Revenge 2

Book Nine – The Revenge of the Atkins – The Mansion on the Hill – Things Change

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Annie and Jordan’s Trip to Africa


The drone of a plane greeted Jordan’s ear and he woke up with a start.  His head was pounding and he felt groggy.  “Where am I?”  Annie whispered, “Its okay dear just drink this.”  The wine tasted good and then blackness overtook him again.  Jordan woke up groggy a few hours later.  Annie gave him a fruity tasting drink this time.  He liked it better then the wine and asked “What flavour was that?”  Annie smiled, “Its Cherry flavoured truth serum, what’s your bank number?  I need you to sign these documents.”  Jordan’s brain was just pounding like crazy he signed them and then dozed off again.

He woke up in a truck going over rough terrain “Where are we?”  Annie rubbed his head, “Arthur dear were in Kenya, Africa.”  “Who is Arthur?”  He heard her say, “My Husband’s been ill, he’s delirious.”  He murmured, “Were married?  Did I miss the wedding?”  Jordan fell back to sleep when Annie gave him some more wine.  He heard her say, “Akabundoo I want you to go on a safari in this area.”

He heard a male African accent say, “There’s a man eating tiger on the loose in that area, and we have been told to stay away.  The tiger has already attacked two people this month.”  “Akabundoo I have paid you well as a safari guide, and now I need to get a picture of his man-eating tiger.  I will make a thousand dollars and I will give you three hundred dollars for taking me there.  I have a gun and I am a crack shot.  You have nothing to worry about.”  Jordan mumbled, “I don’t want to see a man-eating tiger.  I want to lie down in a bed.  I don’t feel so well.”  Annie murmured, “There now Arthur dear, you’ll be home soon enough I promise.”  Jordan murmured, “Okay Cynthia dear I can’t wait till I get to lay down in bed with my Wife.  I’m going to enjoy being married to you!”  Annie smiled as the African guide gave her a funny look.  She realized he was getting too suspicious and she would have to do something about that.



The African Guide

32****new chapter The Guide **** no tigers in Africa change to a lion? Do research

It was a few days later that Annie carefully cleaned the bones and put them in a black duffel bag.  Then she poured some liquid on the flesh and it disappeared.  Akabundoo had enjoyed the glass of wine offered to him but then he quickly grew tired.  He woke up and heard something snarling at him.

Akabundoo screamed as the Lion’s jaws clamped down on him.  A few days later, the Lion left and Annie removed the shards of flesh and hair and placed someone else’s flesh and hair around the skeleton.

She drove into the small village in hysterics, “The Lion has killed my Husband Jordan, and it dragged Akabundoo the safari guide away.”

After the bones and flesh, the clothes matching the picture of Jordan given to the proper authorities, a death certificate given to Annie, along with an urn of Jordan’s ashes.

Annie said to the man, “I shall take my Husband’s ashes home and bury him in the family crypt.”

The man looked at her and wondered how long she would stay a widow…. She was a hot chick.

33***new mss chapter and dialog Mrs Jordan Fields *******


33 july 5 2010 – Jordan Fields Goes to Africa



Annie drove to the airport in Africa and her private plane was waiting for her.  The pilot looked surprised at her appearance.  When they arrived she was a happy girl, excited about going on a honeymoon with her husband, now she looked upset and worn out.


The pilot said, “Where’s your husband?”


Annie stared at him for a moment as tears welled up in her eyes, “The fool wanted to go on a Safari in Kenya… A Lion killed both my husband and our guide.. It was terrible, I’d rather not talk about it.”


She held up the urn and the pilot turned pale and said, “I’m sorry mam for your loss.”


They both got on the plane and not another word was said.  Annie looked out the window at her reflection.  She was glad she disguised herself but now what was she going to do with the pilot?  He recognized her and knew about Jordan.


The pilot said, “Did you get to visit the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya?”


Annie nodded, “It was amazing watching millions of animals do their annual migration.  There were a few film crews out there shooting video footage.  I think one was National Geographic.”


The pilot said, “The annual migration happens between June and September.  Your lucky that you didn’t get attacked by a leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros, elephant or crocodile.  It’s unusual for a Lion to attack.”


Annie said, “This Lioness attacked the Maasai village pen of donkeys. My husband and his guide went hunting and several of her pack attacked them.”


The pilot gave her a funny look for it wasn’t normal behavoir for a lion to do.


The pilot said, “Usually the lion will go after the blue wildebeest or zebras before it will go after a donkey.  There must be a shortage of them this year.”



Annie said, “The guide warned us that the lions natural prey has diminished.  They were tracking 3 lions in a

24,000-square-kilometer area encompassing Amboseli and parts of northern Tanzania.”


The pilot said, “It still doesn’t make sense that they attacked your husband and guide.  How did you get away?”


Anne said, “I wasn’t near the area at the time.  I went back in a few days later with a search party and they made the grisly discovery…”


The pilot said, “The hell of a way to spend a honeymoon.  Did you know your husband long?”


Annie said, “Yes for several years…”


Annie turned and yawned and closed her eyes.  She didn’t want to answer anymore of the pilot’s questions.


The pilot said, “We are here, is there anything else you need?”


Annie shook her head no and got off the plane carrying her black duffel bag and a small suitcase.  The pilot thought it odd that she was travelling so light.


The pilot said, “What happened to your husband’s suitcase?”


Annie said, “I didn’t feel like carrying it so I gave it and his clothes away to some of the village people.”


She turned and walked away into the airport terminal in Dubai.  She went into the washroom and came out several minutes later with a change of clothes and another wig on.  This time she had a scarf over her head to cover most of her face.  She had applied makeup to make it look like she had a bad sunburn and the scarf was covering most of her face until she tried to board the plane.  She pulled it back briefly and the stewardess gasped then let Annie pass onto the plane.


Annie pulled out the novel she was reading – State of Fear by Michael Crichton.  She would have several hours to read before drifting off to sleep.  When the man beside her started to strike up a conversation, Annie pretended to have a bad headache as she pulled out two tylenol and took a drink of water then closed her eyes.  He got the message and ignored her after that.


Annie woke up and looked at her watch and thought It took me approximately 12hours and 45 minutes to fly from the John F Kennedy airport in New York City to the Dubai International Airport.  They wouldmake their connection in Dubai and it would take 5 hours to get to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO).  This time it took 13 hours 45 minutes to get from Dubai to New York City.  Annie would definitely be suffering from jetlag…


Annie was tired but she had a few hours sleep while on the plane, when she arrived in New York City she went straight to Jordan’s bank vaults.  She had been there several times before to make deposits for the Field’s Funeral Home.  The male clerk smiled at her.  Annie knew he was trasferring soon to go back to school in Chicago so she waited in line for him to serve her.  She told people she wanted to say goodbye to a friend while on her travels..


The male clerk said, “Hi Annie how can I help you today?”


Annie said, “I have a problem with our accounts.  I was in Africa with Jordan and someone stole our checks.  So Jordan’s asked me to transfer the funds to a new account.”


She placed a banking document with Jordan’s signature on it.


The male clerk said, “How is Jordan doing?”


Annie said, “He’s very ill at the moment, they are not sure he’s going to make it…”


The male clerk said, “I am so sorry, I hope he pulls out of it.”


Annie tearfully said, “So do I…”


The male clerk made the transaction then looked up and said, “Are you sure you want to leave this amount in the account?”


Annie smiled, “Yes I think it’s appropriate.  When they try to cash any of the payroll cheques we had on us they will be caught.”


The male clerk said, “There is no note on the account?  What did you say happened?”


Annie said, “I have a flight to catch.  I will contact the detective and have him take care of it for me.”


Annie walked away in a hurry.  He noticed that she had a small suitcase and a black duffel bag in hand and thought she must be travelling very light.


Annie took the bus down to the lawyers office before closing and showed them the marriage certificate and the pictures of the tiger attack on her Husband. She handed them a copy of the will that Jordan had signed along with his death certificate.


The lawyer was a shady one he smiled and said, “Ten percent.”


Annie nodded as he handed her a form to sign.  The insurance money would be deposited into the account specified early the next morning…


Annie went to a local hostel and rested for a few hours then she got up and went and had some breakfast and a coffee.  She carefully applied her makeup and another wig, putting on some fashionable clothes she looked the part.


Annie walked into the bank the next morning with several black duffel bags carried by a young boy she found on the street.  She handed the clerk her bank card and asked that all the funds except one dollar be removed from the account.  The clerk said she would have to get permission.  Annie stopped her by showing a bank formed signed by her lawyer with instructions to place ten percent into an offshores account.


The young girl was new so she looked at document, it looked correct and did as she was told.  Annie had been watching her for the past several months.  She was a blonde, a bit stupid and easily distracted.  She was flirting with the handsome young man that Annie had with her.  They carried her duffel bags out to a red mercedes.  Annie handed the young man a smaller bag and smiled.


He looked in the bag and saw the wads of cash and grinned.  Walking away, Annie sped off towards the country side outside of New York City.


She pulled down a country road and stopped.  Peeling off the red strips from the black car, she put them all in a bag and set them on fire and watched them burn quickly.  Then she got back into the car and  drove around back and forth to hide her tracks until she found another paved road and drove for a few more hours then pulled over and parked her car.


She got out and walked the rest of the way on the paved road.  It was late at night, no one came along this way. Annie went back to the little white house left the blonde wig, blue contacts there and burnt them in the fire pit. She wiped and cleaned the house of all fingerprints and hair and left the keys on the table and locked the door for the last time.


She walked down the road, through the fields then took off her shoes, and changed them. She reached the paved road, got into her black Mercedes and left. A few miles away she burnt the shoes in a fire pit and drove home to Place Royale which took about 11 hours with two stops in between.


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Mrs Jordan Fields

Annie flew back to New York City and went straight to the bank and then to the lawyers.  She showed them the marriage certificate and the pictures of the tiger attack on her Husband.  She handed them a copy of the will that Jordan had signed along with his death certificate.  She removed most of the funds from his bank account and put it all into a black duffel bag then thanking them for their assistance, walked out the door.

Annie went back to the little white house left the blonde wig, blue contacts there and burnt them in the fire pit.  She wiped and cleaned the house of all fingerprints and hair and left the keys on the table and locked the door for the last time.  She walked down the road, through the fields then took off her shoes, and changed them.  She reached the paved road, got into her black Mercedes and left.  A few miles away she burnt the shoes in a fire pit and drove home to Place Royale.

The Atkins mansion was empty so she called the nurse to find out that her Father had passed away while she had been gone.  She went to Neulan & Associates in Place Royale.  She would now inherit her Father’s fortune.  It was sweet for Annie Atkins.


34*****new mss chapter Annie Atkins Real Estate Broker 2012****

34 –  July 12, 2010  – july 2012 – Annie Atkins Real Estate Broker



It was July 12, 2010 when Annie Atkins made her way back to Place Royale from New York City.

She enrolled in a Real Estate Course with Collège de l’immobilier du Québec  and would start in September and graduate in June of 2011.


When Annie pulled up to Jean Moisan’s gourmet grocery store she sat there for a minute wondering how many people would recognize her.  She got out of the car and walked into the little store choosing some deli meats, bread and cheese Annie took her time.


Jean said, “Why it’s Annie Atkins all grown up!  You look a little bit like both of your parents, but mostly like Angus.  How is your father these days?  I haven’t seen him in ages.”


Annie tearfully said, “I believe he passed away.”


Jean said, “That’s odd no one told me.  Why didn’t they have a funeral for him?”


Annie sighed, “Because he didn’t want one.”


Jean didn’t know what to say then he asked, “Did you hear about the 5.0 earthquake that we had on June 23 – it went all the way from Quebec into Southern Ontario past Toronto.”


Annie smiled, “I guess I missed it.”


Jean said, “That isn’t all that you missed.  Quebec has been having wildfires from May to June we lost over 220,000 acres of forest to it.  Some fool probably started it burning something in the forest.”


Annie sat back on her heel and said,” I plan to open an office again in about two years time.”


Jean said, “You just graduated from University didn’t you?  Why in two more years?”


Annie said, “I decided to take some real estate courses.  The market is slow and weak at the moment but it will pick up in the future I’m sure.  Besides I kind of want to do something along the lines of my ancestors.  They were all architects, so I’ll do real estate.  I tried auto cad and some architectural courses but I found it too boring so I switched to business management instead.”


Jean said, “Your parents would be real proud of you Annie.  You’ve done well for yourself. Did you ever hear again from your mother Amelia? I know your father said she ran off when you were around five years old…”


Annie started to tremble a bit then said, “No I doubt I’ll ever hear from her.  She hated me…”


Jean didn’t know what to say so he kept his mouth shut.  This child was so odd in her own way.  Not as friendly as Anthony or Angus had been and not as cold as her mother Amelia Stone had been when she first appeared in Place Royale.  Mrs Moisan came out at that moment and looked at Annie and smiled.


Mrs. Moisan said, “Annie I was hoping you’d pop in.  Were having a garden party next week.  You should come.  All the women are getting together to bake pies.  I hope you can make it?”


Annie smiled warmly, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world but only on one condition.”


Mrs Moisan said, “name it!”


Annie grinned, “I have no idea how to bake a pie.  You’re going to have to teach me.  Father hardly cooked at all. I learned how to cook at a young age…”


Mrs Moisan said, “That’s terrible I thought your father would have hired some help?”


Annie shook her head, “We had the odd person come and go but they always quit.  Father was quite tempermental.  They always seemed to disappear in the middle of the night, leaving things behind.”


Jean said, “Yes that’s happened to others in the area.  After what happened down in Roswell Mexico years ago, some people think the hired help was abducted by aliens in a UFO.  They have seen strange lights and things going on at the Munroe Mansion.”


Annie was interested, “Is there anyone living there?”


Jean shook his head, “Not for many years now.  They say it’s haunted though.  People hear screams coming from underground and the boys in the neighborhood say they see things floating around inside at night.  But no one’s actually gotten a picture of it.  Now wouldn’t that be something to put in our history books.”


Jean smiled and Annie looked totally disinterested.  She didn’t care for ghosts, at all….


Annie went back to the Atkins Mansion and everything looked so old and outdated.  She liked her house in New York City better.  This place was going to be a monster to clean.  She wouldn’t have any choice but to hire a housekeeper.


It was a couple of days later when Annie received a letter under her front door.  It was an invitation to the Garden Party at Marchina Totenmyer’s place.  Mrs Moisan was the hostess along with Marchina and several women from the village of Place Royale would be attending.


Annie couldn’t wait.  She wanted to start her business connections before she opened her own company.  She would have to see what was needed in the area in respect to new structures.


Many of the people in Place Royale were dying off so to say and Annie knew they had some prime real estate, If she could snatch it up for a small price, she could turn it around and sell it for a profit later on.


Annie picked out her country style dress that she had bought at Macy’s. It had little blue and white flowers on it with a V neckline.  It was simple and perfect for a garden party.  Her white sandals flip flopped as she walked along the road.  She had painted her finger nails and toe nails a royal blue.  It would bring her lost of attention at the party and she knew it.  Most of the women in Place Royale were country girls, no make up, no hair styles and no fashion whatsoever.  Annie would stand out like a sore thumb and she wanted it that way.  The young bachelors with money would flock to her side, begging to take her out on a date and she would use every one of them to get to know what was going on in Quebec and Montreal.  In that respect she had learned many lessons about being sociable from her father Angus when he was younger.


Annie watched and learned at the various parties her father had toted her along to.  Knowing exactly what types of questions to ask, acting like a helpless woman, she could get any man to stop by and take care of the lawn or garden for her in exchange for dinner.  She would save most of her hard earned money towards her main goal.


Owning most of the real estate in Place Royale and buying up the land that Marchina Totenmyer was selling thanks to her husband Edwin Chambers.  Before he died he recommended that she unload most of the properties because taxes were going up and she was stunting the growth of the area by holding onto the land and trying to keep it away from Industry.


Annie planned to build a hotel , theme park and housing for students.  She was hoping to attract some new green industries to the area.  That way the environmentalists would not care about it and the local people would be happy to have a tourist attraction built there.  As long as it wasn’t too busy.  Annie didn’t want to disrupt their lifestyles too much.  Not until she had established herself in the area and then she would go into something more complicated in the business developments sector.


Mrs Moisan smiled when Annie walked in.  She loved the dress and asked where Annie had gotten it.


Annie smiled, “A friend sent it to me from a Fashion Designer in Paris.  I forget what the name was.”


Marchina looked at Annie and smiled, “I can see you have a lot of your father’s ambition in you.  I can’t wait to see what you do in two years time with your Real Estate Business.  You will definitely breath some fresh air in to this stale place.”


Annie was shocked then giggled, “Jean’s been talking I see.”


Mrs Moisan whispered, “Jean never told a soul…”


Annie’s hair stood up on the back of her neck and she turned to look at Marchina with different eyes.



The garden party was a success.  Annie sat around and learned how to make an apple crumble pie while gathering information about Edward and Albert Moisan’s estates being up for sale.  She would head over after the party to make an offer to Jean who was the trustee of the estates.  She was thankful that because of the slow economy no one wanted to buy the properties so Annie would buy it at a reasonable price.


Jean said, “I’m glad your father left you a good inheritance.  I wonder if he ever cashed in those old stocks and bonds from the railway.”


Annie said, “He had certificates?”


Jean nodded, “Yes he said he kept them in a secret place down in his “dungeon” as he called it.  He once told me if you didn’t find it then you were to look where he danced the funky chicken…”


Annie laughed, “He said that?  My father was so comical at times.”


Jean shook his head, he couldn’t rememember one time when Angus would be considered comical but then again he lived a private home life.  Maybe he wasn’t such a sour puss after all.


Jean said, “If you come back tomorrow I’ll contact the lawyer and have those papers drawn up for you.”


Annie said, “Will cash be okay?  Father kept a vault.”


Jean said, “As long as it’s bundled in piles of one thousand, I’m sure we can accomodate you.  Maybe you can bring it in a bag and take it with me to the bank?”


Annie said, “I would rather bring it here to you.  Also I want my name to remain anonymous. I don’t want people to know I’ve bought the land until I redevelop it in a few years.  If they find out I own it, they are going to want to offer me a lower price or worse charge me more to redevelop it.”


Jean said, “What about an architect?”


Annie said, “Father actually made hundreds of drawings of what he planned to do in the future. I”ll be using those and hiring a construction and development company.  Let me know if you hear of any?”


Jean said, “As a matter of fact there is one.  Marchina’s husband plans to do business with Jacob Deere.  His son has just graduated from University and plans to take over the company. I would recommend hiring him for your future projects.  He will find you very useful because he plans to develop this area too.  Maybe the two of you can work together.”


Annie said, “I will keep that in mind thanks.  You can mention to him that I plan to open my office in 2012.  Once I get the proper licensing I’ll be ready to go.”


Jean said, “You can count on it!”


Annie rented an apartment in the fall in Quebec and enjoyed taking  her real estate courses.  She kept to herself by reading books and renting DVDS.  Not only was she taking courses in Real Estate but she wanted to brush up on her Business Management Skills so all of her time was dedicated to study, exams and quiet time.


The odd time she would have a drink and dinner out but she didn’t like seeing the pitiful stares from people suggesting that she needed to have a companion for dinner.  Annie had her lovers but they were few and far between.  Usually business men who were married and passing through town.  She found all of them on an internet dating site called Lava Life.


It worked out that they would pay for dinner, a movie in exchange for some sex.  Annie liked it that way.  Her total focus was on passing her tests with flying colors and setting up solid business relationships with men who were in real estate and finance all over the world.  So those were the types of men she dated.


They liked the no strings attached relationship and didn’t cry about anything when Annie told them she had a boyfriend so they couldn’t see one another any more.  Most of them understood.  Annie usually was kind enough to introduce them to an attractive woman who she would set up on lava life without either of them knowing.


Annie used to giggle about it and thought maybe she should have opened a dating office instead but then thought against it.  It would be too tempting to do other things to them… When she started feeling the urge to kill someone she would back away from people and spend time alone until her head straightened out.  After she got her license then she would entertain those thoughts….



Finally the day arrived.  With diploma in hand Annie walked into Jean’s store smiling from ear to ear.


Jean saw her and grinned, “It’s July 2011, just as you promised.  I have a present here for you.”


He handed her a small box with a bow on it.


Mrs Moisan came out and smiled and handed Annie a bigger box.  Both of them waited as she opened the little box first.  It was  a glass picture frame for her diploma.


Annie was teary eyed she looked up, “This is so sweet of you. How thoughtful thanks!”


Mrs Moisan said, “We almost have everything ready for you there but first you must open my gift.”


In the big box was a two piece navy blue suit.


Mrs Moisan said, “It’s for your first day on the job.  I know if I had a daughter it’s something I would have bought for her.  So I’m going to adopt you as my daughter…”


Annie felt awkward for a minute then she burst out into tears.


Mrs Moisan said, “I’m sorry Annie I didn’t mean to…”


Annie grabbed the kleenex that Jean held out to her and she said, “This is overwhelming… I don’t know what to say.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness.  I never knew what it would be like to have a mother that cared… Mine was so cold to me… Thank you again…”


Annie grabbed the two boxes and ran out of the store and put them in her car then she walked back in and said, “Can I see my office now?”


Jean was shocked, how did she get it together so fast?  Was it all an act or was it from years of conditioning.  Jean remembered that Angus hated any type of emotional outburst.  He said he would beat his child if she did something like that.


Jean smiled, “This way dear…”


Jean and Mrs Moisan closed the store and put a sign on the door, “Back in ten minutes…”


Then the three of them walked down and then crossed the street near The Old Port Inn.  Jean felt like he was stepping back into a time warp.  Anthony and Angus Atkins both had an Architectural office here years ago, now Annie was opening  an office .  The sign said, Atkins Real Estate.


It felt strange walking through the door into a modern chic office.  They had cleared out all of Angus and Anthony’s old antique furniture.  It had been delivered to the Atkins mansion and put up in the attic for storage.  Along with several other things. Funny though Annie didn’t change anything at the mansion it was like she was afraid too or something.


Annie sat down at her new oak desk and pulled out a laptop.  She picked up the phone and groaned, “The phone’s not installed yet.”


Jean said, “We booked the appointment for tomorrow.  I wanted to give you some time to get settled in your home first.  I’ll be bringing your fresh vegetables and meat tomorrow morning.  Is it going to be the usual or has your diet changed?”


Jean noticed how thin Annie was these days.  Mrs Moisan looked in disapproval then looked at Jean.


Annie said, “I was so busy studying that I hardly ate.  I’m sure I’ll gain a few more pounds once I’ve had a few pies and baked goods from your store…”


The three of them walked back to the store and Annie was surprised to see an attractive, tall, blonde man standing there impatiently drumming his fingers on the porch.


Jean said, “Justin Deere is that you?  Boy you look just like your father Jacob!”


Justin Deere turned and smiled, “Jean it’s so nice to see you and Mrs Moisan, how lovely and who might this charming sexy creature be?”


Annie smiled and held out her hand to shake his, “I’m Annie Atkins, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself.  I’m the new Real Estate broker for the area.”


Justin’s grin widened, “So we’ll be working together on local projects.  That is fabulous.  Now I have some plans for a new library and city hall but I need some good land to build on.  I sent a letter to a Marchina Totenmyer who informed me that I would need to speak to you.  Jean wrote to me letting me know that you would be in town round about now…”


Annie grinned, “I have land all over the place where do you want to build?”


Justin said, “Well for starters how about we go grab a bite to eat first? I’m starving and you look like you haven’t eaten in months.  Then I’ll help you hang up your diploma that is unless you want to do it.  Then we can sit down in your brand new office and discuss business….”


Annie said, “Sounds like a plan.  I just have to drop a few things off at my place first.  Did you want to come in my car?”


Justin looked at his jeep which was filty dirty from riding up and down the dirt trails.


Justin grinned, “I think in this case I have no choice.”


They both waved and got into Annie’s black mercedes .  Justin was holding onto the dash as Annie took the hairpin turns at a high rate of speed.


Justin said, “Don’t you worry about getting knocked off the road?  That’s a pretty steep cliff there.”


Annie said, “I worry more about knocking other people over the cliff.  I’m more aggressive then they are.”


She laughed and put the pedal down more and Justin wished he had kept his mouth shut….


They walked into the tall Medieval looking castle.  The suits of armour were shiny and clean and everything was dusted.


Annie said, “Jean was kind enough to send in a cleaning crew for me at my request.  I don’t keep staff here and it would be too hard to start a company with a dusty and messy house.”


Justin murmured, “Everything looks so old here.  Some of this horse hair furniture dates back to the early 15th century.  How come your office is brand new but your pad isn’t?”


Annie said, “Well I just graduated, I’ve been away for years and I wasn’t about to pour any money into this place. I’m still debating about selling it.”


Justin grinned, “I want to buy it. I can turn it into a museum of sorts.”


Annie said, “Is that what you intend to do?”



Justin said, “You could say that.  I’m looking for a place for an art gallery, a studio for artists to attend a school out here.  I thought I’d make a little mini paris with a nice deck and boardwalk along the lake here. I haven’t had much time to explore the area.  I was hoping you’d do me the honors.”


Annie said, “Yes we can do that, just let me go shower and change.  I’ll be down in a few minutes.”


Annie started walking up the stairs, Justin poked his head out of the living room and said, “You don’t have a television?”


Annie nodded no, “We like to read books… Help yourself to the library.”


Justin looked in the library and muffled a laugh. All he could see were architectural books dating back from the 15th century lining the walls.  Books about furniture and restoration, geography and science.  Books on chemistry.



Justin thought it odd why would they have books on chemistry and then he noticed in a dusty corner a small crystal ball…


Justin was rubbing the ball when Annie walked into the room.


Annie yelled, “Don’t touch that!”


Justin just about dropped it, and would have if Annie hadn’t reacted so quickly.  She placed it back on the shelf and scolded him.


Annie said, “That belonged to my grandmother it’s an ancient crystal ball used to see into the future.”


Justin said, “Well let’s look at ours then.”


He grabbed her and pulled her towards him.  Annie grinned.


Annie said cooly, “I don’t mix business with pleasure.”


Justin looked down at his pants and sighed, “he’s not going to be very happy about that.  It’s been ages since he’s seen any action…”


Annie said, “You need to go to Montreal then. You’ll find lots of action there I’m sure…”


Annie pulled herself away and dusted her dress off.  Justin admired the sleek, hip hugging black dress with the v neck.  Annie had a simple tiny silver chain with a small teardrop diamond on it.


Justin said, “That looks like a gift from Tiffany’s in New York.  Who gave it to you?”


Annie blushed, “An old suitor, now let’s go…”


Justin shrugged his shoulders and the two of them drove off towards Quebec.


Justin said, “You know I have a nice hot tub in my hotel room at Chateau Frontenac if you care to join me.”


Annie laughed, “You don’t give up do you?  What’s the matter has no one ever turned you down before?”


Justin said, “Yep you got that right.  They are usually attacking me and trying to get me into bed.  Are you playing hard to get or are you not interested in me?”


Annie purred, “I like to get to know my prey before I devour them.”


She looked pointedly down at his pants and saw him react again.. Justin thought I hope she’s not teasing or I’m going to have the worst case of blue balls in history….


They spent a few days together working on the business plans and then Justin couldn’t take it anymore he tried to kiss Annie but she screamed and pushed him away.  He didn’t get it.. He went home feeling humiliated – He had never been turned down before by any woman.. Especially not a hot one…










Annie Atkins Real Estate Broker 2012

She enrolled in a Real Estate course and two years later obtained her realtors license.

She opened her business where her Father had been.  Now the sign read Annie Atkins Real Estate Broker.

She contacted Chambers & Deere and advised them she would help them with re-developing the area.  Because of her fathers contacts from Atkins Architecture, Annie was able to do business with all of his former clients and advised them of Chambers and Deere.  Edwin was delighted with Annie’s help.  She managed to obtain several very lucrative contracts for them in Canada and England.  Jacob decided to move back to Paris and commuted to the England office instead.  Edwin had hired more contractors and some of the men that had worked for Angus Atkins came aboard thanks to Annie.  She proved to be a pillar in society and changed the reputation of the Atkins from being cold and withdrawn to warm and having good business sense.  Annie hoped to continue her Father’s work.  He had hundreds of sketches of his dreams for Cote de La Montagne.  She would find someone to do the work in a few years when the time was right.  She wanted her project to be a success.


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35  July 15 2010 – Summer Time



It was july 15 , 2010 later when Justin sat behind the desk in New York City.  Annie had been true to her word and provided the land for the new buildings on the outskirts of Quebec.  She avoided him and only allowed them to converse by phone .


Annie said, “I’m sorry Justin but I did warn you I don’t mix  business with pleasure.  I cannot trust that you won’t try to attack me again and I want to continue our lucrative business arrangements.  Your making me into a very wealthy woman by my own right.  It’s good for business and great for my reputation.  I’m not going to ruin it by having sex with you.  I’m used to having distant lovers.  We have sex and I hardly ever see them again.  Unless they were good then I would have them two or three times.  I don’t want to get into a sticky relationship.  Give me a few years and I’ll change my mind, unless for some reason you become filthy rich or have something that I want then and only then will I bed you.”


Justin groaned, “I have these dreams about you every night.”


Annie said, “Justin you have your porno’s , a remote and a television.  You don’t need me.  You can have any woman that you want.  It’s only because I said no that I look twice as attractive as before.”


Justin said, “You know what they call you right?”


Annie said, “Justin if you continue to talk about this I will terminate our business arrangements. YOU can find land from someone else but you’ll never get the kind of deals I can offer.”


Justin knew that Annie was right.  With her extensive contacts with contractors, building companies and supplies Anne had saved him over a hundred thousand dollars already.  She was smart as a whip and he was slowly ruining their business relationship.


Justin said, “I’m sorry I will have to come to terms with my bruised ego.  Don’t change your mind because you know what, I won’t have you… Ever… I can play this game too.  So this is your last chance…”


Annie hung up on him.  Justin said, “Damn.”




Deere Towers New York City July 2010


Justin had spent some time in New York City and had decided to go help his Father Jacob in England.  He was naturally talented after watching his Father’s work for so many years.  Justin, Nathan, and Josh all dreamed of owning their own company some day.  After University, they would look at their options and help expand the Deere Empire.

Justin had purchased some land in New York City and was designing his plans for Deere Towers.  He would build it with two penthouse suites on the east and west side of the building and planned to have the project finished by September 2012.  Jacob assisted him with the design particulars and Edwin’s contractors started the work at the site.  Things had slowed down in Canada so they decided to open a small office in New York City.

Deere Towers stood tall and with its classy and elegant suites, it sold quickly.  The large condominium suites were boasting of a pool, gym, and underground shopping center.  At the dedication ceremony, Justin stood there proudly with Josh, Nathan, Jacob, and Edwin.  Soon he would be starting University.  Upon graduating, he would be managing the office in New York City.

He couldn’t’ wait.  That evening he hugged his Father and Edwin goodbye as they were flying in a privet jet to England.  They were going to attend an important investor meeting at the head office.  Justin had decided to stay in the city instead of flying out with them.  That evening Justin, Jordan and Nathan had gone to the Yorker wondering where John was for they had arrived later then their usual time.



A Funeral in Paris

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36 – July 13, 2010 – A Funeral in Paris


Marchina Totenmyer was busy cleaning her thatched roof cottage in Place Royale when she heard a knock on the door.


Marchina opened it and said, “Jean what brings you here?”


Jean Moisan said, “I’m afraid it’s bad news.  Your sister Patricia called us from Paris, France.  Luvena Carrington has died.  The funeral is in a few days.”


Marchina just stood there for a moment and panicked, “Jean I don’t have a car…”


Jean said, “It’s okay I’ll drive you.  How soon can you be packed?”


Marchina said, “But what about Edwin?  I need to contact him. I will have to use your phone if you don’t mind?”


Jean said, “Just pack some things and we’ll drop by the store for a minute.”


Marchina quickly packed a few things looked around and locked up the house.  She left a note for the neighbours letting them know she would be back soon.  They stopped at the store and Marchina ended up leaving a message for Edwin at the hotel.  She would have to meet him in England in the early morning hours.  She would contact him once she had arrived there.  She let him know that Luvena Carrington passed away and that they would be expected to attend her funeral service in a few days time.


Jean said, “I’ll drive you to the airport in Quebec.  I’ve arranged a private flight for you with your husband’s company jet.  I told them I was your assistant I hope you don’t mind.”


Marchina smiled, “I wish you were my assistant.  I’m surprised that Chamber’s and Deere allowed you to book the second plane.  I know it’s on standby for their use but were lucky that Justin wasn’t using it.”


Jean said, “Justin is busy in New York City handling his father’s affairs there.  He called me to see if Jacob or Edwin were here.  Seems like the office in London hasn’t heard from them in the past couple of days.”


Marchina said, “That’s odd, Edwin’s pretty punctual about  that sort of thing.  I’ll have to figure out where he’s gone too.  I know they were working on a new deal and he was pretty stressed out about it.”


The pilot was a friendly old chap, “Mrs Chambers how are you doing dear?  Are you worried about your husband’s disappearance?”



Marchina said, “I wasn’t aware that he disappeared?”


The pilot said, “We got word that their plane went off the radar.  I’ll have to find out more about it. Is that why you are flying to London?”


Marchina sighed, “No actually a dear friend of the family has died.  Her name was Luvena Carrington.  My aunt Patricia Rosewood Totenmyer was running a women’s finishing school with her years ago..”


The pilot said, “Sorry to hear. We’ll arrive in London in about 7 hours time.  You might as well rest, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”


Marchina sat back and closed her eyes.  She wondered why she wasn’t having any visions lately…


Marchina arrived in London later that evening.  A limo awaited her at the airport.  Marchina smiled to herself, leave it to Jean Moisan to make her life as comfortable as possible.  He was so well organized.  Marchina drove to the Bailey’s Hotel London and went to use the phone.  Edwin still hadn’t arrived yet.  She would stay the night then head to Paris by train in the morning.  She would leave a note for Edwin once she found out exactly where the funeral arrangements would be.


Marchina had a bad dream that night.  Edwin was close by but he was trying to say something to her and she couldn’t hear him and then he disappeared into thin air.  Marchina woke up crying with dark circles under her eyes.  She boarded the train to Paris after calling Patricia to let her know when she would arrive.  Patricia informed her of where the funeral was going to be held.  Marchina left a note with instructions on it for Edwin.


It was a bit of a shock seeing Luvena Carrington so frail and thin lying in the casket surrounded by red roses and white carnations.  Her favourite flowers.  For Patricia it was a reminded of Raine Carrington’s funeral years ago only Luvena was an older version of her mother.  How strange the way fate decided who would go first.  Patricia could see that Marchina was very distracted.  She kept looking at the door and wondering where her husband Edwin was…


After the luncheon at the church Patricia said, “Marchina have you contacted Estelle Deere about this?”


Marchina said, “No I haven’t thought about it, maybe I should.”


Marchina went to use the phone but couldn’t get through.  Estelle’s line was busy. She called the hotel and they told her there were no messages from Edwin.


Marchina got off the phone and said to Patricia, “Why don’t we head over to Estelle’s?  I’d like to see her again, it’s been some time since we last had tea together. I am sure she won’t mind. I hope she knows more about where they went off too…”










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South Padre Island , Texas, US July 15 2010


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37 – South Padre Island , Texas, US July 15 2010



Patricia and Marchina walked over to Estelle’s place and knocked on the door.  There was no answer so they decided to try again later on.  They went to Chez Jerome for a cafe latte.


Marchina called her husband’s office and found out that Edwin hasn’t contacted his secretary since June 30th.  She did find out that they were supposed to attend an important business meeting at South Padre Island at the time.  There were reports that Hurricane Alex hit South Padre Island, Texas in the United States on June 30th and it was possible they got caught in the storm.


Marchina hung up and dialed her pilot’s number and he answered, “Hello Mrs Chambers is everything alright?”


Marchina said, “The office hasn’t heard from Edwin or Jacob.  Can you check to see if their plane landed at the South Padre Island Airport?  Their pilot hasn’t checked in with the office since June 30th.  They said they would be away for a week and no one’s been able to get a hold of them.”


The pilot said, “I called the South Padre Island Airport and the plane never landed there.  Their pilot was scheduled for a flight a week later and they haven’t been able to get a hold of him.  They assumed because he was having marriage troubles that he took some time off on his own but now that Jacob and Edwin are involved they are worried.  They suggest that we hire a detective and contact the police.”


Marchina said, “Thanks for your help.”


Marchina got off the phone and looked at Patricia, “We need to call Detective Bob Farley.  Somehow all three of them have been missing for over a week.  The secretary is on holidays during that time so maybe that’s why no one noticed.  I assumed Edwin was at a conference.  He wasn’t sure how long he would be gone for…”


Patricia said, “I’ll call for you.”


She pulled out the number from her purse and dialed.


A male voice answered, “Hi Scotland Yard how can I help you?”


Patricia said, “I need to get a hold of a personal friend of mine, it’s Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood is Detective Bob Farley around?”


The male voice said, “Yes just a minute.  Bob I have a friend of yours on the phone.”


Patricia grinned and said to Marchina, “He thinks I’m Bob’s girlfriend or something.”


Another male voice said, “Detective Bob Farley speaking?”


Patricia said, “Hello Mr Farley.  It’s been awhile since you heard from me.  Do you remember the Totenmyer family from Place Royale?”


Detective Bob Farley was at a loss for words then mumbled, “The name rings a bell?”


Patricia said, “My husband was Barney Rosewood – I believe you are working on the Ida Tinkle murder cases?”


Detective Bob Farley said, “Oh your THAT Patricia… Sorry I thought it was someone else…Now I know who you are.  What can I do for you?”


Patricia said, “My niece Marchina is married to Edwin Chambers.  The last anyone heard from him and his colleague Jacob Deere was June 30th.  The pilot is missing as well I believe his name is David?  Anyways the pilot had a scheduled flight over a week ago which he missed.


Our other pilot hasn’t seen or heard from the pilot, our company plane or the two men since then either.  Would you be able to do some investigating for us?  They were supposed to have a meeting on South Padre Island , Texas, US on June 30th, but Hurricane Alex hit the area and we are afraid somethings happened to them.  The police will take a report but they don’t have time to look for them at the moment.  Can you help us?”



Detective Bob Farley said, “I’d be happy to help.  I’m going to ask my brother Herman and my son Brent to assist as well.  Do you have pilot for us to use to form a search party?”


Patricia said, “There are rescue parties looking for them but we have no idea where they went. I can send the pilot to get you by this evening or tomorrow morning?”


Detective Bob Farley said, “I still have to contact the other two so give me until ten o’clock in the morning.”


Patricia said, “Where do you want us to pick you up?”


Detective Bob Farley said, “Glasgow Prestwick Airport.”


Patricia said, “We’ll see you then.”


Patricia said to Marchina, “Were all set for tomorrow morning at ten o’clock.  Now we need to let Estelle know.”


Marchina picked up the phone and called Estelle this time she answered.


Estelle said, “Hello?”


Marchina said, “Estelle have you heard anything from Jacob?”


Estelle said, “No I was wondering if I should call the office.  It’s not like him to be gone this long without a word.”


Marchina asked, “When’s the last time you talked to him?”


Estelle said, “On June 30th, he called to say there was a bad storm and then his call got cut off.  I assumed he lost a signal and would call back but he never did.  I’ve been ill, oh my it’s July 15th?  I had no idea where the time has gone…”


Marchina sighed, “Estelle we called in Detective Bob Farley to help us find them. The pilots missing in action and Edwin hasn’t contacted me since June 30th.  He left me a voice mail letting me know he was on his way to a meeting about investing in oil.  He wasn’t very specific about it and at the time I really didn’t pay attention to what he said.  I deleted the message…”


Estelle giggled, “I do the same with Jacob’s messages… He loves to drone on and on about what they are doing and I find it boorish so I deleted his too.  I guess now we shouldn’t have…Well keep me posted.  I need to go lie down again, I’m still under the weather.”


The phone clicked and Marchina shook her head and looked at Patricia, “Estelle’s ill again…”


Patricia sighed, “Well we might as well go pack.  I think you may need to do some laundry unless you want to grab a few things here in Paris?”


Patricia looked pointedly at Marchina’s old dress and smiled.


Marchina said, “Yes I think I need something cooler to wear.  This leather dress is making me ill from the heat.”


Patricia smiled, “You should buy a bathing suit as well.  It’s a tropical island we might want to do some sunbathing.”


Marchina laughed, “You could use a tan pale face…”




New chapter


Detectives Bob, Brent and Herman Farley to the Rescue!



Detective Bob Farley called his son’s cell phone and left a message, “Brent I’m going to need your help with a case that I’m working on.  It involves a tropical island.  So bring a bathing suit.  I’m getting picked up tomorrow morning at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.  I’m heading over to South Padre Island International Airport in Texas, United States.  Call me back if you can help.”

Bob got off the phone then dialed his brother Herman.

Herman answered the phone, “Hello brother!  Haven’t heard from you in ages, how’s mom doing?”

Bob said, “Mom is fine. Listen I’m working on a missing persons case on a tropical island do you want to come? I have invited Brent to help as well.”

Herman said, “Why do you need all three of us?”

Bob said, “I thought you’d like a paid vacation in the tropics, compliments of Patricia  and Marchina Totenmyer.  Besides we can discuss some cold cases that I’m working on for New York City.  Remember the Zach Conglier case with Ida Tinkle?”

Herman said, “You’ve been talking about it for years.”

Bob said, “Well I’m starting to piece things together.  Brent’s helping me.”

Herman said, “A chip off the old block.  That’s great that your son is following in our footsteps.  Let’s just hope he’s more successful then the two of us.”

Bob said, “Brent’s pretty sharp when it comes to details. I think he has a photographic mind.  He can remember dates, times, places within seconds.  I have to go through a hundred documents before I figure out one thing.  Maybe that’s why they put me at a desk job going through the cold case files….”

Herman said, “Why don’t you just retire?”

Bob said, “Idle hands would make me go crazy.”

Herman said, “Haven’t you developed any new hobbies since your wife died?”

Bob was quite for a minute, “Did you have to bring that up?”

Herman mumbled, “Sorry wasn’t thinking…”

Bob  curtly said, “Can you meet me at the island or not?”

Herman said, “You don’t have to be this way.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Herman slammed the phone down, ticked off at his brother’s sensitivity.  Ever since Roslyn died he’s been so touchy about everything.

Brent was out of breath when he called, “Dad , sorry I was working out, what’s this case all about?”

Bob said, “I’ll give you the details tomorrow.  Your Uncle Herman’s coming too.”

Brent said, “Must be a big case.”

Bob said, “It is and I need as much information about it as I can get, I’ll see you tomorrow night?”

Brent said, “Count me in.”

Bob hung up the phone and called the Brownsville/South Padre Island International Airport,”Hi this is Detective Bob Farley from Scotland Yard.  I’m calling in regards to a missing persons case.”

The operator said, “One moment please.”

A male voice answered, “Hello what’s this about a detective and missing persons case?  Nothings been reported here.”

Bob sighed, “I’m calling to report it. I’ll be doing an investigation as well but I’d like you to send out a search party for three missing people.”

The male voice said, “Do you realize I am up to my neck with Hurricane damage here?  I can only spare one plane to search.  Where were they last seen?”

Bob said, “I’m trying to find that out.  Is there a flight log for Deere & Associates?  I’d like to find out the last co-ordinates that were called in.”

The male voice said, “For what day?”

Bob said, “June 30th the day Hurricane Alex hit your island.”

The male voice said, “I’m not sure we have them.  The systems went down because of the storm.  Any planes should have rerouted.”

Bob said, “This was a small private plane.”

The male voice said, “Oh well in that case you’ll have to check those files when you get here.  I honestly don’t have time to deal with this I have a state of emergency to deal with.  Good luck.”

And then he hung up.  Bob stared at the phone and sighed.  Now he knew why Patricia and Marchina were hiring him…


New chapter

The Investigation

It was late in the evening when Detectives Bob, Brent and Herman all sat down at the bar to have a beer.  Patricia and Marchina had gone to bed due to jet lag.

Bob said, “We don’t have much to go on.  I can’t seem to get the coordinates from the airport here, systems were down on June 30th, because of hurricane Alex.  I think we’ll need to get a picture of the jet and show it to the locals.  See if they heard or seen anything. It’s a small enough island, if they landed anywhere near here we’ll know about it.  We also need to talk to the pilot’s family, see if he gave any clues as to where he was going to fly.”

Brent said, “You said Patricia mentioned an “oil” meeting.  We should contact the secretary and see if they called to cancel that meeting.”

Bob said, “Good idea,  Herman I’m going to leave you in charge of the search parties. Your great with maps and dealing with New Yorkers – these guys are pretty hard nosed and hard to work with, so I think your the better one to deal with that sort of challenge.”

Herman snorted, “You are so soft.. You English folk.”

Bob said, “Need I remind you, we are both English and Scottish.”

Herman laughed, “I guess I’ve been in New York too long.  I only think of myself as a New Yorker now.”

Bob said, “Did you get a chance to look at those files I sent to you?  Can you add anything from your side of the fence?”

Herman said, “Let’s work on ONE case at a time.  My brain can only handle so much info before it shuts down.  Especially after a few beers.”

Bob said, “Go easy on the beer.  If Patricia sees you getting drunk she’ll ship you back to New York City – she won’t put up with your drunken ways…”

Herman looked at his brother, “What I do on my own time is my business.  Besides you told me I was going to be on a Tropical Holiday.”

Bob hissed, “I was joking, shut up about that!  Do you have to take everything I say literally?”

Herman looked around and said, “I can never afford this kind of luxury, an island, the tropics… What do you think I’m going to do?  Party!”

Bob said, “Herman you are here on a case.  I am sure that once it’s solved Patricia won’t mind if we do some celebrating for a few days.  I’ll make that part of the deal. Happy now?”

Herman said, “Will she really do that for you?”

Bob said, “Patricia’s quite the gal…”

Herman said, “You should date her.”

Bob said, “Nope I’m set in my ways and so is she.  She’s great to have a debate with and that’s about it.”

Herman nodded, “So that means I can have a go at her?”

Bob said, “Herman – you need to behave yourself.  Both Marchina and Patricia are very old fashioned, you will offend them if you make a pass at them.  Again I’m warning you they will send you packing if you do anything other then INVESTIGATE, got it?”

Herman scowled, “Party pooper!”

Herman took another swig of beer and got up and walked away.

Brent said, “I can’t believe he’s your brother.”

Bob smiled, “I think New York has changed him.  He used to be a sweet guy.”

Brent laughed, “Not according to grandma, he’s always been a tyrant.”

Bob grinned, “I was trying to be positive. He’ll be okay once he straightens things out.  He’s not used to taking it easy.  I think it will get to him. I’m afraid all the stress of city life is going to make him have a heart attack.”

Brent sighed, “I’m planning to go work in New York City too.”

Bob said, “Why?”

Brent said, “Because I got a call from a friend asking for my help in a murder case.”

Bob said, “We have to wrap this one up first then we can go work on that one.”

Brent said, “Well we’d better get some shut eye, tomorrows going to be a very long day…”


New chapter

Estelle & Justin Deere

Estelle left several worried voice mails on her son Justin’s answering service.  He was always so busy and hardly ever returned her calls.

Estelle called again, “Justin your father is missing.  They’ve hired a detective to go look for him call me back.”

She hung up the phone and it rang.

Justin said, “Sorry Mom I’ve been so busy dealing with my new project that I didn’t check my home messages for a few days.  I’ve been staying at the office working day and night.  Why didn’t you call me there?”

Estelle sighed,”Justin I left you several messages there.  You didn’t call back.”

Justin remembered, “Sorry mom what’s going on with dad?”

Estelle said, “Your father’s last phone call was on June 30th about a storm.  He was talking about a hurricane.  Patricia and Marchina Totenmyer contacted me on July 15th to let me know that your father , Mr Chambers and their pilot is missing.  No one’s heard from them for two weeks.  The pilot had a flight scheduled about a week ago and he didn’t show up for it.  The secretary was on holiday so it slipped through the cracks.  They were supposed to go to three meetings in that two week time period.  But they changed their plans and no one seems to know where they were going.”

Justin was grim, “Dad should have fired his secretary long ago.  She’s such a scatterbrain! You said something about a detective?”

Estelle said, “Yes three actually, Detective Bob , Brent and Herman Farley.  Two brothers and one son nice family.  Patricia swears they are reliable.”

Justin was guarded, “I’m not too sure about Detective Herman Farley – the guys a drunk in New York City.  Where are the other two from?”

Estelle said, “Bob and Brent are from Scotland Yard.  Although Brent might be heading to New York City.  I think he was planning to take some forensics courses at the University… But I’m not entirely sure if he did.”

Justin said, “How does Marchina know them?”

Estelle said, “It has something to do with Patricia’s husbands murder.  A woman known as Madame X or Ida Tinkle – she’s been involved in murder cases in London, England, New York City and Place Royale, Quebec.”

Justin said, “I was reading about in the New York Times. So he’s the guy that’s working on the cold cases dating back to the 1930’s.  Crazy is this woman still alive?”

Estelle said, “She disappeared years ago but people are still dying in relation to her cases.  It’s been rumored that she’s immortal.  Sasha Totenmyer died in a freak accident and some people say it may have been Ida Tinkle’s ghost that did it.”

Justin laughed, “That has to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard.  So where are they looking for dad?”

Estelle said, “I’m waiting for some news from them I forget where they said, oh wait a minute it has something to do with a hurricane and an island.”

Justin groaned, “Do you know how many islands there are in the gulf of mexico?”

Estelle said, “Sorry but I’ve been ill and I wasn’t really paying to much attention.  I need to go lie down now. Love you.”

Justin said, “Love you too,” to the click of her phone…

New chapter


Searching for Clues

The five of them sat around the breakfast table.  Patricia noticed Herman’s blood shot eyes and looked at Bob for answers.

Bob said, “My brother likes to drink, alot but it won’t affect his detective skills, he is very talented in getting information out of people.”

Patricia looked at Herman’s muscular build and didn’t doubt it.  Marchina was admiring Brent’s muscles too.  Bob watched the two women carefully and wondered if he was wrong about them…

Bob said, “I suggest we break up and search the four parts of the island.  Herman You can go to the North, I’ll take the East, Brent will take the West and you two girls can take the south.  Were going to use these photos of the jet and pictures of Jacob, Edwin and the pilot to see if anyone’s spotted them here on the island.  Check along the beaches first.  Since they didn’t make it to the island we’ll have to talk to any fishing boats or tourists along the docks to see if they heard of anything.”

Herman said, “why do I get the furthest point?”

Bob smiled, “You haven’t driven in a long time.  I thought you’d enjoy the jeep.”

Herman looked out the window at the red jeep convertible and excitedly said, “I get to drive the jeep?”

Bob grinned and looked at Marchina and Patricia and winked, “My brother’s ALWAYS wanted to drive a jeep all his life, he doesn’t his own car but he has his license.”

Brent said, “How do you get around in New York on a case?”

Herman smiled, “I hitch a ride with another detective, we usually work in pairs for homicides.”

Brent nodded and grinned, “Hey if you don’t want to drive, I’ll do it.  I like jeeps too.”

Bob said, “Actually Brent I’ve rented a jet ski for you.  Your younger then the two of us so I thought you could be on call that if we do hear of anything I can send you there.”

Brent nodded, “Sound great!  I can check out all the beach babes… Oh sorry…”

Marchina grinned, “Your young, that’s fine, have fun while you can… Life will be difficult soon enough for you…”

Brent gave her a funny look as he got up from the table armed with photos and map he went straight to the jet ski and turned around, “Ah Dad I don’t know how to turn this thing on?”

A gorgeous young blonde girl walked up and pressed a button then turned a key, “there you go.”

Brent smiled, “hello gorgeous can I have your phone number?”

The girl held up her ring finger, “Sorry I’m married, but If I were single you’d get more then my phone number.”  She winked and walked away – Brent was red with embarrassment.

Brent said, “Did she really mean that?  Freckles and red hair usually isn’t considered attractive by the girls…”

Herman laughed, “In New York we have all nationalities and the way your built and the brains you have, women will be throwing their phone numbers at you.”

Marchina said, “Like I said, life will be difficult for you.  You’ll have to decide who is good and who isn’t…”

Brent laughed, “So that’s what you meant!”

Marchina smiled, “Sorry I didn’t realize that I was thinking aloud.  I do that sometimes.”

Patricia looked at her sister, “Marchina how come you haven’t had any dreams about any of this? Usually my sister tells the future for people…”

Marchina was sad, “I did have dreams, I just didn’t want to face them.  I saw Edwin walk away and not come back… I can keep my hopes up but I have a feeling that something’s happened to them.”

Bob patted Marchina on the back, “Now let’s not dwell on dreams, we are going to find them.  The farley’s have always been good hound dogs…”

Brent looked at his father then his uncle and howled like a wolf.  Everyone cracked up laughing….

New chapter


The Red Jeep

Herman was enjoying the ride across the island.  He couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, minus the destruction of the storm.  It must be terrible to have to deal with a Hurricane almost every summer.  Herman was glad that he lived in New York.  But then again driving a new red jeep had it’s perks.  He couldn’t wait to tell his buddies back home, they would be so jealous.

Brent was enjoying the waves and he almost wiped out while trying a new stunt.  He muttered to himself, “My luck I’ll break my neck, arm or leg on this thing…”

Marchina and Patricia were suffering from heat exhaustion, they were not used to walking so far.  Marchina spotted a bicycle rental stand and looked at her sister.

Patricia said,”Your not serious?”

Marchina said,”I know you’ve never ridden a bike but it’s easy to learn, wait we can get a two seater so it won’t matter.  You just have to pedal it will be so much faster for us!”

Patricia looked at the sky, “It looks like we could get another storm so I’m going to agree this one time but don’t ever tell a soul I did this…”

Marchina grinned, “It doesn’t matter how old you are these days Patricia, stop being so old fashioned.”

Patricia stopped and looked around, “You know I did not realize that most of the tourists here are over fifty years old.  And look they are all having fun playing sports, swimming, bicycling, hiking, I think I’ve got old age wrong.”

Marchina said, “Most people finish working and retire and start living.  It’s a good idea to do all the things you wish you had in the past.  Did you see Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s Movie The Bucket List?  It’s fabulous, two men dying live the life they should have in the first place.  It’s a tear jerker but it also inspires one to “live” like they never have before!”

Patricia sighed, “You know I did live a glorious life when Barney was alive and then… I kind of just stopped.  I shouldn’t have… I need to change that in the future…”

Marchina said, “Sometimes fate has to give people a wake up call.  I think that’s why young people have a heart attack – to wake up and live!”

Patricia said, “Don’t ever put that in a medical journal, people will have a fit.”

Marchina said, “True, now I’ll hold this bicycle while you get on.   I am glad you wore shorts instead of a dress.”

Patricia said, “I hate my knobbly knees but it was just too hot to wear my dresses.  I don’t feel like spending a fortune on dry cleaning, besides with a hurricane I wasn’t sure what types of services would be available to us…”

Marchina said, “The island didn’t get the full brunt of Hurricane Alex, I read somewhere that Mexico did.”

Patricia said, “Mexico’s near by?”

Marchina nodded, “Yes and forget it, I’m not going there.”

Patricia said, “Why not?”

Marchina was quiet, “Because I won’t feel like doing much after my husbands funeral…”

Patricia said, “Marchina you heard the detective.”

Marchina said, “I had that dream on June 30th Patricia, I had a feeling he was gone but I didn’t want to face it.  Edwin came to say goodbye to me and tell me he loves me. He begged me to never forget him.”

The tears began to pour down her cheeks.

Patricia said, “If you know where he is then why did you call the farley’s up?”

Marchina said, “They need to spend some time as a family together.  Things are going to get tough for all of them, and this will be the last time they see each other.”

Patricia, “God no, not another funeral?”

Marchina said, “It’s best that they don’t know…”

New chapter


The plane is found July 17, 2010

Herman called Bob first, “I think I’ve got something.  One of the fishing boats reported a plane went down about two weeks ago, they just go into port.  They were stranded out on an island and saw it fly overhead.  It was flying low and the engine was sputtering, he thinks it was struck by lightning or something got caught in one of the engines because it was flying at an angle.”

Bob said, “Where abouts?”

Herman said, “It’s South east out in the Gulf of Mexico.  They ended up being rescued near the Cayman Islands. He said the plane was flying low towards the Campeche Bay area.  With the storm it could have tried to fly around it and ran out of fuel looking for an airport.”

Bob said, “Okay I’m calling Brent, meet me back at the dock. I can’t get a hold of Patricia and Marchina they don’t have cell phones.”

Herman said, “I think that Marchina knows more then she’s telling.  Her sister said something about her having dreams in the future.  It’s documented in one of those cases for Place Royale that she foretold some of the deaths surrounding the Munroe mansion.”

Bob said, “You’ve got a pretty good memory.”

Herman said, “Nope, Brent mentioned it to me.  He said you refused to talk about the other cases here.  We had a good chit chat into the early hours of the night after you went to bed.  I couldn’t sleep and neither could he so we ended up looking at the stars and talking about those old cases your working on.”

Bob said, “We’ll talk some more later, I’m calling Brent.”

Brent had to stop when he heard the phone ringing.  He was disappointed, there was a big wave coming…

Bob said, “Brent you need to head South East of the Island towards Campeche Bay.  There are reports of a plane having trouble in that direction.”

Brent said, “I need to get some more fuel.”

Bob said, “come into the docks there and just have them call me I’ll use my credit card.”

Brent said, “Are you getting a boat and meeting me out there?”

Bob said, “I’m going to call our pilot and have him charter a helicopter for us.  I told him to have one on standby.  I will also call the search parties here now that we have a location to work with.”

Brent said, “I’ll talk to you in a bit.”  He hung up the phone quickly and revved the engine and ran for the big wave.. Hitting it full force he let out a yell as he went flying off of it and into the ocean…

Brent was being pulled underwater, dam the currents are strong here.  Suddenly he heard another engine and looked up to see the gorgeous blonde girl smiling down at him she said, “Showing off I see, here let me help you.”

He was surprised at how strong she was then he saw the rippled muscles on her arm.  She pulled him out of the water with ease.

Brent said, “What are you a body builder or something?”

She smiled, “Yes I am.  Now what are you doing out this way?  Didn’t you see the signs?”

Brent said, “No sorry I was only watching the wave. Dam I’ve lost my cell phone.”

She smiled, “Where are you headed?”

Brent said, “I need to get my jetski and get some gas.  I’m supposed to head out South East towards Campeche Bay.  Were looking for a plane.”

She said, “That’s where I’m heading.  I got a distress call from a boat that was passing by. Then I spotted you out here and grabbed the closest thing.  I have a speed boat docked.  It’s just over there, follow me back and we’ll go in that instead.”

Brent was grateful.  He got on his jetski but it wouldn’t start.  She tossed line out to him and he attached it to the hook on the front.

She said, “this happens out here all the time.”

Brent nodded feeling better.  They drove quickly to the dock and got into the boat.  Brent was happy to see a phone on it.

She said, “Call your dad and let him know we’ll be there soon. I have the coordinates and I’ve alerted the search party.”

Brent said, “Must be your beauty.  My dad tried to get them to help and they blew him off!”

She said, “Really, Dad must have been in a bad mood.”

Brent said, “My father’s never in a bad mood.”

She said, “I was talking about my father.  He’s the one in charge.  Sorry he’s been a bear since mum died.”

Brent said, “My mother died when I was born…”

She said, “I was lucky I had her for twenty years then she  had an accident…”

Brent said, “What happened?”

She said, “A shark got her…”

Brent gulped, “A shark?”

She said, “Yeah, your lucky you didn’t get eaten by one.  Maybe it was the red hair.”

She was grinning when she said it and looking at Brent with smoldering eyes.  Brent was surprised, before she blew him off and said she was married.”

Brent looked at her ring finger,”Hey you lost your wedding ring, I’m sorry..”

She said, “I’m not married. I just use that line to get rid of losers that hit on me.  But you are growing on me.”

Brent smirked, “If I knew you were coming I would have played dead, then you would have had to recesitate me.”

She smiled at him and leaned over and kissed him long and hard, then turned back to the wheel.

She said, “I’ve always wanted to kiss a detective.”

Brent said, “How did you know?”

She said, “The Scottish accent, the red hair and three of you that look alike.  It was hard to miss.  Whatever you guys do, never work on a murder case together, your too obvious…”

Brent laughed, “Were actually working on some cold murder cases dating back to the 1930s”

She said, “You mean the Ida Tinkle – Madame X cases?”

Brent was shocked, “How did you know?”

She said, “I read the New York Times, they mentioned Detective Herman Farley was on the case.  When I saw you I knew your name was familiar so I googled it.”

Brent said, “I never told you my name?”

She said, “Your uncle is rowdy when he drinks, he told me all about you.  I think he was trying to set us up or something.”

Brent said, “When did he have time to do that?”

She said, “When he walked away from you two before your dad went to bed.  He saw me watching you and put two and two together.  He’s a very talented detective.  If you plan to go to New York City – you should shadow him for a few months. He’ll teach you lots.”

Brent said, “Don’t tell me your psychic?”

She said, “No I’m not but Marchina Totenmyer is.  She already knows her husband is dead.  I heard them talking at the cafe.”

Brent said, “You just happened to be sitting nearby?”

She said, “We always keep an eye on the strangers that come.  Most of the tourists I know by name.  This is a small island, your brother looked rough so I was told to keep on eye and investigate you guys when you came on the island.”

Brent shook his head, “I have to be more careful in New York or I’m going to get myself killed, I’m surprised my uncle hasn’t yet.”

She said, “Marchina said she invited the three of you to come spend time together.  It would be the last time all three of you would see one another.. Meaning there’s going to be a funeral or funerals in your family.  I just hope I get to shag you before you die…”

Brent was shocked at her words and thought she had a sick way of joking about death but she wasn’t laughing.

Brent said, “Your serious aren’t you?”

She said, “I’m only telling you what I heard.  She said it was best for you not to know…”

Brent said, “then why are you telling me.”

She said, “Because I know that you will live.”

Brent said, “How can you be sure of that?”

She said, “Because your the one who is going to change history in Place Royale.”

Brent said, “What?”

She said, “Look I see something over there, take this binoculars.”

She got on the radio and gave the coordinates, Brent called his father .

Bob said, “We see something too, were right behind you.”

There sitting in the water was a half submerged plane which seems to be sitting on a rocky shelf of some sort.

She said, “The tides low here during the day it comes back in after supper time.”

While they waited for the rescue parties to show up she decided to give Brent what he wanted… A quickie..  It was exhilarating out there on the boat in the middle of nowhere.  Brent felt a little bit guilty about it afterwards, he wouldn’t tell his father but he definitely would tell his uncle…

It was an hour later that they were surrounded by rescue teams and boats.  They found the black box and the three men sitting inside bloated from the water.  All three had succumed to their injuries from the crash.

Marchina began to cry and looked at Patricia, “They found them….”

New chapter


The Three Musketeers July 24 2010

Marchina and Estelle were both crying and hugging one another as they looked at the two coffins before them.  All four of the Farley’s were there, friends from Place Royale, London England, New York City and from around the world.

It was a huge funeral for Edwin and Jacob were well known.  There was a figure standing in black that looked familiar to Patricia but when she went to say hi, Louise Picard who was Jacob Deere’s biological mother walked quickly away sobbing that her son was dead…

Justin stood nearby and watched the woman in black.  She looked a bit like his father, he wanted to find out her name but she left quickly in a black limo….

It was Detective Brent Farley that noticed the resemblance first between Jacob Deere  who looked quite aged in the casket and Joseph Munroe from Place Royale.  Patricia Totenmyer confirmed his suspicions.  He would have to find proof before approaching his father about it.

Patricia said, “Did you see the woman get into the limo?”

Brent nodded, “She looked a bit like Jacob too.”

Patricia said, “I always wondered about those two.  There is a legend in Place Royale that the reason Themus Munroe ran off with Louise Picard Deere was because she was pregnant with his child.  But if memory stands correct, the Virgin Slayer was known to be Joseph Munroe. It’s possible that Jacob Deere was his child.  Only in Louise’s case it was an enjoyable experience.  She was very loose with her morals as a child.  She disappeared and traveled the world after seeing Jacob as a child at Joseph Munroe’s funeral.  She seemed quite distressed to bump into the child. I had my suspicions then, but I never got a chance to ask her about it…”

Brent said, “Why does every single mystery tie into Place Royale…”

It was a day later that out of respect Marchina and Estelle attended the pilot’s funeral – Jim Davey.  No one knew too much about him but it was said that he was a fine employee.  He was single with no family so not many people showed up for his funeral….













The Triple Homicide

He had just sat down to have his morning coffee when he opened up of the papers sitting on his table and read the headlines, “Gruesome Orgy Turns into Triple Homicide.”

Justin’s heart stopped a minute when he read, “The suspect, John Spearman, is in police custody following the brutal beatings, rapes of three women found dead in his apartment.  The three women knew the murder suspect.  They were together early Sunday morning at the Yorker.  Dead are Sylvie Hallett, Cindy Irwin and Delilah Farrier.  If you have any details, please contact the New York City Police Department.

Justin sat there cold as stone.  He called Nathan, “Did you see the front page of the New York Times?”

There was silence then “Yeah, there’s no way John would do something like that.  Something just is not right.  I’m going to ask my dad to send someone to help investigate this.”

Justin said, “Okay let me know and I’ll contact John’s lawyer.  I’m going down there to see him.”

Justin though for a moment then called Fields Funeral Home “Hello can I speak to Neilson Fields?”

A male voice answered his cell phone and said, “Who is this?”

Justin said “Hi Neilson it’s Justin Deere we met briefly at the Yorker?  You were with your Cousin John Spearman.  The reason I am calling is that my friend Nathan Adam and I do not believe John did anything to those girls.  Nathan has a friend of the family who is a detective.  We’ve hired him to investigate this case but I need to talk to John somehow?”

Neilson sighed with relief “Is your detective good at finding missing persons?”

Justin paused “I don’t know why?”

Neilson said, “My brother Jordan is missing and so is my girlfriend Cynthia Stalin.”

Justin said, “I remember her.  She was dancing with Delilah and Cindy.  She asked questions about John and didn’t she date Sylvie at one time?”

Neilson sighed, “Yes she did date them all.”  Justin said, “I’ll come and pick you up.  We will go visit John if were allowed to?  Maybe my friend can pull some strings for us.  Do you know his lawyers name?”  Neilson said, “Please come and get me; I’ll have the information ready when you get here.”

Justin picked up Neilson and they headed to the prison.  Neilson said, “I called his lawyer and told him what we were planning to do.  He has set up a meeting with all of us there.  I guess your detective is coming as well.”  Justin smirked “Nathan is very reliable when he wants something done.”


Detective Brent Farley meets John Spearman

38**new mss  chapter and dialog here whats the name of the detective on this murder case case for new York city john spearman’s case  (different then brent Farley because Adams is called to ask a friend for help to clear john’s name) – herman Farley? Brent Farley***


39**new chapter – Cynthia Stalin is Missing*** see detective Farley add names here to clarify you have 3 of them!**** Lynn?


40*****new mss chapter Sylvie’s Diary***The Pink Diary

**New chapter  41    The Captains Sandwich  Put in new mss here

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Crescenda, Felix and Suella Lafleur July 7, 2007

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46***new mss & chapter Dangerous Turns ***conversation about last trip to place royale in 1993 when the twins were 5 years old*** skip it

47***new chapter The White Cadillac July 7, 2007 ***New mss talk about concert in car…48**new mss & chapter – Saying Goodbye to Richard & Dana Lafleur*

The Accident49**new mss & chapter A New Home for Crescenda & Felix (white sheets over old furniture**

Crescenda and Felix decided to live with Aunt Stella and Suella for a year and worked part time in the flower shop.

50********************************Off to University  sept 2008 – june 2014

Crescenda, Felix, and Suella.. (majors) all three obtained majors in science in the areas of research and development.


51**new mss & chapter(name of university in ny)They studied first at the University in New York City and then  2 yrs

52**new mss & chapter  secondly in Canada at the University of Toronto 2yrs53**new mss & chapter and then the University of Guelph  2yrs

After graduating University, Felix moved into his parent’s large stone house, which was outside of New York City with hundreds of acres of land.  Crescenda went to look for a new apt.

54**new mss service with city officials…  .  THE END

38 July 5, 2010 – Detective Brent Farley & John Spearman




They all sat in a room around a table. Detective Rusk Cortez, tall, dark wavy hair, and brown eyes, broad shoulders, he could be a model instead of a cop was looking very annoyed about having to be there.


‘He was doing fine with this case he didn’t see any variations in it at all.  Why were they hiring a private detective.  John Spearman was a playboy, he had too much to drink and went crazy on three chicks case closed.’


John Spearman sat there nervously biting his lower lip.  He hoped that Neilson was right.  Things looked bad according to his Lawyer Grant Hunter, a tall, thin man with pepper hair and grey eyes, always quiet and serious.  John’s fingerprints were the only one’s found on the bat other then Sylvie’s.  The Prosecution figured that Sylvie came after John with the bat and he got it away from her and killed all the girls in a rage because they wouldn’t leave him alone.  He was high on cocaine and the drugs and alcohol affected his brain.


It would be an open and shut case.  But Grant Hunter was also wondering what could Detective Brent Farley do?  The guy was a rookie for starters and if he was anything like his Uncle Herman who was always drunk and screwing up every case he ever worked on the kid was wasting his money.  But then again Justin Deere was a sharp man and when Grant heard that it was Neilson Fields, Nathan Adam and Justin Deere he started to have some hope that he just might win this case after all.


Grant looked around the room and said, “Is everyone here?”


Justin looked up as a tall, red haired, blue eyed scotsman poked his head in the door and said, “Is this the John Spearman case?”


Grant looked at the man and groaned he looked so young, “Come in…”


The tall red haired man looked around the room and spotted Nathan Adam, “You look just like your father.  I’m Detective Brent Farley. My father Bob works for Scotland Yard.  Drake Adam called him and asked him to be here but he caught some sort of flu bug and had to go home.  I was going to bring my Uncle Herman but he’s under the weather too.”


Brent shook hands with Grant and sat down.


John smiled meekly “Thanks for coming all of you. I did not kill those women in fact I was drugged and raped as well. I was kind of out of it because they fed me some sort of cocaine I think and maybe some wine laced with a drug to knock me out. Sylvie is the one that beat the girls with the baseball bat. There was another girl there, I think it was Cynthia Stalin in some weird disguise.



Cynthia had a red wig on and a black leather outfit. I did not recognize her at first until she put the outfit on Sylvie and killed her as well. I told the Police that Cynthia Stalin went to University here in New York City. I am not sure what she majored in there. We really did not talk all that much. It was all just sex with her. I cannot even give you a decent description of her face. It was too dark at the club and I was usually drunk as a skunk when we would meet up at the Yorker. Is that everything?”


Detective Rusk Cortez said, “The problem is that I went to the University and found that there was no such person named Cynthia Stalin there in the last three years? Either she had lied to him or she went under an assumed name.”


Neilson piped up “No John is right about her. I know Cynthia Stalin too she was my girlfriend for awhile after her and John broke up. She’s disappeared and so has my brother Jordan.”


Rusk said, “Can you verify that?”


Neilson said, “Yes she worked as an employee at Fields Funeral home for the past three years.”


Rusk said, “Did you see her go to University?”


Neilson said, “Not really but she always had her books and notes in the back seat of her car.”


Rusk said, “What kind of a car did she drive?”


Neilson said, “I don’t know I never saw the car.  I know she owned one but she usually walked into the bar and then we took the subway to my place.”


Rusk was shocked, “You never went to her place once in three years?”


Neilson said, “No her father was mentally ill, she was embarrassed about it so she never brought anyone to her place.”


Rusk said, “Any idea where she lived?”


Neilson said, “I’m not sure but it must be on the outskirts of town.  It always took her about an hour to get into the city.”


Rusk said, “Are you sure about that?”


Neilson said, “No… Sorry we were bed mates.  I didn’t see much of her at work, I was always doing administration.  She worked downstairs in another department.  We trained her for a few days and she picked it up fast.  It was like she had been doing it for years…”


Rusk said, “But she’s only twenty one, that’s impossible unless she runs a morgue somewhere else.  Where did she come from?”


Neilson blushed, “We always met at the Yorker, had a few drinks, danced and went and had sex.  She always left right away, we never talked much, never went out on a date.  I asked her too but she refused.  She said she had too much homework to do.”


Rusk said, “What courses did she study?”


Neilson said, “Forensics and Business Management.”




Detective Farley was busy jotting down notes as he looked up “Just a minute.  I knew a girl at school that was taking two different courses.  She did the Business Management at night and Forensics in the day.  I never got her name or a good look at her.  She dropped her books in the hallway, I picked them up and she hurried away.  I wonder if it’s the same girl?”


Rusk said, “You would have to check through the registrations to see who took two different courses.”


Detective Farley said, “No I think she was taking an online course for the Business Management, which at the time I thought was odd but then again she must be very smart to do both, or she’s had experience elsewhere and just took the courses to get a degree.”


Neilson said, “Cynthia had a photographic mind and a very high IQ.  I remember because she use to rattle stuff off when she was drunk.”


Rusk said, “Did she ever say anything odd to you about anything?”


John said, “Yeah she talked about a famous interior designer named Robert Adam.  She was crazy about his work.”


Nathan turned to Justin and said, “That’s our ancestor.  I wonder if anyone’s ordered any new designs from them lately.  I’d have to ask my Dad if he can look into it.  Maybe his cousin James can help.”


Detective Farley said, “How is that going to help us with this case?”


Nathan looked at him and said, “We can look at the clientele within the past three years and go see their homes, you never know there could be a connection.”


Farley said, “That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I have a better idea.  I’m going to go to the University and look at the computers.”


Justin said, “What will that do?”


Farley said, “I can see if the history files show any students looking into the case.  If someone else killed those girls, they are long gone by now but they would want some info on how their little plan worked.”


Nathan said, “That’s not going to work.  Cindy, Delilah and Sylvie were very popular girls.  Everyone at University knew them, there will be millions of trails to go over.”


Farley sighed, “Then I guess I’ll have to check into the local rentals.  You say it took her over an hour to get here.  I wonder if she parked her car and went by subway into the city?  I can check with the attendets to see if they remember an attractive girl with lots of books, a backpack maybe.  What color was her backpack?”


Neilson said, “She never had one.  But she always carried a black leather duffel bag.  I haven’t seen one here in New York City. I don’t know where she got them from.”


Rusk said, “What do you mean them?”


Neilson said, “She had several of them in her back seat the last day I saw her.  I thought it was luggage or something because she was packing up and getting ready to leave.  It was just before her graduation dinner.”


Farley looked at Rusk, “Now there’s a clue to work with.  Who sells Black Leather Duffel bags anymore?”


Nathan said, “You have to ask a Fashion expert and that would be Lynn Farnsworth…”



Detective Farley looked at John is there any other information that you can think of?”


John said, “Yeah Cindy Irwin worked at a place called de-la-fleur Flowers, here in New York City. Maybe her boss can shed some light on this?”


Farley looked at Neilson “Can you give me a description of Cynthia Stalin ?”


Neilson said, “She had blonde hair, blue eyes and wore tons of gaudy makeup. She worked part-time usually on weekends.”


Farley asked, “Did you ever see any identification on her or tattoos?”


Neilson nodded, “Yeah she had a driver’s license that she used at the bar. I’ve never seen her drive though.”


Farley asked, “Did you ever see this drivers license?”


Neilson shrugged his shoulders “Yeah I grabbed it from her to look at the picture but then she grabbed it back and refused to let me look.  She said it was a bad photo of her.”



Farley made a note, “I wonder if any of the bouncers took note of her address but then again if it’s a false id then more than likely the address is wrong on it too. Anything else?”


Rusk said, “Wait a minute!  We just had a homicide with a guy that did fake id’s”


Farley said, “We need the address, we’ll have to ask the neighbours if they saw an attractive woman visit him.”


Rusk said, “No that won’t work, he never brought anyone to his place.”


Farley said, “Where did you find him?”


Rusk said, “At his apartment.  But there are no witnesses.”


Farley said, “Did you ask in uniform?”


Rusk said, “Of course.”


Farley grinned, “That’s why there’s no witnesses.  More than likely the whole area there is full of crooks, they don’t want to snitch.  I’m not on any cases yet, so they won’t know me.”


Rusk said, “Look it’s too dangerous for you.”


Farley said, “You know I may be green here in New York but I’ve been working on homicide cases since I was fifteen years old with my father.  I worked on Scotland Yard for a few years as a hard nosed detective like yourself then I went to Italy for three years to learn a new trade, something fun and relaxing.”


Rusk said, “What was that?”


Farley said, “Architectural restoration work.”


Farley looked over at Justin and smiled, “I sent a resume to your firm awhile back, but didn’t get any response so I decided to go back to work as a Detective for the New York Police department.  I’ve been brushing up on my street wise skills and taking some martial arts courses.  I want to be prepared to defend myself without a gun.  I only use them when I absolutely have to.”


Rusk snickered, “Boy you are green aren’t you?  I’ll bet you’ll be dead in a week after going out in the field.”


Farley’s temper snapped, “You know pretty boy it takes brains to stay alive. Your so busy preening yourself in front of the mirror or exercising your dick in bed with a shit load of women then you never take time to develop your brain.  That’s what your colleauges told me.”


Rusk was quiet and pissed off because he knew that Farley was right.  The captain had been on his case lately about the shoddy reports he was handing in.  Not being detailed enough, screwing up the investigations.  Rusk felt nothing but bitter venhom towards Farley…. If he ever got the chance to make a mistake and shoot the bastard he would.  He didn’t take kindly to anyone putting him down in front of people, especially not his clients.


Justin noticed the tension between the men and sighed.  They wouldn’t get anywhere with these two fighting, he said, “I hope you two can put away your differences.  We are here for a reason.  We need to find a way to clear John’s name.  Most of us in this room believe that he’s innocent, somebody set him up.  We need to find evidence and fast…”


John said “ Wait a minute.  I forgot about my computer files.  I received all sorts of nasty emails with  death threats in them.”


Detective Farley asked, “Who were the letters from?”


Neilson said, “John received them from Sylvie Hallett. I read a few of them and they were pretty intense if you ask me.”


John added “Sylvie was my ex girlfriend and she was crazy as hell. I am sure it was all her idea. She probably made Cynthia help her. I do not know why Cynthia killed her though I am willing to bet that she drove her to it. However, I do think it was Cynthia, even though I’m not too clear on it, but honestly it was all such a blur at the time.”



Detective Farley looked at Rusk, “Have you investigated this yet?”


Rusk shook his head, “First I heard of it.”


Detective Farley asked, “Do we have a home address for Sylvie Hallett?”


John said, “Yeah It’s in my black book, you’ll find it in the top drawer of my desk, right by my computer. Here I’ll write down my hotmail address and password.  I have a printer too.”


Detective Farley looked at Rusk, “Do you want to come with me?”


Rusk said, “It’s better if we don’t.  I’ll call up the superintendents and tell him I’m sending you over so they will let you into John and Sylvie’s apartments. Do you have your badge yet?”


Detective Farley said, “I’m supposed to get one later today. I just got back from working on a missing person’s case.”


Justin looked at Detective Farley and said, “I never got a chance to properly thank you for finding my dad.”


Rusk said, “Was he okay?”


Justin said, “No we buried him along with two of his friends.  Their plane went down during Hurricane Alex.”


Detective Farley said, “There was this gorgeous blonde woman there.”


Rusk smiled, “I know her, she is great in bed.”


Then he got up saluted to everyone and walked out the door.


Detective Farley said under his breath, “What a bastard I hate used goods…”


Everyone got up and went their separate ways




New Chapter


The Witness


Rusk was true to his word he called Farley within minutes with the two addresses.  Farley jotted them down outside of the building.  He walked over to his old beat up car and got in and sat there looking over his notes.


Justin was in a sombre mood as they drove towards the office.


He said to Nathan, “Do you think Farley will help John at all?”



Nathan shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, “Not sure if he’s the right one for the job. He looks like a green one to me, but he comes across as pretty well organized. He took lots of notes down and said he’d have some information for me in a few days.”


They had just come out of the jail when Neilson bumped into Lynn. It was apparent she had been crying.


She said, “I knew that bitch was out to get him. I know Sylvie had something to do with all this.

I remember hearing Sylvie yell, “I’ll get you for this! You are all dead meat! I saw her and a red head walking down the street after John alongside Delilah and Cindy. They had just left the Yorker and I was too scared to go near Sylvie because she had threatened to kill me. I’m lucky she didn’t do me in as well!”


Neilson saw Detective Farley sitting in his car, “Lynn come with me you need to speak to someone.”


Detective Farley looked up and smiled at the pretty blonde girl standing there beside Neilson.  She was cute.


Neilson said, “We have a witness from the Yorker.”


Detective Farley said,”Has she spoken to Rusk yet?”


Detective Farley got out of his car and said, “Let’s go sit over there in the park, it’s a nice day.  Hi I’m Brent and you are?”


Lynn grabbed his outstretched hand and shook it firmly and said, “My name is Lynn Farnsworth, I’m a friend of John’s. Since we were kids.  There is no way he killed those girls.”



Neilson said, “Lynn tell him about what Sylvie said the night of the murder.”


Lynn said, “She was walking with a red head girl, very slim and attractive.  I’ve seen her before but she didn’t have red hair, she had blonde before.  She used to be Sylvie’s girlfriend.  They were following John, Delilah and Cindy.  Sylvie had  a run in with John and the girls earlier, she yelled at them saying she was going to get them for this and that they were dead meat.  They had her kicked out of the Yorker.  She was harrassing John demanding that he go back out with her again.”




Farley asked, “Where were you when this happened? Would you say the red head was Cynthia Stalin?”



Lynn said, “I was outside standing in line.  Sylvie got kicked out and Cindy and Delilah saw me standing out in line and begged the bouncer at the door to let me in.  They told me about Sylvie harrassing John and then I went to get a drink then I went outside for a smoke and was standing by the line talking to some people I know when they all left a few hours later.  John was higher then a kite and drunk as a skunk he could barely walk.  Delilah and Cindy were high too.  Someone told me that the red headed girl was doing sexual stuff with them in the bathroom and she gave them the drugs. I really don’t know anything more about this Cynthia. I thought Detective Rusk was handling this case.”


Farley shook her hand, “I’ll be investigating John’s case. It appears that he’s been framed for murder and I’m going to try and clear his name for him.”


Lynn’s tears started again, “It’s all so terrible. I plan to visit John and bring him some of his favourite cookies and magazines.”


Neilson said, “He will really appreciate that.”


Suddenly a car pulled around and Justin and Nathan got out and came over to them in the park.


Neilson said, “We’ve got a new witness.  Lynn I’d like you to meet my friends, they are the one’s helping with this case.”


They shook her hand and one of the guys said, “I’m Justin Deere and this is my friend Nathan Adam; He’s the one who called Farley to come and help us out.”


Lynn hugged Nathan, “Thanks so much I really appreciate all that you’re doing for John. He really doesn’t deserve any of these accusations!”


Detective Farley said, “Is there anything else you can think of Lynn about the red head?”


Lynn said, “Yes she was sitting in a coffee shop down the street, text messaging on her cell phone before the night of the murder.  I think she was waiting for Sylvie because they met up later on.  I’m sorry I was talking to my friends.  Oh yeah.. One of my friends said they had seen her before at a women’s gay bar but she has short blonde spiky hair but she remembered the tight red leather mini skirt because it’s not in fashion anymore.”


Detective Farley stiffened, “Are you talking about the Girls Club?”


Lynn said, “Yes that’s the place.”


Detective Farley said, “A woman was seen there with a blonde before she went missing.  Her name was Cherry Dowling.”


As he said it he knew why it rang a bell, when he was younger in his father’s diary there had been mention of Cherry Dowling and some architect guy, what was his name again?


Justin looked at Detective Farley and said, “Cherry Dowling?  She was married to Doctor David Johnson a friend of ours.  She’s missing?  I wonder if David knows.”


Detective Farley said, “Do they stay in contact?”


Justin said, “Yes as far as I know, they have sex every now and then, even though they are divorced.  She had an affair with some chick named Fifi Cartier.”


Detective Farley drew in his breath and said, “Here we go again…”


Justin said, “What’s wrong?”


Detective Farley said, “I’ve been working on some unsolved murder cases and Cherry Dowling and Ida Tinkle, along with Fifi Cartier are some of the names mentioned… I don’t know if it’s the same people.”


Neilson said, “Ida Tinkle, she was in the paper lately.  Madame X they call her, she disappeared after attending a funeral in Place Royale.”


Detective Farley said, “What! Where did you hear this?”


Neilson said, “Grant was telling me, he’s a lawyer for Neulan and Associates in London, England. It was after Angus Atkins died.  They were commenting on his heir getting his fortunes because he lost his mind… You don’t think?”


Detective Farley gave a thin grin, “I didn’t want to hear the name Place Royale again, it seems like all those unsolved murders lead to that one place.”


Justin said,”I loved it there, I’m planning to carry on my father’s building projects there.  Perhaps I’ll call you to do some work while your on a holiday? Are you working full time here in New York?”


Detective Farley said, “Well I think I’m going to branch off and open my own Detective Agency.  My Uncle’s on the police force here in New York and people just do not like him.  Once they found out we were related I started getting the cold shoulder from everyone including Rusk, you saw how he was with me.  I don’t need that kind of crap in my life.  I think I’ll call the captain and offer my services on the side but for now I’m going to have my own office, from my apartment…”


Justin said, “Maybe in the future I can help you build a new office when your ready?”


Detective Farley said, “You can count on it!”


Lynn said, “Well it’s been interesting but I’ve got to get this stuff over to John.  His visitation hours are limited.  I hope they let me in.”


Detective Farley said, “Just tell them your his girlfriend.  They will believe that.”


Lynn blushed, “I’m not his girlfriend though.”


Detective Farley said, “If you want to see him your going to have to tell them that.  Also tell him what you told us. I’m sure it will cheer him up, to know we now have a witness to a potential crime scene, Actually two crime scenes.”


Everyone went their separate ways while Lynn walked towards the front doors of the jail.


39  –  2010  August 1  – Cynthia Stalin is Missing


Another case to solve


Neilson looked at Detective Farley, “I’ll have to meet up with you later, I have to go get some things from my brother’s apartment.


Detective Farley said, “When did your brother leave for this trip?”


Neilson said, “At the beginning of July sometime.  I was told they would go to Las Vegas.  When I called the Casino there where Jordan loves to go to, they haven’t seen him. I think they went somewhere else.”


Detective Farley said, “Did you talk to any of the chartered pilots more then likely they would have taken a private plane.”


Neilson said, “Why do you say that?”


Detective Farley said, “Because I think Cynthia Stalin killed two people and she will not want to draw any attention to herself.  Is your brother rich?”


Neilson blushed, “yes he just received a large inheritance from our grandfather.”


Detective Farley said, “Didn’t you?”


Neilson said, “No… He wrote me out of the will.”


Detective Farley looked Neilson in the eye, “So you could have done something to your brother then to get his money?”


Neilson said, “I don’t think he has a will and I would never personally harm my brother.”


Detective Farley said, “But you wouldn’t think twice to hire someone, perhaps a woman to do it for you?”


Neilson was nervous he didn’t like all the questions being fired at him, “Look my brother’s missing if I didn’t want him found why on earth would I tell you?”


Detective Farley said, “To  make yourself look innnocent. Just so you know your on the top of my list of suspects for your brother’s disappearance.”


Neilson grinned, “I have a strong alibi.  I was performing three funerals this past month, busy every day in the office. So how could I travel and go anywhere?”


Detective Farley said, “who says they traveled, that’s your story.”


Neilson said, “No it’s not, here’s a note to prove it.  I went to my brother’s apartment to find out where the hell he was.  He was supposed to do two services this week. He just came back from our London office and we were supposed to have a meeting with some investors.. He didnt’ show up. I was angry, I went to his apartment and found this note. You think he would have called me.”


Detective Farley said, “Was his apartment ransacked?”


Neilson said, “No that’s what was so weird about it.  My brother is the biggest slob in the world, he apartment was immaculate, like someone had cleaned it.”


Detective Farley said, “That someone would have left finger prints.  We’ll have to dust the apartment and look for clues.  Let’s go there first.”


Neilson said, “I thought you were going to Sylvie’s place?”


Detective Farley said, “Normally I would do one case at a time, but I have three cases now all tied to this Cynthia Stalin woman.  I’ll go to your brother’s place first, since I’m trying to find out where she is.  I’ll drop you off there then continue to several other destinations. Listen can you drive?  I have to call my dad and update him.  I need to see if he’s alright, I’m worried about him.”


Neilson got in the drivers seat and drove towards Jordan’s apartment.


Detective Brent Farley called his Father Bob and updated him on the details so far.


Bob said, “I’m not feeling well still my stomach’s killing me.  It must have been that tropical fruit I ate.  Your Uncle’s sick too, I just got off the phone with him.


Look I’ll call the airlines for you to see if anyone by the name of Cynthia Stalin purchased a ticket.  I doubt she used that name. Your better off talking to any chartered pilots.”


Detective Farley grinned, “I was hoping you would say that. I wanted a second opinion. I don’t think she used the name Cynthia though because I have three homicides that tie with her.  I wonder if Ida Tinkle had a baby.”


Bob laughed, “I don’t think so.  According to Dr Peter Tibideau she had her tubes tied at a young age.  She never wanted any children, especially not his.”


Brent said, “Why not his?”


Bob said, “Because it would be the devil’s seed.”


Brent said, “Odd thing for him to say don’t you think?”


Bob said, “I think he’s playing cat and mouse with me.  It’s like he knows my days are numbered so he can say what he wants?”


Brent was quiet for a minute then said, “Marchina Totenmyer said the same thing..”


Bob said, “Well I need some more rest I’ll talk to you later. You might want to check the rentals for the area for a three year student contract.  I’m sure they have stuff like that on computers.  Go to the most popular one.”


Brent said, “Well you take care of yourself, I’ll talk to you. Love you dad.”


Bob said, “I love you too son.”


Neilson looked at Detective Farley and grinned, “Do you guys always do that?”


Detective Farley said, “Do what?”


Neilson said, “Get mushy with each other on the phone.”


Detective Farley said, “In my line of business you never know if you’re going to come back alive.  My father married a CIA Agent once and she was killed.  He was upset because he didn’t get to tell her he loved her before she died.  My mother Roslyn died when I was born, he didn’t get a chance to tell her he loved her that morning, so he made it a rule that anytime we talk to one another we say I love you and hug if were in the same room.  I think that’s one of the reasons I feel so stable no matter where I live.  I know my father loves me.  I hear horror stories from the guys in the police department.  Most are from broken homes.  I feel sorry for them.  I can’t imagine my life without my dad…”


Neilson noticed that Detective Farley had a tear in his eye and he asked, “Is your father dying?”


Detective Farley  brushed away the tears angrily,”I don’t know.  Marchina Totenmyer said it was the last time the three of us will be together, Dad, Me and my Uncle.  I have no idea who will die first or if all of us will go.  She couldn’t say because Fate doesn’t work that way.  It tells you someone will die but it’s not always specific who it is until it actually happens.  She said once you tune into your intuition or gut instincts, if someone close to you dies, you’ll feel them leaving you.”


Neilson turned white as a sheet, “Are you serious. Oh my god, I had a dream that my brother was attacked by a lion and chewed up.  I saw him walk away from it. He was waving goodbye to me and I was trying to figure out how he could walk away after being eaten by a lion.”


Detective Farley looked at Neilson and said, “If it was his spirit then yes it could happen.  But I don’t really believe in the supernatural, do you?”


Neilson smirked, “No way.  I have to have scientific proof right before my eyes.”


Detective Farley grinned, “Same with me.”


They pulled up in front of a tall red brick condo and got out of the car.  Walking to the doors, the security guard looked them over and said, “Neilson I still haven’t seen your brother. Whose this guy?”


Neilson said, “He’s a detective, were going to check my brother’s apartment to see if we can find anything.”


Detective Farley held out his hand, “Hi my name is Brent.  Do you remember seeing a woman with him at all?”


The Security Guard said, “Yes I did.  I thought it was strange it was early in the morning when she was helping Jordan to the car.  He was very drunk. I’ve never seen him drunk before.”


Neilson said, “Jordan was drunk?  Did his eyes look funny?’


The Security Guard said, “Yeah he looked like he was half asleep.  I asked if he was okay and she said she was going to take him to the hospital.”


Detective Farley said, “What kind of car was she driving?”


The Security Guard said, “It was a newer model.  It might have been a black mercedes.”


Detective Farley looked at Neilson, “How could a university student afford a black mercedes.”


The Security Guard said, “She comes from a rich family.”


Detective Farley said, “What’s her name?”


The Security Guard said, “It’s Cynthia Stalin but I’m pretty sure that’s not her real name.”


Detective Farley said, “Why?”


The Security Guard said, “Come in here and I’ll show you.”


They walked down the hall and he opened up a door to a messy, small apartment.


The Security Guard said, “Please excuse the mess, my grandfather lives here.  Well he used to, I just moved him to an old age home.  I’ve been cleaning up his stuff and packing it.  I came across this book about architects, check out this guys picture.”


He held up an old book dating back from the 1930’s and there before them was a photo of a famous architect by the name of Anthony Atkins.


Detective Farley said, “Who is this man?”


Neilson said, “That’s incredible, he looks exactly like …. Cynthia..”


Detective Farley said, “Are you sure?”


Detective Farley was reading the tiny print in the book and said, “Do you have a magnifying glass? I can’t read this tiny print under the picture.”


The Security Guard looked around then went to the desk and pulled out a big magnifying glass.


Detective Farley read the caption, “Anthony Atkins – famous architect from Place Royale, Quebec, Canada.”


Detective Farley gasped, “My god Cynthia Stalin… Now I know why that name rings a bell.  In one of my cold cases there was a butler and a maid working at the Munroe Mansion.”


The Security Guard said, “Yes it was Cynthia and Arthur Stalin.  They were blamed for the death of Alchetta Bailey, but many people think it was Ida Tinkle that did it.  They are still listed as missing.”


Detective Farley said, “how do you know all this?”


The Security Guard says, “My grandfather is Viktor Stalin’s brother.”


Neilson said to Detective Farley, “You keep mentioning Place Royale with Ida Tinkle, and now Cynthia Stalin who is really someone else.”


The Security Guard said, “My grandfather said the Munroe’s and Atkins have been feuding for centuries.  Except for Joseph Munroe and Anthony Atkins, they became friends through their business contacts.  But my Grandfather swears that Anthony always wanted to get revenge on Joseph. He probably used Ida Tinkle to do it. It’s all very confusing.  It has something to do with a witches covent from the 15th century.  Supposedly three immortals were friends then things fell apart between them.  One was Anthony Atkins, the second was Ida Tinkle and the third is Dr Peter Tibideau.  The doctor is the only one who is alive and he’s missing  or hiding.  We think he’s hiding for some reason, waiting for another Munroe heir to come along.  He’s afraid of the prophecy.”


Detective Farley looked up and said, “The prophecy given to my father stating that I would be the one to break the Munroe curse?”


The Security Guard smiled, “So your the one.  Best not to tell a soul.  If it get’s out you’ll have Dr Peter Tibideau trying to kill you.  He doesn’t want you to destroy him.  Because once you do, the curse will be broken.”


Detective Farley said, “So what your saying is that I have to kill this Dr Peter Tibideau and it will break a curse?  I have no idea what this curse is about, my father doesn’t either.”


The Security Guard smiled, “Marchina never told you.  She had to wait until all the pieces were in place before you could find out the truth.  The curse is over the Munroe mansion and the family.  Every thirteenth year the lady of the house would die from some kind of freak accident.  Sometimes the heir would die too, but we think it was Ida Tinkle killing off the heirs one by one.  She wants to inherit the mansion somehow. She wanted to marry Joseph but that didn’t work, so were trying to figure out how she can get at it.  One of the grandchildren of the covent has to marry a munroe in order to get the wealth then stop the curse.  In that case the Doctor doesn’t have to die.  Each heir has tried to woo a Munroe and failed.  So they killed them.  They thought they had them all. One was murdered lately and the other is still a mystery.  We won’t know until the mother of the child gives out the information. Which Marchina said it won’t happen until she dies.  She said fate has it’s reasons.”


Detective Farley said, “how do you know Marchina Totenmyer?”


The Security Guard smiled, “I don’t but my grandfather did.  She used to pop by in spirit form according to his diaries.  I was reading it this week, if you had come last week I wouldn’t have known any of this stuff.”


Detective Farley said, “Last week I was working on a missing person’s case.  So I wouldn’t have been able to come either.”


The Security Guard said, “Who was missing?”


Detective Farley said, “Jacob Deere and Edwin Chambers along with their pilot.”


The Security Guard was excited, “You met a Jacob Deere?  The name of the woman was Deere when she left Place Royale.  Marchina said you were going to cross paths with each person during your lifetime.”


The Security Guard flipped over the pages and said, “This man here is Joseph Munroe he was Anthony’s business partner.  He lived in the Munroe mansion in Place Royale.”


Detective Farley gasped at the photo, “Are you sure that’s Joseph Munroe?  He’s the spitting image of Jacob Deere?”


The Security Guard said, “So you’ve met the heir of the Munroe mansion then.  You need to contact Neulan & Associates, they have been trying to locate an heir for the estate.”


Detective Farley said, “Jacob is dead.”


Neilson said, “Justin is his son.”


Detective Farley said, “The Justin I met today? Justin Deere?”


Neilson nodded, “The very same…”


Detective Farley said to the Security Guard, “Can I get your number?”


He turned around and there was no one there.  Neilson was white as a sheet.


Neilson said,”He was there, I swear and then he just disappeared…. Like a ghost….”


The two of them walked down the hall refusing to believe what they had just seen.  Detective Farley held the book in his hand but the apartment was now empty, nothing was in it.  They were standing in an empty room.


Neilson said, “Maybe were under too much stress.”


Detective Farley shook his head, “No my father warned me that this could happen.  He used to be visited by Marchina Totenmyer when she was a little girl.  She transported her spirit to his home in Scotland while her body was in Place Royale.  At first he didn’t believe it, he thought it was his imagination tricking him.  Then he met her in person and found out it was all real. You see the people in Place Royale have special supernatural powers.  For all we know that could have been Dr Peter Tibideau changing the way he looked, or a ghost from the past.”


Neilson said, “Only one way to find out let’s knock on this door.”


An old woman answered the door and said, “Hi can I help you?”


Neilson said, “Did you know Mr Stalin?”


She nodded, “Yes he was a fine man, he worked at this building as a security guard for many years now.  He used to be a butler for Joseph Munroe.  He was Viktor Stalin’s brother.  He died a few weeks ago. Are you family? I’m sorry for your loss…”


Detective Farley said, “no but we thought we just saw him.”


He didn’t expect to get an answer from her but she smiled and said, “He’s been waiting a long time to see you.  Now that’ he’s done his “unfinished business” he can cross over.  He just said goodbye to me a few minutes ago. Thanks for giving him peace now….”


She shut the door and it disappeared.


Neilson was shaking, “My god the door just disappeared, what the hell… I can’t believe my brother lived here…”


They walked out of the building and Neilson looked at the number on the front of it as the whole building disappeared.  He looked wildly down the street but no one else seemed to notice.


Neilson turned and walked over to the construction guy standing there, “What happened to the building that was here?”


The construction guy said, “We just tore it down.  They had a fire here back in July of 1957.”


Detective Farley said, “What caused the fire?”


The construction guy said, “The Security Guard fell asleep and a cigarette in his mouth fell out onto the floor. The building went up in flames right away.  Everyone died including my grandmother, she lived next door to him.”


Neilson grabbed the guys arm, “Your not going to disappear on me are you? I think I’m going crazy.  We just saw your grandmother a few minutes ago.”


The construction guy said, “Hey let go of my arm.  My grandmother died in the fire, they were lovers the two of them…”


Detective Farley said, “Neilson where did your brother live?”


The construction guy said, “They rebuilt the same building, but on the next street over.  Just go around the corner, it’s an exact replica of this one.”


Neilson said, “Sorry I’ve only been to my brother’s apartment once. I must have gotten mixed up.”


Detective Farley said, “I doubt it. Let’s go.”


They walked into the exact same red brick building only this one had new carpet and paint.


Neilson said, “They must be renovating.”


Suddenly the superintendent yelled,”Your brother owes me rent. I haven’t seen him in ages.”


Neilson said, “We know, I have a private detective here.  How much does he owe on rent?”


The superintendent looked at how pale and thin Neilson was and quietly said, “Is he missing?”


Neilson nodded with tears in his eyes.  Detective Farley was shaken too the last hour was getting to him too.  No wonder Neilson was emotional, it would drive anyone mad to go through that.


Detective Farley said, “Yes he left with his girlfriend Cynthia Stalin and both of them are missing.”


The Superintendent smiled, “She’s a really hot girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, but a bit of a snob.  She never said hi to anyone.”


Detective Farley said, “How many times did you see her?”


The Superintendent said, “Only once, when she first came to his place.  They met over coffee and came back here to have sex.  They were arguing about some guy named Neilson.”


Neilson turned three shades of red, “I was dating her and we broke up and she started dating my brother… I forgot to mention that?”


Detective Farley said, “Listen your going to have to come clean did you make any plans with Cynthia to get your brother’s money?”


Neilson froze and said, “Not really.  She talked about it but I didn’t pay much attention at the time.”


Neilson was sweating when Detective Farley smiled, “Well let’s go have a look at the apartment.  I think you need to file a missing person’s report. I need photos and see if your brother has a day planner somewhere in this apartment.”


They looked in the apartment everything was immaculate. Detective Farley started brushing the computer and tables for finger prints.


Neilson was going to turn on the computer and Detective Farley said, “Wait, let met check for prints, something’s not right here.”


Sure enough the same thing was over there.


Detective Farley said, ‘I can’t believe this, I can’t find one lousy fingerprint.  Everything’s been wiped clean and whoever did it was an expert.”


Neilson said, “I guess her training in the forensics’ course paid off…”


Detective Farley looked at Neilson and said, “If that’s the case then I’m going to have one hell of a time connecting her to any of those murders…”


40 – 2010 Aug 1 – The Pink Diary





Detective Farley left Neilson at Jordan’s apartment.  There was nothing there.  Neilson wasn’t very close to his brother so he couldn’t even verify if there was any clothing or luggage missing.  It was obvious someone had gone back to the apartment and cleaned it before leaving.  Which meant that Jordan Field’s was probably dead somewhere….



He looked at the address and the map and pulled up to a small apartment building.  This one wasn’t as fancy looking and quite dirty.  He went straight to the Superintendents Office and rang the bell.


The Superintendent came out and looked at him and said, “You must be Farley?”


Detective Farley nodded and went to shake hands to introduce himself.  The Superintendent turned his back on him and walked up the dirty, urine smelling stairs.


They got to the door, he opened it and ushered Detective Farley in and whispered, “Don’t tell a soul why your hear.  Keep quite, these walls are thin and dangerous.  Get what you need and lock the door behind you with this key.  Bring it back tome or keep it I don’t care.  I was told to leave the apartment alone and not to worry about the rent.  We can’t put anything up because it’s a possible crime scene now.  I lose rent again…”



Detective Farley said, “Thanks.”


The Superintendent left.  Detective Farley walked over and started brushing the place for finger prints.  Again everything had been wiped clean.  He said to himself, boy your good, but I’ll find you and bring you to justice where ever you are.  That’s when he spotted the little pink diary tucked in the dresser drawer.  Something she had missed, or no she didn’t miss anything, why did she leave the diary behind?


Then he dusted it and there were fingerprints on it.  God this was strange, he would bet that the finger prints belonged to Sylvie Hallett….


41 Detective Brent Farley Goes to New York


The Captains Sandwich


It was a week later and Farley was feeling very frustrated. Cynthia Stalin had vanished into thin air, no driver’s license or any kind of government registration to her name. He had no idea what had happened to Jordan Fields either.  Cynthia had made sure there was no trace of them anywhere.



Farley got a copy of all Sylvie’s letters from John Spearman’s email account and after reading her diary and the implications that she described the murder scene he had not choice but to bring it into Rusk Cortez.


Rusk looked at Detective Farley and smiled, “So how did it go Brent did you clear your man’s name yet?”


Detective Farley said, “I have evidence to prove that John didn’t do it.”


The smiled was wiped off of Rusk’s face, “What kind of evidence.”


Detective Farley, “I have emails from Sylvie giving death threats, not only to John but to Delilah and Cindy as well.  I also have Sylvie’s diary and in her own handwriting she describes the crime scene to a tee.  The fact that her prints were on the bat proves it.  John said she did it and I found her prints on the  diary, undisturbed.  My Uncle Herman showed it to one of the judges that he’s friends with.  We have a meeting about now.”


Rusk barked, “Why did you wait till the last minute?”


Detective Farley said, “My father just called me. He’s been ill he forgot to call me yesterday, sorry…”


Rusk looked like he wanted to kill someone instead he said, “You know your making me look bad.”


Detective Farley said, “No I’m not, the evidence came from other sources.  I’m working on a new case now.  Cynthia Stalin has murdered three other times and I’m going to have to find some evidence to prove those homicides next.”


Rusk says, “Would you like some help?”


Detective Farley smiled, “Yes if you could keep a record of any or all cases related to Place Royale I would appreciate it.  You need to go back all the way to 1906.”


Rusk says, “Your kidding right?”


Detective Farley said, “No I’m dead serious. You are talented with a computer, I am not.  It took me several hours to figure out how to open a bloody email account.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I had to ask one of the neighbours to assist me.  A pretty young girl.”


Rusk said, “Did you shag her?”


Detective Farley said, “I might have, I checked first to make sure she wasn’t one of yours though.”


Rusk said, “Thanks, I appreciate that.  Why did you sleep with her?”


Detective Farley said, “It was the only way she would tell me about Cynthia Stalin.  She blackmailed me.  But she was hot so I didn’t mind.”


Rusk said, “Did you at least enjoy yourself?”


Detective Farley said, “Nope it wasn’t worth it.  I don’t really get into having sex with strangers.  I like to have a relationship with a woman first, a connection to something deeper.  It was just sex and I hated every five minutes of it.”


Rusk said, “Five minutes?”


Detective Farley grinned, “She forgot to specify a time. I had sex in five minutes.  I think she was just so happy about it. She was probably masturbating first, she had some sex toys out on the bed and happened to notice me walking up through her window.”


Rusk said, “She lies naked in front of her window playing with herself?  Where does she live…”


Detective Farley said, “Never mind, I don’t need you tampering with possible evidence.  She knew Cynthia Stalin in a personal way, they had a one night stand about three years ago.  I showed her a picture of Anthony Atkins and she said the girl looks like him. Now I just have to trace where she is.”


Rusk said, “Who the hell is Anthony Atkins?”


Detective Farley said, “Do you believe in ghosts?”


Rusk said, “What’s that got to do with it?”


Detective Farley said, “It has everything to do with it.  I met a ghost with unfinished business, he gave me this book and disappeared.  Neilson was there, neither one of us used to believe in the “supernatural” now we do.  We met two ghosts and a ghostly building, it was something else.”


Rusk looked carefully into Detective Farley’s eyes and said, “You hold your liquor well.”


Detective Farley snapped and punched Rusk in the face. Blood was spurting all over the place.


Rusk snarled, “I could have you arrested for hitting me.”


The captain walked over to the two of them and said, “In my office now.”


The two of them sat there glaring at one another as the captain came around his desk and sat down and said, “Imagine I was going to put you two together as partners and you guys can’t spend five minutes together without hitting one another.  Rusk stop nagging him about alcohol, it’s Herman that has the problem not Brent.  You deserved that punch in the face, I’ve been wanting to do that for years.  Thankyou Brent.  As for discipline, he’s not on my police force but he’s managed to solve several crimes in less then a week, which is more then I can say for your Rusk.  He’s valuable to me so keep your hands and gun off of him, got it?”


Rusk said, “What will happen if I don’t?”


The captain looked at him and said, “You might have a little accident and end up six feet under…”


Rusk looked at Detective Farley and then back to the captain.


Rusk said, “What is this blackmail?”


The captain said, “Brent is a special guy now leave him be or you will die….”


Suddenly the captain disappeared and the door opened behind them.


The captain looked at both of them and said, “What the hell do you want?”


Detective Farley grinned and looked at Rusk, “So I’m not the only one that gets to see the ghosts…”


Rusk was white as a sheet and sputtered, “You just threatened to kill me, where the hell were you how did you disappear?”


The captain looked at Rusk and said, “I think your cracking up.  I was in the bathroom tossing up my cookies for the past ten minutes.  That sandwich you brought me for lunch made me ill.  Maybe it’s you trying to kill me with poison or something.”


Rusk said, “What do you mean? I never brought you a sandwich, I was out for lunch at the diner down the street ask anyone…”


The captain walked down to where some of the other men were and said, “Did Rusk bring me a sandwich about half an hour ago?”


One of the guys said, “No captain, he was with us at the diner, hitting on Sally again. We just got back, he sat down at his desk then red here walked in and all  hell broke loose…”


The captain sighed, “I think I’m seeing things, look the wrapper’s here on my desk… It’s gone, who cleared off my desk dammit!”


Detective Farley looked at Rusk and said, “Should I tell him?”


Rusk nodded yes.


Detective Farley said, “Captain let’s go back into your office. You will be pleased that we have solved three murder mysteries so far…”



They turned and walked into his office and Detective Farley pulled out the emails and pink diary.  He pulled out three sets of rubber gloves.


Rusk said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”


Detective Farley said, “Just protecting the evidence.”


The two men put the gloves on then Detective Farley placed the items on the table pointing out the evidence to them.  It was a few minutes later when Grant Hunter and a judge showed up at the Captains door.


Grant said, “I’ll make this quick.  We have evidence to prove that Sylvie did this murder, I want  a small court hearing to prove it.”


The judge said, “Bob Farley is calling in a favor, I can’t say no.  We will have a private meeting this afternoon. I’m supposed to be on a fishing trip. ”


He looked over the emails and diary and said, “Brent I trust you are as thorough as your father is.  Grant go get your client and meet me at my office in an hour.  The prosecution is going to be disappointed that this is one case they will not win.”


It was an hour later that they sat in the judge’s office.


The Prosecution said, “In light of the recent evidence from having the diary clearly outline how the murders would happen and Sylvie being the only one to master mind the whole plot was enough evidence to prove that Sylvie was pre-meditating murdering the two girls and pinning it all on John Spearman.


However, the puzzling fact was the last entry spoke of Cynthia Stalin, who was the main murder suspect now because Sylvie was dead. The charges against John Spearman were dropped and Detective Farley was instructed to continue his investigation on behalf of the Police department in New York City.  They would foot the bill for him to find Cynthia Stalin and bring her to justice.


John Spearman was relieved when the judge told him he could go home.  Lynn was standing outside of the courtroom, she gave John a big hug and he surprised her with a kiss on the lips.


John said, “I was in the slammer and thought my life was over and there you are coming to see me as much as you can. I realize now that I’ve been a fool looking for the right woman when she was right under my nose the whole time.”


Lynn blushed and stammered, she didn’t know what to say.


John said,”How long have you been in love with me?”


Lynn smiled, “Since I was a little girl…”


John said, “Let’s go to your place.  I never want to go to mine ever again.”


Rusk said, “John I’ll go pack up all your stuff for you.  Nathan, Adam and Neilson have volunteered to help.  The cleaning crew removed all the blood.  Where do you want us to put your stuff?”


John said, “Put it in storage for now.  I don’t know how long Lynn will put up with me staying at her place. I can’t stay there forever….”


Lynn said, “John your doing it again.  Life is different now, don’t you understand? I want you to move in with me, we’ve known each other since we were kids.  We’ve been together almost everyday except when you were busy with the girls. I’ve been waiting for you a long time. I don’t want you to change your mind.”


John said, “Wait a minute, don’t get all possessive on me now…”


Rusk said, “John your a fool.  This woman has loved you a long time, don’t blow it…”


Detective Farley said, “Are you speaking from experience my friend?”


Rusk said, “Yeah. Enough about me, what are you going to do now?”


Detective Farley said, “In regards to Neilson’s claim that his brother Jordan is missing, there is no trace of his whereabouts or of him travelling in or out of the country. Jordan Fields is going to be an unsolved mystery until I find Cynthia Stalin and some evidence to back up my theories.”


Rusk said, “Try not to get too discouraged.  Fate’s been playing tricks on you lately.  It’s giving you a head up more than the rest of us.  You have a slew of ghosts working with you.  I can’t beleieve you lied to me about the “supernatural” stuff.”


Detective Farley said, “I wasn’t lying but I guess it’s all a part of the big plan.  I’m going to go see Justin Deere now and try to trace his father’s roots back to the Munroe mansion.  Then I have to try and find out where Cynthia Stalin is….”



Rusk says, “Give me a ring when you’ve solved all your cases.”


Detective Farley said, “I will if I’m alive to talk about it…”


43  – Sept 2010 Deere & Chambers


It was September 2010 when Justin Deere sat down looking at the reports.  He wouldn’t be able to run both offices it was impossible.

Chambers & Deere would be merged with Justin Deere & Associates.  He sent out several memos to the stock holders, colleagues Nathan and Josh  then a letter to his mother  Estelle letting her know that he would be out of the country for awhile and would contact her in a few weeks time. Nathan and Josh will close down the office in London, England for him.  Justin could not bear to go into his father’s office.  The reality of his death was hitting Justin hard and he couldn’t breathe.  He had to get away from New York City and go somewhere quiet and peaceful…


When Detective Farley walked in and then out of the Deere & Associates office in a huff he felt like fate was working against him.  Justin’s whereabouts was unknown and Detective Farley was worried.  If Cynthia Stalin or whoever the hell she was knew that Justin was the heir to the Munroe mansion she would probably kill him if he refused to marry her.


Detective Farley left his contact information at the desk and told Justin’s secretary it was a matter of life and death for him to get a hold of Justin.   He decided to go back to his apartment and rest for a few days and wait for a phone call…


When he left Justin’s secretary put  his business card on the corner of her desk along with his resume and quickly forgot about it.  She informed Nathan and Josh that she was going away on a holiday and would contact them in a few weeks.  Nathan and Josh assumed she was going on a secret vacation with their boss Justin….


45 july 7 2007 – Fate Touches a Life


It was Saturday July 7, 2007 a day when fate would touch the lives of the Lafleur family again….

Crescenda and Felix, the fraternal twins of Richard and Dana Lafleur were now nineteen years of age along with their Cousin Suella. The three teens loved working in the de la fleur flower shop after school and during the summer holidays all throughout high school. Soon they would be going to University and their mother had to replace them so she hired a pretty girl named Cindy Irwin.  The girl was very knowledgeable about flowers and she got along famously with the Shelia Stevens the store’s manager.
Crescenda, Felix and Suella enjoyed the grade twelve graduation party on June 30th  but all they could talk about for the next week was the Live Earth concert that was going to be next Saturday on the 7th of July.  Suella suggested that the girls do some shopping for some new “hot” outfits for the concert, Felix passed on the idea.  He was quite happy to wear his old jeans and tshirts that were sitting at the bottom of his closet.  Crescenda told her brother to make sure they were washed because she didn’t want him smelling like BO at the concert.  She checked his closet on Wednesday and they were still sitting there.  So she grabbed his clothes went down to the dry cleaners and an hour later she came back home and hung up the jeans and tshirt in his closet.  She couldn’t bring herself to wash them for they stunk so bad.


On Friday a shriek was heard from Felix’s room with loud protests about someone stealing his jeans and t shirt.  Crescenda told him to get his eyes checked, and that he owed her twenty dollars for the dry cleaning bill.  Felix was grateful, and instead took his sister out for burgers, fries and a milkshake.  Later they went for a walk down near the beach and Felix hugged his sister and kissed her on the cheek.


Crescenda said, “You know Felix when you get a girlfriend you won’t be able to do that anymore. The girls will get jealous.”


Felix smiled, “I don’t need a girlfriend I have you to chum around with.  Your my best friend in the whole world I wouldn’t be able to live without you if anything happened to you.”


Crescenda sighed, “Felix nothing is going to happen to me , I promise.”


Felix said, “That’s what Michael said to dad and then he died.”


Crescenda said, “I know that Uncle Michael’s death changed our lives but seriously it was his own fault.  He worked sixteen hours straight, drove for an hour in a blizzard to see our cousin Suella and then several hours later, killed himself because he fell asleep behind the wheel of his car. ”


Felix said, “He didn’t have to die.  If those people had of checked on the loud noise he wouldn’t have frozen to death in the car.”


Crescenda said, “Felix, it was a blizzard, the snow covered the house windows. People hear noises all the time.  It was really windy that night, you need to let it go.”


Felix said, “But I’ve had an uneasy feeling in my gut today, I don’t know what it is, something’s going to happen, I can just feel it.”


Crescenda said, “Felix nothings going to happen to me, your going to be with me the whole time and so is Suella.  Now try and relax.”


She gave her brother a kiss on the cheek and hugged him close as they walked back home.



Richard Lafleur was sitting at his desk in his office at home.  He was looking at the several offers before him as to whether or not to sell Lafleur Industries.


He was still feeling uneasy in the pit of his stomach.


Dana was feeling stressed out too.  She was feeling uneasy all week and was debating about going ahead with her plans.



They were all sitting in the living room getting ready to watch a movie when Dana said, “Listen everyone I’ve been planning a surprise for all of you for months now.  I had the Lafleur Lodge renovated so that we could go up there this summer for a two month vacation.  I’ve hired new staff for the shop and I want to spend time with my children before they run off to college or university…  Were leaving this Saturday.”


Crescenda and Felix panicked, “Mom we bought tickets for the Earth Day concert this Saturday, we don’t want to miss it.  We’ve been waiting all year to see the bands… Can we meet up with you guys later?”


Dana sighed she went and picked up the phone and called their sister-in-law Stella.


Stella said, “Suella’s been hyper about this crazy concert all week.  We have to let them go or they will never forgive us.  Look the twins can stay here for a few days.  You and Richard need to get away, have a second honeymoon.  I’ll bring the kids up next weekend.  Suella and I will stay for two days then head back home.  How does that sound?  We can have a family picnic.”


Dana paused and said, “Stella you don’t care what they want to do, I want them to come up with us on Saturday.”


Stella said, “Suella made me promise that nothing would change her plans.  I refuse to send my daughter to a concert alone with thousands of screaming, out of control teenagers.  You remember when we were kids and we didn’t make it to that concert we wanted to go to?  I’m still disappointed about it. Sometimes you have to think about whether or not you’ll regret something or not doing something.  You know what I mean?”


Dana sighed, “Fine, you win, they win.  I’m sure Richard won’t mind having a few days alone.  Lord knows we haven’t been on a proper honeymoon since we married.  Something always came up…”


Stella said, “That a girl, now go tell the twins right away so they will stop pouting…”


Dana looked over at her two children and smiled, “You know them so well…”


Richard grinned at his wife when she told him what Stella suggested, “You know that’s a great idea, a family picnic.  I don’t think we’ve had once since Michael died…”


Richard grew very quiet, Felix looked like he was going to cry and Dana felt defeated.  The feeling of something eating away her stomach didn’t go away, she would be worried sick about the kids the whole time they were gone.  How was she going to cope when they went away to University?  It was going to kill her… She just knew it…


47  july 7 2007 – The White Cadillac


Richard and Dana kissed the twins goodbye and got into their brand new 2007 White Cadillac.  Richard decided to make himself better by buying the car earlier that week.  If Dana can give a surprise so can he.  Dana was shocked to see their old plymouth gone.


Dana looked at Richard, “Can we afford this?”


Richard said, “Were getting older, I’m thinking of retiring and we will travel so we needed a new car.  Look it’s got cruise control, a cd player, a dvd player in the back in case you want to watch a movie…”


Dana said, “Why get a DVD player?”


Richard smirked, “I happen to mention that we have twins… The guy didn’t give me a chance to explain… He threw in the dvd player if I bought the car that day.  I think he was desperate to make his quota, the sales agents were having a contest.  He won a trip to Hawaii because I bought the car.”


Dana said, “So you spent lord knows how much… Never mind I’d rather not know.. So he can go on a trip to Hawaii?  It would have been cheaper for you to send him to Hawaii.  You could have bought a cheaper car, this is so expensive.”


Richard said, “Michael wouldn’t think twice to have a car like this.  It was that dam movie you rented “Final Destination 3″ that got me thinking. You never know when your time is up, so you gotta make the best of your life when you can.”


Dana said, “That movie came out in July of 2006 didn’t it? How come we didn’t go see it on the big screen, that would have been cool.”


Richard said, “Because I argued that we would buy a big screen TV instead and rent movies. Only we never take the time to sit down and watch one. I’m looking forward to retiring for that one reason. I’m going to rent every movie that I’ve always wanted to see.”


Dana said, “I’ve had knotts in my stomach all week, do you think the twins will be okay?”


Richard said, “Same here, I thought it was because I’m thinking of selling the factories.  Maybe it is the kids, should we turn back?”


Dana sighed, “Were talking like they are little babies.  I can’t believe our twins are nineteen years old now. They are adults and I can’t seem to get that in my head.  We can’t hold their hands while they go to University.  I was watching one of those talk shows the other day, and they said it’s normal for parents to get very stressed out when their kids leave the nest.  We are so used to being protective that we can’t manage to let them go.  At least I have one good thing going for me.”


Richard said, “What’s that?”


Dana said, “Most women are stay at home moms and when the kids leave they go nuts because they don’t have a job.  I have my flower shop, although I’m seriously debating about retiring with you. It’s going to be hard to travel.. But then again the new girl Cindy Irwin is amazing.”


Richard said, “You finally got an employee with a brain in her head, that doesn’t do drugs and drink every night?”


Dana turned red, “Their resumes looked great.  How was I supposed to know that other girl was going to be a druggie.  She looked okay when she walked in.”


Richard said, “Dana you always give people the benefit of the doubt.  She robbed you blind for two weeks before you got enough courage to fire her.”


Dana said, “I couldn’t just let her go she had rent to pay.”


Richard snapped, “the girl should have thought about that before stealing money out of the till.”


Dana sighed, “I had a lot on my mind lately.  The twins going to school, you being so moody lately, are you sure your not going through some mid life crisis?  What if you wake up and decide you really didn’t want to sell your empire then what will we do?”


Richard said, “That’s why I’m going to sit on the offers for two months.  I should know by then what I want to do.  If I go nuts going fishing everyday and relaxing then I know the sedate life isn’t going to work for me.”


Dana said, “What if you cut back your hours, or come and work with me at the shop?”


Richard thought for a moment, “Work at the shop, like I did in the old days when I was a kid. That was an outdoor fruit stand yours is so much nicer.”


Dana laughed and looked out the window, “Richard look the sky’s black over there, it looks like were heading into a bad storm…”





Live Earth Concert  7:30 pm


The Live Earth Concert started at 7:30 pm at the Giants Stadium in New Jersey.  Crescenda held up her new iPhone that she had gotten for her birthday.


A girl standing beside her said, “Where did you get that phone?”


Crescenda yelled, “The came out on January 9th, it’s the first iPhone look it’s got a camera, text messaging, visual voicemail, a portable media player, internet, email, web browsing and wi fic connectivity.  My twin brother bought it for me for our birthday.”


The girl says, “You can touch the screen instead of using a keyboard, awesome. How does it record?”


Crescenda said, “I’m not sure this is the first time I am using it.”


Felix yelled, “Let me check and make sure it is, I don’t want to miss this for the world.”


Suella yelled, “Look it’s Kenna!”


The band started to play and Crescenda said, “Hurry Felix they are playing our favorite song – “Out of Control…”


Felix and Crescenda stopped yelling and looked at each other.  Both of them felt like the knotts in their stomach just got tighter.


Suella looked at them and said, “What’s wrong?”


Crescenda said, “I don’t know, I feel like something bad’s happened.”


Felix looked at his twin and he said, “Please don’t let anything bad happen.. I want to call Mom right now…”


Crescenda said, “You won’t be able to hear her, call her after the concert.. Come on let’s forget it, we’ve just got the jitters that’s it…”



The Black Mercedes


Richard was slowing down the roads were trecherous, the rain was so heavy they could hardly see the road.


Richard said, “I think were hydroplaning, I’m going to have to slow down…”


Dana nodded and grabbed onto the seat.  She hoped that there wouldn’t be hail stones.  It would be a shame to have dents all over their new car.  The lightning was flashing constantly and striking out in the forest.


Dana said, “Will the rubber tires ground us if it strikes us?”


Richard said, “I’m not sure, with all the chrome on this baby we might get fried.”


Dana looked at Richard’s grinning face, “I don’t think that is funny.”


Richard said, “Were on the outskirts of Place Royale, look there’s the sign.”


Dana said, “You must be exhausted we should have pulled over and had some dinner. You know I don’t have any groceries there yet.”


Richard grinned, “I packed us a picnic lunch it’s in the trunk.”


Dana said,”Do you mean to tell me you’ve been listening to my tummy growl for three hours and couldn’t pull over and feed me?”


Richard said, “I just want to get there and relax, it’s only a little bit further.”


The wind picked up suddenly and a new torrent of rain hit the windshield, they could see the constant flashes of lightning and the loud clap of thunder.


Dana said, “I think the storms right above us now. You need to be careful on the dirt road, it’s going to be slippery, look it’s like a little river in the middle.  Maybe we should pull over.”


Richard jutted out his chin and still kept driving.


Dana said, “It’s so steep here I can see a sharp cliff beside us, I wish you would have pulled over.  The knots in my stomach are coming back…”


Richard said, “Relax! Stop being a back seat driver!”



It was so dark outside they couldn’t see but a few feet in front of them.


Dana said, “I’m going to write to city hall demanding they put lights out here, this is ridiculous…”


Richard said, “We’ll be there soon, look for the side road.  I have to keep my eyes peeled, this road’s getting too narrow for my liking.”


Richard knew it was just around the corner, he started to speed up and started sliding, he gunned the engine, he would get there soon then all of this would be over… The knots in his stomach were killing him.. He should go see a doctor soon, maybe it was an ulcer..


Suddenly from out of nowhere came the glare of headlights as a black Mercedes flew around the sharp bend like a bat out of hell.  The two cars sped towards one another without warning until the last minute when one of the drivers cranked the wheel in order to miss hitting the other head on.  The car slid then went into a spin, tore through a guardrail, flipping continuously like a toy it went down the  steep cliff and landed at the bottom in an explosion of fire…


48 – The Accident Sunday July 8 2007 4:30 a.m.


The Live Earth Concert was hopping people were still dancing and having a good time.


John Mayer and Kanye West were singing “Message in a Bottle.”  Crescenda was looking at her iphone in frustration.


Felix said, “You forgot to charge it again didn’t you?  Now I can’t call mom.”


Crescenda said, “We’ll call her this afternoon.  She’s on holiday now, she is going to want to sleep in.  It’s a long drive there.  Besides I’m beat I need my beauty sleep.”


Felix smiled, “Crescenda you look beautiful all the time.”


Crescenda grinned and pinched her brother’s cheek, “Your pretty adorable yourself.”


Suella looked at the two of them in envy. It must be nice to have a sibling.


The twins looked at her and then at the stage.


Felix said, “Al and Tipper Gore are ending the concert, we can go now. It’s going to take us awhile to get out of here.”


Suella said, “how long will it take us to get home?”


Felix said, “Probably about two hours, depends on the traffic as long as there are no accidents along the way.”


Suella said, “We should have taken the subway it would have been faster, now we have to drive clear across the city to get to my place.”


Felix groaned, “I forgot we were going to your place, we should arrive there in about three hours. ”


Crescenda said, “I say two and a half, so around 730 am… I’m grabbing a few winks, Felix are you okay to drive?”


Felix was yawning and said, “I’ll pull over and get a coffee up here.”


He pulled over to the side of the road.


Crescenda said, “What are you doing I want to get home.”


Felix said, “Remember Uncle Michael didn’t pull over and he got killed.  I’m going to grab an hour or two of sleep then I’ll drive us home.  I can hardly stay awake.”


Crescenda looked at the traffic and said, “they are only going about 30 km per hour?”


Felix said, “slow reflexes cause the most accidents.”


Suella giggled, “Crescenda don’t get him started.  That’s enough Mr Statitics.”


Felix didn’t grin, “I take time to educate my brain, unlike our cousin here, Mrs Fashion Powder Puff.”


Suella said, “Felix darling let’s not quarrel I’m too tired…”


The three of them drifted off to sleep and an hour later there was a police car behind them blaring the horn.  Felix woke up first and in his rear view mirror.  The traffic was moving quickly now.  He started up the engine and drove to Suella’s place.  All three of them were half asleep when they stumbled in the front door and they were surprised to see  two police officers sitting in the living room with Aunt Stella.  Aunt Stella’s face was puffy her eyes were red and swollen, as she had been crying.


Suella ran to her Mother’s side, “Mother, whatever is the matter?”


The officer turned to the other two standing there, “Are you Crescenda and Felix Lafleur?”
They both nodded numbly.


The officer said, “I’d like you to sit down we have some bad news for you.”



Crescenda looked at Felix and said, “Oh god! Remember that bad feeling we had?”


They looked at the officer as they sat down.


He said, “I’m sorry but did your parents own a white Cadillac?”
Felix answered, “Yes they just got  a new one this week.  They were driving up to our lodge in Place Royale.”


The officer said, “Well, it was found at the bottom of a cliff.”
Crescenda asked, “Are they all right?”


The officer replied, “No, I’m sorry. The vehicle must have lost control during a severe thunder and rain storm and it was windy out at the time they crashed through the guardrail, and plummeted to the bottom of a cliff, and the vehicle burst into flames. We believe both your parents were in the vehicle at the time as two burnt corpses were inside. The only means of identification was the back license plate which is registered to a Richard Lafleur who we believe was your Father.”
Crescenda clung to Felix and screamed, “No it can’t be true they can’t be gone!”


Felix looked at his sister and fainted….



Field’s Funeral Home New York City
Aunt Stella arranged for the bodies to be flown out of Canada and shipped to Field’s Funeral Home in New York City. It took over a week to sort out all the details with custom’s and everything.


Felix and Crescenda were suffering from shock.  Suella took care of them and her mother Stella.  Everyone was numb inside.  The knotts were gone, Crescenda noticed now instead it was replace with pain, and grief…


Patricia and Marchina heard about the accident from Jean Moisan, most of Place Royale would hold a memorial service in town for the Lafleurs.  They would send a card to the twins.  Patricia tried to talk to Stella but she refused to answer the phone.


Patricia looked at her sister, “She doesn’t like native people does she?”


Marchina said, “Time will change all things.  We will have our services here.  The children will be okay, they have a bright future ahead of them.”


It was noted by many that Annie Atkins did not attend the funeral.  Jean assumed it was because she didn’t know the Lafleur family.


Lafleur Industries was shut down, many of the employees came out to the funeral to pay their respects.  Some grumbled about not working.  Crescenda made a decision and sent out pay checks and gave everyone a two week holiday with a letter explaining that since the factory was in the middle of negotiation to sell, the family had to deal with the grief of their loss and hopefully the new owners would keep everyone on.


Felix was the one who found the papers on his father’s desk.  They were signed the day before he left.


Felix said, “It was just like Uncle Michael.  Working so hard to build an empire , then plan to retire to spend time with the family and they die… Fate is nasty Crescenda, I’m never going to retire.  I’m going to find a way to live forever if it takes me the rest of my life…”


Crescenda was worried about her brother, he was acting like he was going to have a nervous breakdown.  Suella stepped in and with her business sense, she helped deal with the board of directors, the legal issues and Crescenda’s ongoing strain of managing Lafleur Industries until the new owners took over in August of that year.


49 August 2007

Crescenda looked at Lafleur Industries for the last time.  Tomorrow the pharmaceutical company would be no more.  Another company would take over her father’s dream job. Crescenda felt peace inside.  She would have to concentrate on her studies in University for the next three years and someday she would open a new company…..



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