The SS America 3

Chapter Twenty-One – The Magic of the Satchel

Jesseline went back home with her satchel and a big grin on her face.  Jake noticed his wife glowing later that evening and asked what the strange thing around her neck was.

She whispered, “It’s a satchel made by Heta Totenmyer, she says it will help me conceive our son.  Mrs. Moisan used it as well and it’s helped many women become fertile.”

Jake looked at her and laughed, “I can’t believe you’re hanging around with those Indians.  My Father will be disappointed if he knew.”

Jesseline said, “So would my Father, but really Jake, they are lovely people and great friends.  Did you know they make all the healing potions and elixirs in the store?  She even makes mud masks and beauty treatments out of herbs.  She says she cannot keep up with the demand for the herbs.  Maybe you could help by growing some in your garden?”

Jake looked at his wife in surprise, “You know Jesseline your quite the business woman, and you don’t even realize how much of a genius you are!  Fabulous idea darling, I will expand my garden and grown lots of herbs.  I will need to know which ones to order.”

Jesseline smiled, “Can we have them over for dinner some evening?  We could talk about our little enterprise then?”

Jake looked at her with a leery eye but then he thought it would be good for Jesseline, she was much happier since coming to Place Royale.  He had been worried about her when they were in Quebec.  She had said she hated Canada and wanted to go back to England.  Now he was happy they had settled here.

He looked at her with a smile on his face, “You name the date, and time we’ll have a party and invite all your new friends over for dinner and dancing.  Anthony suggested that we come over to dinner tomorrow night.  He feels it is time that you met the famous Lorraine Atkins.”

A feeling of dread and uneasiness came over Jesseline.  When Jake asked her what was wrong she feigned a headache and went to bed early that night.  Tossing and turning, Jake grumbled about her constant moving about causing them both to be exhausted.  Hours later, they both fell into a fitful state of sleep…

Chapter Twenty-Two – Jesseline meets Lorraine Atkins

Jesseline felt nothing but dread and anxiety all day long.  ‘What would Lorraine think of her?  Would she mock her and be like those horrid women in Quebec?  ‘She was soon to find out that evening.’

When Jesseline walked in the door, Lorraine went into shock.  This beauty had refused her husbands intentions and bruised his ego…unbelievable!  When an acquaintance told Lorraine what happened with Anthony she could not wait to meet the “ice queen” named Jesseline Munroe?

Lorraine was proud of the girl and admired her strength.  Anthony had told another one of her acquaintances of his woes.  Lorraine kept quiet about Anthony’s affairs but she always wanted to know the juicy details from her friends.  Jesseline’s cold attitude towards Anthony had actually depressed the man and he doubted his attractions.

Lorraine’s friend informed her that Jesseline, referred to as the Ice Queen in Quebec, and was a nervous woman at times.  Lorraine assumed that Jesseline was young and foolish.  Lorraine was a wise woman and very intuitive she knew once she laid eyes on Jesseline that the girl loved to act but at the moment she was showing her true self and Lorraine was thankful for that.

The two men retired to the smoking room to play billiards, drink some port, and smoke a cigar.

Lorraine turned to Jesseline and said, “If there is anything I can do for you dear, just let me know.  I love planning parties and a get together for I am very talented at it.  Heta has informed me that you will be planning a little play for us with the girls.  That is just what you need to do.  Never let any man tell you what you can or cannot do.  I swear when I heard how Jake treated you that day I was ready to grab him by the ears and knock some sense into him.  A man cannot stifle the life of a woman for his own desires for she will just shrivel up and die.  I get the feeling that you will only be having an heir for the sake of the money and that is fine.

I shall help you with your desires to be an Actress; I have some theatre friends in Quebec and Montreal coming to visit soon.  I will have you over for tea on a regular basis so that you may continue your acting lessons but we must keep it a secret for now, because your husband Jake seems to sneer at acting, whereas my Anthony see’s it as an art.  He is bewitched by you but not to worry, once another little kitten comes along and purrs he’ll be chasing her soon enough.  “

Jesseline sat there shocked and did not know what to say.

Lorraine apologized, “I am rather direct at times, but I only mean to help you reach your goals.  I had heard how talented you were while in England from one of my correspondents who happens to be your teacher there.”

Jesseline felt relief at this.  At first she thought it was all due to gossip.  She was thrilled to know that her teacher had been in touch with Lorraine.

Jesseline murmured, “Such a small world isn’t it?  Everyone we know connected in some way.  It can be rather strange at times.”

Jesseline was thankful for Lorraine making plans to further her intentions to be a stage Actress.  Jake had been right, Place royale was proving to be much more than she had anticipated…

Chapter Twenty-Three – The Powerful Atkins Family

Lorraine and Jesseline’s countenances were glowing so much that Anthony and Jake noticed it as they entered the room.

Anthony whispered to Jake, “Our wives seem to have hit it off.”

Jake was relieved, he had wondered how Lorraine Atkins would treat his wife.  His Father had told him how domineering Lorraine was, she had climbed the ranks of high society, and she was a force deal with no woman dared to cross the ever-powerful Lorraine Atkins.  One word from her and a woman’s chances in society would suffer.  Women regaled Lorraine but they also feared her tenacious ways.  Lorraine was a fair judge of character and women who had tried to pretend to be well versed in the art of society always me their exit in an unseeingly way.

Lorraine could be a viscous badger if you got in her way.  Heaven forbid if she learned of your indiscretions with her husband, her lack of caring was a put on.  Behind the scenes, she would demoralize and ruin your reputation at the slightest whim.

Some referred to Lorraine Atkins as the devils advocate.  Many feared Lorraine and wondered if Jesseline Munroe how she would fare for being so beautiful yet boorish.  Lorraine held Jesseline in the highest respect.  She had married Jake Munroe a notorious womanizer, conformed, and molded him into a respectable husband.  It took great power and mastery to make a rake like Jake Munroe submits to the power of a woman.

Lorraine had captured Anthony Atkins and married his wealth, but she had not captured his heart as Ophirah had.  She had feared that the next Mrs. Munroe would do the same.  It was great relief to find Anthony out of sorts at her snubbing him in a kind, cold, calculating way.  Lorraine knew she had to become allies with a woman yet unaware of her powers of persuasion.  Already Jesseline Munroe had become the juiciest bit of gossip across Canada.  Women feared her beauty, men clamored to catch her eye and all had failed.  Lorraine would find a way to undermine this Ice Queen.  It would be a great triumph to make the Queen fall at the feet of a lowly actor.  Someone poor and dashing as Chago Sima had been.

She still had Chago as a lover from time to time; he knew how to make her feel what love was.  Lorraine was still warm towards Anthony for she knew it would crush him if his own wife did not adore him.  Anthony’s ego bruised easily, and he often reminisced about how much fun Joseph Munroe had been.  He really missed his friend but realized that Joseph would never return to Place Royale.

Anthony had been surprised to learn of Jake’s return.  The boy had taken Ophirah’s death hard.  Joseph sent a letter every now and then, but then the letters stopped.  Jake had always written to “Uncle Anthony” and he was delighted to reunite with the man who was like a second Father to him.  Jake had never gotten close to Lorraine; he despised her for hurting his mother.

Ophirah had accused Joseph of this indiscretion and Jake had heard through the paneling on the wall that it was true.  Jake had also learned of his Mothers feelings for Uncle Anthony and he could not blame her.  Joseph was a mean husband and Father when he was drinking.  He would have a row with Ophirah then stumble in and thrash young Jake.  When Jake turned twelve, he had enough, punched his drunken Father in the face, and broke his nose.

Joseph had laughed as Jake grabbed the switch and thrashed him back.  He told his son it was about time, he stood up for himself, and that he was proud of him.  Joseph never attempted to hit Jake again and Jake threatened to beat him if he ever tried to touch his Mother Ophirah again.  It was like the two had switched roles and Joseph drinking heavily fell apart day by day.

Before Ophirah died, he had his sober moments; this was no longer the case.  Joseph had become ill and usually spent his days on his Estate in England.  Jake had asked his Father to join them in Canada.  Joseph had refused he was still was not over Ophirah’s death.  He lived a depressing life of solitude; he would not even go hunting.  It reminded him of his dear Ophirah.

Chapter Twenty-Four – Jesseline’s Invitation

It was a few days later that Jesseline, while visiting the Totenmyers, invited the family over for dinner.

Heta smiled and said, “We would be delighted to come.”

Jesseline then spoke to Nuna and Sasha, “Girls we need to keep our little play a secret.  My husband frowns upon such things.”

Both girls nodded and understood perfectly.

Jesseline said, “I will see you tomorrow night then say around four thirty pm?”

Heta replied, “That’s a good time for us, we’ll be there.”

Jesseline smiled then said, “I’ll send the car for you, it’s a long walk.”

Heta laughed, “Thanks for the offer, but we don’t walk, we us our canoe on the river.  My husband Lenno is very familiar with the area.”

Jesseline blushed for a moment.

Sasha said, “Its okay golden flower, you were not aware of it.  There is a canoe and a rowboat in your boathouse.  Perhaps we can all go for a canoe ride for fun sometime?”

Jesseline was delighted with the idea, “Oh that would be such fun!  I have never been in a canoe or a rowboat before.  I’ve only been on a big ship!”

Both of the girls said, “Someday we will go on the big ship with Father.  We have to wait until we are much older.”

Jesseline asked, “Why does your Father go on the ship?”

Sasha said, “He attends Trade and Commerce Meetings in London, England.  Many people like our fur coats and hats.  Father sells them to the highest bidder.”

Jesseline was impressed, Nuna whispered, “Some day I plan to go with My Father to England, find a rich gentleman, and live there.”

Sasha hissed at Nuna, “No English Gentleman will ever want a native girl.  It would break mother and Fathers heart if you leave besides Andy Littlewolf seems to like you.  Father will probably make you marry him.”

Nuna’s eyes filled up with tears and she yelled, “I won’t have him!  He’s a mean boy and pulls my braids all the time.”

She ran to her room and Heta looked at Sasha.”  Must you upset her all the time?  You know in your heart when Nuna decides she wants something, nothing will stop her.”

Sasha was angry with her Mother, Stomped her foot and ran outside in tears.  She knew her Mother was right.  Her visions told her that Nuna would leave her side one day and she dreaded it happening.  Jesseline felt uncomfortable, so she excused herself and returned home.

It must be strange to know the future and feel helpless about it.  She realized then that fate played its hand no matter what one wished they could not completely control another person’s destiny.  Whatever is in the stars would eventually happen.  Jesseline wondered about Sasha’s vision of her becoming an Actress.  She thought of nothing else, frustrate she demanded that Jake take her upstairs, before supper.  She wanted to have an heir as quickly as possible.

Jake laying back in the bed held his wife and patted her head.  He had a look of satisfaction on his face.  Jesseline had proved to be a wonderful wife, she never complained about how quickly they made love.  Jesseline pasted a smile on her face and thought about the fact that she hated making love to Jake she was never satisfied.  Sasha had said she would find love someday.  She could not wait for that to happen!

Jesseline looked at the clock and said, “Oh my dear, it’s past dinner time, do you think Franklin will be angry?”

Jake drawled, “Who cares?  He’s hired help.”

Jesseline hated Jakes lack of sensitivity.

She said, “I have to let him know that I’ve invited the Totenmyers over for dinner tomorrow night!”

Jake sat up straight and angrily said, “I don’t want any Injuns in my house!  What would Joseph think!  He roared, “My Father could throw us out for doing such a thing!”

Jesseline steely toned voice cut the air like a knife, “Listen, I’m tired of you putting my friends down.  You promised to start a business venture growing herbs!  Besides Lenno Totenmyer is a wealthy respected Businessman in England!  He owns all the Fur Trade and Canoe Factories plus hundred of acres of land and he’s the Chief here in Canada!”

Jake was flabbergasted, “An Injun successful?  He probably stole it from some poor stupid English Man!”

Jesseline stormed, “No his brother married a very wealthy English woman, and she inherited most of the lands.  When her husband passed away, he left some property to Lenno.  They had started a business venture together.  His wife still owns half of England and other countries.  The Totenmyers are very rich and powerful people.  Their fortunes far surpass those of your Father!”

Jesseline quickly dressed and stormed out of the room.  The maid and butler quickly descended the stairs, they couldn’t’ wait to share this juicy bit of gossip with the other servants.  Franklin patted the young girls head as she clung to him, he handed her his handkerchief.

Jesseline cried, “Jake is intolerable.  Tomorrow night the Totenmyer Family is coming for dinner.  We shall need six place settings.  I am not sure what natives eat, every time I go there they offer me some bread, soup and desserts.  I’ve never seen them eat anything else!”

Franklin smiled, “I shall ask Master Jake to fetch us a rabbit that will get rid of his foul mood not to worry my dear we will keep their visit a short and pleasant one.  It is best in the future not to anger Master Jake; I fear he may strike you as his Father used to do to his wife.  It is good that master Jake has not taken to drinking it can make a man rather ugly at times.”

Jesseline dried her tears and thanked Franklin for his kindness.  He was such a gentle kind- hearted soul.  He was like a doting Father to her.  Jesseline missed her Father she would write to him and invited him to visit.  Maybe he would not drink as much while visiting.

She asked Franklin if they could have an informal dinner upstairs.  She knew what she had to do to please her husband and get him into a better mood.  Jake was surprise when Jesseline returned with their dinner.

She said, “I’ve decided to dine in here darling, and I shall be your dessert.”  She pulled off her robe as Jake licked his lips in anticipation…

Chapter Twenty-Five – Jake Faces a Demon

The next morning while eating breakfast was requested to fetch a rabbit for the evening dinner party.

Jake smiled and said, “Franklin would you accompany me?  I am in much need of male companionship.”

Franklin then mumbles his thanks but instead suggested he invite Anthony Atkins.  Franklin had a weak stomach and hated the thought of hunting.

Jake’s eyes lit up but then he said, “He’s probably too busy!”

Franklin smiled, “Master Jake I sent him a letter early this morning at Mistress Jesseline’s request.  She wanted to surprise you.”

Jake marveled at how much his wife was trying to please him.  He decided to return the favor by being a gracious host to the Totenmyers, later that evening.

There was a knock at the door and Anthony Atkins strolled in dressed in his hunting attire.

He looked at Jake’s shabby clothing and said, “We must go shopping in Montreal sometime.”

Jake felt a bit embarrassed like a child he stammered, “I’ve not gone hunting since I was thirteen…”

The tears welled up in his eyes and he quickly wiped them away gulping for air.

Anthony patted him on the back, “It will do you some good to face your demons and conquer them.  Come, we will have fun.  I’ve brought my basset hounds, they are good rabbit trackers.”

Jake was delighted with the two hounds and said, “I’ve always wanted a dog.  I would love to have a golden retriever.”

Anthony grinned “You should get a dog, I’m sure Jesseline would love it.”

Anthony said it while rolling his eyes they bother roared with laughter.  Jesseline was terrified of dogs, bitten by her Aunts small dog when she was a young girl, Jesseline feared any animal that came near her.  At night out on the grounds, the hair on the back of her neck would stand on end and she would begin to shake at the sound of the coyotes and wolves howling.

Jake would always hold her close and comfort her.

He would pat her forehead and kiss her gently saying, “I’ll protect you my sweet.”

She would curl up in his arms, feeling safe and fall asleep.  Jake would tenderly watch the rise and fall of her delicate small breasts then lumber off into a deep sleep himself.

Jake grinned at Anthony, “Just like old times.”

Anthony grinned, “To bad your Father isn’t here, it would truly be like old times.”

Jake’s grin faltered, “I’m worried about my Father.  He drinks so much and suffers from his demons.  I wish he would face his and conquer them.  It’s been several years since my Mother Ophirah’s death.”

Anthony nodded, “Yes he will need something to bring him out of his stupor; A reason for living.”

Jake said, “What he needs is a successful new business venture, something he can put all his heart and mind into.  What do you know about Lenno Totenmyer?”

The look of surprise on Anthony’s face was only for a moment then with a serious expression he said, “Lenno is an admirable business man wise beyond his years, loyal, and strong allies.  His family helped in the wars of 1812 to secure Canada from the Americans.  They are good people and Lenno makes a great friend.  You should go hunting with him sometime.  He is an amazing tracker, can teach you about footprints from any wild animal.  He is even wrestled bears down.  The wild life around here, respects him.  His family gifted in many supernatural ways.  One does not want to cross a Totenmyer.  They are very powerful in the natural world and in the supernatural world.  If they curse your family, it cannot be lifted and generations will suffer.”

Jake mockingly said, “You don’t honestly believe in all that hocus pocus?  Jesseline has got this velvet pouch around her neck, it’s supposed to help produce an heir.”

Anthony smiled, “you have never been a spiritual man there are things in this world you will never understand because of it.”

Jake whispered, “My Father said there is no God or Power in this Universe, He says only unstable people think that way.”

Anthony laughed and mockingly said, “Then I must be unstable, I dabble in the dark arts myself.  I cast a spell over Lorraine whenever I want something from her.  She does not even know what has happened to her.  My Mother built a special secret potion room in our dungeon.”

Jake grinned, “Father said you used to take him down there and scare him with ghost stories.  He said it was really creepy at your house.”

Anthony sighed, “Yes my ancestors were a bit gothic and monstrous at times.  Our family has had a secret Covent for many years.  If you tell anyone, I will have to kill you.”

Jake’s look of surprise at these words turned to fear.  He knew Anthony meant what he said.

Jake whispered, “I’ll never tell a soul…”

Suddenly both men jumped as the two basset hounds let out a loud howl and started yipping away as they started to run into the bush.  Anthony and Jake cocked their guns as the rabbit was in sight.  Two shots went off and the rabbit slumped to the ground…


Chapter Twenty-Six – The Totenmyers Visit Munroe Mansion

Jake was on his best behavior with the Totenmyers.  He studied Lenno Totenmyer carefully at dinner.  Lenno ate like a Gentleman with perfect manners, his wife Heta was not as refined, nor was the eldest daughter Sasha.  Jake did notice that Nuna was careful and delicate with her silverware.  She even knew some interesting facts about England.

Jesseline watched carefully wondering at the change in Jake.  She knew Anthony was a good friend of the Totenmyers.  Perhaps he had spoken some sense to her husband.  After dinner, they all shared a short canoe ride then they enjoyed an evening of music.  Nuna played the piano beautifully and they sang a few ballads of England and Quebec.

Jesseline felt that her dinner party was a success.  The Totenmyers had been delighted with her idea to grow herbs and expand their line of beauty care products with Mrs. Moisan’s help.  Jesseline could even see women buying their concoctions in England, France, and America.  Jesseline saw herself as a Stage Actress and Model.  She knew that Fashion shows were always in need of beautiful women in Montreal, France and New York.  Perhaps someday this would also be a part of her dream.

Sasha had smiled and said, “Yes New York would buy your perfume and fashions once you’re a star.”

Jake overheard the conversation, and was deeply troubled.  After Anthony told him about Sasha’s foretelling powers, he now began to fear what the future held in store for them.  He did not intend to move to New York City!  He loved it here in Place Royale, fresh country air, nice people, and no competition money wise.  People accepted you here as you are.  Poor Jesseline would learn in the future how fickle people would be in America.  One day they would love her, the next day they would hate her.  Jake had gone on a trip to America with His Father once while away on business.  Joseph has the opportunity to invest in a ship building company called White Star.  The chief engineer had great visions of building the most extravagant cruise lines for tourists.  Joseph had been impressed with the drawings and his shares in White Star had helped make him a very wealthy man.

Heta interrupted Jake’s thoughts, “Perhaps your Father Joseph would be interested in my husband’s latest idea.  Lenno has plans to build a sailboat, and call it a Yacht.  You can sleep in it and travel on the seas.”

Jake was excited at this disclosure, “I once asked my Father why no one had ever designed such a thing.  I’m sure he would be interested.”

Heta smiled, “It will help him deal with your Mother’s death.  We would like to name the first yacht “The Ophirah” in honor of your Mother.”

This kindness bought tears to Jake’s eyes as he smiled warmly and cleared the lump in his throat, “Thank you so much.  How will I ever repay you?”

Heta said, “By being our friend.”

Jake blushed profusely, he had forgotten that the Totenmyers could read his mind.  He felt ashamed for what he had been saying about them and for the way he had been acting.

Jake apologized, “I’m sorry, I was raised…”

Heta placed her hand on his, “You are a dear boy, sometimes you have to break away from old molds and create new ones.  You will be much happier when you release those negative feelings.  It is better to be at peace with all men and important too.  For soon you will have a son’s life to mold as your own.”

Heta was smiling at Jesseline.

Jake turned to his wife and she nodded, “Yes darling, we are with child.  I went to see the doctor today to confirm it.”

Jake was ecstatic, “Wait till Uncle Anthony hears that I’m going to be a Father.  Joseph my Father will be so excited too, he’s been demanding an heir for the past year.”

Then a look of fear crossed his face as a feeling passed through him, he sensed that after the child was born he would lose Jesseline.  He feared that some accident would happen and take her away from him as it had his Mother Ophirah.  Jake began to wonder if the Monroe family suffered from an ancient curse because throughout the ages of time, terrible mishaps had happened to each Lady of the Munroe House both in Canada and in England.

In fact, he began to wonder about the family s curse because of something in the past.  Anthony’s words had chilled him to the bone when he had spoken of a family’s curse for generations.

Jake looked at Heta and she turned away.  This was one time where she kept silent and avoided his gaze.  Jake wondered… who had cursed the Munroe Family, and why?  They all said their goodbyes that evening, Jake was exhausted it had been a long day and he was even more tired from his worries.  Perhaps he would feel better in the morning…


Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Biograph Girl

The next day Jake wrote a letter to Joseph about Lenno Totenmyers idea.  He would also mention the fact that Lenno was close to the Rosewoods in England.  They were a family who was very successful in Trade and Commerce in Canada.  Maybe he would write to Bartholomew Rosewood, a friend of his Fathers.  They had attended the same business classes together at the University in England.

Joseph had not seen much of Bartholomew rosewood since leaving school.  Theirs would be a happy reunion he was sure.

Jesseline looked at Jake and said, “You were happy when I announced that I was pregnant, and then you had an odd look on your face?  What’s wrong?”

Jake looked Jesseline in the eye and asked solemnly, “Are you going to leave me someday after this child is born?”

Jesseline had dreaded this question.  She would have to be honest.

She said, “Jake you know I care about you and I know you would do anything to make me happy.  I am to marry you even though I have been pursuing a role as an Actress.  I had to quit my acting lessons.  It is my heartfelt desire to be an Actress and be on the stage.  It burns me that Florence Lawrence took the job.  She is the famous biograph girl.  That could have been me.  But our Fathers are forcing us to marry due to a promised contract when you and I were children.”

Jake, taken aback by the bitterness in Jesseline voice, he rasped, “What about all those love letter I receive?  Have you fallen out of love with me?”

Jesseline bit her lip and with her eyes cast down she murmured, “I didn’t write any of those letters and I wasn’t aware of what they said.”

Now Jake was angry, and through gritted teeth, he tersely said, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

Jesseline gulped, she would hate herself forever for crushing Jake’s tender heart that day, “I was busy travelling and I asked my servant to reply to the letters.  I had no idea she was such a romantic!  I never once told her that I loved you, that silly girl led you on.”

Jake’s face had turned ashen and he stormed, “Do you mean to tell me you have never loved me?”

Jesseline with tears in her eyes nodded, “Jake, I care for you deeply, but I’m not in love with you.  I am here because our Fathers forced to me.  My Father needed the money and so did I.”

Jake’s face was purple and contorted into an ugly mask and he sneered, “So it’s all about money!  You witch!  How dare you carry my child with not an ounce of love in you heart for its Father.  I cannot believe it!  Was my Father Joseph aware of this deception?  Why did you lead me to believe that you loved me?”

Jesseline was sobbing now, “My Father knew, but insisted this was the best for all of us.  You will have your money, an heir and I will be free to pursue my acting once we provide Joseph with an heir.  Father figured because you were a womanizer and a rake, that you would not have any love in your heart for me.  He assumed you were only doing it for the money!”  Jake broke down, sobbing, “It’s bad enough to lose my Mother, one who loved me dearly, to have a Father who was abusive and unloving then to be married to a witch, who deceived me, bears my child then takes blood money and sells her soul to the devil.  I hate you for what you have done to me!”

Jake stormed out of the dining room and yelled, “Jesseline you’re the devil and I hope you die in hell!”

He headed straight to his library, pulled out a bottle of whisky and began to drink heavily.  Jake’s whole world had crumbled.  Everything he had held dear was gone.  There was no love in his life now.  He hoped that his son would be healthy.  He would love that child with all of his heart, or at least try to.  He would try harder to make Jesseline fall in love with him.  He couldn’t’ understand her passion for the stage.  Hundred of young women had been in love with him in England!  All he had thought about was Jesseline.  He had been obsessed with the girl since meeting her on the fateful day seven years ago…

Chapter Twenty-Eight – Jesseline Meets Zach Conglier

Franklin had come in and stood quietly beside Jesseline, she was thankful for the comfort.

Franklin said, “It is good not to have secrets in a marriage.  Now you can try to establish a friendship with Master Jake, although I fear the man is crushed, he had been besotted with you these past seven years.”

Jesseline felt her heart tear apart as she felt butterflies fluttering in her belly and said aloud, “What will this child think of me when it knows the truth?  I am nothing but a harlot, a woman paid for her sexual services.  I fear nothing will ever be the same between us.  Jake will never forgive me for my deceptions.”

Jesseline was thinking about her acting lessons.  She had gone to Lorraine’s and met a dashing man from Montreal.  He was a very enthusiastic teacher and quite attractive.  Dark hair, slicked back with hair gel and a pointed black mustache a very elegant, tasteful and intelligent, fashionable and muscular man.  His white silk shirt hid ripples of muscles.

The day that Zach Conglier had removed his jacket because it was warm in the ballroom, had affected her deeply.  Jesseline had stared at the rolled up sleeves wondering how hard those muscles would feel under her body.  She had blushed when Zach asked her again to repeat the lines of a love scene that they were working on.

Their lessons were first thing in the morning.  Jesseline would excuse herself and say that it was time for her walk and tea break with Lorraine Atkins.  The women always made sure to book the lessons after Anthony had gone on a business trip.  He often left for several days at a time.  Anthony was working on a church in Montreal for a few weeks, so Jesseline was free to do her lessons with Zach.

Jesseline was even more radiant and beautiful after finding out that she was pregnant.  She had confided in Zach while out walking in the garden.  He was been surprised to learn that Jesseline forced to marry this tyrant of a man called Jake Munroe.  Jesseline had not been entirely truthful for the sake of drama; she had made Jake out to be a total monster.

Zach had found the lovely Jesseline breathtaking.  Even now, he watched her pouty red lips and desired to kiss them; He intended to gently woo the lovely Jesseline and seduce her into his bed.  Zach was a rake and a ladies- man, he would never settle down.  He had heard in Montreal that Jesseline Munroe was “The Ice Queen.”

What a feather in his cap this would be if he could seduce the mighty Ice Queen and have her for himself!  He would enjoy bedding this filly.  At first, he realized after Lorraine had warned him that even Anthony Atkins had failed to seduce the girl that he would have to play his cards in a very skillful manner.  Lorraine was coaching him and reminded him to play hard to get.

Be passionate, loving, and attractive but never shoe the girl the slightest bit of interest.  It will intrigue her.  She will expect you to swoon at her feet.  If you do not act like a slobbering pup, she will gain respect for you then she will be frustrated when you seemingly ignore her beauty.  Lorraine knew about the matters of the heart.  She had also picked a man who was an attractive devil who was a very efficient lover and please his woman for hours in the most articulate, creative ways.


Chapter Twenty-Nine – Zach Conglier Melts the Ice Queen

Jesseline and Jake’s lack of communication began to affect their marriage.  The two became distant and Jake sought the comfort of the local wenches to satisfy his sexual needs.  Jesseline’s heart grew colder over the next few months towards Jake.  His drunkenness disturbed her and she could see his fits of rage increasing.


One night he slapped her hard across the face and she curtly reminded him that she would make his life hell if she lost the baby.  Jake apologized and never touched her again.  Jesseline turned to Zach for comfort and soon the passion between them ignited.  Zach made love like a wild animal.  Jake had been so insipid in bed, he only lasted a few minutes, always gratifying himself.  Zach could last for hours and the things he did to pleasure her were amazing.


Lorraine felt satisfied that her plan had worked.  Zach had melted the Ice Queen; he also realized how talented Jesseline was.  He would invite her to come to New York when she was ready.  As her agent, he could make her into a famous movie star and reap the monetary benefits from her.  In the months that followed it was obvious that Zach did not really care for Jesseline, Zach enjoyed her as a lover, but he was tired of her fits of jealousy.


She was getting cranky and impatient and then he found out that she was pregnant.  It was a few days later when Lorraine received a letter from Zach stating that a family emergency had come up and he had to leave town unexpectedly.  Lorraine passed the note onto Jesseline who became quite distraught about the whole thing.


Jesseline assumed that Zach left because of the baby.  Jesseline had a feeling that Zach was losing interest in her a few weeks ago.  Jesseline felt nothing but anger towards her unborn child.  She could not wait to get rid of the child.  Jesseline assumed after a few weeks had passed and no sign of Zach, she would never see him again…


Chapter Thirty – An Heir for Joseph Munroe in 1930

It was in her seventh month of pregnancy when Jesseline had a scare.  The garden parties had been a success and Jesseline’s productions with Sasha and Nuna were the talk of the town.  Thankfully, Jake worked on his herb and flower gardens and often sent Franklin into the village to gather any supplies needed.  The one-day Jesseline had fallen ill and had started bleeding.  She was terrified they would lose the baby.  The doctors order her into bed rest.  That day, Jesseline vowed not to get pregnant again.  She really hated the child within her even more now.

The village people adored Jesseline and often came to visit her.  Jake stayed outdoors from early morning then headed to Cote de La Montagne for his late night rendezvous.  Zach often came with Lorraine and continued Jesseline’s lessons.  He missed his lover, but she found ways to pleasure him.  Lorraine had taught her a few things and Jesseline had fallen in love with Zach.  She knew he would break her heart someday but she allowed herself to dive into those special feelings that only love can bring to one’s heart.  Jesseline really enjoyed it when the Totenmyers came for a visit, they would bring a dessert that had freshly baked that day.  She was always craving sweets now that she was stuck in bed all day.

It was now nine months and late one night a beautiful golden hair child was born.

Jesseline looked at the tiny bundle in her arms, then up at Franklin, “I’ve decided to call him Jonathan, after my Grandfather.  Has Jake come back yet?”

Franklin shook his head, “Master Jake will return in the morning.  I shall wait till then to tell him.”

Jesseline sighed in relief and handed Jonathan over to his new nanny, Sarah Gibbs, pleasant young girl with big brown eyes and curly brown hair.  Jesseline saw how Franklin looked at Sarah, the man was in love with the girl and she being so young, did not know it…



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