Spells 1

Book Eight  – The Book of Spells – Place Royale – The Story of the Mansion

This is a rough draft of this story with old and new manuscripts combined on Oct 24, 2010.


** changed sub title from the story unfolds to the story of the mansion *


1**start story with bob Farley and Roslyn getting married in Scotland having baby Brent and tell their story from when they came to nyc up to to brent being born. 1974-1978   = brent Farley is born in may 1978 The Coven of Immortals London, England  Oct 30, 1500

1 intro

A long time ago in the fifteenth century there was a coven of immortals.  Only three had survived the burnings.  A woman and two men.  The Book of Spells was open and it’s power filled the room.  A bright light appeared and a young native girl spoke a prophecy…


A child will be born to destroy the coven you must find him before it is too late…The three of them vowed to find the child and capture his soul instead of killing him.  Another black book was laying close by.  One of the immortals opened it and looked at the beautiful woman lying on the altar.  Her long dark hair had a ring of daisies in it for she had just been killed.


The other male immortal said, “Why revive her when she will die again?  Why not find a way to extend her life first then you can be together forever…”


The man in the dark cloak spoke, “So it is true… You can raise the dead with it’s power?  There are names written in here, and details about their deaths…”


The woman said, “It is the book of the dead, a diary of immortals that have died before us.  A list of their powers and to whom they were granted.”


The man read some of the entries and looked at the woman, “Your name appears many times, you have gathered many gifts…”


The woman smiled, “Yes I have and I will continue to gather more… It’s what keeps me alive..”


Then she disappeared.


The man in the dark cloak said, “Her heart is full of evil there is no goodness in her , not one drop.”


The other man said, “We must protect ourselves from her. Let us cast a spell for eternity that no immortal shall kill another..”


They grabbed the book of spells and began to write down an incantation then they chanted it.  A silver whirlwind appeared encircling them and the woman reappeared.  She could not move until it was done.


The woman said, “how did you bring me back?”


The man in the cloak said, “We have cast an enternal spell.  No immortal can kill another one again…”


The woman screamed, “No! I need his power to complete my mission…”


The other man said, “You shall have no more powers.  You have only done evil according to the book of the dead.  You must do good now to balance your powers or they will consume you and you shall die…”


The man in the cloak said, “We must find the boy in order to survive.  I will find a way to extend a mortals life then I shall raise my wife Celeste from the dead and spend eternity with the one that I love…”


The woman looked at him with hooded eyes, “What if you shall meet another and fall in love, then what will you do?”


The man in the cloak said, “I shall love two women then..”  and he laughed.


The woman smiled and said to the other man, “I’ll be the one that catches the boy.  I will find a way to get his powers from him.  IF I can’t steal them from him while he’s dead I’ll make him give them to me while he’s alive…”


Suddenly the little native girl appeared and said, “You cannot stop fate… In time you will learn that sin has it consequences…”


The Book of Spells and the Book of the Dead were flying mid air and the little native girl grabbed them and disappeared.


The other man groaned and said, “Now we have to find those as well.  We need their power to complete our missions.  Why did she take them?”


The man in the cloak smiled, “Because she is a good and wise soul.  She is trying to stop us from doing evil but it will not work.  We will find a way to get the book of spells.  I shall become a guardian to the one’s that wrote it.”


The woman said, “Someone wrote the book of spells?  I thought it was ancient?”


The man in the cloak said, “No it was created by a very powerful witch and wizard.  One whose power has never been replicated. One who plans to build a mansion for their family… The Munroe Family.”


The woman said, “Let us curse them.”


The other man said, “My grandmother stole the book of spells, learned its spells and gathered its powers into potions.  Then when the author of the book stole it back my grandmother cursed the mansion and the family.  On the thirteenth year the lady of the house will have an unfortunate accident causing death.”


The woman asked, “When is the mansion going to be built?”


The man in the cloak said, “In 1885 the Munroe mansion will be complete – we shall have to go to Place Royale for that is where they intend to be.”


The woman said, “Anthony That is where your grandmother lives in the Atkins mansion?”


Anthony said, “Yes we just finished building it – a large medieval castle full of weapons of war and suits of armour.  We gathered them from off of the battle fields.”


The woman said, “Peter how will we get to Place Royale in the year 1885?”


Dr Peter Tibideau said, “I have a time machine.  We can use that Ida.”


Ida Tinkle said, “You  have a time machine?”


Peter looked at Anthony and waved his hand over Ida and she slumped down to the floor.


Peter said, “I have to erase that memory for she is too evil to know about the time machine.  Let’s hurry we must go quickly  before she awakes.”


Anthony waved  his hand and Ida Tinkle began to float in mid-air.  The two men walked into a smaller room and got into a machine with her….They walked out minutes later.


Anthony said, “Were in the same room.  How are you going to explain that were in a different year?”


Peter smiled, “She will think she was born in 1885.”


In his arms was a little baby girl, with dark hair sleeping peacefully.


Anthony said, “I had no idea that you could do that?”


Peter grinned, “Ida has the power to be young and transform into various body forms.  I told her to transform herself into a baby suggestively to the mind then I cast a spell to keep her there.  Hopefully she will grow up to do some good and not just evil.”


Anthony sighed, “One cannot change the matters of the heart.”


Peter said, “True, now let’s go see The Munroe family.  I shall offer my services and they can help this poor child .”


They stood before a large grey stone mansion with two turrets.  It looked strange out in the country on top of a hill.  Down to the left was the Atkins Mansion and across the blue clear lake was the village of Place Royale.


Peter said, “Someday we will have a war here and all these people here will die…”


Anthony said, “I won’t let that happen.  I do not believe in allowing innocent people to die for any reason.”


Peter said, “Then you shall die before it happens.”


Anthony smiled, “I’m immortal I cannot die..”


Peter said, “You’ll see. ”


Anthony walked away and said, “I must go see my grandmother.  I feel as though something has happened.”


Peter said, “It is too late, Valma Atkins is dead.  Tallis Munroe killed her because she cursed her family…”


Anthony shouted, “I will get my revenge on the Munroes..”


Peter said, “No you cannot, for I need Tallis Munroe to raise Ida Tinkle..When Ida is thirteen years old the curse of the Munroe mansion will kill Tallis.  For in the thirteenth year, one who has a child shall die.”


Anthony walked away and Peter stood at an oak door with a brass knocker with the head of a lion on it.  He knocked and it was opened by a young man, dark hair, and grey eyes.


Peter  asked, “Who are you?”


The Butler smiled and said, “My name is Viktor Stalin sir.  Tallis Munroe hired me to take care of the estate. Who should I say is calling?”


Peter said, “Tell her it is Dr Peter Tibideau with urgent business.”


Viktor looked down at the cute little baby girl.  He had a premonition that the child would be evil.


Viktor said, “We do not want evil in this home.”


Peter waved his hand over Viktor’s head.  Suddenly a tall woman with blonde hair, deep blue eyes dressed in a long gold and blue gown came to the door.


Tallis said, “Viktor what is going on?  Peter what are you doing here? ”


Peter said, “I’ve come to ask a favor of you… In exchange for something else…”


Tallis said, “Come in. What is wrong with Viktor?”


Peter said, “He was being difficult so I put him into a trance.  HE is very opinionated for a butler.”


Tallis sighed, “That won’t do…”


Peter said, “But he’s loyal to the core, he will make a fine butler for many generations.”


Tallis grinned, “He’s a good cook.”


Peter walked into the grand hall and looked around, “You have all the family portraits up this time.”


Tallis smiled, “Viktor helped me hang them up the stairwell.  It’s a constant reminder of all my relatives that are no longer alive…”


Her voice broke with sadness.


Peter said, “All of lost our loved ones during this battle.  Anthony Atkins suffered the most, his whole family was wiped out.”


Tallis gritted her teeth, “They got what they deserved.  Mess with a Munroe and see what happens to you.”


Peter said, “I have come with a proposition.  This little girls family was killed in the battle, she needs a home.  Her name is Ida Tinkle and she is very gifted. In turn I shall be the guardian over the Book of Spells and I’ll not allow Anthony Atkins to get revenge on you.”


Tallis said, “Surely he cannot blame me for what I’ve done?  My family is cursed now, my mansion is cursed.. I did not deserve it.”


Peter said, “Marchina Totenmyer said that one day a child would be born and he would break the curse over the mansion.”


Tallis said, “When will that happen?”


Peter said, “When fate decides.  Ida intends to find the child and stop him.  I just thought you should know.”


Tallis looked to the heavens, “How will I protect the child?”


Peter said, “Have someone outside of the family provide the child.  The curse will destroy your heirs one by one.”


Tallis sighed, “How can I do it?”


Peter said, “We can use the Book of Spells, write it down and give the power to another.”


Tallis smiled, “I shall not disclose to whom I’ll give the power.”


Ida began to stir in Peter’s arms.


Tallis looked at the child and said, “She is one of you?”


Peter nodded, “I have given her a new lease on life, in the hope that she will learn to do some good this time and not so much evil.”


Tallis murmured, “One cannot change the heart of a man or a woman, only they can decide to change themselves.  Once she learns that sin has its consequences… Maybe then she will learn to do good…”






2 Introduce uncle herman Farley in NYC…long lost brother adoption find each other..

2 intro



Tallis smiled at Ida she was such a sweet child.


Ida said, “Are the children coming to my birthday party?”


Tallis said, “Yes Ida they will be here soon…”


Ida said, “Is Uncle Anthony coming?”


Tallis said, “He wouldn’t miss it for the world.  Now run along and go change into that new dress I bought you.”


Ida scampered up the stairs.


Tallis looked at Viktor and sighed, “She’s growing up so fast, five years flew by so quickly…”


Viktor said, “Yes and so far she’s behaving, but things will change when she’s older…”


Tallis said, “I’ve tried to instill goodness in her, I’ve even cast spells over her.  She seems to block them at this age.”


Viktor said, “She learned fast, thanks to “Uncle Anthony!”


Tallis said, “Do you think that Anthony is working against me, because of what I did to his family?”


Viktor said, “I don’t doubt it, if he could kill you he would…”


Tallis said, “But he cannot kill an immortal so I’m safe for now…”


Viktor said, “He’s a sly one he will find a way…”


Tallis said, “He cannot harm me while I’m raising Ida.  Peter assured me of that.”


Viktor said, “Have you forgotten about the curse?”


Tallis said, “That’s for my heirs, it will not affect me.”


Viktor said, “I hope that your right.”


Ida came running down the stairs with a pink and white gown on.  She held out a ribbon to Viktor who promptly tied back her hair for her.


Ida said, “Thank you Viktor.  Have our guests arrived yet?”


Viktor sighed, “Stop imitating me.”


Ida said, “It’s fun…”


Viktor said, “Ida turn yourself back now… What would the children do if they could see you?”


Tallis turned around in shock.  There was a little Viktor standing beside her.


Tallis said, “Who taught you to do this?”


Ida said, “No one.  I did it to Uncle Anthony and he was mad too.”


Tallis said, “When did you start turning yourself into other people?”


Ida said, “I’ve tried several times and today is my fifth birthday.  I guess it finally worked.”


Tallis said, “Where did you find out that you can do it?”


Ida grinned, “The Book of Spells it’s written on page 60.”


Tallis said, “Ida you are not supposed to touch that book.”


Ida said, “I didn’t touch the book.  It was floating in mid air…”


Tallis said, “You know how to do that too?”


Ida said, “Sure I do…”


Viktor started rising in the air then flying around in circles.


Tallis said, “Ida put him down, your making him ill, he’s dizzy now…”


Ida put him down with a thud.


Viktor said, “I told you she is evil!”


Tallis said, “Ida I forbid you to do any more magic in this house.”


Ida said, “fine I’ll do it elsewhere.  Uncle Anthony will let me practice at his house.”


Tallis said, “I am your guardian until you are thirteen then I’m sending you away to a very fine girls school in England.”


Ida screamed, “I can’t wait. I hate it here!”


Tallis said, “If you keep acting like that I’ll cancel your birthday party.”


Ida said, “If you do I’ll kill you…”


Tallis said, “You cannot kill me I am immortal.”


Ida smiled, “I can make someone else kill you.”


Ida looked at Viktor and smiled.  Viktor looked helplessly at Tallis and motioned for her to follow him.


Viktor said, “Ida stay right there.”


Tallis said, “She’s only a child she doesn’t mean it.”


Viktor said, “I want you to call Dr Tibideau, he needs to subdue her until she’s older, we cannot have her giving us death threats, she’s evil I tell you!  You will regret the day you took her in…  How can we have those children come here?  What if she decides to kill one of them to prove her point?”


Tallis gasped, “I never even thought of that.”


Tallis sent a mental note out and several minutes later Peter appeared out in the garden.


Viktor was going to let Peter in but he walked in through the door and stood in front of Ida.


Peter said, “Do you know who I am?”


Ida saucily said, “I don’t care…”


Peter raised his arm and put it over Ida’s face.  She turned into an ugly looking monster.


Peter said, “Sin has its consequences go look in the mirror.”


Ida said, “I don’t care what you do to me, I’m going to kill you.”


Tallis said, “Ida stop talking like that.  Dr Tibideau is immortal he is the one that brought you here.”


Peter said to Tallis, “I need to take the Book of Spells away.  She will continue to read it if it’s here. I can hide it in a safe place.”


Tallis said, “Here take it. ”


A cupboard opened and out flew the large silver book wrapped in a cloth.  It flew right into Peter’s briefcase that he was carrying.


Ida screamed, “Give me back my book.”


Peter said, “It is not your book. You are being naughty.  Go look in the mirror, see how ugly you have become.”


Ida stomped her little foot, “I am not ugly!”


She waved her hand over her face and the spell broke.


Peter was shocked, “Her powers are stronger then I thought.”


Peter waved his hand over her again only this time she was just a blob with a face. He picked her up and made her look in the mirror.


Ida screamed and cried, “Take it away, please I beg you.”


Peter said, “I’m going to let all the children in Place Royale see what a monster you are so that no one will ever want to play with you again…”


Ida said, “I hate you.  Where’s Uncle Anthony, help me.”


Suddenly Anthony Atkins appeared he screamed, “What have you done to her?”


Peter said, “She is being unruly and evil, and threatening to kill everyone of us…”


Anthony looked at Ida, “Is what he says true?”


Ida nodded, “I will kill all of you someday, including you!”


Anthony sighed, “Peter your plan isn’t working.  This child is from the devil.  She has learned all of the spells from the book, every last one of them.  I tried to stop her but she put a spell on me.  I haven’t been able to say anything until now.”


Peter said, “Then I suggest we strip her of all powers, it will take the four of us to do it.”


Tallis said, “Four?”


Peter nodded and said, “Viktor is one of us… He is your guardian…”


Tallis said, “Viktor… You never said a word..”


Viktor smiled, “You would have sent me away. You are a woman that doesn’t feel the need to be protected you would have resented it.”


Tallis said, “Perhaps you are right not to tell me.”


The four of them joined hands and Peter opened up the book of spells.


Peter said, “Powers of the universe hear our prayer, remove the powers of evil from this child and put them back into the book.”


Suddenly the blob started rising in the air and Ida began to chant she became a woman and sent the powers into the book then threw the book at Tallis.  It killed her instantly.  Viktor, Anthony and Peter disappeared into thin air.


Peter said, “hurry we must go to a different time. ”


The three of them ran into the time machine and before they did, Peter turned around and cast a spell that if Ida were to follow them she would forget why she did….

3 Intro



Ida followed their trail using fairy dust all the way to the time machine.


She walked in and said, “Take me to where they went…”


Ida started spinning and then she lost consciousness…


Peter looked down and said, “Wake up child…”


Ida looked up and smiled, “Are you my daddy?”


Peter nodded, “I adopted you when you were a baby. You had a nasty fall.”


Ida looked in the mirror, she had long blonde hair and green eyes.


Ida said, “how old am I?”


Peter said, “You are eighteen years old.  It’s your birthday today.”


Suddenly a young girl came around the corner, she had long dark hair and green eyes and she was dressed in a Royal Blue gown.


Ida said, “Who are you?”


The girl said, “Don’t be silly Ida, you know who I am.”


Ida shook her head, “I cannot remember anything.”


Ida began to cry.  Peter looked at the other girl and smiled.


Peter said, “This is your twin Sister Valerie.”


Ida said, “She doesn’t look like me.”


Peter said, “You are fraternal twins.  Now you need to clean yourself up and get dressed.”


Valerie said, “Your green gown is on your bed.”


Ida looked at both of them and rubbed her head, “I feel strange…”


Valerie said, “You’ve been through a lot, come on I’ll help you.”


Valerie winked at Peter and grabbed her sister’s arm and walked her towards the bathroom.  It was an hour later that Ida came out of the washroom looking very radiant.


Ida said, “What year is this?”


Valerie said, “It’s 1891.”


Ida said, “Why is your gown so snug around the waist.”


Valerie said, “The Virgin Slayer … I think I might be pregnant.”


Ida said, “Who is the Virgin Slayer…”


Valerie said, “I’m not sure … There were two of them…”


Ida said, “You were with two men?”


Valerie said, “I cannot remember… I don’t know why I’m alive, usually the Virgin Slayer kills his victims..”


Ida said, “Did you recognize the men?”


Valerie said, “One had a dark cloak and hat, the other was Joseph Munroe…”


Ida stopped for a minute, “That name sounds familiar. So you think that Joseph is the father?  Is he going to marry you?”


Valerie said, “I’m going to ask him tonight.  He’ll be here at our party…”


Ida said, “I can’t wait to meet him…”



4 Intro



Peter took the girls to a room and it began to spin.


Ida said, “What is this thing?”


Valerie said, “It’s a time machine.  I met Joseph during one of my trips.”


Ida said, “What year will it be?”


Valerie said, “We are going to the year 1900.”


Ida said, “I feel like i’ve been in here before.”


Valerie grinned, “Yes we’ve been in here lots of time.  When we were in school and had our history papers, Dr Tibideau took us to the time period so we could write from experience.”


Ida laughed, “He would make a fine history teacher…”


Peter said, “We cannot tell anyone about this machine, you must keep it a secret.”


Ida said, “how did you make it?”


Valerie said, “Peter came across some paper work from Tallis Munroe’s grandfather… He built the machine based on his theories.”


Ida said, “Who is Tallis Munroe?”


Peter said, “Someone you used to know…”


Ida said, “Can we visit her?”


Peter said, “No she’s dead.  Were here, no more questions please.”


Valerie, Ida and Peter walked down the cobblestone streets of England.  They walked into a pub that was decorated with flowers  and garlands of shiny material.


Ida said, “This looks lovely.. Who decorated it?”


Valerie said, “one of the local women…”


Suddenly a tall, young handsome blonde man with blue eyes approached them.


Valerie said, “Ida I’d like you to meet Joseph Munroe…”


Joseph smiled, “I had no idea you had a twin sister Valerie you never mentioned her before.”


Ida felt like Joseph was looking at her in an inappropriate way.  Joseph leaned towards her smelling her.


Joseph said, “She smells lovely like a flower…”


Valerie grinned, “It’s a soap from paris , France.  One of my school friends sent it to me…”


Peter smiled at Joseph and said, “How is university coming along?”


Joseph said, “It will be a few years before I go to university…”


Peter’s jaw dropped and so did Valerie’s.


Ida laughed, “Your in high school?”


Joseph nodded, “Yes many people take me for someone older because I am tall for my age…”


Valerie was shocked, “How old are you?”


Joseph said, “I’m sixteen…”


Valerie was dismayed, “But I thought you were twenty-one, you told me you were twenty-one.”


Joseph said, “I lied.  I always lie about my age… Why does it matter? You had a good time?”


Valerie blushed and stammered, “I need to talk to you…”


Joseph said, “Let’s go for a walk along the waterfront…”


They walked along the beach and threw pebbles into the water.


V alerie turned to Joseph, “I think I’m pregnant.  I want you to marry me.”


Joseph laughed, “I cannot marry a pheasant girl, My father Denley would never allow it.  I have a vast fortune and I must marry someone who is richer than I.  I don’t intend to get married until i’m thirty years old.”


Valerie said, “But I’m pregnant!”


Joseph said, “How can you be so sure that is my baby? Didn’t you sleep with the Virgin Slayer before me?”


Valerie said, “I don’t remember…”


Joseph said, “You can ask Dr Tibideau for an abortion.  He always takes care of my little problems for me.”


Valerie asked, “There have been others?”


Joseph smiled, “I have an insatiable appetite for virgins…”


Valerie asked, “But what if the girls don’t want the abortion?


Joseph hissed, “They have two choices, have an abortion or die… Some of them die as you will if you don’t get an abortion.”


Valerie cried, “I thought you loved me.”


Jospeh hissed, “I say that to all the virgins, why do you think it’s so easy for me to get them? ”


Valerie hissed, “You are evil…”


She walked away from him crying and went back to the party after wiping away the tears.


Ida said, “Your eyes are red…”


Valerie said, “He threatened to kill me if I don’t get an abortion.”


Ida said, “Really?  I’ll have to do something about that…”


Valerie said, “Never mind… I’ll take care of it.. Let’s enjoy our party…”

5 Intro



It was the next day and Valerie was having trouble keeping her food down.  Morning sickness was setting in.


She went to Peter, “I think I’m pregnant.”


Peter turned white, “Who do you think the father is?”


Valerie said, “I told Joseph he was the father.”


Peter said, “When were you with Jospeh?”


Valerie said, “Last week.”


Peter said, “When was the date of your last period?”


Valerie said, “Several weeks ago… The Virgin Slayer was a few weeks ago…”


Peter turned white and said, “Come to my office, I will run some tests to make sure it’s not the flu.”


Valerie said, “I know my own body.  I am never late, I must be pregnant.  I’ve been suffering from morning sickness for weeks now.  I just kept it secret.  I didn’t want anyone to know.”


Peter said, “Did you tell anyone?”


Valerie said, “No I haven’t told a soul.”


Peter checked her over in his office and sighed, “You are pregnant. That means …”


Valerie said, “I told Joseph he needs to marry me but he said that you would give me an abortion.  He refuses to marry me.”


Peter said, “I cannot give you an abortion, Valerie that is my child…”


Valerie said, “You are the Virgin Slayer?  You devil you!”


Valerie ran off crying and Peter sat down with his head in his hands.  That child meant the world to him he could not kill it.  He didn’t know at the time that Valerie would be a part of his life or that she was Ida’s twin sister.  So many things happened in those few weeks.


First he travelled through the time machine … Then he bumped into Valerie on his way to the office.  He had been drinking.. And his judgement was marred, he remembered dragging her into his secret room and having her.  She smelled so fresh and innocent.  Then he erased her memory and told her that she was his child that he had adopted.  He planned for her to have the baby and erase her memory so she wouldn’t know it was his… It was a fool proof plan until Joseph Munroe came along and ruined it!  Now she thought that Joseph was the Virgin Slayer.  He had to talk to someone…


Peter said, “Ida I need to speak with you…”


Ida said, “What is it?”


Peter said, “Valerie thinks that Jospeh Munroe is the Virgin Slayer…”


Ida said, “That fiend!  He got her pregnant and now he refuses to marry her.  I want you to call him out!”


Peter gasped, “You know that she’s pregnant?  She didn’t tell a soul…”


Ida said, “She told me the night of our birthday?”


Peter sat down, “I cannot give her an abortion and Joseph will not marry her.  Maybe we can send her away.  You can go live in the country with her and take care of her and the baby for me…  That way there will be no scandal..  Yes that is what we should do…”


Suddenly there were footsteps then an urgent knock on the door.


Peter opened the door and Joseph was crying.


Peter said, “What happened?”


Joseph said, “She came to me and demanded that I marry her, I told her I can’t… She’s killed herself!”


Peter gasped, “What about the baby?”


Joseph said, “It’s dead too…”


Ida screamed, “Murderer I will kill you Joseph Munroe…”


Peter grabbed Ida and said to Joseph, “Run… I’ll take care of her.”


Peter walked back into the room with the time machine and took Ida with him….

1 -1974-75 Bob Farley and Roslyn Kade




Bob Farley was standing in a room there was a funny looking machine in one corner and a big bubble of air, Cam Kade was pounding on the side of it.


Cam shouted, “Let me out of here, I swear I’ll kill you when I get out…”


Ida Tinkle smiled, “You will never get out, I plan to sacrifice you to the gods I’ll exchange your life and soul for another…”


Ida was holding the Book of spells and looking at Dr Peter Tibideau who was suspended in mid air, looking very helpless.


Bob shouted, “Let him go… You don’t need to do this Ida, he is not threat to you..”


Ida said, “Marchina Totenmyer made a prophecy of a child that would destroy our coven.  Cam is that child, I must destroy him.”


Bob said, “I won’t let you… I will find a way to break that curse and release his soul.  You will die Ida Tinkle, I’ll make sure of it.”


Ida said, “If I don’t kill you first.”


Suddenly a bright light came out of the book of spells and knocked Ida across the room.  Peter dropped to the ground running, he grabbed Bob and ran into the time machine with him…


Bob woke up with Roslyn patting his head she said, “Darling are you okay? You’ve been thrashing in your sleep.”


Bob said, “What am I doing in bed with you?”


Roslyn held up her finger where there was a big diamond ring, “We got married  two years ago were celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary ?  Remind me not to let you drink so much again.  Alcohol is making your brain fuzzy.”


Bob said, “Dr Tibideau carried me into a time machine… And Cam was there, he was trapped, his soul is trapped and Ida Tinkle is holding him.  I promised to break the spell so I can release him.”


Roslyn became very quiet, “Bob please just forget it, we can’t bring Cam back, he drowned when he was six…You can’t keep making up this crazy story about him being twenty-six years old and being abducted by a coven of witches.”


Roslyn went to use the phone.


Bob said, “What year is it now? ”


Roslyn said, “Bob you are really starting to worry me. I’m calling Dr Tibideau he’ll be able to sort you out.”


That’s when Bob noticed her big belly.


Bob said, “Your pregnant?”


Roslyn nodded, “Yes I have been for the past several months.  What is wrong with you?”


Bob said, “I jumped into a time machine, what year is it?  Humor me please?”


Roslyn sighed, “It’s April 1978, I’m due in two weeks.”


Bob said, “We got engaged in 1973… That’s the last thing I remember it was at Christmas..”


Roslyn said, “That’s it Bob I want you to go to bed and lay down until the doctor arrives…”


Bob muttered to himself,”Why doesn’t she believe me…”


He walked upstairs and went to lay down, suddenly a young native woman popped into his room.


Bob startled yelled, “Who are you!”


The native girl said, “Quiet, I’m here to explain things…Dr Tibideau rescued you and you went through the time machine he had to wipe some of your memories so that Ida could not follow after you.  IF she can connect to your mind she can find you.”


Bob said, “She disappeared, I thought she was dead. Who are you?”


The native girl said, “My name is Marchina Totenmyer.  Dr Tibideau will be here soon he can explain it to you.  Stop asking your wife about it, she knows nothing.  Her memory is wiped as well.  Dr Tibideau is your protector, the child your wife is having will destroy a coven of witches, but you must never think about it or ask the doctor about it, he is part of the coven….”


Then she disappeared.


Bob laid back down and muttered to himself, “I am going crazy, I belong in a mental ward…”


The doctor came into the room and placed his bag on the bed.  He pulled out a potion and  mixed it then told Bob to drink it.


Bob said, “Are you Dr Tibideau?”


The doctor nodded, “My name is Peter to you..”


Bob said, “Why do I have to drink this potion?”

Peter said, “You need to remember the cases you were working on.  I am going to restore some of your older memories to you, the one’s that are important.  You are a detective you work for Scotland Yard.  You are living in England under my care.  You must avoid a woman named Ida Tinkle at all times.  You cannot hire a nanny for the child.  You must go back to Scotland and live there.  I have prepared a place for you there.”


Bob said, “Does Roslyn know who you are?”


Peter said, “She is my patient, that is all that she knows.”


Bob said, “She thinks I’m crazy.  She believes that Cam is dead.  Am I dreaming?”


Peter said, “No you are not dreaming, what you saw was real, but you must never breathe a word of it to your wife… When the time is right, Cam will be released.  It will take over twenty five years to do it, so don’t fret about it.”


Bob said, “He will be over fifty years old…”


Peter shook his head, “He is suspended in time, he will be twenty-six when he comes out.”


Bob cried, “Roslyn will not understand.”


Peter shook his head, “Roslyn will give her life so that he can live…”


Bob said, “What do you mean?”


But the room was empty, there was no one there….
2  1976 -78 The Baby Boy




In two weeks Bob Farley would be a father and he was sweating about it.  Why couldn’t he remember anything?  It was frustrating.


Bob said,”I feel like I’m losing my mind Roslyn all these strange dreams coming to me.”


Roslyn said, “I’ve been having some strange dreams myself.  I see the baby being born and that’s it.. Nothing else..I’m crying and falling into a deep dark tunnel and  I can’t get back.  What do you suppose it means?”


Bob said, “I don’t want to think about it.  I couldn’t bear to lose you..”


Roslyn said, “This brings up painful memories of Maureen doesn’t it?  Why can’t you get over her death?  I feel like I’ m battling a ghost all the time.”


Bob said, “It’s not Maureen… I had a vision a warning.. I hope it does not come true…”


Roslyn patted her big belly and smiled, “I want you to promise me something.”


Bob said, “Anything darling.”


Roslyn said, “I want you to name our boy Brent after my grandfather…”


Bob said, “Why would you say a thing like that?  You can name him after the baby is born..”


Roslyn said, “That dream seems real and there was something else… A little native girl leading me to heaven…”


Bob gasped, “Marchina?”


Roslyn nodded, “I believe that’s her name.. She said everything would be okay and that fate has other plans for me.. In another life…”


Bob said, “I won’t hear anymore of this nonsense! You are not going to die!”


Bob began to sob as he hugged his wife.  If Roslyn died it would kill him….


There was a knock on the door and Bob walked slowly to it, wondering who on earth could it be?  Isla was busy this weekend with Jack.  Bob had convinced her to give him a chance and to go out on a date with him.  Bob walked and opened the door and his jaw dropped.  There stood his brother Herman Farley.  A tall, strapping red haired bloke, a mirror image of himself.  They were not twins but many people assumed they were.


Bob had tears in his eyes as his brother stood there looking at him with the silliest grin on his face.


Herman walked in the door, “What’s wrong?”


Bob grabbed him and hugged him.


Bob said, “I feel like i’m cracking up.  I keep having dreams that I’m going to lose Roslyn and she’s having the same kind of dreams… With Marchina Totenmyer in them…”


Herman said, “Listen you need to calm down.  I think fatherhood is making you exhausted.  I told you not to get married and have kids.”


Bob was angry, “Why say such a thing? You just reminded me why I cannot stand you brother.  How is mother doing?”


Herman smiled, “Isla was happy to see me.”


Bob said, “Why can’t you call her mom?”


Herman shrugged his shoulders, “You know I’ve never called her mom all my life, why change now?”


Bob said, “Out of respect, something you know nothing about.”


Herman said, “If I knew I was going to start where we left off, I wouldn’t have bothered to come.  Now where’s this sister in law of mine?”


Herman walked into the room, Roslyn looked up and smiled, then her jaw dropped as Bob walked in the room.


Roslyn said, “My goodness you do look like twins.  How exotic.  I bet you two had fun in school, your only ten months apart am I correct?”


Bob nodded, “Herman was comfortable in mum’s belly he decided to come out ten months later.  We used to joke about it to some of the old folks.  One guy said nineteen months was a long time to carry twins.”


Herman and Bob howled at the joke, Roslyn just smirked then bent over in pain.


Herman said, “You look like your dropping but the babies going the wrong way.  Looks like he is going to be a breach birth.”


Bob looked at Herman, “Since when are you the expert on babies?”


Herman said, “Now you know why I don’t want any.  After reading all the material about it I decided to never have kids, or get married… I don’t want to argue with a woman about having some..”


Roslyn said, “So you  rather be lonely all your life?”


Herman said, “Who said anything about being lonely? I have lots of women in New York.”


Bob said, “How do you like it there?”


Herman said, “It’s a happening place, more so than England… Are you with Scotland Yard again?”


Bob nodded, “Yeah they took me back after clearing up a few things.”


Herman looked at Roslyn, “How do you feel about that?”


Roslyn smiled, “He was going nuts around the house with nothing to do. I begged him to go back to work.  He’s only part time though and works as a detective on cold cases.”


Bob smiled, “I specialize in unsolved murder mysteries.  Ida Tinkle is one of my subjects of study, or as some people call her – Madame X.”


Herman said,” I recognize that name for some reason..”


Bob said, “The Zach Conglier case, there was a big write up on it.”


Roslyn looked puzzled so Bob explained, “Zach never swam a day in his life… So it was surprising to find that he took his own life by drowning in the river…”


Roslyn said, “Why would a man drown himself if he was clearly fearful of water?”


Bob said, “The theory is that Ida Tinkle took control of his mind.. He was running around like a naked madman before they found him drowned in the river.  Some guy jumped in and tried to save him, but he said there was this powerful force dragging Zach down into the water, like an invisible form.”


Roslyn said, “What did it look like?”


Bob said, “What do you mean?”


Roslyn said, “When Sasha Totenmyer drowned, someone reported a black form with a cloak…like the one Dr Tibideau wears, only this form was like a large storm cloud.”


Bob pondered this for a minute while Herman looked at his brother.


Herman said, “Who is Sasha Totenmyer?”


Bob said, “The Totenmyers are a native family from Place Royale, they have protecting most of the villagers there from the dark side.  Now all that’s left is Marchina and she’s young…”


Herman said, “You don’t believe all this hocus pocus stuff do you?”


Bob said, “I’ve had several encounters with paranormal activity so I have to try and reason why and what it is…”


Roslyn sighed, “The pains are getting frequent, I need to lay down..”


It was several hours later that the pain stopped. Roslyn was relieved, “It looks like my contractions stopped, thank god!  It’s too early for Brent to come out..”


Herman said, “It’s a boy?”


Bob said, “We really don’t know for sure..”


Roslyn said, “I know it’s a boy, been carrying him in my back.  Girls carry in the front and this little rascals constantly kicking his mama.  Girls are quieter..”


Bob said, “Who ever told you that?”


Roslyn smiled, “Your mother!  Besides I seem to be carrying Brent the same way I did Cam…”


Her voice broke at the mention of Cam’s name.


Herman said, “Who is Cam, Bob do you have another kid I don’t know about?”


Bob shook his head no, “Cam drowned when he was six years old… Or so I’m told.”


Herman looked at the sad faces and felt a tug at his heart.  This was too depressing for him.  He was missing New York City already…


The next two weeks passed by quickly and then it was the night of May 15, 1978 around 9 pm when Roslyn Farley gave birth to her son Brent.. She died a few hours later…


Bob held his new son and cried as Isla tried to comfort him.


Dr Peter Tibideau stood by silently watching the pain in Bob and Isla wishing he could erase their minds, erase the memories, and help them start a new life… But then Bob would forget everything about Ida Tinkle and that just would not do…


3** new mss Richard and Michael history of 1969 to 1980 building corp projects**


4**new mss 1982 michael and Richard meet dana and Stella at a party- **

5**new chapter Michael and Stella Lafleur***1983 get married

6**wedding Richard & dana 1983**

3 – jan 1969 -80 Richard & Michael Lafleur




Michael was listening to Elvis Presley’s new song release in January 1969 called “If I can Dream”  It made the top ten on the music charts.


Michael said, “Richard I hope that man never stops dreaming about going to the moon, or I’ll be out of a job.”


Richard said, “How is your rocket fuel theories coming along?”


Michael said, “NASA will be testing it soon.  I can’t wait to see if it burns longer, were hoping it will.  Trying to create a lighter fuel that burns longer has been quite the project.  Promise you won’t talk about it with anyone. ”


Richard said, “You know you can trust me.  I don’t know how you do two jobs.. I couldn’t do it.”


Michael said, “I think it’s going to take us a few years to establish ourselves in the marketplace.  Chago Sima has been very helpful with these matters..”


Richard said, “Yeah it’s a good thing he knew our parents or we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Lafleur industries is growing into one of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies.”


Michael said, “What about a new health line?  Organics, I’ll bet that would sell well.”


Richard said,”We would have to build green houses and plants and get into all sorts of agricultural permits, and headaches… Government red tape can be nasty.”


Michael said, “Not if we have the right connections… I have a few friends from NASA that can pull strings, I already discussed it with them.”


Richard was angry, “Why do you always circumvent my authority?  I’m the one that makes the decisions.”


Michael said, “Dad didn’t give only you the power of attorney, he gave it to both of us.  I think because I’m always busy working on my projects you tend to forget that I manage this company WITH you… I am not your employee, I am your twin brother and I’m smarter than you.”


Richard said, “So what if you IQ is 20 points higher? I’ve made the best company decisions without your help.”


Michael said, “And what is that supposed to mean? Your supposed to consult me on everything!”


Richard said, “I can’t when your not around and I don’t have time to chase you down or wait 12 hours for you to return a phone call.  You are the worst guy to get a hold of.  What if we have an emergency?  I wish I could implant a homing device on you…”


Michael said, “Listen Richard I know I’m a procrastinator when it comes to communication skills but the projects I’m working on are top secret and they have deadlines.  So I don’t give a rats ass who is trying to get a hold of me, my work comes first… Always…”


Richard said, “Someday you will regret that… When you have a family and your little baby boy is suddenly in university and doesn’t want to talk to you when your an old man and you stop working, then your Karma will come back to haunt you…”


Michael laughed, “I’ll never get married, are you kidding? What woman would put up with me?  Locked away for hours in a lab, never to return phone calls, and forget dinner dates?  Do you have any idea how many dates I stood up this month? About sixty of them and I could care less.  Women love my body, they want me for a lover, fine… Anything else, I am emotionally unavailable… For life…”


Richard said, “I can’t wait till you fall in love and become a simpering little pup.  I look forward to that day.”


Michael said, “It will NEVER happen, not in a million years…”


Richard said, “Why are you so against falling in love?”


Michael said, “Because at the age of sixteen a girl broke my heart and I never want to deal with that ever again.”


Richard laughed, “You have to learn how to love another before they will love you back.  You didn’t treat the girl very well, you were always late for appointments and she probably didn’t feel like she was all that important to you.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – Live by the golden rule and you’ll be okay.”


Michael said, “stop preaching at me about Karma… I have good Karma.”


Richard said, “Yes you do you lucky bastard.. But when it comes to women don’t complain to me when your old and grey and lonely as hell. I don’t want you knocking on my door everyday to talk about your knarly knuckle problems or hemroids.”


Michael laughed, “Is that what Mr Thomas does?  Everytime I see him coming I run the other way.”


Richard said, “Yes I’m too nice to do that to him.  He always wants to know what you are doing down in the basement.  He can see the lights on till the early hours of the morning…”


Michael said, “Tell him it’s none of his business.”


Richard said,”You tell him yourself… I can’t say that to him!  You know what I’m like.”


Michael said, “Yeah thats why you get to hear his organ recital everytime he comes around… Oh my heart and chest pains, my kidneys are weak, my hemroids my constipation… The list goes on and on.. The drone of his voice makes me want to kill myself.”


Richard said, “Now that’s enough Michael, I don’t want to hear you talking like that.  I know you have your problems with depression that no one knows about and I’ve had to stop you from committing suicide three times, so Please don’t talk like that. I thought we were turning over a new leaf on life? With your new job you seem much happier.”


Michael said, “I am happier now. I finally feel like there’s a purpose in life for me. That I can be of great assistance to all mankind.  If I can just get this formula to work properly, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank and make a name for myself… Success always seems to elude me…”


Richard said,”must like Einsteen and all the great artists and inventors, they all became famous upon their death, it shouldn’t be that way.. Ever..”


Michael sighed, “I agree, but I must get back to work now… I’ll see you in a few months.. Or perhaps at Christmas.”


It was two years later in Jan of 1972 that Michael and Richard took some time off work to go on a skiiing holiday in Switzerland.  They enjoyed the slopes and the pretty blondes.  Michael was trying to continue his work in his room and Richard had enough of it.


Richard said, “Michael you work yourself like a dog, your pale as a ghost, you need to rest, rejuvinate, why don’t you try meditation or yoga?”


Michael laughed, “What’s Yoga going to do for me?”


Richard , “Tone those abs for one.  You have a good build but women have a thing for abs.”


Michael looked at his thin, langly twin brother.


Michael, “Your one to talk, you don’t work out, you have no muscles…You are lean and that’s it.”


Richard said, “I’m an office worker, I don’t need to be physically fit.”


Michael said, “Tell that to all the guys who have heart attacks.. All I read about in the New York Times is this guy dying after working so many years to build an empire.”


Richard said, “I’ll make a deal with you.  I’ll go work out with you at the gym if you promise to take time off and enjoy life with me. We’ll be partners in crime.  Every year I want to take an interesting vacation and enjoy myself by doing absolutely nothing but play “the tourist” what do ya say?”


Michael looked at his brother and said, “You’re serious aren’t you?”


Richard nodded, “I want my twin brother to live as long as I do, I couldnt’ bear living without you.. I have to have someone to pick on…”


Michael laughed, “Alright if it will make you happy you come work out with me and I’ll take some time off to smell the roses…”


Michael kept his word and over the next few years, they made a point to do several things.  A rock climb, an archeological dig, rock concerts for Kiss, Judas Priest, Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and a safari trip to Africa.


It was in 1980 that Lafleur Industries made a hit on the stock market and shares rose up 50%. Financially the twins had built one of the biggest financial empires in New York City and they appeared on the Fortune 500 Magazines and Forbes.  Michael and Richard Lafleur – Pharmaceutical Giants Expand into Organic Medicines.  Thus started the era of healthy medicines, herbal teas and work out products.


The green houses were built, the payroll expanded to several thousand employees and Lafleur Industries was well known on the market.

4 -1982 Dana Gibbons & Stella Demers



It was September 1982 when one of seven victims died after taking a capsule of Extra Strength Tylenol in the Chicago area.  The crimes  dubbed the TYMURS by the FBI,  where the capsules were found to be laced with potassium cyanide.  It became a nightmare for pharmaceutical companies to try and reestablish trust in their products from the general public.  Including Lafleur Industries, who specialized in various types of medication.


Michael said, “Just when we start posting billions of dollars in profits.. Something like this has to happen.”


Richard said, “It must be a disgruntled employee, someone they fired..”


Michael said, “I wish I knew who the Tylenol Killer was – Johnston & Johnston is offering a $100,000 Reward for the capture and conviction of those responsible. I can’t believe no one’s come forward, unless someone paid them more to keep their mouths shut, or they killed them…”


Richard sighed, “Must you always be so morbid Michael? Your imagination runs wild, you should have been a mystery writer instead of a scientist.”


Michael said, “My journals will make fine material someday for a novelist… I promise…”


Richard laughed, “Well we have to put our work aside… There’s a party we’ve been invited to on November 30th, Michael Jackson’s releasing a new album called Thriller – so we all get to dress up like zombie and things for the party, it will be fun!”


Michael says, “I love Michael Jackson – I have his album Off the Wall from 1979.  My favorite song is – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough. I love dancing to that song.  Are they playing all his hits for the dance?”


Richard said, “more than likely, now how about we go look for some zombie costumes –  at the New York Costumes store on 4th Avenue.  Michael Jackson’s currently filming the movie for it so I don’t know if we can get any costumes.”


Michael said, “Maybe I can pull some strings, I’ll find a hot chick and ask her to hold two for us.”


Richard smiled, “Whatever…”


Michael and Richard walked into the Costume store and looked around.  They noticed two girls standing behind the counter looking at them, whispering and laughing to each other.  One was a short dark haired girl and the other was a taller girl, both slim and shapely.


Michael turned to Richard and winked, “I’ll get us costumes and those two women as our dates…”


Richard said, “I’ll take the taller one if you do.”


Michael laughed, “I want the tall one, you can have the short one…”


Michael walked over to the counter and smiled, “First I’d love to know both of your names.”


The girls looked at each other in surprise and giggled.


The tall one said, “My name is Dana Gibbons, is that your twin brother over there?  You both look so much alike?”


Michael grinned, “Yes that’s my brother Richard and my name is Michael, and who is your friend?”


The shorter girl replied, “My name is Stella Demers.  I didn’t catch your last name?”


Michael felt uncomfortable for a minute, for once he didn’t want anyone to know he was rich so he lied, “My last name is Goderich.”


Dana said, “That’s an unusual name for a last name what does it mean?”


Michael shrugged his shoulders and walked away.


Michael whispered to Richard, “Our last name is Goderich, go with me on this…”


Richard looked surprised at Michael who seemed to be perturbed and wondered why then the tall girl came over and smiled.


Dana said, “I think your brother is so used to all the girls swooning over him that he was put out when I asked for you instead…”


Richard smiled and winked at Michael and whispered under his breath, “You can’t win them all, FINALLY a girl with some sense…”


Richard said, “We are in need of two things. One is zombie costumes and secondly we need dates for the Michael Jackson Thriller Party and we thought we’d ask you two girls to accompany us.”


Stella walked over and looked Michael in the eye and said, “Dynamite comes in small packages, handle me with care.  I’d love to be your DATE if you want me..”


Then Stella turned around and walked away, angry that Michael was settling for her as second best.


Dana sighed, “Now you’ve done it Michael Goderich – You’ve pissed off Stella.  Please I beg you to make it up to her or I’ll never hear the end of it.”


Michael snapped, “Why bother? She looks like the difficult kind, just forget it…”


Michael walked out the door and down the opposite side of the street, he walked into a bar and smiled at a long dark haired woman who came over to join him.


The woman said, “Hello stranger where you been all my life? ” in a deep raspy voice.


Michael looked shocked, here was a transvestite sitting  closely beside him and he had been flirting with her.. How was he going to get out of this one…


Stella came up behind him and watched him squirm.


Stella smiled sweetly and said, “He’s been here in New York probably buried in books and studying for his final exams.  He just graduated from high school.  I didn’t think you dated people half your age…”


The dark haired woman glared at Stella and said, “He’s mine, f*** off.”


Stella said, “It’s impossible for him to be yours, he’s a bit flirty when I’m not around but you see I’m his fiance…”


Stella showed a big flashy diamond ring.  Michael’s mouth was gaping wide and the dark haired woman said, “Oooh you devil  you, Stop hitting on the ladies.  Your engaged to this beautiful creature, Lady I’d smack him if I were you…”


Stella nodded in agreement, “Oh i’ll give it to him alright when we get home.  Now darling we must be going, you need to behave and listen to your woman…”


Stella grabbed his arm and pulled him out the door and down the street.  Michael let go of her arm and started walking away.


Stella said, “You know most guys would say thanks for bailing them out..”


Stella turned and walked away wondering why Michael had issues with marriage….


Dana looked at Richard and said, “Does your brother always have hissy fits?”


Richard shook his head no, “I’ve never seen him act this way before… It’s weird for him to be so childish.”


Dana smiled, “Stella’s like that she can rub people the wrong way in ten seconds flat.  Somehow she pushed one of his buttons.”


Richard said, “Why did she follow him.”


Dana grinned, “To push more of his buttons… She won’t let him get away that easily.  I think she likes him and Stella never likes anyone.  Guys are always hitting on her and falling all over her… For ummm certain reasons which I cannot go into…”


Richard carefully said, “Her last name is Demers…let me guess she’s a rich heiress that is tired of men chasing after her for her money..”


Dana said, “That makes two of us.. I see your in the same boat Richard Lafleur…”


Richard was caught off guard and blushed, “Sorry my brothers been burnt so many times by women trying to get his money…”


Dana laughed, “That’s what a prenupt is for, so you don’t have to worry about that stort of thing. I know where your coming from, I’m surprised you went along with it.”


Richard said, “I didn’t have time to dispute it and I didn’t want to embarrass him by making a scene in the store.  So about those costumes, can we get two?”


Dana said, “We can get four, I’ll put them aside and just tell the boss they need dry-cleaning or something.  As for Stella she’ll be there, for Michael…”


Richard said,”Good we’ll pick you up in the limo…”


Dana said, “Don’t bother, I’d rather meet you here at the store, get changed and take a taxi to the party.  We can wave at people on the way there, It will be such fun!”


Richard grinned, “I can see your a lively one Dana Gibbons..”


Dana grinned, “You don’t know the half of it…”


It was on the eve of the party that Michael and Richard showed up at the store.  First they had to have their makeup done and Dana hired two artists to take care of that.


Dana said, “I hate wearing a mask and sweating, its warm out so were going to go with cool looking faces and hands.  You’ll love the costumes I picked out for you.”


She had a big grin on her face.  Richard hoped they were Zombie costumes.  He was a little bit worried for there were two costumes on the rack when he walked in, snowwhite and cinderella.  He was relieved to see Dana go into a closet in the back of the store and come out with the four zombie costumes.  They were a perfect fit.


Michael said, “We could pass for part of the movie crew.  I wonder if I’ll be able to get Michael Jackson’s autograph.”


Dana said, “I wouldn’t bother him at the party about it, they might get suspicious… Even if you do have invitations.”


Richard slapped his head and groaned, “I left the invitation tickets at home…”


Dana said, “We’ll have to swing by there quick to get them.”


Michael said, “We won’t have time with all this traffic.”


Dana looked at Stella, “Care to give us a lift?”


Stella grinned and they took the elevator up to the top floor and there was a helipad.


Stella got into the pilot’s seat.


Michael was impressed, “How long have you been flying one of these?”


Stella grinned, “I just got my license today, hop in.”


Michael wasn’t too sure, and neither was Richard.


Dana was impatient, “Richard I would never do anything to endanger your life, now get in…”


The two of them looked at each other and hopped in.  Soon they could see that Stella was a very good pilot.


Stella grinned, “I’ve been taking lesssons now for about ten years.  I couldn’t get the nerve to go for my license till recently.  My father sweetened the deal and offered me my own helicopter if I passed.”


Michael laughed, “Nice deal.  I remember my father giving me and my brother our first cars so that we would go to University.  It was a good trick, we intended to go all along, we just wanted him to buy us a couple of cars…”


Stella said, “That’s a dirty trick to play on your dad.  What did your mom say about it?”


Michael became very quiet and teary eyed, “She didnt’ complain.”


Richard said, “Sorry but we lost both of our parents, it’s painful to talk about.”


Dana said, “Sorry guys we forgot.”


Dana gave Stella a look of what did you do that for?


Stella whispered, “I wanted to see if Michael has a soul… He’s a very unemotional creature…”


Dana said, “Find out some other time, try not to RUIN our date tonight please…”


Stella pouted and said, “What’s that supposed to mean?”


Dana whispered, “It means keep your opinions to yourself tonight, including comments about other people’s costumes.  These two are a good catch, if we screw this up we’ll be kicking ourselves in the morning…”


Stella said, “Why do you want them so badly?”


Dana said, “You don’t even recognize them do you? Don’t you read the Fortune 500 Magazines?”


Stella said, “You know I’m into Fashion and Beauty. I could care less about finance, why?”


Dana said, “The last name Lafleur ring a bell?”


Stella said, “Why yes, I sent them an email demanding that they start selling organic products…”


Dana said, “Oh no you didn’t…”


Stella said, “Oh yes I did.  I even threatened to sue them.. Do you mean … Oh my God, is this the Michael Lafleur I’ve been ranting and raving about?  The guy that sent me that nasty email reply?”


Dana smiled, “The very same…”


Stella turned around and looked at Michael, “Have you ever seen a helicopter do this?”


She twisted the lever and they started to drop and spin then she came out of it.


Michael yelled, “Are you crazy? You’re making me sweat!  It’s going to ruin my makeup!”


Stella said, “I didn’t know you could be such a Diva…”


Michael sarcastically said, “I was imitating you… I could care less about my makeup.. Yours however is very smudged and ruined from sweating.. You look like a zombie who is melting..”


Michael roared at his own joke and Stella pushed the lever again, and went up high then back down low.


Dana said, “Stella stop! I don’t want to get sick…”


Stella saw how green Dana was looking and said, “Oh no you don’t…”


Dana said, “I cant.. ”  Then she barfed all over Stella….


Michael smiled and said to Richard, “Now that’s what I call good KARMA…”


Stella kept driving towards the party.


Michael said, “You need to go change…”


Stella said, “No I don’t I’ll just rinse it off when I get there.”


Michael said, “I can’t believe your going to walk into a party with me, with puke all over you.”


Stella smiled, “I can tell them I got so sick from your jokes… That I couldn’t help myself…”


Dana groaned and made an attempt to smile feebly at Richard who did not look amused.  He could see that these two were going to be at each other’s throats all night…



Michael and Richard walked into the party alone, Stella was parking the helicopter and Dana went along for the ride to reason with her.  It didn’t work.  As soon as Stella arrived at the party, she started to strategize how to get Michael to stand in a certain spot then she saw the girl with the long dark hair and smiled…


The girl with the long dark hair walked up to Michael, who spotted her and he tried to back away from her , turn and run towards the middle of the yard.


Stella was standing there looking very proud and haughty beside the pool.


Michael came running as the dark hair girl chased him.  Michael bumped into Stella and broke her nose, they both fell into the pool together…


Michael came up first and looked around, people started screaming and pointing at the bottom of the pool.  Stella who had been knocked out cold, was sinking….


Michael dived back in and brought her back up and hauled her out of the pool.  He started to try and recesitate her.  Blood spewing out of her broken nose, she started to choke then grabbed him by the neck and kissed him.


Michael pulled back yelling, “What do you think you are doing!”


Stella yelled, “Karma , karma , karma… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… I kissed you.. Now kiss me back..”


Michael stood there looking at her grinning then grabbed her and gave her a long hard kiss.  Richard came out of the house with Dana and stood there in shock at the sight before him.


Dana said, “I told you she would get him.  Now she won’t let him go….”


5 -1983 The Lafleur Wedding




It was June 25 1983 at the Robert Palmer Concert at the Ritz Hotel in New York City that Michael and Stella Lafleur decided to get married.  More Stella than Michael but she laid it on the line, marry her or she would walk away…


It had been a whirlwind romance, and Michael’s head was spinning this girl turned his world upside down.  She was a Fashion major and wanted so many things in life,  he didn’t know if he could provide it all for her.  Michael still had no idea who Stella was, Richard kept him in the dark about it.  Stella’s parents wanted a big lavish wedding so she secretly planned it before proposing to Michael that night.


Michael assumed they would have a long engagement, he was shocked to find out that the wedding was going to take place a few months later at the same place.  Stella requested the hit song “Dance for Me” by Robert Palmer that night, then she had a plane drive by on their way which said, Michael Marry Me…”


Michael looked at Stella and said, “I thought you told me you didn’t care about marriage…”


Stella said, “I don’t but my father is old fashioned and he’s insisted I get married before I inherit the rest of my fortune.”


Michael grinned, “Okay Stella you don’t have to come up with these wild stories to get me to marry you.”


Stella said, “Michael if you want to expand your rocket research I can do that for you.  Marry me and You’ll have all the funding you need for every single science project you’ve been working on.”


Michael stopped, “How did you know about that?”


Stella said, “My father told me, now are you going to marry me or not?”


Michael said, “Are you blackmailing me into marrying you for your money?”


Stella said, “Yep, I know it’s the only way to get you to marry me.”


Michael looked at her and grinned, “You know your imagination is wild and I love it, I love you so yes I’ll marry you, for all your money..”


Michael thought Stella was joking until the next day when he received a letter from NASA stating that his funding for his latest project would take place the day after his wedding…


Michael took the letter to Stella and said, “What is this?”


Stella looked at Michael and said, “I already told you about this? Why are you questioning me?”


Michael said, “It’s TRUE?”


Stella’s jaw dropped and tears came to her eyes, “Do you mean to tell me Michael Goderich that you don’t know who I am, after all the hints I dropped?”


Michael turned red with embarrassment, “I’m not Michael Goderich, my last name is Lafleur.. And you must be Demers… Not the Demers that I saw for funding? Oh my god thats your father?”


Stella nodded, “You know I’m so glad you fell in love with me.  I was doubting whether to marry you or not.. But now I know you really do love me and not all my money…”


Michael said, “That’s why I didn’t tell you my real name at first, I was tired of women coming after my money…”


Stella grinned, “You have money too, in Lafleur Industries.  I always thought it was your brother’s company. You never talked about it.  Now I know you’re part of it too.”



On September 25, 1983 Stella Demers walked down the aisle in a gorgeous Chanel wedding dress and married the man of her dreams – Michael Lafleur.  The guests numbered into the hundreds and Michael took it all in stride.  He said goodbye to bachelorhood and hello to being a married man.


It was like night and day with him, Richard was impressed.


Richard said, “I didn’t know that marriage could be such a good thing till I saw how happy you two are. I’m afraid to ask Dana.  Lately we haven’t been getting along too well and I don’t know what the problem is…”


Stella overheard their conversation and strode purposely over to Dana and said, “Come with me young lady I need to know something…”


Dana looked scared, she wondered what Stella was going to ask her.  She hoped it wasn’t about sex…


Stella said, “Dana how is your relationship with Richard coming along…”


Dana said, “I don’t think you need to know…”


Stella said, “Yes I do, because I want my dearest friend to be happily married someday to a nice young man named Richard Lafleur.”


Dana said, “You didn’t ask him!”


Stella said, “No I’ll leave that to you, but Richard is sensing that there’s a problem and he’s worried that it’s him.. How is your sex life?”


Dana blushed, “We haven’t had sex yet.”



Stella said, “Why not?”


Dana said, “Because Father would kill me if I did, or him.”


Stella snapped, “Your father needs to get with the times.”


Dana snapped, “My father is constantly harrassing me to get married and have kids.  If I do get married he will be harrassing me constantly to have  a child.  I don’t want to have children right away… I dont know what to do.”


Stella said, “Dana you need to get some backbone, Your a full grown woman capable of running your own life and making your own decisions.  You will have to tell your father to butt out.  What’s your mother say about all this?”


Dana said, “Mother wouldn’t dare to say a word, she wouldn’t want to anger father.”


Stella said, “Now I know why you’ve never brought me home to your parents house.  You knew I’d straighten your father out right away didn’t you?”


Dana nodded, “I was afraid he would forbid me to hang around you if he knew how strong minded a person you were.  He will write me out of his will if I don’t do as I’m told.”


Stella said, “So your worried about losing your inheritance and losing Richard.  That’s a tough one, no wonder you can’t have sex with him.  How’s Richard feel about the no sex thing?”


Dana said, “He argues and accuses me of not loving him and not trusting him.  He thinks I”m not attracted to him physically which isn’t true.  I just can’t cross my father.  We’ve tried but then father gets into my mind and I stop, causing Richard to be very frustrated.”

Stella said, ‘I guess so, you’re lucky that he’s the faithful type unlike your other boyfriends, now I know what they meant when they called you frigid behind your back.  I used to laugh about it, now I’m not..”


Dana snapped, “Why would you laugh about it?”


Stella said, “Because darling I knew you were the warmest most loving creature in the world and they didn’t know the real you.  Inside is a little tigress just wanting to claw her way out.  I can feel your sexual vibes…”


Dana said, “My WHAT!”


Stella said, “Your sexual vibes.. I can feel them on both men and women… I like both.. But don’t tell Michael that!”


Dana was shocked, “Do you mean to tell me your bi-sexual?”


Stella nodded, “In college I had a girlfriend… It didn’t last.  I thought you knew?”


Dana shook her head, “Now I get it. People thought that I was your girlfriend, all those whispering girls.  I thought I was some sort of freak and didn’t know it. Thanks for not telling me.  IF father found out he wouldn’t have let me hang around you…”


Stella said, “What’s that supposed to mean?”


Dana sighed, “My father has an aversion to people that are different, including skin colors…”


Stella said, “Your father is a bigot, abusive son of a bitch and I’m surprised your mother hasn’t divorced him.”


Dana said, “She wanted to but he threatened to hurt her and take away all her money… So she stays..”


Stella says, “That’s not fair.. Why should she have to put up with a brute like that for twenty five years?”


Dana said, “Mother loved him no matter how abusive he was, but she’s getting tired of it.  She wants to be with a man who loves her , someone kind.  She said she realized this after seeing how sweet Richard was with me…”


Stella said, “don’t ever let your father know the truth, he’ll probably try to kill Richard if he does…”


6 -1984 Happy New Year!




It was New Years Eve  – Jan 1st, 1984 when Richard Lafleur came up with enough courage to propose to Dana Gibbons and she accepted.  She reminded Richard that the only way they could marry is if her father approved, so the next day they drove to Antoine and Rey Gibbons house.


It was a large colonial styled home with white pillars, white brick and tall windows overlooking the English gardens.  Richard felt insignificant as he walked into the grand hall that was decorated in bright colors of mauve, blues and greens, very dark and contemporary.  Works of art were placed throughout the home and in every room.  Pieces that Antoine Gibbons had collected from various nations that he traveled to on vacation.  His wife Rey loved many types of art from the early masters as well, One of her favorites was Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  It was in the living room with a matching navy blue couch with bright yellow pillows, and a plush baby blue rug with a large pink vase and silk flower arrangements.  Very elegant , rich and luxurious, it made Richard squirm in his seat on the plush couch.


He couldn’t picture himself living in this type of luxury, the house was the size of a palace and very Victorian in detail with the white lacey curtains, and throws on the mahogany tables.  The lamps had little gold angels on them with harps, very pretty and bulky looking.  Richard swallowed hard.  What if Antoine didn’t want him to marry Dana, would she defy her father and marry him for better or worse, possibly losing her fortunes?  Only love would find a way…


Antoine studied Richard and noted the uncomfortable pose on the edge of the couch, he smiled to himself.  His daughter had picked one of New York’s most wealthiest bachelors.  A man who was clean cut, kind , gentle and turned Antoine’s stomach…  But overall Richard Lafleur was the perfect match for his daughter.  He could see how happy she was and the fact that Richard was richer than he, helped as well.  Knowing Michael Lafleur’s work with NASA, Antoine knew that the family’s reputation would always stay intact and there would never be a hint of scandal.  Stella Demer’s had assured him of that.  In fact Stella had come a day before to talk to Mr Demers about his daughters pending nuptials, she reminded him of the money, fame and fortune and how Richard Lafleur would be a benefit to him.  Antoine knew that his daughter had no knowledge of this exchange of words and she would be mortified had she known.


Antoine held out his hand and shook Richards, “I’ve heard so many good things about you from my collegues and my daughters friends..”


There he said it, he watched Dana’s reaction, just as he thought, she did not send Stella here.  Antoine sighed, he was happy that Dana’s bull dog friend was always on the lookout for her.  Even through gradeschool Stella had watched over Dana, much to Antoines amusement.  He often wished that Stella had been his own daughter, for the lively bull headed way she dealt with people compared to Dana’s insipid shyness.  Stella had always amused Antoine, she was the only woman on earth that would stand up to him and he admired and respected her for that.  To put Richard and Dana at ease Antoine smiled and walked into the dining room.


Surprised there were several guests sitting at the table.


Antoine said, “A little birdie told me that my daughter wanted to get married. I want to congratulate her and express to my future son-in-law that I feel very honored to have him joining my family.”


Dana stood there in shock, and Richard pushed her towards the room.


Rey stood beside her husband and raised a glass and said, “May they live a long and happy life together…”


Dana could see that her mother was quite drunk and it concerned her, Antoine noticed it too and hurriedly asked Rey to have a seat on the other end of the table right beside… Stella and Michael.


Dana grinned and winked at Stella who winked back.  Their plan worked, her father had no idea that Richard had suggested that Stella approach him about the pending nuptials.  After Dana expressed her father’s high regard for her friend, they both decided she was the perfect person to plead their case.  The four of them nodded and smiled at one another, Antoine grinned, and thought to himself.. The sly devil.. He’s smarter than I thought…


Another guest by the name of Trixie asked, “So when’s the big day?”


Stella said, “They will be getting married in May of next year.  I’ve already booked the hall for them.”


Dana said, “Stella you shouldn’t have! I haven’t had time to prepare anything.”


Stella said, “Nothing to worry about Dana, I hired a wedding planner for you, my gift to the two of you.  Both of you are shy people and terrible at planning parties.  I wanted tomake sure that you wedding was fun to attend..”


Stella turned red after seeing all the angry faces looking at her.  She did it again, open mouth insert foot.


Michael said, “What she means is that she knows how stressed outher friend gets and she was worried about her, so both of us hired a wedding planner.  I know my brother he hates planning things and Dana bless her heart, loves parties but doesn’t know the first thing about hiring musicians and caterers.  Now the two of you can concentrate on finding a new home for yourselves…”


Dana sat and looked at Richard, “I thought we would live in your house?”


Richard turned red, “Well it’s not exactly my house, it’s Michael’s.  I sold it to him.”


Dana said, “Where are we supposed to live?”


Richard said, “I’ve built a new home , I was going to surprise you with it..”


Richard glared at Michael for bringing it up.  They had argued about it earlier and Michael said it was bad for a relationship to keep secrets, especially one’s that include living arrangements.


Michael said, “We’ve included a little garden shed there for you to work in Dana.  I know you love flowers…”


Now it was Dana’s turn to glare at Michael.  She didn’t want her father to know about her idea to have a flower shop.  He would never approve of it.  She went to law school, passed her bar exam and he was expecting her to work in his firm.


Rey smiled, “Dana’s always loved flowers.  IN fact this garden around our home is her handiwork.  I don’t know why she ever consented to becoming a lawyer… We all know she wants to be a florist and have her own flower shop…”


You could hear a pin drop in the room as Antoine looked at Dana and barked, “Is this true Dana? You wasted several years in University to become a lawyer?”


Dana started to cry and ran out of the room.


Richard looked at Antoine and took a deep breath, “She’s afraid of you.  She doesn’t want to disappoint you because she loves you so much.  I want her to be happily married and I want her to be content in a career that she wants to do.  If she isn’t then our marriage will becomehell on earth and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen?”


Rey smiled,”Oh Antoine loves having hell on earth, don’t you darling?”


Antoine was ready to blow his stack when Michael intervened,”We are celebrating the pending nuptials of these two.  Richard go get your fiance, and I suggest you talk about the new flower shop later…”



Antoine got up from the table and roared, “What new flower shop!”


Michael said wryly, “The one that Richard was thinking of buying for her…”


Antoine looked at Richard, “How dare you defy your father in law!  I’ll not allow my daughter to marry a man that will ruin her! She will be a lawyer or nothing…”


Rey said,”Now you listen here Antoine Demers. I’ve put up with your crap for twenty five years.  You ruined my c areer, your an abusive f** and I’ll not have you ruin my daughters life.  I want a divorce I’m tired of your controlling ways…”


Rey got up and walked away from the table.  Nobody said a thing, and suddenly Antoine broke down and began to cry like a baby… He ran out of the room.


Michael looked at Stella and said, “That’s what you call fear of being alone.  I think he loves his wife but doesn’t know how to relate to her.  IS there a couples counsellor that you can refer those two too?”


Stella sighed and looked out into the garden, “Some party this turned out to be.  I hope this doesn’t happen at the wedding…”


It was February 7th when everyone was glued to the tv to watch Astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L Stewart make the first untethered space walk.  The crowd cheered as they took their first steps.


Richard patted Michael on the back, “Good job Michael, your experiments are coming along nicely…”


Michael said, “The Challenger is set to land soon at the Kennedy Space Center, that will be on Feb 11th. Another moment in history…”


Richard said, “I wonder if you will ever get a chance to fly to the moon.  They talk about taking up civilians in 1986 in the Challenger… Maybe you should apply for it.”


Michael said, “Even if I got approved Stella would never let me go.  She would be afraid of something happening to me.”


Richard said, “Do I see a henpecked husband before me?  I can’t believe you just said that.”


Michael said, “I know but to save my hide and stop any form of fighting I promised Stella not to bring it up ever again.  We’ve been fighting about it for over two years now.  She wants to start a family down the road.. ”


Richard said, “Your luck she’ll get pregnant just when your ready to go up in space, and then lord I would have to hear about it for the rest of my life. Your right, both Dana and Stella will not let you go up in the space ship, not until they can go… So we’ll have to devise a plan to get them to want to do it..”


Michael said, “forget it, once women make up their minds, there’s no going back.  eVen if you are right, they still won’t admit it.”


Richard sighed, “Your right, I should just shut up about it…”












Richard and Dana Lafleur Spring 1984


Meanwhile, there in New York City, Richard Lafleur was feeling pretty tired and out of sorts.  When they came home that evening Dana told him, she had news for him.  They sat down to a nice hot meal of pork chops and applesauce with sweet potatoes and baked squash.  Dana had made some pumpkin pie for desert with whip cream.  Richard said, “Honey that was awesome.  You made my favorite pie thanks.”  He gave her a peck on the cheek.  He said “It’s a clear night let’s put our coats on and go for a moonlight walk.”  Dana hurried and said, “I’d like to drive over to the east side and walk down by the pier there.”  He said, “Sure,” and they got into their white Cadillac.  They stopped a few blocks away from the pier.  When they got out Dana just stood there with a big silly grin on her face.  Richard looked at her and asked, “Okay what have you been up to?”  She pointed at the sold sign on the shop window and said, “I finally did it.  I’m going to be the proud owner of my own flower shop.”

He grabbed her and hugged her.  “That’s fabulous darling is Stella going to help you with it?”  She nodded, “Yes, but I haven’t shown her our shop yet.  We even have a small parking lot at the back.  I’m going to need to hire a driver to deliver the flowers.”  Richard said, “I know the perfect guy for the job.  My colleague’s Son Troy Stevens is going through University and wants a part-time job.”  Dana said, “Well tell him to come down to the shop tomorrow I hope he can paint.  Stella and I have already picked out the colors we will just have to go get everything tomorrow.  Richard said, “What about a delivery van?”  Dana said, “I ordered it today to be custom painted with our floral logo on it.”  Richard grinned, “It’s good to see the fruit of your labors.  You’ve been planning this for six months now.”  Dana said, “I can’t wait Stella and I decided to call it de-la-fleur flowers.”  Richard said, “It has a nice ring to it.”  Dana said, “And Stella plans to create her own incense and homemade soaps, body washes, perfumes and bubble baths.  It will be a completely organic line of holistic health products in New York City, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal.”  Richard said, “Maybe we’ll take a trip to Canada and go see my parents old hunting lodge I’d like to convert it into a summer resort for us.”  Dana said, “How about installing a pool?”  Richard laughed, “Why do you need a pool when we have a nice clean lake to jump into there?  We could buy one of the White Star’s Sailboats and go there for the summer months of July and August I really need some time off.”

Dana said, “What about Stella and Michael?  Do they want to come?”  Richard nodded no, “Michael hates cabins and camping.  Michael is a city boy; I think he said they are heading to Paris this year.  Stella is going to a fashion show and wants to tour Italy and London as well.  Dana laughed, “Stella will probably drag him to a perfume factory in Paris she really wants to start a line of fragrances of her own, and she wants to study the market there.”  Richard said dryly, “Well Paris, France is definitely the place to go.  Michael loves his wine too; he said something about going to the Cartier Winery in France.  I think Stella has relatives there on her Mother Belle’s side.  I have forgotten what Michael said.  He tends to mumble under his breath to himself I never really know if he’s actually talking to me or himself.”  Dana then said, “Who will I get to run the shop for me?”  Richard said, “why not hire Troy Stevens?  He is a reliable person and maybe he could bring some of his fellow University students and even his Wife?  I’m sure you could get a government grant and subsidize their wages they could work part-time in the fall and winter and go full time in the summer.”

Dana nodded, “I’m assuming because there’s no other exotic flower distributors close by that we will do quite well”   Richard had decided to grab his Wife’s hand as they walked along the pier enjoying the sounds of the water lapping up against the shore and he stopped turned to look down at her and his lips met hers.  When she pulled away and gasped she said, “You still make my knees wobble when you kiss me like that!”  He grinned at her and said, “How about we go home so I can kiss you all over?”  She smiled, “Why go home?  Let’s go parking in the car up at lover’s lane like we used to when we were dating.”  Richard grinned, “Yeah that’s where I took your virginity isn’t it?”  She smiled as they got into the car, “You didn’t take it I gave it to you!”


Michael Lafleur had just gotten off his treadmill, panting, sweaty and thirsty he headed into the kitchen for some Gatorade.  Stella moved out of his way when he tried to kiss her she winked, “Not until you shower you stinky thing!”  He looked at her with a wicked glint in his eye.  “Come join me, I need a good scrub.”  She smiled, “Guess what!  Dana bought the store today.  It’s down on the east side near the pier and it has a small parking lot with it.”  Michael came up behind her and said, “Great” and he nibbled on her ear then the side of her neck.  He traced his finger down her back.  Sending chills down her spine then up her bare arms and across her breasts.  She said, “Okay!  You talked me into it” and they headed into the shower together.  She pulled the scrubby out and lathered his back and legs then she turned him around and lathered the front of his body.  She made sure to pay special attention to his mid-drift.  After washing, his hair and rinsing him off, she put him up against the wall and slid herself down the front of him and he groaned.  He then placed her up against the wall and followed suit.  They made love there in the shower and then headed to bed for some more…

Stella came in the shop the next morning all bright and cheery.  Dana was busy arranging the paint cans and brushes and laying out the plastic on the floor.  She said, “Careful don’t catch your shoes on the plastic.  Speaking of shoes Stella why are you wearing heels?”  Stella looked down and smirked.  “I think I have my runners in the car.  Sorry not thinking.”  She headed back out the door.  When she came back in two young people followed her inside.  “I found more hands for us.”  Dana looked up and smiled the young man came forward to shake her hand, “Hi I’m Troy Stevens and this is my Wife Shelia.”  Dana shook their hands and said, “I hope you can paint?”  They both grabbed some brushes and rollers and got to work.


7** new chapter   The Party **1984

7 -1984, 1985 The Flower Shop




It was to be the biggest party in New York City.  Dana and Stella hired their wedding planner to do the honors.  Dana would be planning her wedding fro July 30th of next year, in the meantime, her store was going to open in  April 4, 1984, just in time for spring.


They rented a room at the Ritz Hotel and decorated it with Orchids and daisies, two of Dana’s favorite flowers.  They had ice scuptures of vases and flower arrangements with a statue of Venus the Goddess of Love standing in the middle of a water fountain.


Champagne was used instead of water, so the guests could fill their own glasses.  The party would cost well over $500,000 but Dana didn’t care.  She wanted to make a statement, and she did.


The New York Times picked up the story and so did CNN News, Hollywood Celebrities were calling and asking if they could come and her little party became a security nightmare.


Dana looked at Richard, Stella and Michael, took a deep breath and said, “Here goes…”


The four of them walked into the room as the announcer introduced them one by one.  Dana felt like she was attending her first fashion show only she was the flower on display.


Their favorite Michael Jackson tunes were playing in the background – from the album “Thriller” where they had all first met during a party.  Everyone was talking about Michael Jacksons – The Victory Tour – the final concert tour for The Jacksons from July 6 to Dec 9 of that year.  Then the topic about his burnt hair from the Pepsi Commercial accident on January 27 started to circulate around the room.


Dana smiled, “Looks like everyone is having fun…”


Stella sighed, “Let’s hope your wedding goes as smoothly.  Now do you believe me when I say a Wedding Planner is a must?”


Dana grinned, “Okay your wedding planner has proven to both Richard and I that she’s everything we need.  She does make life easier.  All I have to do is approve of things and she does all the running around. I’m sorry for getting angry about her, please forgive me Stella but you do love to meddle in other people’s affairs all the time.


Stella said, “I know I’m always trying to fix everyone’s life but my own.  Michael and I have been trying to get pregnant and were not having much luck.  It’s getting to my proud husband, he’s worried that his sperm is defunct.”


Dana said, “You know I think it’s because you two are under so much stress all the time.  You both need to relax and take your time.  When the universe wants you to have a child, it will come.  Just enjoy yourselves in the meantime.”


Stella said, “Tell that to Michael, he’s the one developing a complex.  He’s even having trouble with sex in general, seems like his pecker is developing a complex of it’s own.”


Dana said, “You need to try new things.  Michael is the adventurous type, Richard told me that by the way…”


Stella said, “Try new things… I think your right.  We need to go on a vacation and travel somewhere exotic and fun… Maybe that will help me get pregnant.”


Dana groaned, “Stella your missing the point.  If you concentrate on this day and night it’s going to ruin your marriage…”


Stella, “Is that why Michael’s spending more and more time at the lab these days?  Because he doesn’t want to face schedules and ovaries temperature readings… I’m getting anal about this aren’t I?”


Dana nodded, “Yes and you are chasing your husband away.. Now stop, take a deep breath and find something else to occupy your brain with.”


Stella said, “I have no idea what to do with myself…”


Dana said, “Why not develop some new bath soaps?  It’s something you’ve always wanted to do as a child? Remember the soap you made when you were fourteen?  It smelled heavenly, do you still have that old recipe from your grandmother?”


Stella said, “Yes I think it’s tucked away in one of my treasure chests.  You know your right.  I just need something to sink my teeth into.  I can forget about having children for now. Maybe someday I’ll get pregnant.  I think Michael doesn’t want to have children…”


Dana said, “Why do you say that?”


Stella said, “His whole attitude towards it.  I bought him several how to be a good father books and he hasn’t picked up one of them.  I got tired of nagging at him about it.”


Dana said, “maybe he worries about getting old. Fatherhood can age a man.”


Stella sighed, “So can marriage, I feel like both of us are in some sort of rut and we don’t know how to get out of it.”


Dana said, “Well then it’s time to change things around.  Go on that trip.. And enjoy yourselves..”


Stella said, “I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.  I love the flowers there and maybe I’ll head to Paris, France, that’s where they make the most exotic fragrances…”


Dana said, “Then it’s settled.  Now how are you going to convince Michael that you two need a holiday.  You have to keep in mind he’s working on a project at the moment.  Can he take his work with him?”


Stella said, “Not at the moment but I have an idea.  The Dulmont Magnum is coming available this year…”


Dana said, “Is that the new laptop computer that they started using in Australia in 1982?”


Stella said, “yes it’s the same one.  I think Michael would love to have one.  Maybe instead of going to Hawaii I’ll ask him to go to Australia!  We could go diving to see the great barrier reef and buy one of the new laptops there.  Michael doesn’t follow technology other than Space technology so he will not be aware of  my little deception.”


Dana said, “I’ll get Richard to mention it to him.  You know make him think its HIS idea and not yours… That always works…”


Stella laughed, “Your one smart cookie.”

Dana said, “I am my father’s daughter, he taught me well…”


Stella smiled, “He sure did..”





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It was on July 30, 1985 that Richard Lafleur and Dana Gibbons got married on a private island in Australia… Michael had refused to go on vacation so Stella suggested that the only way to get him there to buy the laptop was to have him go there for his brother’s wedding.  The wedding planner wasn’t too happy about having to change all the arrangements, but Stella gave her an extra Twenty five grand and that helped.


The white flowers, floating in the water along the sides of the white wooden chairs and tents.  Dana looked glorious in a wide dress with a silver diamond tiara on top of her head.  A long train behind her, and several brides maids and grooms from University were there.


Stella remembered some of the girls, but since most of them hated her she kept her distance. She of course was the Maid of Honor.  The reception was like a Hawaiian Lua – Stella’s suggestion.  They had palm trees flown in and lei’s for all of the guest, who thought it fun to be celebrating everything like they would in Hawaii.


Michael felt bad, for his wedding seemed so simple compared to Richards.  Antoine and Rey were greatly impressed with it all.  The society newspapers and television shows lapped it up and Richard and Dana’s wedding became more of a celebrity event.  Dana felt like she was some kind of movie star.  And Richard was starting to get used to all the attention…




It was two weeks later when the shop opened.  They had sent out invitations and held a party with the American Business Association.  They had door prizes for free bottles of wine or a complimentary “Hawaiian paradise exotic bouquet.”  Dana sat down that evening completely exhausted.  “We’ll I think it was a success.”  Richard nodded and said, “Stella’s idea of making several bouquets and giving them away as door prizes was a good one.”  Dana said, “I’ve received twenty orders already for various open houses.  They all want to showcase our unique floral arrangements even the New York Times interviewed us.”  Richard said, “You may need more staff soon I’m thinking of putting greenhouses over at Lafleur industries so we can grow herbs, flowers, and plants there.”  Dana laughed, “You’re really expanding your horizons and enjoying my success as well as your own.  I swear Richard everything you touch turns to gold.”  Richard came over to her and said, “Oh yes but when I touch you like this you turn to mush.”  He kissed his Wife, grabbed her hand, and led her into the office and closed the door.

8**new chapter 1984 Troy and Sheila Stevens – university what courses do they take***history of relationship 1980 -1984– 3 yrs university – graduate.. marriage.. pregnant in april 1983 (baby in 1984 jan new years baby)Time went by quickly and Richard, Dana, Stella, Michael, and Sheila attended Troy Stevens’ University Graduation Party. It was soon after this that Troy and Shelia had a bouncing baby boy named Tony born jan 1 1984.

8 -1980 -1984 Troy Stevens



Sept 1980


Troy stevens could remember that first day in University back in  the middle of Sept 1980 when he first spotted Shelia Sheehan in the hall.  Her long strawberry blonde hair in braids, and bright green eyes.  She had a strong scottish accent and a beautiful smile.  It was as if time had stopped when she smiled at him that first day when he rode his bike into the back of a car and came crashing to the ground.


Shelia had run over laughing saying , “Are you alright?”


Troy blushed and grinned, “I am now.  Hi My name is Troy Stevens and you are?”


Shelia said, “My name is Shelia Sheehan, as you can tell I’m Scottish..”


Troy smiled, “So did you just arrive from Scotland?”


Shelia nodded, “Yes and it’s been strange here so far.  Everything is so much busier then where I come from.  Detective Bob Farley warned me it would be a bit of a culture shock for me.”


Troy said, “That name sounds familiar, does he have a brother working here?”


Shelia nodded, “Yes that would be Detective Herman Farley…”


Troy said, “I know Herman, he’s a funny bloke, always going for some Guiness Beer after work.  That man loves his beer.  Too much if you ask me.”


Shelia said, “He must have a troubled soul then. Or he just loves to be drunk.  I can drink lots of beer before I get drunk.”


Troy said, “Really , how many?”


Shelia said, “Around thirteen beers before I get tipsy… Us Scottish girls hold our liquor well…”


Troy smiled, “Do you drink lots of beer?”


Shelia smiled, “Only on certain occasions or special holidays.  I don’t want to ruin my girlish figure.”


Troy grinned, “I like your girlish figure especially all those round curves.”


Shelia laughed, “Another boob man I see.”


Troy said, “Are they real?”


Shelia said, “Yes, you won’t find any silicone in these babies..”


Troy said, “I’ll have to investigate that sometime once I’ve gotten to know you better.”


Shelia laughed, “Smart man, I half expected you to grab and pull on them.  That’s what I’m used to back home.  The men there just grab whatever lassie they want and have her then and there.  They didn’t come after me, because they feared my friends – Bob and Herman.  They are much older than me, and friends of my fathers… When he was alive…”


Shelia became quiet and withdrawn.  Troy didn’t want to say too much more so he nodded and walked away.


Troy looked at his schedule, it was going to be a busy year in Finance & Accounting.  He wondered what Shelia was going to take in school?  Was she even registered there? He didn’t see a program on her when he bumped into her.  He even forgot to ask for her phone number.  He hoped to see her again…


Dec 1980


It was while Troy was out Christmas Shopping that he spotted Shelia sitting in a Hungarian Pastry Shop near Morningside Heights on Amsterdam Ave.  She was talking to a blonde haired boy and smiling.  Troy assumed it was her boyfriend for he was holding her hand. He walked away disappointed.


Suddenly he heard a female voice say, “Troy is that you?”


Troy spun around and smiled, “Hi Sheilia… I didnt’ want to intrude ..”


Shelia laughed, “There’s nothing to intrude on, that was my brother Travis Sheehan.  He is visiting from Scotland.  He’s come to ask me to come home for Christmas. I don’t want to go back there alone.  I was going to ask if you could come?”


Troy was shocked, “Why me?”


Shelia sighed, “I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since the day I met you.  I flew back to Scotland a few days later and came back.  I had to find you.  Do you have a girlfriend?”


Troy shook his head no, “I”ve been looking all over for you. I hoped you would be a student at the University and attend the Halloween Dance.  How was it that you were in the University that day?”


Shelia grinned, “I was going for a tour.  I’m planning to attend next September.  I’m thinking of taking the Tisch School of the Arts courses.  Wait until you see my paintings.  Will your family mind at all?”


Troy sighed, “They probably will.  I will go see them for Christmas Eve and stay with them for two days, and then I’ll come see you later in the week.  We can spend New Years Eve together, how does that sound?”


Shelia grinned, “I would like that very much. ”


To his surprise she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and dashed away… Then came back with a piece of paper, this is my address and phone number.. Call me  Christmas Day and let me know exactly when you’ll be coming… I’ll be waiting for you…”


Troy’s parents were surprised when he announced that he was going to Scotland.


Troy said, “It was the funniest thing.  I always said that fate would bring me a soul mate when the time was right.  I met this girl while she was touring the University.  I happened to bump into her at a cafe in New York City.  She actually flew all the way from Scotland to look for me.  I’m flattered.  She’s invited me there for New Years.”


It was a few days later that Troy hugged his parents goodbye and hopped on a plane to Scotland.  He remembered calling Shelia on Christmas Day and she sounded distant and afraid, but she didn’t say why.  He assumed she still wanted him to come and visit so when he showed up on her doorstep unannounced Shelia looked like she wanted to faint.


Shelia hissed, “I can’t talk now… I’ll have to meet you in a day or two, go find a hotel to stay in, something has come up..hurry go…”


Troy heard a male voice inside say, “Honey whose at the door?”


Troy went to the local hotel with a sinking heart.  Maybe Shelia wasn’t the right girl for him.  Maybe she just wanted a fling and not a real boyfriend.  Still why did she fly all the way to new York to come and get him if she had a husband?  He shook his head and sat there looking very sad.


The bartender said, “What will it be laddie?”


Troy sighed, “I’ll have a Guiness…”


The bartender said, “A Guiness it is. .. I haven’t seen you in these parts before who might ye be visiting?”


Troy looked up and said, “I don’t know…”


The bartender looked over Troy’s shoulder and said, “Bob I fear we have another traveler that’s lost his mind…”


Troy spun around as a large hand rested on his shoulders.


Bob smiled, “Hey it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.  Is everything alright?”


Troy noticed the Scotland Yard uniform and the red hair.  He remembered talking about a guy named Bob…


Troy said, “Are you Detective Bob Farley?”


Bob nodded and smiled, “I think I know who you are… Let’s go for a walk…”


Troy said, “But my beer?”


Bob said, “You and I will have a beer when we get back.”


Troy said, “Oh, Okay…”


They walked outside and down the road a ways.  Troy was looking up at all the stars in the sky.


Troy said,  ” Lots of stars out here.  Where are we going?”


Bob said, “You need a place to stay and a bite to eat.  Shelia called me and asked me to help.  She’s sorry for the way things looked back there it’s not what you think.  That was her uncle calling her honey… Just so you know..”


Troy was confused, “She called you to take care of me?”


Bob said, “It’s all about hospility here, she meant to say for you to stay at the hotel long enough until arrangements could be made, she didn’t want to have to explain you to her uncle, he’s a bit of a grouch at the moment.”


Troy said, “Why is her Uncle there?”


Bob said, “Let’s get to my place, have a bite to eat and then I’ll explain to you what’s happened…”


Bob led the way to a small thatched cottage sitting along the ocean.  It was a beautiful view.  Troy was envious..


When they walked in Troy could see a very pregnant young woman and an older woman.  He smiled at them.


Bob said, “I didn’t get your last name?”


Troy said, “It’s Stevens…”


Bob said “Troy Steven’s I’d like you to meet my very pregnant wife Roslyn and my mother Isla Farley… Troy’s here from New York City.”


Isla said, “Oh your the young man that Shelia Sheehan’s been talking about nonstop since September…”


Troy blushed.  Roslyn smiled then grabbed at her stomach.


Roslyn said, “I’m sorry I’m not feeling my best today.  I only have four more months to go and this child is active..”


Troy smiled, “Congratulations… I hope to have some little one’s someday…”


Troy blushed when he realized that he was wearing his emotions on his sleeve.  Roslyn smiled and so did isla they winked at Bob.


Bob said, “We prepared you some Boxty and salad, here have a bite.”


Troy didnt’ realize just how hungry he was and he was feeling very tired after he was done.


Troy said, “If you don’t mind Bob, I’m exhausted from jet lag… I’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that beer and is it alright if we talk over lunch tomorrow? ”


Bob said, “Good idea, have a good nights rest I’ll see you in the morning.  We can go fishing..”


Troy beamed with pleasure, “It’s been years since I’ve gone fishing..”


Troy went into the small guest room, placed his things down and fell fast asleep….


It was early the next morning when a rooster started crowing around 5 am in the morning.  Troy wanted to throw a shoe at it because it wouldn’t stop.  Finally he heard Bob stirring in the room next door.  Bob headed out the door and Roslyn followed.  Troy watched them go out to a barn behind the house.  He walked out the back door to investigate.  There was a small chicken coop and roslyn was gathering some eggs.  Bob was milking a cow.  Troy thought about New York City and laughed, this was something you didn’t see everyday…


Roslyn said, “Did you enjoy your breakfast?”


Troy nodded, “I’ve never had potato pancakes before they were very tasty.”


Bob said, “Watch out, if you come to live here my wife will fatten you up… She’s put a few pounds on me… I call it sympathy weight, you know because of the baby…”


Roslyn grinned, “Bob thinks he’s eating for two as well…”


Troy said, “Where is your mother Isla?”


Bob said, “she lives in her own place down the road.”


Troy nodded.  Bob got up cleaned off the plates, filled the sink with soapy water and proceeded to wash the dishes.  He threw a towel to Troy who dried them.  Roslyn put them away.  Then the two men headed out the door to the shed, grabbed a tacklebox and two fishing rods and headed down a dirt trail that went to a river.


Bob sat down on a log and started to put a worm in the hook he looked up a Troy who was acting very squeemish.  Bob grinned and said, “You city boys don’tknow what your missing.”


Bob handed Troy the fishing rod and Troy tried to cast it but it got all tangled in his hat.


Bob grinned, “You need to stretch your arm out when you cast it.”


Troy nodded as Bob unhooked the line from his hat.


Bob said, “Watch me…”


Troy watched as Bob expertly cast his line, let it sit for  minute then slowly reeled it in.


Bob said, “There’s been a murder..”


Troy looked shocked,”What happened?”


Bob said, “We don’t exactly know.  Shelia’s brother is missing, and both of her parents are dead…So she has her hands full at the moment.  She will probably spend New Years Eve with you but she’s busy preparing for her parents burial.. She’s in a state of shock…”


Troy looked at Bob, “Her brother was in New York City a few months ago… He was begging her to come back to Scotland…I remembered how scared he looked.. Like he was hiding something.. She was comforting him, holding his hand..”


Bob said, “Well that’s the problem you see her parents disappeared around the same time he went to New York City.  They just found the bodies this week, off in the brush, they were murdered with a machette.  Cut into many pieces, it was the goriest crime scene I’ve ever had the misfortune to view.”


Troy said, “Sounds like the killer is pretty angry to do something like that.”


Bob said, “Why do you say that?”


Troy said, “I study psychology, and they say the more wounds inflicted on  a body, shows how much pain the killer is in, he’s trying to rid himself of the pain… From something…”


Bob said, “Did Shelia tell you she ran away?”


Troy said, “No she didn’t.  I heard that she was at the University of New York for a tour.  She’s planning to attend in September – the Tisch School of  the Arts.  She said something about showing me her paintings? Is she gifted?”


Bob looked at him in surprise, “I had no idea that she could paint.. How very odd. ”


Troy said, “I didn’t see her for several months and then one day I happened upon her at a Hungarian Cafe, she was there with her brother.  That’s when she invited me to come and visit her after Christmas and spend New Years Eve together…I called her on Christmas Day, she sounded very distant and didn’t tell me not to come… So I assumed our plans were still the same.  Itried to call her back but the lines were busy and I couldn’t get through.  I knew something was wrong so I came to help..”


Bob looked at Troy, “You came to help a perfect stranger?”


Troy said, “I feel like she’s my soul mate?”


Bob smiled, “I know how that feels.  I felt the same when I met Roslyn…”


Troy noticed that Bob was feeling something painful deep down inside.  He waited.


Bob said, “Roslyn came along after my first wife died.  We’ve known each other since we were kids… It took me this long to realize I was in love with her all along… You’re lucky.. You knew within a day that Shelia was the one for you.. ”


Troy nodded, “I think my parents are concerned that school’s getting to me.  Usually it takes me about six months to warm up to a girl just so I can ask her out on a date. But  Shelia was different, she brought me to life inside… I can’t explain it.”


Bob said, “You don’t need to… I understand.”


Suddenly a cheerful female voice said, “Roslyn said I’d find you here.”


Bob said, “How are you feeling Shelia?”


Shelia said, “Better then I thought I would.  The doctor gave me a sedative and I had a good nights sleep for once.  Can I borrow Troy for a minute please?”


Bob said, “Sure just take him over that way.  I’m going to sit here… I think I got a bite…”


As he said it, his reel started spinning out of control, Bob gave a yell as he stood up, “Come here boy… I’m going to git you…”


Troy smiled then turned back to Shelia, “I didn’t expect to see you so soon.  Bob told me what happened.  How are you really feeling?”


Troy looked deep into her eyes, he saw a frightened soul there before him.


Shelia broke down, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to start blubbering in front of you.  My whole week with you is messed up… I can’t handle this and I’m worried about my brother… I know he owes money to someone… I dont’ know if my parents death has anything to do with his disappearance…”


Troy held out his arms and Shelia grabbed him and he hugged her tight and then to his surprise she raised her head and kissed him.  It was a glorious kiss, Troy felt connected in soul to this girl for some reason.  He kissed her deeper and she responded.  He could feel the energy from his body going into hers.  He would be that pillar of strength that she needed.


Shelia broke away and gave a feeble smile, “Thank you I needed that.  My Uncle is being impossible, he’s trying to make all the funeral arrangements the way he wants instead of what my parents desired…”


Troy said, “Who has power of attorney?”


Shelia said, “I do.  Mom and Dad didn’t trust my brother, he’s been in trouble with the law for several things.  He’s a bit wild, thats all.  Mostly out of boredom he gets into mischief… He would never do anything to harm my parents, he loved them.”


Troy said, “Are you safe in the house there?”


Shelia said, “No one will touch me with  my Uncle there.  He hangs out with some undesirable people too.”


Troy said, “Does your uncle get a share of your parents inheritance?  Maybe he killed them?”


Shelia was shocked, “How did you come to that conclusion?”


Troy said, “By the sickly sweet voice in the background, no thug talks like that unless he’s needling someone. I think your in trouble and you need to talk to Bob about it.”


Shelia said, “I don’t want anything to happen to Bob.  He’s got a baby on the way, Roslyn’s stressed out enough as it is.”


Troy said, “Bob can have his brother Herman come here, he won’t put up with any nonsense.”


Shelia said, “I can’t believe you picked my uncle…. That’s so weird.”


Troy said, “Maybe I’m reading your thoughts…”


He meant it as a joke but the fear in Shelia’s eyes told another story…


Bob made a call to New York City and Herman promised to be there two days later…


Bob said, “Herman has more experience then me with forensics, he’s bringing a special task force team with him, his own private practice he has a few guys that work for him on the side.  If anyone can crack this case he can…”


Troy smiled.  He was glad he suggested it, but mad that no one thanked him for it.


Herman walked in the door two days later, looked at Bob, Roslyn’s big belly then at Troy.


Herman sat down and said, “What’s for dinner?  I’m not going to feel like eating after looking over a crime scene so I want to fill my belly now…”


Roslyn was used to her rude brother in law and she didn’t like him not one bit.  Troy could see how tense she was and so did Bob.


Troy said, “Bob you’ve been so good to provide me with a nice place to stay, how about I take all three of you out for dinner?  Do they serve food at that bar I was in?  I’d like to go back and finish my beer…”


Bob said, “Your beer is kind of stale by now but yes I’ll let you take us all out for dinner..”


Herman grumbled, “I just got here I’m exhausted I don’t feel like going out anywhere.”


Much to everyone’s surprise Roslyn put her face up to Herman and said, “Well then you just stay here, go lie down and we’ll bring your supper home to you, about two hours from now when I feel like bringing it home…”


Herman got the message and mumbled, “never cross an angry momma bear she’s got claws…”


Troy giggled at this admonition and so did Bob, Roslyn just glared at Herman as they walked out the door and down the street.


They walked into the bar and the bartender smiled, “Came back for your Guiness I see…”


The bartender poured out three of them and handed a Pepsi to Roslyn, “No beer for the baby until afterwards…”


Roslyn glared at him then smiled.  She was finally starting to relax.  Troy could see that Herman had a way of putting everyone on edge in the tiny village in Scotland….


It was the next day when Herman and Bob headed over to Shelia’s house.  The Uncle was out for the day . Shelia let them in and then she went for a walk with Troy.


Troy said, “I think it’s odd that your allowed to be in the house after a murder…”


Shelia said, “My parents weren’t murdered here, they found their bodies in a forest along that road over there.  I think they want to see if there’s any clues around the house first then they will head over to the forest where they were found.”


Troy said, “Herman’s team is supposed to show up tomorrow.  They are staying in the hotel today to recover from jetlag and they are planning to interview the locals at the bars and restaurants.  It’s a small town, someone probably saw something even if they didn’t know it…”


Shelia was quite and she even looked guilty.


Troy said, “You told the police everything right?”


Shelia shook her head, “I’m afraid of my uncle, he is the power of attorney over the estate. There’s two of us handling this estate…”


Troy said, “I wonder where your brother is, or even if he’s alive?”


Shelia said, “I think he is alive, I heard something moving around the attic last night.  I wonder if he’s hiding out by his old tree fort… But why is he hiding?”


Troy said, “You said something about him being in trouble, maybe he’s afraid the police will pin the murder on him because he has a record..”


Shelia said, “My brother is mischievous and a thief, but he would never kill anyone.  He doesn’t even kill flies or bees.  He doesn’t have the stomach for it…”


Troy said, “What about you?  Have you ever been in trouble with the law?”


Shelia said, “Only once, because I was protesting them building in the forest. It’s prime agricultural land, I hate to see it ripped up for the sake of a few condos.  There’s lots of land around these parts, they can choose another spot.  I don’t want them blocking the view to the ocean either.”


Troy said, “Were your parents ever involved in any business , environment or disputes like you?”


Shelia nodded, “My father was often protesting things like taxes, politics, local food prices, but he never got into trouble with it.”


Troy said, “I had to ask, I’m playing detective. I hope they wrap this up soon, its New Years Eve Tomorrow night.. Any ideas of what were doing?”


Shelia gasped, “I almost forgot about it! Sorry but I know, let’s go ask Roslyn if there’s any parties we can crash…”


They walked back to the Farley’s residence and were surprised to see Roslyn sitting outside crying.  The two of them rushed over.


Shelia said, “Roslyn are you okay? What’s the matter?”


Roslyn said, “Bob locked me out of the house and he won’t answer the door!”


Shelia looked at Troy and back to Roslyn, “Bob and Herman are over at my house?”


Roslyn said, “He is?  When did they leave?”


Troy said, “We all left about an hour ago..”


Roslyn said, “That’s funny, I just came outside to hang the wash and when I went to go back in the door was shut.”


Shelia said, “It’s a little windy out, maybe the wind shut the door.”


Roslyn said, “Yes but who would lock it?”


Troy said, “Maybe something fell in front of the door? Did you have anything propped up by it?”


Roslyn said, “I had a chair there to hold the laundry basket.. I wonder if somehow it fell over.”


Troy looked at the open window behind her and looked at Shelia and smiled.  The two of them walked over to the window and Shelia gave Troy a boost up and over the sill.  There was a resounding crash from inside.


Shelia said, “Are you alright Troy?”


Roslyn said, “Oh no my vase is broken!  I was my mothers… An heirloom.”


Troy shouted, “I’ll get the door open after I move this chair…”


The girls could hear him moving the chair around and then he tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge.  Someone had locked it from inside.  The hair stood up on the back of Troy’s neck when he heard someone breathing heavily.    Troy turned around and then there was a resounding thump… A dark figure darted out the door and ran around to the back of the house.  Shelia and Roslyn screamed then rushed inside.  Troy was bleeding from the lamp that was sitting on the floor near his head.


Roslyn said, “I’ll stay here, run to your house and get Bob.  Troy’s going to need stitches…”


Shelia ran as fast as she could she was out of breath when she got there…


Bob  was the first to notice her wheezing behind him.  He whirled around and saw that Troy wasn’t with her.


Bob said, “Is it Roslyn?”


Shelia shook her head no, she had to get her breath.


Bob said, “Is it Troy? Did something happen?”


Shelia nodded yes and motioned for them to follow her.  She pointed down the road towards her house.


Bob ran towards the house.  Shelia stayed there waiting for Herman to show up.  When he didn’t she walked back into the house.   A dark form reared up from behind a door and hit her square in the face.  Shelia went reeling backwards and fell to the ground….


Bob ran inside his home and there was Roslyn tending to Troy’s head.


Roslyn said, “Bob there was a dark figure here, it locked me out of the house… They tried to kill Troy but we scared them off.  Shelia’s in danger…”


Bob turned around and saw that neither Herman or Shelia had followed him.  He went to the phone and it was dead.  Bob went into a cupboard and unlocked it, pulled out two guns.  He handed one to Roslyn and took the other one with him.


Bob ran down the road to the next house and banged on the door.


Mrs Smithers opened it and smiled, “Arnold it’s Detective Bob Farley, how are you laddie?”


Bob said, “I need to use your phone.  You need to close all your windows and doors, we have a killer on the loose.  He attacked Shelia’s parents and came back to my home. Roslyn’s okay but our guest Troy isn’t.  Call Scotland Yard for me, I have to go back to Shelia’s place to see if she’s okay.”


Bob ran back out the door and Mrs Smithers looked helplessly at her husband as he picked up the phone and dialed Scotland Yard…


Bob walked up the steps of the house carefully with his gun out in front of him.  He darted from room to room and then he stopped.  He could hear someone crying under the floor.  Bob thought for a moment, the old war tunnels used to go from house to house… Was it possible there was one in this home?  He retraced his steps back to the living room and pulled the throw rug aside.  There was a wooden door with a iron handle on it.  He pulled on the handle and the door flew open easily.  He walked down the stairs, lit the oil lamp placed nearby and went down through the tunnel into a small room.  Three people were tied and gagged.  Shelia, Herman and Shelia’s brother Travis Sheehan were lying there on the floor looking worse for wear.  Bob searched around making sure the coast was clear, that’s when he spotted another office off to the left.  He went back and removed the cuffs and ropes from everyone.


Bob said, “Are you guys alright?”


Travis said, “I thought you would never find me down here.. I didn’t know this even existed.”


Bob said, “Did your attacker say anything to you?”


Travis said, “It’s my Uncle.. He’s trying to hide what I found…”


Bob said, “What did you find?”


Travis said, “It looks like my father was selling government secrets to the Russians, and his brother works in the government.  I think both of them were working as a team.  My father wanted to get out of it and stop but his brother wouldn’t let him.  So he killed him and my mother found him so he had to kill her.. He told me everything… He was planning to kill all of us, by setting the house on fire…”


Suddenly several shouts were heard above them and a shot rang out.  One of the men from Scotland Yard yelled, “Bob are you alright down there?”


Bob said, “I found them all of them, I need to contact the government officials about this..”


They walked back up the stairs and the officer in charge said, “We were attacked by a man in a dark suit.  He’s dead now.”


Shelia ran out the door and cried, “It’s my uncle.. Why did you shoot him?  He murdered my parents…”


The officer said, “How can you be so sure.”


Travis walked over, “Because he confessed to me that he did it.  He was planning to burn the house down but when Troy showed up, everything got messed up for him.  ”


Bob smiled at Shelia, “Fate has a funny way of stepping in, doesn’t it?”


Shelia nodded and smiled, “Strange how this all came to be…”


The officer went downstairs and read the documents and looked at what was on the computer and came back upstairs.


The officer pulled bob aside, “Were lucky we stopped them.  They have been planning a nuclear attack on Russia.  Looks like they have a list of contacts here…Were going to have to keep this quiet.  What about Shelia and Travis, do they know anything about this?”


Bob shook his head, “No they had no idea about it. I’ve known these kids for years, they tell me everything that goes on.. I always thought something fishy was going on with Mr Sheehan but I could never prove it.  Now I know that Roslyn was right.  She mentioned seeing some German Military vehicles the other day but I didn’t pay any attention to it.  I thought it was for the movie crew shooting over in Glasgow.  Guess it wasn’t.”


The officer said, “They picked the perfect time to do a hit, just before Christmas… Feel bad for the kids, looks like they are pretty upset.”


Bob said, “Yeah they would be.  They were both very close to their Uncle, he was great from what I can tell, This is a big surprise for them, but I know exactly how they feel…”


The officer looked at Bob, “Don’t you just hate how things always bring up the bad things that happen to us in the past?  Time to look forward to the future, a lovely wife, a new baby… You have no more worries..”


Bob said, “I really wish that was true…”


Luckily for Bob the special investigations unit came in and took over.  Roslyn invited Shelia and Troy over for the town’s new Years Eve party at their house.  It was going to be a lovely evening and Shelia wanted to look her best.  So she went rummaging around in to her mother’s closet and found a pretty pink dress that had never been worn.  Then she looked closer and saw that it was the same dress that her mother had worn in her wedding photos years ago.  It must have been her honeymoon dress.  Shelia smiled, maybe it was an omen of things to come…


***************Jan 1 1981 New Years’ Rockin’ Eve – New York City in Scotland ************


Everyone gathered around the TV for the countdown for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve – because of the I Love New York Campaign the Times Square Ball was decorated with red light bulbs and a green stem in the design of an apple… 3, 2, 1 – Happy New Year could be heard from the Television set.


All the couples were kissing including Bob and Roslyn.  Herman was looking uncomfortable.  Troy and Shelia shared their first kiss and Travis was looking out the window wishing he was somewhere else.  Everyone drank to the early hours of the morning and then the party started to break up.


Roslyn said, “Travis and Shelia since you’ve had a few rough days, I’ve set up cots for you in the guest room, you’ll have to share a room I hope that’s alright?”


Both of them nodded relieved they didn’t want to go back to the house and they really couldn’t because of the police investigation.  Tomorrow Shelia would have to go pack a few things and find somewhere else to go, Travis would head over to one of his friends houses.


Troy was worried about Shelia he didn’t want to leave her in Scotland so he asked Bob, “Is there any reason for Shelia to stay here? Other then the reading of her parents will?  Is it possible to do that in New York? I want to take her back home with me.”


Bob said, “Does Shelia know this?”


Troy nodded no, “I know she was planning to go to school in September.  I’m sure she can find something to do in the mean time.”


Bob said, “It should be alright I think were going to take a year to investigate the home and get all the facts together for the crime scene, there won’t be any insurance money for two years if they have any.  I hope she has money to live on…”


Troy said, “Is there any way Roslyn could find out for me in a round about way?  I don’t want Shelia thinking I’m going to ask her to marry me out of pity.”


Bob said, “Woah you two just met.  Give yourself time my boy don’t rush into marriage.  Your just starting University there’s a lot of pressure and money and…”


Troy smiled, “I dont’ have to worry about money, I’m set for life.  I just go to school because I want to give myself something to do. I Plan to go into science and space technology.  I have a chance to get into NASA.”


Bob said, “I have another friend that works at NASA, his name is Michael Lafleur.  He owns Lafleur Industries in New York City.”


Troy said, “No way! I”ve been reading up about all his accomplishments.  I”d give anything to work with him.”


Bob winked, “I’ll see what I can do.  Maybe Herman can introduce the two of you for me, since I’ll be staying here in Scotland… I wonder if Shelia will want to come back here after she graduates.  You need to find out lots of things before you propose.  How many children do the two of you want.  What religion do you want them to be raised in.  It’s caused me nothing but grief, arguing about these things with Roslyn…”


Troy smiled, “Thanks for the tip, now about Shelia… I need to know how to approach her.  I don’t care if she doesn’t have a penny, I’m not worried about that at all.  I just want to know if her pride will stop her from marrying me because of the money…”


Bob said, “Does she know about your financial situation?”


Troy said, “Not a clue, we’ve only spent about three days with each other in total…”


Bob said, “I can’t believe you want to marry the girl… What do your parents say?”


Troy laughed, “Since I’m a confirmed bachelor, they are relieved.  My father didn’t want to hear the words “I’m gay dad..”  He didnt’ know how he was going to handle it.  He says my grandfather wouldn’t put up with it.  So many people are dead set against it.  With all the protests in the past few years in New York City, Dad was very relieved to hear I was interested in a girl.”


Bob said, “But you are so young!  Enjoy your freedom while you can…”


Roslyn snapped, “Oh so now you regret getting married Bob Farley?”


Bob sputtered, “No darling I’m just trying to talk some sense into this young lad.  Listen we can’t talk about this now… Shelia’s here and she’s had a difficult time, understand?”


Roslyn heard Shelia gasp behind her and she felt terrible.


Roslyn swung around and said, “I’m sorry Shelia I’m so snappy with this pregnancy.  I can’t wait to get this baby out of me, he’s making me into a very moody mama.”


Troy said, “Blaming it on the baby? I thought all women were moody.”


Bob hissed, “Shush don’t let Roslyn hear you say that!  Are you trying to create a war here? Were outnumbered…”


Troy said, “How’s that?”


Bob said, “Wait till your married, you’ll understand.. Actually you won’t.  I have my mother on one ear and my wife on the other.. That’s what  I was referring to.”


Troy said, “I hardly see my mother and I won’t have to deal with a mother in law…”


Shelia came around the corner and stopped then she burst into tears and ran up the stairs…


Troy said, “Oh god now what I have done? ”


Troy ran up the stairs, “Shelia you weren’t supposed to hear that conversation.  Men talk about things that women shouldn’t hear…”


Shelia snapped, “I haven’t even buried my parents and what are you on about a mother in law anyway?  Were not married.”


Troy sighed, “I was referring to the future if you must know.  I just don’t know when to make you Mrs. Stevens…”


Shelia opened the door and said, “Are you serious?  We just met?”


Troy said, “Listen I may be young but I’m a good judge of character and when I laid eyes on  you it was love at first sight.  I know people think it’s nuts but there you have it.  My parents know about it, well they know I fell in love  … With you.  Will you marry me someday Shelia when the time is right?”


Shelia grinned, “I fell in love with you too, why else would I fly back from Scotland to find you?  I felt like a part of me was missing.  I honestly just want to be by your side from now on.  I’ll go to University in the fall, and make something of myself, I promise.  And I do want a kid, but only one or two at the most.  I don’t care how we raise them, because I’m not particularily religious and I don’t think you are either because you met me on a Sunday and never said anything about going to church… So I think everything’s covered.. There’s just one more thing…”


Troy said, “What?”


Shelia said, “You have to love doing oral sex.”


Troy laughed, “WHAT!”


Shelia said, “many couples never discuss that sort of thing before they do it.  And I don’t waste my time.  I like to have oral sex and I give back too.  I like a man that can pleasure me for hours… Can you?”


Troy said, “Yes I will so it’s settled.  When would you like to wear this ring?”


Troy pulled out a large diamond ring and smiled.  Shelia held out her left hand and grinned back.


Troy put the ring on her finger then said, “With this ring I thee wed.. When do you want to get married?”


Shelia said, “Since I’m homeless and everyone I care about is here.. Can your parents come this week?”


Troy paused for a moment then flustered, “Umm we can’t elope or do a quick wedding my mother wouldn’t have it…”


Shelia said, “Why?”


Troy was careful with his words, “Because I’m her oldest child and she’s been banking on a large wedding for several years now, which is why I’ve avoided dating ANYONE…”


Shelia roared , “That has to be the funniest thing I ever heard.  Is she going to railroad me into wearing a fancy dress, and having a zillion guests at my wedding?”


Troy said, “Probably.. And she will insist on having a year to plan it.  She can pay for it too, I’m not paying a dime because mothers’ tastes run… Quite high…”


Shelia said, “Just how high are we talking here?”


Troy said, “I’d rather not say… I don’t want to scare you away.”


Shelia said, “Troy… This is four carat diamond i’m wearing and it’s worth a fortune.. Now tell me how much will I have to deal with?”


Troy said, “There will be press, the New York Times… Mother is a socialite…”


Shelia took it all in then smiled and said, “I guess my life is going to change…I can’t wait to see what she says when we have our first baby…”


Troy grinned, “That she will insist on having AFTER I have graduated, I don’t want any distractions from my studies.”


Shelia said, “So I guess we’ll have to wait to after you graduate to have sex… I am allergic to birth control and condoms.  I can’t use them, which is why I don’t have sex with anyone…I did once and believe you me I was itchy as hell so I’m not going through that again.  How about you? ”


Troy said, “I’m a virgin…”


Shelia said, “Admirable your in University and still a virgin, no wonder your parents thought you were gay…”


Troy said, “Like I was saying mother was always nattering at me to get married.  She started when I was sixteen.  I dreaded going anywhere for mother always felt compelled to set up blind dates for me with all her socialite friends daughters…”


Shelia said, “nothing worse then being part of a meat market.  How was the buffet?”


Troy said, “They were pretty girls and all they wanted to know was how much their allowances would be.”


Shelia said, “That’s terrible.  They didn’t even care about you, not even as a friend did they?”


Troy said, “No that’s why you were so special.  A diamond glowing brightly in the sun, your glare mesmerized me.”


Shelia said, “Oh and now your a poet?”


Troy said, “No I was just trying to impress you to be funny.”


Shelia grinned, “It’s been hell these past few days but darling you’ve been my heaven in more ways than one. ”


Shelia pulled out her laptop and started doing some calculations.


Shelia said, “My periods are regular so if the last day of mine is March 23 then I need to get pregnant from April 7 to 12 when I’m ovulating  so I can have the baby on Jan 1 1984.  I want a New Years baby.  According to the 1983 calendar we can get married on Saturday April 9.  I’ll pencil it in now.”


Troy said, “Why new Years?”


Shelia shrugged her shoulders, “I think it would be fun to be famous for having New Yorks 1984 new years baby.  We would be in a magazine and have free diapers and baby food for a year…”


Troy said, “Any other reason?”


Shelia grinned, “Yes because all those socialites are going to be very angry that you married me, so if I give you something special like a child for New Years, they will shut up about it and rave how much of a genius I am for planning my pregnancy…”


Troy laughed and hugged his fiance, then they both went to tell Bob and Roslyn the good news.


Troy said to Bob, “I can’t believe how smart she is.  She went on the internet and found a baby site, figured out when she would be ovulating and she’s going to plan the wedding around that date.  She can’t use contraceptives.”


Bob said, “I guess you’ll have lots of kids then?”


Troy said, “No she only wants two, then I guess it’s either me or her that gets an operation to stop any more pregnancies.  I’ll vouch for her because she only wants two kids and mine will be enough for her to handle.. ”


Bob laughed at this and smiled as Shelia walked towards them.


Shelia said, “What are you two giggling about?”


Bob said, “Troy says you’ll have an operation after having two of his kids, You’ll want too.”


Shelia giggled, “good one… He can go for the operation he can only handle two of his own kids as well..”


Troy said, “I’m not getting my jewels snipped thank you very much…”


Shelia looked at him in surprise, “It’s an easy procedure and less expensive…”


Troy sighed, “What’s with the less expensive stuff, I don’t care about money…”


Shelia said, “I do care about money.  No matter how much I have I like to be careful with it, I’m a tight wad.”


Troy groaned, “i knew there had to be something about you that I wouldn’t like.  I’m used to living a lavish lifestyle you’ll have to get used to it.”


Shelia said, “Not likely, I love my life to be simple.”


Troy snapped, “Then I guess you shouldn’t marry me then…”


Shelia said, “Fine!”


She pulled off the ring and plopped it into his hand and walked away….


Bob said, “Never let the sun go down being angry, work it out, always…”


Troy said, “Good advice, but I will not get my jewels snipped.”


Bob said, “herman said it’s easy two days max and your back to normal.”


Troy said, “Herman? But he’snot even married?”


Bob said, “Precisely and he never wants to have to get married.  After three women tried to sue him and it cost him thousands of dollars for DNA tests he decided to nip it in the bud for good.  He said it was the best investment he ever made… Now when they try that story on him he laughs at them, makes them go to court and waste thousands of dollars knowing he’ll win in the end…”


Troy said, “Your brother is a real bastard…”


Bob said ” I know I used to ask him if he was the Devils brother.. Instead of mine… He’s pulled some real doosies over the years…:”


Troy said, “Shelia doesn’t look the type to give up on her point of view.  I can see that marriage will be fiery at times..”


Bob said, “shelia is very opinionate at ALL times.  Be forewarned if she doesn’t get along with your mother, it will be hell for you… Shelia will not back down…”


Troy said, “That could be amusing because I really don’t like my mother anyways and to see someone else get the better of her, even better.  I think I will let mother plan the wedding but I’ll warn her about Shelia, so she’ll go easy on her with all the decisions.”


Bob looked at the ring in Troy’s hand, and said, “But she just handed you the ring…”


Troy said, “Exactly, I have her right where I want her…”


Troy walked away and Bob looked at Roslyn and said, “Why can’t I handle you the same way?”


Roslyn smirked and said, “Because your pussy whipped.”


Bob said, “I’m not pussy whipped.”


Roslyn grinned, “Your a momma’s boy and momma’s boys are always pussy whipped.”


Bob looked a her for a minute then he grinned, “I hate it when you joke around like that…”


Roslyn walked away and said, “i wasn’t joking let’s go to bed I’m beat.”


Bob said to Troy, “I’ll see you tomorrow feel free to sleep in..”


Troy smiled at him then wandered down the hall to his room and soon he was fast asleep.


Jan 2 1981 *******


Troy got up late in the afternoon and went down to the kitchen to have some lunch.


Roslyn smiled then said, “I made some homemade soup for you.”


Troy said, “Thanks looks good, I love chicken noodle soup.  Have you seen Shelia?”


Roslyn said, “She left early this morning.  She left you a note by the door.”


Troy said, “Oh…”


He quickly ate his soup and homemade bread with butter then walked out to the hallway and grabbed the letter addressed to him.  He walked outside and down towards Shelia’s house without opening it.


Bob and Herman were there talking to the officer both of them looked solemnly at Troy when he walked up to them and asked, “Have you seen Shelia?”


The officer said, “She packed up a few of her things and left a few hours ago.  The last I saw of her she was boarding a bus out of town…”


Troy stood there in shock with the ring digging into the side of his pocket.  He went for a walk to clear his head then sat down by the ocean and cried….

*****************jan 1 1982***********************


A whole year had passed and there was Troy standing in times Square counting down to one with no one to kiss.  It was January 1 1982 and he still didn’t have the courage to open up the letter that Shelia had left him, not until that moment.  He opened it slowly with tears in his eyes he read the words, “I’m sorry but I’m stubborn I cannot do what you want ever…love Shelia.”


Troy sat there feeling numb, he would have to agree to be pussy whipped for the rest of his life if he ever wanted to marry her.. Forget it, you don’t even know where she is.. Then it was like a mirage before him, tears were falling and suddenly there she was standing in front of him… Troy thought it was a dream…


Shelia was breathless, “I was hoping you’d be here. Troy why are you crying?”


Then she looked down and saw the letter and began to cry and said, “You just opened it now?”


Troy mumbled something then grabbed her and hugged her close.  She faintly heard the words I don’t care if I have to be pussy whipped and she smiled.  Troy reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring, Shelia took it and put it back on her finger then gave her a long kiss.


Troy said, “I knew you would come back.  Your my soul mate, you cant run away every time we have a problem.  I want you to stay and solve it next time. I’ve missed you…”


Shelia said, “I’m so sorry I went back to Bob’s place and you left.  I felt like a fool and waited for your to write to me and tell me you wanted me.  When I didn’t get a letter I assumed you never wanted to see me again…


Troy said, “What did they have – Bob and Roslyn?”


Shelia choked back on the tears, “They had a baby boy.  They named him Brent.  Roslyn died during childbirth.”


Troy gasped, “What! Oh my god.. When did she die?”


Shelia said, “She had Brent on May 15 of last year.”


Troy said, “How come no one told me?”


Shelia said, “Bob went into a severe depression.  I’ve been taking care of the baby up till now.  Bob’s hired a nanny to raise Brent he’s still not over his wife’s death…”


Troy said, “That’s terrible is that why you didn’t come looking for me sooner? You knew where I was?”


Shelia nodded, “I was with Roslyn the night before she died.  She told me you would probably be here if you still loved me.  She was right…”


Troy said, “I guess I could have written but my pride wouldn’t let me and schools been brutal.  I did good though.  I thought you would come to school in the fall?”


The crowds began to disperse so Troy and Shelia headed towards his townhouse a few blocks away….


Shelia said, “I was too proud to go, I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong…I’m sorry Troy I’ll never make you do anything ever again.  If i’m going to be your wife I’m going to have to learn to compromise.  The last few months with Roslyn and Bob taught me a whole new way of looking at marriage.  My parents were not a happy couple.  My mother always did whatever she wanted.  Now I realized that is a selfish way to be in a marriage and it’s probably why my parents were so miserable their entire married life.  At least the estate’s all settled now.


My father left me a portion of his fortune before he died.  I got a video sent to the house in mid January.  My father’s lawyer was instructed to show it to me upon the event of his death.  It seems like my mother had a premonition that something might happen to them because of the nature of their latest project.  It was top secret.  My father told me that there was a hit set up for them and that my uncle would be the one to kill my parents but not of his own accord.  The Russian’s planted a device in his head after kidnapping him.  Using the power of suggestion they made him kill my parents and anyone else.  The doctors removed it when they did an autopsy on him.  He was complaining about some bad headaches  to his doctor so they thought they should look into it after I showed them the video. ”


Troy said, “So you must feel better now knowing it wasn’t something he planned by himself.”


Shelia said, “Yes and no.  Now I’m terrified they will do it to me or you…”


Troy said, “Bob said not to worry, they know you don’t have any information about the research, they  have probably arrested all of them.  I heard on the news the other day that a major spy ring from Russia had been taken into custody.  Maybe it was them?”


Shelia said, “yes it probably was.  What scares me is the fact that I can identify them… I recognized them as my parents business partners from England…”


Troy said, “Listen your safe with me now, they will never find you. ”


Shelia said, “What about all the press and everything for our wedding?”


Troy said, “Do you have an aversion to plastic surgery? ”


Shelia said, “I have a better idea.  Why don’t we stage a car accident where I suffer from permanent memory loss – they can put it in the papers that I was driving too fast and hit a tree, I end up in the hospital…”


Troy said, “That would work, but instead of it being you we will hire an actress who has a mask on to look like you.  We’ll make sure the papers get full wind of it. I’ll make a few phone calls … Maybe Bob can help with this one…”


They stopped before a red brick condo, with black shutters on the windows.. It was three stories tall, with a iron fence across the yard.


Troy said, “My parents got me this for University. I got tired of living in the dorm. Your welcomed to stay I have lots of room here…”


Shelia smiled, “but then we’d be living together, what would your mother say?”


Troy said, “I could care less but I don’t think she would care.  After she see’s the papers about your parent’s murders, then the car accident.. She won’t know what to say.  How are we going to explain the two of us together?”


Shelia said, “You will come and visit me in the hospital and convince me that I love you and that we will get engaged several months after the accident. I’m going to give the ring back to you now… We cannot have anyone knowing of our plan.  I am engaged to you secretly…”



It was March 7th when the New York Times reported the crash involving Shelia Sheehan’s vehicle with another.  It was a spectacular story for the pretty young girl was suffering from amnesia and didn’t know that she was supposed to be getting engaged to  Mr Troy Stevens, the very rich bachelor of New York.    They played their parts well and announced the official engagement a few months  later.



**july 1982*


Shelia said, “the ice sculptures look amazing.  I never knew anyone could do something like that with ice.”


Troy smiled, “How are you feeling?”


Shelia grabbed her forehead and said, “I’m still having headaches from all this publicity and interviews.  I feel like I’ve joined a three ring circus.  I can’t believe they want to pay me a million dollars to tell my rags to riches story.”


Troy grinned, because both of them knew that Shelia was well off, the press didn’t have a clue.  Shelia’s father tranferred several million dollars into a Swiss Bank account for her.  No one knew about it, not even their lawyers.  Rather then try to explain where all the money came from they kept quiet about it.  Shelia said she would leave it in her will for their children someday….




April 9, 1983


It was the day of the wedding and the Stevens house was a blur of activity.  Shelia looked radiant in her white wedding gown with lace trim on the bodice and train.  It was very slimming and modern cut – a Val Stefani wedding dress style  S1983 – a white strapless neckline, a line, floor length gown with beads on it.  Very lovely to look at.  Shelia’s hair was pulled back into a french roll with baby’s breath all through her hair which glowed a reddish gold color after getting a few highlights put in.  She had a french manicure on her fingers and toes, and jeweled napa sandals from Manola Blahnik.


Troy gasped as Shelia made her way down to the altar with her brother Travis at her side.  Troy’s parents watched as their new daugher in law stood before them.  She certainly was a beautiful creature, they were proud of their son’s choice for a wife.  They didn’t know too much about her but they promised themselves they would get to know her in the future.


Dancing was a bit difficult for Shelia because she wasn’t used to wearing high heels, during the end of the night she kicked them off and Troy rubbed her feet for her under the table.


Shelia said, “I find it amusing that ninety nine percent of the people at our wedding didn’t know too much about you Troy.”


Troy grinned, “They are all friends of my parents.. ”


Shelia laughed, “Well that’s great where are we going for our honeymoon?”


Troy said, “it’s a surprise…”


Later that evening they got on a jet and flew to Paris, France where they stayed at Chateau Frontenac.


Shelia said, “Troy this is beautiful, I’ve always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower…”


Troy said “Tomorrow we’ll go for a walk along the cafe’s and enjoy some haute couture…”


Shelia said, “What’s haute couture?”


Troy said, “Fashion Designer’s Shops – It’s time for a new wardrobe for you.  All I ask is that you never ask how much something costs.  This is my treat, here is your credit card, enjoy it!”


Shelia said, “Troy you shouldn’t have…”


Troy said, “We’ll be attending the theatre and other special events along with my parents so your going to need about twenty five outfits to start.  You can’t wear the same thing twice to any of these events… It’s a fashion faux pas..”


Shelia said, “But I plan to get pregnant so I’m not buying twenty five new dresses.  I’ll buy three for now and then I’ll have to fly back here or attend a fashion show in the fall.  We can’t have that many events to attend?”


Troy said, “You don’t know my mother…”


Shelia said, “Troy I’ll have to set your mother straight.  I’m going to live my own quiet life the way I want too. I’m a poor country girl, well not so poor but you know what I mean.  This is all fun for a few months but not for the rest of my life… I want what we had before… Peace and quiet…”


Troy said, “No frills eh?  Mother will be disappointed but she really likes you.  I’ll tell her that you plan to have a grandchild right away and in a few years when your bored and tired of playing stay at home mom then you’ll be begging to go to a few events here and there.  I think it will take some time to transform you into a New Yorker… ”


Shelia said, “You think I’m going to change?”


Troy nodded yes, “Everyone does.  I think it’s  a mixture of peer pressure and keeping up with the Joneses as some would call it.  It’s all a big rat race…you’ll see…”


Shelia said, “I’ll be ovulating this week so we should be able to get pregnant right away… I’ve been taking prenatal classes and vitamins for a few months now, getting my body ready for this…”


Troy said “Why do you want a child right away?”


Shelia said, “I”ve wanted to have a baby since I was sixteen years old.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to be a mother.  I will go to University in the fall but I think I’ll just take some part time courses for now.  Keep it simple, I can always attend more  classes after the baby is born…”


Troy said, “What if you don’t get pregnant right away.”


Shelia said, “Scottish girls are pretty fertile, and I have a feeling since fate brought us together, it won’t disappoint me where a child is concerned.”


Troy smiled at his wife, “well then come snuggle with me over here and we’ll start working on making that baby…”


Shelia was plesantly surprised, Troy was a virgin but he was very knowledgeable when it came to oral sex.


Shelia said, “Where did you learn to do that?”


Troy said, “I studied several books a few months ago.  I wanted it to be an exciting experience for both of us…”


Shelia grinned, “Well you did your homework, that was definitely the most pleasurable experience I”ve ever had… And I’m really going to enjoy making babies with you.  I plan to keep on having sex all the way up to nine months… I won’t be able to stop…”


Troy blushed, “I guess that’s a compliment, won’t it hurt the baby?”


Shelia said, “Not at all, we may have to slow down a bit in the ninth month but I hear after the sixth month a woman’s sex drive peaks during her third trimester.  She also develops a nesting instinct…”


Troy said, “Your reading a book about pregnancy and what is nesting?”


Shelia said, ‘I’ll become a compulsive cleaner so we’ll save on having maids for now…”


Troy said, “Um I don’t think so Shelia, our house is quite large…”


Shelia said, “What about the condo downtown, why can’t we just live there?”


Troy said, “I want a huge house for kids… So I can put them on one end and I can have my peace and quiet on the other end…”


Shelia said, “Very funny, listen I’ll move to the bigger house down the road.  I want to live in the condo until your completely finished school which won’t be until next summer… ”


Troy said, “Your such a sensible girl….”


Dec 31, 1983**********************


Instead of standing at Times Square for New Years Eve, Shelia and Troy Stevens were in the Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan  on First Ave in New York City – counting the minutes between contractions.   They started around 11 am that morning.


Jan 1, 1984********************


Shelia kept praying that her baby would come at midnight and not a minute sooner.  Fate heard her prayers at precisely twelve midnight Jan 1 , 1984 a dark haired, grey eyed bouncing baby boy  was born…




9**Michael and Stella pregnant new chapter**1987

Stella soon found out that she was pregnant may  1987 and would be due sometime in the winter feb 1988- Suella born later in story)




10**Richard and dana pregnant new chapter**1987

Dana had gotten pregnant oct 1987 while visiting the Lafleur lodge in Place Royale.  She would be due in the spring -may 1988- Crescenda felix . (bornlater in story)

11***Stella’s perfumes new chapter 1987 **

Stella had created several perfumes and colognes in her home and sold a few of them.  Her sales had been dismal and she was feeling discouraged about wanting to start a fragrance factory at Lafleur industries.

12**new staff at de la fleur flower shop – 3rd trimester for dana and Stella new chapter Christmas party (at the shop in nyc) 1987 **talk about decorations along shops.. be in the contest**

The de-la-fleur flower shop had been so successful that Dana had hired a full time manager and several employees to run the store for her and Stella.  They had decided to take some time off and enjoy their pregnancies at home.

9  april 24 1987 – feb 2 1988 A Baby for The Lafleurs




June 2, 1987



It was June 2, 1987 and  Stella Lafleur returned from her doctors appointment and hummed as she walked in the door with bags of groceries.  She had a radiant smile on her face and tonight she was going to prepare a special meal.  She picked up the phone and dialed Michael’s lab number.  There was no answer.  So she dialed his secretary.


A female voice answered the phone, “Thank you for calling Lafleur Industries… The office is now closed.. Please call again.”


Stella slammed the down impatiently, picked it up again and dialed Michael’s number.  This time he answered the phone.


Stella said, “Sorry to bother you darling but I must insist you come home for supper tonight?”


Michael mumbled, “Just a minute…”  She could hear people in the background then he came back on the line, “Were in the middle of testing can it wait?”


Stella snapped, “Not tonight, come home for three hours then go back to work…”


She slammed the phone down, sat down and cried….


An hour later Michael showed up.  He rushed inside and looked at his wife.


Michael said, “I’m sorry honey but this projects. Oh you’ve been crying again. Why are you so emotional?  You’ve been like this for a month now.. Did you go to the doctors today, is there something wrong?”


Stella looked at Michael and said, “Things are going to change drastically around here…”


Michael said, “I’m sorry honey, please don’t leave me… I’ll try to take less of a work load and spend more time with you….”


Stella snapped, “Let me finish… Things are going to change around here because for once in our lives our own personal experiment has been successful…”


Michael looked puzzled, “I didn’t know I was conducting experiments at home…”


Stella said, “I went off the pill remember two years ago…”


Michael said, “Does this mean you want to go back on it?  I know it’s been two years of disappointments.. ”


Stella said, “Michael… Were pregnant…”


Michael’s jaw dropped, “We are? Really?  That’s wonderful darling… So that’s why you’ve been acting so moody lately it must be the pregnancy.  When are you due?”


Stella said, “Near the end of January…”


Michael groaned, “I hate driving in winter weather.  What if I’m busy on a project and can’t tear myself away from it?”


Stella smiled, ” I am quite capable of having a baby by myself… Although I’m going to have my mother be my birthing partner… You will probably forget anything that you learn and you have an aversion to blood.. I don’t want my husband in there, fainting.. It would be all over the news.. People would no longer respect you as a scientist..”
Michael smiled, “Your so understanding, I’m lucky to have you for a wife…”


Michael walked into his office and stopped then he walked back to the living room, “Were going to need a bigger house.  I need my office and you need a nursery and a playroom…”


Stella said, “I’ve been planning this for two years now.  I have put in an offer for the townhouse next door and they accepted.  I’m going to knock out some of the walls and make our home bigger.  You can stay at the lab and I’ll be staying with Richard and Dana while the renovations are being done.  They say it will take about three months…I had the plans drawn up a year ago… Just in case..”


Michael grinned, “Your a wiz can I see the plans?”


Stella said, “After dinner, I made you roast chicken  with honey and garlic sauce and your favorite stirfried rice.”


Michael said, “What’s for dessert?”


Stella said, “Lemon meringue pie.  Mother made it for us, she’s thrilled.”


Michael said, “You told your mother before your husband?”


Stella said, “Mother came with me to the doctor’s.  I’ve been suffering from morning sickness and I fainted the other day… Mother dragged me to the doctors, she thought I had a virus… Turns out I’m having a baby… I was quite shocked when the doctor told me.. I cried…”


Michael said, “I can imagine.  This dinner is lovely.  Are we going to hire a nanny for our children?  I’ll start looking for one right away…”


Stella said, “We’ll talk about that later, what I really want is to have some sex…”


Michael said, “But your already pregnant and wow no thermometers or days when I have to have sex, this is spontaneous.”


Stella said, “This is called a nooner…”


Michael grinned, finally he could tell the guys at work he had a nooner, just like they had…..


It was the next day at work when Stella told Dana the good news.


Dana smiled, “I’m so excited for you! We’ve been trying to get pregnant too maybe your good luck will rub off on me.”


Stella was surprised, “I didn’t know you were trying…Michael and I finally gave up about a month ago, I was deciding about whether to go back on birth control again..”


Dana said, “Well now we know why you were feeling sick all the time and fainting, I’m glad it’s nothing serious.”


Stella said, “I had to run to the pharmacy and buy some prenatal vitamins. I need folic acid and iron.  The doctor advised me that my hemoglobin levels are low…I thought I had some mysterious disease when he said it at first. ”


Dana laughed, “Doctor’s forget that not all patients study the medical examiner. Have you picked out a name?”


Stella said, “yes and no… I can’t say until I discuss it with Michael and he has a major project coming up for NASA.  Michael hasn’t worked for them since the Challenger blew up 73 seconds after launch  on January 28, 1986. It traumatized him.”


Dana said, “The Challenger was on it’s eleventh mission it was having techinical issues and it was the mechanics fault, it didn’t have anythign to do with Michael’s new designs…”


Stella said, “You and I know that but Michael hasn’t been able to deal with the guilt from it.  He still blames himself for not insisting that it have a full inpsection after seeing the reports on the faulty  o-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster that failed during liftoff.”



Dana said, “Seven people died in that tragedy including a school teacher.  It was horrible thousands of school children were watching the blast off when it happened.  Many had to have pschological counselling for several months they were traumatized by it too and her three kids.. It must have been horrible watching their mother die on tv.”


Stella said, “I remember when it happened.  I was getting my hair done and everyone stopped at the Beauty Salon and several of the women began to cry… It was a heart wrenching moment…”


Dana said, “Michael will learn to deal with it like anyone does.  In his own time.  In the meantime we are going to enjoy your company at our home for a few months…”


Stella said, “I calculated when I got pregnant, it turns out it was on may 10th, mothers day when we had sex that I got pregnant.”


Dana said, “Miracles can happen…”





*** insert the line that Stella will be staying at their place while they go away on a holiday*****

10  july 21 1987 – Sept 18 1987 Another Baby




*** the lafleurs have to be at the lodge by Aug 7 an 8th to get pregnant there**


Sept 18 1987


Dana was feeling kind of woozy she figured it was the heat so when she went to see the doctor on Sept 18, 1987 she was shocked to find out that she was around 6 weeks pregnant…


She would be due near the middle of May or early June, just when the summer months were starting to kick in.  She couldn’t wait to tell Stella who was ending her first trimester of pregnancy with swollen ankles, and water retention problems.  Stella was gaining weight and fretting about it constantly.  The fact that she had been staying at their home in New York City for the past three months bored out in the country had driven Dana and Richard out of their own house… They had gone to see what Richard’s parent’s lodge looked like up in Canada.


11  sept 26 1987 Stella’s Perfumes




Stella was please to move back into her house once the renovations were done.  Michael walked in and place his briefcase down on the floor .


Stella said, “I never got the chance to show you our plans, I’ll give you a tour…”


They walked down the hall and through a door and there was a bigger office with a lab attached to it.


Michael turned to Stella, “What’s this for?”


Stella grinned, “When it’s a blizzard outside and you can’t get to work, I set up a mini lab here for you.  I found all the latest technology, computers and everything.  It’s directly linked to the computers at work. It’s a surprise for you.  I figured once the baby is born, you may not get enough sleep so you can actually work at home sometimes if you want too…”


Michael said, “Stella that is so sweet…”


He leaned over and gave her a kiss.  Then they walked through another door and Michael stopped dead in his tracks.


Michael’s jaw dropped and he looked at stella and smiled.  The one thing he had always wanted all his life was his own gym.  Stella had built a his and her’s gym side by side.  With the latest Bowflex units, stairsteppers and gliders, Michael could get back into shape again.  He had tears of joy as he kissed his wife.


Michael said, “I haven’t been able to get to the gym in the last two years… Thank god I can get back into shape now…”


Stella said, “Exercise helps to relieve stress.  You can work at home, and when your stressed out you can work out…”


Michael said, “This is wonderful.. Although I got a new project today that’s top secret, I won’t be able to do any of it from here.  I can write my papers here though and upload them to a secure site…”


Stella said, “Why such tight security?”


Michael said, “They offered me a price I couldn’t refuse…The problem is the testing is scheduled for the end of January, right around your due date.. But I can promise you the money they are paying me will allow me to take a year off .. I figured you’d like to have a daddy around instead of a nanny…”


Stella was just about to blow her top when she clued into what Michael had just said, “Your taking a year off to be with the baby?”


Michael nodded, “I’ve been working so hard all these years to go into an early retirement… I’ll be able to spend more time at home for the next five years.  I’ll do the odd job to keep myself busy..”


Stella said, “I haven’t seen much of you for the past two years.  I guess this will be worth it.  Now let’s go see the other floor.”


Michael said, “There’s more?”


Stella said, “The nurseries and my lab…”


Michael said, “Your lab? Nurseries … Are we having twins?”


Stella said, “No but I plan to have more than one child, I want the millionaires family a boy and a girl…”


Michael grinned, “You want a little rug rat that looks like me don’t you?”


Stella said, “Yes I do….”


They walked up the stairs and into the first nursery.  It was all in pinks, yellows and blues.  A mixture of the three colors.


Stella said “I did it this way so it can be used for a boy or a girl.”


The two more rooms were white walls and hardwood floors.


Stella said, “I’m leaving this neutral and I plan to decorate it down the road.”


The last room they went into was a lab with shelving, a fridge for flowers and chemistry sets, chalk boards and computers.


Michael smiled, “What are you up to now?”


Stella grinned, “I’ve always wanted to develop my own fragrances so I’ll be expanding my line of soaps into bubble baths and eventually body lotions and sprays.”


Michael hugged Stella and kissed her and said, “I’m proud of you.  You taught me it’s important to follow your dreams…”


Over the next two months Stella worked on her fragrance lines trying to perfect them.  They always seemed to smell more like alcohol then the floral scent she was trying to create.  Defeated she went to see Dana for a coffee and a chit chat.


Dana said, “I know it’s tough but you need some more time.  In Paris it can take a minimum of three years to perfect a formula for a cologne.  You also need to consider the competition out there.  A regular perfume isn’t going to do too well.  You should develop a line for hypo allergetic people, something not as strong but good enough to wear for everyday… Like food and fruity smells.  People don’t seem to sneeze as much around food as they do flowers.”


Stella looked at Dana and said, “Coffee!  Everyone loves coffee and cocoa beans.”


Dana said, “How about cucumber and melon?”


Stella said, “Maybe I should expand my line into beauty care products?”


Dana said, “Start with one thing at a time, then expand it once you’ve made a name for yourself.  We can branch out into health and beauty products creating the “Lafleur” line of cosmetic must haves…”


Stella said, “I knew you’d be able to point me in the right direction.  I tried to talk to Michael about it but his heads up in the clouds – always doing space formula’s and scientific computations, the man doesn’t want to listen to my beauty rabble…”


Dana said, “Somethings are best for only women to talk about, we understand because it’s about our bodies, our faces… Men don’t have a cleansing regime.”


Stella said, “Why is that?  Most brothers get into their sisters things to deal with pimples and blackheads.  Why doesn’t someone develop a line for guys?”


Dana said, “maybe that’s what you should do, don’t just make fragrances for women, make them for men too.”


Stella said, “You know I should listen to my ideas – gut instincts they say tuning into your intuition can guide you along the path of success.  The Universe always gives a helping hand when we ask..”


Dana said, “You can make a few products for halloween.  Make them seasonal, change is always good.”


Stella said, “I can do mini trial sprays to see what fragrances people like.  We get all sweaty in our costumes… I should make a costume freshen up spray and sell it to the outlets.. Cut down on dry cleaning costs…”


Dana said, “Good idea..”


Stella went home with a smile on her face.  She would have her pumpkin spray ready in three weeks, just in time for Halloween.

12  dec 1987 de la Fleur Flowers



It was Saturday  December 12 and everyone was there for the Christmas Party at De La Fleur.  Troy and Shelia brought Tony with them.


Shelia said, “Tony’s going to be three on New Years Eve were planning to have a special party for him this year since we think he’ll enjoy it.  You two can come if you’d like?”


Dana and Stella smiled at the thought.  Michael and Richard looked at each other and grinned thinking it would give them a heads up on what it was like to be around a bunch of three year old screaming kids.


Dana said, “We’d love to come, is there a theme for your party?”


Troy nodded, “Yes were going to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme.”


Stella said, “For a child so young, isn’t that a little too old for him?”


Shelia said,”Troy and Tony went to the movie.  Tony loves his pet turtle and insisted on going to see the movie.  Troy didn’t do enough research on it, so now we have two fans in our home…”


Stella said, “Still you can put your foot down…”


Tony began to scream and lay on the floor pounding his fists.  He wanted a piece of cake.


Troy said, “Tony please you have to wait until they serve it.”


Shelia said, “Dana is there anyway we can cut a slice of it off for him?”


Stella said, “You have got to be kidding.  Teaching that child that he can have everything he wants when he wants it… That’s selfish..”


Stella walked over to little Tony and picked him up off the floor and said to him, “You behave or I’ll make you go sit in the corner on  the chair and I will not give you any cake. I can however give you a little bowl of icecream for now.”


Tony rubbed his eyes, “Do you have chocolate?”


Stella nodded, “Come into the kitchen, I’ll get you some. ”


Tony followed Stella into the kitchen while Shelia and Troy looked on in disbelief.


Shelia said, “how did she do that? Usually his temper tantrums last for an hour…”


Dana said,”Stella doesn’t put up with anything, she’s a specialist in handling people…”


Shelia said to Troy, “Remind me to call her over to our place the next time he starts…”


Dana said, “Stella spends hours reading  the new Parenting Magazine launched this year by Time Inc.  It has some really good articles in it about dealing with temper tantrums…”


Shelia said, “I thought it was par for the course, you mean there’s a way to stop it?”


Dana nodded.  Troy and Shelia looked relieved.


Troy said, “I guess it’s time as Parents we started doing some research.”


Dana smiled, “It makes life easier to listen to some expert advice.  It also prepares you for things to come.  A child’s mind gets most of its imprints in the first five years.  It helps to shape their personality and how they solve their own problems later in life…”


Shelia said, “I didn’t know that!”


Dana said, “I was reading an article on Child Development that  states that a baby has over 100 billion brain cells  called neurons.  As the brain grows in those five years the connections known as synapses form between the neurons.  As they grow with repeated use they become pathways that guide thinking and behaviour.  I think that is why a child asks to do the same thing over and over again.  A child will do something one hundred times  before the behaviour becomes established in the brain but don’t quote me on that.”


Shelia said, “I see you’ve been doing your research too. ”


Dana smiled, “Stella and I are planning to take some time off work now.  We want to relax before the babies come.    Stella’s due in another month and I’m not due till the spring but this morning sickness is getting to me.  The doctor suggested I take it easy too.”


Shelia said, “Why?”


Dana grinned, “Because were going to have twins…”


Shelia said, “Congratulations!  This means your due date will move up a few weeks.  The average time for twins is eight months.  They are usually recommend you carry them for 36 to 38 weeks instead of 40  to 42 weeks.”


Dana said, “So you have been doing some reading yourself.”


Shelia said, “I read Daniel Goleman’s articles in the New York Times – he published one on January 20th called the Motivations of Surrogate Mothers.  It’s become quite the controversy this year.”


Dana said, “I think it’s a great idea, for couples who cannot conceive it’s a blessing.  But I can see the reasoning of the mother creating a bond with the unborn child, that can cause traumatic distress later in that child’s life, a sense of abandonment… Maybe they should let the surrogate mother have a part in the babies life, so they don’t feel that way.”


Shelia said, “where did you get the idea of abandonment?”


Dana said, “I was reading an article about Dr Wolf Utian of the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland who delivered a surrogate baby in 1986. Wayne State University has been doing some research on it and the Baby M case where Mary Beth Whitehead who was hired to be a surrogate mother to William and Elizabeth Stern decided to keep the child.  Traumatizing for the families and the baby. I wouldn’t want to recommend it.”


Stella said,”They need to create stricter laws about it.  The woman was paid for a job, that’s it.  She should see it as a job.  If she wants to have her own child then she can find another way. I think Mary Beth Whitehead is just being selfish about the whole thing.”


Dana argued, “But she’s attached to the child and even if she gives it up she will feel a sense of loss and suffer from Post partum depression.  It’s not a given but people are talking about it..”


Stella said, “So we have to look forward to being depressed for several months after the baby is born?”


Dana nodded, “Some mother’s go so deeply into the depression that they kill the baby then commit suicide.”


Shelia said, “How awful! That’s why support groups are so important for new mothers.  They need someone to talk to and share how they feel.  A buddy system so they can look out for one another.”


Troy said, “All this baby talk, your scaring the new mothers, now Shelia this is a Christmas Party… Let’s forget this hot topic before we all start arguing about it.  Wait till after New Years to do that..”


Stella smiled at Troy then looked at Shelia, “He knows me so well, ” and she winked at Dana.


Richard came over and said, “Our new Christmas designs sold really well this year, thanks to Shelia’s new ideas. ”


He handed her an envelope.


Shelia looked up in surprise and asked, “What’s this?”


Richard said, “a well deserved bonus… Your idea made us thousands of dollars so were giving you two a cut in the profits.  We also want to ask you to manage the store for us after the babies are born.  Both Stella and Dana want to pursue some other passions they have and leave the store in your capable hands.”


Shelia smiled looked at the check and her jaw dropped, “Are you sure?  This is a lot of money.”


Richard smiled, “Shelia you and Troy earned every penny.  Someday if you want I’ll sell this store to you but only when Dana’s ready to do so.  I know it’s something you both would like to do…”


Shelia looked at Troy, “Have you been talking?”


Troy nodded, “guilty as charged.  I told Michael, I figured he was too busy to mention it … Guess I was wrong.”


Dana said, “I have no plans to sell the store, besides if I ever did, I’d want it to stay as de la Fleur Flowers…”


Shelia said, “I would never have a problem with that.. Let me know when you change your mind.”


Stella said, “Well it’s time to eat everyone, Dana and I  cooked up all sort of goodies for you to eat.”


Everyone sat down and enjoyed their meal, little  Tony picked at  his food and kept looking at Stella waiting as he looked over at the cake.


Shelia noticed that her son was respecting Stella that day and it was a great lesson for the future…









The Bundle of Joy Feb 2, 1988


Michael Lafleur had been working for almost sixteen hours that night when he received a call, “Honey I tried to get you earlier on my cell phone.  We have a beautiful baby girl she was born just after midnight.”  Michael took a few minutes to register what time it was 12:20 a.m. and looked out the window at the icy winter storm that had rolled in.  “She picked a lousy night for me to drive.  It’s going to take me awhile to get there, love you babe.”  He hung up and sighed.

It was 1:30 a.m.  When Michael saw his Daughter, he had tears in his eyes.  “She’s so tiny and pink!”  He said, “She looks just like her Mother.”  Looking at his in laws Antoine and Belle Demers, he said.  “Sorry I missed everything; my cell phone reception is lousy in the lab.”  Belle said, “Michael you look exhausted.”  He said, “I am, I’ve been working sixteen hours today and it took me over an hour to get here in this storm.  How did you two get up here?”  Antoine said, “We came early this morning and because of the weather and Stella’s contractions we brought her directly to the hospital.  We also rented a room at the Hotel next door.  You might want to stay there for the night?”  Michael shook his head no, “I can’t sleep in anyone else’s bed.  I need some rest then I have to get back to work.  I have a deadline to reach and I’m way behind.”  Belle thought, ‘poor thing, Michael looks so miserable, I hope he will be okay.’  Then she said, “The storms getting worse, their calling for a few feet of snow and white out conditions” Stella said, “I guess Uncle Richard and Aunt Dana are going to have to wait a few days to see you.  Looks like the shop will be closing for a few days.  This blizzard has already created havoc in the city and there’s more snow coming.”

Michael sat down and held his little prized possession.

He began to coo and make faces at his Daughter he looked up “Honey did you decide on a name yet?”

Stella smiled, “Her name is Suella Rose Lafleur.”

Michael nodded, “Sounds marvelous.”

Michael looked at his watch it was 2:30 a.m. as he began to yawn.

Michael said, “I think I’ll grab myself a donut and a coffee before I leave.  That should keep me awake long enough to get back to the lab.”

He kissed his wife and daughter goodbye then hugged his in laws.

Michael apologized, “I probably will not see much of you two for a few days.  Maybe you can drive Stella home for me.  I’ve got to work around the clock to meet this deadline or it’s going to cost me a lot of money if I fail to do so,”  with that he walked out the door and into the cold, blistering snowy night.


13** new mss 3:00 Feb 2 1988 am… Richard has a dream** sits up in bed and grabs his head and starts crying, he feels intense pain then cold come over him.. he has a dream and see’s Michael standing near his bed he’s trying to say something to him but he can’t hear him.**

14**new mss Michael is dreaming – the time machine works!  He’s sitting inside and theres a dark hole in the universe and he is going towards bright colors.. this must be the STAR – (find the code for a star in 1988***Michael can hear voices —Hey BART isn’t this the chap we just ran into a few hours ago?  He said something about having a baby – Clyde – yeah looks like the same guy>>


15**new mss Herman Farley – NYC police introduces himself and gives Stella the news about Michael**

13 Feb 1988  at 3 am – Richard’s Dream




Richard broke out in a sweat and sat up in bed… His head was aching he grabbed at it and yelled.


Dana woke up and looked at the clock it was Feb 2nd at precisely 3 a.m. 1988.  She looked at Richard who was crying, while holding his head.  They both knew something was wrong…


Dana went to check the phone messages and there was one from Stella, she had the baby at 12:30 am and was trying to get a hold of them.  Dana looked out the window at the winter blizzard, they would have to wait for it to stop before digging themselves out.  Dana wondered if their little girl was going to look like Michael or Stella.   Dana grabbed a bag of ice and noticed the bruise on Richards head.


Dana said, “Did you bump your head on something? Were you sleep walking?”


Richard sat there looking terrified, “I just had a terrible dream, I woke up with this pain  and I was here in bed beside you…”


Dana looked around there was absolutely nothing for him to bang his head on.


Dana said, “Stella left a message shortly after 1230 am or rather her mother did.  They had a baby girl.  She was trying to get a hold of your brother..”


Richard groaned, “He forgot again!  I swear if his head wasn’t attached he’d lose that too.  I’ll call him at the lab and get him to call her.”


Richard left a message telling Michael to call his wife, concerning their child….then both of them went back to bed, but Richard couldn’t sleep he had a terrible feeling that something had happened to Michael.. His dream had been so real…


Richard closed his eyes and there was Michael standing close by covered in blood with a gash on his head.


Michael said, “Richard take care of Stella and the baby for me.. I’m a fool I should have been there.  I love you…”


Richard sat up in bed and cried some more.


Dana said, “Richard what’s wrong?”


Richard said, “The dream continued…something bad’s happened to Michael.. I saw him… Oh God I hope it’s only a dream and not a premonition..”


Then he told Dana what he saw…

14 – Feb 2 1988 – 259 am – Michael’s Dream



It was Feb 2 at 250 am 1988  Michael was fighting to keep his eyes open…


Driving along the dark country road he could feel the car trying to slide into the ditch, he slowed down and muttered to himself.


Michael peered out the snowy window and said,”Why tonight?  Why can’t you storm at a better time.  I’m late for my testing, I hate working sixteen hours straight, no one in their right mind does this.  I’m glad this is my last job.  I can finally spend some time with my wife and baby…”


Michael’s eyes became heavier and he walked into the time machine and pressed the button, he could hear the gears whirring, he felt like he was sliding towards a dark hole in the universe… Then he heard a loud bang.. He hoped the time machine wasn’t broken, he opened the door and there was all sorts of stars with pretty colors, bright colors, it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.  Suddenly Michael heard voices and he stopped in surprise.


A male voice said, “Hey Bart isn’t this the chap we just ran into a few hours ago at the coffee shop?  He said something about having a baby…”


Another male voice said, ” Yeah looks like the same guy.”


Then Michael couldn’t hear anything else, he looked down and saw himself floating over something and then he saw his brother Richard lying in bed….

15 Feb 2 1988 – 5 am – Stella’s Dream


Herman Farley took a deep breath, this was going to be hard on him.  After speaking to the two men, they gave him directions on how to get to the hospital.  He walked up to reception and showed his badge then he took the elevator up to Stella Lafleur’s floor.


Stella was stirring in her sleep she saw Michael standing there holding the baby and then he dropped the baby and walked away into a mist.  Stella was angry how could he just drop the baby like that. He didn’t even say goodbye to her, what was going on…


The nurse came into her room and shook her awake, “I’m sorry Stella but this is urgent, someone is here to see you….”


Herman Farley walked into the room and just stood there.  He looked at the little baby girl sleeping soundlessly beside her mothers bed then he looked at Stella and began to cry…


Stella didn’t know what to say or do, she was still half asleep so she closed her eyes thinking it was a dream.  Then she opened them.  The police officer was still standing there, wiping his eyes.  It wasn’t a dream… Alarmed she sat up in bed,


Stella said, “What is it what has happened?”


She looked up on the wall and then back at the officer.


Stella said, “What day is it?”


Herman said, “It’s February 2nd, at precisely 5 a.m.”


Stella said, “Has something happened to my parents?”


Herman said, “Not that I know of… I’m hear concerning your husband.”


Stella snapped, “Michael, he left me here, to go back to work. I can’t believe he worked a sixteen hour shift when he was supposed to be here with me and the baby.. Now he’s gone back to work.  What did he do have an accident?  I told him not to go, I told him he would crash the car.  He’s done this before, a few times now.”


Herman quietly said, “This time he wasn’t so lucky.  A motorist discovered him half an hour ago.  I just happened to know where you were because two guys saw Michael in the coffee shop before he left around 2:30 am.  I hate to tell you but he didn’t make it.  Michael froze to death after hitting a tree.  He must have fallen asleep behind the wheel…”


Stella screamed, “Oh my god no… No…”


*** mix in with old mss****




Richard Feels the Pain


Stella had just finished feeding Suella and had dozed off.  The nurse came to wake her at five in the morning.  “Is there something wrong with the baby?”  The solemn nurse shook her head no, “There is someone here to see you.”

Stella’s heart stricken with fear as the police officer came into her room and asked, “Are you Mrs. Michael Lafleur?”  She started to shake, “yes?”  He saw the newborn beside her and said with watery eyes, “There’s been an accident your Husband fell asleep behind the wheel and smashed into a tree.  Some passerby found him early this morning.  He had frozen to death.”  Stella let out a wail and screamed, “No!”  The officer had a word with the nurse then went next door to the Hotel to find Antoine and Belle Demers.

A knock was at the door and a sleepy female asked, “Who is it?”  A gruff mail voice answered, “Its officer Herman Farley,” she opened the door in a panic, “Has something happened to our grand Daughter?  Please come in, we wouldn’t want to disturb the guests.”  She closed the door with a heavy heart.  She had been dreaming of a casket and had woken up from the nightmare when she heard a knock on the door.  Antoine joined her on the couch as the officer stood there and said, “The baby is fine.”  Antoine and Belle felt relieved, but only for a moment.  She thought ‘silly old dream’ then he said, “However there’s been an accident.  Your son in law Michael fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a tree.  Unfortunately, they found him early this morning.  He froze to death.”  Antoine and Belle sat there in shock.  Belle asked, “Does Stella know?”  He said, “Yes, she’s hysterical.”  They both said, “We’ll get there as soon as we can.”  The officer left and Belle cried, “Oh why did Michael have to be so stubborn?  Now poor Suella will never know her Father.”  Antoine said, “I’ll make a phone call to Richard while you attend to Stella.”

Both of them dressed quickly and headed over to the hospital.  The nurse stopped them.  “We had to give her a sedative she was out of control the poor thing.”  Belle said, “Thank you, but who will feed Suella?”  The nurse said, “Earlier today we pumped out some breast milk so our nurses will give her the next two feedings.  She should be better once she wakes up.”  Meanwhile Antoine had phoned Richard to tell him what had happened.  He suggested they would have to wait a few days for the weather to clear before planning the funeral.  Richard contacted the Field’s Funeral Home then he called his personal assistant and asked him to inform everyone of Michael’s death and to let the employees know by radio and TV that Lafleur Industries will be closing for a few days.

16**new chapter The Funeral – Michael lafleur**

16 – Feb 7 1988 –  The Blessing




Stella stood there in her black suit with baby Suella wrapped in a pink blanket fast asleep.

What would she tell this child about her father?  That he was the most wonderful man on earth…


The priest was giving the blessing over Michael’s body… There in the casket.  She couldn’t believe it her husband was gone.


Dana walked up to her and hugged her and didn’t let go.  Stella clung tighter to Suella she had to keep it together her mascara would run…


Richard stood there unflinching feeling his world reeling around him then he fainted.  The paramedics came… They revived him.  Richard was dehydrated he hadn’t ate or drank anything for the past five days.  He was numb inside, the bruise on his forehead was gone but the pain of it still was fresh in his mind…


Dana was glad to hire a limo for the funeral procession she was crying, Stella was in shock and Richard was trying not to hyperventilate…


They stood in the cold deep drifts  of snow as Michael’s body was put into the crypt.. The stone said LAFLEUR on it.  Richard purchased it a few years ago.  Michael would join their parents Goderich and Marion Lafleur in the crypt.  Richard felt like a part of him was gone, the pain of his twin brother missing from his life became a heavy burden to him….


The rest of the people , the factory workers, Lafleur Industries was shut down for a week.  Everyone would still be paid.. Richard just didn’t feel like going to work seeing Michael’s desk empty even though his brother was hardly ever there…



Several days had passed and the church was packed.  The funeral was an emotional one.  Stella was there with baby Suella and her nanny had to hold the baby for she was so weak and severely depressed from everything.  Thankfully, Richard had taken care of all the arrangements for her with Antoine’s help.  Belle had been as supportive as possible.  Even Shelia had helped by arranging for all the refreshments after the funeral.

At the reception, it finally hit Richard that his twin Brother was gone.  They found out that Richard had woken up at the very moment when Michael had hit the tree.  He had felt a sharp pain on his right temple where Michael had hit his head on the smashed windshield.  They found out that the brakes had been faulty.  He would sue the car company for the loss of his twin Brother’s life then he bowed his head and cried.

17**new mss – Felix and Crescenda Lafleur May 2, 1988**

Spring had come and so had Richard and Dana’s twins Felix and Crescenda.

18**new mss – Stella and Suella new home  sept 1989 **

17 – may 2 1988  Felix and Crescenda are Born



It was May 2 , 1988 around 9 am in the morning when Dana came out of surgery for her C section.  Richard was looking out the window and Stella was wiping her brow.  It had been a close call the twins were doing fine but would be in the observation room for some time.


Dana was sleeping and Stella went to get a coffee.


Stella called her mother, “Dana had a girl and a boy and they are not identical. How is Suella doing?”


Stella’s mother Rue Demers sighed in relief, “Suella is crying a lot I forgot the breast milk at your place..”


Stella groaned, “I’ll be right over.”


Stella walked down the hall and said to Richard, “Can you drive me to my parents place? I need to feed the baby.”


Richard nodded he turned to the nurse and said,” We’ll be back in a little while.”


The nurse said, “Mr Lafleur you’ve been up all night with your wife.  I suggest that Stella take a taxi instead.  You need some rest..”


Richard was going to protest then he saw the fear in Stella’s eyes and he thought about Michael.


Richard smiled, “Thanks I will take you up on that offer, is there a cot I can set up in my wife’s room?”


The nurse said, “Sorry were overcrowded as it is.  There is a hotel down the street though?”


Stella said, “Richard come with me.  My parents have several guest rooms.  I suggest we go there have a bite to eat and get some rest.  We can come back this afternoon Dana’s sleeping…”


Richard said, “Okay let’s go…”


Soon they were at Rue’s place.  Stella was shocked to walk in the door and see her father Antoine there.  Her parents were divorced now…


Antoine said, “Your mother called me over she couldn’t get Suella to settle down.”


Suella was cuddled up on Antoine’s chest sucking her thumb.


Suella said, “Grandpa…”


Stella said,”come to mommy.”


Suella shook her head no.  Stella sighed and went out to the kitchen.


Rue said, “I’ve made you some bacon, eggs, toast and coffee.  The rooms are ready for you.  Richard your welcome to stay as long as you’d like.  Our place is closer to the hospital than yours.  I can give you a key to the backdoor so you can come and go as you please. ”


Richard looked up and said, “Thanks for the offer but I’ll have to get back to work in a few days.  So I will stay for only two days…”


Rue felt relieved she was worried that Antoine would get jealous…


After having a bite to eat Stella and Richard went to rest.


Rue insisted that it was Suella’s nap time.  Suella refused to budge so she ended up having her nap on her grandpas lap.  Both of them were snoring on the couch when Herman Farley knocked on the door.


Rue answered it and said, “Now’s not a good time, Antoine’s here, Suella’s here and so are Richard and Stella.”


Herman said, “Come out for a coffee then I need to see you.”


Rue smiled, “Okay I’ll leave a note then.  I need to pick up a few groceries anyway…”


Rue walked out the door and got into Herman’s  new Lincoln Town Car.


Rue looked at the stereo and did a double take it wasn’t an eight track or a casette player she looked at herman and said,”How do you play music now?”


Herman smiled, “I got a new contraption just came out this year it’s called the JBL single slot CD Player.”


He pulled out his first AC/DC CD Album called Blow Up Your Video and put it on.


Herman smiled, “This was released Feb 1 a day before Suella was born.  I love the song “Heatseeker.”


Rue grinned, “Aren’t you too old for heavy metal music?”


Herman said, “I’m young at heart…”


He patted her on the leg and leaned over and gave her a kiss…


Herman said, “Does your daughter know were dating yet?”


Rue shook her head, “I haven’t had the  nerve to tell her, she’s very opinionated you know.  She thinks your caustic, she would think that your no better than Antoine…”


Herman said, “I’m not abusive, I’m opinionated too.  I’ll bet Stella and I will have some really good arguments.”


Rue said, “Well I have to wait till Antoine loses interest in me, he’s still trying to get back into my life.  I called him out of an emergency.  Suella kept screaming for him, she loves her grandpa so much.”


Herman said, “Antoine was a better father to her then his own kids.  I guess over time he’s learned  from his mistakes.  Suella doesn’t have a father figure so she’s very clingy with Antoine.  She’ll probably be that way until Stella starts dating again, if she ever thinks about it in the future.”


Rue said, “My daughter will never remarry.  She was very in love with Michael, and it will be a long time before she gets over his death…”


They walked into the Manhattan Fruit Exchange on 9th Avenue.  Herman wished he could spend more time with Rue.  After his crying episode with Stella and Suella he sat down and talked to Rue about it.  She was so sympathetic to him about it.  They sat downstairs at the hospital.  He found out they had many things in common.  They liked the same movies, Broadway shows, dancing and music  except for the heavy metal ….


Then Rue started talking about feeling helpless and realizing on Michael’s death that life was too short.  She insisted on the divorce and found her own place a few days later.  Antoine didn’t seem to care at first that she was gone, but then he got wind that she was seeing someone and he started playing the head games.  He even threatened Rue saying that he would kill any man that walked through her door.  Rue grinned at him and thought that more than likely Antoine could be thrown in jail for making a statement like that.  And she was right, when she told Herman about it he wanted her to get a restraining order against Antoine.


She said it was impossible if she wanted to be a part of Suella’s life she would have to continue being friends with Antoine.  She suggested instead that they look for a female friend for her husband then he wouldn’t care about what Rey did.  Herman thought that it was a bad idea, and then he had to figure out how to get Stella Lafleur to warm up to him.  If she didn’t want him in her mother’s life there could be trouble.  Because to Rey her grandchild was the most important thing in the world.  Herman would just have to be patient and figure out a way to weasle his way into Stella and Antoines life.  If he played his cards right he could marry Rey in a few years….


It was a few hours later when Rey returned home that Stella looked at her mother and commented that she was looking very happy lately and wanted to know what was up.  Stella noticed the 1988 Lincoln Town Car pulling away with Herman Farley sitting behind the wheel.


She turned and looked at her mother, “That was nice of Herman Farley to take you to the market…”


Rue turned three shades of red and Stella’s mouth dropped, “Mother!  You little sneak you.  Does father know?”


Rue shook her head, “I  don’t want any trouble from him.”


Stella said, “I’ve never seen you happy for most of my life, so I applaud Herman for putting a smile like that on your face… Father will know believe me, he’s pretty intuitive about these things…”


Stella went into the living room and sat down beside her father and said, “Dad I appreciate everything you’ve done for Suella and I but she’s becoming too independent on you and it’s getting out of hand.  You need to talk to her, she prefers you over me and that’s not good.”


Suella said, “Go away mommy…”


Stella looked helplessly at Antoine who turned and in a scolding tone to Suella said, “Don’t you ever talk to your mommy that way again or I’ll spank you.”


Suella started to cry, she ran into the other room and into Rue’s arms…


Antoine said, “Stella you need to let go of the bitterness in your heart towards Suella, she can sense it.”


Stella looked up in surprise.


Antoine said, “I can hear very well you know.  I know that Herman Farley is seeing your mother.  I haven’t seen her that happy in years.  I was a terrible husband.  I should let them be.  I never loved your mother and it shows.”


Stella said, “Why did you get married then?”


Antoine sighed, “I got her pregnant by accident… You were our accident.”


Stella said, “WHAT! ”


Stella felt terrible, she was to blame for her mother’s unhappiness all these years.


Antoine said,”Now don’t you go blaming yourself for what your mother’s been through. Honestly I treated her badly because I wanted her to divorce me.  I didn’tknow what else to do… I guess it was a stupid idea…”


Stella was furious, “You treated my mother like garbage because you wanted a divorce?  Why didn’t you just ask her for one?””


Antoine said, “Your mother battles with depression.  She kept saying she would kill herself if I left…”


Stella said, “Oh my God, so you were in your own little hell as well…”


Stella shook her head and said, “I wish the two of you would have gotten some marriage counselling and saved us all some grief.  With you two fighting all the time I grew up thinking marriage was hell.  That’s why Michael had a hard time convincing me to marry him in the first place.  I should have stayed single, I wish I never would have had the baby… I should have aborted it when I had the chance. I make a lousy mother…”


Antoine quietly said, “Now listen here Stella, you produced a beautiful little girl. You should be thankful that you still have a part of Michael with you.  Yes don’tlook at me like that.  She is a mixture of both of your looks and personality. In fact I think she’s going ot look more like Michael when she grows up.  And you resent that because he walked away from you after you had the baby.  Michael told me he was planning to ask you for a divorce…”


Stella looked up in shock, “Really why?”


Antoine said, “Because you were making his life a living hell.  The whole I’m going to take time off was a lie.  He figured he would take time off and you would realize that the two of you had drifted apart.  He said the first two years was good – for the sex then the two of you didn’t take the time to nurture anything else to keep the relationship going.  You were always fighting…”


Stella said, “So Michael was you confidante, why not Richard?”


Antoine said, “Michael was jealous of Richard’s relationship with is wife. They are very harmonious with each other, lots in common, same goals and dreams, they work together like a team.  You two were opponents from the start.  Michael said he should have stayed a bachelor he often complained about being a lousy husband to you.  He preferred his work over anyone and everyone.”


Stella sighed, “I used to  think he was having affairs.”


Antoine said, “Michael was having affairs… With his rockets.. Nothing human he was working on a new robot idea for the moon..”


Stella said, “See now I would have loved to know something like that.”


Antoine said, “Michael wasn’t allowed to tell you or me, he just figured since your the gossipy type you would let it slip and get him fired.”


Stella said, “Your talking about it now?”


Antoine said, “Michael can’t get fired he’s dead remember?”


Stella looked down at her feet, “believe you me, I remember it every day”


The phone rang and Rue said, “Stella it’s for you.  It’s Dana.”


Richard came running out to the kitchen and smiled, “Can I say hi to her first?”


Stella laughed, “Okay…”


Richard grabbed the phone and said, “I figured out what we can call the twins.. How do you feel about Crescenda and Felix?”


Dana giggled, “Why those names?”


Richard said, “Crescenda is the name of a beautiful villa a sanctuary for a family in germany and there’s no meaning for the name.. I made it up myself.”


Dana said, “Really maybe you should make up a baby name book Bruce Lansky did in 1984.”


Richard said, “no thanks.  Now Felix is the other name I picked it means happy and fortunate.  He always has a smile on his face..”


Dana said, “I like that!  When are you coming to see us?”


Richard said, “Soon just got up having a bite to eat then I’ll be coming back alone.  Stella’s got her hands full here..”


Dana said, “Okay we’ll see you soon darling..”


Richard hung up the phone and Stella looked at him.


Richard looked at her and said, “Oops you wanted to talk to her didn’t you? I’m sorry I’m not thinking..”


Richard ran out the door and grabbed a cab to the hospital.  He walked in and smiled.  Two little blonde haired babies with blue eyes looked up at him.  Richard grabbed Felix first gave him a kiss and rocked him for a few minutes then he grabbed Crescenda and did the same.






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18 – Sept 1989  – A New Home for Suella



Stella looked around the townhouse and tearfully walked out the door.  She would miss this place but it was all for the best.  Richard and Dana found her a nice red brick home out in the country.  A better place for her to raise Suella who loved wild flowers.  She was so excited when Stella told her they were going to grow a big garden of flowers together.


Stella hopped into her  red 1989 Chrysler New Yorker and drove out into the countryside.  Suella would be starting  junior kindergarten in a couple of days.  Stella would have to drive her into school until she got the bus schedule.  It was actually on the way to work so it was a better idea for her to keep driving her daughter to school.


Suella looked out the window and smiled, “I’m a big girl now…”


Stella grinned, “yes you are, you get to go to school this week, after were moved into our new house.  Uncle Richard has a surprise for you.”


Suella said, “Is Aunt Dana having another baby?”


Stella laughed, “heaven’s no, I think Aunt Dana’s decided to never have any more babies, like mommy.  One is enough for me, two is enough for her.  Were here now close your eyes and follow mommy.”


Suella got out of the car while holding Stella’s hand. They walked around to the back of the house and there beside a big willow tree was a little girls playhouse, all pink and pretty with barbie wall paper in it and barbie toys, chairs, table and a chalk board.


Suella squealed with delight, “Did Uncle Richard build this for me?”


Stella nodded and said, “Now mommy has some unpacking to do so I have an idea to keep you busy.  I bought you some scissors, glue, pencil crayons and construction paper.  How about you make a thank you card for Aunt Dana and Uncle Richard.  They both worked very hard to get this little treehouse ready for you.  It’s on the ground for now.  When you are older, Uncle Richard will be putting it up in the willow tree.”


Suella pouted, “I’m not breakable you know  I’m four… That’s old enough to climb a ladder.”


Stella sighed, “I know darling but mommy can’t be watching you go up and down the ladder every five minutes.  I have my lab in the back so I can keep an eye on you while you play outside.  And there’s another present for you in the garage but we’ll take a look at it after the movers have unloaded all the furniture.”


Suella said, “I want it now!”


Stella said, “I thought you were going to make a thank you card.  In fact I think you should make two cards for them and several little cards.”


Suella asked, “What are the little cards for?”


Stella said, “Let’s have a house warming party.  You can make all the invitations for it?”


Suella said, “Can I add some wildflowers to it?”


Suella was looking at all the wild daisies out in the field nearby.


Stella said, “That is a fabulous idea!  Now mommy has to go unpack and show the movers where to put everything.  I need you to stay at the kitchen and don’t move unless you have to go to the bathroom.  There’s one in the hallways close by.  I”ll give you a tour of our new home later…”


Suella said, “Can we make vanilla and cherry  cupcakes for the party?”


Stella said, “Sure.. Do you want to look through your cook books and plan the menu?”


Suella said, “Yes I’d like to do that to.”


Stella smiled  her daughter was such a smart girl.  Suella had started reading at the age of two and a half.   She bought her own Company’s Coming Cookbooks with her allowance.  Stella remembered the first time Suella showed her the books and insisted to buy them.  Stella didn’t know what to do.  Then she found  out that some people start teaching their children how to cook as toddlers.  Some as young as eighteen months old.


Suella had a knack for making things.  Most of the recipes didn’t require too much cooking and if it did there was a note in there to do it with an adult.  Stella was going to hire a full time cook – maid – nanny type person to take care of the house.


Her fragrance line was keeping her busy and she would need some help with it soon.  Her fragrances were still lacking in some areas, but she was doing well  selling her stuff at the local craft shows.


Suella went to sit down and pulled out her craft box with all her supplies in it.  She laid everything out in neat little row then started to use a pencil to trace her flowers and patterns before cutting them out.  Stella went to see how the movers were doing.


They had decided to put all the boxes in the family room and all the furniture in the living room.  Stella still wanted to finish painting and decorating the house before moving everything into the right rooms.  She had a quick closing date for the people were overseas in London and they wanted to sell the house.  It was from an estate sell, the house had been vacant for almost two years.  It was mostly dusty and very outdated.  All the carpets had to be removed and the house needed an overhaul.  Dana told Stella it was the best thing for her to do, to keep her mind off Michael…



Stella had moved from their small apartment and gotten a bigger suite on the east side of town by the flower shop.  She decided she would put Suella in day care after a few months.  She had been suffering from post-partum depression and had returned to work to deal with her grief over losing Michael.  Stella worked long hard hours and Dana was worried about the baby.  She was bonding more with her nannies then her Mother.  Dana finally sat Stella down and confronted her about it.

Stella cried bitterly, “Dana I can’t stand being around the child.  Part of me blames her for his death.  Why did she pick such a dangerous night to be born?”  Dana stood there in shocked disbelief, “Surely you’re not blaming your own child for this?”

Then she lost her temper, “Michael was stupid to have driven after working sixteen hours!  Even your parents tried to tell him to stay at the Hotel!  His stubborn pride and stupidity caused his death!  Why didn’t you demand him to stay at the Hotel?”  Stella wailed, “I was so tired and out of it, I wish I had!”  Then Dana quieted her down, “Listen we can’t control what fate brings our way, but we can choose to be strong and live each day like it’s our last.  Your Daughter Suella needs her Mother for God sake she has no Father!  Do you want her to grow up hating Michael for taking you away from her?  Did you ever think about that?”  Stella paused, “My God the thought never crossed my mind!”

Dana said, “Listen I think you and Suella need to get away for awhile.  Go to Paris for a vacation and attend some fashion shows there.  You have lots of money thanks to Michael’s life insurance policy and company stocks.  I think it would be good for you.  Shelia can work full time now that Tony’s in school all day.”

Stella thought for a moment then said, “Dana your brilliant not only will I go to the fashion shows there but I think I’ll buy a place in Paris and go work at a fragrance factory.”  It was a month later when Stella packed her bags, sold her apartment in New York City, and moved to Paris, France with Suella.  While there, she happened to make the acquaintance of a Luvena Carrington who told her the history of her Husband’s parents, she found it all quite interesting.



Richard and Dana Visit Place Royale


Patricia had received a letter from Paris from her friend Luvena Carrington she had written to say that she had become acquainted with a Mrs. Lafleur who was Goderich’s Daughter in law!  She was grieved to hear of Michael’s death but happy about baby Suella.  She also learned that Richard and Dana had twins Felix and Crescenda and were currently living in New York City.  She shared this news with Sasha and Marchina.

It was the next day when Patricia went to the Moisan store to get some supplies that she heard that Richard and Dana were on holidays for the summer with the twins.  Patricia, Sasha, and Marchina decided to pay a visit and bring gifts to them.  Dana had answered the door in surprise when Patricia introduced them.  They came in with scones, squares, and pies.  Dana said, “Why you must be the ladies that bake for the market place!  I love your pastries so fluffy and moist.  I wish I could make mine like that.”  The three women looked at each other.  It was like “De ja vu” and it brought to mind what they did with Marion, Alchetta, and Louise.  Marchina said, “Perhaps you would like to do what Marion used to do.  She would come to our cottage and bake with us.  Bless her heart she was such a good woman.  We were quite close to Goderich and Marion long ago; well not so much myself but my Mother and Aunt were.”  Dana was fascinated and said to Richard, “We should all sit down one evening with the twins.  I’m sure they would love to hear tales about their Grandparents.”  Richard smiled, “Yes the Lafleur history I’m sure is quite colorful where my Grandfather’s friends were concerned.  What happened to the Atkins?”


Patricia said, “Their son Angus and his Wife Amelia live there now.  Amelia had a Daughter a few years ago.  They named her Annie.  You will not see much of Amelia such a pale and pasty looking woman.  Marchina snickered, “She reminds me of a walking corpse.”  Patricia said, “Angus Atkins has done very well for himself.  He has far surpassed the wealth and fame of his Father Anthony Atkins the Architect.  If you ever need any restoration work or renovations he’s the man to contact.”  Richard said, “I like my Father’s tastes.  I am a country bumpkin.  Now if it had been my Brother Michael he would have modernized the whole place.”  Richard’s voice broke and a tear or two slid down his cheek.  Patricia said, “We are so sorry to hear of your loss.  We only found out when my friend Luvena Carrington spoke with Michael’s Widowed Wife Stella.  Their Daughter Suella is growing up to be a fine little girl though.  I do not know how she will be without a Father figure.  She showed her dismay with a slight frown…

The next few weeks flew by quickly.  Dana enjoyed and mastered her new pastry recipe thanks to the Totenmyers.  They heard a lot more about the history of the Lafleurs, Deere’s, Atkins, and Totenmyers.  It was fascinating when the twins heard about the SS America.  They begged their parents to take them on a cruise ship.  Richard had thought it a great idea.  He said, “Let’s cut our vacation short here and take a cruise to England?  We’ll go visit Stella and Suella and see a bit of Europe.”  Dana was thrilled.  “I’ve been asking you for years to take me on a cruise!”  When they mentioned it to Patricia, she asked Sasha and Marchina “Why don’t we go as well?  We should see Luvena.  She’s been ill lately and very frail.”  Sasha had not been feeling too well herself she had been meaning to go to the Doctors.



Little Annie Atkins


One day Patricia bumped into Angus Atkins and asked him how Amelia and Annie were.  He said, “Splendid!”  Then she asked if Annie would be starting kindergarten at the public school in the fall?”  Angus shook his head no, “We decided to home school and give her a much better education and a higher level of learning.  Annie is already showing signs of being competitive and likes to get amazing grades.  She is a very ambitious little girl and she never takes no for an answer.  Now if you would excuse me.  I’m late for an appointment,” He quickly darted away.  That Patricia Totenmyer is so nosy.  I hate it when she corners me.  He went into the Old Port Inn for his lunch.  A young man sat along the bar and he was telling someone about this gorgeous red head who works at Candies.  Angus asked, “What is Candies?”  The young stranger laughed, “It’s a brothel that’s been around since your Father’s age.  The red head’s Mother used to know some of the men of Place Royale.  She was a lover to a Brandon Deere and Themus Munroe.”

Angus had to know more.  The man said, In fact she says her Daughter is Themus Munroe’s child.”  Angus was shaking by this news.  As far as he knew, only Jacob Deere was a descendant of the Munroe family.  He would have to do something about this other heir.  He asked, “What’s the girl’s name?”  The man said, “I never asked!  She is the only red head there and she is looking for a buyer.  She wants to get out of the business.  She has these fanciful ideas that some rich gentleman will come along and take her away.”  Angus got a look in his eye as he thought of a plan.  He asked, “Where is Candies located?”  The man said, “Just take the dirt road out of town to the east.  Cote de La Montague is less than ten minutes away if you drive there.”

Angus had gone home and asked where Annie was, Amelia said, “She begged to go out in the backyard to play.”  Angus barked, “Why aren’t you watching her?”  Amelia said, “She wouldn’t dare wander off.  I told her you would beat her and lock her in the dungeon if she did.”  Angus growled “You know I’d never hurt my little princess!”  He went out into the yard and there Annie was with a small stone altar mutilating a small animal.  Angus was shocked, and Annie had a look of fear on her face.  Angus asked, “Annie what are you doing?”  She begged, “Please don’t tell Mother.”  She pointed to a book of spells lying on the ground.  Angus asked, “Where did you get this?”  Annie cowered, “In my secret room that I found.  I’ve learned to make all sorts of things.”  Angus laughed and said, “My little girl wants to just be like my ancestors.  We used to do those things when we were younger.  I learned it from my nanny.  Her name was Ida Tinkle.  She was a very evil woman and she also practiced black magic.”  Annie nodded and smiled smugly, “I’ve learned some black magic too.”  Angus said “Really what have you learned my sweet?”  Annie smiled wickedly she had hoped this would happen.  She spoke an incantation spell for mind control and when she was done, she snapped her fingers.  Angus became still then Annie said, “Flap your arms and brock like a chicken.”  She laughed as her Father walked in circles flapping his arms and brocking like a chicken.”  Then Annie said, “Now I want you to slap your face until I tell you to stop.”  Angus slapped his face repeatedly.  He was red, swollen, and blue when she stopped him.  Her plan would work, thanks to Ida Tinkle.  Annie hated Amelia for the secret game they played.  Whenever Angus was gone for a couple of days Amelia would touch and caress her private parts.

Amelia had told her if she said anything to Angus, she would kill her and then tell her Father that Annie had run off.  Her Mother would make her touch her and do things to her.  She hated touching her Mother.  It made her sick.  Now she would get her revenge on the woman.  She snapped her fingers and Angus stood there wondering why his face was all red and why did it sting like hell.



Angus Atkins and Cherry Dowling


It was a few days later when Angus said he had to go away on business, “I have to go look at some investments I’m working on.”  She asked where he would be going.  He lied and said, “Montmorency falls.”  It was in the opposite direction of where he was going.  She kissed him good-bye and said with an evil look in her eye, “I’ll take very good care of Annie.”  He arrived at Candies and ordered champagne for all the young women in the house.  Then he saw the red head and sat down beside her and said, “I have a business proposal for you.”  She was immediately interested.  Angus had seen the beautiful lands around Cote de La Montagne.  He said, “I’d like to buy Candies and relocate it to Montreal.”  She squealed with excitement, “The girls have always wanted to move to Montreal.”

He then said, “I’ve been told you want to retire from this place?”  She whispered, “Shh don’t tell.  The girls would be upset if they knew.”  Angus said, “I will pay you well if you will come live in my mansion.  I live a very private life so the condition is you can never speak to anyone about my family or business dealings.  You will not leave the premises on your own, however I shall take you away with me, and buy you the latest fashions and jewels.  Once Annie is fifteen, you will retire and I’ll give you a house of your own and money to retire on for the rest of your life.”  Her eyes opened wide with shock.  “What do you do for a living?”  He said, “Perhaps I should introduce myself my name is Angus Atkins.  And your name is?”  She gasped, “I’m Cherry Dowling.  Are you a famous Architect?”  He looked at her and said, “Yes I am.  I want you to be my mistress and my personal assistant.”  She said, “I want a contract written up and signed by you and my lawyer.”  Angus said, “You have my word, we don’t need a lawyer.  I’ll sign this here with you and you can grab Simon Boucher from Dubois Inn to be a witness.”  She signed the papers then announced to the girls that Candies would be closing in Cote de La Montagne and that it would be opening in Montreal as a massage spa for wealthy men.  The girls were ecstatic.  Angus then announced, “All of you will be provided with new sexier outfits and none of you will know my name.  Cherry has agreed to leave Candies and become my personal assistant.”  The girls would miss Cherry but they were happy for her.

Within a few days, everything was ready to go.  Angus already had sent a massive crew to a place in Montreal that he owned.  Originally, he was going to make it into an art studio and rent out the rooms.  So all he had to do was change the color of the walls and some of the furniture.  He would move the art studio to another building on the other side of town.  He had brought with him books of paint, wallpaper, and furniture samples.  Each girl had a list of choices on a sheet.  Then he had faxed it to his contractor in Montreal.  They had worked around the clock and within a week, everything was completed.  They had put a sign up inside of Candies letting everyone know the new location in Montreal.  Simon Boucher had been bitter at the news until Angus informed him that he would be managing a Hotel down the street and would make three times the money as a manager.  Angus also purchased the Dubois Inn from him.  He never explained that he had plans to re-develop Cote de La Montagne and build condominiums and a tourist area around the lake.  He would build a rich man’s playground featuring a Mediterranean styled resort with palm trees, indoor sandy beaches, a pool area, theatre, casino, and a dance club.  When the girls saw their new suites in Montreal, they had tears in their eyes.  Angus gave Cherry his credit card.  She took the girls to a lingerie fashion show and to the shopping mall to get some new outfits.  The next day he pulled up outside of the Atkins mansion in his black Mercedes.  Cherry was shocked and said, “Angus it looks like a medieval castle!”  He told her to wait in the car while he went in and called for Amelia and Annie.  They sat down in his office and he explained that he had a surprise for them.  “I have hired a female Business Associate who is coming to live with us.”  They both looked at him in horror.  He said,” I am expanding my business interests and Cherry is a very famous entrepreneur.  She will accompany me on my business trips to Montreal and England because Amelia I know you hate to travel.”  Amelia sat shocked as stone.  Everything was changing and she said, “Angus has you gone nuts?  I swear your suffering from mid-life crisis.”  He said, “Maybe I am.  I am sick of boring old Place Royale.  I want to become famous in Europe and the United States as well!”  Amelia’s eyes flashed as she said, “How long are these business trips going to take?  He said, “Months.”  Annie looked terrified then pleaded, “Father I want to go with you and see the world.  It would be a part of my education.”  Angus said, “We’ll discuss this later, now I want you to meet Cherry.”  Amelia felt insanely jealous when she first set eyes on the beautiful young Cherry Dowling.  Annie was in awe of the young girl and excited to have a new friend.  Angus carried in the new parcel’s and Amelia stormed, “You’ve never bought me any new outfits why her?”  Angus said, “Amelia why do you need any new outfits?  You never go anywhere and you are always here at home?  Cherry has to dress nice for our business trips.”  She went off crying in anger to her room.  Cherry felt awkward and said to Angus, “That went well. “



Cherry Dowling and Amelia Atkins


It was a couple of days later when Angus had gone to the office and said he would be working all night on some sketches and wouldn’t be home till the next evening.  Cherry had put Annie to bed and was feeling restless.  She could not wait until they went to England.  She never realized how boring country living was.  Lately she had noticed that whenever Amelia stared at her she would nervously lick her lips.  She had felt the sexual tension in Amelia’s body that day when their hands had accidentally come into contact when putting Annie to bed.  She decided it was time to find out if her gut feeling was right.  She went and put on some see through red lingerie and grabbed a black outfit.  She knocked on Amelia’s door and asked her if she would like to go for a walk on the hot summer night and that she had a present for her.  Amelia opened the door and froze.  Cherry handed her the boxed gift and said, “Go put this on and meet me on the patio.”  Cherry admired Amelia’s beautiful slim and curvy figure.  She said, “You really shouldn’t wear those big medieval gowns around the house.  I knew you were slender but I had no idea you looked so delicious.”

Amelia blushed then Cherry said, “You look so sexy in that black lingerie.”  Amelia smiled, “I have always wanted an outfit like this.  Thank you.”  Cherry said, “Don’t show it to Angus; he’d never understand or appreciate it as much as I do!”  Then she grabbed Amelia’s hand and they walked down to the pond located in their walled fortress.  Cherry said, “Is it clean in there?”  Amelia nodded yes.  Cherry said, “Let’s go skinny dipping!”  They peeled off their outfits and jumped into the warm water.  After frolicking in the water for some time, they got out, wrapped themselves in their towels, and lay on the blanket in the long grass.  Cherry had pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses and handed one to Amelia who quickly gulped it down and said, “Angus never lets me drink wine.”  Cherry then said, “Angus isn’t here so we can do whatever we want.”  Then she lay down on her back and looked up at the stars and the hidden crescent of the moon.  Amelia said,” I’ve always wanted to do this under the moon and the stars.”  She peeled away her towel and let the warm brisk air caress her naked body.  Then Cherry leaned over and looked into her eyes.  Amelia licked her lips and Cherry kissed her.  Amelia felt alive for once in her life.  She also felt guilty.  Her parents had disowned her when she had married Angus and now she was in their eyes doing an unpardonable sin.  She stopped for a minute and Cherry said, “Are you okay?”  Amelia said, “Yes, please more…”

Annie had woken up after having a terrible nightmare she went to her Father’s room and realized that her Father was not home.  She looked for Cherry and she was not in her room either.  She decided to sneak a peek in Amelia’s room and the bed was empty!  She started to cry.  Suddenly the little girl heard a noise from the garden.  She peered out the window and saw two forms near the pond.  She decided to investigate maybe Cherry was going for a late night swim.  She quietly let herself out the door and slowly walked towards the scary dark path.  She heard screams shook in fright, and stood stock still, then she heard laughter it was Cherry!  She walked hopefully towards the sound of her voice.  She had to tell her about the awful dream she had.

Cherry was very knowledgably on how to please a woman.  She slowly caressed Amelia and she heard her groan.  “Oh my, that’s wonderful.  I’ve never had this with a woman before, what are you doing?”  She had sat up in surprise.  Cherry looked at her and cooed, “Its okay Amelia, I can see you’ve never enjoyed the pleasures that some women have.  Now lay back and feel raptures of delight as I caress your special spot.”  Amelia laid back down tense with fear.  She was glad her Mother could not see her.  She would say, “Damn you to hell you filthy whore.  Sex is dirty!  It is only to bare children!  Don’t give in to the lusts of the flesh!”  Amelia was angry.  Why would her Mother tell her these things?  This felt so good and the thrills of excitement began to run up and down her spine.  She felt elated and suddenly her body rocked with an unknown feeling.  It was wild, and amazing, she said, “Oh Annie’s never done this to me!”  Cherry got up with a glazed look of rage and said, “Annie?  My God woman don’t tell me your mean your five year old Daughter?”  Amelia nodded, “Yes, we play the same game my Mother taught me?  She used to complain about it not being any good.”  Cherry felt sick.  “Amelia’s its wrong to do that with a child!  It is sexual abuse.  Do not ever touch Annie or ask her to do anything like this ever again!  Children are not supposed to be involved in this playtime.  It is a game for adults!  I will take care of your sexual needs.  Promise me that you’ll leave that little girl alone!”  Amelia cried and said, “I didn’t know it was wrong.  No one has ever told me this before.  I’ve kept it a secret even from Angus he doesn’t know any of it.”  Annie peeked through the bushes shocked to see Cherry playing the game with her Mother.  She had watched fascinated by what Cherry was doing.  Then she heard her Mother scream and tell Cherry about them.  Annie felt relief at Cherry’s words.  She would be thankful to her for playing the game with her Mother.  She had hated it.  She wondered if Cherry could make her scream and be happy like that.  She would ask her someday when she was older…



The Lafleur Vacation on the SS America


The group of people boarded the SS America and headed each to their own suites.  Richard had booked a large family suite with two bedrooms.  Dana put the twins down for a nap and went out to the living room to read a book.  Richard had gone to see what services were available then came back.  He grabbed his Wife’s hand, took a quick peek at the two golden heads fast asleep and then headed into the bedroom for some pleasure time.  Crescenda woke up from her afternoon nap and knocked on the door saying, “Mommy I’m hungry.”  Dana said, “We’ll be going to dinner soon.  Go put on one of your dresses and tell Felix to wear his blue suit.”

It was an hour later when the four of them headed to the elegant dining room.  They joined Patricia and Marchina at the dinner table.  Sasha had been feeling under the weather and had stayed in bed.  Patricia said, “The poor girl must be suffering from motion sickness although it’s odd when she travelled with my Father years ago she had been fine.”  Marchina beamed, “I love the rocking of the boat.  I think I should get one of those new waterbeds that you received.”  Patricia said, “Yes that was a marvelous surprise from Goderich and Marion.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.”  Then she gasped and stared at the couple sitting a few tables from them “My word that’s Angus Atkins!  I wonder who the red head is.”  Marchina quietly said, “Her name is Cherry Dowling.  She’s Themus Munroe’s heir.  I fear she’s in some sort of danger but my visions are cloudy.”  Patricia glowered at her, “How is it that you know this juicy bit of gossip and I don’t?”  Marchina smiled mischievously and said, “It’s the benefit of knowing Mr. Maison.  He told me Cherry is Angus’s new business partner.  She used to own Candies in Cote de La Montagne.  Angus purchased it and moved the business to Montreal.  He’s secretly planning to redevelop the town into a tourist place for the rich and famous!”  Patricia was shocked, “Marchina I can’t believe no one’s told me this.  Wait till I tell Luvena!”  Marchina shook her head furiously, “No Patricia you must keep this a secret for now.  Mr. Maison made me swear not to tell a soul because he trusts me!”  Patricia huffed at this, “Why couldn’t he trust me?”  Marchina said, “Because Auntie, you’re terrible at keeping secrets.  The revealing truth will be soon.  When Angus purchased the lands there, Mr. Moisan had to tell me because Sasha has the deeds to some of the properties.  Angus asked Mr. Moisan to present it to Sasha.  He knows she doesn’t like him at all.”  Patricia, said, “Can you blame her?  The man lives a secretive life of a hermit.  I sometimes wonder about him.”  Marchina said, “Yes my visions tell me of evil things in the Atkins house.”  Richard had wondered what all the whispering was about and wished he could hear what Patricia and Marchina were saying.  Patricia apologized, “Sorry we didn’t mean to be rude.  My Niece and I are discussing business matters.  Usually Sasha handles everything but with her being ill lately, I’ve had to step in and teach Marchina the ropes.”  As she said it, Marchina poked her with her elbow and whispered, “I’ve never known you to tell a little white lie.”  Patricia whispered back, “It’s no lie, you have to learn everything.”  Marchina had a sense of foreboding she worried about Sasha and felt that in time things would change drastically.

The twins were getting restless and Dana was looking wistfully at the dance floor.  Patricia and Marchina noticed and offered to watch the twins for a few hours for them.  So they all headed back to the Lafleur suite.  Patricia had made a point to walk by Angus and Cherry, said a quick hello, and asked where they were going.  Angus blushed at first then said, “I’m expanding my contracts into England and Paris.  I have some interested clients that Cherry knows.”  Patricia said, “Nice to meet you Cherry I hope that Amelia and Annie are well?”  Angus said, “Yes they are doing wonderful.  I miss them already.”  Patricia looked at him with a wary eye then left to follow her Niece Marchina.  Dana said, “This is such a treat Richard.  We haven’t gone dancing since Stella and Michael’s wedding.”  She regretted the words as they passed her mouth.  Richard had stiffened and cleared his throat.  Dana said, “I’m sorry dear I wasn’t thinking.”  They sat down and enjoyed an evening of live entertainment and dancing.

When they got back to the cabin, Patricia was snoozing and Marchina had been meditating.  Dana asked, “How were they?”  Marchina said, “They were fine.  Patricia told them more stories about their Grandfather Goderich and how he had met his Wife Marion White on this very ship!”  Dana gasped.  “I never knew that, Richard how romantic of you!”  Marchina had a twinkle in her eye and said to Richard, “It’s more than likely you were conceived on this ship.”  She shook Patricia awake and they left.  Richard looked at Dana and said, “Talking about conceiving, let’s go play!”  This time Dana pushed him onto the couch and began to pleasure her Husband.



Cherry Dowling Meets David Johnson


Angus and Cherry had spent the evening in the Casino.  Cherry had won five thousand dollars.  Angus smiled, “Looks like I’m your lucky charm.”  Cherry said, “I shall bank this money for a future date.”  Angus said, “I see there are some lovely shops here.  Tomorrow I will give you my credit card I want you to purchase that lovely black dress in the window.  You can wear it to our first business meeting.  In fact, get three dresses and pant suits for now.  When we get to Paris, I will take you to buy some designer clothes.  Cherry grabbed his hand and headed into a vacant broom closet.  She locked the door then for their first time she unzipped his pants and gave him something he has never had before.  Within minutes he was done gasping for air he said, I’ve never had that done before!”  She asked, “You’ve never given oral have you?”  He replied, “Are you kidding?  Amelia would never let me.”  She said, “Have you even tried to?”  He said “No?”  She said, “Listen Amelia’s told me how she was raised.  She is a naive woman, really Angus you of all people should try to pleasure your Wife.  It would probably add some excitement to your marriage.”

Angus looked at her “Amelia never has an orgasm” Cherry cracked up at this, “of course she hasn’t you silly man.  A woman needs to be stimulated down there first.”  Angus turned red and he yelled, “I don’t need some whore telling me how to pleasure my Wife!”  He opened the door and raced out towards his room.  He startled some woman and she complained to a young deck hand.  Angus had shut the door and unwittingly it had gotten jammed.

The young man opened it to a very sweaty and disheveled gorgeous red head.  He walked in, “Are you all right miss?”  She looked at his hungry eyes and said, “I am now.  Come here tiger.”  He grabbed her after locking the door, pulled up her dress, and slowly put himself into her.  After a few minutes he was done and said, “Listen I will only have time for a quickie, but I’m off duty at midnight why don’t you meet me in my room, its number 265.”  She replied, “Sure, I’ll see you then.”  He asked, “Do you have a school girl uniform to you could wear?”  She said, “Not really, can I buy one?”  He asked, “What size are you?  I will go pick one up in the shop.  My treat you can put it on for me.”  She smiled, “With pleasure babe.”  He decided to carry her out and as he passed the old woman he said, “Thanks, the poor girl had fainted in there.  I didn’t see her there until I tripped over her.”  The woman said, “Is she okay?”  He said, “Yes, she’s fine.  I’m taking her to the nurse to make sure she’s okay.”  He carried Cherry through the door and out on the deck.  Once out of sight he let her down with a chuckle.  He said, “Your light as a feather. “  She said, “Thank you for rescuing me.  What is your name?  I’m Cherry.”  He laughed and shook her hand, “My name is David Johnson, and I’m at your service.”  He saluted her then began to walk away.  She said, “See you at midnight.”

Cherry headed to her cabin.  She closed the inner door to Angus’s room and put up a please do not disturb sign on both doors.  She had a quick shower then headed down to the bar for a few drinks.  At midnight, she headed to David’s room.  He greeted her in a black silk housecoat.  It had been dark in the closet and she had not gotten a good look at his rippled muscular arms.  “God you’re built.”  He pulled out the mini skirt and white shirt.  “I hope this fits.  I didn’t realize how busty you were.”  She put on the outfit then came out of the bathroom.  He was lying down in silk black boxers.  His rock hard abs glistened on his tanned body.  “She said, “You look delicious.”  He trailed his hands up to her skirt and said, “Good no underwear.  He began to pleasure her all over.

David proved to be an artful lover.  He lasted all night long.  When she asked if he would be tired he said no I have a high sex drive.  I can screw all nightlong get four hours sleep and get up for work no problem.  I’m full of energy.”  She laughed, “We’ll Casanova I’m heading back to my room.  I need my beauty sleep.”  He smiled and she left and went to the deck to take a quick look at the beautiful sunrise then headed to her room.  She slipped a note under the adjoining door.  She excused herself from breakfast due to a migraine headache.  She said she would join him for lunch if he wished.  Angus was annoyed when at one a.m.  He had open the side door only to find a do not disturb sign there.  He closed it again and wished he had not of run off on Cherry.  He noticed that her room seemed very quiet.  He decided to go back to bed and read his magazine about new innovative designs.



Gaylord and Fifi Cartier


Angus woke up early in the morning and after a refreshing shower headed down to the breakfast room.  He was starving after having a sleepless night.  He watched the sunrise from his table.  It was a golden moment.  He turned as a person at the next table said, “Glorious morning isn’t it?”  Angus nodded in agreement, grumpy and wishing to be alone the man asked, “You wouldn’t happen to be Angus Atkins the famous Architect?”  Angus stopped and stared at the familiar face.  The man stretched out his hand; “I am Gaylord Cartier my Wife and I are heading back to Paris after visiting Chateau Frontenac in Quebec.  We went to the same University.  How’s your Wife Amelia?”  Angus paused and then said, “She’s fine, we’ve had a Daughter her name is Annie.  I’m sorry I don’t recall you.”

Gaylord nodded, “You wouldn’t know me, and I’ve admired your sketches of work.  In fact, several of my friends in Paris have wanted to meet you.  I’m sure they would love to hire you to renovate their palaces.”  Angus perked up at this disclosure.  The man continued.  “My Wife and I own a vineyard in Paris.  Where are you headed?”  Angus thought for a moment and said, “I’m meeting some colleagues in England with my assistant Cherry Dowling then I was planning to visit Paris.”  Gaylord said, “Perhaps you would like to be our dinner guests.  My Wife would love to throw a party in your honor.  We could invite everyone from our social circles to meet you!”

Angus thanked the man and said that would be excellent.  He added, “We’ll be staying at Millennium Baileys Hotel in London then were heading to Chateau Frontenac in Paris. “  Gaylord said, “It’s a lovely place.  We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec then headed to Montreal for a few fashion shows.  My Wife insisted she had to get some new things!”  Angus laughed, “Women never tire of going shopping!  I can not be bothered with it all.”  Gaylord said, “Ah but you must enjoy the sexy models at a fashion show?  Some love to meet influential rich men such as yourself if you’re interested I can hook you up?”  Angus smiled, “Perhaps my assistant would love to attend a fashion show in Paris.  I’ll be sure to join her, will you be there?”  Gaylord nodded.  “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”  Angus was startled when a lovely, short, brown-haired woman, greeted him, “Bonjour Mr. Atkins it’s been a long time.”  Angus stared then asked, “Fifi?  How are you!  So now, you are Mrs. Cartier!  Fifi here used to be friends with my Wife Amelia.”  Fifi asked, “Is she here?”  Angus shook his head no, “She’s at home with Annie, were home schooling her.  I’m here with my Business Assistant Cherry Dowling.”  Fifi said, “Such a lovely name, I should love to meet Cherry?”  Angus replied, “Perhaps you’ll see her at lunch.  She doesn’t seem to be here.”  With that, he excused himself to go find out where she was.  He noticed the sign on the door then walked into his suite.  A letter was by the door.  Poor girl had a headache.  He wrote a note stating they had a lunch engagement and he enclosed his credit card then slipped it under the door in a sealed envelope.

He would spend the rest of the morning enjoying a dip at the pool and working out in the gym.  He hired a good-looking masseuse and enjoyed himself until lunchtime.  He had just come out of his room when Cherry emerged from hers.  Angus strode quickly over to her, “I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t mean it.  I see you got my note.”  Cherry asked, “Who are we lunching with?”  Angus said, “I want you to meet some old friends of mine, Gaylord Cartier and his Wife Fifi.”  Cherry squealed in delight and they headed to the dining room.  Fifi got up, “Cherry!  I did not know it was you!  How lovely to see you again.  It’s been awhile.”  Angus looked confused.  Fifi said, “Cherry and I met in Montreal at one of the shops.  I assisted her with picking out the outfits for the girls at Candies.”  Angus face went ashen.  Fifi said, “Don’t tell anyone.  But my Husband and I went there for a little fun one evening.”  Cherry said, “I didn’t know that.”  Fifi nodded and whispered in her ear, “I had a marvelous time with your girlfriend Chloe.  She told me you taught her to be a fine lover and that I should try you out sometime.”  Cherry whispered, “What about your Husband Gaylord?”  Fifi said, “He just watched us then went back to the Hotel with Chloe’s friend.”  Cherry said, “Who?”  Fifi said, “Her friend Marcus.  My Husband and I have an open marriage.  It was his first experience and a very pleasurable one.  We also go to a private resort in the United States called Hedonism.  It is for swinging couples.  We have a marvelous time there.”  Cherry was amused; she had not met any couples like that.  She had heard of them.  She watched Mr. Cartier and noticed that he was attracted to Angus.  Fifi noticed too and said, “Maybe we can have some fun on the ship as well.  Does your friend like to play?”  Cherry smiled and said, “He hasn’t yet, I’ll find out for you though.”



Angus Atkins and Gaylord Cartier


After lunch, the two women excused themselves and said they were going shopping.  The two men decided to play a game of chess and checkers then they headed to the pool for a swim.  In the change room, Angus noticed that Gaylord was watching him undress with embarrassing interest.  He had turned away when Angus had flushed.  Angus looked at his rippled muscles and firm ass and felt something odd.  When they brushed up against each other in the locker room Angus smiled nervously.  “It’s kind of crowded in here.”  Gaylord said, “I don’t mind it if you do.”  Angus could not mistaken that for anything.  He felt a thrill at Gaylord flirting with him.

Both men enjoyed doing several laps in the pool then they got into the hot tub.  Angus began to feel a sort of sexual tension between them.  He said, “Let’s go enjoy some sunshine and do some sunbathing.”  They laid out on the recliners.  Angus watched Gaylord out of the corner of his eye.  Gaylord was checking out the babes in bikinis and the men as well!  Angus would talk to Cherry about this.  She would know what to do.  When they got back to their cabins, there was a knock on the side door.  Cherry stood there in a white lacy panty and bra.  Angus was already aroused and grabbed her.  She made him lay down while she worked carefully with her fingers.  At first he tensed when she intruded around his backside, then he relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling.  Suddenly he had a huge orgasm!  Surprise lit his face and he said, “Something strange happened to me today Cherry and I don’t understand it.”  He told her what happened with Gaylord Cartier.  She had a pleased look on her face and said, “Angus, I know for a fact that Gaylord would love to explore these new feelings with you.  What about tonight?”  He asked, “What about you?”  She smiled, “I’ll be busy with Fifi in my room.  You can join him in their suite.  I’ll set it up at dinner.”  Angus said, “Are you sure?”  She said, “I’m sure!”  They napped for a bit then she went to get ready for dinner.  She decided to wear one of her sexy outfits under her dress.  When they arrived at dinner, Cherry whispered in Fifi’s ear.  She in turn told Gaylord the good news.  The four of them ate the huge buffet of meats, vegetables, salads, and desserts.  Then they all went for a stroll on deck.  Gaylord said, “It’s a beautiful night, look at those stars!”  Fifi said, “I love the moon it’s so huge.”  Then they paired off and headed their separate ways.

Angus’s heart was pounding and his hands were sweaty he was as nervous as hell.  Gaylord asked, “Is this you’re first time?”  Angus nodded.  Gaylord said, “I know how you feel, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.”  He opened the door to the suite and ushered Angus in.  They sat down on the couch and Gaylord poured each a glass of Cartier’s wine.  Then he went into the bathroom and changed into some red silk boxer shorts.  Angus licked his lips nervously as Gaylord came towards him.  He said, “Touch me, and rub me.”  He slowly undressed Angus and worked on him.  Angus exploded within minutes as it rocked his body.  Then Gaylord entered him slowly.  The two men ground their bodies together and both screamed in ecstasy…



Cherry Dowling and Fifi Cartier


Fifi said, “Nice lingerie.”  Cherry responded with “I got this in Montreal.”  Fifi said, “I should have bought myself some new lingerie.  I just did not think about it at the time.  I was too busy enjoying the models.”  Cherry laughed and looked at Fifi’s petite small form “You look like a rosebud.”  Fifi pulled out her long toy.  Cherry gasped, “Where on earth did you get that thing?  What’s it for?”  Fifi laughed and wickedly said, “I found it at a secret sex shop in Paris!”  After taking the time to pleasure one another for a few hours, the two women laid there snuggled in each other’s arms, and slowly dozed off to sleep.

The next morning they got up, showered, dressed, and headed to the dining room for breakfast.  Angus and Gaylord were there looking quite pleased with themselves.  The two women sat down and Cherry said, “I see you two enjoyed yourselves last night. “  Gaylord said, “Yes and I can see my Wife is glowing from her evenings escapades as well.”  Fifi said, “Really Gaylord, you may have enjoyed a taste of my dessert.  She looked at Angus and he was surprised not knowing what to think he looked at Cherry.  Cherry smiled and said, “Maybe tonight we’ll have a party!”  Fifi looked at Gaylord and said, “I’m really enjoying this trip!”

After breakfast, everyone went his or her separate ways.  Fifi decided to go back to her room with Gaylord and they made love.  Angus went to his room to catch up on some sleep.  Cherry decided to go do some shopping and came across Marchina out on the deck.  Marchina said, “I need to talk to you alone its important!”  Cherry smiled and looked at the old-fashioned Native girl and wondered what she needed to tell her?  She said, “I’ll be back in a minute.  I’m just going to take these parcels to my room.”  Marchina waited patiently on the deck enjoying the warm sunshine as she sat in the lounge chair.  She had almost drifted off to sleep when she was jarred awake.  Cherry standing over her and asking, “So what’s the deal?”  Marchina sat up and looked around, “Where’s Angus now?”  Cherry said, “As far as I know he’s resting in his room.  Why does this concern him?”  Marchina looked at her with a somber expression on her face then said, “No it concerns your well being.  I have to warn you that because your Father is Themus Munroe you are in great danger!”  Cherry laughed at this, “From Angus!  Do not be ridiculous!  I have got that man wrapped around my little finger.  Heavens he would not even kill a fly let alone do anything to harm me.  Do not be so silly woman.  Angus told me about your magic and the crazy dreams you have.  You are just a crazy woman looking for attention.  Go practice your voodoo on someone who cares!”  She walked away laughing.

Marchina stood there shaking then fled to her room.  She did not like Cherry’s mocking tone of voice or her rudeness.  She looked in the mirror and said, “I’m not crazy?  Do people think I’m crazy because of my visions and what I see?”  She flung herself down on her bed and began to cry.  Patricia heard Marchina and she knocked on her door.  Marchina opened it with a tear stained face.  Patricia said, “What’s the matter sweetie?  What’s happened?”  Marchina sat down and wailed, “I tried to warn Cherry about Angus, and she mocked me and told me I’m a crazy woman!  She did not believe me at all!  I fear for her life.  What can I do?”  Patricia said, “You did what you could.  Now fate will decide what happens to Cherry Dowling.  We cannot control Angus in any way.  There is no evidence that he would harm Cherry.  They seem to get along better then he and Amelia.  Cherry’s full of life.  Amelia is like a walking corpse.  Can you blame the man?  Really, Marchina, you cannot always trust your dreams.  It’s probably your imagination running wild.”  Marchina started to cry again and said, “Where’s Sasha?”  Patricia said, “She’s gone up on deck for some fresh air.  She still looks a bit green but since the ship is coming to port again, she wants to see the water and said she had to meditate or something like that.  You remind me of your Mother.  She used to have nightmares, dreams, and visions and some came true, others did not.  I used to tease her about it.  I do not dabble in the Native spiritual stuff as you two do.  I guess you get it from your Grandmother.  She was heavy into that kind of thing.  I am more like your Grandfather.”  Patricia had a business-oriented mind and she believed in only the facts and nothing else.  Marchina said, “I’m going to go look for Mother.  I have a terrible feeling about her and I cannot shake it.”  Patricia shook her head and said, “Really girl you will go gray early in life with all these worries that you have.”  Patricia left and went to her room to read some poetry.  Marchina headed up on the deck looking for her Mother.



An Unfortunate Accident


She saw Sasha standing near the back of the ship.  She had her hands raised to the heavens and was looking up and saying, “I commit my spirit to the great God of the universe” and then she fell forward and over the side of the ship.  Marchina screamed, “Mother!” and ran towards the steward nearby, “Stop the ship!  My Mother’s fallen overboard at the back!”  The steward ran to the back and radioed the captain.  They slowed the ship down and he had tossed out a life jacket, but Sasha was motionless, and had begun to sink.  Marchina grabbed a life jacket, put it on, and jumped over the side of the ship.  The steward put down one of the lifeboats, got in and went towards where Marchina had dived in.

People had gathered along the side of the ship looking at all the commotion.  Richard had been out for a stroll while Dana was napping and saw Marchina jumping in the water.  He ran to tell Dana then went to Patricia’s cabin and knocked furiously.  Patricia came to the door and opened it, “Really must you pound so hard!  Richard?  What?”  Richard pleaded, “Come quick!  There’s been a terrible accident!”  Patricia stood like stone and Richard grabbed her before she hit the ground for she had fainted.  Dana rushed to her side, found some smelling salts in the bathroom, and revived her.  Felix and Crescenda had begun to cry, “Is Auntie Patricia dead?”  Dana said, “No dear she’s okay.”

They all hurried up on deck towards the back.  By now, they could hardly get through the crowds of people and Patricia asked, “What’s happened?”  Richard said, “I saw Marchina jump overboard and she yelled that her Mother had fallen in!”  Patricia said, “Oh God, I knew I shouldn’t have left Sasha alone.  She was feverish and not well.  She went up on the deck to grab some air and meditate.  She must have lost her balance!  She yelled at the crowd, “Please let us through that is my Niece and Sister in the water!”  The crowd parted for her.  She ran up to the back of the ship and saw the small boat.  Marchina was dripping wet and so was the steward.  Sasha was lying in Marchina’s arms.  They came up to the boat and the crewmembers crawled down, strapped Sasha into lift, and brought her aboard the ship.  Patricia screamed, “Is there a Doctor here?  Please help!”  A young man pushed his way through the crowd and said, “I’m not a Doctor but I’m training to be one.”  He peered over Sasha and felt her pulse; pounding on her chest, he tried to breathe air into her lung through her mouth, trying to revive her.  He worked on her for several minutes.  He felt her pulse again.  His head bowed and tears in his eyes he looked up at Patricia and Marchina and said, “I’m sorry but she’s dead.”  They both grabbed each other and cried.  Cherry had come up beside them and heard Patricia say in a sobbing voice, “My God Marchina, you tried to warn me about your Mother being in danger and I didn’t listen.  I have never listened to you and often I wished I had.  Your foretelling the future is a gift.  I am sorry if I mocked you.  Now I’m paying the price for not believing you.”  Cherry stood stock-still and looked at Sasha laying there lifeless with a smile on her face.  She looked at Marchina and Patricia then at Richard, Dana, and the two small children sobbing.  So much grief was evident.  Many people were crying and feeling sad for they all knew the Totenmyers.  The steward requested that everyone move out of the way and moved the body to a safe place.  The captain radioed ahead and requested a coroner and an investigator from Scotland Yard to be at the dock when they would arrive tomorrow.  The crewmember got statements from the witnesses and from Marchina.  He was relieved to know that no one had actually pushed the woman in the water.  Patricia and Marchina had gone back to the cabins to shower and be changed.  Poor Marchina just kept crying hysterically as she was suffering from shock.  The young man named David Johnson requested some tranquilizers for Marchina to settle her down.  Patricia decided she needed one as well and they both had a peaceful nights sleep.

Cherry sat out on the deck in a state of shock and began to cry.  David had come over and asked if she would be all right and she said, “Yes thank you.”  He asked if she would come see him again.  She said, “Not at this time, where can I reach you otherwise?”  David said, “I live in Paris and study in England.  I’m studying to be a Doctor; I’m just on the ship for the summer student program.”  She nodded and said, “I’ll look you up when I get the chance but for now I have things to attend to.”  He said, “I’ve just given Marchina and Patricia Totenmyer a sedative, so it’s best to leave them be for now.  However, they have some very good friends on the ship here.  A Richard and Dana Lafleur they are right over there with the two twins there.”  Cherry walked over to Dana and said, “I’m sorry for your friend’s loss.  It’s so tragic!”  Dana nodded and sighed, “Yes it seems that people from Place Royale suffer great tragedy.”  Cherry said, “What do you mean?”  Dana asked, “Do you have a few minutes, I’ve got lots of stories if you want to hear them?”  Cherry nodded and sat down.  Dana turned to Richard and said, “Honey do you mind to take Felix and Crescenda to the craft class.  I feel that I need to talk to…  I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?”  Cherry said, “I’m Cherry Dowling, my Father was Themus Munroe and I’m a Business Associate of Angus Atkins.”  Dana looked horrified at this and said, “Richard I really need to talk to Cherry alone.”  Richard nodded and said, “Come along Felix and Crescenda let’s go make something for Marchina and Patricia.”  Crescenda said, “I want to make something for Sasha too!”  Richard said, “Yes that’s a great idea.  I’ll ask the craft teacher if all the children can make something special for Sasha’s funeral maybe a wreath or something from the SS America.”  Dana turned to Cherry, “What I have to tell you are true stories and you will be in for the shock of your life.”  Cherry nodded.  Dana then said, “Before I begin I just want you to know that Patricia told me what Marchina had said to you and I want you to really listen to what I’ve got to say.  The Atkins mansion has many mysterious deaths and disappearances in the last few years.  There is a lot of talk about what goes on at their house.  The fact that no one has ever seen much of Amelia Atkins set tongues wagging, but when Annie was born and hardly ever seen then it got much worse.  When Angus was young, his parents were shot and killed and his nanny Ida Tinkle had been the root of all evils.  She has mysteriously disappeared since Angus and Amelia came back to Place Royale.  I am relaying stories told to me by Patricia, Sasha, and Marchina.  Each has new light to shed on things that went on at that place.  Anyways years ago, your Father Themus Munroe’s Wife Alchetta was murdered by Ida Tinkle.  Nothing has proved to be correct.  It has always been a tale told but because Ida was sleeping with the sheriff, nothing ever came of it.  The sheriff disappeared shortly after Ida did.  When they investigated, they found that no one has been around in any town or neither city nor no one knew of their whereabouts, even their closest family and friends are worried about them they were both at the Atkins mansion when they disappeared.  What I am saying is that if Marchina is having visions about you being in danger.  You should really heed them before it’s too late.”  Cherry looked scared and said, “I overheard Marchina and Patricia talking.  Marchina had a vision of her Mother being in danger and Patricia had told her it was foolish and now Sasha is dead.  That was a wake up call for me.  I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”  Dana said, “Well more then likely your safe here in Europe.  I would not go back to Place Royale.  There you will be at the mercy of the Atkins more then likely he will use you for whatever he wants then when he’s done with you he will probably rid himself of you like his ancestor’s did in the past.  It seems to run in the family.”

Cherry felt great trepidation at this news and excused herself “Thanks for warning me.  Can you tell Marchina I’m sorry for what I said to her?”  Dana said, “Sure, keep in contact with us.  I am sure that Patricia has an idea what you can do.  She is a very resourceful woman especially when it comes to taking care of people.  The Totenmyers will help you I’m sure.”  Cherry said, “Thanks,” then she excused herself, and headed to her room to think.  Dana headed over to the craft area and was delighted to see that the children had all made a wreath out of feathers and beads.  The teacher said, “I thought it would be appropriate since they are Native.  We also made a big card for Patricia, Marchina, and little wreaths for each of them.  Would you be able to give it to them?  I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to.”

Dana took the gifts and murmured her thanks with tears in her eyes.  Felix ran up, hugged his Mother, and said, “Mommy don’t cry, Crescenda and I will take care of you always.  I love you Mommy.”  Then Crescenda shoved Felix and hugged her Mother as well and said, “I love you too Mommy and I’ll take care of you too!”  Then Richard said, “Hey what about me?”  Both of the twins ran to his side and gave him a big growling bear hug and said, “We love you too daddy!”  Richard grabbed both of them and Dana and they all hugged each other with tears in their eyes.  The teacher was teary eyed and said, “If anything, this tragedy has brought some families closer together.  It’s hard to lose a loved one and it reminds us that we must be thankful for those who are in our lives while they are here on earth with us.”  Dana nodded and said, “Amen to that!”  The four of them strolled away and headed back to the cabin to pack their things.  Angus had knocked on Cherry’s door and asked if she was going down to dinner for Fifi and Gaylord were waiting for them.  Cherry went to dinner but was very quiet.  Fifi asked, “What’s the matter Cherry?”  Cherry said, “Seeing that woman fall to her death has shaken me up.  I am going to pass on tonight.  I am sorry I am just not in any mood to party.”  Angus said, “Well she’s a ‘Party pooper,’ but I am not.  I don’t let silly things like death bother me!”  All three looked at him in shock, Fifi said, “How can you be so cold and unfeeling Angus, really!”  Angus looked at Gaylord who was looking at him with great displeasure and he said, “I agree with Cherry, my Wife and I will be as you call it “Party poopers,” in respect of the dead!”  He grabbed his Wife’s hand and they left the table.  Angus glared at Cherry and said, “You bitch!  You ruined a perfectly good evening!”  He got up and stormed out of the dining room.  People around them were in shock and a woman said, “Why do you bother with such a violent man?  Really, girl you could do much better!  But then again the way you dress I guess you’re used to rift raft like that!”  Cherry was angry, “What do you mean by how I dress?”  The woman said, “With your breasts hanging out and tight fittings, you look like a slutty call girl!”  Cherry grew red with embarrassment and said, “What’s wrong with being a call girl!  It pays well!”  She got up from the table.  The woman said, “When you sell your soul to the devil for some measly cash, in the end you regret it.  Change your life while you still can and leaves that devil of a man!”  Cherry looked at her and then around the room at all the people staring at her.  She turned and walked out in a huff and as she hurried past David, she had tears in her eyes.  He said, “Do you?”  She screamed, “No!”  She ran to her cabin sobbing as she put the do not disturb signs on her door and packed her things.  She would find out where the Totenmyers were going and follow them somehow.

The next morning the whistle blew shortly after breakfast.  Everyone was getting ready to dismount.  Cherry had left a note for Angus advising him that she no longer wished to be in his employ and donned a disguise on.  She got David to help her get off the ship safely and before everyone else had dismounted from the SS America, he helped her get secretly on shore.  When the coroner and the Scotland yard had shown up for the body of Sasha Totenmyer they quickly moved everyone out of the way so they could investigate.  Cherry had asked to speak to the officer from Scotland Yard, advised him that her life was in danger, and asked if he could put her into some sort of protection.  He said there is nothing that he could do.  Then she mentioned she knew the Totenmyers and he suggested she ride with the coroner and then meet up with Patricia later on.  Patricia’s Husband had been a dear friend of his and he peered closely at the girl and asked if she had ever been to England before.  No, she had not but her Mother had and she closely resembled her.  He nodded and smiled smugly then said goodbye and good luck to her.  After speaking with the steward and the captain and getting all the statements from them, he advised that they would hold the body until further notice at the Field’s Funeral Home in London.

Patricia called Luvena and told her what had happened and asked if she could contact the lawyers Neulan and associates there in Place Royale.  Please get the word out to everyone there about what has happened.  They would have a memorial service for Sasha and have her cremated and put into an urn and be buried beside her parents Lenno and Heta Totenmyer.

Gaylord and Fifi Cartier had boarded the train and headed straight to Paris.  They never wanted anything more to do with Angus Atkins!  As for Cherry, they would welcome her warmly but she was not around.  Angus had asked them where she was and the two of them just ignored him and kept walking.  Angus then reported to the captain that his Business Associate Cherry Dowling had disappeared.  The captain knowing of this man’s dangerous ways, told Angus that the Scotland Yard was very interested in speaking to him about a woman named Ida Tinkle and would he be so kind to go over to the officer and speak to him.  Angus panicked, he forgot all about Cherry and headed down the dock and ran past the officer.  They did not chase him; they would know where to find him.  Cherry had said that Angus would be heading for Chateau Frontenac that evening as he had some business meetings planned there.  They would put a detective on his tail and watch him.

The End


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