Secrets 1

Book Seven – The Atkins Secrets Revealed – Place Royale – The Moment of Truth

October 24, 2010

this is a rough draft of the manuscript – I’m still working on this one

1 Louise and Themus – Baby sept 1947 – May 1948

Louise and Themus made it safely to Quebec and found The White Star II moored there.  Themus offered the captain a high amount of money with no questions asked.  Captain took the money gratefully, he was running low on funds, and both of them looked good.  He noticed that the girl seemed to be suffering from morning sickness a few days later.  Louise was bent over the side of the ship when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Captain asked, “Are you okay?”

Louise said, “Its bad enough dealing with motion sickness on a ship, add a baby and it’s twice as bad.  I swear I never want to get pregnant again.”

Captain smiled, “I’d be happy to have a child, but doubt that will happen.  I’m never on land long enough to find me a lassie to settle with.”

Louise studied the tall, handsome blonde stranger and said, “I’m surprised, I would think you had a girl in every port…”

Captain smiled, “I did meet a nice woman once, but I haven’t seen her since.”

Louise said, “Who was she?”

Captain grinned, “A young thing like you, in fact you look a little bit like her.  Her sister and she traveled to Canada back in 1907.  It was on the White Star I at the time.  I wasn’t the captain back then.”

Louise said, “How did you become the captain?”

Captain was silent for a minute then said, “It was fate.  The evil owner was murdered at Chateau Frontenac…  In addition, the heir gave me his ship.  I lost it during the war but I’ve got another one now.  I wonder what ever happened to that girl.”

Louise said, “What were their names?”

Captain thought for a moment, scratched his head, and said, “I think it was Lorraine and Elsa Picard…”

Louise drew in her breath and said, “I know them.”

Captain’s eyes grew wide as he said, “Are they still alive?”

Louise said, “No they are both dead.”

Captain looked glum, “Pity I really wanted to be with that girl.  Her sister stopped us from getting close, if you know what I mean…”

Louise felt relieved; at first she thought that maybe Captain was her father….

Captain looked out at the sea and Louise went downstairs to relax.  Themus grabbed a cloth and wiped her forehead for her.  He felt her pulse, looked at how pale she was, and said, “I hope you’re not running a fever.  Small pox is going around, that’s the last thing you need.”

Louise smiled weakly, “I think it’s just pregnancy, it doesn’t seem to agree with me.”

Themus sighed, “I hope you are right.  We didn’t’ have time for you to check with a doctor.  Where do you plan to go?”

Louise sighed, “I think a convent in England.  I want this pregnancy kept a secret…  I plan to give the baby up for adoption.  Lorraine was talking about some cousins wanting to adopt the child before her…”

Louise broke down and Themus cried with her.  Both of them missed Lorraine and the nightmare they lived through was too much.

Themus said, “I wonder who else Ida Tinkle is going to kill?  I don’t understand why the authorities don’t arrest her.  ”

Louise said, “Madame X covers her bases well.  She has the officials in the cities, courts, and police department in her pocket.  If she can’t buy them she sleeps with them.  She uses magic I think, some sort of love potion.  That’s what Sasha thinks….”

Themus sighed, “I wonder if Ida Tinkle will get rid of Sasha Totenmyer…  Then Place Royale would not have a chance….”

Louise smiled, “I think you underestimate Marchina Totenmyer’s powers – she’s twice as powerful as her mother, even though she’s young…”

Themus was surprised at this, “How do you know she’s twice as powerful?”

Louise said, “Uncle Anthony was telling Aunt Lorraine about it at supper time.  He was surprised at how far her powers went.  She popped into our mansion and he shooed her away…  He said it was odd because she didn’t show any fear when he told her he could turn her into a frog if he wanted to.”

Themus laughed, “A frog?”

Louise said, “He was kidding…  I think?”

Themus was thoughtful, “It’s a good thing that the Totenmyers practice white magic.  Can you imagine how bad Place Royale would be if everyone was into the dark arts?  I wonder if any of the Totenmyers are immortal…”

Louise said, “They can’t be…  Heta and Lenno died natural deaths and so did her Uncle Tate…  Sasha told me…”

Themus said, “I’m surprised you got all this “personal “information out of her.”

Louise grinned, “It was Marchina that told me.  She can read minds; in this case it was her mothers.  Which she swore me to secrecy…  She did mention that she couldn’t read Uncle Anthony’s mind though and thought it odd…She said it was as if a black dark wall and she couldn’t penetrate it…  In addition, when she did he had her in this strange small room with vials of potions on the wall.  Uncle Anthony said, he let his guard down for a minute and she got through….  I wonder what he meant.”

Themus said, “Sounds like that spiritual hocus pocus stuff that Alchetta refused to believe in…”

His voice cracked when he said her name.  He could still see her smashed head on the cobblestones…  The eyes glazed over as if something possessed her, sucked the life out of her.

Themus said, “I wish I had power…  I’d go after Ida Tinkle and kill her with it…  Such an evil creature I wonder when Karma will pay its dues…”

Louise said, “Marchina says it will be soon.  She said a war was coming to Place Royale…  A spiritual war…  Moreover, Uncle Anthony sensed it before he died.  He kept seeing this black figure darting around the house.  Aunt Lorraine was teasing him saying that his spell on your brother Jake was coming back to haunt him…”

Themus drew in his breath, “What spell?”

Louise looked guilty, “I’m sorry I thought you knew how your brother…  Well you see he shot Jonathan, went crazy because of a potion that Uncle Anthony gave him…”

Themus said, “So Anthony is behind this!  However, how can he be dead if he’s immortal?  What if he staged this death scene to make us get out of Place Royale…?  He wants the Book of Spells or the Book of the Dead, I’m not sure which one now…”

Louise said, “We don’t need to worry about it anymore.  I’m going away from Place Royale and I will NEVER return there.  I suggest you stay away from it as well, and leave some sort of diary or letter of warning to your offspring about the mansion being cursed.  I know your father refuses to believe in it but Uncle Anthony say’s the curse is real.  He knows who started it but refused to tell me…”

Themus was incredulous, “Someone cast a spell on the mansion?”

Louise nodded, “From what I gather it happened in the 15th Century…  The same time as the Book of Spells which has something to do with it?  Someone cast the spell because spells were taken from him or her.  My Uncle stopped whispering to my aunt when he realized I was in the room…  It’s frustrating living with the two of them, they were ALWAYS whispering about things and Uncle Anthony spent hours downstairs in the dungeon…  I sometimes wonder if he has a pet dragon down there because at night I could swear there were blood curling screams coming from underneath the mansion…”

Themus said, “That’s interesting because there is a legend of screams coming from the underground tunnels underneath the mansions, ours, your uncles, and a tunnel that leads to the Totenmyer Cottage…  However, no one’s been able to prove it…  I never got a chance to explore those tunnels.  I couldn’t figure out how to get into them.  My brother Jake explored them with the use of a map.  He said there were stairways in the walls too to go from room to room.  I guess my grandfather Denley Munroe had they built to keep the servants out of sight.  Or maybe he wanted to spy on his wife Destine…”

Louise said, “Why spy on her?”

Themus said, “Destine dabbled in the dark arts…  In addition, no one knew about it…  Except my grandfather…I found his diary in the secret room…”

Louise was excited, “You have a secret room?”

Themus nodded, “Yes the turrets on either side of the mansion have secret rooms in them…  I left a diary in the dresser there, for future generations to look at…I was working on the concept for a time machine secretly of course…  I didn’t get a chance to build it…”

Louise said, “You’re full of surprises aren’t you…”

Themus grinned, “You have no idea…”

It took about a week before they arrived safely in Liverpool, England.

Themus walked Louise to the train to Paris gave her a hug and wished her well, then he never saw her again….

Louise and Nicholas Bouchard

Several months later Louise Picard gave birth to a boy.  His name was Jacob Deere and Ashton and Evelynn Deere (Brandon’s cousins) adopted him.

2** new mss Louise Picard’s life AFTER she lets baby go**

2 Louise – life after baby July 1948

Louise stumbled up the stairs to St Mary’s Convent.  Her morning sickness was worse, her fever hotter and she was in desperate need of a bath.

Sister Mary answered the door, “What can I do for you child?”

Louise said, “Lorraine Atkins sent me…”

Sister Marry nodded and let Louise in.  The tall corridors, stone walls, and floors gave the feeling of a morgue.  Louise didn’t like it at all Why would Lorraine do this to her.

Sister Mary asked, “How is your aunt?”

Louise welled up with tears…  “She’s dead, someone shot her.  I ran for my life…”

Sister Mary gasped, “What happened?  Have you contacted the authorities?”

Louise said, “It’s useless…  Ida Tinkle is behind the deaths…  Madame X…”

Sister Mary showed great fear at these words and asked, “Is she after you child?”

Louise nodded yes.

Sister Mary said, “Then we must move quickly…  We have to put you somewhere safe out of harms way.  I know just the place to send you…”

Louise was scared now without Lorraine or Anthony to protect her, what was going to happen to her and the baby?

Sister Mary instructed Louise to have her bath, change into a nun’s habit and to hurry.

Sister Mary walked quickly down the cobblestone street until she came to an office…She looked at the handsome man before her and smiled, “The girl has arrived safely, where shall we take her?”

Dr Peter Tibideau smiled, kissed Sister Mary, and said, “I’ve arranged for her to stay at the Cartier winery in Italy…  She will safe there until the child is born…  Keep the records of his birth safe please…”

Sister Mary was surprised, “How do you know it’s a boy.”

Dr Peter Tibideau grinned, “I have x-ray vision.  I followed her to the convent to make sure Ida didn’t get to her…”

Sister Mary nodded then said, “I’ll see you soon my love…”

Louise was taken to a country estate where she spent the rest of her pregnancy bored, lonely, and fretting about her safety.  The Cartier’s were very accommodating.  Louise spent the next few months getting to know the soon to be adoptive parents of her baby.

Estelle and Jacob Deere SR were fine people.  Cousins to Brandon Deere her late husband, Lorraine had chosen well…  Kind loving people, Louise wished they had been her parents when she was young…  The three of them picked out the name Jacob Deere JR who was born on May 15, 1948

As promised, Louise Picard re-invented her history and went to stay with Luvena and Patricia in Paris, France.

One day, while at the market, a tall, dark, and handsome man spotted the beautiful Louise while out shopping.  After she had walked away, he inquired as to who she was.  When he reached the finishing school, he lost his nerve but saw a poster advertising the Debutante Ball in a few weeks.  He would be sure to attend and then he went home to his great Estate and said to his Mother Marie “I saw the most beautiful vision of beauty today.  I followed her to the Rosewood & Carrington Finishing School and learned they will host a Debutante Ball in a few weeks.  I plan to go there and find out who this girl is.”  Marie said, “Did you get a name?”  He said, “Yes it’s Louise.”  Marie said, “What did she look like?”  He drew a small picture of her.  Marie said, “She looks lovely!”

The next day Marie Bouchard went to the school.  She asked to speak to Patricia.  She showed her the portrait her Son Nicholas had drawn and asked who Louise was.  Patricia said, “Please tell me about your family first, and then I shall indulge you.”  Marie said, “We are the Bouchards a wealthy family of merchants.”  Patricia drew in her breath, “Did your Husband know Barney Rosewood?”

Marie said, “Why yes Barney came to our place often to do business.  Why do you ask?”  Patricia smiled and said, “I was his Wife.”  Marie said, “What a coincidence!  I had wanted to meet you.  Poor Barney had passed on and we found out much later!  It was all very distressing to my Husband.  Strange though, for the woman he introduced as he Wife was I believe a young girl named Ida Tinkle.  She was a nurse for Doctor David Tibideus in London.  Did he have two wives then?”

The shocked look on Patricia’s ashen white face was priceless.  Patricia faltered, “What do you mean his Wife was Ida?”  Marie said, “Well she was the woman in his apartment in London.  He had been making love at a Hotel to a young red headed girl (who was visiting from Candies in Cote de La Montagne Canada) and the poor man suffered a heart attack.  If I remember, Ida was upset about the other woman and took off and everyone in our circle of friends wondered what had happened to his lovely young Wife.  Now I remember you were at his funeral!  I am sorry but because she was so young.  We assumed you were his Mother.”

Patricia stood stock-still and tears welled up in her eyes.  She said, “So many years I worked so hard to cover up Barney’s and my skeletons and here I find he brazenly had one that I never knew about.  I bet Ida killed him!”  Marie asked, “Whatever for?”  Patricia said, “Because he probably had enough of her and tried to dump her and she killed him.”  She caused four deaths in Place Royale.  One man had been her lover.  Marie said, “Ida’s too smart she usually sleeps with the sheriff and the deputies.  She is a witch you know, she knows very powerful black magic and puts spells on people.  It’s best to leave her alone for she is a dangerous woman.”  Patricia decided to write all this news to Sasha.  She knew Sasha might be the only person that could stop Ida.  She was a powerful white witch and she would know how to counter act the black magic.  Patricia then said, “Your Son Nicholas, what kind of person is he?”

Marie said, “He’s a fine young man.  He has always wanted to get married but never showed any interest in any of the women of the courts.  I do not care about heirs and he does not desire children.  I just do not want him to be alone forever.  He loves to travel and entertain; once he gets married, he can expand his guests to include married couples.  He needs a lively, fun, and well-bred Wife.  I take it Louise is just what he needs?”

Patricia chose her words carefully.  “It is Louise’s desire to marry a wealthy man to provide her with the same kinds of luxury that she’s has grown up with.  She has her own fortunes but really wants her Husband to be able to afford her.  She is high maintenance.”  Marie laughed, “She sounds like me.  Could I meet her?”

Patricia said, “Sure, she’s right over there.  Perhaps the two of you would like to do some shopping then go for lunch.  Louise needs a new gown for the Debutante Ball.”  Patricia headed over to Louise and whispered, “I’ll explain later.  Behave.  Louise I would like you to meet Marie Bouchard.  She has decided to have lunch with you and go shopping for a new gown for the ball that her Son Nicholas Bouchard is attending.  He wants to meet you.”  She looked at Louise raised her eyebrow and rubbed her index fingers together.  Louise said “Oh!  How delightful!  Shall we go to Chez Ramone’s?”  Marie’s eyes lit up, “I love their food there!”  Off they went prattling like a couple of hens.

Marie was excited when she came home that evening.  She said, “Nicholas, the girl is perfect for you.”  Nicholas thought for a moment then said “What girl?”  She said “Louise from the Finishing School!  I met her today; we had lunch, and then went shopping for a lovely ball gown for her.  He said, “Mother you didn’t!  How many times have I told you not to interfere with my love life?”  She said “Too many times!  I can’t help it Nicholas after that wretch of a woman Ida Tinkle breaking your heart I wasn’t going to let it happen again.”  Nicholas said, “That was my fault Mother.  She had warned me she liked older men.  She was happy with her Husband Barney.”

Marie huffed, “He wasn’t her Husband!  She was his Mistress.  Do you remember the older woman who we thought was his Mother at Barney’s funeral?  That was his real Wife, Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood.  The poor thing just about fainted when I told her about Ida!”  Nicholas said, “You don’t say?  She didn’t know about Ida and Barney?”  Marie said, “She was disgraced to know that Barney had introduced Ida Tinkle as his Wife!  Furthermore she’s accused the woman of purposely murdering her Husband and several other people in a place called Place Royale.”

Nicholas said, “Mother I just read about the mysterious string of deaths and disappearances from there.  It was a real tragedy for they were all close friends.  It did not say anything about an investigation though.”  Marie said, “I told Patricia it was hopeless.  Ida would make sure she had the sheriff or detectives wrapped around her wicked finger.  She did that here in London when several deaths all men mind you happened around her.  Nicholas said, “How do you now this?”

Marie said, “I was talking to my friend Detective Bob Farley.  He was sure there was something fishy going on with that woman.  It seems she had people even in the courts and governments under her spell.  I believe her sheriff friend went with her as well.  He’s down near Quebec in some God forsaken town.”  Nicholas said, “I wonder?”  Marie said, “Never mind her, that’s a matter for the police to handle.  You just worry about this girl Louise.  I found her a delightful and fun companion.

I definitely want you to court and marry this girl.  She will make a fine Daughter in law.  I know in my heart she is the right one for you and her Aunt is Lorraine Picard.  A woman known to hold wonderful parties but she was also talented in the art of lovemaking.  Her Husband taught her and I’ve heard that Louise may have learned some things from her Aunt.”  Nicholas said, “How do you know this?”

Marie said, “Luvena let it slip out.  I do not care about this girl past.  Everything seems right.  Just do your best and do not get cold feet.  The last time you did, some old fart snatched the girl right out of your arms!”  Nicholas said, “Don’t worry Mother I feel like destiny has brought Louise to me.

Good news from Goderich and Marion Lafleur

Patricia was kicking herself for not requesting a picture of Nicholas.  Marie had said he was a handsome boy.  Later that day, Patricia told Luvena that she had met a woman who claimed to be the Mother of a Nicholas Bouchard.  Luvena shrieked with excitement, “The Nicholas Bouchard?  His Mother’s name is Marie Bouchard.  Nicholas is Paris and England’s most eligible bachelor!  He is worth millions!  He’s had so many women paraded before him and he would never bat an eye.”

Patricia asked, “Is he a womanizer?”

Luvena said “Absolutely not.  He believes in love at first sight.  He said one-day fate would bring him his soul mate and he would know who she was when he saw her.  Looks like Louise is his choice.  She will be the toast of the town and the envy of every eligible girl out there in Paris and London.  The Bouchards only attend the highest level of society balls, events, and functions.  They are descendants of Royalty from around the world.

They are close to many Royal Families as well.  They love to entertain.  Marie does and I am sure Nicholas as well.  Why he‘s a perfect match for Louise!  I have even heard from the girls that he is the most desirable lover.  And he’s been searching for a woman that could rock his boat.”

Patricia said, “I have no doubts that his boat will rock for a very long time with Louise in it!”

Patricia got a letter in the mail that day.  She yelled excitedly, “Louise and Luvena guess what!  Goderich and Marion had twin boys.  They have moved out of Canada and now live at the Lafleur Estate in England.  They have named the boys Richard and Michael.  Look at them is they not the sweetest things you ever did see?”

The two tiny boys were smiling in the photograph.

Louise said, “They look so much like Goderich.”

Patricia laughed, “We’ll have to go visit them after the Ball and bring them some gifts.”

Six months later ****1950

A Dream is Fulfilled

It was the evening of the Debutante Ball; Louise was sparkling with many jewels, and wearing a pink dress with tiny diamonds glittering in it.  When Nicholas saw her, he drew in his breath and broke out in a sweat.  Every eligible bachelor had surrounded her all vying for her hand.  He sat back and watched until Marie said, “Remember what I told you?”

He said, “Yes Mother, and he walked over to Louise “Are you tired of all these pups drooling over you?  Come dance with a real man!”  Louise arched her brow in surprise and said, “You’re a man that can take charge and make the other suitors pale in comparison.  Your also tall, dark and handsome a definite bonus.  A girl couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Nicholas said, “Yes, you could ask me for the world and I’d give it to you.  I’m smitten by your beauty and I admire your charm, wit, and intelligence!”  She stopped in surprise and gave him the most beautiful and demure smile, “You my dear pup have far surpassed the others!  That is the nicest compliment anyone’s ever given me in my life.”

He could see her eyes glittering like stars with tiny tears.  He swung her out the doors and into the English garden.  He held her close to him under the bright moon and starry sky.  He said, “Don’t cry my little one.  You have found your home and he wrapped his arms about her and gently kissed her.  Louise felt like the world and everything had stopped around them.  Her knees became weak and she slumped forward into his arms.

She whispered “For some reason my legs have turned into jelly.”  He escorted her further out into the garden and asked, “Are you courting anyone at the moment?”  She said, “Yes” his face fell then he pulled away and said, “I’m sorry for my brashness.”

She grabbed him and pulled his face close to her lips and she whispered, “I’m courting you here and now and for eternity.”  She kissed him roundly on the lips and flicker her tongue into his mouth.  He kissed her with hunger and desire.  Then he stopped she waited with baited breath expecting him to ask her to come to his room to make love to him.

All he said was “I have to go now, but soon I’ll come to court you and hopefully you will love me like no other.”  Then he escorted her back to the ballroom and danced the night away with her.

At the end of the night there were many angry wagging tongues complaining about the girl in pink monopolizing Nicholas Bouchard’s time.  He only danced with her then he left.  Louise saw all the looks of jealousy and anger and she walked out smiling and went straight to her room.

Patricia knocked on her door then walked in.

She said, “You looked like a doll tonight Louise.  I’ve never seen you so happy.”

Louise was beaming.  She said, “I’ve never felt this way about a man before.  I did not even think about money this time.  When he kissed me, I felt like I was caught an in time warp.  I felt a love and devotion that has touched my heart and soul.  I truly want to be this man’s Wife.  I would even welcome his child into my arms.  Now how crazy is that?”

Patricia gave a knowing smile “That’s love my dear.  I felt the same about my Husband Barney.  I am sure you two will be married in no time at all.”

****** Louise & Nicholas life 1950-1957**

3 –new mss courting –1950

3 Courting 1950 -1953  Louise & Nicholas life

Louise Picard showed up at Rosewood & Carrington’s finishing school on Sept 1948 to take the courses she needed to learn to be a part of high society.  She would aspire to be one of the pillars of society in Paris.  Louise studied French, German, and Italian during her term there.

Patricia said, “Louise why do you need to learn so many languages?”

Louise said, “It’s my secret desire to entertain political dignitaries and royals someday.  I want to impress them with my knowledge of many languages.  I plan to learn Spanish as well.  That way when I travel around the world I should be able to understand most conversations…”

Luvena said, “What about Chinese?”

Louise grinned, “I have no desire to go to China so that won’t be a problem.  I’m going to concentrate on the European languages first, once I’ve mastered them then I’ll start on something new.”

Luvena said, “Your cooking lessons are coming along well.  I can’t see you doing too much cooking though; you’re the type to want servants for all those menial jobs.”

Louise said “Yes but it impresses a man to be able to cook.  I am sure high society will find it amusing that I will be a gourmet chef.  It will be nice when I travel and stay in a nice cabin out on the east coast along the ocean or in the Mediterranean.  I hear that Italian men insist that their wives know how to cook.”

Luvena said, “It’s a strong point with them.  IF they feel they don’t have to hire a cook for a wife, they will marry her over one who cannot cook.  It’s all about who spends money on what…”

4- new mss marriage – 1953

4 marriage Louise &Nicholas 1953 – Oct 29, 1956

After courting Louise for a year it was in June of 1954 that Nicholas Bouchard asked Louise to be his wife and she accepted.  The flurry of preparations for the wedding.  They were married on June 4, 1955.

Louise wanted her wedding to be a spectacular event so she booked it the Church of Notre Dame in Paris, France.  Her long white train was going to be at least ten feet long and her dress was designed by Yves St Laurent, a fashion designer with flair…

Louise wanted to have the largest diamond so she convinced Nicholas to go on a trip to New York City to Tiffany & Co to pick out a large diamond ring.  It was huge for Louise’s small hand but she didn’t care…  With a tear she wished that Aunt Lorraine or her Mother Elsa could see her now…  Both would be very proud of what she had accomplished in such a short time.  Alchetta Bailey would have given her heart and soul to be as popular as Louise was.

Every high society event – Louise received an invitation along with her soon to be mother in law Marie.  It was a time of festivities, travel, and fun.  The would live in Italy until his return.

Louise asked if she would ever see Nicholas again, he saw the love in her eyes, and they got married in Sept 26th, 1956.  They spent their honeymoon in Paris France looking for a new home.

It was a month later that Nicholas left to fight the war over the Suez Canal which started October 29, 1956.

The attack was ordered after Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.  Tensions arose between Britain, United States, China, Taiwan, USSR, and the United Nations.  Britain and France tried to control the canal and failed.  Israel tried to help but Egypt had its own agenda….

Patricia was right.  Louise and Nicholas became Husband and Wife.  They lived in the Chateau Bouchard in Paris, France and in Italy, along with his Mother Marie.

It was several years later that Nicholas decided to join the military and would soon be sent to war.  Louise had become pregnant with their first child and she was worried about him leaving her.

Louise is faced with a Ghost from the Past

5**new mss here***1957 Louise see’s Jacob who is 9 yrs old

5 Louise sees jacob  9 years old june 29,  1957

Louise and Marie spent Christmas alone at the mansion; both were missing Nicholas very much.  It wouldn’t be until Valentines Day that Louise would see her husband again.  When she received the telegram of his two day visit she was overjoyed.

Louise yelled, “Marie looks!”

Smiling she handed the telegram to Marie who had tears in her eyes.

Marie said, “I will have lunch prepared for the two of you on Saturday and then you can spend those two days alone.  I wish for you to provide an heir for my estate.”

Louise blushed, “We can only hope for a miracle in such a short time but it would be a blessing to have Nicholas’ child.  Something to keep me busy while he is away at war….”

Marie smiled, “I am glad to hear that, I was worried that you wouldn’t want his child…”

Louise said, “Whatever gave you that idea?”

Marie said, “I can see that you are not comfortable around the little ones at the church picnic.  It pains you to see little children…  Did something happen to you when you were young?”

Louise turned pale then said, “It’s something I don’t want to talk about, very painful indeed.”

Nicholas Bouchard arrived on Sat Feb 16th, armed with a dozen red roses, a card, and a diamond necklace for his wife; he kissed her soundly for at least three minutes.  Then he turned to hug his mother and kissed her on the cheek.

Marie was crying, “I was afraid that I would never see you again…”

Nicholas said, “I’ve had a few close calls but I always manage to escape.  They call me the cat with nine lives…  I’ve used up eight so far…  Let’s hope my round of luck doesn’t end with my next tour…  I’m sorry but I’ve been called into the front lines, so I don’t know if were going to make it.  The success rate is bleak.  I just wanted you to know so it won’t be such a shock to you if anything happens.  I will value my time with you darling…”

Marie said, “I’ve made your favourite Nicholas, Pork, applesauce and baked potatoes with turnips…”

Louise grinned and said, “And I’ve made you some homemade apple pie…”

Nicholas grinned, “I can see my two girls have been busy around the house.  Where did all this stuff come from?”

Louise smiled, “I’ve taken up painting, and these are my works of art.”

Nicholas was surprised, “Darling I didn’t know you were so talented.”

Louise said, “Neither did me.  Let’s eat I have more to show you …upstairs…”

Louise winked at Marie and Nicholas blushed.

It was later after lunch that Louise and Nicholas prayed before making love.  They asked a miracle child to be born for Louise did not conceive from before….

It was six weeks later after a visit with Dr Kent that Louise came home beaming.

Marie asked, “Is it good news?”

Louise tearfully said, “We got our miracle!”

Marie cried and they hugged each other while chattering excitedly about building a nursery…

It was in May that Louise sat down in shock after reading a post card sent to her from Themus Munroe.

It said, “Congratulations on your pregnancy, sorry that we’ve lost touch over the years.  I happened to be in Paris upon spotting you while at a Cafe I was told of your marriage to Nicholas Bouchard and of your good news…  I didn’t tell them that I knew you…  Your secret’s safe with me…On another note Joseph and I have been invited to tag along with Melville and Retta Bailey.

The two of them have wanted to visit a place called Port Arthur Texas.  We are going to invest in oil now with Texaco.  One of the investors has invited us to go on a fishing trip with them, stay at their cabin, and do some camping.  It should be fun, we plan to go in June and stay there for a few weeks.  Father needs to take a break and so do I; we’ve been working so hard her in England.

Melville and Retta finally built their hotels in Paris, France and in Quebec; you should go visit them sometime.  They would love to see you.  Retta often talks about your mother Elsa being such a divine creature.  Yet from what Lorraine told me, Retta couldn’t wait to get rid of Elsa because she thought that Melville was your father…  Crazy notions on their behalf…Elsa never told a soul who your father was…  I wonder if someday you’ll find out.  Talk to you soon…”

Louise tore the letter up and burned it; she did not want Marie to read any of its contents.  When Marie asked her about it

Louise said, “It was someone from my past, a painful experience, I’d rather not talk about it.  They were updating me on the latest news about their financial endeavours.  Someone I’d rather not be linked to here in Paris, if you know what I mean.”

Marie was troubled by this and asked, “Louise is there something I should know about your past?  Something dark and mysterious?”

Louise said, “No I’d rather not get into it please…”

Louise was very tense and Marie knew enough to stop asking.  It bothered her but then she decided to be happy that an heir was on its way for the Bouchard estate.  Marie was thankful to have a daughter in law that was so charming.  All those years waiting for Nicholas to settle down, the arguments the whining the fretting.  She finally had what she wanted, so no point in rocking the boat now…

It was on June 22 when Louise received a post card from Themus saying that they heard an amazing singer named Janis Joplin at music concert at Jefferson High School where she sang.  Themus wrote I think she will be a famous blues folk singer someday.  Louise tore up the post card and wondered why Themus decided it was time to write to her?

In the London Newspaper dated June 26 four people from England died.  – They were out on a fishing trip when Hurricane Audrey rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean and capsized their yacht.  There were seven people on board at the time; other reports say there were nine people.  Mr Joseph Munroe known as one of England’s business tycoons, his son Themus Munroe and the owners of Bailey’s Hotel London – Melville and Retta Bailey have all perished.  The funerals will be held at Field’s Funeral Home in London on June 29, 1957 at 2 pm.  The burial will follow where Alchetta Bailey who was Themus Munroe’s wife is in the Bailey Crypt.

Louise called Patricia Totenmyer, “Did you see the papers?”

Patricia said, “Yes Luvena and I are going, who is this?”

Louise said, “It’s me Louise Bouchard…”

Patricia said, “Louise it’s so good to hear from you.  You poor thing.”

Louise said, “It’s so strange that Themus wrote to me a few months ago…  Telling me about his trip there.”

Patricia said, “Themus was missing you terribly and was still in love with you.  He wanted to know if you were single.  When I told him you were married and pregnant he was devastated.  He’s been trying to contact his child before he died.  He never got a chance to tell the Deere’s that he was the father of your child, but it so happens that Jacob Deere and Melville Bailey were close friends.  The Deere’s will be at the funeral, they do not know who the mother of the child is, so your secret is safe.  I suggest that you tell Marie that you are coming here for a visit, don’t mention the funeral.  There will be too many questions…”

Louise nodded and hung up the phone, not aware that Marie had been listening on the other line…

Marie was angry, “Louise lied about so many things…  A child out of wedlock, with Themus Munroe of all people!  Then the fact that Louise said she was not married…  She must have been married.  Marie headed out to the news stand in search of a newspaper.

There is was – Another Tragedy for the Munroe’s!  It seems that the curse of the Munroe mansion has stretched it’s hand towards England, for Joseph Munroe rumoured to be the Virgin Slayer, his son Themus Munroe a notorious rake that bedded half of the women in Place Royale including Lorraine Atkins, rumoured to have killed Lorraine and Anthony Atkins, then Brandon Deere who at the time was married to Louise Picard and has gone missing ever since…  Did Themus kill Louise?  Brandon Deere killed himself after hearing from Alchetta Bailey that his wife was having an affair with Themus Munroe…  If that’s the case, what happened to Louise and the child?

Marie grabbed at her heart and starting having pains…  This just would not do…  She would have to write to Nicholas and send this newspaper clipping to him.  When he got back from his tour he would have to divorce Louise…  And banish her from Paris, for this would certainly ruin the Bouchards spotless reputation!

Louise is so upset about everything she refuses to see Marie, leaves her a note instead stating that she has to leave town unexpectedly due to a family emergency…  She promises to let Marie know everything when she gets back….

Marie puts the note down and feels bad about sending the letter to Nicholas…  Who received it a few weeks later…?  Causing him much distraction while out in the battle field…

***insert funeral here****

One day Patricia came with some sad news.  “Louise you need to sit down.  Our friends Retta and Melville Bailey, Joseph and Themus Munroe died in Hurricane Audrey June 26, 1957 during a business trip to the Port Arthur, Texas.  Their ship sank during a terrible storm while at sea.  They never recovered the bodies but they are having a memorial service in London in three days.

Patricia, Luvena, Marie, Nicholas, and Louise took the train to England to say goodbye to their friends and loved ones.  They paid their respects to Goderich and Marion first then headed to the other family members in line.  During the service, Louise suddenly turned white as she watched the Deere family sit near by them.  She could hear the woman scolding the boy “Now Jacob Deere behave yourself this is your Father’s funeral.”  Louise just about fainted, the little boy turned around and looked at Louise in the eye, and she saw a mirrored soul.  Patricia gasped and looked at Louise; the boy was the spitting image of Themus Munroe.  Louise excused herself and Patricia went with her to the women’s room.  She blamed it on her pregnancy but Patricia knew better she said that, “You’ve never told a soul about him have you?”  Louise nodded no.  Patricia smiled “He looks just like his Father.”  She said, “Let’s go back now before they worry.”  Louise meekly went along.  Keeping her eyes diverted she softly cried when she thought of Themus.  It was all such a tragedy.  She hoped that their children would have more solid and structured lives.

6- new mss ***The Bouchard Heir**  feb –  aug 1957

6-***The Bouchard Heir**  feb – july 31 1957

Louise stayed at Patricia’s for as long as she possibly could but then she felt the urge to go back home.  It was on July 14th when she returned to the Bouchard Estate.

Marie was very pale and thin by this time and when she finally saw Louise she snapped, “How can you do such a thing to us?  You with your dirty little secrets!  I know everything…  I want you to pack your things and be out of this mansion within the next couple of days.  You must find somewhere else to live…  You are a disgrace to the Bouchard name…”

Louise clutched as the child moved in her belly, she ran upstairs and cried wishing that she were dead….

It was the next afternoon when Louise received a War Telegram stating that her husband Nicholas Bouchard was killed in the line of duty several days ago and that a full military funeral was scheduled in Paris for July 20th…

Louise was in the living room crying when Marie arrived from her shopping trip.

Marie placed her parcels down and came running, “Louise what’s happened?”

Louise patted the couch beside her and Marie sat down.  Louise handed the War Telegram to her.

Marie looked up and turned pale, “What happened?”

Louise said, “This letter came with it, from a Lieutenant Hopkins, it’s addressed to you…”

Marie’s hands were shaking when she opened it then cried out, “No my god no!”

Marie fainted and Louise opened up the letter and saw the words, “Sin has its consequences.  V.S. – Your letter about his wife Louise caused your son to be distracted, he was hit the next day – so much for nine lives”

Louise was in a rage she woke up Marie and slapped her, “How could you tell him?  I wanted to tell him face to face, now because of your stupidity he is gone!”

Louise and Marie stood miles apart from one another as they watched the guards salute Nicholas Bouchard with guns and flags.  Louise was severely depressed and Marie refused to look at her.  Marie blamed Louise for her son’s death.

Marie’s words still stung, “Louise if it wasn’t for your past, I never would have written to Nicholas…  You caused us all this grief…  I hope no one ever finds out what you have done…  Never…”

Louise pulled out her red leather diary that night and wrote the whole sordid story of what had happened in Place Royale, and then she placed it in the bottom of a large leather trunk along with the old gowns that Lorraine and Elsa had worn from Aunt Blaise Marchand years ago…  The diary was tucked away safely in a secret compartment…  No one would ever know, but Louise felt vindicated to get it off her chest for once…

It was five days later on July 25th, when Louise woke up in a pool of blood.  She had lost the baby…

The next day Louise and Marie stood over the graves of two people they loved, Nicholas and baby Ophirah Bouchard…  Louise kept her promise…  In honour of Themus Munroe she named her daughter after Joseph Munroe’s dead wife…When Marie figured out where the name came from three days later, she had a heart attack and died…

On July 31st, Marie Bouchard was laid to rest beside her son and grand daughter…  Louise’s secret past went with her in the grave….

Tragedy Strikes

It was a few weeks later and Nicholas was sent off to war to fight for his country.  Louise had a gut feeling it would be the last time she would ever see Nicholas again.  A month later, she found out, she was right.  Nicholas died out on the field…  Louise could not bear the pain of losing the only man she loved.  A few days after his funeral she went into early labor and gave birth to a stillborn girl, Louise was devastated.  That night Marie Bouchard had a heart attack and died.

The Doctor said it must have been from the heartbreak of losing her Son and Grandchild all at once.  At the funeral, Louise dressed in black, stood there as she buried her Mother in law and her baby girl.  She had named the baby Ophirah Bouchard in memory of a promise she had made a long time ago to Themus Munroe.

7 ** add new mss ** Louise Bouchard (new title) 1957 -1960

7 Louise Bouchard – 1957 -1960

Louise Bouchard decided to leave the mansion in Paris in August 1957 and she never returned.  Her leather trunk with the initials LP was secretly tucked away into the attic underneath several boxes and pieces of luggage….

Louise went to live in Greece until 1960 where she was always giving parties to high society, and as a patron of many arts and charity events, she helped to raise money while she enjoyed the wealth of the Bouchards.

After 1960, Louise travelled the world as far as Africa and Russia and all over Europe.  She finally got to do what she always wanted.  She never remarried, so everyone only knew her at Louise Bouchard….

Louise Bouchard decided to travel the world and lived a long and prosperous life in Paris, France and in Italy.  She never remarried again.  However, she did end up becoming the toast of the town and held the most outrageous parties and charity events in highest of society circles as she had wished many years ago.

8 *** more years pass***1960 Patricia and Luvena**

8-1960 Patricia and Luvena

Patricia Totenmyer smiled at her friend Luvena Carrington, “You can’t be serious!  We have worked so hard to create the finest women’s finishing school in Europe and now you want us to retire?”

Luvena said, “I have always wanted to travel!  I want to see parts of Europe before I die…  Come with me please.”

Patricia said, “Well when you put it that way…  How can I say no?”

Therefore, the two women closed the doors in June 1960 after the last class graduated…  It was a tearful goodbye…  So many years but Luvena was right.  Patricia could see that her friend’s health was failing and it would only get worse over time…  She didn’t know why that thought came to mind but she trusted in her gut instincts…  Patricia remembered when her mother Heta used to tell her she had gifts too but until she put some faith in them, they would not produce.

Patricia ran away from the spiritual things, but now that she was older…  Maybe she would take some time to meditate and learn about the universe…

Patricia Returns to Place Royale

It was years later when Luvena had retired from the Finishing School and stayed in Paris, France.  Patricia had grown rather old and tired of the school, closed it down, and decided to go back and live in Place Royale in her cottage near her sister Sasha and niece Marchina Totenmyer who was now twenty years old.

9 ***– Lafleurs selling London estate**** The New Lafleur Home Spring 1966 _ takes a year to build it.

9 The New Lafleur Home Spring 1966

Jacob and Ashton Deere were going over the plans with Goderich Lafleur in March 1966 for his new estate in New York City.  A large red brick two story mansion that was quite a bit smaller then the one in England.  The large sunroom was decorated with plants and herbs for the kitchen.  The living room with it’s brightly colours furniture from KNOLL in orange, blue and lime green along with a green and white chequered linoleum floor and plush green carpeting.  Rich dark colors throughout the house gave it a classical feeling.  A dark green couch set, and white mother of pearl lamps complimented the large green lawns, stone pathways, and large English Garden full of wild flowers, daisies, and roses.

Marion and Goderich moved in their new home in June of 1966.  Michael and Richard loved the new rooms.  Michael’s had a round bed in it with white and orange round chairs.  Marion thought it appropriate for her son was into NASA and the various space programs.  Richard was into physics and biology so she picked light greens, browns, and whites for his room.  Very dull compared to Michaels but then again Richard was always a bit on the dull bookish side.

Michael loved sports cars and racing around in his new 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 – a graduation present from his parents for having good grades – the girls at the University would take notice of him.

Richard was happy with his present – a 1966 robin blue Volkswagen Beetle – being the nerdy type it suited him.  He looked like a professor driving around in it and the girls tried to get his attention until they met Michael and Richard was soon forgotten.

Richard was a shy person and Michael was athletic and outgoing.  That summer the two boys enjoyed working at Lafleur Industries.  Both worked in the offices with their father, managing the different plants and making sure thing ran smoothly.  They helped to train their replacements for they were planning to go to University in September….

The three of them spent many years baking for the local markets in the area.  From time to time, they would receive a letter from Goderich and Marion Lafleur.  They would send pictures of the family in England and of the twin boys growing up to be fine young men.  Richard and Michael had decided they wanted to attend University in New York City, USA.  Goderich and Marion decided to sell their home in England.  Instead, they would buy hundreds of acres of land out in the country near New York City.  They were making plans to build a new house there it would take about a year to complete before they could move there just in time for the boys to start school  at the age of nineteen.

The Lafleurs Move to New York City 1967

June 1967 boys are 19 years old

Goderich and Marion Lafleur had built a lovely red brick home out in the country close to New York City for themselves.  It was modest and large but only a fraction of the size of the Estate they had in England.  Goderich had started a new company and called it Lafleur industries.  It was a pharmaceutical and research company.  Goderich was desperate to find a cure for cancer as Marion was full of it.

10 *** new mss sept 1967-1970 Michael and Richard in university falling in love with future wives…  Dana and Stella…

10 -sept 1966-1972 Michael and Richard Lafleur in university

Michael and Richard climbed up the steps of Columbia University in Manhattan New York City on September 1966 to register for their classes.  Michael would be attending the GISS Space Program at Armstrong Hall.  Richard would be attending the Business, Science, and Mathematics courses at Columbia.

Richard said, “I can’t believe your course is going to take you six years.”

Michael grinned, “By that time I will have developed some new technology for NASA on my own.  I’m going to see if I can do some secret assignments for them.”

Richard was puzzled, “Why would they hire you?”

Michael said, “They already have…  I gave them some new information to design some rocket fuels and they are very interested in sponsoring me for future endeavours.”

Richard grinned, “That was something else when Neil Armstrong flew to outer space on March 16th on the Gemini 8 mission.”

Michael said, “That’s why I’m here.  I want to learn more for the space program and see if my theories can be proven.  I want to fly farther then the moon…”

Richard gasped, “Why whets next mercury?”

Michael nodded, “Just imagine going to the end of the universe.  I’d like to develop a telescope that can see into space…  I would call it the Hubble scope.”

Richard laughed, “That’s impossible, man will never make anything big enough to see that far…”

Michael said, “I think your wrong…  I heard that several people are working on the calculations to see if it’s humanly possible…”

Richard said, “I’m glad I’m taking simple mathematics and finance.  I just want to be a simple business man.  Next you’ll be telling me you want to fly to the moon yourself.”

Michael said, “In the future it would be cool to have an airplane take you to the moon for a sight seeing trip.”

Richard said, “Whoa now, let’s not get too crazy.  People will think my brother is nuts.”

Michael quipped, “Don’t they already?”

Richard nodded, “But that was back in London, now that were in New York City we can have a new identity, let’s be cool instead of nerdy geeks.”

Michael grinned, “I’m a nerdy geek with muscles…”

Richard looked at his small arms and grinned, “Yeah and you have to pump iron for hours to keep them up.  Me I could care less about having a muscular physique.  ”

He tapped his head and said, “I concentrate on brain power instead.  I have lots of ideas rolling around in my head.  Someday I hope to have my own company, I mean our own company and we’ll call it Lafleur industries…”

Michael smiled, “Sounds like a plan…  Get back to me six years from now and we’ll see if we still want the same things…”

11. ***new mss  add marriages 1969*** Michael & Stella here while in university…

11 –  richard and michael Lafleur 1970

It was four years later in June 1970 that the boys completed their first set of university courses and graduated with honours.  It was a time of joy for the whole family.

Richard looked at his mother Marion and noticed that she winced in pain, “Mum have you been to the doctors lately?”

Marion smiled feebly, “I haven’t had time…”

Richard noticed that she was pale, almost too pale, “Mum I’m taking you to the doctors right now.”

Richard got on the phone and called Michael, “Tell Dad I’m taking mom to the doctor’s there’s something wrong…”

Michael mumbled something incoherent and put the phone back down.  He hated it when Richard called at all times of the day interrupting his studies.  Michael was working on a new technique and he didn’t like to be disturbed.  He went back to what he was doing without calling his father.

Richard ended up having to take Marion to the hospital where they admitted her for testing.  Goderich came home from work to an empty house.  No notes, nothing…  He was worried so he called Richard’s place and there was no answer…  He hated calling Michael but he had no choice…

Goderich said, “Michael sorry to bother you, Mum’s not home?”

Michael slapped his head, “Sorry Dad, Richard took her to the doctor’s they should be back at any time.”

Goderich said, “When did Richard call you?”

Michael looked at the time, “It was this morning when he called.”

Goderich said, “This morning!  Oh my god, something must be wrong.  I’m going to the hospital…”

Goderich hung up, Michael sighed…  They would call him if they needed him, and he went back to work…

Goderich drove to the hospital mumbling to him, “I told her to go to the doctors a hundred times…  I hope she’s all right…  ”

Goderich began to cry, he didn’t know what he would do without his wife…

12*** mss Marion cancer… dies 3 years later – 1970****Goderich dies 6 mos later heartbreak***Richard & Dana married here 3 years later… 1970

12 Marion cancer – Goderich passes – Christmas 1972

It was September 1970 and Michael and Richard had to go back to University.  Both of them were worried about their mother for she had been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and had to have her ovaries and uterus removed.  The doctors hoped that she would go into remission and that they had gotten all the cancer out.

It was a struggle that year by Christmas time Marion still hadn’t recovered and the cancer had come back.  This time it put her flat on her back and made her tired everyday.

Goderich lost weight worrying about his wife and Richard’s grades were falling.  Michael ignored everything and everyone and buried himself in his work.  He was determined to make a difference and make a name for himself with NASA.

It was June 1971 and Marion was losing a lot of weight, Richard cried when he saw how thin his mother was, Michael went into shock.  The reality of what was happening to his mother finally hit him.  They stayed home that summer, each taking turns caring for their mother.  When they had to finish their final year of university in Sept both didn’t want to leave, they wanted to stop school and go back at another time.  Marion couldn’t do anything for herself so now she had a full time nurse.  The doctors warned that Marion could go at anytime.

It was the first time Goderich asked his sons to pray with him.  It was their hearts desire for Marion to see her boys graduate.  In June 1972 she did.  In a wheel chair, for a short visit, Marion cried tears of joy at the sight of her two boys standing there with diplomas in hand.

Marion whispered to them, “Never give up on your dreams, no matter what happens.  I will always be with you in spirit.”

It was a day later that Marion Lafleur fell asleep forever…

The funeral was hard, Michael was a mess, and Richard was blubbering all through the service.

Patricia Totenmyer came up and gave each of them a hug.  The boys didn’t recall who she was, but they knew that by the look on their father’s face, she was an old friend of the family.

Goderich grabbed Patricia and hugged her for ages…  She was almost embarrassed about it.

Goderich said, “I don’t know how to live without her…”

Patricia cried and said, “It’s the hardest thing, but here we are again…  Remember when you first met me; I had just lost my husband Barney?  I had to get up and keep living.  It was the hardest thing in the world to do, but you can do it…”

She extracted herself from him and walked away.  Michael looked at Richard and both of them walked over to their Dad and gave him a bear hug…  Something the three of them hadn’t done since they were about five years old…

Marchina and Sasha Totenmyer stood watching there, frozen in time…  They hadn’t been able to attend the funeral so in spirit they watched from a crystal ball in their potions room…

Changed mss – The boys finished University and each of them married their sweethearts (met the summer of 1967-1970).  Michael married a girl named Stella Demers; she was related to the famous Cartier’s the people who had supplied the wine for their parents weddings.  Richard married a girl named Dana Gibbons.  Together they built Lafleur Industries into a massive empire in the heart of New York City, USA.

13 *** new mss from 1940 to 1970 stories about Marchina and Sasha Totenmyer in PR** Marchina 30 yrs *** woman hood**  1970 (angus born in 1947)

Meanwhile back in Place Royale, Marchina was growing up to be a fine Native woman.  She was just 13- Marchina and Sasha Totenmyer 1940 to 1972

Marchina looked at Sasha, “To them death is a terrible thing.  They do not understand that the spirit lives on…”

Sasha smiled and hugged her daughter, “Patricia does, but poor Goderich I’ve never seen him come apart like that before.”

Sasha put the crystal ball away and went out into the garden.

Marchina looked at her mother and said, “Will you ever tell me the truth about my father?”

Sasha sat down and cried, “It’s the hardest thing to tell you…  Now I feel like I must do so.  You see I was in London, England back in 1939 with your grandfather Lenno.  He was there for a business meeting.  Actually I need to go back a few years before that.  My mother Heta and Mrs Little wolf used to be playmates.  They promised one another that their firstborns would marry.  Your Aunt Patricia was promised to their son Andy Littlewolf.

Father agreed on one condition, that the two had to love one another before marrying.  Mother wanted to create a strong alliance with the Natives in the Iroquois with our native Ojibwa, to make us strong against the white man back then.  Mother failed to keep in mind that Patricia who actually used to be Nuna – she changed her name – was a very stubborn girl.

Nuna or rather Patricia did not want to be native.  She wanted to be an English woman.  She left with father and went to live with Aunt Helen.  Who married my father’s brother Tate?  Uncle Tate died but Aunt Helen stayed in contact with my father who was in love with her at one point.  Aunt Patricia went to England, married Barney Rosewood, and broke Andy Littlewolfs’ heart.

He was in love with Patricia from a very young age, he even asked her to marry him, but she said no.  Andy became angry and one night while I was in England with my father, he dragged me into an alleyway and raped me.  He was very drunk.  My father went after him and sliced his throat, then took me on a ship and dropped me off at home.  My mother was told to stay with me.  A few weeks later, when father did not return, mother went looking for him.  Both of them were murdered by the Littlewolfs and no one knows how they found out…  ”

Marchina looked happy, “So my father is a native Iroquois then.  That must be why I’m so attracted to native spirituality and run away from native men.  ”

Sasha cracked a smile, “You do not like native men?”

Marchina shook her head, “No something tells me I’ll be married to an English man someday.  I’ll know him when I see him…”

Sasha grinned, “I’ll know too…”

Like her, Mother Sasha and Patricia doted on her.


14 ***new mss angus atkins childhood to 23 years old 1947 – 1970***

14-angus atkins childhood to 23 years old 1947 –  sept 1971

No one in Place Royale knew that Ida Tinkle was living at the Atkins Mansion in 1947.  she had covered her tracks well.  The sheriff had been true to his word, buying food supplies at Jean Moisan’s he would take it home with him then in the middle of the night he would park his car near the oak door of the tunnel on the outskirts of town, grab several bags of groceries and put them into a wagon that was hidden inside.

He would close the door before driving the wagon up to the mansion.  Little Angus was two years old now and cute as a button.  His dark hair and eyes reminded him of someone else but he just couldn’t remember the fellow’s name.

Angus said, “Look Mr Wesley I made a puppet with my sock. ”

The sheriff looked down and smiled, “Why does it have fangs?”

Angus said, “It’s a vampire and it’s going to eat you.”

Angus grabbed the sheriff by the neck and chomped him with his puppet.  Mr Wesley was laughing because it tickled.

The sheriff said, “I’m going to kill your vampire.”

Mr Wesley grabbed a toothpick and stabbed the sock where the heart would be.  Angus cried out in pain and started to bleed.

Ida grabbed the boys hand and sucked the blood off of it.

Ida snapped, “Ronald you need to be more careful with the boy he’s only two…”

Mr Weakly grinned, “Why do you care?  What you do with him is far worse..”

Ida’s eyes grew round and black.

Mr Weakly whimpered, “I’m sorry love…  I wasn’t thinking…”

Angus said, “Bad Mr Wesley, bad, bad , bad ” as he hit him with his puppet.

Ida smiled, “That’s a good boy Angus takes out your rage on the man…”

Mr Wesley got up and said, “I have to get back, Mr Moisan is getting suspicious.  He keeps asking me where I put all the food that I order.  I think instead of me coming once a month, I should come twice a week.  I won’t disturb you.  I’ll just leave the goods by the door and call you when it’s there.”

Ida rasped, “Don’t be stupid, you cannot call me, I don’t exist, remember?”

Mr Wesley said, “Why don’t you hire someone to watch the door for you then.”

He chortled at his own joke.

Ida said, “I don’t need anyone else coming around here, it will look too suspicious.  Now you can bring my food on Tuesdays and Fridays between 2 and 4 o clocks.  I will check it around 4 30 pm.  Angus is very strong he can help carry the stuff upstairs.”

Mr Wesley said, “why don’t you convert some of your dungeon into a cold room and keep the stuff down there?”

Ida was impressed, “You know that’s a fabulous idea, I’ll put a kitchen in down there.  Do you think you can get me a fridge?”

Mr Wesley whimpered, “I cannot carry a fridge down that long tunnel by myself.”

Ida said, “You don’t have to carry it, just bring it to the oak door.  By Wednesday at 5 o’clock?”

Mr Wesley looked puzzled and shrugged his shoulders, “Fine, and should I grab some wood and flooring and paint too?”

Ida snapped, “How else do you expect me to build a kitchen?  I need plumbing and sinks..  Who can we get to help?”

Mr Wesley said, “I can hire a few transients..  They just can’t leave…”

Ida grinned, “I can manage with that, bring them too … I suggest you buy the supplies somewhere else, say  Beauport?  I’m sure Jean Moisan doesn’t go there very often…”

Mr Wesley said, “But what about his…”

Ida said, “I don’t want to hear any excuses Ronald, just does it!  You can find the transients you need in Quebec.  ”

Ida was looking at a small crystal ball, “There are two men at the employment center there looking for work..  Bring them to me…”

Mr Wesley nodded, “Your wish is my command…”

He turned and walked away and little Angus said, “Nana why can’t I have big puppets like you?”

Ida smiled, “My dear you can have big puppets.  Would you like to teach you how?”

Little Angus nodded eagerly, he was tired of his sock puppets he wanted real human beings instead…

Later those two young boys came into the Atkins mansion tied and bound in a burlap bag a few days.  Both were scared until they saw a little boy open up the sack.

Little Angus said, “Hello my new puppets…”

His eyes became round and black and he started chanting….  The two boys walked into the other room picked up the pieces of wood, hammer, nails, and started making a kitchen in the dungeon.

Little Angus ran upstairs and said, “I love my new puppets Nana, I made them do all sorts of funny things.”

Ida went downstairs and was shocked to see one of the young  men screaming in pain.  He was nailed to the wall on a crucifix…

Ida turned around and smiled to Angus, “You learn quickly my dear but we mustn’t torture our workers till the kitchen is done.”

Ida placed her hands over the young man and the nails came out, then she waved her hands over him and they healed up before his eyes.

He screamed, “What are you a witch?”

Ida smiled, “something like that now gets back to work.”

Angus did some chanting and the man returned to his job.  He came upstairs and sat down at the dinner table.

Angus said, “I don’t know why I did that…”

Ida winked, “I do…”

It was several years later in 1957 that Ida taught Angus the touching game.

Angus felt funny about it and said, “I don’t want to do that Nana…”

Ida sighed, “It’s Okay Angus, no one will know..”

Angus said, “But I know and I don’t like it.”

Ida said, “Do it or else.”

Angus was angry, “I should turn you into a frog and cut off your legs…”

Ida said, “Angus stop trying my patience now do as you’re told.”

Angus said, “I hate you!”

Ida said, “I don’t care now does it…”

Angus finished what she wanted then went to his room to have a bath.  He hated Ida for making him do something he felt wasn’t right.  Someday he would make her stop..  However, for now he was stuck in this prison of a mansion.  Instead he would concentrate on learning about his powers and when the time was right he would exact his revenge.

Ida looked over Angus shoulder  and said, “You’re doing quite well in your mathematics, now let’s do the calculus…”

Angus bitterly said, “I hate calculus…”

Ida said, “We all hate calculus but if you want to finish your grade 12 education  you have to pass this next test…”

Angus said, “What’s the point?  You keep me a prisoner here.  I’ve never been outside and I’m so pale I look like a ghost…”

Ida was surprised, “Angus you never complained before, what’s gotten into you.”

Angus said, “I am almost eighteen now, it’s taken me two years longer then most children to complete my grade 12..  Am I stupid or are you a bad teacher?”

Ida was quiet.  It was getting harder and harder to keep Angus from going outside.  He was a smart boy  she was actually teaching him the second year of university but she didn’t want him to know…

Angus looked at her, “You’ve lied to me…  I should have graduated two years ago..  You just want to keep me here!  Well I won’t have it!  I want to see the world ..  I want to leave this filthy place..”

Ida chanted and Angus came back under her spell.  He was snapping out of her spells quicker and quicker each time, one of these days he would escape and then she would have to let him go…

It was five years later.  Angus had mastered the book of the black arts, and spells, now he was ready..  Ida had no idea that he had been studying them by himself, secretly down in the dungeon.  He found a wad of money stashed away in his mother’s closet and made preparations to leave Atkins Mansion…

Add to mss ***on a sales and demonstration tour on 4 September 1971, which was also the first transatlantic crossing of Concorde 001 with CHAGO SIMA

**add into mass

Pasted from <>

Ida Tinkle and Angus Atkins

No one ever saw Ida Tinkle again; she had lived like a hermit with young Angus Atkins.  Being a violent and evil woman, she raised Angus to be evil as well.  She taught him about her spells and potions and then she taught him how to torture small animals.  As time flew by Angus grew up and decided he wanted to be a famous Architect and follow Anthony’s example.  Ida never told him the truth ever about his Father really being Chago Sima the Spanish gypsy.

Angus was now twenty-three years old.  He decided it was time to go to University.  Ida forbade him to go and leave her.

When Angus was a handsome young boy, she had taught him the touching game.  As he got older, he realized it was sexual abuse.  She threatened to take all his money away from him if he ever left her.  One day he found a secret tunnel leading from the basement near the potion room and it went to the outside of town.  He had heard the stories of the deaths of people and of a woman named Sasha Totenmyer.  He knew whereabouts she lived and that was it.  He packed a small knapsack.  Grabbed a few valuables and escaped out of the tunnel early one evening.  He had put a potion in Ida’s wine that would make her ill for a few weeks.  She would not be able to move around much and would be bound to her bed.  He would have to work fast.  He went into town wrote a note to Sasha Totenmyer pleading for her help and had a young boy deliver it to her and waited for her response at the Old Port Inn.

Angus Learns the Truth

*** Change from boat to plane**

A tall Native woman with gray hair appeared in the doorway.  She found him sitting there at the Inn and quietly said, “Come with me.”  He followed her outside to a blue car in the back seat were two other Native women and she said, “Get in Angus” and she took him to the dock in Quebec.  Sasha went to get four tickets while the other three waited with luggage in hand.  No one said very much in the car, Angus was too shy to ask who the two women were in the back seat.  Finally, when they were sitting on the boat Marchina introduced her Mother Sasha and Aunt Patricia and herself to him.  She advised him they would be going to London to visit an old friend Luvena Carrington and that he would stay with them at her place for a week until Patricia could make all the arrangements for his schooling.

Patricia handed Angus an envelope and said, “In here are two checks this one is for your tuition and the other is for your lodging.  I am going to set up a bank account for you in London and I will wire you some money each month.  Make sure you do not contact anyone from Place Royale until you are finished University.  Then we will contact the lawyers and get the rest of your inheritance for you.  My friend Luvena Carrington is old but very well known and has many connections.  You will be taken to the finest shops and get a fashionable new wardrobe for school and your social engagements and throw out those scruffy old clothes that are miles too small and tight for you.”

Angus looked down at his clothing and blushed.  He had not realized that his pants were about six inches too short for him and his belly bursting out of his shirt.  He had not paid much attention to himself when at home.  He was depressed all the time and had spent most of the time in his bed with his nightshirt on he had been wearing some of his Father’s clothing around the cold mansion.

Then Patricia interrupted his thoughts, “I’ll be contacting the Dean at the school who is a personal old friend of mine.  I have sent him a request to get you registered in the finest classes.  Normally you would need some sort of reference to go to this fine school.  I advised him that your Father was the great Architect Anthony Atkins!  He was very pleased to enroll you.  My boy I pulled many strings for you.  Be sure to do well and make your parents proud of you.  Bless their souls.  Angus said to Patricia “Thanks” and she gave him a blonde wig and a dark hat and coat so that he may disguise himself.  Then he asked Sasha “How did you know it was me?”  She said you’re the spitting image of your Father Chago.”  He stopped and protested, “My Father’s name is Anthony!”  Sasha said, “I have something to give you, it’s a letter from your Mother Lorraine.  She wrote this when you were a baby and asked me to give it to you when you were older in case anything happened to her.  She had been told by the Doctor that she might not make it during childbirth.”  Angus opened the letter eagerly with shaking hands it read:

My dear Son Angus Atkins;

I loved you with all my heart and soul and what I might have to tell you may pain you but it is all for the best.  I have asked Sasha to write a letter to you when the time is right for you to know the truth of your past and mine.  Please head her warnings, as I trust her with my whole heart and soul.  If you should ever come to any trouble, you can rely on the Totenmyers to take good care of you in case Ida Tinkle cannot.

Love your Mother Lorraine

Angus looked up with tears in his eyes, “Mother says you have written me a letter about the truth, can I please have it now?”  Sasha nodded and handed him the second letter:

Dear Angus Atkins;

Ida Tinkle was your nanny and Godmother.  What I tell you may shock you but you deserve to know the truth.  Ida became very jealous of your Mother Lorraine when you were born.  She had become obsessed with the idea of being your Father Anthony’s Wife.

Lorraine and Anthony lived a strange marriage of financial security and convenience.  They loved and cared for one another and were happy people.  Your Mother had a lover named Chago Sima.  He is a rich and wealthy Spanish gypsy.  Anthony her Husband had two mistresses that we know of.  One was Alchetta Bailey who had been married to a Themus Munroe and the other was your Godmother Ida Tinkle.  Alchetta had become pregnant with Anthony’s child.  Ida found out and she told your Father that your Mother had an affair and had gotten pregnant by her lover.  Ida assumed the lover to be a man named Themus Munroe.  She was wrong.  However, after telling Anthony the tale he rushed to Dubois Inn and shot you are Mother Lorraine and she died instantly?  Themus Munroe struggled with Anthony, the gun went off, and he was shot and killed as well.  Meanwhile Ida had given Alchetta Bailey a hallucination potion and she ended up waking up in the middle of the night and running out and over the balcony wall on the second floor of the mansion and fell to her death.

Themus Munroe had gotten Louise Deere pregnant and they had a baby boy.  His name is Jacob Deere; Ashton and Evelynn Deere, cousins of Lorraine’s, adopted him.  He is the heir to the Munroe mansion and a relative of yours.  Her Husband Brandon Deere drank himself to death and while vomiting he suffocated.  Ida Tinkle is also a suspect in England.  Many of her Husbands or lovers ended up dead with no explanation or charges laid she was never charged because she’s had affairs with the sheriff,  detectives or usually someone from the courts so that they will not prosecute her.

Please be careful and do not trust this woman.  If you ever marry, the same jealousy she had over your Mother will be on your Wife.  She will murder you both.  So be careful and take care not to contact her or anyone who knows her.  You can speak to a Detective Bob Farley at Scotland Yard in England.  He can give you a background of Ida tinkle.  In addition, she is friends with a Doctor Peter Tibideus of London, England.  Beware of him.  He is an evil soul.  Our family will watch over you and help you out in any way.  Feel free to contact us at any time if you need anything.

Signed Sasha Totenmyer

Angus had tears of rage in his eyes.  He knew the sheriff had come to see Ida for many years.  He was her lover as well as several police officers.  He looked up and said, “Why didn’t Ida tell me herself?”

Sasha said, “She wanted you all to herself.  She is a sick and possessive woman.  Now you are free of her.  Then she handed him a special amulet to hang on his neck.  It was glowing with some sort of blue green liquid in a tiny capsule hung on a type of black string.

Sasha looked seriously at him and said, “Never take this off, not even to shower.  It has a spell of protection on it to ward off black magic.  Ida will try to find you using her crystal ball and by any means possible.  This will block her visions and protect you from her.  The car had pulled up to a white Victorian flat and Luvena opened the door with a shriek.  “Oh it’s so good to see all of you again!  This must be our little Angus Atkins.  Although he’s not so little now is he?”

She looked up at the tall man before her “You’re as handsome as your Father Chago.  I have written to him and he shall be coming to see you personally Angus to meet you.  He waited a long time for this day to come.  Lorraine promised him that she would tell you the truth when you were old enough to handle it.  I am so sorry it was not herself to do so she was such a lovely young soul.  So tragic how it all ended anyways enough of that, I shall show you all to your rooms then you must all come and have a bite to eat!”

Angus Meets Chago Sima

After dinner, they went into Luvena’s library room and she pulled out an old book for him to view.  The front cover read, “Atkins Architecture:  A Book of Sketches, Written by Anthony Atkins.”

Angus was excited to see the sketches of the many places his Father Anthony Atkins had built.  He would never acknowledge in public that Chago Sima was his real Father.  He wanted to be the Son of the famous Anthony Atkins.

When he met Chago, he was surprised to hear him say, “You have your Mother’s eyes and some of her features.  She was a beautiful and kind woman.  Had Anthony or Lorraine known what Ida was really like they never would have made her your Godmother.  I have set up a trust fund for you Angus.  I plan to give you great wealth now, while I am alive.  As you are going to be an Architect, I think it best we keep our relationship a secret and you continue to be the Son of Anthony Atkins.

You can tell people I was a dear friend of your Mother’s and a great admirer of your Fathers work.  When you graduate, I will provide you with the means to set up a business for yourself in Place Royale.  I know many business people in importing and exporting.  We will spend the first year of your schooling getting to know these people.  They will help you achieve your goal of being the most famous and memorable Architect.  I will simply tell people I am an investor in your company and that you have the available funds to build anything and everything and make a name for yourself.

I have arranged for you to have the best teachers and classes available.  You have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth literally use it to your advantage.  In order to increase your empire you may look up a plain but solid girl named Amelia Stone.  She also will be attending the University.  She will major in Architecture, decoration and art.”

Angus was amazed as he shook Chago’s hand, and Angus warmly said, “You’re a wonderful, smart, and intelligent Father.  I love how you think.”

Chago also winked at him and said, “I’m also known as the world’s greatest lover.  So if you need any pointers call me.”  Angus said, “Ida made sure of that,” and he felt a rage growing within him.

Chago felt sick when he heard what Ida had done to Angus and he said, “My dear boy had I known that she was sexually abusing you I would have gotten you out sooner.  Unfortunately, you had no way of contacting me.  As it is dangerous now I’ll have to warn Ida that if she comes after you, I will have her prosecuted as well as her little sheriff friend.”  Angus thought aloud to himself “How could I prosecute the only woman I’ve known as my Mother?”

Chago had tears in his eyes and said, “I know it is difficult for you, but you must understand that your Mother Lorraine was a kind and gentle and loving woman.  She didn’t deserve to be murdered and I will forever hate Anthony Atkins and Ida Tinkle for taking her away from me.”  With that, he began to sob and for the first time Angus was crying as well and thankfully got a hug from his Father Chago…

Angus Goes to University 1970

The next few days Angus was feeling numb.  He was suffering from culture shock.  The poor man had been a prisoner in his home for so many years that he found the streets and the people of London very frightening.  He had planned to go explore London but after twenty minutes and feeling anxious and panicky, he ran back to Luvena’s place shaking like a leaf and crying.  Luvena saw how anxious he was and told him to go have a seat in the garden room.  She brought out a cup of tea and some fresh baked scones with homemade strawberry jam.

15 **new mss totenmyers fly back to place royale**

15*-totenmyers fly back to place royale  oct 1, 1971

It took a little longer to get back to Quebec because they had to book a regular flight.

Patricia smiled, “Marchina you really got along well with Angus.  He is a charming young man.”

Marchina was troubled, “He is very charming on the outside but has a very dark heart on the inside.  He is full of evil and violence.  I kept seeing this strange woman in his thoughts.  I’ve seen here before years ago.”

Sasha said, “Surely you cannot mean…  Ida Tinkle?”

Marchina nodded, “yes that her name…”

Patricia gasped, “Ida Tinkle has been hiding at the Atkins Mansion all these years?”

Sasha said,” It looks like she’s been training Angus Atkins to be her successor, only one thing, he’s not immortal…  Not yet.”

Marchina said, “Ah but Dr Peter Tibideau has been working on that theory and I feel that he may appear soon to prove it otherwise…”

Patricia was annoyed, “Marchina stop reading my mind…  It’s embarrassing that you know so much about someone you’ve never met.”

Marchina said, “That’s not true.  I have popped into his laboratory many times,  much to his annoyance.  He didn’t stop me though.  I think he liked the company.”

Patricia was horrified, “What do you mean “popped in?”

Sasha grinned, “Marchina’s learned how to transport herself around the world.  She’s quite good at it now.”

Patricia said, “Do you mean to tell me she can travel without an airplane?”

People started looking curiously at Patricia.  Sasha nodded and winked.

Marchina was very proud of herself.  She spent many years fine tuning her craft and when the war started in Place Royale she would be ready for it…

Patricia, Marchina, and Sasha had gone back to Place Royale after visiting for a few days.  The house had felt somewhat empty without Marchina there; it had been fascinating for Angus to meet someone around his age who had lived a free existence.  Marchina had told Angus all about the Village of Place Royale and the people and some of the history of the place.  It had all been rather interesting.  Angus had told Marchina of finding a map of the tunnels underground and informed her that there was a tunnel connection to her place and Munroe Mansion according to the map, Marchina could not wait to find it when she got home.  She would not tell Sasha or Patricia about it though they would forbid her to do any exploring.  Angus had also mentioned that there were more tunnels going to the dock and other places even secret passageways in behind the walls of the Munroe mansion and Atkins mansion.  Anthony had designed them for what he did not know.  He also learned that his Father had three special desks built that had secret compartments in them.  One was in the library at Munroe mansion the other two were in the Atkins mansion.  He had kept a secret diary in there and told Marchina about it but did not disclose any of the secrets that had been written he just felt compelled to brag about it.  For she had the most wonderful stories to tell and he just wanted to have one over her.

Luvena had gone to make a phone call to see if Chago was still at the Hotel.  Thankfully, he was and he came right over.  Luvena said, “I’m sorry Angus, I should have thought twice to send you out into the streets of London alone.  It can be rather violent and dangerous here.  It is very intimidating to someone new, especially coming from a small town and being sheltered as you were.  I have asked Chago your Father, to accompany you to the shops.  He is a fine fashion advisor and he knows all the shop owners.  He has set the trends for other gentlemen of fashion and is known worldwide to be famous for it!”  Angus looked up with a wild look in his eye, “Won’t they think it odd that I look so much like him?”

Luvena paused for a moment then said, “They would be delighted to meet Chago’s Son.  They already know about you.”

Angus turned red and barked “He promised to keep it a secret!”

Luvena patted his hand “He told them about you years ago.  They are fine people and trustworthy, they would never publicly disclose anything to anyone.  Besides, it is an honor to be Chago’s Son.  He is an extremely successful man.  He deals with importing and exporting goods from Europe to Canada.  He is also far richer and more famous then the late Anthony Atkins!  Did you know that Anthony and Chago are Stepbrothers?  Both are a part of your life and there are no secrets that way!  Just think if you become famous, they will look for any kind of story.”

Angus said, “It could turn into a scandal for me.”  Luvena said, “Yes, years ago it would have but times have changed.”

Angus said, “How do I explain how we just found one another?”  Luvena said, “You could say that you just found out about him and that your Godmother never told you he was alive.”  Angus wailed, “Then I have to explain Ida?”  Luvena said, “You don’t have to explain anything about your past, just say you don’t wish to talk about it, for you lost both of your parents when you were a baby and that’s all you know.”  Angus smiled, “Thanks Luvena, I’ve been fretting about this for days.  I look so much like Chago that I can’t really hide it.”  She shook her head and said, “It’s best to be truthful even if you have to be selective with the ways it’s disclosed.”

Chago walked in and hugged them both.  He said proudly to Angus “We shall dress you like the fine gentleman you should be.  You will be the most fashionable young man in the University and you will set the fashion for other young men like you!  They headed out the door and into Chago’s red sports car.  Angus was amazed he had never ridden in a car like this before.  Chago decided to do some sightseeing first.  They drove around London and went to visit Buckingham Palace, the museum, and a few art galleries.

16***new mss  chago and angus attend fashion show in paris in aug/ sept 1970**

16-chago and angus attend fashion show in paris in aug/ sept 1971

Chago Sima was watching the Doris Day Show on TV when Angus Atkins showed up at his door.  Angus sat down and stared at the strange contraption.

Angus said, “How did you get those people in that box?”

Chago looked oddly at Angus and said, “What people?”

Angus pointed to the tv and said, “Are you their puppet master?  Do they do what you want?”

Chago chuckled, “No I am not their puppet master.  They are live from a studio, and cameras and we are watching them on a television.”

Angus said, “I don’t understand…”

Chago was shocked, “You’ve never seen a television before?”

Angus shook his head and looked around the quaint home.  There were lots of things in Chago’s home he’d never seen before.

Chago turned off the TV, went over to his record player, and turned it on.  He took out a Janis Joplin record and put it on.  As she began to sing, Angus wildly jumped out of his chair looking around the room in terror.

Angus yelled, “Where is she?  What is that wailing sound?”

Chago stood there mortified, “Angus sits down, and It’s okay.”

Angus refused to sit down and suddenly he put his hand out in front of him and the record player started on fire…  Chago shook his head in disbelief, he twisted his hand and the fire disappears, and the room became wavy and they went back in time two minutes….

Chago said, “Angus doesn’t touch my record player.”

Angus lifted his hands and Chago put his hand out and suspended Angus in mid air.

Chago said, “When I tell you to do something I expect you to listen to me.  This is a record player, it records people singing, and then we bring it home and put it on to listen to the music.  I see that you’ve got much to learn before we send you to school.  Now settle down and I’ll put you down.  From now on, no magic or reactions to things.”

Chago let Angus drop to the floor unceremoniously…

Angus smiled, “You have powers too!”

Chago nodded, “But my powers are for the good.  I think yours are evil…  I hope you learn that good is better than evil when it comes to dealing with Karma…”

Angus said, “I was only taught one kind of magic from nana…I wasn’t aware there was other types of magic.  Can you teach me?”

Chago smiled, “I can see you are hungry for power.  You must channel those desires to do well for mankind, do well in school and I shall teach you all that you want to learn…”

Angus thought to himself, not likely I’ll probably end up teaching myself…

They sat down to a hot lunch at Cravots of London.  Angus smiled with satisfaction, “This food is amazing.  I don’t even know about half this stuff on the menu?”  Chago smiled, “Each time you go for a meal choose something different.  You’ll know soon enough what you do or don’t like.”  Later at the shops, Angus was amazed how quickly Chago picked out his clothes.

Chago said, “Once you have some fashion sense, you’ll be able to do this on your own!”  Angus looked smart in his vests, sweaters, and ties.  He even bought a few stylish hats and raincoats, winter coats and boots and shoes.  Then they drove to the University of London.

Angus was sweating and shaking and he said, “Father I don’t know how to talk to people.  I’m terrified to be alone here.”

Chago said, “Not to worry I’ve asked one of my friends Daughters to keep you company until you settle in.  I hope you will become great friends.  She is a shy and quiet girl but very intelligent and sweet.  She will be nervous as well since she lived a sheltered life out in the country.  Her parents are very strict and religious.  So she will be good company for you.”

Angus looked sullen and said, “Why couldn’t’ you find me a man instead?”

Chago said, “You will meet lots of men who will want to be your friend.  She’s an heiress and you’re an heir.”

Angus sheepishly asked, “What are an heiress and heir?”

Chago said, “It means that both of you have loads of money and are ridiculously rich!”

Angus laughed, “I have no idea what it means to be rich?”

Chago smiled and said, “Let’s just say that you can always have whatever your heart desires and you will always have the money to buy it.”

Angus then understood what he meant.

Angus Atkins and Amelia Stone

The dorm room was a nice size with a double bed, a dresser, desk, and a couch.  Angus also had a huge walk in closet.  He was in some kind of fraternity house and the rooms here were ten times bigger than those on campus were.  He did not want a roommate so he paid for the whole room and put the extra furniture in storage.  The other people were impressed with his style of dress just as Chago predicted.  He proudly said, “My Father Chago Sima is a very fashionable man.”  The people snickered and walked away.

Angus felt lost.  Chago had good taste at least for the girl was plain but beautiful.  She said, “Hello I’m Amelia Stone.  Chago has told me much about you.”  Angus blushed and his hands were all sweaty.  He shook her hands and asked, “So how’s class for you?  What are you studying?”  Amelia said, “Interior design, Art and Architecture.”  Angus looked shocked, “I didn’t know girls could be Architects.”

Amelia said, “It’s not the normal course but I fought to be a part of the class.  I’m the only woman enrolled.”  They looked at their schedules and said together, “Hey were both in the same class! “  Amelia said, “We can be study partners.”  The rest of the people in the class jeered at Amelia and Angus.  The constant teasing turned to jealousy in the days ahead.

Angus and Amelia were quite naturally talented in their sketches and designs.  Unlike any other, they had set a new trend.  Their professor marveled at the unique designs.  He had never seen anything like it.  He showed some of the work to his colleagues and they sold some of the designs to clients who were looking for something fresh, new, and fashionable.  It was not to long after that Angus and Amelia, as newly talented Architects, became well known thanks to Chago Sima.

17****new mssAmelia stone and angus atkins – 1973 July – UCL- University College London  graduate – 3 years 1970 -1973****

17-Amelia stone and angus atkins  sept- 1971-  june 1973

Angus was very shy went it came to talking to anyone and Amelia was no exception.  They were sitting in  a frat house at a party when someone came in with a new record from Alice Cooper.  The metal sounds of “I’m Eighteen was playing.”

Amelia turned to Angus, “Let’s dance, I like this song.”

Angus blushed, “I don’t know how to dance.”

Amelia grabbed him and pulled him to his feet, “its easy just moves your hips like this and feet like this.”

To her surprise Angus got up and starting doing all sorts of cool moves.  Everyone in the room started clapping.  Angus smiled to himself, Ida’s dancing spell worked great…

The next song they played was Black Sabbath’s “Evil Woman.”

Amelia said, “This is great song.  The album came out in January 1970.”

Amelia tried to keep up with Angus she was having difficulty.

Angus shouted, “What about that song – Paranoid?  It came out in October 1970.”

Amelia smiled, “Who told you?”

Angus said, “Chago took some time to teach me a few things…”

Amelia grinned, “I think they will play the next album that came out in July 1971…  Can you guess what it is?”

Angus shrugged his shoulders, “Sorry didn’t get that far…”

Amelia shouted, “Master of Reality.  It was top ten on the charts for the United States and the UK and it was certified gold in two months time…”

Angus said, “Cool I’ll buy you an album for Christmas then…”

The party died down and the tv was on, someone shouted, “Hey its Richard Williams new show – The Old Grey Whistle test…”

Angus looked perplexed, Amelia whispered to him, “It a show about the doormen in grey suits…  They hear a song once or twice and can sing it..”

Angus nodded and smiled, “I’m glad you’re so smart!”

Suddenly a commercial aired for 007 Diamonds are Forever…  Sean Connery’s new movie, coming out Dec 30th….

Angus said, “That would be cool to go watch, all those gadgets in those cars..”

Amelia said, “You just want to see all those girls in bikini’s”

Angus looked embarrassed then he said, “What’s a bikini?”

Amelia roared and said, “You don’t know what a bikini is?”

Angus turned red, he was angry and embarrassed as he walked out the room, mortified that Chago had forgotten to teach him what a bikini was.

Amelia ran up behind him and hugged him, “Don’t be mad.  I thought you were joking.  Chago wasn’t joking when he told me you lived a sheltered life did he?”

Angus had tears in his eyes as some of the guys started laughing at him.  He turned and walked out the door and yelled at Amelia, “just stay away from me…”

Angus was wiping away the tears as he came out of the frat party, two of the boys who were known to be bullies followed him out into the parking lot.

Angus walked faster and then broke out into a run…  The two boys came up behind him and grabbed him.  The one guy said, “Your a sissy man, what are you doing with a hot chick like Amelia Stone?  You don’t deserve her, I want her…”

Angus angrily said, “You can have her, She’s too  much to handle…”

The other guy started laughing, “What’s the matter, is she an over sexed kitten?”

Angus turned around, “She’s nothing of the sort!  Now you apologize…  She’s smart, beautiful and I care about her…  She’s just too good for me…  ”

The second guy jostled Angus and said, “You’re such a wimp.  I’m going to kick your ass for being such a wimp.”

Amelia shouted, “I’d leave him alone if you know what’s good for you.”

The first guy, “Oh yeah sexy what are you going to do about it?”

Amelia kicked him in the groin and slammed a trophy over his head, breaking his skull open.

Then she wiped it clean and threw it at the other guy who caught it.

Amelia screamed, “Oh my god you killed him.  Look everyone he killed him!”

People came running and the guy stood there terrified he couldn’t move an inch.  Something was holding him in place.  Another guy came running around the corner yelling, “Call Scotland Yard, I think he’s dead!”

Amelia went up to the guy, “I told you to leave us alone..  Now you’re going to pay for your sins…”

She grabbed Angus and said, “Don’t you ever run away from me again!  If you’re afraid of something or don’t know something you tell me, don’t go running off having a hissy fit…  You’re my man and you will not behave like that ever again.  Do I make myself clear?”

Angus whimpered, “Yes dear…”

Amelia gave Angus a kiss and said, “One day when your man enough you’ll stand up to me and do what you really should do, kick my ass!”

Angus smiled, “Really?”

Amelia smacked him across the face, “Of course not you dweeb, what do you take me for?  I’m a woman’s libber, part lesbian and now I’ve decided you are no longer going to be a virgin.”

Angus blushed.  Amelia shook her head.

Angus backed away when Amelia tried to take his clothes off.  He was wild and crazed, and crying…

He screamed, “Leave me alone, I don’t want to do that…”

Amelia was shocked, “What do you mean?  Every guy on campus wants to do me and you are running away?  What’s going on Angus, tell me…  Who hurt you?”

Angus cried and said, “It was nana, she used to make me do things that I didn’t want to do.  Please don’t force me, like she used too..”

Amelia said, “Oh my god, she took your virginity away?”

Angus said, “Is that what that is?”

Amelia nodded, “I’m sorry sweets, and I know exactly how you feel.  MY step father used to do it to me until I killed the bastard.  He can’t hurt me anymore…”

Angus said, “Who’s the man I met then?”

Amelia said, “That’s my new step-father, big improvement…”

Angus said, “But what about your mother?”

Amelia said, “The other guy used to beat her senseless, she’s lost her memory ..  She doesn’t even remember being with the guy – after I erased her memory with some witchcraft…”

Amelia let out a deep breath, she hoped it wouldn’t scare Angus away.  She was shocked to see a brilliant smile on his face.

Angus said, “You know witchcraft too?  Awesome, so do I!”

Amelia smiled, “I study the dark arts and Wicca.”

Angus said, “I’m well versed in the dark arts, never heard of Wicca…”

Amelia said, “You appreciate the earth with Wicca, do spells with candles and stuff, it’s to bring good things into your life…”

Angus said, “Well I didn’t have to do Wicca to get you in my life…”

Amelia said, “No but I did…”

Amelia informed Angus that she didn’t believe in celebrating Christmas and he was fine with that.  Chago understood that Ida put such a dark hold over the boy that he would take years to change.  Sasha Totenmyer had cast a spell with Chago’s help to block Ida from seeing Angus’ whereabouts…

Ida sat in the mansion crying from time to time and whipping Mr Wesley for leaving the oak door unlocked from the outside.  IF he had locked it properly Angus never would have escaped…

Instead on Dec 30th, Amelia and Angus went to see Sean Connery’s 007 Diamonds are Forever.  Poor Angus kept jumping in his seat from the sound effects and letting out a high pitch laugh, an odd sound for him because Angus had never laughed that hard in his life before…  It felt good.

The next six months passed by quickly and soon both of them were out of school in June 1972.  Angus went to visit Chago for a few months and Amelia went to see her parents.  She never realized how oppressive and religious they were.  With Angus she felt a freedom to be herself, with her parents she did a role play of the girl they wanted her to be.  It was exhausting, she came back early to school in August and started working on some sketches she had in mind…

Chago and Angus had a blast trying out a new yacht, going fishing, trying to water ski, and they went to some theme parks and Angus enjoyed going on the rides.  It was amazing to him that all those years, his nana never went outside, so much he missed, and each day his hatred for her grew.

It was in Sept 1972 that Amelia came up with the idea of selling their architectural sketches to some of the firms.  Amelia knew she had a unique way of designing things, and after Angus commenting on the fact, she went ahead and approached one of the local firms with her ideas.  Because of this in June Amelia went to do a co-op for a firm in June and Angus spent his time learning more about exporting and importing furniture and interior designs.  He wanted a well rounded education by the time he graduated  a year later.

In June of 1973 both Amelia and Angus graduated with honours, established themselves as uniquely talented artists and made plans to start their own architectural business in Place Royale….

In fact, they would have many contracts by the time they had graduated.  Their friendship blossomed into a romance and on their first real date, they read a horror book for the first time.  Amelia said, ‘I’ve always had this fantasy to do those things.”  Angus looked surprised and said “With your upbringing?”  Amelia said, “I had a secret life Angus, I study Wicca and witchcraft.  I’d like to join the gothic club but my parents wouldn’t allow me.”  Angus said, “What if you were married?  Then we could do whatever we want?”  He produced a large red ruby ring.

The next day at the justice of the peace, the two of them secretly married.  Both had dressed in medieval costume to celebrate the event.  They invited all the members of the medieval club and found a secret society of witches to join as well.  Amelia and Angus moved out of their fraternity houses and into a small place in the seedy part of London.  Angus ordered some torture devices, an old rack from the early 14th century, and a torture chair for their basement where they built a kind of dungeon.  They soundproofed the walls and proceeded to experiment with different torture devices on each other.

Amelia loved bondage and Angus loved it when they did sacrifices of small birds and animals and drank the blood.  Once they had graduated, Angus and Amelia did several designs for London and then made plans to go back to Canada.  Angus had gotten some large crates, put his devices in storage, and sent them to Quebec Canada until further notice.  They sold the house for a tidy profit and went to the port with only a knapsack.

Include in mss for 1970 – 73 Sept


Angus Deals With Ida Tinkle

Two figures carefully made their way down the dirt tunnel late in the night.  The door swung open easily.  They made their way to the potion room and made a sleeping potion.  They crept up the stairs and into Ida Tinkles room.  Strong arms held her down while the other cranked the potion into her mouth.  She choked and then lay still, snoring loudly.  They carried her down the stairs, chained her to the cold dark wall, and closed the door to the secret room.

Later that night and in the early hours of the morning, the doorbell rang and Angus answered the door wearing a mask.  Two large crates and a black Mercedes arrived.  Two men who were seedy and rough looking characters carried the stuff down into the basement and then collected the huge sums of money.  Before they left he offered them each a glass of wine.  They left and drove their truck for about ten minutes then the driver pulled over near the cliff on the hill.  He bent over in pain then passed out.

His partner beside him did as well.  Two figures with black scarves over their faces appeared beside the road.  They removed the money from the men’s wallets then threw gasoline on the men and the truck and used a match to start the fire.  They put it in drive and watched the truck roll towards the cliff and over the edge and then it exploded into flames.  The two figures stole off into the night at the side of the road they had disappeared into thin air.

Ida’s head was throbbing from the pain and she felt cramped and cold.  She woke up naked, her arms and legs chained to some sort of rack.  She turned to see Angus and croaked, “I’m thirsty” Angus poured the hallucination potion into her mouth and said, “This is for Alchetta Munroe and baby Ophirah.”  Then he walked away.  She laid there in fear finally realizing that he must know the truth.  She said, “Who told you?”

Angus said, “Sasha Totenmyer told me what you did and now you will pay for your sins.”  Ida saw a woman with long black hair, a long black velvet gown, and long black finger nails with black lipstick on.  She asked, “Who are you?”  The girl said, “I’m his Wife Amelia.”  She was holding a small medieval dagger in her hand and Ida felt the tip plunge into her chest.  Ida let out a shrill scream as Amelia carved a cross on the surface of the bloodied flesh…

Soon Ida was yelling as she saw Alchetta coming after her with a small dagger.  She carved her and Ophirah’s name into her flesh.  Then Lorraine and Anthony were laughing they took the knife and carved their names into her flesh.  Themus Munroe stood there looking at her then held up the corpse.  The eye sockets were empty and he was shoving them into her mouth.  He said, “Taste what you have done to Brandon you witch.”  She began to gag, and then vomit.

Amelia grabbed a cloth and wiped her face.  She gave her more wine and whispered, “Feel their pain.”  Ida had instant cramps in her stomach and loose stools came out of her.  Angus grabbed a hose of cold water and rinsed it as she screamed.  Amelia then took a bottle of alcohol and began to clean the open bloody wounds.  Ida shrieked from the stinging pain.  Angus pushed the lever and small spikes were digging into her back.  Her arms and legs were taunt and aching.  Then Angus plunged something into her and said, “This is for the sexual abuse you did to me!  How does it feel bitch!”  Blood began to pour out of her as he rammed it harder and harder.  Amelia sprayed her with alcohol as she cut at the piece of skin there between her legs.  Both Angus and Amelia waited until Ida was alert again.  Angus whipped Amelia’s naked body then plunged into her from behind.  Ida watched with jealousy.  She wished it was she then she dozed off.  She awoke to Amelia cracking the nine-tail whip on her back.  They had flipped her over.  The razors tore at her flash as she screamed.  She passed out from the pain…

***********The Witches of Atkins Mansion Oct 1973

18 ** new mss oct witches event** add ghosts demons at Atkins Mansion disturbs the locals**  kidnap a transient for sacrifice** first human sacrifice for them..

18-The Witches of Atkins Mansion Oct 30, 1973

Amelia was sitting at the table when she said to Angus, “Darling I want to have a party for devils night here at the mansion.  I want to invite all the witches and Wicca people from school.”

Angus said, “That would be fun, a Halloween party…  We can play Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath songs all night long.”

Amelia said, “We should plan something wild and crazy, like adding someone to the book of the dead.”

Angus said, “The what?”

Amelia said, “The book of the dead, here I found this in a cupboard in the wall of your potion room.  I think you do things to people, write it down before you kill and sacrifice them…  Haven’t you ever wanted to tap into the powers of the dark side, you know the demons?”

Angus said, “Not really…  I’m not into Satan worship, why are you?”

Amelia said, “I’ve always wanted to try it…”

Angus said, “I’m game if you are…  What do we need?”

Amelia said, “We need a transient, someone with no name or history.”

Angus smiled, “A puppet!”

Amelia said, “What do you mean a puppet?”

Angus grinned, “Ida brought home two workmen for me.  I asked for real puppets instead of my sock ones.”

Amelia said, “You never told me this before.  What happened to them?”

Angus said, “Come here I’ll show you.”

Amelia followed him into a smaller room, “I didn’t notice this door.”

Angus said, “I hide it with a spell.”

Amelia saw a wooden cross in the middle of the room with blood stains on it.  She turned to Angus.

Angus said, “When I was young I nailed one of them to a cross for a joke.  Ida took the nails out with her powers then healed his arms.  She told me I had to wait until they were done building the kitchen down here.  Then I was allowed to do it again.  I had some fun with it I kept doing it to him until his arms fell off …”

Amelia said, “You are one sick puppy…  Maybe we should crucify that girl that kept tormenting me at school.”

Angus said, “What girl?”

Amelia said, “It was in grade school she tormented me for years…  I vowed to get her back once I had my powers…  ”

Angus said, “Do you know where she is?”

Amelia nodded, “Yeah her name is Amelia White.”

Angus laughed, “She has the same name as you?”

Amelia gritted her teeth, “She thinks she’s all that because she has money, lots of it.  She inherited from her Aunt Demora White…”

Angus said, “But she’s in England, how do you propose to get her here?”

Amelia said, “Spells, and trickery, I’ll tell her I am having a royal ball…  I’ll decorate the mansion making it look amazing.  We can invite all the locals to the party.  After they leave, we’ll have our witching party…  What do you think?  Kill two birds with one stone…  Get it?  ”

Angus said, “Very funny miss former stone, now Atkins…”

Amelia looked in her designer books and used her wand to decorate the Atkins Mansion.  She decided a Victorian look was appropriate.  She informed all the guests that it would be a Victorian Masquerade Party…

Angus was up in the attic and came down with a black mask and a dark green one…

Angus said, “I have a feeling that one of my relatives worn this somewhere to disguise themselves…  Funny how my grandparents did odd things too…”

Amelia was delighted with the gorgeous green sparkly gown.  Angus looked dashing in the black cape and suit…  They made a handsome couple the night of the party.

Amelia decided to have some candles for lighting so she lit thousands of them all over the mansion.  The suits of armour glowed in the dark, like a bright light.  She figured a medieval castle needed to have the suits of armour remains true to character and she was right.  The guest was delighted with them.

Amelia White looked stunning in her black lace gown, with white silk.  A cross between a medieval queen and goddess, she was something beautiful for all the men to look at, including Angus.  She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.  Her milky white skin made his mouth water and her luscious red lips made him desire to possess her…

Angus asked her to dance with him leaving Amelia fuming…  Things weren’t going as planned this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Angus was under Amelia White’s spell and his wife couldn’t do a thing about it.  Then she had a thought, maybe this would help Angus get over his fear of sex…  She would use it to her advantage…

The party was a success; the locals were tickled pink to meet the lovely Amelia Atkins (disguised of course so no one could really know what she looked like).  Most of the guest left that evening and Angus was busy kissing Amelia white out in the garden, he had put her under a spell and she came into the house and Angus smiled to his wife.

Angus said, “For the first time I feel a hunger in my groins.  Chago said someone would spark a fire in me and cure me.  Then I can be the proper husband that you deserve…”

His wife sighed, “Okay Angus goes have your way with her, let me know when I can join in the fun.”

It wasn’t until later the next day that Angus got tired of Miss White; she just wasn’t into it with him.  There was no spark, his spell had worn off, and she was screaming, biting, and fighting him.  They put her down in the dungeon and tied her up there for later…

Angus said, “Well I guess we can’t sacrifice her anymore, she’s not a virgin…”

Amelia said, “No it’s okay you will lead the ceremony so it’s okay that you’ve had her…  Were only doing a mock service not a real one.  I don’t know enough about it to do the real thing…”

Angus said, “But I thought you said you studied it?”

Amelia laughed, “Yes I watched some witches do it a few years ago at a ceremony, but I had no clue what they were doing.  I was the sacrifice, I got away…”

Angus said, “How can you laugh about it?”

Amelia said, “Because it was Chago that saved me…”

Angus said, “Yeah and…”

Amelia, “I thanked him by giving him my virginity…”

Angus was appalled, “You slept with my father?”

Amelia snapped, “Come on Angus, it was a long time ago, How I was supposed to know I would end up marrying his son?  You can’t seriously be put out about this!  I told you I was wild once…”

Angus sat there in shock, “I had no idea just how wild you were.  I’m glad I had Miss White before you.  I had a true virgin…  I felt like I was a virgin having it for the first time, it was delightful!”

Amelia snapped, “I don’t want to hear about it Angus!”

Angus said, “But we always share our inner most thoughts with one another.”

Amelia snapped, “Not this Angus, I’m hurt…  I wanted to be your first one…  Your first love, in all things…”

Angus sighed, “I can’t help it, and Ida really messed me up.  Now Miss White has fixed me, come here sexy…”

Angus made passionate love to his wife for the first time and it was beautiful, more so than his experience with Miss White.

They got dressed up as Mr and Mrs Dracula for fun, and greeted their next guest list of witches and Wiccan’s.  Tunes of Heavy metal rock n roll filled the air, more than Sasha Totenmyer was willing to deal with…  She had a bad feeling about what was going on at the Atkins Mansion that night, and Marchina confirmed it…

Marchina said, “They plan to sacrifice a girl tonight, they’ve raped her…”

Sasha was horrified,”Marchina I forbid you to look in the Atkins Mansion ever again.  We cannot save this girl, Angus has put a spell of protection around the Mansion combined with about two hundred witches, we have to lay low and hide.  They could kill us if they wanted too.”

Marchina was afraid, “We aren’t powerful enough?”

Sasha shook her head, “Our powers are limited with only two of us, if there were three then maybe…”

Marchina looked at Patricia, “What about her?”

Sasha sighed, “Patricia has powers inside of her that will never come out until she believes in them…”

Marchina said, “Let’s wake her up and tell her we have to put a spell of protection around us to protect us tonight.  Amelia’s a very dark soul, she will go into a rage tonight, and we need to protect the Moisan’s as well…  They plan to kidnap any transients and he likes to walk in his sleep…  They might kidnap him by mistake…”

Sasha said, “Let’s go get them.  However, we will not wake them up.  We will just bring them to our house…  Or better yet, let’s go stay at theirs…”

They grabbed Patricia, explained what they had to do and she sleepily joined hands with them around the crystal ball.  As Sasha Totenmyer and Marchina began to chant, a white whirlwind surrounded the three of them and took them over to the Moisan’s home.

They ended up inside the home, Sasha gave each of them some sleeping dust she had in a pouch with her.

Sasha said, “There Mr Moisan will sleep soundly for the first time in his life.  No sleep walking for him tonight.”

Marchina said, “What about the other people.”

Sasha said, “Marchina I forbid you to leave, we are protected here, I cannot have anything happen to you.  You have many important things to do in the future.  You will be fighting against a very strong force all by yourself…  You must work on gathering as much strength and power…  For one day you will face the immortal Dr Peter Tibideau.  IN order to bring peace to Place Royale once and for all you must destroy him.  I have kept you hidden all these years, from him but soon he will know of your presence if you do any magic.”

Marchina said, “So that’s why you forbade me to do my magic outside.”

Sasha smiled, “I always kept you in the house.”

Marchina said, “But I’ve visited him many times.”

Sasha’s grin faltered, “Visited who?”

Marchina said, “Dr Peter Tibideau, were friends…”

Sasha said, “How can you be friends, oh no Marchina you didn’t?”

Marchina said, “Of Course I did, you always taught me to keep my friends close my enemies closer…”

Evening as the witches conjured up spirits they didn’t understand a dull roar.  Two transients disappeared that evening while walking along the road outside of Place Royale, never to be seen again.  However, loud screams could be heard coming from the underground tunnels…

Marchina Totenmyer sat up in a sweat.  She heard a faint scream again.  She had a vision of a woman being tortured in a room somewhere.  She called on the spirits to go to the woman and rescue her soul.  She saw the dark demons take the screaming soul down to the pits of hell…

Amelia said, “The bitch is finally dead.  As she poured a type of acid over the body, the flesh disappeared and she cleaned the white skeleton’s bones.  Angus showed her his trophy room Amelia was impressed.  They would add to the collection in the secret room very soon.  Angus dressed in his fine suit made his way out the tunnel early in the morning.  No one was around.  He walked over to the Old Port Inn and had some breakfast.  The bartender asked, “Are you from out of town?”

Angus smiled, “Yes I’ve just come from England.  I plan to open my Architecture business here.”  The man said, “That red brick building over there is vacant.  You will have to go see Sasha Totenmyer.  She owns it.”  Angus asked, “Where does she live?”  The bartender said, “Just follow this road and it’s the first cottage on the right.”  Angus thanked the man then walked to Sasha’s place.  When she opened the door her jaw dropped, “Angus Atkins what a surprise!  How have you been?”  Angus murmured something.  Sasha went to the stairs and yelled, “Marchina, Patricia come quick.  Angus is back!”  They all gave him a quick hug and sat down.  Sasha said, “Angus would you like some tea and scones with homemade jam?  I baked them this morning.”  Angus nodded enthusiastically then said, “Sasha I’m here to purchase that red brick building near the Old Port Inn.  I plan to start my Architecture business here with my Wife Amelia.”

19 ** new mss Atkins Architecture Re-opens Nov 1973*****  angus re opens his fathers architect business ** doesn’t purchase..  change MSS******************

19-Atkins Architecture Re-opens Nov 1973

Angus Atkins walked into Jean Moisan’s store a few days later.

Jean stood there in shock.  It was like seeing Chago Sima all over again, only young again.

Angus said, “I’m going to need some painters, new floors, and carpet.  We are opening up Atkins Architecture again.”

Jean smiled, “That is great news!  I know many people are in need of new homes…”

Angus said, “Do you still have those old catalogues?”

Jean said, “Yes, why?”

Angus said, “I want the old style in my office there.  I think it would be nice for those who plan to refurbish their 15th century castles and mansions.  I only want to do the big projects, like palaces and mansions…  I’m not doing what my father did or rather what Anthony did…”

Jean was surprised, “I thought you would continue his work on developing the town houses in Cote de la Montagne?”

Angus chuckled, “Not my thing sir, I want the big projects, with big money.  I’ve been doing them for three years now…”

Jean was puzzled, “But didn’t you just graduate in June of this year?”

Angus nodded, “Yes but we’ve been selling our designs for the past three years.  Amelia has a unique gift of designs that people are clamouring to buy.

Jean candidly said, “It’s amazing what a little magic can do…”

Angus snapped, “What did you say?”

Jean looked uncomfortable, “I was referring to the magic of her sketches, they are so different that it captivates people, what did you think I meant?”

Angus paled, “Oh nothing, I didn’t hear you correctly…”

Jean smiled, “its okay Angus, I knew your father well…  Very well if you know what I mean…”

Angus looked at Jean then turned and left wondering exactly what was jean referring to…

Sasha put the pastries down with a thud and said, “My dear boy why didn’t you?  Oh never mind.  Congratulations!  When shall we meet your Wife?”  Angus got a hooded look in his eye and said, “She’s pretty shy.  We’ll have to see.”  Then Patricia said, “What did Ida do?”  Angus stopped for a moment then calmly said, “She wasn’t there.  The house looked neglected.  I’m assuming she left.”  Marchina gave him a narrow look, for she had seen the Sheriff visit there the other day.  Keeping it to herself Marchina then asked, “So where did you meet Amelia?”  Angus smiled, “Chago my Father introduced us at University.”

Patricia gasped, “Chago Sima is your Father?”  Angus looked surprised, “Yes, didn’t Sasha tell you?”  Patricia looked at Sasha who said, “You have a prattling tongue.  I mentioned it to you.  You must have forgotten.”  Marchina smiled and said, “Your Wife is a lovely gothic girl.”  Angus stuttered and said, “How do you know that?”  Marchina said, “I’ve seen her in my dreams with you.”  Angus gave her a guarded look and then laughed.  Sasha decided to change the subject due to the unusual amount of tension in the air.  “Angus, come with me into the study.  We’ll discuss business.”

Angus walked into his new building and looked around.  He pulled out his writing pad and pencils and sketched for a bit then he went over to the Old Port Inn for some lunch.  He asked the bartender “Where do I order furniture and supplies?  The man said goes over to J.A. Moisan’s it is just down the street.  Jean will assist you with everything you need.”  Angus walked into J.A. Moisan’s and the bell tinkled on the door.  A young dark haired man came out from the back of the store.  “Can I help you?”

Angus smiled and said, “Yes I’m Angus Atkins and I’ve purchased the red brick building down the street?  I require some supplies and workmen to do the renovations for my Architecture office.”  Jean’s eyes grew round and he asked, “Are you Anthony and Lorraine Atkins Son?  We all thought you were dead or something.  Is that awful Ida Tinkle still around, that woman gives me the creeps.”  Angus became impatient and said, “Really it brings up bad memories.  I’d rather not talk about it.”  Jean apologized, “I’m sorry I’m not thinking.  Now we will get the men from my Brother in Montmorency falls.  He owns a lumberyard there.  He’ll send us some contractors to hire.”

Angus interrupted, “I would rather hire my own team of contractors from Quebec or Beauport?  I am going to need them full time year round.  I am making plans to re-develop Place Royale and Quebec City as well as the surrounding towns.  I already have several contracts.”  Jean looked shocked, “Several contracts already?  But you haven’t even opened your business.”

Angus said, “I’ve been selling my designs for the past three years in England.  I’ve relocated here.”  Jean nodded, “Okay, sorry it’s just so odd how you show up out of the blue and I never heard about it.  Did you stop in Beauport at the business registry office yet?”  Angus said, “No?  Why?”  Jean said, “You have to register your business name and get your own tax numbers here in Canada.  You will need an accountant as well.  “Here,” he handed a small booklet to him called, “How to Start Your Business in Canada.”

Jean said, “You might want to read this first.  It will save you many headaches in the end.  You will also need a Real Estate Lawyer to handle your contracts for land.  You can try Neulan & Associate on the next street over.  At least you will not have to go far though.  Sasha Totenmyer owns all the land from Montmorency to Montreal.  As well as Place Royale and the surrounding areas, Angus was shocked “She lives in that little cottage and she’s that rich!  Wow!”

Jean laughed, “She’s a simple Native girl you know she loves the sun, moon, earth, and water.  Her daughter Marchina is quite a gifted fortuneteller too.  She can see into the future and has visions of people.”  Angus turned white for a moment then composed himself and asked, “Just how accurate are these visions of hers?”  Jean said, “Their right on the nose!”  Angus had a sinking feeling; he would have to warn Amelia to do a spell around the Atkins mansion to block Marchina’s visions from seeing what went on there…

20 ** Christmas Eve Atkins Mansion- Dec 24, 1973 ***newmss – Christmas dinner with community at Patricia’s place.. The community meets Angus’ wife for the first time.. Moisan’s – totenmyers – Atkins – community dinner at the Atkins mansion….Amelia stone uses magic to make the mansion appear to be normal!

20 – Christmas Eve Atkins Mansion 1973

Everyone in town received an invitation to attend the Christmas party at the Atkins Mansion.  It was a celebration for Atkins Architecture had won a business award for 1973.  A feat that on one had managed to reach in two hundred years.

Amelia consulted an interior designer this time, at Jean Moisan’s recommendation, they shipped in several Christmas trees and light displays and set up a fairy garden out behind the Atkins Mansion.  This time it was a Renaissance theme throughout the Mansion.

Amelia was exhausted by all her magic.

The only three people to notice the different were the Totenmyers magic didn’t hide anything…  Therefore, they donned on their magic glasses and saw how beautiful a transformation it really was.

The long table was decorated with every kind of vegetable and several types of meat, a buffet of sorts.  Everyone served themselves, as Christmas songs played from the new sound system that Angus had installed.  He grabbed a microphone.

Angus said, “I’d like to thank everyone for coming tonight.  I think we all need to give my wife Amelia a thank you for all this hard work.”

Angus leaned forward, kissed his wife, and handed her a dozen red roses.

Amelia was shocked, “Thank you everyone, it was a joy and pleasure to do this for all of you.  I want to thank our entire business guest for helping us have a prosperous beginning.  We have expanded our company and added a construction crew and we plan to open a store here for flooring and decorating, so if you all want to change your homes you can!”

A roar of approval went up from the crowd.  It would be the first store to come to Place Royale.  Edward Moisan was helping them by expanding with Jean’s help.  In return Angus found his father Anthony’s designs and was starting to rebuild Cote de Montagne as promised.  When he realized the community was suffering because of a lack of housing, he decided to honour Anthony by doing this.  It was Patricia Totenmyer’s idea that he look at his father’s diary…  In addition, she was right on another point; it was okay to honour two fathers, because in reality that’s what he had…

Chago Sima clapped loudly, he was extremely proud of his son and new daughter in law.  If Anthony Atkins could have seen this he would have been shocked.  The Atkins family would no longer be secretive hideaways.  They would be the pillars of society, first in charity giving as Lorraine Atkins had dreamed of, leaders in business, trying new company plans and ideas for Place Royale, Quebec and Montreal.

Angus Atkins would set a new record in many things…and deceive them all…

21 – The Farley’s Arrive in NYC in July 1947

When Detective Bob Farley arrived in New York City in July of 1947 he had no idea what he was in store for.  His wife Maureen had retired from working as a secret agent and Melville and Retta Bailey were missing.  Detective Bob Farley clutched the letter in his hand wondering where to start.

Maureen said, “Bob let’s get a room, have a bite to eat then retrace the Bailey’s steps from their hotel.”

Bob smiled at his wife, “I hope you don’t mind.  I know this was supposed to be a holiday for us.”

Maureen said, “It will be, but were having a mystery to solve and it takes my mind off not working anymore…”

Bob grinned, “You miss it already don’t you?”

Maureen nodded, “I’ll have to offer my services here but I can’t become a spy for the United States, England would not appreciate it and the Government here probably wouldn’t believe that I’ve retired…”

Bob said, “Well you could get pregnant, have a child and become a full time mom?”

Maureen squirmed, “We have talked about this before…”

Bob was surprised, “I thought once you retired…  You would want a child…”

Maureen said, “Bob I’m not into children…  I told you that before…”

They arrived at the Plaza Hotel and checked in.  Bob showed his id to the front desk and showed them two photos of Melville and Retta Bailey.  The manager came out to see Bob.

The manager said, “We want to keep this quiet and away from the media.  It would look bad for the hotel to have our guests go missing.  The Bailey’s checked in, were here for two days, and never checked out…  Their things are still in their room, no sign of them.  We think something bad must have happened to them.”

Bob said, “I suggest you check them out of that room and put their things in a special place, for when they return.  I have reason to believe they have been kidnapped, by someone or something…”

Bob was referring to a letter sent to him from Sasha and Patricia Totenmyer, it was about a dream that Marchina had.  She said the people that had the Bailey’s didn’t look human.  She mentioned that Bob should look for a UFO landing…  When Bob got the letter he laughed it off thinking it child’s play.  Now there on the counter was an old newspaper dated July 1947 – UFO Lands in Roswell New Mexico…

Bob asked, “Can I have this paper?”

The manager said, “I’ve been keeping it just in case.  I remember Mr Bailey insisting to his wife that they should go there and see if they could find out more about the aliens…  He said it would make a fabulous idea for a new theme park he was discussing with Joseph Munroe…  I advised him to stay away from the area…  It’s easy to get lost if your are not a regular hiker.  They didn’t look the type.”

Bob was grim, “You’ve got that right.  Two hotel business people without a lick of sense or outdoor survival skills.  I can see my work is going to be cut out for me.”

Maureen said, “I’ve contacted my sources and they say that two unlikely business people were seen near Roswell, New Mexico around the time they disappeared.  Some even reported seeing a black car sitting out in the middle of the desert.  The locals are too terrified to go near it for it’s close to where a space ship was spotted hovering over…”

Bob smiled, “This just gets better and better.  Come on, I’m hungry…”

The went into the dining area and had a nice dinner, with some champagne.  Celebrating because Bob was planning to stay in New York City.  He wanted to find Ida Tinkle and crack open the Zach Conglier Unsolved Murder Mystery case while he was here.  He just didn’t know how to approach to police department.

Maureen says, “I can see your trying to figure out what to do next.  I have friends here we are going to have a meeting with them tomorrow morning.  They are going to help us find the Baileys and then you can start on those other projects you want to do.”

Bob said, “How do you know?”

Maureen said, “You talk in your sleep…  By the way what little girl are you referring to?”

Bob says, “I wake up late at night and there’s this little girl standing in our room.  She is saying things to me but I’m so terrified of her I tell her to go away.  I think my brain is playing tricks on me.”

Maureen said, “I don’t think so.  We just received this note today.  It’s from Sasha Totenmyer; it says that Marchina is learning how to use her powers.  She can transport from Place Royale to New York City.  She has been trying to help you with your investigation but you keep yelling at her.  She doesn’t want to scare you anymore so she asked her mother to write a letter instead…”

Bob was embarrassed, “How was I supposed to know it wasn’t a ghost?  With all the strange paranormal things going on with Ida Tinkle and Place Royale, I was just protecting myself.”

Maureen said, “But she’s only a little girl, besides she looks like her mother Sasha, a little bit…”

Bob said, “I didn’t really pay attention to Sasha, I don’t even remember if I met her?”

Maureen said, “So much has happened, so many people have crossed our paths, I honestly don’t remember either…”

Bob said, “Let’s get some shut eye, I am exhausted.  I hope little Miss Marchina knows that I refuse to wake up tonight.  But then again tomorrow were going to start working on this case…  I wonder if she can pop out to where the car is and look for clues there.”

Maureen said, “She’s only a child, how can she help with something like this?”

Bob said, “How many seven year olds do you know that can do what she can.  I think she’s what you would call an old soul…”

Maureen smiled as they walked up to their room and went to bed, fast asleep.

Little Marchina stood there waiting patiently and tried to wake up Detective Bob Farley but he was snoring loudly.  She would try again tomorrow…  In the meantime after reading his mind and looking at the newspaper about Roswell, New Mexico, she transported herself out into the desert to see if she could pick up anything….

22 – The Meeting in NYC

Bob woke up and stretched, looking around he wondered where he was at first, then he remembered, The Plaza Hotel…  He looked at his wife lying there beside him and felt sad…  He wanted a son…  In addition, if Maureen couldn’t provide him with one, then…  He would have to decide what to do next…

Maureen woke up to an empty bed…  Which was odd because Bob usually cuddled up beside her?  This case must really be getting to him…

Maureen met Bob downstairs, just in time for the other two men to join them.  They ate in silence, then went outside and got into the black car and drove towards Roswell New Mexico…

Maureen said, “This is Matt and Devin Thorn, they are brothers and part of a special investigations unit.  They have been put on the case to look for Melville and Retta Bailey.  Their sources say that an alien ship landed close to the Bailey’s car and there’s no sign of them…  Their footsteps go halfway across the desert then they disappeared…  They found a scarf belonging to Retta Bailey on the ground and a disturbance on the ground which indicates that a spaceship landed then took off again.  It’s possible that they were abducted by aliens…”

Bob said, “Or we can assume that the government found them nosing around and has moved them to a safe location…  Isn’t that right Matt and Devin?”

Matt turned red, stammered and looked helplessly at Devin.  Maureen saw their reaction and turned and looked at her husband for a moment, and sat there speechless…’

Bob said, “The Bailey’s are good people.  They own a hotel in London; they were just being nosy tourists.  I want them released.  You don’t need any more testing on them; you know already they saw some aliens and have forgotten most of it.  The alien’s probably did something to their brains to make them forget…”

Maureen whispered, “Bob where are you getting this from…”

Bob hissed, “Not now…”

Devin looked at Bob and asked the same question, “Where are you getting all these crazy ideas from…”

Bob felt desperate then he knew he had to trust his gut instincts, “I’ve been an investigator for a long time for Scotland Yard.  I’ve had all sort of paranormal experience over the years, even before I joined the force…  So tell me are the Bailey’s alright?”

Matt looked at Devin and shrugged his shoulders, “No harm, and right?”

Devin was telling him to zip it but Matt was defiant.  He was tired of his brother always calling the shots.

Matt carefully said, “Were not exactly sure if they are okay.  No one seems to be able to communicate with them since it happened.  It’s like they are in some sort of trance.”

Bob drew in his breath, “Listen there’s a woman named Ida Tinkle from England, perhaps you heard of her…  Madame X?”

Matt was excited, “We’ve been looking for her…”

Bob nodded, “She did the same thing to Zach Conglier before he killed himself.  She’s done it to lots of people.  Their trance may have nothing to do with the space ship incident.”

Devin said, “IF that’s the case, we’ll soon know.  The doctors are working on them as we speak…”

Bob said, “Please tell me their names.”

Matt said, “There’s only one actually his name is Dr Peter Tibideau.”

Bob groaned, “Not him!  Why does it have to be him…?”

Devin said, “He’s quite good at what he does.  He seems to be getting them to respond to him little by little.”

Bob said, “Let me guess he has their arms and feet waving…”

Matt said, “How did you know that?”

Bob said, “Probably using magic.  He could care less about the spaceship or aliens; he wants something else from them or from me…”

Bob said to Maureen, “We could be walking into a trap.  Ida Tinkle would love to get her hands on me.  I don’t trust this Dr Peter Tibideau they used to be lovers…”

Maureen said, “Dr Tibideau is fine…  I’ve worked for him in the past, he’s trustworthy…”

Bob was shocked, “What do you mean you work for Dr Tibideau?”

Maureen said, “I’m sorry Bob but I wasn’t only a spy for the government.  I spy on you to keep track of Ida Tinkle.”

Bob sat there going cold, “Do you even love me?  Is this why you can’t have children with me?”

Maureen nodded, “Yes…and for the record I never want children with any man…”

Bob felt like something had stabbed him in the back.

23-Roswell, New Mexico

Bob felt numb for the rest of the day.  Imagine getting married to a woman that just wanted to spy on you because you were a Detective for Scotland Yard.  All this time, he could have been in danger, been killed by Maureen, now he really didn’t trust anyone…  Especially Matt and Devin, they kept giving strange looks to Maureen, the kind that an investigator knows are sexually charged.  It was obvious to him that the three of them had a history together.  It made him sick.  All this time he was single, waiting for the right woman to come along, to settle down with, and make babies with and he marries this…  Traitor!

Bob was angry, he insisted on having his own room at the hotel in New Mexico.  It made him sick what Maureen was doing to him…  He felt like a prisoner now…  He couldn’t sleep and then there was a little girl’s voice…

Marchina said, “I’m glad you listened to me Mr Farley.  The Bailey’s will be okay, I’ve put a spell on them to keep them quiet.  If they were to tell the government what they saw and heard they would never be allowed to leave.”

Bob said, “Marchina is there anyway you can get them out of there, and I included.”

Marchina looked sad, “You found out about Maureen…It’s a lousy trick to pull on a man…  However, I want you to know that in a few years you’ll forget the pain from this…  I see a new woman in your life and a son…”

Bob said, “I guess you can’t tell me more?”

Marchina nodded no, “Fate has to take its course first, and I never interfere with fate.  I will have to talk to my mother about this.  I will be back in an hour.”

She disappeared from sight and Bob sat there wondering how quickly he could be divorced…  Perhaps a trip to Nevada would take care of that problem.  He never wanted to see Maureen again after all this was over.  Even if he rescued the Bailey’s how would he get them away from Dr Tibideau…?

Suddenly a dark cloaked man stood before Bob.  He screamed but it was muffled by a gloved hand.

Dr Peter Tibideau looked at Bob and smiled, “So we meet again Detective Farley.  Have you caught Ida Tinkle yet?  She’s been busy causing me nothing but headaches.  I came here to help, but I couldn’t do it myself because the government would investigate me.  They are not aware of Marchina’s powers…Maureen is, so I’m going to have to kill her…  Which I’m sure will make you happy; don’t worry about a divorce…”

Then he was gone, just like that…Bob was afraid, everything was out of control, he heard a scream from the room next door and everyone went running for Maureen was running down the hall and out the door, she ran straight to the pool and jumped in.  Matt and Devin followed and then the pool became black and it sealed shut, drowning the three of them in it.  Dr Tibideau conjured up some green aliens to run around the pool and terrify everyone there so they all ran back into their rooms.  Then Marchina showed up.

Marchina said, “Were ready now…  It is done…”

Suddenly Bob felt himself flying in the air, and Retta and Melville joined him.  They flew all the way back to Place Royale and came to rest in the Totenmyer home…  Bob wrote a note for Alchetta and decided to go back to Scotland and forget about migrating to New York City…  Marchina did give him a clue, the girl he would meet would be Scottish, beautiful and honest, the kind he wanted to have…

24 – Scotland October 1973

Bob Farley stood there looking at his mother Isla Farley and they hugged for a very long time.

Isla with tears in her eyes looked at her son, “Bobbie I haven’t seen you since you graduated from the University of Edinburgh, how come you never write?”

Bob shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know…  How’s father?”

Isla sighed, “He died last year.  You don’t have to worry about him anymore…”

Bob nodded in relief.

Isla asked, “Have you seen Herman lately?  I haven’t heard a thing since he went to New York.”

Bob grinned, “As far as I know he is still there.”

Isla said, “Do you plan to stay this time?”

Bob nodded, “I’ve had a very rough few years…  Something terrible happened in New Mexico…  I don’t even know where to start…”

Isla said, “Well I made some Boxty today, and I have some Guinness Beer on the tap.  I’ll get you something to eat, and then we can sit down and catch up…”

Bob nodded, “It’s been years since I’ve tasted your good home cooking mother…”

Isla smiled, “It’s been lonely around her without your father even though…”

Bob looked at his mothers face.

Bob said, “Did you ever regret marrying him or having us?”

Isla grabbed both of his hands and said, “I never regretted having you two, your father, well I wish I would have had the courage to leave him years ago…”

Bob said, “He was such a brute … I can’t believe you stayed with him after everything he did to you.”

Isla said, “Where else could I go without a job, or skills?  He was my support.  It was hell but now I feel like I live in heaven…really…”

Bob said, ‘I’m glad that he’s gone.  Does Herman know?”

Isla nodded, “Even though I’ve not seen your brother in years he was kind enough to write every now and then, even if it was always in poetry.”

Bob said, “He should publish it, I’ll bet people would go nuts over it.”

Isla said, “Why?”

Bob said, “Because it’s real, it’s from the soul…  People love to read prose that moves their souls.”

Isla said, “They can relate to it…”

Bob said, “Yes that’s it.”

Isla said, “You’ll never guess whose been coming around.”

Bob smiled, “Jack Thornton?”

Isla blushed, “He’s been after me since high school.”

Bob said, “You should go out on a date with him.  It’s time to learn to trust a man again, and Jack’s a good man.”

Isla said, “I should have married him, but then again I wouldn’t have you two.”

Bob said, “Yes you would have had me, but I’d probably be a girl instead.  I wonder how I would be as a girl.”

Isla laughed, “A big blustering tom boy that’s what!”

Bob roared at his mothers joke then he went outside to look at the stars.

Suddenly there was a bright light and a strange whirring sound.

It looked like something round was flying low over the fields then it disappeared.

Bob muttered to himself, “I hope they aren’t following me because I took the Baileys.”

Bob went back into the house and sighed as Isla looked at him.

Isla said, “Did you see it?”

Bob stiffened, “See what?”

Isla said, “The UFO it’s been hovering around these parts.”

Bob said, “Looks like the same one spotted in Roswell, Mexico.  It must be doing a world tour…”

Bob laughed at his own joke then said, “I wonder how fast it goes?”

Isla said, “Maybe you’ll find out someday…”

Bob said, “I hope not.  You should have seen the Bailey’s.  They were abducted a few weeks ago…  They can’t even talk, or remember who they are.  I think someone’s erased their memory or damaged it.  Either that or they are still in shock and don’t want to talk about it.  They are afraid the government will pop open their brains and do all sorts of weird experiments on them.”

Isla said, “That is something to be afraid of.”

Bob said,”Yeah especially if they do an anal probe.”

Bob roared at his own joke, and then quieted down when he noticed that his mother wasn’t laughing.

Isla said, “Anal probes are painful…”

She walked away without any explanation.  Bob turned white and thought, God no not my mother!

Isla walked back into the room and threw the newspaper down she said, “Read this.”

Bob looked at the article about Andrew Cherry who saw a UFO while waiting for a bus on Baileyfield Road.  He described it as a large glass dome with an alien in front of a control panel while it stopped and looked at him then spun away.  It was a life changing event.

Bob said, “At least it didn’t abduct him.”

Isla smiled, “I wonder how they choose their victims.”

Bob joked, “Maybe it’s their fashions?  Many of them say that their clothing was a certain designers when they got abducted and when they get dropped off they are wearing something else.  Maybe they are collecting designs.”

Isla fell for it she said, “Really?”

Bob roared, “Mother you are always so gullible.”

Isla said, “Bobbie Farley now you stop it!  I don’t like it when you tell stories…  All the tricks you pulled as a child.  Is it any wonder when you do tell the truth no one believes you?”

Bob said, “I never tell the truth, that makes it easy.”

Isla said, “I didn’t raise you to be a liar like your father…”

Bob said, “Mother I was only joking!”

Isla sighed, “Bobbie I can’t handle your jokes…”

Bob mumbled, “I’m sorry ma…”

Then he leaned towards her, gave her a hug goodnight and a peck on the check.

Bob said, “I know you’ll always love me…”

Isla had tears in her eyes when she said, “Stop making me emotional boy…”

Bob turned and walked towards his old bedroom.  Everything was still in place.  His toys were on the shelves, his hardy boy’s detective books on the bookcase, Sherlock Holmes and his comic book collection.  Bob sat down on his bed and cried.  It was the first time he could face what had happened to him.  Maureen was gone, lovely girl, wonderful wife, a total lie…  Bob knew the pain of lies but now it was even darker for him.  He would try to keep a stiff upper lip.  Who knows maybe he would bump into someone from the past.  An old flame.  He raised a small prayer and hoped that it would happen…

25 – Bobbie Farley and Roslyn Kade

It was a bright and sunny morning and Bob was looking over the moors debating about going hunting.  He went out to the barn and there was the tractor.  It was full of cobwebs and dirty as hell.  He grabbed a cloth and wiped the seat then turned the key.  It sputtered and almost turned over.  He popped open the gas tank and noticed that it was empty so he grabbed the gas can and filled it up then capped it again.

He turned the key again and the tractor roared to life.  Bob drove it out of the barn and down the dusty road.  He wanted to go back to his old haunts, where as a child he played.  Later that he pulled up to where he used to go fishing up to several minutes.  He got down from the tractor and walked into the forest, and there it was.  Falling apart and badly in need of repair, his old tree fort was hanging haphazardly from the tree.  Suddenly an arrow wised past his head.

A little boy came running out of the bush, “Ahoy there mate, and you are trespassing.  Now you must walk the plank…”

He stopped and looked at the big man in front of him.

The little boy said, “I don’t know you.  You’re a stranger…  ”

He turns and ran yelling, “Ma there’s a strange man here!”

A woman came running out of the bush and stopped short, “Oh my lord it’s Bobbie Farley!”

Bob looked at the woman, she seemed familiar to him.

He said, “Do I know you?”

The woman put her hands on her hips and said, “How can ye not recognize the love of your life?”

Bob said, “Pardon me?”

The woman said, “Bobbie, it’s me!  We got married when we were five!”

Bob roared, “Oh my god, it that you Roslyn Kade?”

Roslyn nodded.

Bob looked at the wiry red hair, the wild blue eyes and crinkled face.  She had aged gracefully but looked older then she should.

Roslyn looked at the big strapping muscular man before her.  His bright red hair and dark blue eyes, still handsome as ever.  She would never forget that face.

Roslyn said, “Where have you been all these years?  You disappeared after high school?”

Bob said bitterly, “My father sent me away to military school.  Told me never to come back.  He was jealous of me and ma.”

Roslyn said, “I remember his funeral.  Sad only three people showed up.  Your mother and two women that he had slept with.”

Bob said, “What!”

Roslyn said, “Your father was wild…”

Bob shook his head, “I had no idea.  Poor mum.”

Roslyn said, “Yes it was a bit of a shock for her.  Luckily though it helped to ease the pain of his departing.  It made it easier for her to hate him…”

Bob nodded, “Yes I guess it would.”

Bob looked at the little boy, “so who is this young fella?”

Roslyn said, “That’s my boy Cam.”

Bob said, “So you got married?”

Roslyn said, “Nope.”

Bob said, “The father?”

Roslyn said, “Never see him.”

Bob nodded, “You bought this land?”

Roslyn said, “I wanted something to remember you by…”

Bob was shocked; he didn’t know that Roslyn’s feelings were still strong.  He remembered in High School she wrote him letters but he never opened them.  He was too busy chasing a girl named Clarice.

Roslyn said, “Have you read my letters yet?  Your mother kept them for you.  She said one day you would get some sense in that head of yours and see a girl who really cares about you.”

Bob didn’t know what to say…  “I’m sorry Roslyn I was such a jerk to you…  I’ve been through a rough time lately so this is not the time to get into what I should have done back then…”

He seemed angry as he turned, got back up on the tractor, and drove away.

Roslyn could kick herself; her temper always got the best of her.  Then she had a thought…  Yes that would work…

Cam said, “Is he my daddy?”

Roslyn smiled and said, “No pumpkin he is not your daddy, but maybe someday he will be…”

Cam smiled, “I’ve been waiting a long time to have a daddy…”

Roslyn giggled, “Cam you’re only six years old…”

Cam sighed, “Six years is a long time…”

Roslyn smiled, “Wait until your thirty years old…  Then you’ll know the meaning of a LONG time to wait for something…”

She looked towards the field where the dust arose from the tractor that was making its way back home…

26 – Isla Farley’s Determination

Bob was in a ripe mood when he got off the tractor.

Isla smiled knowing exactly what happened.  She saw the dust from the fishing whole and assumed Roslyn and Bobbie had crossed paths.

Isla said, “You know she’s been waiting almost thirty years to see you again…”

Bob said, “Well she can wait thirty more.  I’m not interested in women now…  Not after what I’ve been through…”

Isla said, “Bobbie, she’s a good soul and you know it.”

Bob said through gritted teeth, “Mother you just don’t understand I’ve been lied to, used, and abused mentally I can’t take any more drama in my life.  Roslyn has a bad temper.  I have a bad temper.  We’d probably kill each other in no time.”

Isla said, “You would fight but the passion while making up afterwards would be wonderful.”

Bob said, “You speak from experience?”

Isla smiled, “Jack and I have many arguments, and then we make up.”

Bob was shocked, “Mother your not married!”

Isla smiled, “Times are changing my boy.  I don’t want to get married.  I enjoy my freedom.”

Bob said, “How does Jack feel?”

Isla said, “Terrible, It’s his greatest desire to make me Mrs Thornton.”

Bob said, “I think you should marry him.  Think of all the benefits.  He’s rich?”

Isla said, “Yes and he lives in a big monstrosity of a castle but still.  I don’t want to have to clean it all.”

Bob laughed, “Mother I’m sure he has an army of servants to do that.”

Isla said, “How can you be so sure of that?”

Bob looked at his mother in disbelief, “Have you ever step foot in his home?”

Isla said, “No I wanted our relationship to be kept a secret.”

Bob said, “Men hate that unless they are married.  It makes a man feel like you’re embarrassed to be with him.”

Isla said, “Too many women want Jack Thornton, I’m afraid of getting death threats.  That’s what happened to his last girlfriend, she couldn’t take it anymore, and they split up.”

Bob said, “You’re kidding right?”

Isla shook her head, “No the women want him and they will do anything to get him.”

Bob said, “He should tell them all he’s gay.  That will get rid of them.”

Bob roared at his own joke, his mother was not impressed.

Isla said, “If he told them he was gay they would probably stone him around here.  They don’t take too kindly to people who want to live differently.”

Bob sighed, “These country folk are behind the times.  Things are changing all over the world.  It’s called FREEDOM to be who you want to be…In my case…I prefer to be a confirmed bachelor…  Never to marry again.”

Isla said, “So there’s no hope for Roslyn?”

Bob said, “Not a chance in hell.  She married me once and that was hell.”

Isla smirked, “You were only five at the time.

Bob said, “Yeah and she ran my life for the next five years.  Wouldn’t let me play with my friends, talk to other girls.  She was a control freak back then, hate to see how she is now.”

Isa smiled, “People grow up and change.  Before you judge her, spend some time with her.”

Bob said, “What if I hate her and she loves me more?  It will only create more heartache for her.”

Isla said, “Is it better to love someone, feel the pain and lose them, then not find out at all.  She may fit into your life like a glove…  Try it on for size…  I’ve never know you to be a coward no matter how bad things were.  Bobbie Farley I did not raise you to run away from your problems.  I taught you to run into them head on and solve them.  That’s what makes you a fine detective.”

Bob was shocked, “How did you know I was a detective…:”

Isla smiled and went into the cupboard and pulled out a scrapbook.  Bob opened it up and sat down.  There he was in the newspaper, every case he had worked on or been involved with.  He looked up with tears in his eyes.

Bob said, “It must have been hell for you to read about me and never hear from me.”

Isla let the tears fall, “yes it was, but at least I could see what fine boy you turned out to be.”

Bob said, “I’m so sorry mother…  I was avoiding father…  Blaming you for staying with him, I was pretty messed up inside when he told me never to come back … I assumed you felt the same…”

Isla said, “How could you?”

Bob said, “How could you let him say that to me?  You didn’t tell him off or anything.”

Isla said, “He would have beat me, killed me, he was looking for an excuse to.  I didn’t want to anger him.”

Bob bitterly said, “So you let him send your son away instead…”

Isla sighed, “I messed up too.  I hope someday you’ll forgive me.  Don’t let the bitterness in your heart stop you from happiness.  You need to forgive and forget and start a new life for yourself…”

Bob said, “Mother now is not the time to try and straighten out my life.  Why don’t you practice what you preach and marry Jack Thornton?  If it’s such a wonderful idea, set an example for your son!”

Bob slammed the door as he walked out of the house.  He could hear his mother crying as he walked down the street.  Bob couldn’t understand why Dr Tibideau had sent him here.  Home was supposed to be comforting, instead he was facing all the demons from his past and nothing was getting solved…

Bob was walking purposely towards the library when the little boy came up and tugged on his jacket.

Bob snarled, “What do you want!”

Cam tearfully said, “I’m sorry sir, I won’t bother you again…”

Cam hung his head and started to walkway.

Bob felt bad and said, “I’m sorry Cam I’m in a bad mood today, what did you want?”

Cam said, “I don’t know what it’s like to have a daddy.  I was hoping you could take me fishing for a day and let me feel what it’s like…  I could pretend you’re my dad for a day…”

Bob started to cry, god this kid really knew how to get to him.

Bob sighed, “Okay but only for one day on one condition…”

Cam said, “What?”

Bob said, “Don’t tell your mother…  We’ll go fishing by the creek on the other side of town.  Will she worry about you?”

Cam said, “She’s at work.  My babysitter is sleeping.  She’s an old lady, she always sleeps, and I do as I please for hours.  She won’t miss me.”

Bob said, “Let’s grab two fishing poles and get going.  We’ll fish for two hours and that’s it!”

Cam was excited, “We can borrow the fishing poles from my friend.  I’ll be right back.”

Cam ran down the street and around the corner.  Bob stood there and thought how did I get roped into this?  I swear that kid knows how to act…  Cam came running back with two fishing poles, a tackle box, and a jar full of worms in dirt.

Cam said, “Let’s go…”

The two of them walked across town and sat down on a rock by the creek.

Cam said, “Thanks for being my dad today…  I never asked anyone before.  I know mom loves you; she talks about you all the time.  I used to think you were my father.  Then she said she hasn’t seen you in thirty years and I know a baby only takes nine months to be born…  So you can’t be my father…”

Bob said, “I’m glad you’re so smart.  Hard to believe that your only six years old.”

Cam said, “I’ve been talking since I was one and I already know how to write.  I started a journal a year ago.  ”

Bob was impressed, “What do you write about…”

Cam said, “Mystery stories, based on the articles I read from the newspaper.  Mom collects stories about you.  She always bought two newspapers, one for her, and one for your mom.  Your mom has arthritis so she can’t cut out the articles.  I and mom do it for her.”

Bob thought for a moment, “Whose idea was it to collect my stories?”

Cam said, “My mom’s she brought it over to your mom.  I wasn’t there when she first started but she said it was a shame that you never came to visit your mom.  I could never do that.  I love my mom too much to stay away…”

Bob said, “Don’t judge me, you don’t know the details.”

Cam said, “But I do.  Your father was mean and told you to stay away.  When you love someone you don’t care what anyone says.  You do what you want.  There is a consequence to our sins…”

Bob gasped, “What did you just say?”

Cam said, “There is a consequence to our sins…  It’s what the Virgin Slayer always says in his notes…”

Bob said, “How do you know about the notes?”

Cam whispered, “Can you keep a secret?”

Bob said, “Sure…”

Cam said, “I see the notes in my dreams.  I wrote them down in my diary.”

Bob said, “Your dreams?  When did you start having these dreams?”

Cam said, “When I was four.  There was a man who came here with a dark cloak and hat.  He knows my mother…  I think he’s my father…”

Bob groaned, “Have you asked your mother if he is?”

Cam nodded, “She refuses to acknowledge that he is…  I just have a feeling that I’m connected to him in spirit.”

Bob said, “You are what we call an OLD soul.  You’re trapped in a child’s body but you’ve lived before haven’t you?”

Cam nodded, “I can remember different things about my past life.  I write them down.  I think I used to be the brother to this dark cloak guy.”

Bob said, “His name is Doctor Peter Tibideau…”

Cam said, “Peter!  I have written down in my diary that name.  I kept saying that name but didn’t know why…  Odd isn’t it.”

Bob said, “I’ll bet you would love to meet a little girl named Marchina Totenmyer…”

Cam said, “I already have…  She told me you would be coming to Scotland soon and that I should look for you over by the old fishing whole.  I brought mum with me just in case you did show up…”

Bob shook his head, “My life is being arranged by a six and seven year old, who would have known?”

27 Summer Rendezvous 1947

A few months passed during that idyllic summer and Bob and Cam continued their secret fishing trips.  One day Roslyn came looking for her son and found the two of them together.  Roslyn was relieved she thought that Bobbie was off having an affair with one of the Scottish girls that lived nearby.  She always tried to catch a peep of him every now and then.

She gasped at his strong muscles.  He was wearing no shirt, and the sweat was trickling down his back.  The two of them were coming out of the water after jumping in to cool down.  Roslyn peeled off her dress and got into the water with her underclothes.  It was such a sweltering heat she had to cool off.  Bob could see her toned body, and big round chest and it made him feel something deep inside.

Roslyn said, “Good to see you two are having some fun.  I wondered why Cam was bringing home so many fish.  He never caught any before…”

Bob said, “There isn’t many fish left in that fishing hole.  My father used to stock it for us…”

Roslyn said, “So that’s why there’s no fish there.  I wondered about that.  ”

She put her clothes back on then sat down; pulling at the long grass she put one in her mouth and started to make chirping sounds with it.

Bob giggled, “You used to do that when we were kids.”

Roslyn said, “I never grew up…”

Bob smiled, “Must be nice to stay a child…”

Roslyn said, “Yes it was…”

Bob said, “Cam seems to think he knows who his father is…”

Roslyn said, “Oh who is it this time?”

Bob said, “Dr Peter Tibideau…”

Roslyn blushed then said, “That is correct.  But I’ll never admit it to another soul.”

Bob said, “What happened?”

Roslyn said, “I have no idea how it happened.  I was out having a drink, got drunk, and woke up the next day without any recollection of anything happening.  I almost feel like I was raped or something.  I was a virgin at the time…”

Bob said, “Why did he pick you?”

Roslyn said, “Because I was a virgin.”

Bob said, “Why didn’t he kill you?”

Roslyn said, “Because he said I was going to produce a child that would end a curse…  I have no idea what he meant by that.  He said it has something to do with my future husband.”

She looked pointedly at Bob when she said this.  Bob looked away and didn’t smile.

Roslyn sighed, “I have to get going, and I’ll see you later.”

Bob was surprised that she left.

Cam said, “She doesn’t want to push you away.  She’s afraid you’ll take off again.”

Bob shook his head, this was crazy.  Now Dr Tibideau was giving a prophecy about him having a child that would break a curse.  What curse is he talking about?  He would have to ask Marchina.  He hadn’t seen here in months.

Bob said, “Is there any way to contact Marchina?  I have something to ask.”

Cam said, “You cannot be told the future, fate is involved.  It might change things.  You will learn about this curse when it is time…”

Bob shook his head, first it was UFOS now children that are gifted, somehow he had to find a reality that wasn’t so out of this world…

28  The Boy Genius

Summer turned into fall and Cam was going to go to school this year.  It was boring for him because he was so much smarter than the other boys were.  Bob went to the school and asked them to do a test on him just to see how advanced he really was.  The results were astounding he was tested at the same level as a grade 9 student.

Cam ended up going to school part time for some of his arts, music, and drama classes and for Academics Roslyn hired a tutor for him.  On the weekends, Bob and Cam would continue to go fishing and sometimes Roslyn would tag along.

Bob started thinking about going back to England and being with Scotland Yard again but he couldn’t bring himself to leave Scotland.  He was very attached to Cam now and didn’t want to give up his relationship with the boy.  He didn’t want to admit that he was becoming attached to Roslyn too.  His mother was right, Roslyn was different, not as bossy but then again they were not dating, so who could tell.  Bob argued with himself about it several times.

Roslyn sighed, “Isla I don’t know what to do.  Cam’s trying to bring us together and it’s not working…”

Isla said, “Have patience, go out, and have some fun with other people.  Maybe if Bobbie sees you having fun with another man…  It will get to him.”

Roslyn thought for a moment then said, “There is the community dance at Halloween.  I could ask Jack to pretend for me.”

Isla said, “Why Jack Thornton?”

Roslyn said, “He’s the most handsome man in these parts.  The girls will get jealous and complain to Bobbie about it.”

Isla didn’t’ feel comfortable with this plan.  What if Jack fell for Roslyn?  She was a pretty girl, younger and a lot attractive then she was…

Cam thought it was a great idea when he said, “I’ll talk him into going.  I’ll tell him that Jack’s been asking about you.”

Roslyn said, “Should we deceive him?”

Cam said, “jack wants Isla and you want Bobbie, so why not?”

Roslyn said, “It was Jack who suggested that I talk about it to Isla, he’s trying to make her jealous so she’ll stop playing with him.”

Cam said, “I think its working.  Bobbie was saying the other day that his mother’s become very moody lately and she’s fretting because Jack hasn’t been around.”

Roslyn winked, “its all part of the plan.  He thinks she’ll miss him if he’s not around as much and that can feed the imagination.”

Cam smiled, “Mother I hope your plans don’t backfire on you…  I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this stuff till I’m older.”

Roslyn sighed, “My baby’s growing up way too fast.  You’ll be in college when your ten, is it going to be uncomfortable for you?”

Cam sighed, “It already is, kids don’t know how to treat me at high school.  They call me squirt and four eyes and all sorts of things.  I figure they’ll grow up sooner or later…”

Roslyn said, “Peer pressure that’s what it is.  Half those kids feel sorry for you because you’re missing out on your childhood.”

Cam said, “Its okay mom, I decided I wanted to pursue my education.  I knew there were consequences to my decisions.  There always is.  I have fun fishing with Bobbie.”

Roslyn said, “Maybe you should invite some of the other boys along and make it a fishing party…”

Cam said, I’ll have to ask Bobbie if he would mind doing it for me.”

Roslyn said, “We should have a Halloween party here for the kids and you can ask Bobbie to come help supervise.”

Cam said, “That would be fun.”

It was the next day that Cam started handing out invitations and then he had a plan.  He wanted his Halloween party to be something no one would ever forget.  He would send a letter to Dr Tibideau asking for his assistance.  A cool magic act might do the trick.

29 Dr Tibideau’s Magic

Dr Peter Tibideau was surprised to receive a letter in the mail.  It was scrawled in simple letters.  All it said was Father I need your help.  Having a Halloween party need a cool magic show.  Please come. Cam.

Peter sat there brooding, was it time?  He knew that his child was extremely bright.  According to his tutor he was well above his years and suffering at school because of it.  He would teach those children a lesson they wouldn’t forget.  Something unique and powerful, an illusion!

Yes create an illusion so they think it’s not real, but then he can make it real and find some new specimens, but then again to trifle with children’s lives was not his normal procedure.

He looked at the convict before him, a rough, burly evil man and he smiled, “This will hurt, but you deserve it.”

Peter stabbed the man with a knife; he was used to the screaming.  This bloke looked like he would have a very strong heart…  That would fetch him a few hundred on the black market.  He opened him up and saw that the liver was good and so were the kidneys.  Checking the blood type and his list, yes it was on the list.  Good he already had a buyer for this one.

Yes he would help Cam anyway that he could but the boy must never find out what he does.  It would tarnish him and ruin him.  He wanted Cam to stay good, not to be evil, and not to be too powerful.  He had enough enemies around him, he didn’t need another one.  Cam had a heart of gold like his mother Roslyn a beautiful girl.  She was delectable and delightful, but not too bright.  He could account for all the intelligence coming from his side of the family.

Peter groaned as an apparition appeared before him, “Ida what have I told you about bothering me.  Now go away!”  He moved his arms about and banished her from his potion room.

Then there was Marchina smiling at him, “Hello Dr Tibideau how are you today?”

Peter smiled, “I’m well thank you.  My son Cam has asked for a magic show for his party.  Do you think you could attend?  He’s having trouble with the older kids bothering him because of his age.  IN fact I have an idea for his party…  Can you gather several children, your age?”

Marchina nodded, “That’s a wonderful surprise, and we can make them your assistants for the magic show…  They can use their powers and impress the others.  ”

Peter smiled, “I knew I could count on you.  I’ll see you two days before the party.  We have to organize everything then.”

Marchina grinned, “This is going to be fun!”

30 The Halloween Party

Cam was surprised at how many kids showed up in Bobbie’s Barn for the party.  Roslyn and Bobbie were shocked when Dr Peter Tibideau walked in with Marchina and several young children.

Roslyn said, “Why are you here?”

Peter said, “Your son invited me.  He wanted a magic show.”

Roslyn said, “I didn’t know you were a magician?”

Peter said, ‘I’m not, but these kids are all gifted like Cam.  I wanted him to feel comfortable with who he is.”

Roslyn teary eyed whispered, “thank you…  He’s been having so much difficulty adjusting…”

Peter said, “He won’t after tonight.”

Bob saw the tenderness in Dr Tibideau’s eyes and it surprised him.  The doctor really cared about Roslyn and she didn’t even know it.  Maybe he could get rid of her that way.  He didn’t want to face his feeling for her, not just yet…

Peter stood up and said, “Everyone please sit down here.  We have a wonderful show for you tonight.  I’ve brought along several volunteers to assist me.  These are gifted children like Cam, born with an intelligence that surpasses others their age.  It can be difficult for a child to fit in with his peers; I want all of you to remember that you must be friends with Cam from now on.”

Peter threw some fairy dust into the air and all of the children there went under its spell.  Peter smiled as they nodded in agreement.  Then the show began.

Children flitting about in the air, disappearing and appearing on the other side of the room.  Cam was flying around and giggling like mad.  Bob just sat there in shock, and Roslyn didn’t say a word.  She couldn’t breathe for some reason, it was as if something was strangling her and she grabbed onto Bob’s arm.  He saw that her face was turning blue and he shouted but no one could hear him and then Roslyn passed out.  Ida sat there glaring at Dr Tibideau and at Bob then she grabbed him by the neck and started to choke him.  He lost consciousness and woke up in a room somewhere.

Roslyn was lying there beside him, pasty and white.  Bob felt like he was in a nightmare.

Bob cried, “Roslyn, oh my god, please don’t be dead.”

He grabbed her but her body was ice cold.

Ida laughed, “You can’t have her now…  She’s gone…  You could have had her all those years but you didn’t want her.  I solved your problem for you…”

Bob snarled, “I never asked you to do anything!  Not this!  First you take Maureen away from me and kill all those others and now you’ve taken the love of my life…”

Ida said, “There is no one here to rescue you.  I can torture you for as long as I want.”

Bob said, “Where is Peter?  Will he like it that you’ve taken the girl that he care about?”

Ida said, “Peter doesn’t care about anyone other than himself.  He didn’t even notice that you two were gone.”

Bob said, “Where’s Cam?”

Ida said, “I plan to get him next…”

Bob said, “He is Peter’s son and Peter loves Roslyn…  I saw it in his eyes…”

Ida looked afraid, “You’re trying to trick me…”

Bob said, “No I’m not, if you touch Cam, you will surely die…”

Ida said, “I’m not afraid to die.”

Bob said, “Peter put a spell of protection on you.  Now that you’ve harmed Roslyn he will remove it.  I’ll ask him to…  He owes me.”

Ida said, “You are lying!  Now die!”

A black cloud came around Bob and he slid into unconsciousness….

31 The Next Day

It was a bright and sunny day and Cam jumped out of bed…He must have fallen asleep and mum must have put him to bed.  He went downstairs expecting some breakfast and no one was there.  He looked in his mother’s room and the bed was made.  It was, as she hadn’t slept in it.  How odd…

Cam walked around outside and went to the local hotel and knocked on the door.  One of the children answered it and Cam walked in.

Marchina was busy cooking porridge for everyone she turned and looked at Cam, “Your mother and Bobbie have been kidnapped.  We can’t do anything until we return these children to safety.  Dr Tibideau is trying to locate them with my crystal ball.”

Cam said, “I wish I had powers…”

Marchina was surprised she looked over at Dr Tibideau and he shook his head, she looked back at Cam and said, “look deep into your soul there is a thread that goes from you to your mother, when the time is right follow it, but wait until I can come with you.”

Dr Tibideau sighed, “It’s no use, and she’s used every spell imaginable to hide them.  I have no idea where to look she’s blocking me.”

After they all finished eating Dr Tibideau, Marchina, and Cam headed to England to return the children home.  Cam loved spending time with children his own age, they had fun playing tag, hide and seek, and being kids for once.  Cam suggested they do this again sometime.  They all agreed to visit again.

Cam was surprised to see Dr Tibideau’s laboratory.  He could sense something heavy in the air and he looked at Marchina.  She seemed uncomfortable too.

Peter said, “Marchina we need to prepare Cam for a war with Ida, in case she goes after him.  She doesn’t know that he’s my son and if Bob tells her, she won’t believe him.  I cannot kill her nor can you, Only Cam can.”

Marchina agreed, but Cam did not.

Cam said, “I’m too young to kill anyone besides why would I do a thing like that?  I’m not evil.”

Peter sighed, “I was afraid of this.  His soul is so good that he cannot do evil.  Cam your mother is in danger and so is Bobbie, if you do not kill Ida, she will kill you….”

Cam said, “Then let her kill me, I’ll haunt her for the rest of her life.  I refuse to kill anyone; it’s just not something I want to do.”

Marchina looked at Peter and cried, “There is no hope for him then…  I feel like something bad has happened to Roslyn she’s not breathing and Bobbie’s in a dream state…”

Cam said, “My mother is dead?”

Marchina nodded, “Yes Ida has strangled her.  I can see things before and after they happen.  She strangled Bobbie but she wants him to suffer so she’s keeping him alive to torture him.”

Cam said, “May her sins have their consequences.  Why can’t the Virgin Slayer repay her for her consequences?”

Peter said, “Because she is not a virgin…”

Cam said, “You took her virginity away…  Where’s your other child?”

Peter sighed, “He died during childbirth…  How did you know?”

Cam shrugged his shoulders, “I’m picking up all sorts of weird things in this place, some very evil things.”

Peter said, “Marchina were going to have to leave this place, and go somewhere else?”

Marchina said, “Come to Place Royale, we need to train Cam how to fight Ida.  Hopefully he will defend himself when the time is right.”

Peter said, “If we find them.”

Marchina said, “We may need to go ahead in time in order to do so.”

She looked pointedly at Peter and Cam looked at him wondering what she was talking about.

Peter gasped, “That was a secret.”

Marchina said, “I do not need a machine to go into the future, you do.  I crossed paths with you…  In addition, followed you back to it.  Where do you keep it?”

Peter said, “Hidden in a safe place.”

Marchina said, “Make sure Ida never finds it or we’ll never be able to kill her.”

Peter said, “If we can’t get Cam to kill her then who?”

Marchina said, “There is another that can be used…  When the time is right…”

Peter said, “I’ll have to trust your judgement then.”

32 – The Training in 1957

Cam started his self defence training techniques learning the various Chinese forms in karate, and ju jitsu.  He didn’t want magic, he wanted to learn the real thing, and he didn’t want to be six years old either, so they had to jump through time to when he was sixteen.  It would require great skill and strength so he worked on building his body up first then his mind.

There were various forms of magic that didn’t require much thought.  Cam did not have to learn to defend his mind from being controlled because Ida Tinkle did not like the sight of blood, nor did she every dirty her own hands when killing someone.  She always found a willing party to do it for her.

Peter worked hard with Cam getting him ready to do battle with Ida.  Marchina was training as well and getting into good shape from it all.  Her mother began to wonder where she was gone for hours at a time.  She too noticed the muscles on Marchina and one day she followed her.

Sasha said, “Dr Peter Tibideau what are you doing to my daughter?”

Peter said, “Training her for war, against Ida Tinkle.  Her powers are strong.  She has kidnapped Cam’s mother and Detective Bob Farley.  We don’t know where they are…”

Sasha looked worried, “Ida is hiding at the Atkins Mansion, is it possible she took them there?”

Peter said, “I cannot try to go there for if she knows it is I she will move them and then we’ll never find her.  It’s best to wait until someone rids us of her…  Someone close that she trusts.”

Sasha sighed, “No one in Place Royale will want to kill her.  We are not into murdering people like some people I know.  Why can’t you do it?  You’re experienced?”

Peter hissed, “Immortals cannot kill their own kind.  I’ve tried several times, and she’s too strong for me.  I was hoping Cam would tap into his powers but he refuses to do any magic.”

Sasha said, “Smart boy he knows that once ‘she starts he cannot stop.  It takes control of the mind and wants more and more and before you know it you’re consumed with it.  Right Marchina?”

Marchina hung her head in shame.

Sasha said, “Marchina’s grades have been suffering at school and now I know why.  She’s going to have to cut back on these lessons.  I need her to do well in school or her teacher will be breathing down my neck.  And no magic Peter!”

Sasha disappeared into thin air.  Cam looked at Marchina then Peter and shrugged his shoulders.  Everyone kept talking as if he wasn’t even there.  He made up his mind.  Magic would never become a part of his life.  IF his father was evil then he didn’t want to be around him anymore.

Cam said, “I’m tired of all this training, its useless…  I want to go back to my old life…”

Peter knew he had to do something and quick.  He looked at Marchina and gave her a signal.  Then he waved his hand over Cam’s mind and they went into the portal again…

33 – May 1973 New Powers

Cam couldn’t remember a thing about his past.  He woke up in an office in London, England wondering how he got there.  A young girl stood beside him and smiled.  She was a native girl, dressed in a pretty leather dress with beads on it.  She had two long black pony tails and the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

Cam smiled and said, “How old are you?”

Marchina said, “I am thirty-three.”

Cam said, “How old am I?”

Marchina said, “You are twenty-six”

Cam said, “Where did the time go?  Are you my girlfriend?”

Marchina grinned, “Not quite.  I am your tutor.  Time passes quickly.  Today’s lessons can begin now that you’re awake.”

She handed him a wand.  Cam looked at it and flicked it with his wrist.  Books flew across the room, smacked him on the head, and knocked him out.

Peter wryly said, “That’s going to hurt…”

Marchina patted Cam on the forehead with a cloth full of ice.  He woke up and looked at her.

Cam said, “Do I know you…”

Marchina said to Peter, “We are running out of time, can’t you just zap him with something and get this over with?”

Peter sighed, “This is going to hurt.”

He started chanting then sprinkled fairy dust all over Cam and he went flying across the room.  He felt like he’d been hit with a two ton truck.  He felt odd, powerful, and different.  His eyes glowed and he walked across the room and stood there.

Marchina sighed, “He’s like a robot…”

Peter said, “You complained, I gave him what he needed.”

Marchina said, “Does he have the power to think on his own?  What if she puts you out somehow?”

Peter said, “Then he will be in trouble…  She must not know anything about it.  We will have to be quick and surprise her.”

Marchina said, “The sheriff always visits her, I suggest you find a new face to use…”

34 – Atkins Mansion – June 15th 1973

Marchina whispered to Peter, “Should we use the tunnel?  He seems to bring her supplies that way.”

Peter said, “Too risky, we’ll have to surprise her at night by the front door, so she cannot run away.”

Cam said, “You want me to stand behind you or in front of you guys?”

Peter looked at Marchina and said, “Do you still think this is a good idea?”

Cam said to Marchina, “How can you be sure that my mother and Bobbie are here?”

Marchina said, “Remember I once told you to follow the thread from your belly…  You led us here…”

Cam said, “I don’t remember…”

Marchina said, “You won’t remember because you were six when I told you…”

Cam said, “I was six when you told me?  I’ve known you twenty-six years and can’t remember a thing…”

Marchina said, “More like several months but we won’t go there until….  Later…”

Cam said, “Why later?”

Marchina said, “Cam pay attention we are here to rescue your mother and Bobbie that is all that you need to know.  Now Ida hasn’t seen Cam and she likes young men so I vote that he goes first.”

Peter groaned, “That’s all I need is for her to seduce my son…  She’s very good at it Cam, so be careful…”

Cam knocked on the door and waited.

Marchina and Peter hid in the shadows.

They could hear footsteps and then the door opened and Ida was standing there glaring.  Her eyes softened when she saw the handsome young man standing on her doorstep.

Cam said, “I am sorry to bother you but I’m lost and I can’t figure out from this map where I am.  I was trying to find the Atkins Mansion.  ”

Ida was on her guard, “Why the Atkins Mansion?”

Cam said, “Because there’s something here that belongs to me.”

A flash went out from his hand and Ida was thrown up against the wall.  Ida started chanting and stopped when Marchina and Peter appeared.

Ida said, “So there are three of you…  What do you want?”

Cam turned to Peter and said, “Father you tell her.”

Ida’s jaw dropped she said, “Your Roslyn’s son!”

Peter walked into the house and said, “Very good Ida, now where is Roslyn and Bobbie.”

Ida said, “I’m not saying…”

Marchina said, “I can feel them down in the dungeon they are hidden in a secret room.  The potions room.”

Marchina started walking towards the door.  Ida started chanting again and all the suits of armour started walking towards her.  There must have been about twenty of them.  They started throwing balls and chains.  Marchina acted fast, she transported herself downstairs.

Peter followed.  Cam decided to take the suits and Ida outside to give them time to get to them.  Out in the garden Cam was firing balls of electricity at the suits.  It wasn’t doing any good…  They still kept coming, they surrounded him, and then he blacked out when Ida threw a large ball of light that zapped his and retracted right into his face…

35 Raising the Dead

Bob couldn’t believe his eyes he must be dreaming.  It was a girl, native, tall and beautiful standing before him.  Roslyn was no where to be found…Marchina walked into another room and there was Roslyn wrapped in cloths and mummified.  Peter stood beside her with tears in his eyes.  I can raise her but only if one who loves her kisses her.

Bob woke out of his dream state and said, “You’re real?”

Marchina said, “Sorry we took so long.”

Bob said, “What year is it?”

Marchina said, “Its 1973…”

Bob said, “I’ve been here for …”

Marchina said, “twenty-six years…”

Bob said, “God it’s been a nightmare…  Roslyn’s dead I’m too late.  I should have told her I loved her, now I’ll never know…”

Marchina looked at Peter and pulled out a large book.

The words said The Book of the Dead.

Peter said an incantation and it opened mid air.

Peter looked at Bob, “Do you love Roslyn?  Kiss her back to life.”

Peter waved his hands above Roslyn and brought Bob face to face with her.  Bob kissed her quickly on her cold, hard lips and grimaced then started crying.

Bob said, “I wish I could be with her, I’d marry her…  I promise…”

Marchina waved her hands and a white mist filled the room, the bandages started to unwrap themselves and Roslyn’s red hair became like fire, she was floating in mid air when she woke up and smiled….

36 – The Battle in the Garden

Marchina and Peter ran towards the garden but it was too late.  Cam laid there on the ground stab wounds all over his body…the soldiers laid silently as if they were never alive and Ida Tinkle had vanished.

Peter cried, “My son!  I will call upon the spirits of darkness to arise one who can kill Ida Tinkle and end this misery of evil that has plagued me all these years…”

Cam would never see his mother again or Bobbie.

Roslyn stood over her son’s body and said to Peter, “Why can’t you raise him from the dead like you did me?”

Marchina said, “He can’t Cam was under a spell to do magic.  He died using magical powers.  They imprison his soul until the curse is broken.”

Roslyn said, “What curse?”

Marchina said, “Once the curse of the Munroe mansion is broken, Cam can be free.  Then Peter can raise him from the dead…”

Bob said, “Roslyn you have to marry me…  You see there was a prophecy given that our child will break the curse.  Once our child breaks the curse we can get Cam back…”

Roslyn said, “Did he just ask me to marry him?  What years is it?”

Bob smiled, “its 1973…  It took me 61 years to propose to you…”

Roslyn said, “But we don’t look 61?”

Bob said to Marchina, “What’s going on?”

Marchina smiled, “We went into a time machine.  It’s 1973 but you guys are still age wise in 1947.”

Bob said, “Can we go back?”

Marchina nodded no, “We haven’t perfected the machine for mortals…  I am protected because of my powers and so is Dr Tibideau.  You will have to start your lives together now…”

Bob fainted….

37 – The Dream

Bob woke up to his mother’s voice.

Isla said, “high time you got out of bed Bobbie you’ve been ill for some time.  You cannot blame yourself for what happened…”

Bob said, “What do you mean…”

Isla said, “Don’t you remember?  We were talking about it and you blacked out.  You’ve been doing that for years now…”

Bob said, “What year is this?”

Isla said, “It’s Christmas time 1973”

Bob said, “Where’s Roslyn?”

Isla said, “She’s coming.  Poor soul, I’m inviting her over for Christmas Dinner I don’t care if you don’t want to see her again…”

Bob said, “Did I say that?  I didn’t mean it…  Mother is the shops open?”

Isla looked at the time, “They are for two more hours, and its Christmas Eve…”

Bob said, “Good!  I’ll be back soon…”

Bob came home three hours later, beaming he asked, “Is Roslyn here yet?”

Isla looked at her son, “Have you been drinking?”

Bob smiled, “I had one beer, and I’m saving the rest of this wine for later…”

Bob went and got dressed; he looked handsome in his dark suit and tie.  He wanted everything to be perfect…

Roslyn showed up at the door, looking very pale…”

Bob came down the stairs and stood there.  They looked at each other and Bob sighed.  Roslyn looked surprised.  There was something different in Bob’s eyes.  Something she hadn’t seen since they were five years old…

Bob kissed her hand and said, “You look lovely tonight Roslyn.”

Then he walked around the house looking here and there and stopped.

Isla said, “Bobbie what are you looking for?”

Bob shouted, “Cam I know your hiding come out I have a present for you!”

Roslyn gasped and fainted.  Isla looked worriedly at her son and said, “Bobbie please sit down and stop shouting…”

Bob said, “Where’s Cam, Roslyn wake up!”

Bob patted her head with a cloth and kissed her on the mouth.  She woke up crying.

Isla said, “Bobbie you don’t remember?”

Bob said, “Remember what?”

Isla sighed and patted Roslyn’s hand, “You’ll have to forgive my son he’s been having blackouts for several years.  He can’t seem to deal with it.  Bobbie, Cam drowned at the creek while you were out fishing.  It happened twenty-six years ago.”

Bob said, “No!  Cam died in a fight with Ida Tinkle.  Cam rescued us and oh my god Ida Tinkle killed him!  Where is Dr Tibideau?”

Isla said, “I’m sorry Roslyn he keeps going on about this Dr Tibideau and a girl named Marchina.  Bobbie the doctor says you have these dreams that haunt you.  You must forget them and go on with your life…”

Roslyn said, “Bobbie why did you kiss me?”

Bob slowly looked at the two of them; he thought they were crazy, that he was crazy…

Bob said, “Roslyn you died at Cam’s party.  He was six years old there was a magic show…I knew then I couldn’t live without you.  I asked Dr Tibideau to raise you from the dead and he did.  Here…”

Bob pulled out a ring and said, “Roslyn please do me the honour of marrying me.  I need you to take care of me.  I think I’m losing my mind without you…”

Roslyn gasped with pleasure and said, “Yes!  Oh Yes I will marry you…”

Roslyn hugged Bob but looked worriedly at Isla who mouthed the words, “Everything will be alright I promise…”


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