The SS America 6

Chapter Fifty-One – Louise’s Plan Revealed

Unknown to them, Goderich had been on the deck below and had heard Louise and Marion during their conversation.

‘So much for Louise, he sighed, he liked Marion even more now.  She was a girl with a heart of gold and with no aspiration of being a gold digger.  He would be sure to get to know Miss Marion White as much as possible within the next month.  He was not sure how Brandon would feel.  He knew Brandon found Marion attractive, but then he figured Marion being the quiet type would seriously bore Brandon to tears.  He decided Louise being the outgoing and racy type of woman; she would be best for Brandon.

Besides, it was obvious that Louise was a gold digger and she deserved to be with a man who did not have much.  It would serve her right and Brandon; well he had always said he planned to stay a bachelor.  He would probably be sore about losing Marion to him, but in the end he would play that little minx, Louise and she will be left standing alone at the altar.

Goderich smiled smugly to himself.  Yes, let the best man win; that will be me for sure.’  Goderich went back into the billiard room and decided he was too tired to drink or play a game of pool.  He said good night to Brandon who was talking to a pretty barmaid, and went to bed.  Brandon stayed in the billiard room with the barmaid for a while and had a few more drinks.  As he was thinking about how odd this day had been, he headed back to his cabin and fell exhausted and drunk into bed.

Chapter Fifty-Two – Patricia and Demora’s Gossip Mill

Patricia and Demora were talking about the social structures in Canada and England and comparing how different they were from each other.

Patricia added, “Yes, I have been rather sullen about going to live in Place Royale, but I look forward to being close to my Sister Sasha.  She is a country girl at heart.  She loves to garden and she even pedals a bike into the village.  Can you imagine?”

Demora nodded, “She must have strong legs as well.  You would never catch me riding a bike or exerting myself in any way!”

Patricia laughed at this, “I must warn you, my sister is different from the society women that you’re used to.  You see our Father Lenno and Mother Heta Totenmyer are Ojibwa Natives.”

“Really now, that is interesting,” said Demora in complete surprise, “So that’s why you have a bit of a darker complexion then me!”

Patricia replied, “Yes, I do try to avoid the sun at all costs, in order not to wrinkle too much.  My sister loves the sun though.  She also dresses in our Native costume.”

Demora asked, “What do you do at society events?”

Patricia smiled, “My sister Sasha has never darkened the door of any society event ever!  It is not her thing.”

Demora looked at her then said, “If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come to be in England?”

Patricia answered, “I had begged my Father Lenno to take me on a business trip to England with him.  He had a fur trade business and canoe factory in Place Royale as well as Manotick.  Actually, my Grandmother, who was from England, used to own all the land around Place Royale and Quebec and my Father inherited it all upon her death.  My ancestors started their fur trading business with Samuel de Champlain and with merchants from England, France, and Scotland.

We sell a lot of beaver furs and hats for they are very popular in Europe.  During our trip, I met Bartholomew Rosewood’s son Barney, he is one of the merchants who was doing business with my Father.  I decided to stay in England to attend Madame Luvena Carrington’s Finishing School; she is the woman that is teaching the dancing lesson on the ship here.  My parents were disappointed but my father knew I was headstrong and had great ambitions for myself.

My parents had wanted me to marry a Native boy named Andy Littlewolf.  I met him when father visited the Native reserve up near Hudson Bay in Canada.  Andy and I were acquainted for almost a year, and then he proposed.  I turned down his offer for marriage, saying that I was too young to settle down for my desire was to travel around the world first before doing so.

Then I went on the trip to England and met Barney Rosewood.  It was love at first sight and soon after, we quietly married in England.  We eloped and I sent a letter to my parents.  My family broke the news to Andy Littlewolf.  Poor Andy was quite angry and bitter about the whole thing, he threatened to track me down and punish me for what I had done.  My Father heard about it and had to warn him to keep away from me.

I wanted to be a wealthy woman, travel the world, live in England, and enjoy society.  I even changed my name from Nuna to Patricia, much to my Mother’s fury!  Father was always a complacent man and because he loved me dearly, he wanted me to be a happy woman.  His Mother had been an English woman too.  She had come to Canada and met my Grandfather and the rest was history.  They say that I look a bit like her; I guess I developed her fine tastes from the family genes.”

Demora grinned at this.  She had always wanted to be a part of high society too, but had never met or made the right connections.

Demora explained, “My Husband’s family had once been wealthy but when Wilbur White died, he left the Estate to William White.  He assumed that since Stacy was such a sickly child, he would never live very long and he had no use for him.  Wilbur became very ill and we ended up living on his Estate while taking care of him until he passed on.  William told us to leave when he inherited everything.

Count Frederick Fontaine came to pay his respects at the funeral and spotted Marion there.  Feeling charitable he made an offer for an arranged marriage to William, as he felt sorry for the girl.”

Patricia replied, “Yes, that sounds like Frederick!”

Patricia had a faraway look in her eye as she said, “He was always helping out some poor girl and he always got his Mothers hopes up year after year.  Did you know she once threatened to write him out of her will if he didn’t get married?”

Demora said, “No!  Really, tell me what happened.”

“Well Frederick, went to his Father Guy Fontaine and on his death bed he changed his will, so that his whole Estate went directly to his son on the promise that he would allow his Mother Ami Fontaine to continue to live on the Estate” said Patricia with the utmost glee.

Demora said, “The poor woman what did she do?”

“Well it was well known that the only reason that Ami Pelletier married Count Guy Fontaine was for his money so when he died and she discovered that there was another will made she was furious!  She ran off with one of his rich Cousins.  A man named Jacques Fontaine who had desired her on sight and always carried a torch for her in his heart,” said Patricia with a small chuckle.

“So Frederick got to live in his own place then?”  Asked Demora.

“Oh yes,” replied Patricia in a mournful tone, “But he is the last one that bears the family name.  Once he dies the Fontaine name will end.”

“How sad, what will happen to the Estate?”  Asked Demora.

“It’s said he’s left it to his Cousin Louis Frontenac,” replied Patricia with candor.

“So there is a happy ending after all,” Said Demora with a kindly smile.

The two girls rushed in, bristling with anger and looking daggers at one another.

Demora said, “Oh, dear, they’ve already had a spat!”

The women parted ways and the girls went to their cabins and went to bed for the night each dreaming about that dashing young man that they had met named Goderich and how they would win his heart…

Chapter Fifty-Three – Let the Games Begin

Three weeks had passed and the four young people had been in constant companionship.  The days ahead were spent playing cards and various board games.  Taking strolls along the deck and enjoying the classical performances, as well as, the theatre, and dinners together.  They had all gotten quite close to one another.  Louise had spent many days just flirting with Goderich for fun.  She knew it made Brandon jealous for Goderich to get so much attention from both girls.  Brandon had made a point of flirting with Marion who had warmed up to him, but she still preferred Goderich.

Brandon was having fun making Louise jealous whenever Marion was around.  Louise would purposely make a point of flirting with Brandon, especially with Goderich around.  Goderich was playing both girls to get at Louise and Brandon.  He liked competing with Brandon just for the fun of it.  In the meantime, the girls had learned their dancing steps and now they were concentrating on practicing the language of the fan.

Alchetta had taught Louise the language of the fan in London, and Marion had learned it there as well.  Marion also learned that Louise had been attending a finishing school for young women with Madame Carrington.  It was because of her that the ballroom dancing classes were on the ship.  Madame Carrington had thought it to be fun to continue the lessons as Louise still had not finished her course in mastering the many steps required.

Goderich and Brandon had joined the class as partners in training.  Patricia had suggested this to Madame Carrington who thought it a splendid idea.  Therefore, her class of six had grown to twelve overnight.  Her male associate Chago Sima had offered his services and taught the men and she taught the women.  Then each day they had to practice one of the dances learned with their partners.  Marion teamed with Goderich and Brandon with Louise.  By the end of the three weeks, they were all dancing beautifully.

Madame Luvena Carrington said, “Ok, class, remember the ball is only a week away.  As a rule men are only allowed two sets of dances for each girl in turn.”

They all left the dance hall in a great mood.

“See you girls at dinner,” Said Goderich as he headed up to the outer deck.  He was the first to notice the dark sky, “Looks like a storm is brewing.”

Brandon saw the dark clouds and the waves pitching against the great ship, “I hope it doesn’t get too bad.”

By dinnertime, the boat was rocking more than usual.  People were finding it difficult to eat as their dishes began to slide back and forth on the table.  Louise had a fascination for storms.  She saw the lightning flashing and wanted a closer look.  She had gotten up and made her way to the door.  Brandon had followed her soon after Goderich had let him know that she was leaving.  He saw Louise standing on the side of the deck, holding onto the railing.  Some rough looking man was standing beside her and he was trying to give her a kiss.  She pushed him away and suddenly the ship lurched and a giant wave came in and the man fell overboard.  Louise was screaming and holding on for dear life when two strong arms encased her and held her close to the railing.

She heard Brandon yell, “It’s ok, I’ve got you!”

On the next roll, he saw another wave coming; he grabbed her and pulled her into the doorway he had shut the door just as the wave crashed up against the ship.  He turned on the lights and looked around at the tiny cabin.  They seemed to be in one of the Crewman’s cabins.  Louise stood shivering and then grabbed Brandon and hugged him crying.  She was shaking like a leaf.

He patted her head and said, “There, there “and then his lips touched hers.

The electricity ran through their bodies as their lips met.  This woman had lit a fire in his groin.  He had her pushed up against the wall as he passionately kissed her creating tension between them.

Then Brandon pulled away and said hoarsely, “God I’m sorry Louise I didn’t mean to maul you.  I am sorry.  Where are my manners?”

Louise looked at him with fire in her eyes and coarsely said, “The hell with manners, I want you!”

The storm had died down and Louise woke up lying in Brandon’s arms.  Someone was banging on the door then it became silent.  They slowly crept out of the cabin one at a time.  Louise went straight to her bed.  Brandon went and reported that during last night’s storm and a man went overboard; after going over the lists of passengers, they figured out that the man had been a stowaway and no one had any idea of who he was.  Brandon headed to the bar for a draft of ale.

Once Brandon and Louise had left the dining room, the Captain had announced because the storm would be a bad one, he wanted everyone to return to their cabins immediately and wait it out.  Patricia had been frantic until Goderich told her that Brandon would make sure Louise was safe.  They had all gone to their own rooms as the ship had pitched for hours.  Eventually it had calmed down and everyone had fallen into a deep sleep after hours of fear.

The next day Patricia knocked on Louise’s door.  She complained of a headache and told Patricia to go along without her.

When Goderich knocked on Brandon’s door, he heard a stuffy voice say, “Who is it?”  “It’s me Goderich are your coming?”

Brandon replied, “I’ve got a fever and a cold from that storm.  I am planning to stay in bed for a while longer.  Go along without me.”

Goderich left and went to enjoy breakfast alone with Marion.  It seemed that everyone was under the weather that day.  They decided to head up to the deck and sit on the bench to watch the waves.  Shortly after, Brandon had gone to a cabin and knocked on the door.

A female voice asked, “Whose there?”

He whispered, “It is I, Brandon.”

The door opened and Brandon stared at the vision before him with a wary eye as he hungrily took in the tiny waist, the low cut dress with the crests of a large bosom almost popping out.  The woman was of medium height with long sexy legs, shiny black hair, an oval face, and hazel colored bedroom eyes.  She gazed at him with hunger in her eyes and asked him what his cabin number was.

He said, “I’m in room 309 why?”

“Good I’ll meet you there in ten minutes” and smiled coyly at him then shut the door.

He went back to his room and waited.  Shortly there was a knock on his door, and she opened the door and let herself in.  As she closed the door, he grabbed her and pushed her roughly up against the wall and while kissing her neck and trailing his hands over her firm body, he took her immediately.  It was a short while after that she left.  Then Brandon cleaned up, got dressed, and went to look for his friends.  He saw Goderich and Marion watching the waves along the side of the ship and went and stood close by.

Goderich said, “Good to see you’re feeling better Brandon.”

“Yes, I am feeling much better now that I feel energized and very relaxed thank you!”  Brandon said it with a broad grin on his face.

Goderich gave Brandon a wary look.  He looked like a man too satisfied to have just been feeling ill.  Brandon had said he was hungry and had decided to go grab a bite to eat in his room.  Goderich excused himself and said he would meet up with Marion later and followed Brandon.

He had just come to one of the flights of stairs when one of the crew pulled him aside.

The crewmember said, “Hey, could you give a message to your friend there?”

Goderich said, “Sure?”

The crewmember said, “Tell him he’s not allowed to have the bar maid alone in his cabin with him!”

Goderich grinned and said, “Okay, I’ll give him the message.”

As he walked away there was a twinkle in Goderich’s eye, he thought Brandon you old devil you.  He knocked on the door.

Brandon said, “Come in.”

Goderich stood there with a silly grin as he watched Brandon.

Brandon looked up, “What?”

Goderich grinned, “A crewmember saw you and the barmaid today.”

Brandon just stood still.

Goderich sternly said, “He said no more barmaids are to be alone in the cabin with you.”

Brandon heaved a sigh of relief.

Goderich asked, “So how was she?”

Brandon said, “Marvelous, she rocked my world.”

Goderich replied, “Ah and?”

Brandon said, “That’s it.”

Goderich said, “Okay, I am taking Marion for a stroll later how about you and Louise join us?  We have one more day to practice our dance steps before the great ball.”

Brandon turned and smiled wryly then Goderich said, “I’ll have Marion ask Louise for you.”

Goderich turned on his heel and left before Brandon could protest.

Chapter Fifty-Four – The Ball of SS America

It was the night of the Ball and Goderich and Brandon had made sure they would be dressed in their finest suits so they wore black ties and tails and dressed as men of substance.  Goderich had noticed how Louise and Brandon had been rather stiff and uncomfortable with each other during their walk around the deck.  Even Marion was wondering about her friend Louise who had become withdrawn.  When Patricia asked her what was the matter.  She had just said she was not feeling well and had sent Patricia off to visit with Demora.

Earlier that day Louise had made sure Marion was busy with Goderich before she headed to Brandon’s cabin.  She came to a halt around the corner, for there was a barmaid knocking on Brandon’s door.  Then carefully the attractive woman had let herself in.  Louise just stood there waiting and when the woman did not come back out right away, she had a good idea why.  She ran to her room to have a good cry.

It was soon after that Marion had come to the door and knocked.  Louise had let her in.  When Marion asked why her eyes were all red she simply mumbled that it was a cold or something.  She told Louise that they were all going for a walk together.  Louise really did not want to go, but then she knew she had to keep trying for Brandon regardless of what she had seen.  Money was money, no matter what.  She quickly washed her face and went up the deck with Marion to join Brandon and Goderich.

Later the women had excused themselves.  After dinner, they went to go get ready for the Grand SS America Ball.

When Patricia came to get Louise ready, she asked, “Are you feeling ok?  You look a little peaked?”

Louise replied, “Yes, I’m fine thank you Patricia, that storm kind of made me feel under the weather.”

“Well I have just the tonic to revive you,” and Patricia pulled out a large box, “It’s a gift from me; I want you to look ravishing for Brandon.”

Louise felt sick inside at this, but meekly opened the box and putting a smile on her face said, “Oh, Patricia you really shouldn’t have!  It’s absolutely gorgeous!”

It was a shiny red dress, with tiny prints of Chinese flowers on it.  A matching handbag and a red silk and ivory fan, with little Chinese flowers painted on it as well.

Patricia said, “I have also taken the liberty to send a lovely gown to Marion with the same kind of ensemble only different colors and prints.  I want her to make an impression on Goderich.”

Louise felt a pang of guilt for her friend.  ‘To set her up with Goderich and then find out the man did not have two nickels to rub together, but he looked the type that would work hard, and more than likely Brandon would help them both out.’

Louise thought bitterly, ‘Yes Brandon the generous man, in every way shape and form but why did he not want her?  She had tried to get him to make love to her but he had said no, it was not right.  That they would wait until after she had attended the Debutante Ball at Chateau Frontenac.  He had said that he did not want a scandal on his hands and he scolded her for not thinking about that.

To think that he ran to another woman to take care of his needs broke her heart.  Well she is a barmaid and I guess that is what they do.  However, when she was married, that would never happen, not in a million years if she could help it!  Moreover, with that she resolved to stop having a pity party and instead concentrated on getting Brandon Deere to ask for her hand in marriage.’

Patricia gave her a knowing look, and then said, “I’m happy to see our plan has worked.  Brandon seems taken with you and dear Marion has captured Goderich’s heart.”

Louise asked, “How do you know that?”

Patricia smiled and said, “He’s planning to ask Marion’s parents permission to court her.”

Louise gasped, “No really, what about Count Frederick Fontaine?”

Patricia said, “I’ve advised Demora that I will handle him myself.  They are to proceed to the Chateau Frontenac and act as if nothing has happened.  Once at the ball, I will discretely inform Count Fontaine that he can thank his lucky stars that Marion has saved him the trouble of looking for a suitor for her.”

The two of them looked at the time then started getting ready.  Louise looked lovely in the red dress.  She had Patricia do her hair up in little ringlets.  She put on some small red ruby earrings and red satin ballet slippers, as they were small gifts from Brandon, at Patricia’s suggestion.  Then she and Patricia headed down to the large ballroom.


Chapter Fifty-Five – Marion and the Victorian Ball on the SS America

While on deck, Goderich had noticed a pretty girl that he was hoping to share a dance with that evening at the ball.  She did not appear to have any suitors and she had fluttered her long eyelashes at him.  When they walked in the ballroom, he noticed most of the younger single women had chaperones.

Goderich groaned and whispered to Brandon, “I feel like I’m going into battle against a bunch of old maids.  Look at them, sticking their noses up at the young men who ask for a dance.  I refuse to be disgraced in any manner.”

Brandon said as he headed over to the bar, “I plan to drink and hold the wall up right over there,” and then he disappeared soon after.

Goderich scanned the room.  He noticed several of the women sitting prettily in their chairs, all with little dainty hand fans.  He had heard the term the language of the fan.  Themus had told him about it, after Alchetta had advised Themus to learn it well, when he was trying to court her.  Women used the hand fans as a communication device to transmit furtive love messages to the men.  Ladies would carry folded fans of lace, silk, or parchment that had decorations painted by artists, usually the fans were imports from china.

It was quite evident by the drawings on the fans, that this was the case.  Themus had attempted to teach Goderich this language, when they had attended a Ball last year.  The girl he was looking at had a fan that matched her gown.  It looked like it was made of ivory and embellished with jewels and lace trim.  There appeared to be a miniature painting on hers, but he was not clear as to what it was.  With squinted eyes, he looked at her.

She got up from her chair, faced him and carrying it in the right hand in front of her face; he knew that he must follow her.  She walked out onto the patio and switched it into her left hand, carrying it she walked up the stairs and onto the deck.  He knew this meant that she was desirous of his acquaintance.  She sat down on the wooden bench and he walked up to her and smiled, then sat down beside her.

In a pretty, melodious voice she said, “Hi.”

Goderich looked at her lovely black hair with her curly bangs and ringlets about her face.  She was a vision of loveliness.  Creamy, white, flawless, skin, dimpled cheeks, and the most vivid dark green eyes, he drowned in the pools of her eyes.

When he did not say anything she asked, “Will you be visiting me at Chateau Frontenac?”

She smiled showing her pearly tiny white teeth.

“You have a lovely smile,” he said.

She blushed as he stared at her red lips.

He sat down, looked at the billowing waves along the ship, and said, “I hope we have no more storms.”

She agreed silently.

He whispered, “Lovely stars tonight,” he was looking up at the white dots across the sky, and then he turned and looked at her with a questioning look in his eye.

She took the fan and put the handle on her lips.  It meant kiss me.  Marion’s face turned red as Goderich’s warm, gentle lips were searching her mouth.

“There you are,” said Brandon, “Don’t let her chaperone catch you doing that or you’ll be having a shot gun wedding in no time!”

Both of them had pulled quickly apart and jumped right out of their skin at the sound of Brandon’s booming voice.

Goderich replied in a wry voice, “I see you’ve been drinking Brandon.  Have you danced with Louise yet?”

Brandon grunted, “She‘s avoiding me for some weird reason and you know me, I don‘t enjoy a girl who plays head games.”

Brandon turned walked away then stood over by the railing a few feet away, hypnotized by the gentle lull of the waves.  Marion looked troubled.

Goderich said, “Don’t worry your head about it; I’m sure the two of them will sort out things sooner or later.”

Marion was relieved; she had been worried about Louise lately.

Suddenly Marion blurted out in a nervous voice, “We’ll be staying at Chateau Frontenac which is putting on a Debutante Ball in a few weeks.  My Mother is expecting me to find someone to marry there in Canada.  I just had to tell you Goderich.  Although I had spoken to Patricia about it and she says not to worry if you do choose to court me, he will not mind.”

Her sweet little lips were petulant again.

Goderich looked startled and demanded, “Who will not mind?”

She faltered and said, “Count Frederick Fontaine.”

He growled, “What about Count Frederick Fontaine?”

She seemed somewhat distressed at Goderich’s reaction to this news.

“I want to marry for love, nothing else.  Mother wants me to marry into money she says that with my beauty I can find a pot of gold.  My Father and Mother are trying to marry me off to Count Frederick Fontaine in Quebec, but I threatened to run away if she did so I gave into the idea of coming to Canada for there are many rich settlers from Europe and they are looking for wives.  Mother thinks I will have a better chance here in Canada for there is less competition and more variety than in London.  She has made sure that I am well educated in several languages, however I have no fortune to offer.”

She was talking in a quiet and weary tone now.  Goderich sighed, shrugged his shoulders, and nodded his head back and forth.  He felt sorry for Marion and then he looked at Brandon, who had come towards them and gave Goderich the thumbs up.  Brandon had an uncanny way of sizing people up.  He liked Marion right from the start.  If Goderich had not wanted her, he would have wanted her for himself.  They headed into the ballroom and Brandon headed to his place along the wall.

Marion and Goderich proceeded to join the long line of people to start the next dance.  Two long lines would form.  The females would face their male partners.  The intricate steps would follow within the line of people, down to the end, and then the next couple would start.  At times, they would divide into just the two of them for a slow dance or waltz.  Usually when the Scottish, Irish, and English melodies played a large number of people would line up to dance.

As per protocol, Goderich could only do two sets of dances with Marion at a time he had to give Marion up to another fine man for his turn.  She would be required to dance at least two sets with each of the men.  Brandon decided he wanted to dance with the lovely Marion.  As he spun her, around the floor, he could see Louise with daggers in her eyes and he just ignored her.

Marion felt odd dancing with Brandon, she was worried what Goderich, and Louise would think.  Goderich had promised to call on her as soon as possible when they were in Canada.  He would advise Marion’s parents that he would soon be purchasing his own land and building a home.  That might just be enough for them to allow him to court Marion.  He headed over to Demora White to have a word with her about Count Frederick Fontaine.


Chapter Fifty- Six – Patricia Meets Merry White

Louise was upset that Brandon was dancing with Marion and totally ignoring her.  She saw Goderich speaking with Demora then he began to walk towards the door.

Louise intercepted him and asked, “Goderich?  Can I have this dance?”

He saw the look of desperation in her eyes and decided to give in, just to bug Brandon.  They danced the two sets in silence; Goderich was weary of Louise and her games and Brandon’s fickle ways.  He did not want to be the monkey in the middle.  He knew Marion was getting tired of it as well.  Once Louise had danced with Goderich, she seemed to get her self-confidence back and danced with several other men who were all vying for her attention.  Marion had walked over to Patricia and thanked her for the lovely gown then she and Demora headed towards the door.

After Marion and Goderich left the ballroom, Brandon could not handle seeing Louise dancing and flirting with other men so he headed over to the billiard room to drink some more ale.  When the barmaid came over to him, he just ignored her and walked away.  She was not impressed.  Later in the evening, Brandon saw Louise still dancing and left for his room.

Patricia had been busy chatting with one of the young women.  She had bumped into a woman named Merry White.  She seemed to be in her late twenties.  She had blonde hair and blue eyes, a bit round the waist and short.  She just happened to be a relation of Stacy, Demora, and Marion White.  When she mentioned her father being William White, then Patricia had figured that she was spying on the White family.

She told the girl about Marion and Goderich’s romance then she thought of a plan.  She knew Merry was past her prime but she had the right kind of personality that might appeal to Count Frederick Fontaine.

Patricia asked Merry, “Do you have a chaperone for the Debutante Ball at Chateau Frontenac?”

Merry replied, “I’m not being presented; my Father has given up on me ever finding a man that will take my fancy.”

Patricia then added, “Well, since my charge leaves me once I reach Canada, might I offer my services?  It is more appropriate and proper for you to have a chaperone, especially in Canada, they are very fickle on such matters, in order to attend the Ball it’s a must!”

Merry looked horrified, “Oh dear!  I had no idea!  Well thank you for saving me!  I would have hated to miss the Ball.  After all Count Frederick Fontaine is there.  I met him in England when he came to visit my Father William.  I found him very intriguing.”

Patricia smiled at this news, she knew a good match when she saw one.  Louise came over to Patricia and said that she was exhausted and was going to bed now.

Patricia turned to Merry, “It was nice meeting you, and I shall see you tomorrow!”  Then she hurried away, before Louise could start asking questions.

Chapter Fifty-Seven – Quebec City

It was an amazing sight to see Vieux-Quebec.  The crowds of people were waiting patiently to dismount the ship.  The Chateau Frontenac looked like it was a glorious palace standing so elegant, up on the hill.  Many cars were lining up and the passengers filled them with their belongings, and wives and children.  Some would travel to wherever their destinations were, usually out west and up north.

As they dismounted, Goderich noticed a plaque and some flyers set up for tourist information about Canada near the gate.  He read that in 1791 Upper Canada and Lower Canada were established.  The English dominated the Upper Canada region.  The French lived in the Lower Canada region.  Hydro electricity became available in 1898.  In 1840, the canal connected the great lakes and the St Lawrence River.  In 1850, the first railway went all across Canada to the western part, to view the other ocean on the west side of North America.

Looking at Quebec with its cobblestone streets, and buildings that were in the poorer areas of town, he could see that the stone mansions were in the upper parts of town and outside of the city.  A black car was waiting for them when they arrived, thanks to Brandon’s hindsight.  After loading the luggage, they headed towards their first destination in Beauport.


Chapter Fifty – Eight – Louise and Patricia Part Ways

Stacy, Demora, and Marion got into another car and headed up the street towards Chateau Frontenac.  The Atkins driver came to pick up Louise and Patricia.  Lorraine had come to greet her niece with open arms.  Lorraine was a proud and stately woman, who had long dark hair and emerald green eyes she was dressed in a black gown and wore a matching floppy hat.  She had white pearls around her neck and wrists.

On her hands were long black gloves and a matching black ivory fan with Chinese lettering on it.  Patricia asked Louise to wait outside of the coach for a minute while she had a word with Lorraine.  She told Lorraine about Louise meeting Brandon Deere while on the SS America, she added the fact that she would not be going back to Place Royale with them as she was going to chaperone another young woman here in Quebec, and could she please deliver a letter to her Sister Sasha Totenmyer.

Lorraine had been rather annoyed about it at first but then she thought that it would be nice for Louise to meet Sasha anyway.  Patricia had written a note to her Sister thanking her for her kindness but she would not be moving to Place Royale now.  She had decided to stay at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec and offer her services as a chaperone for young women.

Madame Luvena Carrington had thought it a splendid idea at the time when she had asked her about it; and she had promised to give her good reference to people needing a chaperone for their Daughters.

Patricia had enjoyed the position so much with Louise that she decided on doing it some more.

Patricia said to Lorraine and Louise, “Goodbye my dears, I am sure you will adore my Sister Sasha.”

Lorraine said to Patricia, “Thank you for all that you’ve done. I appreciate you looking after my niece so well.”

Then Lorraine handed her a bulky envelope full of money.  Patricia nodded, then, turned away, and headed towards the white car that had stood waiting for her.  She got in with a lovely blonde haired woman, and Louise wondered whom she could be?


Chapter Fifty-Nine – Jake’s Heartache

Jake Munroe had been drinking heavily.  He was missing Jesseline and hating every minute of his life.  A letter sent to him that day that changed everything.  It was from Jesseline.  She safely arrived in New York City and was on her way to stardom.  After applying at an agency she came in contact with her Acting Instructor – Zach Conglier, with the help of Lorraine Atkins.  Jake felt nothing but bitter vile as his hatred for Lorraine grew in leaps and bounds.  His anger he took out on his Son Jonathan.  He would beat the child after drinking too much for every little thing he did wrong. Jonathan was hating his father more and more every day.  He decided on this day he would run away from home.  He headed towards Anthony Atkins place.  Jesseline’s letter went on to explain that the night before the wedding she sowed her wild oats one last time.  Jake could not believe the next sentence.

Jesseline said, “Jonathan is not your son.  I am sorry but I was very attracted to your Brother Themus and well one thing led to another.  As you were drunk and passed out at the time I fell into his seducing arms.  I fear I had too much to drink and so did he.  I do not think he is even aware of what happened between the two of us.  What I am saying is this.  Jonathan is not your son he is your nephew.”


Jake’s blood went cold then hot with rage.

He shouted, “Themus how could you do this to me?  How could my father make me marry such a bitch of a woman?  I have wasted all these years pining away for a beautiful girl who was never in love with me.”

Jake bitterly said, “She used me for my money and then broke my heart.  I will get my revenge on Lorraine Atkins for melting the heart of the ice queen and throwing Jesseline into Zach’s arms.  Lorraine is the devil and I will have to kill her for doing this to me!”


Chapter Sixty – Jonathan Munroe

Little Jonathan knocked on the big door and waited.  A servant came to the door surprised to see a little boy standing there.

Jonathan tearfully said, “I need to see Mr Atkins please.”

The servant brought him into the hall and asked him to stand there while he went to fetch Mr. Atkins.  Jonathan was afraid.  Dark shapes were moving in the shadows. The soldiers stood along the walls, with their axes and swords. Jonathan looked up and saw the heads of deer hanging on the wall and he let out a scream. The servant came running and Jonathan was hysterical.

Jonathan yelled, “You killed my pet deer, you monster!”

Anthony grabbed the little boy as he pounded his fists on his chest.

Anthony pulled his hands away and then said, “Where is your father?”

Jonathan began to wail, “He is evil, and he wants to kill me.”

Anthony brought Jonathan to his study and asked him to quiet down so they could talk.

Jonathan finally got some courage and explained that his father got a note from his mother saying that his fathers name was Themus.  Jonathan asked Anthony who Themus was but there was no reply.  Anthony just stood there in shock.   Suddenly a loud shot rang through the air and screams came from the other side of the mansion.  Anthony told Jonathan to hide in the closet, while he grabbed his pistol and headed quickly down the hall to see what had happened.


Lorraine came running with blood pouring out of her arm, screaming, “Jakes gone mad! He’s trying to kill me!”

Jonathan came out into the hall and started running towards Jake yelling, “You beast I hate you!  You killed mother! ”

Jake aimed the gun at Lorraine and fired.  Lorraine and Anthony dived.   There was a cry of pain then Jonathan slumped to the floor.  The servants over powered Jake and got the gun away from him.   Anthony turned around and ran over to the lifeless body of the little boy.  Jonathan had a gun shot to the head.  He was dead.  Anthony began to cry.  He wondered if Jake did kill Jesseline and Jonathan came to warn them.  Anthony grabbed Jake and started to pound him with his fists.


Anthony yelled, “Did you kill Jesseline you bastard?”


Jake moaned and said, “No but I want to kill her!  She is in New York City.  I have a letter to prove it.  That bitch had sex with my Brother Themus, and that is his son.  Good riddance!”


Anthony shook his head in dismay.  He wondered how Joseph was going to handle this.  Losing a daughter in law, having his son kill his grandson and Themus not aware he had a child…


It would be best to keep it a secret.  Just say there was an accident.  Anthony had the servants lock Jake up in the dungeon.  He took Lorraine to the doctors to get the wound attended to then he went back home.  Down into the potion room he mixed a concoction that would help Jake erase all of his bad memories.  He forced it down his throat.  Jake lost his mind that day and it never returned.

Anthony figured that justice was done.  He would put Jake onto a ship that would take him to London, England.  He would write a letter to Joseph letting him know that Jesseline left Jake and lived in New York City.  He would make up a story about an accident with Jonathan.  He would decide what to say about Jake later…


Chapter Sixty-One – Themus Munroe Inherits Munroe Mansion

It was a week later when Joseph Munroe received a post about his Son Jake.  He fell to the floor upon reading that Jonathan was dead and Jesseline had disappeared.   They called the doctor and Joseph Munroe had a mild heart attack that day.  It was a week later when his Son Jake arrived. He was looking worse for wear.  Anthony’s letter said that Jake went into a state of shock and lost his mind when the boy died and his wife left him.  That was the only explanation given to Joseph Munroe that day.   Deep inside he wondered if it had anything to do with the Mansion’s curse.

He would have to rely on Themus now to have an heir.  Themus was courting the lovely Alchetta Bailey.  Joseph would encourage Themus to get married soon.  Yes, that was the answer to the problem.  Themus would provide the heir for Munroe Mansion. In the meantime, Jake seemed to be doing well with the gardener.  He had no mind to speak of but he still loved the plants and flowers only his nurse constantly monitored him.


A woman named Ida Tinkle had applied for the job but Joseph turned her down.  There was something evil about the woman.  He did not trust her.  Over the years, Joseph had developed some sort of intuition.  He wondered if he would allow Themus to move into the Munroe Mansion.  He argued all a coincidence.  His mother was ill before having him so that could be why she died.  Ophirah was out in a storm, so that was logical.


Jonathan’s death was an accident with a gun.  Poor child had shot himself somehow.  Moreover, Jake well he was always a weak boy to start with.  There was an explanation for everything. Joseph would never believe in the curse of the Munroe Mansion.  It was all hogwash.  Now that Viktor Stalin was not around to feed superstitious stories and nonsense into the minds of the people around him there was nothing to worry about anymore.


Themus Munroe would marry, provide an heir and all would be well again for the Munroe Family.  Themus would inherit the mansion upon agreeing to be married.  He was given a portion of his inheritance to rebuild and renovate the mansion.


Joseph sat back and puffed on a cigar.  Someday he would have to go visit Place Royale again.  Maybe see his friend Anthony Atkins.  He could not hold a grudge forever.  Life was too short.  Yes, someday he would return to the mansion and put away all these silly notions of it having a curse…

The End


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