said he should have figured all that out before attending university.  Edwin who was an easy going sort of boy, apologized and offered to pay his father back.

Drew realized how foolish he was to even suggest such a thing and thanke dhis lucky stars that his son decided to run the family business because Drew was ready to retire and his stock holders wanted someone solid and trustworthy to take over the empire that he had built.  When they found out Edwin would be taking over many held celebration parties all over europe and north america.  Edwin would bring fresh blood to an otherwise stale business and they knew it would be a matter of time before  Edwin would want to expand into other areas of business.  Something that desperately needed to be done but Drew who was set in his ways, had refused to grow in any direction…

The memorial service for Sasha had been lovely.  Patricia’s friends from England came to pay their respects one of them being her Husband’s old friend Drew Chambers.  She was surprised to see Drew because she had heard he had gone on a Grand Tour of Europe and would continue to travel while getting new contracts for his Exporting Company.  Patricia introduced Drew to her niece Marchina and he was delighted to make her acquaintance and mentioned his Son Edwin would be around the same age as Marchina.

Drew then mentioned that Edwin was planning to go to Canada to generate more Importing and Exporting deals for their global owned company.  Patricia insisted that he bring Edwin over to Luvena’s for the dinner party so that they could meet.  Marchina had an odd feeling in her heart that she would not be alone for long.  She could not figure out what it meant but decided to trust in her Native ancestors messages that someone special would enter her life in the future.

3***new chapter  Marchina Totenmyer meets Edwin Chambers***native spirituality research , types of headdress worn, native artifacts***

3 Marchina Totenmyer & Edwin Chambers

Edwin said, “I have a collection of masks from Native American Tribes from all over the world. I love collecting them from the four corners of the earth.”

Marchina said, “Our masks represent wild spirits or animals of the woods.  We use them to dance to cure the sick, bless our fishing and hunting and ask for help with the weather from the Great Spirit.”

Edwin said, “You mean the Shaman?”

Marchina said, “Not all tribes have a Shaman.  Some use the most powerful hunter to lead them.  We never had chiefs until the white man appointed the strongest hunter to take care of trading with the colonies years ago.”

Edwin said, “Your people are called the forest people, they migrate from land to land to hunt.  But when the white man came they took over the land and placed your tribes in reserves.”

Marchina said, “It was hard on the children for they were shipped away to schools to be educated.  The Native people did not read or write.  We would tell stories and legends to educate our people.  For meetings we would leave markings in wood or stone in a place of agreement.  Then we would gather and talk face to face.”

Edwin said, “Things have changed.  I’ll bet the thought of using a telephone is annoying to your people.”

Marchina grinned, “That is why I do not have a phone and I hardly write any letters.  I prefer face to face conversations which is why I loved the garden parties that Mrs Moisan would hold in my backyard every year.  I would grow all sorts of herbs and flowers and as a group the women would make different elixirs and potions to sell in the store.  I would give them some free samples and when they run out they would have to purchase some in the store.”

Edwin said, “You have your own little enterprise going in Place Royale.”

Marchina smiled, “Yes I do, it’s all what you white people call “organic” now – was used for thousands of years by the native people.  We know how to use berry’s and plants to heal the body and we didn’t have to pay an outrageous price for it.  Now it’s absolutely ridiculous what Lafleur Industries charges for the same products.  Add some pretty packaging and floral designs and they charge three times the price.”

Edwin was surprised at the bitter tone of voice, “But Lafluer Industries is used mostly for research.  I think your family knew the founders … Goderich and Marion Lafleur.  Goderich originally started doing research to heal his wife’s cancer, unfortunately she succumed to the infection and he died six months later broken hearted…”

Marchina said, “I never realized it was the same family… I”ve been wrong in my assumptions of them.  My mother talked highly of the Lafleurs she said they were the first moral family to ever step foot in Place Royale, other then our family, The Lafleurs were known to be kind and loving people.  The Moisan’s are too but they have always lived in that area so mother didn’t talk about them much.  She always said that Jean Moisan was always a supportive person and looked out for her many times, when the local people tried to drive out my parents Lenno and Heta when they first came to Place Royale – Jean Moisan stopped them, stood up for my parents and demanded that they stay.  When Uncle Tate Totenmyer came to the town and started showing all his great wealth that’s when people started to respect my father’s business dealings and brought more contracts to him.  My father was a business consultant in dealing with many other native tribes.  When he became chief after his father-in-law died, many turned to him for help with investments.  Some became very rich, while others lost everything and began to have drinking and suicide problems.  Sometimes I resent what the white man did many years ago… ”

Edwin said, “I see you hold a sort of bitterness in your heart.  I hope you won’t hold that against me or my friends…”

Marchina said, “I have long since realized that all my preconceived ideas are based solely on what my mother heta fed into my mind.  Her thoughts were like poison.  She hated the white man with a passion.  When Andy Littlewolf raped my mother, it changed my life.  My grandfather went after him and murdered him for what he did to my mother.  The Littlewolf’s in turn murdered both my father and mother because of it.  They almost killed my mother Sasha and my Aunt Patricia but because she was with child they spared her life.  I grew up seeing them every now and then but they didn’t like my sense of spirituality and eventually they wrote me off as a crazy mental child that needed to be hospitalized.  My mother was thankful that they walked away for Andy Littlewolf was a very evil man, abusive and mean to many people.  He had many enemies.  Mother was worried they would kill me because of him.  So she hid the fact that I existed for as long as possible.  It wasn’t until she had another baby that died that people found out about me.”

Edwin asked, “Who was the father?”

Marchina said, “It was Brandon Deere.  He had an affair with my mother before she found out that my aunt had arranged a marriage between Brandon and Louise Picard, which was a total disaster.  Aunt Patricia said if she would have let things take their course there may have been a happier ending for all involved.  So many people died because of that woman…”

Edwin was surprised, “The Louise Picard I met in Paris, France was a delightful creature.  She never mentioned Place Royale or any of this.  She was a widow of course due to her husband Nicholas Bouchard dying at war.  She lost her child and her mother in law.  It was pretty tough on her.  She decided to go travel the globe and hold parties all over the world.  I don’t think she ever went back to her husband’s estate. ”

Marchina said, “I’m surprised she is still alive.  She is prone to drink.”

Edwin said, “Yes she’s become quite the drinker in her old age.”

Marchina said, “I hope her soul finds peace before she dies…”

A few days later when everyone arrived at Luvena’s for the dinner party, Edwin was quite enamored with Marchina.  He was excited about her being Native for he had spent many a night reading books about Native spirituality and he loved to collect Native artifacts such as Arrowheads, Headdress and works of Native Art.

He had wanted to start exporting the Native Artworks worldwide, and figured that Marchina would be perfect to advise him.  Patricia adored Edwin and looked at him in great satisfaction she would again take the time to play cupid and could see that a romance would be blooming between the two parties.

Luvena had been rather weak from her illness but had come down to sit during the dinner party for about an hour then she returned to her room to rest.  She had allowed Patricia to organize the dinner party on her behalf.  The Lafleurs were lovely people and the twins were so cute.  They were very quiet children and did not cause a stir.  In fact, Felix spent most of his time talking to any man who was into science.  Crescenda was a bright young girl would love to talk about women’s beauty products.  She took the time to ask many questions about the French regime of beauty care.

When Stella and Suella showed up the twins had jumped for joy and were very excited to see their Cousin again.  Stella hugged Richard and Dana and told them it was great to see the family again and that in a few years they would return to live in New York City.  Stella was learning a lot about the fragrance and perfume business and so was Suella.

Crescenda proudly said, “Felix loves to make new inventions.  You should see what he made me out of some pop cans!  He has to figure out how to power the little robot he made me but he can make it move on its own.”

Suella looked at Felix in admiration, “I always said you’d be a big inventor someday Felix, You were born with a lot of smarts.”  Felix murmured, “You should sit down with Ms Marchina, she’s a very wise woman.  Did you know she sees into the future?  She said I would be a great inventor someday and work for a company that will make rocket ships to the moon.  I’ve had lots of dreams about rockets and she told me to listen to the voices and follow my instincts.”

Crescenda said, “She told me that someday I’ll be a rich and powerful woman and that I’ll make new products that I invent myself that will be made from Mother Earth.”  Suella grinned at both of them, “She told me that my desire to make special perfumes will be granted and that I will create the most unique smells.”

Felix looked at her, “Ugh you always smell like a flower.  I like my plants instead.  The smell of earth and water is amazing.  To watch a beetle walk around and do things.  I am fascinated with the strength of ants.  Did you know that they carry a hundred times their weight?  Can you imagine if I made an invention that could do the same thing?  I want to build a special rocket ship that can go to the moon and farther!”  Crescenda said, “Felix I believe in you and I know that someday you will build that rocket ship.  Only because you always work hard at things and are successful in what you do.”

Edwin had been listening to their conversation and said to Marchina, “You’d never know that they were mere children would you?”  Marchina said, “They are only children in the flesh but they are old souls.”  Edwin asked what that meant.  Marchina said, “If you were to believe in re-incarnation then you would know what it meant.  Simply that their souls have lived in another life before and that they are back on earth to learn new lessons and do new things for humanity.  The three of them are destined for greatness and someday the world will greatly benefit from their dreams when they become a reality.”

Edwin looked at Marchina with great pride and softly said, “You’re the woman of my dreams!  I have wanted to meet someone as special as you do for a very long time.  Most of the women I have met in England are not spiritually minded or as wise as you are.  They have their own kind of wisdom and facts required in order to believe in things.  You believe in the universe and what it offers to mankind.”

Marchina nodded yes and added, “The universe takes care of its own.  When I lost my Mother, I thought that life had ended but in reality, it was just beginning for me.  Things change drastically overnight but I’ve learned to trust in my gut instincts and that somehow we as people are all interconnected with one another and were here to assist one another in any way, shape or form.”

Patricia was busy talking to Dana and Richard asking them what their plans were for the future.  Richard had said he was going to work in making Lafleur Industries the most profitable company possible and that he would purchase enough land so that in the future when the children wanted to expand their own horizons they would have the means to do so.  Richard added, “Marchina advised me to do so and I like your niece and I know Marchina has a special gift and I will heed her words.”

Dana smiled and said, “I plan to enroll them in any course possible that their little heart desires.  They have asked me to do so in the past and I kept treating them like little children and stopping them from growing.  Now I will encourage them to grow in their wisdom and knowledge now that I know they are destined to do these things that she spoke about.”

Luvena thanked everyone for taking the time to visit her and for attending the party.  She said, “I hope to see you again soon.”

4**new mss the Lafleurs return to new York city August 1993**

They said their goodbyes, and packed up their things and got ready to head back home to New York City.

Marchina decided she would continue her visit in London to get to know Edwin better, so she went to stay in one of his guest rooms at his Estate.

5**new mss marchina Edwin courting Sept 1993 –  June 1994  – 10 months courting***

Marchina and Edwin Chambers

As their romance blossomed and ripened, Edwin eventually asked Marchina to marry him.

6**new mss Edwin Chambers Gets Married*** the Lafleurs return for a wedding

4 August 1993 – New York City

Richard Lafleur looked at his travel guide and said, “British Airways has a flight from Paris, France to New York City in 7.5 hours flight time – airport – Charles de Gaulle is the largest airport serving north east of  Paris it is near the village of Roissy-en-France.”

Dana said, “Well that’s quicker then taking the boat.  After what the children have gone through I think it’s a better idea to fly back home.”

Richard said, “What about our return trip tickets?”

Dana said, “There’s a young couple over there arguing about the costs of the trip. Give them to me.”

Dana walked over to the two people and said, “I’m sorry to bother you but my husband has to leave on an emergency business trip and we don’t want to waste our tickets.  Allow me to give them to you and enjoy a vacation on us…”

The young couple had tears in their eyes, the woman said, “Bless you, we were robbed and have no money to get back home.  This is a blessing from God, thank you!”

Both of them hugged Dana tightly then ran excitedly to the ship.  Dana turned around and smiled, she had tears in her eyes.

Felix and Crescenda looked at each other and smiled.

Dana said, “Children sometimes it just feels so good to help others out.  Always take time to smell the roses and help someone when you can.  You will feel good inside if you do.”

Richard gave his wife a hug and kiss.  He was proud of her.  The four of them made their way into the airport.  Richard went to buy the tickets.

The receptionist smiled, “Your in luck I just had a cancellation – would you like these standby seats in first class?  I can give them to you for half the price.”

Richard grinned, “Sure I’ll take them.”

Richard was smiling as he walked back to Dana and said, “We just got first class seats!”

He explained what happened and Crescenda said, “Daddy – Sasha often talked about Karma.  She said when you do something nice for someone else, it comes back to you.  She also said when you do something bad the same thing happens…”

Richard didn’t know what to say.  He never thought of “spiritual things” in fact he was trying to avoid it this whole trip.  He looked at Dana and she smiled and said, “maybe the Universe is trying to teach us something…”

Richard winked at his wife and they all got on the plane.  Dana set the alarm on Richard’s watch so they would all wake up in time to dismount the plane….

5  Sept 1993 – 1994 June – The Courtship

Edwin Chambers began to think about the implications of marrying Marchina Totenmyer in September of 1993.  He could not muster up the courage to ask her to marry him.  He decided to wait a few more months before approaching her on the subject.

Marchina said, “You know Edwin I think I would like to go see Buckingham Palace since the Queen announced that it will be open to the public for the first time on April 29th I’ve been trying to get the courage to ask you to take me there.  I’d like to see how Royalty lives.”

Edwin said, “I thought the Munroe mansion was quite lavish?”

Marchina said, “It is but still I think it would be a lark to see how our Kings and Queens live, don’t you?”

Edwin said, “I’m afraid to take you there.  It may give you ideas on how to redecorate my place.  I hear from my colleagues that their wives began to complain after seeing the palace.”

Marchina said, “Don’t be ridiculous.  For heaven’s sake I’ve lived with dirt floors all these years in Place Royale in a straw thatched cottage.  Please don’t compare me to any of the women here in England I’m not going to be like my Aunt Patricia…”

Edwin said, “I wasn’t aware that she was like that?”

Marchina said, “Very much so, she left our humble abode and lived in the lap of luxury for many years with her husband Barney Rosewood before he was murdered by Ida Tinkle.”

Edwin said, “That woman’s name keeps coming up in the tabloids.  They were doing an article about her being a serial killer in New York City back in the 1930s.  They are trying to find her.”

Marchina said, “How do you know about this?”

Edwin said, “Some of the men down at my golf club were talking about a show called America’s Most Wanted – It’s been airing since February  1988.  Ida Tinkle was on there.”

Marchina said, “Did anyone recognize her?”

Edwin said, “She hasn’t been seen for years so they did a computerized aging on her.  But the problem is because she knows about witchcraft and potions it’s more thanlikely she changed her appearance from what I’ve heard.”

Marchina said, “I remember Detective Bob Farley said she could completely transform her whole body, hair, eyes, everything…. I think they call it a shape shifter?”

Edwin said, “yes that’s it.  Hard to believe though?”

Marchina shook her head no, “Not in my case, I’ve seen the oddest things throughout my life so far…”

Edwin said, “We should go for a ride on that high speed train from France to England in the Channel Tunnel sometime next year.  They talked about it in June, when they made the first test trip with it.”

Marchina said, “That would be something fun to do.  Try all the new gadgets they have coming out.  Live a  little.”

Edwin said, “You know Christmas is coming in another month or so… We should do some shopping maybe get some jewelry..”

Marchina laughed, “No point in buying me any jewellrey I won’t wear it..”

Edwin looked a little glum and turned away.  How would he ask this woman to marry him when she couldn’t even figure out his subtle messages.  Won’t wear jewellrey, now what?

Marchina was looking in the London newspaper and gasped, “Edwin look!  It says here on November 9th, Princess Diana filed legal documents to sue the Daily Mirror for photographs taken of her at the gym.  They said some awful things about cellulite.  Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars on  your body just to make other people happy?  I won’t ever get any type of plastic surgery…”

Edwin giggled, “No you’ll just pull out your book of potions and mix up a brew in your cauldron.”

Marchina seemed relieved, “I’m glad you have a good sense of humor about that, because you are right…”

Edwin stopped and then realized she wasn’t joking, “You have a cauldron?”

Marchina said, “I don’t need it here in England but yes I have a crystal ball, a room full of potions and several magic tricks up my sleeve.”

Edwin grinned, “Are you a practicing magician?”

Marchina sighed, “Edwin I practice white magic, witchcraft, I thought you knew because of my mother Sasha was into that sort of thing.”

Edwin’s grin faltered, “I thought Patricia was joking about all that.  Really what are you capable of doing?”

Marchina looked at him, “Why do you ask?”

Edwin giggled, “Because I don’t want you to get angry at me and turn me into a frog or cast a bad spell on me…”

Marchina said, “I can do all that but I never will…”

Edwin didn’t know what to say….

Another month passed and Edwin was reading the December 3rd London papers.

He said, “It’s so sad Princess Diana has announced that she is withdrawing from public life.”

Marchina said, “She can’t do that!  She was making a difference and now those tabloids have hurt her so bad about the legs comment she can’t bear it anymore.  Poor thing  she is very tender hearted…”

Edwin shook his head, “how can you be so sure about that?  I hear different.”

Marchina said, “men always assume the worst of any woman where Prince Charles is concerned.  He is friends with them, of course he will complain about her and they will twist the words and add some of their own.  It’s too bad she married him but fate planned it that way.  She gave two lovely male heirs to the kingdom, they should appreciate that.”

It was Christmas day, Patricia came to join them for dinner.  They had roasted duck, roast beef, yorkshire pudding, potaoto pancakes and squash.  An odd selection but Marchina didn’t like the rich english dishes so they chose her favorites.  Patricia looked at the two of them wondering what what taking Edwin so long to ask her sister to marry him.  She could see that he loved her dearly.  Later after dinner Edwin went for a walk with Patricia out in the gardens.  Marchina wasn’t feeling too well after eating too much food so she went to bed.

Patricia said, “Edwin do you intend to every marry my niece?”

Edwin blushed, “Believe me I’ve hinted to get a ring, everything I don’t know how to ask her?”

Patricia said, “Marchina is very old fashioned, I would wait another six months.  I was going to press you to do it sooner but if she’s not picking up on the hints I find that hard to believe.  Marchina is extremely intuitive, she knows you want to marry her, she’s avoiding it for some reason.  It could be the lack of having a father in her life.  She doesn’t know how to act around men.  Unfortunately with Sasha gone she has no one to speak to it about it.  We are not close enough for me to broach the topic either.  I figure in another six months she’ll be impatient and want to marry you right away.  So I’ll start to pre plan a wedding for August of next year, just in case she says yes.  I can always cancel everything.  Where do you want to get married?”

Edwin said, “My father wishes me to get married at the Church of England.  Most of our business associates attend that church, they would like that.”

Patricia grunted, “You are not marrying your father’s business associates you are marrying my niece, don’t you ever forget that.  What if they don’t want you to marry a native girl, will they stop  you?”

Edwin fiercely said, “No one will ever come between me and Marchina.  I love her dearly…”

But Patricia could see the worry lines in his forehead for his father Drew had asked him the very same thing the other day…

It was on May 6th that marchina and Edwin got on the train in the channel tunnel and went for the high speed ride from London to Paris, France.  They got off the train, went to do some shopping for several things.  They walked past a bridal store and Marchina stopped in front of the window and looked inside.  She wondered what she would look like as a bride, then continued on…. Edwin would have asked her but she walked away before he could say anything….

It was the middle of June when Patricia came to pay a visit she insisted on speaking to Edwin alone out in the garden.

Patricia looked at him and said, “You need to ask her now.  I cannot have her wedding gown ready in time.”

Edwin said, “She liked one of the gowns in the windows in Paris, France.”

Patricia smiled, “Do you mean the Pronuptia on Rue de Rivoli?”

Edwin said, “Yes that’s the place.”

Patricia said, “Edwin you have to ask her today. I have to book her an appointment there.”

Edwin sighed, “What if she says no?”

Patricia grinned, “Why do you think I’m here? I am the voice of reason now do you have the ring?”

Edwin sighed, “I’ve had the ring for several months now.. It’s up in my room.”

Patricia said, “Good now go and get it and I’ll go get Marchina…”

Edwin scurried up to his room while Patricia went to grab Marchina and bring her out to the garden.

Marchina grinned at her sister, “What it takes to get that man to ask me to marry him.”

Patricia was shocked, “You know?”

Marchina said, “Of course I do, I’m just waiting to hear it come out of the horses mouth.  I like to make a man sweat, then Iknow he’s serious about asking me to marry him.”

Patricia said, “Marchina you are being evil… For once in your life…”

Marchina said, “I have to try it on for size, just once and I like it.  Edwin has to stop being such a push over, he’s the same in business, people take advantage of him.  When we are married I’m going to change that.”

Patricia said, “Oh no you don’t.  You marry a man the way he is and that’s final.  If you try to change him, you’ll make the two of you miserable as hell.  Take it from me.  I think that’s what drove Barney into Ida Tinkle’s arms in the first place.  I was being too controlling and he didn’t know how to tell me so he sought comfort elsewhere….”

Marchina said, “Edwin wouldn’t dare do that to me…”

Patricia said, “Why not, what makes him any different then any other man?”

Marchina grinned, “The fear of being turned into a frog…”

Patricia howled, “You didn’t!”

Marchina winked and said, “I did…”

Patricia said, “He believes you?”

Marchina said, “Yep…”

Patricia said, “My lips are sealed…”

Both women were chuckling when Edwin came around the corner looking very flushed and uncomfortable.  Marchina winked at Patricia and said, “Ribbit ribbit “under her breath which made Patricia burst out into gales of laughter as she walked past Edwin she said, “Good luck”

Edwin felt unnerved, he knew they were sharing a private joke. He hoped it had nothing to do with him.

Edwin said, “Marchina there is something I’ve been meaning to ask you now for several months.”

Marchina said, “Edwin what’s that in your shirt pocket?”

Edwin looked down in surprise, he could have sworn he put the ring in his right lower jacket pocket.  He went to grab it and it disappeared.

Marchina giggled and held it in her hand, “Now you know what I can do…”

She opened the box and looked at Edwin, “Well who is this for?”

Edwin stammered and Marchina laughed as she pulled out the ring and placed it on her hand.  She waited as Edwin stood there tongue tied.

Marchina turned around and saw Patricia motioning to Edwin to go on… Say it…

Edwin took a deep breath and said, “Marry me…”

Marchina looked at the ring on her finger and said, “Do you love me?”

Edwin nodded.

Marchina said, “Where did you get this divine ring?”

Edwin smiled, “rememember when we were in Paris?  I pre ordered the ring and picked it up that day at the jewelers.  I saw you pause in front of the window.”

Marchina said, “That’s why this ring looks so familiar. You sneaky devil, I never imagined you to do something like this.  It’s gorgeous and yes I will marry you…”

Edwin sighed in relief.  Patricia came up and handed Marchina an enevelope.

Marchina said, “What’s this?”

Patricia smiled, “Your wedding invitations.  I booked the Church of England for Saturday August 6 at 1 pm.  Your appointment for the wedding dress fitting is in two days time. ”

Marchina smiled, “You always take care of things.. You know I would hate doing it.. Thanks..”

Patricia said, “I’ll let you pick out the flowers, dress and music for your wedding. I’ve made arrangements for the caterers to serve dinner at 5 pm.  That should give you enough time to have the wedding and get your photos done.”

Marchina turned to Edwin and asked, “Can we seal this agreement with our first kiss?”

Edwin said, “Of Course…”

Edwin leaned forward and gave Marchina the sloppiest wet kiss she ever had the misfortune to have….

6  Aug 1994 Marchina Gets Married

It was the morning of August 6, 1994 when Marchina sat in the beauty salon getting her hair done, her nails and makeup.  Patricia was shocked at the transformation.  She had no idea just how beautiful her niece was and most of the people at the wedding had to agree, Marchina Totenmyer soon to be Mrs Chambers was quite the looker.

Her long lean tanned legs looked lovely in contrast to her white wedding gown.  She refused to wear nylons.  The silver sandals she placed on her feet had to be flat, with no heel.  That was something Marchina insisted on.  She wasn’t used to wearing any shoes.

When she came to England it had been a huge argument with Patricia that she couldn’t go around the way she did in Place Royale.  Marchina hoped that once they were married, Edwin would want to go back to Place Royale so marchina could go back to living the way she was accustomed to, she was so tired of city life.  The constant parities, and celebrations for her marriage to Edwin.  All the english men were envious at Marchina’s beauty, most had no idea how old she really was.  And she wanted to keep it that way….

Patricia walked over to Dana and Richard Lafleur and smiled down at the twins.

Patricia said, “My you two have grown.  Dana I love your dress.  Richard always a pleasure.”

Dana said, “Thanks for inviting us, the children went crazy when they found out they were going to their first wedding.  I’ll have to muzzle them to keep them quiet.”

Patricia said, “They look so sweet in matching suits.  Green and blue plaids, are in style?”

Dana said, “Well not exactly, I had something else picked out for them.  Bob Farley decided to send them a birthday gift – it was a few months late and the children insisted on wearing their scottish outfits to the wedding.”

Patricia nodded and smiled at the children and said, “I see your parents have no backbone yet, give them a few more years and hopefully they will smarten up.”

She turned and walked away.  Dana was shocked at Patricia’s attitude.

Marchina came over and shook their hands, “Thanks for coming.  I Fear Patricia is feeling the pain of losing Barney all over again. This wedding is making her feel raw inside. I guess she never really dealt with his death until now.  This must be bringing back some tender moments in her life… I know it’s no excuse but you’ll have to forgive her.  She’s gotten crotchety in her old age.  Maybe I should look for a widow to set her up with…”

Dana and Richard both looked at each other and grinned, “Have you considered Chago Sima?”

Marchina said, “No he’s not her type… She needs a brainy, boring scientist.. She loves having intellectual discussions…”

Dana said, “Oh in that case, we don’t know anyone like that…”

Richard winked at Dana, “I”m the intellectual type but I’m already taken, right dear?”

Dana said, ‘I don’t know, maybe we can share you…”

Patricia snapped, “Enough of the nonsense I don’t need a man in my life.”

Crescenda looked at Patricia and said, “Mommy I think she’s become a snapping dragon…”

Patricia bit her tongue and tears came to her eyes as Crescenda gave her a hug and looked her in the eye and said, “You are not alone, we love you…”

Both Felix and Crescenda hugged Patricia and she broke down and cried,”Thanks children I needed that.  It’s been so long since I had a hug from anyone.”

Marchina felt bad she reached over and hugged her sister, “I’m sorry I didnt’ think about that.  Of course that’s what you miss the most… ”

Patricia said, “I’m upset that my father isn’t here to give you away.. I don’t know why that came to mind but Richard would you mind?”

Richard looked at Marchina and said, “I’d be honored to stand in for him…”

Marchina grabbed his arm as the wedding march started.  They made their way down the aisle.  Edwin was three shades of red, he was wondering who the young handsome man was holding his fiancee’s arm until he realized it was Richard Lafleur briinging her up the aisle.. He felt very foolish … All this jealousy was ridiculous.. He wasn’t like this until they got engaged..

What had come over him?  Was he always going to be this insecure around marchina?  It all started when his business collegues started razzing him about having sex for the first time.  Edwin never talked about the fact that he was still a virgin but he assumed that Marchina was one too.

He was worried though because they never talked about it.  What if she was like her mother Sasha? Having sex with a man befor emarriage.. What was his name Brandon Deere… A married man to another.. How shameful.. Edwin realized he was getting cold feet he began to shake and started to walk backwards… But then he stood still and couldn’t move.

He heard  a voice in his head, it was Marchina she said, “You never have to worry about any of those things dear.  I waited a long time for you to ask me to marry you for a reason.  I feared all these things about you, now stop being such a pussy and marry me…”

Edwin looked like he was going to faint, he had no idea that his wife could do these things, that’s when he realized she wasn’t kidding about the witchcraft…

They had a private ceremony on his Estate and many of the guests were happy for them.  Marchina was beaming from ear to ear as she came down the aisle in her wedding dress.  It was the first time she had worn something other than her normal leather garb.  The material felt foreign to her skin.

Edwin had insisted that she wear the traditional gown and so had her Aunt.  Patricia who had given her a scolding, “Marchina not everyone is going to understand your Native garb; they would think you odd and out of place especially here in England.  Now you do not want Edwin to be embarrassed.  Some people are against you marrying an Englishman.  They think that persons of different nationalities should never mix.  Be forewarned Stella is of that nature!”

Dana had cringed when Stella blatantly said, “It’s improper for Edwin to marry out of his English culture especially to this Native woman.  She lives in a hut with a dirt floor.  Won’t she feel out of place in Edwin’s grand Estate here in England?”

Patricia bristled at these words and curtly replied, “There is nothing wrong with my niece marrying Edwin.  The two of them are perfect for each other!  I too am Native and I attended an English Finishing School here in England.  My skin happens to be a bit whiter then my Sister Sasha’s, because I take after my Grandmother.  She was a wealthy, refined and dignified English woman.”

Stella murmured an apology and walked away.  Richard smiled, and looked at Stella’s reddened face.  She absolutely adored Patricia and earlier had raved how great Patricia’s example of society should be.  Dana tried to comfort Stella for she had upset Patricia, her mentor, and felt chastised for it.

7**new mss The Lost Heir – Jacob Deere***

7 Aug 6 , 1994 – The Lost Heir – Jacob Deere

Jacob Deere was looking through his baby pictures earlier that day and saw a photo of a lovely woman with dark hair and eyes holding him as a child he turned to his wife Estelle and said, “Do you know who this woman is? I don’t rememember meeting her?”

Estelle looked over his shoulder and said, “I found that picture tucked away in the back of one of your mother’s photo albums.  I assumed it was your aunt?”

Jacob shook his head no, “She’s not my aunt, I wonder who she is?  I’ll have to ask mother next time I see her…”

Estelle said, “I often wondered why your parents only had one child.  It would have been lovely for you to have a brother or sister.”

Jacob said, “I never asked my parents why … Maybe now that I am older I can ask them.”

Estelle said, “we must be quiet here are the bride and groom, don’t they look lovely together!”

Jacob said, “Yes but what’s her name – Marchina?  Her aunt keeps giving me the strangest looks as if… She’s seen a ghost.. I saw a shocked look on her face, several glances and she’s feeling uneasy around me… I wonder what she see’s…”

Estelle asked, “What’s been bothering you lately?”

Jacob sighed, “It’s the pictures I found.  Have you noticed I have absolutely no features that resemble either of my parents?  It’s as if… I’m not theirs.. But that’s ridiculous.. They would have told me.. Right?”

Estelle said, “Why is this bothering you now.”

Jacob said, “Because when I looked at Justin I saw a resemblence of me.  He looks exactly like me and yet I don’t look like either one of my parents.”

Estelle sighed, “Jacob this is not the time…”

Jacob said, “Maybe it is… I feel like that woman knows something about me… Something I’ve been feeling in my heart all my life.  Like I belong to someone else.  My personality is different then my parents, everything about me is different.  I noticed it more when Justin and I were talking the other day…He’s nine years old now, he used to look like you when he was born and then as he got older he started to look like me… Do you know what I mean?”

Estelle nodded, “Yes Jacob I have to admit you are right.  I’ve often wondered why you didn’t look like either of your parents…”

Jacob said, “I’m going to go introduce myself, maybe I can get some answers from her sister, what’s her name?”

Estelle said, “I believe her name is Patricia Totenmyer, she used to be Mrs Rosewood – married to Barney Rosewood.”

Jacob said, “What a small world, I used to do business with Barney he never mentioned this wife.. I met another woman claiming to be his wife.. Did he remarry?”

Estelle said, “Shush Jacob that was his mistress Ida Tinkle, she’s the one that murdered him, best not to bring THAT up here…”

Jacob said, “yes your perfectly right, I’ll just ask Patricia if she’s ever seen a man that looks like me before…”

The reception was much better as people had settled into little groups.  They enjoyed a few drinks and then got up to dance.  Marchina surprised herself being as nervous as she was Edwin said, “You dance divine my little Starflower.  You have such dainty hands and feet.  You will be the envy of all the women in England I’m sure.”

Marchina blushed at his words for she knew it was true.  Marchina’s, petite, and shapely, body was admired at the dress shop earlier that day.  The fashion designer was ecstatic when he found out that he would be making dresses for the new Mrs Edwin Chambers.  He had designed a special wedding ensemble with a classic cut to flatter her slender and rounded figure.  When she had stepped out into the spotlight decked in jewels and her hair in many ringlets the crowd had gasped at her beauty.

Patricia quietly whispered to those around her, “I never would have recognized her out on the street she looks divine!  She looks like a modern day Cinderella and she gets to be a queen for today and then tomorrow she will return to being the simple Native girl we all love and adore.”  Stella was impressed and said to Dana, “Marchina is a jewel with rough edges but she sure polishes up well!”

Patricia’s eyes had flashed as she walked by Stella at that very moment.  Stella was mortified that she had said the wrong thing again!  She did not mean to be disagreeable in front of Patricia.  Richard suggested “Stella darling why don’t you put a cork in your mouth?  You seem to be suffering from foot and mouth disease tonight!”

There was a loud burst of laughter behind him and Richard turned to the tall, blonde man in surprise.  The man held out his hand “Good saying old chap.  My name is Jacob Deere.  I am a friend of Edwin’s.  We went to University together.”

Richard shook his hand and looked at the tiny blonde woman beside him.  Jacob turned and introduced his Wife Estelle.  Richard learned that Jacob was from Paris and that his parents were Ashton and Evelynn Deere.  He whispered that they had adopted him as a young baby from one of their relatives but it all had been rather hush, hush and he didn’t know of his true parentage.

At that moment, Patricia had come over and she was staring at Jacob in an odd way.  Richard introduced her and Marchina to Jacob.  Patricia asked where Jacob was from.  He repeated his story and Patricia nodded and whispered to Marchina “I swear he looks like the spitting image of Themus Munroe.  I wonder?”

Jacob asked her why she looked so shocked at him.

She replied, “You remind me of an old friend I used to know.”  Jacob felt a stir of excitement he had always wanted to know who his parents were.  Maybe this woman could help him.  He asked and she looked at him and said, “My friend had great tragedies in his life.  It is best to let sleeping dogs lie.”

Marchina added, “The universe will answer your question when it’s ready to do so.”  Jacob just gaped at the women then laughed, “You sound just like Edwin!  Marchina you two are definitely a match made in heaven.”  She smiled and agreed with him.

Jacob turned and then in surprise said, “Why it’s Gaylord and Fifi Cartier!”  Estelle rushed over to hug Fifi “So nice to see you again!  How have you been?”  Fifi smiled at her old friend, “We’ve been busy at our Winery, and we’ve brought Belle and Antoine Demers along with us.”

Stella came up to Fifi “Well this is a surprise.  Oh hello Aunt Fifi, Mother, how are you?”  Belle said, “I’m good thanks it’s nice to see you again.  It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

Stella said, “Indeed it has I’ve been busy with my Daughter Suella and working in Paris at a fragrance factory so that I may learn the art of making my own perfumes someday.  I used to make a few perfumes of my own when I lived in New York City but I could not master the scent to last for very long.  I’m hoping my training here will help me develop my own line someday soon!”

Antoine looked at his Daughter Stella for a moment then coldly walked away.  He still had not forgiven her.  Stella had left home at an early age.  She wanted to distance herself from her wacky relatives as much as possible.  She had no relationship with any of them and she fully intended to keep it that way forever!  Stella looked at Jacob’s perplexed expression and said, “I’m Stella Lafleur and you are?”  He shook her hand, “I’m Jacob Deere.”

Fifi scolded Stella “Have you been in Paris all this time and never bothered to say hi to the family?”  Stella nodded and sadly said, “I haven’t gone out very much, I’m having a hard time dealing with Michael’s death.”  Fifi asked, “Who was Michael?”  Now it was Richard’s turn to look at Stella in surprise.  Stella meekly said, “He was my Husband.  We lived in New York City.  We have a Daughter named Suella.  Michael died in a car accident several years ago.”

Fifi gasped, “My dear if we had only known then we would have been there for you!”  Stella had tears in her eyes.  Patricia went over and hugged her and said “Time will heal all wounds my dear.  I know how you feel.  I still cry over losing my Husband Barney at times.  We never forget our first love!”

Richard had grown white and began to shake his Wife Dana hugged him.  Jacob felt lost but thankful that he did not have all these sad burdens to bear as these people did.  Edwin, who was greatly annoyed by what was happening around them said, “It’s our wedding and all these people are blubbering about someone that had lost several years ago.  Really must they do this here?”

Marchina looked at Edwin, her eyes filled with tears “You’re lucky to not have lost a loved one,” and she fled up the stairs.  Edwin felt like a fool knowing that Marchina was still grieving her Mother Sasha’s death.  He felt like a total nincompoop.  Edwin dashed after Marchina saying, “I’m sorry dearest really I am.”

8** new chapter Marchina’s Prophecy to Cherry Dowling about Cynthia Stalin***


Marchina’s Prophecy for Cherry Dowling

Then the doorbell rang, and the servants let in the new arrivals.  When Patricia saw who the new guests were, she ran over to them and said, “I’m so glad that you two could make it.  Everyone please!  This is David Johnson and his Wife Cherry.  David is studying to be a Doctor and he tried to help with Sasha.”

Patricia’s voice broke for a moment then she recomposed herself as Dana came over to hug Cherry.  Dana said, “My goodness your Cherry Dowling from the RMS Queen Elizabeth II?  I am glad you took to heart the advice you were given.  I’d have to say that David is much younger and better looking than Angus Atkins.”

Jacob’s ears perked when he heard the name Atkins.  He excitedly shook Cherry’s hand and asked, “Did you know the famous Architect Angus Atkins?  I am Jacob Deere and I have always dreamed of meeting the man.  I have bought some of his sketches and I am planning to write a book about various Architects.  Do you think you could get me an interview with Angus?”  Cherry looked at Jacob in dismay and then looked at Patricia in a helpless manner.

Patricia stood there with her mouth in a shocked expression.  The similarities between Cherry and Jacob were astounding.  She gathered her wits and said to Jacob “I need to talk to you privately for a minute.”

She had him follow her into the study “I’m sorry Jacob I don’t mean to bust your mentor’s bubble but Angus Atkins, although greatly talented, is a very dark soul.  Cherry does not want him to know of her whereabouts.  They have a dark history together and he must not know where to find her!  It is best to stay away from Angus for he is a dangerous man where the two of you are concerned.  I cannot tell you anything.  He is under investigation by the Scotland Yard.  So you will have to feature someone different in your book.”

Jacob looked at Patricia’s dark eyes and decided not to pursue the matter any further.  He went back to apologize to Cherry and inquired, “Where did you meet Angus?”

Cherry decided to keep the details of her past secret so she said, “I met him in Canada while travelling there.”  She decided to end their little conversation by exiting stage right and went to talk to Patricia instead.  Cherry asked, “Have you heard anything from Scotland Yard’s, Detective Bob Farley?”

Patricia said, “No unfortunately Angus went to the seedy part of London and disappeared there.  They lost his trail but when Detective Bob Farley asked him about Ida Tinkle, he ran like a scared rabbit.  We can safely assume he will head back to his home in Place Royale and hideout there.  If anyone sees the likes of him in England, he will be in for questioning.  The London Gazette ran another article about it for me a few days ago.  I decided it was the best way to deal with Angus.”

Cherry laughed, “You certainly are a woman with amazing angles.”  Patricia looked at her ring on her finger and said, “Such a lovely design I take it you’re happy with David?”  Cherry nodded and said, “Yes, we eloped right away.  David wanted to protect me from Angus in the best way possible.”

Then Cherry spotted her friend, “Oh my God it’s Fifi!”  Fifi heard her name and turned and ran up to Cherry giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek “My darling your okay!  Oh what’s this?”  Cherry pointed over to where David was standing, “That’s my new Husband.”

Fifi smiled coyly while looking at David’s firm physique and raised an eyebrow to Cherry.  She whispered something to her and Cherry nodded her head no.  Fifi had the look of a pouting child on her face.  It was obvious that she was disappointed about something.

Patricia had observed every detail with mild interest.  She just did not want to think about what it meant for it was not her cup of tea.  She turned and saw Marchina and Edwin return.  Patricia motioned for Marchina to join her as she pointed towards Cherry.  Marchina saw Cherry and her face broke out into the widest grin as she walked over and gave her a hug; “It’s so good to see that my wishes and dreams came true!  I see that you have found you’re soul mate.”

Cherry looked surprised then Marchina added in an ominous tone, “David you will make a wonderful Doctor, and I see you travelling overseas to America.  There you will be great.”  Her eyes clouded for a minute when she saw Cherry and Fifi and she said to Cherry “One must be careful about their secret desires for the decisions we make can have terrible consequences.  Beware of danger in the future and stay away from a woman who claims to be Cynthia Stalin!”

Marchina looked like she had glazed eyes that quickly became normal and then Cherry murmured to Marchina “Thanks for the advice” and she quickly forgot all about it.

After much drinking, dancing and partying the people left.

9**new mss The Native Cemetery – the little wolfs show up to pay their respects**changed patricia from staying in paris to going to place royale

Patricia, Edwin and Marchina would soon be heading to Place Royale.  They would take Sasha’s casket  **** urn*****and bury her at the Native Cemetery beside her parents Heta and Lenno Totenmyer.

10**new mss the Lafleurs fly back to new York city from paris. End of aug 1993**

.  Richard, Dana and the children would fly back to New York City from Paris the next day.

They get the twins ready for school (sept 93)

Detective Farley’s Crime Notes

11***new mss chapter The Scrapbook  how did we find out about cherry dowling?  Brent finds fathers scrap book of clues, unsolved cases and he brings it to him to ask about his notes ***

9 – The Native Cemetery

The stock holders held a meeting with Edwin and Drew Chambers they said if things didn’t change then the company would go down.  They needed fresh funds and a chance to expand somewhere.  That’s when Marchina decided it was time to ask Edwin to start thinking about doing an investment in Place Royale along with Jacob Deere.

It was difficult for Marchina to step on the British Airways plane but she did it.  Looking out the window at the sky and the clouds Marchina felt euphoric, being so close to the Great Spirit…

Marchina, Patricia and Edwin headed to the native burial grounds and they were surprised to see the Littlewolfs standing close by.

Mrs Littlewolf said, “We have come to pay our respects, the great spirit has called us to come and ask for your forgiveness.  This all should have not happened.  We were wrong to be angry about Andy and Patricia…”

Patricia said, “It’s kind of late now, since you murdered our parents, I don’t understand why are you here?”

Mr Littlewolf said, “To correct an injustice.  We did not murder your parents.  We are sad that they are dead but it wasn’t us.  Someone tried to frame us.  It was a stranger.. A man in a dark cloak.  We have never seen him before but it was the little ones that saw him.  They feared for their lives at the time but now they speak up…”

Edwin walked over to shake hands with Mr Littlewolf, “I want to thank you for coming to clear up this misunderstanding perhaps we can do business in the future and bury the hatchet.”

Patricia looked at Marchina, “Are they telling the truth?”

Marchina nodded yes.

They stood around Sasha’s urn as they did the native prayer to the great spirit then Sasha was buried beside her parents Heta and Lenno Totenmyer.

Marchina said, “All these years we thought the Littlewolfs were our enemies and they thought the same of us.  Sasha’s death has brought us all together once again.”

Mrs Littlewolf smiled at Marchina, “You look like your mother only more beautiful…”

Patricia felt irritated about it all and she began to walk away. Marchina and Edwin nodded at the Littlewolfs and they all walked away and went back to Place Royale in silence…

10   Aug 28 1993 – Sept 1993 – The Twins Go to School

It was August 28 , 1993 when the Lafleurs stepped off the British Airways plane from London to New York City.  The first thing Dana thought about was getting the children some new clothes for their first day of school.  She was tired after the long flight and figured it would be best to go home, rest then do some shopping the next day.

Crescenda was wide awake after sleeping on the plane and so was Felix.  Richard was quiet, tired and exhausted from everything.  He was worried about the children, what if the old curses and things came and affected them?  With Sasha Totenmyer gone, who was going to protect the inhabitants of Place Royale.  Marchina was a bit on the crazy side, maybe  Edwin Chambers would calm her down and stop all that nonsense she did.

Richard gave his children a hug and his wife and went to retire in his office.  Dana went to lay down for a rest and the children headed outside to play in the back yard.  They were enjoying the tire swing in the tree and playing in their tree house.

Felix said, “Do you think Sasha Totenmyer is a crazy old lady?”

Crescenda said, “I don’t know what to think.  Daddy seems to be upset about the whole thing.”

Felix said, “I would have rather come back on the big ship, it would have taken longer to get back and then we wouldn’t have to go to school right away.”

Crescenda said, “Felix your smarter then me, why do you fear going to school?”

Felix said, “Because I’m smaller then the rest of the boys.  They make fun of me at the playground, all those bullies.  I hope they don’t go to our school.”

Crescenda said, “Listen make lots of friends, big and small and they will protect you. You’ll see…”

It was the next day when Dana took the children to Macy’s for some outfits.  The sales woman looked at the two children and smiled.

Crescenda said, “You know were twins right?”

The sales woman looked surprised, “You don’t look identical?”

Dana said, “They are fraternal twins, born about 5 minutes apart.  Felix is the oldest.”

Felix stood up as tall as he could and smiled at the woman.  She smiled back.

Felix said, “Mother do we have to wear uniforms to school?”

Dana said, “No darling we are not sending you to that kind of school. I’m going to need some jeans, sweaters, t shirts, dress shirts, and under garments for both of them.”

The sales girl said, “Growth spurt?”

Dana said, “Yes even though Felix doesn’t realize it, his pants are three inches too short.  I just noticed them this morning.  I think he grew overnight.”

And she was right, Felix was surprised as he looked down and smiled.  He had grown overnight. Felix looked at Crescenda and smiled.

Crescenda asked, “Did you make a formula again?”

Felix nodded, “Yes and this one worked.”

Crescenda said, “What if you keep growing? Mother will be angry.”

Felix said, “I limited the amount I gave myself.  I don’t want to cause any disruptions in my normal growth patterns.”

Crescenda said, “What’s that growing on your back?”

Felix looked scared for a minute.

Crescenda said, “It looks like a finger. Are you growing a new hand too?”

Felix looked terrified and ran to the mirror and started spinning around trying to look at his back.

Dana said, “Felix what are you doing?”

Felix mumbled, “I can’t see my back!”

The sales girl said, “Come over to the three mirrors here, you can see better.”

Felix ran over there then gave a sigh of relief.  Crescenda was bent over laughing…

Felix hissed, “I’ll get you for this…. I swear…”

After their many purchases, Richard came to pick them up and drive them home.

Richard looked at Felix and said, “You seem kind of warm, are you coming down with something?”

Felix was sweating, “No I think my body’s changing again.”

Sure enough it was and Dana couldn’t figure out why Felix was three inches shorter again.

Richard went up to Felix’s room and sat down on the bed looking at all the science equipment in his son’s lab.

Richard said, “Felix I don’t mind you making experiments but trying to become bigger can be dangerous.  Just give your body time to adjust it will grow.  Do you know that I was really small and short like you?”

Felix was surprised, “but your so tall now?”

Richard said, “Yes and it wasn’t until I reached twenty one that I grew my final four inches.  Now you be a good boy and go back to making rocket fuels.  Uncle Michael left you his diary for a reason.  He assumed you would have some of his brain cells.”

Felix said, “In my DNA right?”

Richard said, “You look like him more than me so yes we are assuming you’ll have some of his intelligience as well.  You do love the same things he did.”

Felix said, “Are you sure that your my father?”

Richard said, “No doubts about that.  Crescenda is just like her mother and your twins…”

Felix said, “You’ve got a point.  I don’t know how well I’m going to fit in at school dad.  Once they test my brain they are going to realize I’m way beyond my six years….”

Richard groaned, “I know son but other kids have managed.  I once read about a boy who went to college at the age of ten.  You might be the next one.”

Felix said, “I don’t doubt it.  It’s going to be hard dealing with the kids.  Adults won’t be a problem for me, unless I get a professor that resents the fact that I’m smarter then him.”

Richard said, “We will sent you to the best schools.  Patricia Totenmyer has assured me that she will help when the time is right.”

Felix said, “Patricia’s really nice.  I liked her more than Sasha or Marchina.  I don’t believe in that spiritual stuff.  I have to have real facts before me.”

Richard said, “Do you believe in God?”

Felix shook his head no, “I have to see it with my eyes to believe it.  I guess you can call me an Athiest.”

Richard said, “Well don’t tell your mother or your grandparents they will have a fit.  How does Crescenda feel?”

Felix said, “She’s the same as me.  She doesn’t believe in anything supernatural, witchcraft or spiritual.  She won’t even talk about it.  Says it’s a waste of her time.  She just wants to study her flowers.”

Richard said, “I wonder what level she will test at.  She’s bright too.”

Felix smiled, “Wait till the kids hear that both of us have our own labs.  Crescenda’s working on a slimming beauty cream this week.  I’m helping her develop the ingredients for it.”

Richard said, “it’s good that the two of you work together on projects – just like Michael and I used to.  Except for when he went to do the secret assignments for the government then I was shut out.”

Felix sighed, “More then likely if my rocket fuel works they will want me working for them.  I wonder how they will feel about a twelve year old doing rocket science?”

Richard said, “Why twelve?”

Felix said, “Aunt Stella said that I should enjoy being a child for as long as possible.  Once the government gets a hold of me they will have me working around the clock like they did Uncle Michael.  She said his personal life and relationships suffered because of it.”

Richard sighed, “Your aunt Stella is a very bitter woman.  Don’t listen to everything she says.  She will poison your mind.”

Felix said, “Suella seems to be normal, slower then us.  Which is weird because she is Uncle Michael’s child.”

Richard grinned, “She has more of her mother Stella’s DNA in her thats what makes her simple minded.”

Felix grinned, “Don’t let her hear you say that, poor mother would be ostrasized because of it.”

Richard smiled, “Your mother misses her friend since she’s gone to Paris…”

Crescenda knocked on  Felix’s door, “Can I come in?”

Felix opened the door and let her in.

Crescenda said, “Father wouldn’t it be a better idea to have us tested before we start school?  That way we can go directly to the right classes. It’s less upsetting for us.”

Richard said, “I don’t know if we can but I’ll have your mother call and explain to them what we need to do.”

Richard walked out of the room and Felix sat down and started to write something down.  Crescenda knew that he had another idea come to mind.  She walked out of his room and closed the door.

It was on Monday August 30th, that Dana walked into the school with Crescenda and Felix.  She instructed them to sit out in the hall while she went to have a quick word with the Principal.

The  Principal gave a sigh and said, “Mrs Lafleur I get hundreds of parents coming through the doors telling me that their children are very bright.  It’s best they start in the kindergarten class and go for testing.”

Dana smiled, “Both Crescenda and Felix have their own labs, perhaps you’d like to see their notebooks and then you can decide…”

She placed two books down on his desk and to amuse her he picked up Felix’s first.  His jaw dropped when he saw the computations written there.

The Principal looked up and said, “Surely he’s copied these out of a book or off the internet?”

Dana shook her head, “Not according to the representatives at NASA.  Felix plans to go work for them when he is twelve.  He says he will go to College when he’s ten, so he wants to be placed accordingly in your school in the meantime.  As an adjustment, he’s taught himself just about everything with the books from the library.  I don’t know how the teacher is going to take it.  Crescenda is not as ambitious but she’s pretty bright too. Both of them are creating some pretty futuristic things by themselves without any help from either one of us.”

She didn’t mention Uncle Michael’s notes because as far as she knew they were the beginning of ideas for old formula’s that Felix had reinvented and bettered.

The Principal said, “He wants to go to college when he’s ten?  That’s impossible!  They won’t allow it here in England.”

Dana said, “They will have no choice. Now are you going to test them for me?  I’m going to suggest you start with a grade 8 SAT test and you’ll see what I mean.  That’s the one they did at home.”

The Principal said, “Surely you’ve been coaching them, trying to make them unique?”

Dana said, “Listen I don’t have time to teach my children.  I run a full time company with my husband.  We have Lafleur Industries…”

The Principal said, “Oh your those Lafleurs…”

Dana felt frustrated and said, “Well are you going to test them?”

The Principal said, “I’ll have to take this up with the school board first.”

Dana said, “Thanks for your time…”

She walked out the door and Felix and Crescenda followed.  Dana would have to make a phone call when she got home to Patricia Totenmyer…

It was the next day when Patricia returned her call.

Patricia said, “I understand you were talking to Principal Phillips.  He’s an old fuddy duddy and hates having any extra work thrown his way.  I am calling my friends on the school board we’ll have this sorted out in no time.”

Dana said, “I hate to bother you but there wasn’t really much else I could do.  Mr Phillips was giving me a hassle..”

Patricia said, “Expect a call later this afternoon, I’ve dealt with this before…”

Dana hung up and sighed.  She hoped that Patricia would keep her word.  Richard was already getting angry about it and if he had to go to the school it wouldn’t be good for the children.  Dana heard stories about Principal Phillips holding grudges and calling children into his office for punishment for no reason at all.  Dana knew it would only be a matter of time before Felix would deal with him in his own special way….

It was around 2 pm that day when Dana received a phone call to bring the kids in the next day for testing.

Principal Phillips had a pasted smile on his face when he said, “I’ve decided to test Felix with a grade 9 SAT.”

Dana said, “But he barely passed the grade 8 one…”

Principal Phillips thought good, then if he fails I’ll put him in the class watch him struggle, give up and put him right back where he belongs, in kindergarten….

Dana said, “fine have it your way but I must warn you, don’t become enemies with my children, it could result in your dismissal…”

Principal Phillips mocked, “Are you trying to blackmail me?  I could refuse to allow your children to attend here if I wanted.”

Dana said, “Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood would make sure that your career is over..”

Principal Phillips faltered, “Her last name is Rosewood?  They told me it was Totenmyer.  Which one is it?”

Dana said, “totenmyer was her maiden name, something most of England did not know.  Her husband Barney Rosewood might ring a bell for you?”

Principal Phillips paled, “We are talking about Barney Rosewood’s wife Patricia?”

Dana smiled sweetly, “Yes I thought you knew?”

Principal Phillips gulped then wiped the sweat off his brow, maybe he shouldn’t have set this whole thing up.  He intended for Felix to fail and now he couldn’t go through with it.  Drat that woman would have his job taken away.  She threatened to last time and he didn’t believe her…

Dana said, “So I see you’ve met Patricia in the past?”

Principal Phillips smiled, “Enough about that, what level should I test Crescenda at?”

Dana said, “She aced the grade 8 exams so why don’t you start her at grade 10.  That way she can fail too…”

Dana had a steely look in her eye when she said it.

Principal Phillips said, “whatever do you mean?”

Dana said, “Patricia warned me about you.  Now you listen here, both of my children will pass any test that you give them.  Felix did the grade 12 one last night and got 100% on it without studying.  Like I said he has chosen to wait until he’s ten years old to go to college.  He wants to enjoy being a child – thanks to my sister in law Stella.”

Principal Phillips, “Stella Demers? How is she these days?  So sorry to hear about her losing her husband.”

Dana was surprised, “How do you know Stella?”

Principal Phillips blushed, “We dated when we were children, I haven’t seen her since.”

Dana smiled, “She’s living in paris, france with my niece Suella.  She’s not a happy woman, maybe you should give her a call sometime.  She could use a male friend.”

Principal Phillips smiled brightly, “let’s go get the tests shall we?”

Both Crescenda and Felix passed with flying colors.  Felix would start at grade nine and so would Crescenda.  Principal Phillips assumed there would be strength in numbers for the twins to work together on their school assignments and he was right…

11 – 1993 Detective Farley’s Crime Notes

Brent Farley looked at the diary his father bob handed him and smiled, finally he could read all the gory details about the unsolved cases.  He had been waiting five years for this moment.  It was September 1993 and he was fifteen years old.  He had the book given to him on his birthday and glanced at it.  Now during his class he would take another peek at it.  His history teacher was droning on about World War II when Brent pulled out the book and placed it inside of his history book.  The class was reading along with the teacher. Brent pretty much knew most of this stuff for he was always studying history books at home.  His dad collected them.

Looking at the entry about several unsolved cases with Ida Tinkle as the suspect.   There was Zach Conglier in New York City back in the 1930’s.  He was seen walking around naked before drowing.  They said there was a glazed look to the eye and something was holding him in the water.  A man who tried to rescue him wasn’t able too.  The strangest thing about the case was the fact that Zach Conglier could not swim so the next idea was that he was committing suicide for some reason.

Then there was the case of Jesseline Thirkill who knew both Dr Peter Tibideau, Ida Tinkle and used to be married to Joseph Munroe’s son – Jake.  They had a son but he died.  A brother named Themus Munroe who later became implicated in a murder with Anthony and Lorraine Atkins in Place Royale – Ida Tinkle was the instigator in a love triangle feud that caused their deaths as well.  The same people were listed for Jake, Jesseline and a child which we can’t see to get the name straight on .  Then another note states that Themus Munroe or Joseph Munroe have been named the father of the child?

Brent shook his head it was all so confusing but it all seemed to revolve around Place Royale in Quebec Canada.  If they were going to solve these cases, Brent would have to go there someday but he couldn’t just show up he would have to figure out a way to get invited.  That way the locals would welcome him and talk to him.  They didn’t talk much to strangers.  Not all the deep dark secrets.  He would have to add his own set of notes to this book.

Brent could see that Dr Peter Tibideau was listed several times, he seems to have a connection and he wears a dark cloak?  It is possible that he is the Virgin Slayer instead of Joseph Munroe.  What if Ida Tinkle was using her mind control techniques for Zach and these other deaths.

There was a note about Melville Bailey having problems with his mind, being tied down and kept as a captive for his own protection… And then the notes about the Book of Spells and The Book of the Dead.  Legend has it, that Dr Peter Tibideau kidnaps transients to do testing on them.  He’s trying to extend the life of a mortal so he can raise his lover from the dead who happens to be Ida Tinkle’s sister…

Crazy this was going to drive him nuts.  All this power, witchcraft and dark arts … Brent didn’t believe in it..  Well he did believe in ghosts because his father told him about Marchina Totenmyer and the things she used to do as a child.. How was he going to break the curse over the Munroe Mansion as the prophecy from Marchina Totenmyer foretold?  He would finish his education, become a detective himself and then tackle this problem later down the road when he was much, much older…

Bob Farley sat down in his lazy boy chair with an ice cold beer in his hand as his fifteen year old son Brent asked him about his day.

Bob said with a grin, “It was a strange one me lad.  I met a young girl by the name of Cherry Dowling who arrived from Place Royale in Canada.  She told me the strangest tale.  Do you remember the Barney Rosewood case?  He was the chap that we found dead in that brothel over on the east side.  Ida tinkle had been his Mistress at the time, and after he died, she disappeared.  Well this Cherry was working for a man named Angus Atkins.

That name rings a bell for some reason but not entirely sure why that is?  It seems that Ida Tinkle worked for his parents, as a Nanny and she was his Godmother too.  His parents, murdered by a gun, were at a Dubois Inn, and that a man named Themus Munroe, who was the woman’s lover, had been involved in the skirmish as well.

They say that Ida Tinkle caused the deaths by revealing information about some sort of love triangle that had been going on at the time with this man Themus and Angus’s Mother Lorraine Atkins.  Then I found out, Themus Munroe’s Wife had died under mysterious circumstances as well, and that the Butler and Maid disappeared on the same day as her death!

There seems to be a slew of unsolved mysteries in Place Royale.  This girl named Cherry told me that Angus Atkins was planning to kill her because she was Themus Munroe’s bastard love child.  It sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me, and now that Angus and Cherry have both disappeared into thin air, I think I have wasted enough of my time, chasing my tail, and trying to solve a case that has absolutely no clues!  What have you been doing my boy?”

His Son Brent replied, “I’m reading books on how to be a Detective, and I’ve been practicing my drawing skills as well.  I think I will study both subjects when I go to University someday.”

Bob said, “Aye that my boy is a wonderful plan, you will take after your ancestor’s who were great Craftsmen and Detectives in Scotland!  You have inherited the love of working with your hands, although I find you the smarter one compared to the rest of us.  You have a good head on your shoulders Son, I’m sure you’ll do well at anything you try.”

Brent said proudly “Someday Father I’m going to work for Scotland Yard and become a famous Detective just like you and Uncle Herman!”  His Father Bob patted his head, “That you will be my boy.  You are a chip off the old block.”  His Son Brent asked, “Father do you think we will ever visit Uncle Herman Farley in New York City?”  Bob looked down at his Son, “Maybe someday me lad.  Now get off to bed.”

12**new mss change david to peter for dr tibideau add conversation explain why he’s here…1993 done

The Rage of Angus Atkins

Angus and Dr Peter Tibideus used the secret underground tunnel on the outside of town to get into the Atkins Mansion.  They headed into the study for a few glasses of port.  Amelia walked in surprised “Where’s Cherry?”

Angus looked at her and sighed, “Not now dear.  I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow morning.”  He introduced the two of them then told Amelia to leave them alone.  Angus excused himself and went into Annie’s bedroom.  Annie looked up with wild eyes crying “Father I’m so glad your home.”  Angus clung to his child and wondered why she had bruises on her arms “There now sweetie, Father is home now and very tired.”  Now I want you to get some sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow morning about those bruises on your arms.”

Angus wearily made his way down to the study and gulped down a shot of port “Thanks Peter for looking out for me.  I don’t know what I would have done without you.”  Peter murmured something then Angus said, “I’ll take you to the guest room” then he headed over to Amelia’s room.  She welcomed him hungrily with open arms.

He said, “I’m tired darling but I can see you need some loving.  I’ll give you some now and then some more tomorrow after I’ve rested.”  ‘It was the first time Amelia really enjoyed Angus for she had missed him terribly and was happy to have him home again.  She would find out where Cherry was and see her soon.  Amelia really missed the touch of Cherry’s hand.  Annie had not helped at all with the thrashing, screaming and fits.  She had almost strangled the child.  Annie had cried every night wishing that Cherry and Angus would come home.  All she ever said to Amelia was “I hate you!”  Amelia hated her too.  She wished that she had never had the child.  Annie was such a burden and in her opinion completely useless when you needed something from her.

Annie used to play the game, and would do anything to please her.  However, now she fought back by kicking, screaming, and biting her Mother if she tried to do anything to her.  A few days in the shackles in the dungeon had cured her and made her give into her Mother’s demands.  Too bad the child had bruised from the whip on her back.  She had not meant to lose her temper on the child but Annie had bit her where the skin was sensitive and had drawn blood.  Amelia had the right to punish the little bitch!’  Amelia then fell into a disturbed state of sleep.

13*** add ending here new mss change manuscript.. david is peter Tibideau.. doctor.. have him look for the book of spells and the book of the dead**


The house was quiet late at night when Dr Peter Tibideau made his way down the stairs to the dungeons down below.  He found the potions room and looked around with a flashlight.  He was just about to look at the cupboard under the table when he heard a noise outside the door.

He disappeared into the wall just as the door opened and Angus Atkins looked around he cast a spell over the cupboard.  No one would be able to enter that door without his permission…

**** new chapter*** 14***new mss chapter Amelia’s Sorrow**** done

Amelia Misses her Friend

The next morning Dr Peter Tibideau stretched and looked at the time.  He was an early riser and this place gave him the creeps.  He wrote a note to Angus, crept down to the underground tunnel and made his way back to London.  Angus knocked on the guest room door a few hours later, only to find a goodbye note from David.

Angus went down to have breakfast and was appalled to see the dark circles under Annie’s eyes and he noticed that she was very pale “Why haven’t you been sleeping?”

Annie looked up as Amelia began to chop the vegetables rather loudly with the large long kitchen knife.

Annie began to shake as she looked at Amelia’s hardened face and said, “I missed you Father.  I couldn’t sleep while you were gone.”

Amelia had a strange look on her face.  Annie had the look of sheer terror in her eyes “Father Can I be excused?  I want to go outside and play in the yard.”

Angus studied his Daughters face he would need to talk to her alone so he said, “You’re excused.”

Annie got up and left the table in a hurry.  He would deal with Amelia then go speak with Annie.

Amelia asked, “Where’s Cherry?”

Angus cocked his head sideways and asked, “Since when do you care so much about Cherry?”

Amelia sighed, “I miss her companionship.  She had become a close friend.  I have not had a friend in a long time, Angus things need to change around here, and I am tired of stuck in this dreary medieval castle.  I want to get out and go see the world.  Cherry opened up my eyes to what I have been missing.

When is she coming home?  I would like to go on a shopping trip and get some new outfits for myself.  I figure if you can buy your assistant a whole new wardrobe then you can surely take care of your Wife too.”

Angus rasped, “What did Cherry do?  Put stupid notions in your head you crazy woman.  I will do nothing of the sort.  His eyes narrowed, “You’ve been nothing but a cold bitch to me for years then last night you were all warm and seductive?  I have to admit it was thrilling to see that side of you.  I didn’t know you had it in you!”

Amelia smiled demurely “Well you can thank Cherry for that!  She taught me a few things.”

He mockingly said, “Oh yeah, what kind of things did she teach you?”  Amelia spat out “How to have an orgasm for one!”

The fury in Angus was unmistakable as he turned several colors and sputtered out “An orgasm!”  Amelia said through gritted teeth, “Angus you need to learn how to please a woman.  You are horrid in bed!”

She stormed out of the room and ran up stairs.

Angus yelled after her, “Cherry’s gone for good.  I threw her overboard on the*****change ship*** RMS Queen Elizabeth II!  You’ll never see your little whore again you little bitch!”

Annie could hear her parents yelling from outside the window.  She smiled with relief and thought that now would be the time to tell her Father what had happened.  Amelia was sobbing as she left the house and headed towards town.  She snarled at Annie, “I’m going to deal with you once I get rid of him!”  Annie shook in fear as Amelia stomped down the driveway.

15 ****name a new ship***** change RMS Queen Elizabeth II to new ship name – FIND*** done

Amelia headed straight to the grocers.

Jean would know if the story was true.  She asked, “Have you seen Cherry at all?”

Jean replied, “Yes I saw her leave with your Husband a few months ago.  I believe they were taking a trip to London on the ****RMS Queen Elizabeth II.  I have not seen her since though.  Why do you ask?”  Amelia’s eyes welled up with tears, “She didn’t come back with Angus.  I’m worried about her.”  A man that was in the store said, “Excuse Me, but did you say your friend is missing?”

Amelia nodded.  The man continued, “Well I did hear at the shipping yard in Quebec that some woman had been thrown off the RMS Queen Elizabeth II while on its way to London.  She had drowned.  I cannot recall the name of the girl, but I am sure that she was from Place Royale.  I’m sorry maybe it was your friend.”

Jean had a grim look on his face as he thought for a moment then he said, “Maybe Patricia Totenmyer would know.  She corresponds on a regular basis with people from England.  I get her mail here all the time.”

Jean gave her directions to the cottage and Amelia murmured her thanks, and then headed over to the Totenmyer cottage, knocked on the door.  No one answered and as she turned to leave one of the neighbours passing by said, “If you’re looking for the Totenmyers they have gone to Paris for a month or so to visit their friend Luvena.”

Amelia thanked the woman and headed back home in total despair her shoulders were shaking.  She sat down on a tree trunk and sobbed.  ‘She thought about how to get revenge on Angus.  She would get rid of Annie for good too.  Then she would go live an entirely new life somewhere else.  She would do it for Cherry!’

16****new chapter  title mss – The Torture Chamber *** done

Meanwhile Angus had finished in his study then thought about Annie.  He went down to the dungeon and saw the whip, shackles, and fresh dried blood on them.  He stood there wondering what had happened then realized the shackles had a rather long chain on them for someone shorter.  He went upstairs and out into the back yard.  Annie was saying some sort of incantation and stopped, whirled around with pure hatred in her eyes until she realized it was her Father.

Tears welled up in her eyes and he grabbed her and pulled up her sleeves.  Red rings around her tiny wrists, and then he inspected her back, sure enough, there were red welts from the lashes of a whip.  He asked in anguish, “Annie how did this happen?”  Annie sobbed and said, “She threatened to kill me if I ever told you.”  Angus looked at her and said, “Not if we kill the bitch first.  Tell me what happened.”

Annie told him everything how it had all started since she was the age of four.  How Amelia had made her play a game with her, and then she had seen Cherry playing it with her Mother as well.  Cherry had gotten angry and scolded Amelia telling her it was sexual abuse and that she forbade Amelia to touch Annie.  She saved me Father by making it all stop, but then you took Cherry away and it was much worse.  I fought Mother off and bit her special spot, so she put me in the shackles in the dungeon, and hurt and whipped me every day.  Eventually she forced me to do it the right way like Cherry had.  They were lover’s Father; I saw them out in the garden when you were gone.”

Angus was beside himself and feeling rather ill.  His tender little Annie had been sexually abused since she was a child and by his Wife!  How could he have been so blind to it all?  He had worked long hours in the office but surely he must have noticed something but then again he had been so wrapped up in his projects he hadn’t paid much attention to Amelia or Annie.

He only had himself to blame.  Maybe if he had tried harder to work out their sexual problems Amelia would not have gone after Annie.  He said “Annie I want you to go to your room.  I’m going to deal with your Mother!”

Amelia came home and Angus was sitting by the door waiting for her.  She yelled “You murderer!  You killed my Cherry!  I’ll make you pay you bastard!”  He grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, dragged her down to the dungeon, and put her into the shackles.  He stripped and whipped her then proceeded to rape her for several hours.  She screamed and begged him to stop.

He was a man driven by a demon as the hatred arose in him and he rasped, “You raped my little girl and beat her.  Now you will pay for your sins.”

She looked with terror at his dark eyes seeing the hatred there and said, “I should have killed the little bitch when I had the chance and then killed you!  You are an evil man Angus Atkins!  My Mother was right when she said I was marrying the Son of the devil.”  He slapped her roundly across the face and went upstairs to bed.  Annie heard the screams, went down the stairs, got out a potion that would inflict pain to the body and mixed it into a glass of wine.

She brought it to her Mother who drank it then sneered, “You little bitch I’m going to get you for this!”  Annie looked at her and smiled wickedly.  She began to mumble one of her incantations, grabbed the whip and started to strike Amelia as hard as she could.  All the hatred, the rage and violence would overtake her soul that day.  Annie would never be the same again.  The little innocent girl would be gone forever and something evil had taken its place instead…

Amelia had suffered many tortures by the hands of Angus and Annie for a few weeks.  She finally died from her wounds.  Annie stripped her Mother’s bones of its flesh, disposed of it with a type of acid she had made and then she put the white bones in a safe place.

The Business of Chambers & Deere March 1994

It was a few months later, when Angus encountered Marchina and Edwin.  They had come to live in Place Royale.  Marchina sensed depression and darkness as she looked at the sadness on Angus’ face.  She asked, “How are Amelia and Annie doing?”

Angus sighed, “Amelia took off on me while I was away.  She had an affair with Cherry and I guess she decided she was leaving me.  I haven’t seen her since.”  Marchina looked at him with a wary eye and said, “It’s strange Angus that so many people tend to disappear at that castle!  Are you sure it’s not cursed?”

Angus said, “Cursed?  Of course not, things happen and people leave.”  She replied softly, “Have you heard from Cherry?  She has disappeared as well!”  Angus mocking tone said, “She’s probably run off with Amelia.  The two of them are meant for one another!”  Marchina said, “It’s all so mysterious Angus really!”

She walked away and Edwin said, “You really got on his case didn’t you dear?  Such a strange place when I look at his castle I get an ominous feeling.  I wonder what Jacob will think?”  Marchina stared towards the castle and said, “You tell Jacob to stay away from Angus Atkins or he may suffer the same fate.  Great darkness surrounds that place.  I sense great evil there.”

Edwin laughed and said, “Now Marchina your Aunt Patricia warned me about your wild imaginations at times and how sometimes they are your own doing.  Angus Atkins may not be in business for very long.  I hear since his Wife left him his business has suffered and he’s thinking of closing up shop here in Canada.”

Marchina scolded Edwin, “Where do you get such notions?”  Edwin said, “The guy from Old Port Inn told me in confidence.  I was asking him if there would be room for two development companies here in Place Royale.”

Marchina looked at him and he explained.  I have asked Jacob Deere to come join me here in Place Royale.  We will start our own land development and Architect business and combine it with my importing and exporting as well.  I plan to hire some men from Quebec and England that Father knows.

We are going to call it Chambers & Deere.  Jacob will only stay for a few months at a time.  He wants to continue to live in Paris.  Estella refuses to come to Canada to live.  Her heart is in Paris.  There is the opportunity to re-develop Quebec and Montreal.  We will focus on those areas first and then later on work on the surrounding towns.  Angus was supposed to develop Cote de La Montagne but he gave up on the project when Cherry left him.  She was supposed to be the head of that project.”

Marchina said, “It’s sad that Angus is falling apart since Amelia and Cherry left.  He seems to be more of a hermit these days.  I don’t see him around town too much.”  Edwin said, “He seems to hang around the Old Port Inn in the late evening and talks to every stranger or transient that comes into town.  A lot of men and women are looking for work for a few days in exchange for room and board.  The Innkeeper says the people seem to disappear late at night.  They go out for a walk and never return.  Many a time they leave their belongings behind, so he just boxes it up and puts it in his basement.  They don’t leave much but after a few of them it’s starting to build up.”

Marchina laughed, “He should open a used clothing shop or something here in Place Royale.”  Edwin grinned, “He intends to hold their things for about six months, and then if they didn’t claim it then he’d sell it to the locals.  He’s been doing it now on the side for a few months.”  Marchina looked at him and he grinned, “Yes that special pipe that I was given was a gift from him.  One of the men had left it behind and I had seen it sitting there in the box.  The men have been playing cards in the back of the shop and trading things with Jean.  They are bringing in things that they no longer want or need.”  Marchina chuckled “I’m sure their wives are wondering where these things are disappearing too?”  Edwin said, “Promise not to tell?  This is a secret and darling I can’t keep secrets from you!”  He cuddled her in his arms and kissed her tenderly “My little Starflower I am so lucky to have you…”

17**new mss 1994 – 2006 place royale add some info here or conversation about what happened in Canada to bring it to this point*

18**new mss Jacob Deere story**

19**new mss annie goes to public school when her mother dies – saying she’s too ill to teach her.. excels at grades, very smart child – upstanding in the community**

20**new mss angus atkins architect projects**

Time had passed quickly in Place Royale.  Jacob Deere had come to stay periodically with Marchina and Edwin and had developed several projects in Quebec and Montreal.  Business was booming and Canada was expanding in leaps and bounds.  Many industries had started and were flourishing.  Technology was changing and the automobile industry had grown to be several companies.

17 1994 -2006 Place Royale

Tuesday Sept 6, 1994  Annie Goes to Public School

Annie Atkins was six years old when she started attending the Place Royale Public School.  Angus was proud of his daughter.  He knew she would do well with the other children for she came from a rich family.  He made sure she was dressed in the latest fashions, had the nicest things so that the other children would envy her.  Unfortunately the kids thought she was a bit of a freak because she lived in a medieval castle and many of them shunned her.  Annie became angrier as the year progressed, often threatening to kill the other children.  Her teachers insisted that she needed to see a psychiatrist.

Angus Atkins was not pleased with his daughter and decided to put a spell on her to make her a lovely and indifferent child.  The spell would last until she was nineteen years old then Annie could do as she pleased.  Her teachers marvelled at the difference in her and the student began to accept her and she became one of the most popular students there .

It was Feb 14, 1996 when Annie came into his office crying about something.

Angus said, “What’s wrong turtle dove?”

Annie cried, “It’s Mr Dressup he’s doing his last tv show today… I’m going to miss him.”

Angus smiled, “they will have reruns during the summer, now run along, everything will be alright.”

It was on Januaary 2, 1998 that the El Nino winds created a heavy ice storm that resulted in power failures, severe damaging winds and lots of deaths.  Jean Moisan was concerned about the Atkins so he rode a horse out there during the storm to see if they needed any supplies.

Angus let Jean in and smiled, “I guess you were wondering why I didn’t come to town.  It’s Annie I think she has the flu.”

Jean walked into her bedroom and pulled out some children’s Tylenol and gave it to her.

Jean said, “That will help bring down her temperature.  Mrs Moisan made you some homemade chicken noodle soup and bread.”

Angus said, “Tell your wife we appreciate her kindness.  Now how much do I owe you?”

Jean smiled, “It’s on the house… I’ll see you soon…”

Angus let him out and shut the door relieved that Jean didn’t show up an hour earlier or he would have heard the screams…

It was January 1, 2000 and Annie came running into her fathers office while the whole mansion began to shake.  The suits of armor fell with a crash to the ground.  Annie was terrified.

Annie said, “I was trying out a new spell.  I’m sorry father.”

Angus grinned and turned on the television, “Look Annie it wasn’t you.  We had a 5.2 earthquake up in Kipawa  they felt it all over Quebec and Ontario as far as Toronto…”

Annie felt relieved and went back to play in her potions room…

It was June 7, 2002 when Jean Moisan pulled out the newspaper and showed it to Angus Atkins , “I never thought I’d see the day when homosexual couples would get full parental rights.  It’s not going to work.  The kids will be confused.”

Angus said, “I can’t see it being any different then Joseph Munroe’s case.  He raised his son Jake with the help of Viktor Stalin and no one thought differently.  But two men decided to be gay in their sexual orientation and all of a sudden people assume they can’t be good parents?  That is absurd!”

Jean felt chastised, “You know I am being silly… Just like the rest of them…”

It was June 30, 2003 when Jean showed Angus the New York Times – Canada sends first telescopte into space.

Jean smirked, “IT’s about time Canada sent something other than monkeys.”

Angus just laughed at him…

It was August 14, 2003 when Angus came running up the stairs from the dungeons yelling, “Annie stop messing with the lights.”

Annie came running downstairs, “I thought you blew a fuse.”

She ran over to the fuse box and flicked the switch, nothing happened.  Just then Jean Moisan rang the doorbell and Annie opened it.

Jean said, “We seem to have some sort of power outage and no one knows exactly why.  I’m heading over to the Totenmyers – they have a ham radio.  I’ll let you know when I know more about it.”

Angus said, “I’m coming with you.  Annie you stay here and keep the downstairs door shut.”

Annie figured her father was working on something important, he didn’t usually ask her to watch the house.  With no power the alarms wouldn’t work, so she nodded  yes and went back up to her room and waited.

Angus came back an hour later, “It looks like there’s an outage all the way from New York City to Canada.  It’s a blackout, something about  a transformer blowing.  It can take up to three days for them to fix it.  We’ll just have to use candles and do things the way my father did years ago…”

It was on May 17, 2005 while Angus was in Jean’s store getting supplies that he noticed the flurry of activity by the bus stop.

Angus said, “What’s going on?”

Jean said, “Queen Elizabeth II is coming to visit canada for nine days to celebrate the centennial in Alberta and Saskatchewan.”

Angus smirked, “Just like the gold rush back in the 1800s.”

Jean laughed.

On Jan 1, 2006 thirty cities across the province of Quebec were reconstituted and small towns became amalgomated into a super city.

Jean was watching the news on tv when Angus walked in.  Jean offered him a drink.

Jean said, “A toast to our new super cities in Quebec.”

Angus smiled, “It will help with funding projects, now that everyone’s trying to save a buck or two, I’ll be able to get more investors for my projects.”

Jean said, “It’s going to be so confusing for the rest of us…”

21**new mss annie graduates from school and plans to go to university – angus is ill**

21 June 2006 – Sept 2007 – Annie Atkins

It was June 2006 the last day of school and Annie Atkins stood at a podium thanking the student body four wonderful years and here she was an honor roll student, the student president and  debating with another young fella about which University she was going to attend.  It would all depend on what courses they provided.

Angus hugged his daughter and said, “Annie I am so proud of you for what you’ve done.  Congratualtion’s on being the first Atkins to be on the honour roll. ”

Annie smiled, “I’m also going to be the first on the honor roll in University.  I’ve decided I want to attend school in New York City.”

Angus didn’t seem very happy about it.

He said, “But  I thought you were going to stay here in Place Royale and take a real estate course?”

Annie said, “I will in a couple of years, first I want to study forensics and science.”

Angus said, “That’s an odd combination.”

Annie smiled, “I have my reasons…I’ll be leaving in a few weeks.  I want you to come with me.  You need a break dad.”

Angus shook his head, “There’s too much for me to do here.”

Annie said, “We’ll see about that…”

Annie Atkins meets Dr David Johnson

Annie Atkins was nineteen years old and she was planning to go away to University.  Angus had slowly deteriorated over time, had become ill, and had gone mentally insane.  Annie left a note that day for her Father saying that she would be going to University and would return home in a couple of years.  She did not want to face him.

The Doctor had given her Power of Attorney over her Father’s Estate.  She had slowly been moving his money into her own personal bank account and had enough to take care of herself for a couple of years then she would have to make some serious money to stay afloat.  She had gotten two pieces of identification made under an assumed name.  Angus had known certain shady individuals who could assist her in these matters.

Annie left late one evening and took the black Mercedes to New York City.  She found a little white house out in the country and rented it under her assumed identity.  She enrolled at the University in New York City and decided to specialize in Medical and Forensic Studies.  She would train to work in a morgue as a student.  She found a part time job with Fields Funeral Home, and became close friends with Neilson Fields and his Cousin Dr. David Johnson that evening while out clubbing at the Yorker.

Dr David Johnson had bought her a drink and was desperately trying to pick Annie up.  She asked him what he was doing in New York City these days.  He answered, “I’ m currently attending a medical conference.  You see I am a Doctor and my practice is on the outskirts of the city over in Manhattan.  I just received my final divorce papers and I’m out celebrating and enjoying my bachelorhood.”  Annie looked at him and said, “Why would anyone want to divorce such a delicious looking man?”

David grinned and pulled up his shirt to reveal his six-pack.  “I’ve been busy working out to get into shape since the Wife and I split up.  Would you believe she cheated on me with an older woman?  I should have seen it years ago.  You see I met my ex Cherry on the RMS Queen Elizabeth II.  In fact she was a business associate of the once famous Angus Atkins.”

Annie had sputtered on her drink.  She had introduced herself as Cynthia.  David had no idea about her real identity.  He said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you, did you know the man?”  Annie composed herself, “Not really, but I do admire his work.  He was fabulously talented at one time.”

David agreed, “I’ve always wondered what happened to him.  Did you know that Scotland Yard was after him for the disappearance of Ida Tinkle?  I guess she was in his employ at one time according to Cherry.  The woman had disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  Cherry told me this hair brained story that Angus was out to get her.  I saved her from the monster by running off to Paris and getting married.  We headed to London so that I could obtain my degrees and then we ended up in New York City of all places!

Years ago, she had met a woman named Fifi Cartier on the RMS Queen Elizabeth II.  They had become close friends.  Fifi later divorced her gay Husband named Gaylord (very appropriate name for him) and then moved to New York City.  I did not think much about it at the time when Cherry begged me to move to America.

A woman named Marchina Totenmyer that I would end up here so I gave in had told me.  I realized over time that Cherry and Fifi always went out every weekend and Cherry would stay overnight at Fifi’s for a few days at a time.  I was busy with getting my medical practice going and finding new patients.

Once things had calmed down, I had more time on my hands during the weekends.  Cherry continued to go out with Fifi and stay at her place.  One day I asked her about it and she used the excuse that it was girl’s night out and that I should go have a person’s night out or something.  The deal was fine by me.  I started hanging out with my Cousin’s Neilson and Jordan Fields.  Jordan will be finished his schooling sometime this year.

One night the three of us came here to the Yorker.  I rarely ever stepped foot in a bar and I was quietly enjoying a drink when I saw Cherry and Fifi walk in hand in hand.  I kept to myself and just sat there and watched.  I had the shock of my life.  First thing I noticed was that Cherry was not wearing her wedding ring set.

Secondly, she was wearing some slutty short mini skirt and revealing bar clothes.  She did not have that outfit at home.  Thirdly all night the two of them were kissing and groping one another and going to the women’s washroom and coming out high.  I found out later that it was cocaine.  I decided to follow them to the apt and walked in the opened doorway.

They were both naked and playing with each other while I was in the shadows of the room, so they invited me to join them.  By this time, I was sick with rage and I just said to Cherry, “I want a divorce!”

Then she just walked out the door.  I could not believe it!  She did not even bat an eye or argue with me.  The next day she came home, cleared out all her things and moved in with Fifi.  I just found out today that they broke up.  I guess what goes around comes around.  Cherry came home to find Fifi in bed with a much younger woman.  Cherry moved out and got her own place here in New York City.

She goes to the Girls Club every weekend.  I happened to bump into her today at a coffee shop.  She looked terrible and tried to make a pitiful play for me.  I felt somewhat sorry for her but told her to forget it.  I would never forgive her for what she did to me.”

Annie sat there with a wicked grin on her face and then she turned to Neilson.  “You never mentioned your brother before?”

Neilson mumbled something incoherent.  He was seriously drunk and it looked like they were ready to leave.  David was getting tired of the place.  Annie excused herself while looking at the time and rushed home to change into a revealing outfit.

22***new chapter Annie finds Cherry Dowling 2006 ** done

Annie Atkins Finds Cherry Dowling July 2007

A slim, attractive, short blonde haired woman, with blue eyes wearing a tight red leather mini skirt and tank top walked into the Girls Club later that evening in New York City.  All eyes were on her as she looked around and then she made a beeline to a redhead that was sitting alone at the bar.  She extended her hand and said, “Hi I’m Cynthia and you are?”  The woman smiled and shook her hand “My name’s Cherry Dowling is you new in town?  I’ve never seen you in here before.”  Annie sat down and smiled “Yeah I just moved here and I’m looking for some companionship.  Can I buy you a drink?”  Cherry was surprised that a girl who was so young and sexy would offer her a drink.  She smiled and said, “Thanks, I’ll have a martini.”  It was after many drinks that the two girls headed out into the street.  Annie hailed a taxi and she was sure to cover Cherry’s face.

The driver asked, “Is she going to be okay?  I don’t want anyone throwing up in my cab.”  Annie said, “Nothing to worry about she’s just tired that’s all.”  She had the taxi driver drop them off a hundred yards from her place on a different road.  They stumbled out and she paid the drive and waited until he had gone.

Then she pulled Cherry up on her feet and got her to start walking.  They had removed their sandals and were walking barefoot in the long grass.  It was an hour later when they arrived at the little white house.  Cherry was beginning to wake up and she wondered how she had gotten out into the middle of nowhere.

Annie explained that she had passed out at the bar and that they had walked out to her place.  She said, “Were only a few minutes from town.  Come in and we’ll have some fun.”  Cherry nodded as Annie held out some cocaine for her to try.  Annie brought her into her bedroom and tied her up to the bed frame.  She began to play with her and Cherry wriggled around moaning in pleasure.

Later Annie had to admit that Cherry was definitely the best she had ever had.  They had enjoyed one another all night then Annie had given her some wine.  It had contained a special potion in it that guaranteed to knock Cherry out for at least eight hours.  Annie set her alarm and slept for about six hours then she got up and prepared another potion.  She poured it into Cherry’s mouth and she slowly watched as the girl gasped for air then stopped breathing and died.  Annie had poisoned her with snake venom.  She dragged the body down into the basement, removed the flesh from the bones, poured acid on the bits of flesh, and watched it disappear.  She cleaned the bones and then carefully placed them into a black duffel bag.

23**new mss 3 years in university annie atkins**talk about what she learned.

23 Sept 2007 – June 2008 University for Annie

It was September 2007 and Annie Atkins was ready to tackle University the same way she had tackled high school back in Place Royale.

She was listening to Marilyn Manson’s Eat Me Drink Me which was released on June 5th.  In her suitcase was the latest CD Album released on Aug 12 from Extreme called Saudades de Rock.  She would hit the music stores later for some other tunes from Dimension Zero, Linkin Park, Sex Pistols, Van Halen and X Japan.  There was a rumor that Extreme would announce a World Tour for 2008 with Kings X, but she would have to wait until November to find out for sure.

Annie looked over at the young sophomore girl standing next to her.  A cute blonde with a lean body and a disarming smile.  Annie could tell right away that she was the “needy” type.  She tried to walk the other way but the girl grabbed her arm.

The girl said, “Is that Marilyn Manson your listening too?”

Annie nodded, “It’s the new song Eat Me Drink Me.”

The girl extended her hand and said, “My name is Slyvie Hatchett and you are?”

Annie mumbled something about having to go and she darted out towards the end of the second line.  She didn’t want to give her name to anyone ever….

John Spearman was looking around at all the jocks and smiling at them.  Trying to get someone’s attention he wanted to know where the tryouts would be for the football team…

Cindy and Delilah were laughing behind Annie’s back as she stood in line.  They didn’t like the girls ripped stockings, mini skirt and tank top.  They didn’t see her face.  Annie held out her mirror to apply some red lipstick she could see the girls standing behind her.  She didn’t like them at all…

Annie worked hard on her studies in university, she didn’t go to any of the parties, and didn’t talk to anyone.  She wanted to stay under everyone’s radar.  She would eventually go out next summer after passing her first year.  She decided she would need a good disguise so she went all over New York City buying wigs and costumes.  She disguised herself as a man so no one knew who she was or where she was from.  She spoke in clipped french and pointed to things with gloves on….

Angus would yell at Annie as soon as she got in the door.  Annie was getting tired of this little charade she couldn’t wait until it was over with.  Her father’s immune system was slowly being destroyed little by little… It was taking longer then she thought but she wanted it to look like an accident.  That would be the only way the life insurance would pay out all that cash…

It was in the summer of 2008 and Annie was enjoying the sunshine outside working on her tan in a white bikini.  She had her hair tied up in an red and white scarf.  The young guy who lived down the road decided to stop and ask if she wanted to go out for a drink.  That’s when she decided she would need to be more careful in the future.

He rambled up the driveway and Annie said, “I didn’t invite you to come on my property I suggest you leave..”

The guy said, “I figured you could use some company.  You always seem to be alone..”

Annie smiled, “My girlfriend works long hours…”

The guy looked at her and said, “What a shame, sorry to bother you…”

Then he turned and walked away, got back into his truck and drove off down the road wishing he were a girl…

Annie and Sylvie Hallett June, 2010

It was a few years later and Annie was in her last year of University.

She had met Sylvie Hallett at the Yorker and they had become lovers.  Annie, known as Cynthia Stalin, would wear her various disguises at the Yorker and Field’s Funeral Home.  She would only go to Sylvie’s place in the city.  She explained that her Father was old fashioned, mentally insane, so she could not bring anyone to his house.  Sylvie had accepted this lie.  One night, after having a huge row, Annie told Sylvie that it was over between them.  Annie went to the Yorker and met a person named John Spearman.

He was actually another one of Neilson Fields Cousins.  Annie started dating John and Sylvie found out about it when she showed up at the Yorker one night.  Annie had gone to the women room when Sylvie went over to John and smiling at him she asked, “Are you serious with that chic?”

John laughed and said, “I’m in an open relationship.”  Sylvie smiled some more and handed him her phone number “Call me sometime.”  She walked away and John watched her sleek, sexy body with interest.  Neilson had watched Sylvie and had gone to look for Annie.  He found her at the bar “Can I get you another drink?”  Annie nodded and thanked Neilson.  He said “My brothers due to come home from London this week.  Maybe you’ll meet him before your finished school.”

*24**need name for granpa fields***

Annie smiled, “Yeah it’s kind of strange that I’ve never met him.”  Neilson nodded “Yeah he is managing the Fields Funeral Home in London until we get a replacement.  He has hired someone to run the place for him this week, and he is planning to come back to live in New York City.  Our Grandfather is ill.  He wants to spend some time with him before he dies.”

Annie looked at him, “You don’t seem to care about your Grandfather dying?”  Neilson’s eyes hardened, “My Grandfather and I have never gotten along he tends to favour my brother over me.  I am waiting for him to kick the bucket; then I will be filthy rich.  The old goats worth millions I can’t wait!”

Annie laughed, “Is money the only thing you ever think about?”  Neilson looked at her and his eyes softened and he grinned and said, “Yes because when I’m rich I can ask you to marry me.”  Annie looked at him in surprise “I didn’t know you felt that way.”  Neilson turned three shades of red “Sorry I should have just kept that to myself.”

Annie hugged him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.  That was really sweet of you.”  At that moment, John had come over to the bar and saw Annie kissing Neilson.  He turned on his heel, walked out of the bar, and headed to a pay phone.  “Hi, can I please speak to Sylvie?”

A female voice replied, “This is she.”  He fumbled with his words, “Ah…This is John from the Yorker.”  She asked, “Would you like to come over?”  His sexy husky voice said, “Sure, where do you live?”

She gave him the address.  He said, “I’ll see you soon.”  John hailed a cab and went to Sylvie’s place.  “She opened the door “Well this is a nice surprise.  I did not expect to hear from you.”  John said, “I caught my girlfriend kissing my Cousin Neilson.”

Sylvie said, “I’m sorry to hear that, Oh well her loss, my gain.  Come here baby.  Sylvie will make you feel better!”  She pulled him towards her bedroom and John felt a little bit better and smiled at his revenge on Cynthia.

25***new chapter Sylvie’s Jealousies***

Sylvie Gets Jealous

The next day John called Annie, “I saw you kissing my Cousin Neilson last night and I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore.  I’ve met someone else and we slept together last night.”  John had expected Annie to be angry about it.  She just shrugged her shoulders and told him she had slept with Neilson last nigh too after following him to Sylvie’s place.  John looked shocked at this then laughed.

Annie said, “Be careful with Sylvie.  I used to date her.  She can get a little crazy at times.”  John was surprised at this news and said, “I’m not worried I can take care of myself.”

John had started dating Sylvie.  One night they went with Neilson and Annie to the club, and they met two girls named Cindy Irwin and Delilah Farrier.  Both were quite wild at the bar.  They really knew how to let loose.  Cindy was working part-time at de-la-fleur flower shop and going to University part-time.  Delilah was her party friend and the two of them made a game of picking up either a man or a woman to take home with them for the night.

One night a girl named Lynn Farnsworth showed up at the Yorker.  When she saw John, she grabbed him and hugged him tight.  Sylvie stood there with eyes flashing and followed Lynn into the bathroom “You keep your filthy paws off my man!”  Lynn sputtered, “John and I have been best friends since we were little tykes.  I am not after your man.  You’ve got nothing to worry about because John adores you.”

Sylvie said, “Just the same stay away from him!”  Then she walked out the door, grabbed John, and dragged him outside “I want to go home now.”  John said, “My friend Lynn just got here and I haven’t seen her in ages.”  Sylvie stamped her foot “I told her to stay away from you.  You are mine now.  I will not share you with another woman.  She wants you I know it!”  John said through gritted teeth “Sylvie you’re over reacting.  I am tired of this crap.  You complain when I want to go out for a night with the people and now you are telling my friends to stay away from me.  I thought the guys were pulling my leg when they said you told them the same thing!”

Sylvie screamed, “I told them all to stay away from you.  Your mine and I won’t share you!”  John just stood there and shook his head in disbelief.  He walked back into the bar, went, and apologized to Lynn.  Sylvie came up and snarled, “I told you to stay away from him.”

John yelled “Sylvie stop being such a possessive bitch!  You are crazy!  It’s over between us!”  He grabbed Lynn’s arm and they ran out the door.  Sylvie stood there and cried…

26***new chapter The Obsession****

Sylvie’s Obsession

Over the next few weeks, Sylvie wrote several letters to John.  She tried calling him and he refused to answer the phone.  She showed up at the Yorker while John was out with some new friends that evening.  She approached one of the people at the bar “Hi my name is Sylvie Hallett and you are?”

One of the young men said,“I’m Justin Deere and these are my friends Nathan and Josh Adam.”

Sylvie said, “You have a French accent?”  Justin said, “I grew up in Paris.  We went to school in England and now were planning to attend University here in New York City.”

Sylvie said, “I see.  I guess you’ll be starting next year then?”  Justin nodded “Yeah we came to get used to your American culture for a few months.  Do you know John Spearman?”  Sylvie had been watching as John came up to them “John you haven’t responded to any of my letters or phone calls?”

John looked at her and laughed, “Why should I respond to your tiresome threats?  The First thing she tells me is that she is going to kill herself and now she has gotten nasty and says she wants to kill me!  Sylvie I do not want to have anything to do with you.  I do not want any more letters or phone calls and stop stalking me.  I have filed a restraining order against you today.  I suggest you clear out of here before I call the police and have you arrested for threatening me.”

Justin looked at Sylvie in surprise “So you’re the chic that’s been writing all that nasty stuff.  You are nuts man you need to get lost and now!”

Sylvie ran out of the bar shaking like a leaf.  She let the tears pour down her face then she resolved to compose herself, walked back in, and hid in a corner.  She watched as John began to dirty dance with Cindy and Delilah.  He was so drunk he could hardly stand up.

Sylvie felt pure hatred for John and went outside and called up Annie “I can’t believe he’s with those girls.  He acted like he cared for me.”  Annie told her to go home and write down her feelings in her journal.

Sylvie said, “I could just murder him.”  Annie laughed, “Murder him in your journal.  In fact do all three of them in.  You’ll feel better in the morning.”  Sylvie got off the phone and saw Justin leave with Cindy and Delilah.  Sylvie overheard them saying “Too bad John passed out.  We would have brought him along too.”  Sylvie followed them from a distance up to the apartment where they lived.  She made a note of the girls address then went home to write out her fantasy killing.

27**Sylvie’s Fantasy new chapter ***

Sylvie’s Fantasy Diary

It was a few days later when Annie called Sylvie and asked if she could come over.  When Annie got in the door, Sylvie clung to her and cried, “I hate him so much!”  It just eats at me.”  Annie asked if she had written her fantasy murder down yet.  “Yes every last gory detail!  I just wish I could actually do it.”

Annie said, “Read it to me.”  When Sylvie finished reading, Annie suggested that she add Cynthia Stalin as an accomplice.  Sylvie looked at Cynthia and said, “If I really wanted to get him would you help?”

Annie smiled and said “With pleasure!”  Then she got into bed and pleasured Sylvie all night long.  She excused herself in the morning and said, “I’ll be packing up my things in the next few weeks because my lease is up on my Father’s place.  We’re moving away soon.”

Sylvie pleaded, “Why can’t you stay here with me?  I love you Cynthia!  Why can’t we be together again?”  Annie sighed, “You know why!  You get too needy and possessive for my liking and really I have my own life to live and it does not include any partners.  I plan to be on my own from now on.  I’ll be busy working on a career and I won’t have time for anyone.”  Sylvie asked, “How will I get a hold of you?”

Annie smiled “You can call me if you like.  I always answer the phone.”  Sylvie smiled “That you do.  Even if you were mad at me you always answered the phone.”  Annie said, “Yeah I do.  I do not run away from people.  They run away from me if they know what’s good for them.”  Sylvie felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.  Deep inside her, there was a reverent fear of Cynthia.  She always sounded so ominous when she said things like that.  “Does your Father still rant and rave as much?”

Annie said, “Yeah, he still goes nuts at night especially when it’s a full moon.  It’s crazy and exhausting sometimes.”  Annie thought to herself, ‘It will be good to see my Father again.  Although his mind’s gone I still love him.’

Annie said, “I’ve got to go now.  Maybe we will go out my last weekend in New York City.”  Sylvie looked at her friend with tears in her eyes “I’m really going to miss you Cynthia.  It’s been great knowing you.”

Annie replied, “Yeah same here Sylvie you’ve been the closest thing to a friend that I’ve ever had and I mean it.”

Annie had watery eyes, she quickly shook off the sentimental feelings and left.

28**new chapter Neilson & Annie’s Plan***

Neilson Fields and Annie Atkins Have a Plan

It was a few days later that Neilson called her “My Grandfather died a few days ago.  We had a private service and they read the will today.”  Annie, surprised by the bitterness in his voice as he said, “The bastard left everything to my brother Jordan.  He didn’t leave me one red cent.”

Annie gasped and thought ‘now what am I going to do.  I was looking forward to using that money for my plans.’  Annie said, “I’ll be right over.”  She arrived within the hour and sat down with Neilson who said, “I need you to seduce my Brother Jordan and get all of his money from him.  He is an easy target and very naive where women are concerned.  He will fall in love fast.  You can move in with him and somehow get control of all his money.  Then I will split it with you.  I’ll give you twenty-five percent of his inheritance.”

Annie nodded and asked, “How will I meet your brother?”  Neilson said, “I’ll arrange for him to be at that restaurant “Cravots.”  He loves country girls with red hair, green eyes, virginal and simple minded.  Get him into bed as soon as you can.  He hasn’t been laid in years.”  Annie asked, “Is he ugly or something?”

Neilson laughed, “My brother is far from ugly.  He has actually better looking than me but he is a little slow when it comes to girls and he’s very shy.  You’ll have him eating out of your hand in no time.”  Annie said, “Speaking of time, I’ve only got about two more weeks here then I’m moving away with my Father.”  Neilson said, “When were you going to tell me?”  She noticed his puppy dog eyes “Really Neilson I’ve always assumed it was just sex with us and nothing more.  I am not into relationships.  I have told you this before.  I plan to be alone from now on.”  Neilson asked, “Will I ever see you again?”

Annie smiled, “I’ll always be just a phone call away.”  Neilson felt better.  He showed Annie a picture of Jordan’s face.  “He sure is good looking.  I should have met him before you.”  She laughed then stopped at his hurt look as he said, “Jordan will be at Cravots for two o’clock in the afternoon.  I will tell him I have set him up on a blind date.  He will be tickled pink when he see’s you.”

Annie kissed him on the cheek and said, “How about I pleasure you for a bit before I go home?”  Neilson smiled and said, “You never have to ask me twice!”

The Love Spell

29****new chapter The Love Spell ***

Annie left a few hours later and went home to sleep.  She got up early in the morning and did some shopping.  She went home and mixed a special love potion and did a love spell incantation over Jordan’s picture.

She donned on her new disguise and looked in the mirror “You look hot as a red head.  I should wear this wig to the Yorker some time.  I’ll have some fun I think.”

She arrived at Cravots and spotted Jordan right away, he was definitely more handsome than his Brother Neilson.

It was obvious that Jordan had a muscular body, gorgeous blue eyes that lit up when she sat down, and polite table manners displayed when she introduced herself.  “Hi I’m Cynthia Stalin and you I presume are Jordan Fields?”

He nodded and blushed.

The waiter came up, “Are you two ready to order?”

Annie nodded and ordered a steak dinner and asked Jordan what he wanted.  He sat there tongue tied so then she asked if he liked steak?  He nodded yes so she ordered for the both of them and thought to herself ‘that it is going to be an awfully long day…”

Sylvie’s Revenge

Neilson called her the next day and said, “Congratulations my brother is head over heels in love with you.”  Annie laughed, “I guess he talked to you?  Only a little bit, not much to say to me, sitting there all tongue tied and blushing at every word I said.  He really was annoying.  I am going to want more money now, say forty percent, for he is boring as hell and is probably horrid in bed.”

Neilson laughed, “You may be right about that.  I believe my brother is still a virgin so be forewarned.  As for the forty percent, I think thirty-five percent is a more acceptable figure.  She said, “It’s a deal, now what shall I do?”  Neilson said, “You will seduce him, but don’t do it too quickly or he’ll think you’re a whore.  How do you plan to get his banking information?”  Annie said, “Don’t worry I have my ways of getting that kind of information from him.  I will ask him to invest in some kind of project of mine.  If we take too much money, he is bound to notice.  He doesn’t come across as being that dumb!”

Neilson laughed, “Yeah you’re probably right but how will you continue a relationship with him if you’re not living anywhere near him?”  “Like I said, I’m only a phone call away.  I will come running when Prince Charming calls.  Now stop worrying about it.  I have everything planned and under my control.”

She hung up the phone and called one of her Father’s friends, “I’m going to need two passports and Visa’s made up.  Where can we meet?”  He picked Central Park at noon.  She handed him two photographs and said I will need them for a Cynthia and Arthur Stalin.  I also need two marriage licenses one for Cynthia and Arthur Stalin and the other for Jordan Fields and Annie Atkins.”

The man said, “Consider it done.  Do you need them in two weeks?”

“No, I’ll need them in a week.”

“It will cost extra than.”

She said, “Fine then I’ll meet you at your place.  Where do you live?”

He shook his head no.  She looked at him and rubbed her body up against him “I’ll make it worth your while.”

He licked his lips and hesitated.  She opened the buttons on her blouse and showed him her breasts.  He nodded “Okay but only if I get to screw you.”  She nodded “I’ll give you a screw that you’ll never forget.”  She walked away and went home to pack up all her things.  She kept a few articles of clothing and the rest she burnt out in the fire pit.  She cleaned the house and wore a hair net as she combed the place.  She hardly spent any time in the house.  She had slept at everyone else’s place.  She dragged the couch outside and burnt it to ashes then Annie gathered up the ashes, took them down to the river, and dumped them behind her place.  There would be no traces left at the house.

The Hot Red Head

30****new chapter The Hot Red Head***

After Annie had made her potions and love spells, she walked into the Yorker dressed as the hot red head and no one recognized her.  She sat in the corner and waited.  She had called Jordan and told him she would want to see him early on Sunday morning.  She had a surprise for him.  Annie called Neilson and told him not to call her over the next week for she planned to go to Vegas with Jordan and take him away for the week.

Neilson was glad that their plan was coming along nicely and that he would talk to her when they got back.  She hung up the phone when she spotted John dancing with Cindy and Delilah.  She watched and waited until they went into the bathroom.

Annie followed them and saw them go into a bathroom stall.  She opened it with a hairpin and said, “Shh be quiet,” then she closed the door and put both girls up against the wall.

Using her hands, she pleasured both of them at the same time.  She got them off then whispered “I’ll see you two later please don’t say anything to my boyfriend he doesn’t know that I’m into women.  Then she walked outside.

She went down the street to the coffee shop and called Sylvie “Are you going for a drink at the Yorker tonight?”

Sylvie said, “Yeah I tried to call you several times but your phone was busy.”  “Sorry about that I needed to recharge it.  I forgot to with packing and all.  Call me when you get there.  I am wearing a disguise because I do not want Neilson to recognize me.  I’m trying to avoid him.”

Sylvie walked in an hour later.  She stopped at the bar and got a drink then headed to the dance floor.  John was there dirty dancing with Cindy and Delilah.  They were both kissing him and making out with him.

Sylvie stood there angry and hurt.  John saw Sylvie and whispered to the two girls.

They came over to Sylvie and said, “You need to leave you crazy bitch.  John has a restraining order against you.  You’re not allowed here so get lost!”

Sylvie snarled, “You can’t make me leave.”  Cindy said, “Oh yeah bitch watch me.”  She went over to the bouncer and kissed him then pointed at Sylvie.  He came over, “Sylvie Hallett?”

She nodded “Yes?”  “You’ll have to leave now.  You are no longer welcomed at the Yorker.  I am banning you for life.  Now let’s go.”

He unceremoniously dragged her out of the club and pushed her out the door and yelled, “Don’t come back or anywhere near this place or we’ll call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing!”

Everyone that was standing in the line outside watched the commotion with interest.  They started to laugh and jeer at Sylvie.

Cindy and Delilah had come outside and yelled, “Get lost crazy bitch no one wants you here!”

Sylvie stood there shaking in rage then screamed at them, “I’ll get you for this!  You’re all dead meat!”

Sylvie turned and strode angrily down the street and called Annie, “Cynthia they have banned me from the Yorker for life!”

Annie said, “Who did?”

Sylvie hissed, “Those bitches Cindy and Delilah, they were with John and made a scene in front of everyone!  I’m so embarrassed!”  Sylvie was crying hysterically now, “I want to murder them Cynthia, will you come and help me?”

Annie said, “Wait around the corner.  When they leave, I want you to follow us.  I’ll be the red head.”

Sylvie hung up the phone, went, and sat down in the coffee shop nearby.  She had a clear view of the street and the bar.  She saw a scantily clad red head making her way to the bar.

Annie walked in and went straight to the dance floor.  She nodded towards the bathroom and Cindy and Delilah followed her into the bathroom stall.  Annie pulled out some cocaine, “Here have some.”  The two girls took it greedily.  Annie said, “Who’s the hot guy with you?”  Cindy said, “His name is John.  He’s drunk but we were going to take him home with us tonight.”  Annie said, “We should go party at his place.  I hear he has a hot tub.”
Delilah said, “How do you know?”  Annie said, “One of his friends told me once when he tried to pick me up.  They asked me to come over to party with them but I was with my girl so I was unable to.  I’d like to go party at his place tonight with you two.”  The girls nodded and asked when she would be joining them.”

Annie said, “Please don’t let him know it’s me.  I’ll just follow you to his place and I’ll bring a bottle of wine too.”  Cindy said, “I love wine!  Okay we’ll get him to leave in a few minutes before he gets too drunk to stand.”

31**new chapter John’s Place*** sex scenes (change?)

John Spearman’s Apt

The two girls went out to the dance floor and Annie went outside.  She called Sylvie, “Were going to John’s place.  Follow behind me and I’ll call you when it’s time for you to appear.”

John and the girls led the way down the street and Annie followed.  The girls got John upstairs and into the hot tub then they let Annie in.  She was dressed in a leather outfit and had long black gloves on.

The girls giggled, “When did you have time to change?”

Annie smiled and walked in.  She poured them three glasses of wine and placed them on the counter in the kitchen.  Then she went out to the living room and put out some cocaine on the living room table.  The two girls came inside and headed for the table then took some out to John.

Annie brought the three glasses of wine out and handed them to John, Cindy, and Delilah.

Cindy made a toast by raising her wine glass and saying, “To a night of good loving, and pleasure with our new friend, cheers!”

The three of them gulped the wine down.  Annie took the wine glasses away saying she would refill them.  She rinsed and washed them in the toilet then flushed it.  She places the glasses back into the cupboard and she asked the girls to come to the bedroom with her.

They laid on the bed and she hand cuffed their arms and legs to one another and to the bed frame.  She began to play with them and tease them.  John stumbled into the room and she told him to sit on the wooden chair in the corner.  She stripped the girls then had John screw each of them.  She made sure he was not wearing a condom then she had him screw her but told him he had to hold it for another surprise guest.

Then she handcuffed john to the chair with his pants off.  She went out to the living room and called Sylvie who quickly appeared within minutes.  They went into the bathroom and switched outfits.  Annie put the red wig on Sylvie’s head and pulled out a blond one instead.

Annie whispered, “John’s ready to screw on the chair.  He has out of it so go have some fun on him.  I got him ready for you.”

Sylvie smiled and went into the bedroom.  Cindy, Delilah, and John were delirious and laughing.  They were tripping on drugs.  It was not until after Sylvie was finished with John that she realized he did not have a condom on.

Sylvie turned angrily to Annie, “Cynthia!  He didn’t have a condom on.”

Annie said, “Oops, I knew I forgot something.  Sorry, about that it will not happen again.  Sylvie do you remember your fantasy?”

Annie handed Sylvie a baseball bat,  “It was in John’s closet.”

Annie brought out the gags and put them over Cindy, Delilah and John’s mouths.

Sylvie looked at John and laughed, “Who’s a crazy bitch now?  I’ll show you crazy!”

Sylvie started bashing the girl’s heads with the bat.  The wine and drugs had taken its toll and knocked them both out.  Only this time Annie had made it a smaller dose.  The girls were dead in an hour.

Sylvie went back to John and screwed him again, “That’s what I liked about you John.  You could screw me ten times in a day and satisfy me every time.”

Annie said, “Do you mind?  I haven’t had my share.”

Annie had her share of John and then she got off him and poured Sylvie a glass of wine handed her the bat and said, “Have a go at John but don’t kill him.”

Sylvie hit John across the back.  She was scared now but then she started feeling drowsy.  She fell onto the bloody bed and Annie cuffed her to the other girls. Annie grabbed the bat and smashed it over Sylvie’s head.

Sylvie was dead within the hour.  Annie poured more wine into John’s mouth then removed the cuffs from his hands and feet and laid him on the ground with the bat beside him in his hand.  She walked calmly out the back door and into the night…

Annie felt elated and wonderful inside.  With justice served – John Spearman would spend the rest of his days in jail rotting away as the son of a bitch deserved…

It was in the early hours of the morning when she headed to the little white house to shower, change then head over to Jordan’s place.

On the way Annie called her ID contact person, “I’m on my way over to get that paperwork from you, make sure your ready for me baby.”

She inspected each of the documents carefully “I’m impressed you did a great job and I see that you registered the Annie Atkins and Jordan Fields marriage certificate very good.  Now I want you to sit in this chair over here that I have brought.  She cuffed his hands and feet and opened his pants.  She started to play with him then made him drink some wine laced with poison.  He was dead within minutes.

Annie gathered all his things, set a timer, and doused the house with gasoline.  She left and watched from the distance as an explosion rocked the neighbourhood.  Satisfied she headed over to Jordan’s place.


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