Totenmyer 2

Chapter 11

Chago and Byron Meet

Chago wandered around the streets and finally found out where the Picard’s lived. He knocked on the door and a drunken man opened it and said, “What do you want?”

Chago asked, “Does Lorraine Picard live here?”

The man slurred, “Who wants to know?”

Chago punched Byron in the face and he fell to the floor. Chago ran upstairs and found the girls room. He was shocked to see the dresses with holes in them. Their things were gone but there on the desk was a red diary – belonging to Lorraine Picard.  Chago smiled as he grabbed the diary and ran back down the stirs and out the door.

He knew where Lorraine was headed…

Chapter 12

Missing Gypsies

Lorraine stood there crying…The gypsy camp was gone. She could swear it had been here. Maybe she was disoriented… Suddenly a dark form came crashing through the bus, Lorraine screamed as a voice said, “Got you!”

Lorraine was shocked at the warm passionate kiss, she hugged Chago and cried, “He beat me Chago, he almost killed me… My aunt beat me too…”

Chago stood back horrified he looked at Loraine and cried out when he was grabbed from behind. A husky voice said, “I go the robber here. This is the boy that attacked Byron Picard.”

Detective Bob Farley looked down at Chago then looked at Lorraine and gasped, “Get this girl to a hospital.”

He cuffed Chago’s hands behind his back and marched him away saying, “I’ll teach you to rob and beat up little girls!”

Lorraine cried out, “he didn’t beat me, honest it was someone else.”

A woman said, “There now sweetie, it’s okay, we won’t let him hurt you ever again the beast. Your father will be okay. He took a nasty spill when that brute knocked him over the head were taking you to the hospital. Where is your mother? Do you have any family?

Lorraine burst out into tears and said, “I have no family. They all left me…”

Chago was struggling against the cuffs saying, “I didn’t hurt her. I love her. I was trying to protect her from her father, he is abusive.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Well we’ll have to see what Byron Picard’s says about your allegations. Unless you can prove your innocence you are going to jail for assault and robbery.”

Chago knew to keep quiet. He had a vision strange enough of that woman who met him at the hotel. She would help him. Chago was led into a holding cell. He asked the guard for a pen. Chago pulled out Lorraine’s diary and wrote a note inside then he quickly closed it as Bob Farley walked into the cell, “Boy let me see that.”

He looked sternly at Chago, “Since when is your name Lorraine Picard?”

Chago quietly said, “Lorraine left it behind. I grabbed it intending to give it back to her we were going to run away together and get married.  I love her…”

Detective Bob Farley shook his head, “What is your name?”

The boy said, “I am Chago Sima.”

Detective Bob Farley sighed, “We received a report of a missing Spanish boy form An Evette?”

Chago said, “That is my grandmother. She forbade me to be with Lorraine. I ran away. I want to marry her…”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Wait here, I’ll be back soon…”

Chapter 13

The Abuser

Detective Bob Farley walked into the hospital room, tears stung his eyes as he looked at Lorraine Picard. She looked twice as bad in the light.

Detective Bog Farley went to see the doctor, “How is she doing?”

The doctor lowered his voice, “those marks on her body are not from a fist, it’s from a small belt, and you can see the designs in her skin. I believe the boy. A woman came here claiming to be the girl’s mother. She had bruises all over her body tool. It looks like Byron Picard has been beating all of them.  The woman told me, the youngest girl Elsa is in worse shape. He was beating her every day. Her Aunt Blaise Marchand rescued her and took her home. We have to keep this hush, hush, before the papers find out.”

Detective Bog Farley nodded he knew what he had to do. He was the only one on Scotland Yard that did not have any family. He did not care for rich folks who tried to bend the law by threatening people…

Chapter 14

The Charges

The next morning Blaise Marchand was surprised to see a man from Scotland Yard standing on her doorstep.

She gasped, “Has anything happened to Lisette?”

Bob said, “Perhaps I can come in. I need to talk to Elsa Picard and yourself.”

Blaise escorted the man into the library, shutting the door. She prayed that Duvall would not find out about her spanking incident. Blaise looked desperately at Elsa who was strangely calm.

He said, “Let’s see your back Elsa.   She lifted her skirt. He winced, “My name is Detective Bob Farley. Your sister was in the forest, badly beaten and being held by a Spanish boy named Chago Sima. He went to your parents place. Your mother is not there, Chago punched your father out then took Lorraine’s diary and he’s in a jail charges with assaulting your sister, your father and robbing the house.”

Elsa burted out, “Chago is innocent. He did not touch Lorraine. She probably ran away after father beat her for ruining our dresses. She met Chago at the circus. She likes him very much.”

Detective Bob Farley smiled, “I’m glad to hear that. Now Blaise you know what I am up against if I press charges against Byron I need to make an example of him to others. Violence against women will no longer be tolerated. Will Duvall back me up?”

Blaise looked horrified, “Duvall will not back you up – he has an aversion to scandal. He will offer to pay you a large sum of money to keep quiet about it. The judge is in his picket – he will have all charges dropped against Byron. You are better off pretending that Byron has been arrested and telling him he needs to go on a vacation somewhere. I have already threatened to deal with him if anything happens. Duvall will not put up with anything scandalous. It would be better to kidnap Byron and take him somewhere remote where Duvall can deal with him in his own way. Elsa is safe with me. I have enrolled the girls in Lady Carrington’s School – They cannot have any scandal tied to their name on their application will be rejected.  I know this is hard for you. A father that beat him everyday raised Byron. He does not know any better. Perhaps a psychiatrist can help. Take him somewhere to be disciplined an aught what he does is wrong.”

Detective Bob Farley was frustrated, “is it always going to be this way? Protect the rich… He made his bed he needs to lie in it, good day!”

Chapter 15

The Arrest

Scotland Yard showed up and asked Byron Picard to accompany them to the jail. They wanted him to identify his attacker.

Byron said, “I hope they hang the man for what he did to my daughter.”

Detective Bob Farley smiled, “That could be arranged. The man who beat Lorraine should be hanged.”

Byron said, “Yes and he should be horse whipped before being hanged that is what he deserves.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Do you think justice is served without him having a trial?”

Byron said, “Look I’ll pay you to keep this quiet. We take him somewhere out of town and hang him.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Let’s stop at the bank first then.”

Byron withdrew a large amount of cash. Detective Bob Farley was surprised.

Byron smiled, “I keep my earning a secret or the wife would want more.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “In that case, withdraw it all or this comes out…”

Byron snarled, “I’ll get you for this… I have my contacts…”

Detective Bob Farley said, “I am sure you do; only you will never get a chance to talk to them. Now let’s go…”

Chapter 16

The Hanging

The three of them walked into the jail and Byron pointed at Chago, “That’s the boy that attacked and robbed me. All my silver is missing. He beat my daughter, he probably raped her.”

Chago snarled, “Old man when this is over I’m going to kill you!”

Byron’s wicked grin did not pass Chago as Byron said, “Good luck trying to kill me – we are hanging you today – justice is served. That will teach you to beat my daughter and mess with a Picard.”

Chago looked quietly at Detective Bob Farley and smiled, a vision came to mind as they walked silently out of the jail, got into unidentified police car and headed out to the country.  They stopped several miles away out in the middle of nowhere Chago was scared. Byron started laughing, “I am going to enjoy beating you Chago Sima until you are dead!”

They got out of the car and the two officers grabbed Byron and tied up his hands to a tree. They took his shirt off and started whipping him, and then Chago took a crack at it. Byron snarled, “How dear you do this to me!”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Byron you chose the sentence. I distinctly remember you saying that the man who beat your daughter deserved to be whipped and hanged. Several people told us that you are the culprit. After finding out that Duvall Marchand planned to murder you, I made a deal with him to do it for him for a price of course.”

Byron screamed, “You dirty double crosser you got money from me, how much did he give you?”

Detective Bob Farley smiled, “The same after everything you have done to this young man, your wife and daughters and I can hang you for murdering your father…”

Byron stopped shouting and meekly said, “Who told you?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Your sister did in a round about way. She told me your father beat you every day and your mother did not kill him, so I figured out that you did. Okay put the noose around his neck…”

Byron cried like a baby, “Wait, please I don’t want to die.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “If you sign yourself into the mental hospital I will let you live on one condition.”

Byron said, “Anything.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “You will never see your wife or children again.”

Byron thought for a moment, “We haven’t been a family since a trip to the zoo.  My wife had an affair with the games keeper; she got pregnant and gave birth to Elsa. I may appear to be evil I am not. I just do not know how to deal with betrayal. I am sorry for hitting my wife and kid. I never beat Lorraine before. Blaise told me to teach her a lesson after she spanked me and Lorraine.”

Detective Bob Farley was roaring loud with laughter, “She did that to you?”

Byron was mortified, “I thought she told you everything? I want her charged with assault!”

Bob shook his head and said, “Pull the noose tight.”

Then they dropped Byron from the tree. Byron was kicking and screaming in terror as he swung back and forth in the tree.  Detective Bob Farley, Chago and the other officers stood there laughing with tears in their eyes.  That is when Byron realized that the back of his pants suspended him. There was a ripping sound, the rope tightened around his neck, his eyes started to pop out, and Byron blacked out…

Chapter 17

The Red Diary

Detective Bob Farley walked briskly to the hospital relieved at the news.  When Lorraine Picard woke up afternoon, Detective Bob Farley was looking at her.  He said, “Young lady I think this belongs to you.”

He handed her a little leather bound red diary.

Lorraine gasped, “Where is Chago?”

She opened the diary to the last page and saw what was written there – I love you signed Chago.

Detective Bob Farley noticed the smile on her face as he said, “I am sorry but he had to leave town. But he said he wrote you a note, but we couldn’t find it sorry.”

Lorraine smiled, “its okay I think I found his note. What happened, I can’t seem to remember much.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “Well your father is in rehab to deal with his drinking problem. Your mother and sister are staying with your aunt until you get better. Your mother has put the house up for sale.”

Lorraine alarmed said, “Where are we going to live?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “You start school next week. You should be up and around by then.”

Lorraine shook her head no, and said, “That’s impossible. I’m not supposed to attend Lady Carrington’s school until September.”

Detective Bob Farley said, “I am sorry Loraine you have been unconscious and in a coma for the past several months… You woke up today. You will never see your father again. He will never ever do this to you or Elsa ever again. I promise.”

Lorraine whimpered, “What about Chago?”

Detective Bob Farley said, “You are going to school now, he promises to see you next year. He is going to University. Your father felt bad about pressing charges against him so he offered to pay for his education…”

Detective Bob Farley was trying to keep a straight face at the shocked look on Loraine’s face she said, “Father would never…”

Detective Bob Farley smiled and winked, “I convinced him he had to. Now there is no scandal. So it’s best for you to forget everything that has happened to you.”

Detective Bob Farley pulled out several dresses and said, “Your aunt sent these for you and said something about keeping the moths away for a few years?”

Lorraine screamed, “Get those dresses away from me. How dare she insult me?”

The nurse hurried in and gave Lorraine a needle to calm her down.

The nurse looked at Detective Bob Farley, “You had to do that! You know that her father sent those dresses…”

Detective Bob Farley grinned, “I just wanted to remind her that sin has its consequences.”

Chapter 18

The First Day

Lorraine and Elsa Picard looked very smart in their new designer dresses. Elsa’s hair was freshly cut and rolled into big rollers so she could have the latest style of ringlets. She looked different, more sure of herself. Lorraine seemed to be humbled by the whole experience.  Raine Carrington, a tall, blonde, European woman smiled and welcomed the two girls. Luvena Carrington, tall, blonde and a few years older than Lorraine, showed the two girls to their rooms.  The furnishings were Victorian with French white dressers and pink-canopied beds with ruffles and lace on them.

Lorraine said wryly, “I feel like I am stepping into our old doll houses.  Do you remember them? Aunt Blaise had it made for me when I was five years old…”

Elsa grinned, “Our nanny was always yelling at me because I liked to chew on the dolls arms and legs.”

Lorraine said, “You were lucky, you could have died from the paint chips from it.”

Luvena said, “Dinner is served each night at 6 p.m. Sharp. Please do not be late.  You will take turns helping with the dishes. Quiet time is at 8 p.m and lights go out at 9 p.m.”

Lorraine wailed, “Why so early?”

Luvena said, “We wake up at 6 a.m., to share the washrooms here. Check your schedules to see what time you get to use the Loo.  Baths are only on Saturday Nights. During the week, you will use this basin and bucket of water.  There are fresh cloths and towels provided every other day.”

Lorraine said, “You’re kidding right?”

Luvena said, “We keep the costs down so that we can do more field trips.”

Lorraine said, “Who cares about field trips, I’d rather have more baths.”

Luvena was beginning to dislike Lorraine’s constant whining. Luvena curtsied to stay pleasant then she said, “Your aunt is fully award of the routine here. I am surprised she never mentioned it.”

Elsa interrupted, “She told us, Lorraine didn’t listen. She never listens to anyone in authority…”

Luvena grinned and winked, “She will learn to listen here or she will be kicked out of the school and black listed in society…”

Luvena let her words sink in as Loraine and her stood nose to nose and toe to toe looking at each other eye to eye.

Lorraine said, “I doubt it.”

Luvena said, “Try me.”

Raine Carrington walked in and pulled Luvena away saying curtly, “Now girls that is enough. Lorraine you are here on your first day and I am not going to tell you again. You will do as you are told, at all times. Luvena is in charge of you. What she says is true. If you disgrace yourself, society will shun you. Then you will have to leave Paris and England and go live somewhere else.

No one will want anything to do with you, including the men.  They do not like temperamental women in higher circles of society.  I suggest you learn to curb your tongue.  No one will want anything to do with you if you keep this attitude up.  Lorraine if you truly want to be part of high society you must let your past go. Your Aunt Blaise told me a bit, of what happened with your father.

You must never tell a soul here anything, if these girls found out they would tell their momma’s and that would be the end of it for you.  There are many rules and regulations to be followed here. If you cannot accept this, then I will tell your aunt that you must both leave at one and you will not be allowed to return… Ever… Do I make myself clear?”

Lorraine was bristling with anger then she let it drop, “I am sorry I am not used to being told what to do.”

Raine said, “Now you will. Now go wash up and change into your eating clothes. We do not wear designer dresses during supper. We only wear them to the balls. By the end of the year both of you girl will be ready for the debutante ball at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec. This group is booked to sail on the SS America in the summer of 1939.  I have a year and a half to whip you into shape.  I am going to be honest with you two. The way your parents raised you was very undisciplined. My girls are from very rich homes, some are royalty, and these rules mean nothing to them. For you two it will be hard at times to follow, once you get used to it though you will be okay.  You will also be ready to marry a Count, a Viscount or a Royal Prince if you are lucky.

Now seeing that your financial situation is strained it will take everything you have to capture a man’s interest. With no fortune or title, it can be expected that certain individual will shun you; even some of the girls here will do that too. Nevertheless, you must ignore it. Work hard, keep your mouths shut and your attitude in check. A year and a half passes by quickly and then my dears we will find you suitable husbands and you can enjoy a life of luxury garden parties, social events and connections…”

Lorraine made a decision to listen to Raine Carrington and she is glad that she did. It was a few years later when Lorraine would see Chago Sima again. Their love and passion would ignite as it had long ago and Evette’s prophecy of Lorraine needing a gifted man to bear an heir will come true…

Chapter 19

The Train

It was in the summer of 1939 that Blaise Marchand, Lisette and Byron Picard would meet up with each other on a train.  There were a small number of people on their car. The three of them never expected to see each other again.  Blaise held out the strange note addressed to her from V.S. She showed it to Lisette who had the same note.

When Byron Picard showed up, Lisette was beside herself.

Byron said,” Is this some sort of cruel joke? What are you doing here? I do not understand. I was told to come on this train because I won a vacation from something…”

Byron showed the letter to the other two women.

Lisette said, “I thought you were in a mental hospital?”

Byron nodded yes, “I was and then they released me after I received this note?”

Lisette said, “There is something strange going on here and I do not like it.”

At that moment, one of the train servers handed each of them an envelope.  He was told at precisely 2 p.m. To hand, the letters to these three sitting in the corner the man was mysterious looking with his black cape and hat pulled low over his face.

Byron, Lisette and Blaise all opened their cards – they all said – Sin has its consequences – V.S.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion, and the train derailed and crashed into the mountainside. People went flying everywhere…

Chapter 20

The Deed

Duvall Marchand sat in his study looking at the clock feeling an air of satisfaction.  He got up from his desk and poured out two glasses of wine. He turned and toasted as he looked at the note that was just delivered to him – Sin has its consequences – The deed has been done. V.S.

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