Totenmyer 4

Chapter 31

The Bachelor’s Paradise

The next morning, Goderich woke up in surprise.  There was a knock on his door.  He tumbled out of bed and over to the door and opened it.

Brandon gave him a sheepish look, “I’m sorry, I just laid down for a nap, and I ended up sleeping through the night.”

Goderich snickered, “So did I.  It’s okay though I guess we were more tired than we thought.”

Brandon replied, “I’m going to head downstairs for breakfast will you be joining me?”

Goderich smiled, “I’ll be there in about ten minutes.”

Goderich quickly washed his face, combed his hair, and tried to tidy himself as best as he could, then he headed down the stairs to meet Brandon.  Simon came to the table with hot cups of tea, scrambled eggs, and bacon, and bread with butter.

Goderich looked at the wooden plate and smelled the food “Looks delicious!”

Both men ate with a hearty appetite, and then went up to their rooms to gather their belongings and take them down the stairs.  Simon offered to watch their stuff for them as they still had a few things to attend too before heading out to the Deere property.

Brandon said he would wait for Goderich and sat down and ordered a pint of ale.  Goderich went out the door, down the street and into Atkins architecture to see Anthony and look at the sketches of what his lodge would look like.  He was pleased with what he saw and impressed at how quickly Anthony had everything arranged.

When Goderich asked how he did it, Anthony flushed a bit then said, “Well Jean Moisan had let me know that you two were possibly coming and what you would be building, so I started the sketches about a month or so ago.  I figured you being English you would like a particular type of lodge.”

Goderich was impressed and said, “You have good taste, a good eye and are a very reliable man I see.  I’m going to enjoy doing business with you!”

Then Anthony informed Goderich that the men would be starting that day on it.

Goderich shook his head in disbelief, “I can’t get this kind of service in England.”

Anthony smiled and said, “Well things are kind of slow at the moment so I can accommodate you, I’m sure things will be picking up later in the year.”

Goderich thanked him and headed back to the Old Port Inn.  He sat down and had quick ale with Brandon and Simon and then they grabbed their horses and rode out to the Deere property.

The Deere Inn sign was engraved and hanging in mid air as they crossed the property line.  It was simple and made of pinewood.  The interior was full of pine furnishings with wooden floors and simple curtains, all in solid dark colors as Brandon had picked out.

Goderich looked at Brandon, “Boy you really know how to keep a secret!  You had me thinking we would have to build it all from scratch and I was worried about where we were going to live!”

Brandon laughed at him.  “You should know me by now I’m always full of surprises!”

They ran up the stairs to the top floor and there were only two suites there.  On the one door was the name Goderich’s nest, and on the other, it said Brandon Deere’s Den.

Goderich had to laugh at the wording that Brandon had picked.

Goderich asked, “What would you have done if I had decided not to come?”

Brandon looked at him and said, “I can read your mind.  You are so predictable.  Once I knew you were thinking of coming here, I knew it wouldn’t take too much persuasion to get you to come, after all you love the great outdoors and working with your hands, what more could a guy ask for?”

Then Goderich asked, “What will you do when I move out?”

“I will knock the wall down and make myself a very huge suite,” Brandon said with a wicked smile, “Then I’ll change it to say on the door Brandon’s Play House”

Goderich looked at him and wondered, just what kind of playing he intended to do.  Knowing full well, that Brandon was a womanizer and he would not take too much time to find some women to play with.  Brandon planned to build a cabin further away from the two, it would be a two-bedroom dwelling and made in the same simplistic way as the Inn.  They would use pinewood for the walls, and floors and simple pieces of hand made furnishings from the locals.

They went out into the yard to look at the lumber mill, and turned around in surprise, as several men appeared it seemed from out of nowhere on horses.

Brandon said, “Can I help you?”

One of the men said, “Yes, were looking for Brandon Deere?  We hear he needs workers for the yard.”

Brandon looked puzzled for a minute and with his mouth wide opened one of the men piped up, “Anthony Atkins sent us over.”

Brandon looked at Goderich and said, “That man is amazing!”

Brandon looked at the men, “I take it you need places to stay?”

The man said, “Actually no, most of us have built homes in the surrounding area.  We have been helping with the various projects that Anthony has designed; he just moved us here from Quebec.”

Brandon looked at Goderich, “I’m impressed the man has his own work team all ready to go.”

Another man piped up, “Were the ones who built your Inn and lumber yard.”

Brandon’s booming jovial laugh was echoing in the forest nearby.  “Well I’ll be I am greatly indebted to Mr. Anthony Atkins then!”

The men set to work, preparing, and cutting the wood for Goderich’s lodge, for Anthony had given the plans to the workers and some would stay to help at the yard, while others would take care of building the hunting lodge next door.

Brandon said, “I’ll take care of things here, while you build your lodge.  Once you’re done I’ll gladly pass the reign over to you.”

He bowed before Goderich.  The men looked at him in surprise.

Brandon apologized, “Sorry, it’s my silly English manners, I’m not used to your Canadian ways yet.”

Brandon turned to Goderich and said, “Let’s go look at your land.”

Goderich, Brandon, and some of the men grabbed their horses, rode to the land next door, and admired the beautiful landscape, rolling green hills, trees, and rich red soil.  Brandon suggested that Goderich should build a big boathouse near the edge of the lake and a dock.

They would also build a dock down by the water at Deere Inn.  They would order a canoe from the Totenmyer factory and get a rowboat delivered from Quebec.

Brandon patted Goderich on the shoulder, “We are living in a bachelor’s paradise.  Imagine constant hunting, fishing, boating, women to feast our eyes on, friends and soon family.  Life is good!  Let us go write a note to Themus and tell him what he is missing!”  That evening when they sat down together at the Deere Inn they did just that.

Chapter 32

The Ball at Chateau Frontenac

Goderich had been true to his word to Marion.  He had gone to the ball at Chateau Frontenac in Quebec with Brandon.  Both handsome men, with good solid jobs and futures, brand new lands and homes they had stability and some money to set up a couple of homesteads now.  Demora wondered why Goderich was so well educated, articulate, and knowledgeable.  Goderich asked for permission to marry Marion and her parents said yes.

When he asked Marion, she hugged him so tight and said repeatedly, “Thank you, and oh thank you!”

Goderich was a bit embarrassed at first, but then he told Marion, the lodge he was building was simple, but it had quarters built for her and a nursery if needed.  She had blushed at this.  When he had pulled out the large diamond ring, Demora had gasped and fainted.  Marion being a simple girl did not quite know what to think.  She had assumed it was a family heirloom.  Her mother knew otherwise.  The ring he had produced was from a customized jeweler, and with a diamond that size, it was worth a considerable fortune.

Of course, when Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood saw the ring, she was angry with Goderich and said to Louise, “That man is unbearable!  How can Brandon be so generous with his money for another woman?”

Louise said thoughtfully, “Maybe it’s because he was enamored with her beauty at first and decided such a beauty deserved to be adorned in the greatest of jewels!”

Patricia nodded, “Yes that must be it!  I can’t wait, till he buys your ring, can you imagine how much more enormous yours will be?”

Louise felt sick again, “Let’s not talk about that just now, and let Marion enjoy her engagement.  I wouldn’t want to rain on her parade any time soon!”

Patricia added curtly, “Well at least Merry White didn’t mind raining on anyone’s parade.  It didn’t take her long to snare Count Frederick Fontaine, once he knew he was free and clear of Marion.”

Louise sullenly said, “Yes a quick wedding for the both of them, I think that Mrs. Ami Fontaine was very pushy indeed, she got her wish for a wife, but children?  Isn’t Merry a little too old at twenty eight to be with child?”

Patricia chuckled at this and said, “Lots of women have their sixth child usually by that age, she will be starting late, but I’m pretty sure they may only have one or two children.  They both love to travel, so one or two nannies will be enough for them!”

Louise looked wistfully into the sunset and said, “Genevieve Doucette, I think made the loveliest bride.  She looked so young, vibrant, and fashionable.  Her golden and white dress strung with tiny diamonds, Viscount Louis Frontenac went all out in his wedding.  He is a very rich and wealthy man, besides with all the politicians, kings, and queens in attendance for his wedding he had to show his great wealth!  Show it he did, much to their dismay.  Very elegant and expensive wedding, it must of cost thousands of dollars.”

Louise said greedily, “Boy what I could do with that lot of money!  I will not waste it all on a wedding.  I want something simple and down to earth.  I would rather spend my money on jewels and gowns and high society gatherings at my mansion!

Meanwhile, Goderich had received a letter from Themus, ran over to Brandon to show him the good news.

“Look, Themus, and Alchetta are coming soon to Canada.  They have decided they both cannot live without us and that they want to start a new life here in Place Royale.”

Both of the men hugged each other and danced around with glee, they had been missing Themus so much and Alchetta was always a breath of fresh air.  Brandon thought to himself, maybe Alchetta can help me get back with Louise.  Since the incident with the barmaid, Louise hardly looked at or even talked to Brandon.

At the ball of Chateau Frontenac, Brandon and Louise had danced but there had been quite a feeling of frostiness between them.  So opposite what was before going from hot as hell, to cold as ice.  Brandon was feeling nothing but shock but then he could see in her eyes, a sort of pain that had not been there before when he looked at her.  He rather figured out what must have happened and he really did not know how to apologize to Louise and move forward with her.

Now that Goderich had won the bet and proven, he was the better man for Marion’s heart.  Brandon decided he needed a good woman around his place to help with the running of the Inn.  It had been Goderich suggesting it was time for Brandon to settle down.  Marion had added that Louise Picard would be a fine choice as a wife.  Brandon had agreed.

Chapter 33

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

After the ball that night, Demora had to come to her room to find Stacy White asleep in bed.  She had a nice warm bath then headed into bed.  She snuggled close to Stacy and hugged him.  She drew back in shock for he was as stiff as a board.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she said, “Stacy dear, I’m sorry that I wasn’t here for you.”

She gave him a peck on his forehead then called down to the front desk.  The police and coroner arrived shortly and after asking Demora many questions the Detective felt satisfied that it was a death related to illness.  All her alibis had checked out with her daughter Marion, who had accompanied her to the ball.

Goderich stood there holding the sobbing Marion and Demora, one on each arm.  He had a tear slide down his face and the thought of how unfair it was for Marion for her father to die before their wedding!  They took the body away that night.  A few days later, they held a memorial service for Stacy White.  They cremated him and placed him in an urn.

Chapter 34

Themus and Alchetta Come to Place Royale

After the SS America had left with Brandon and Goderich, Themus had instantly felt lost without them.  He had Alchetta but it just was not the same.

Alchetta said, “Themus, you have been moping, what’s wrong?”

Themus sighed in a depressed sort of way and said, “My dear Alchetta, I am missing my friends.  We’ve been together since grade school, I just feel so lost without Brandon and Goderich.”

She sighed, “I miss them too, and that Goderich is so funny!  What brought this on?  You seem bluer today?”

Themus said, “I’ve received a letter from Goderich and Brandon, telling me how great and exciting it is to live in Canada.  Goderich has hired Anthony Atkins.  He will design the place and have the lodge built within a few months.  He is making a hunting lodge too!  He’s also met a girl named Marion White and is intending to marry her.”

Alchetta gasped in a shocked voice, “In a few months!  Isn’t that a little soon?”

Themus grinned wickedly and said, “Apparently not, the funny thing was Goderich was adamant about staying a bachelor for the rest of his life.  He said I would be married ages before him.  Guess not!”

They both giggled at this and then Themus said, “He has invited us to come and visit there.  We could stay at Chateau Frontenac.”

Alchetta exclaimed, “Oh, that place is gorgeous!  Many interesting sights to see especially in Montreal, It is the fashion hub in Canada.  Many of the shows are in Paris, France as well.  Mother takes me to Paris to shop; I should get her to take me to Montreal too!”

Themus suddenly became very serious with her, “Alchetta dearest, I have something to ask you.  Could we move to Canada?  I’m sure there will be society balls and gala events to attend there?”

She said, “Well we could all go I’m sure!  My father was talking to my mother about expanding the Hotel in Canada.  So it would fare well with my parents.”

Then Themus got down on his knees and said, “Alchetta, would you be my bride in Canada?”

Alchetta looked at Themus for a minute to make sure he was not joking, as he had done many times before and asked, “Are you serious about settling down now Themus?  I thought you wanted to wait?”

He stood up, “Well, since Goderich is getting married and Brandon’s thinking of settling down…  I can’t be left out you know!”

Alchetta grew red with rage and sputtered, “Do you mean to tell me the only reason you want to marry is because they are getting married?”

Themus looked at her and his eyes grew steely, “Yes, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.  Besides my Father, Jake and my Grandfather Joseph are getting on my case.  My Grandfather has offered us his mansion there in Place Royale.  He has even given me a part of his inheritance to update and restore the mansion to any designs or styles that we wish.  Upon our marriage, I will get a certain portion of my inheritance and with heirs even more.  They are both harassing me about needing to provide an heir for the continuance of the Munroe family line and Alchetta you’re so lovely and beautiful, I’m sure we’ll make the prettiest babies!”

He picked up Alchetta in his arms and kissed her madly.

She fought him off, scolded him for his behavior, and said, “Themus how many times do I have to tell you that affections out in public are not acceptable!  What would mother say if she saw, you do that?”

She shuddered at the thought.

Themus looked around and saucily said, “They are nowhere near us at the moment.”

Alchetta stormed, “It doesn’t matter Themus, and Mother has spies.  You do not have to deal with her constant nagging and belittling of me.  I am trying my best to be the perfect daughter.  The better I am the more money daddy will give us!”

Themus looked around, “Well, I don’t see any spies, but as you wish!”

Alchetta then said, “As for marriage, we shall definitely arrange our wedding in Canada.  However we shall announce our engagement here in England and let them all know our plans as well.”

Themus said, “I’ll write to Goderich and let him know our plans.  You tell your parents what we have decided.  We can all stay at the Chateau Frontenac while our mansion is being renovated.”

It was a month later, when they all boarded the SS America and made the trip to Quebec, Canada.

“Look mother!  It is a lovely castle on a hill!  Oh wait that is Chateau Frontenac!  I recognize it from the painting in Paris, France.”

Retta was impressed, “It will be a lovely place to stay.”

Melville Bailey was thrilled with the grandeur of the place.  It could be comparable to his own Millennium Baileys Hotel London, but the Chateau Frontenac was even more grand then his hotel, he would never admit that in public though!  He would have to request a meeting with Louis Frontenac and speak to him about his expansion ideas for Millennium Bailey’s Hotel Quebec.

The next evening there was a dinner party with Goderich and his fiancé Marion.  Brandon came alone.  Louise was not invited.  It was an evening for the men to catch up and the women to get to know one another.  Alchetta and Marion hit it off right away.  Marion told Alchetta about her friend Louise Picard who she had met on the SS America and how they had become great friends.  Louise had agreed to be her maid of honor.

She then asked Alchetta if she would like to be one of the bridesmaids.  Alchetta agreed to do so as Goderich had asked Themus to be one of his ushers.  He had asked Brandon to be his best man, only because they both lived here and he was not sure if Themus would be able to attend.

Themus thought that odd, “Why wouldn’t I be able to attend?”

Goderich said, “Well you said your Grandfather Joseph Munroe was ill, I wasn’t’ sure just how ill he might be”

Themus replied, “Oh my Grandfathers is always ill, I swear he says it half the time just to get attention.  Since my Grandmother Ophirah died years ago, he has been very demanding and wanting attention from anyone and everyone.  I fear one day he may really fall ill and no one will come running.  He’s like the boy that cried wolf too many times.”

Goderich agreed, “Yeah that would be a scary thought.”

Themus then said, “I am lucky that I am close to my Father.  We have great fun hunting and fishing and all sorts of things.”

Goderich replied, “Your Father would probably love to come up to our Inn here and do some hunting.”

“That’s a great idea,” said Themus with excitement, “Father’s been rather quiet lately he won’t tell me what’s wrong.  He says it has something to do with my Grandfathers written will and his nutty ideas on how to run a person’s life.  I did not ask him to elaborate.  He is a very wise man he knows what he is doing.  You were right though I love it here in Canada.”

Goderich said, “Just think of the mansion.  I bet Brandon would give you a deal.”

Brandon said, “Did I just hear my name?”

Goderich replied, “Yes, I am telling Themus about the land next to Sasha’s, it is between her place and Anthony Atkins estate.  Lots of rolling beautiful hills and green fields, it is located up on a hill, overlooking the lake.  There’s an old mansion there and it’s quite neglected but some tender loving care and you could restore it to its former beauty.”

Themus said, “It’s probably the Munroe mansion.  It was my Grandfather’s old place.”

Brandon said, “We’ll have to take a look at it when we go and see the hunting lodge right Goderich?”

Goderich said, “Sure, why don’t you come tomorrow?  We’ve got some room at Deere Inn if you’d like to stay there?”

So it was agreed.  Alchetta and Themus would go for a visit and stay at Deere Inn.  Her parents decided to stay in Quebec at the Chateau Frontenac.  Louise seemed to be in dismal spirits lately and Marion was hoping that Alchetta could possibly cheer her up.  Goderich and Brandon said they were returning to Place Royale by horse and asked Themus to join them.  He decided to ride along with the two men and go straight to Deere Inn.  The girls would arrive in a few days time by car.

Chapter 35

Goderich’s Hunting Lodge

It had taken them three months, as planned, to build the Lafleur hunting lodge.  It consisted of several rooms with wooden pine walls and floors, wooden chairs, tables and simple furnishings.  He had even built in a large water closet with a copper shower of tubes that wrapped around the front of the body and a large closet with a claw tub in it.  It was the first of its kind!  Marion and Alchetta had ordered the furnishings and given the plans to Anthony Atkins.  He had been true to his word; everything was in place when the building was ready.  They would have to hold a house warming party after Marion moved in as his wife.

Goderich would have to start planning his surprise wedding for his bride.  He hoped that Demora and Marion would not be angry with him for his deception.  In time, Marion would find out the whole truth about him.  He was sure she would not mind in the least.  After telling Brandon, he needed a few days off so that he could make some arrangements.  He rode his horse into Quebec and went to the church to plan for the wedding day and the reception at the hotel.  It would be a grand affair.  He would arrange to visit Demora in England so they could finalize all the details once he got the dates fixed.

Chapter 36

Themus and Anthony Atkins the Architect

Themus already had the plans in his mind.  Goderich had told him where to find Anthony Atkins.  He headed into town by horse and went straight to the office there.  Themus would make a design for the woodwork and hire artisans to come.  Themus enjoyed his luxuries.  Themus had burst into his office the next day beaming from ear to ear; Anthony was surprised to see him.

Themus declared, “I have purchased some land and I need your services to design and expand the Munroe mansion.  Money is no object, for my inheritance shall cover it.”

Anthony nodded numbly, frantically thinking to himself what land.  Then a rage built within him, as his steely eyes took on a glint and he asked crisply.  “What land was procured?”

Themus said, “Sasha Totenmyer has agreed to sell me a large plot of her land; It’s between your place and hers!”

Anthony was reeling from this news and he had a hard time controlling his rage.

Themus looked taken aback.  “Have I said something to upset you?”

Anthony answered bitterly, “My ancestor’s tried to buy that land for years and the Totenmyers have always refused us!”

Themus faltered, “Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you still want to work for me?”

Anthony paused, catching his breath and letting it out with a hiss, “I never turn money down.”

Thinking to himself, ‘I will design the most grandest of mansions and this will be another notch in my belt of great accomplishments!’

It was as though Themus read his mind.  “My family is very influential and wealthy.  Do this for me, and I will guarantee that your work will be recommended to hundreds of families in our social circles in England as well as Paris.”

Themus could see the dollar signs in Anthony’s eyes as he was thinking, ‘I could even rival the Robert Adam family!’

Anthony offered a seat to Themus and said, “We better get busy with those plans.”

A week later, the prints were all ready.  It would be the most luxurious of Estates in Place Royale.  People would come from everywhere to see it.  Themus and Alchetta wanted to entertain their circle of friends who were from the highest of societies.  The wealthy would want to come from England and Paris to see the famous Munroe mansion.  Themus was a proud man he raved to Anthony that Alchetta was well-bred and very pretty and a lovely companion.  Goderich had invited Themus to come and stay with him at the hunting lodge so that he could over see the men doing the work on Munroe mansion.

Chapter 37

Alchetta Visits the Mansion

Alchetta and Marion had decided to go look at the Munroe mansion to see what it needed.  Later that day the two girls had poured over catalogues that Anthony Atkins had given Goderich.  After choosing the paint and furniture for her new home Alchetta had decided she also wanted the gardens designed in a certain way.

She said to Marion, “We could have our wedding at our mansion!  Just think it will be a grand party with everyone there.  I’ll order works of art from Paris and England and the United States as well.”

Marion said, “Are you still planning to build guest suites at the back of the mansion?”

Alchetta said, “Yes and it was my idea to add a long balcony to connect the two of them.  It will overlook our gorgeous garden.  You will be able to see for miles as were up on a hill.  We’ll have a wonderful view of the lake and the grand houses next to us.”

Marion said, “The Atkins castle looks pretty morbid with those castellated walls and balconies.  It looks like something that Frankenstein or Count Dracula would live in!”

Then Marion stuck her teeth out and held up her hands like claws and said, “I’ve come to suck your blood!”

Alchetta giggled and said, “My, my Marion, I believe you’re picking up on Goderich’s sense of humor you funny girl!”

The evening ended and everyone went to bed early that night, exhausted from the day’s activities.

Chapter 38

Patricia Visits Her Sister Sasha Totenmyer

The next day at breakfast Goderich had told Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood what happened to her Sister Sasha.

Patricia was angry, “I can’t believe my Sister kept this from me.”

Then later that evening when she checked her mail, in it was a letter from her Sister Sasha advising her of their parent’s death.  Patricia had been so busy with her charges and weddings and plans that she had failed to check her post.

She felt terrible, ‘What must Sasha think of me?’

She decided to go pay her Sister a visit in the Village of Place Royale.

When Sasha opened the door her jaw dropped and she flung her arms around her Sister saying, “Patricia!  It has been so long!  Come in!  I have just baked some fresh bread and made some Indian soup.  Come have a seat here.”

Patricia bustled in and they seated themselves down.  “I see you haven’t changed much since the last time I was here.  Don’t you ever get the desire to redecorate this place?”

Sasha broke down in tears, “How can you say such a thing?  Mother and Father are now dead and I’ll be having a child!”

Patricia felt helpless at that very moment a feeling that had often eluded her over the years.

She said, “I’m so sorry Sasha, that Andy Littlewolf had no business taking out his rage for me out on you!”

Sasha said, “Rage?”

Patricia said, “Remember the man I shunned for Barney?  It was Andy Littlewolf!”

Sasha gasped, “I had forgotten that!  So then, he went after me.  I have been trying to figure out all this time what did I do to deserve this or even attract the attentions of such a violent man!  Patricia you should not have done that to him.  No wonder he is so bitter about our family!  Now look what It’s cost us the death of our Mother and Father!”

She began to beat her fists on Patricia’s chest then fell into her arms crying.

She looked up at Patricia and said, “After he raped me I felt so dirty and violated.  Father was in such a rage when he took off after Andy.  He shouldn’t have murdered him!”

Now it was Patricia’s turn to gasp and say, “He murdered him!  Do not tell a soul!  My life will be in ruins if anyone found out my Father were a murderer!  Who have you told?”

Sasha turned white, “I just told Goderich and Brandon that’s all!”

Patricia snapped, “I will have to speak to the both of them immediately!  Where’s your horse?”

Sasha said, “It’s out back?  I usually use my bike.”

Patricia roared, “Nonsense woman, I wouldn’t be caught dead riding a bicycle in public!”

She stormed out of the house and towards the barn.  Sasha yelled out, “But what about you’re supper?”

Patricia yelled back, “No thanks!  I’ve lost my appetite.”

Patricia was a little unstable at first on the saddle but after a few minutes she got used to it.  Just like in the old days, she had ridden her horses for hours.  It felt great and it brought back fond memories of when Father and she had gone riding.

Suddenly tears were streaming uncontrollably down Patricia’s face and she broke out into sobs saying, “Why God?  Why did you take away my Father and Mother?  What did we do to deserve such grief?  First I lose my husband and now my parents!”

She tried to compose herself as she drew up outside of Deere Inn.  Brandon and Goderich had just seated themselves down to dinner when Patricia came storming through the doorway.

Goderich said, “My God Patricia you look a fright!”

Brandon said, “Patricia you look worse for wear, can I get you a drink?”

She said, “Give me some brandy with ice”

Both men looked at each other in surprise for this was a side to Patricia they had never known.

She said in a serious tone, “I need to speak to you two alone in private.”

Brandon motioned for her to follow them into his office and he closed the door.

Goderich turned to Patricia, “I know why your here and you have nothing to worry about.  Our lips are sealed about Sasha.”

She said with gritted teeth, “I’m not here because of Sasha, and I am here to beg you to never say a thing about my Father Lenno or what happened with Andy Littlewolf.  I will pay you anything not to tell a soul.”

Both men looked in surprise then in disgust.

Goderich carefully chose his words, “Patricia I’m sorry that you even would think that we would accept any money from you.”

She snarled, “Why because you intend to blackmail me?”

Goderich could not believe his ears.

Then Brandon said in a steely voice, “Now Patricia that is enough!  I will not have you accusing my friend of such conduct!  Neither Goderich nor I would ever stoop as low as that.  We promised Sasha to keep our lips sealed and we will do the same for you.  Although I don’t know why have you got it out for Goderich here?”

Patricia mumbled sheepishly, “I’m sorry, I’m just so used to people trying to extort money from me.  It used to happen every now and then with Barney.  He would cut the odd shady deal and it would come back to haunt us.  I’m just so tired of trying to manage everyone’s lives.”

Brandon said quietly, “Well then just worry about your own.  Your Sister Sasha is safe here.  Both Goderich and I have promised to keep an eye on her and to make sure that all is well with the baby when it comes along.”

Patricia hung her head in shame and said, “I hadn’t even thought of the baby!  What am I to do about a midwife?”

Goderich said, “You won’t need to worry about that, it seems that my dear Marion is a midwife.”

He looked at the both of them and sheepishly said, “She plans to have lots of babies, so she wanted to be prepared for any kind of emergency.  She had the idea that in Canada there were not many doctors because it’s a fairly new country,” and he grinned with that remark.

Patricia sighed in relief and said, “I guess I have nothing really to worry about.  I have never been very close to my Sister because of the differences in our lifestyles.  I just hope this all works out for her.  I plan to visit my parent’s gravesite then I am heading back to Chateau Frontenac as soon as possible.  Thanks for everything my Sister are really lucky to have you both as friends.”

She grabbed her horse, went for a nice long ride around the trails, and then headed back to Sasha’s place.  Patricia did not say much to Sasha other then the fact that she had made peace with both Brandon and Goderich and then asked her Sister if they could both go to their parent’s gravesite and pay their respects the next day.

Sasha asked, “Are you hungry?”

Patricia nodded and they seated themselves down to a hearty meal of soup and bread.

Patricia said, “Sasha you’re a better cook then Mother was!  I just want you to know I am planning to go work with Luvena Carrington in Paris.  We are starting a finishing school for young women and I will be teaching others how to chaperone.  You’re welcome to visit anytime?”

Sasha shook her head no, “I’m sorry Patricia, but I just cannot bring myself to travel away from Place Royale.  After suffering a rape there, my whole perspective has changed on many things.  I am afraid of the dark now.  I am afraid to be around any kind of men that is except for Brandon and Goderich.  I intend to live a quite life with the baby here.  If people ask about the Father, I am just going to say that he died while at war.  If they ask about the wedding, I will say we have eloped and no one knew about it.  It’s okay Patricia, no one will ever find out my secret.”

Patricia nodded and her head began to droop.

Sasha said, “I can see you’re tired from your busy day.  I’ve made up your old room for you to sleep in.”

They got up and headed towards the room, Patricia gasped in awe.  “Sasha!  You found my old china doll?”

Sasha smiled, “Actually no I found this one in England when I was there visiting with Father.  It was in a curio shop there.  Maybe someone stole it and sold it there?  Who knows but I brought it home for you.  I was hoping that someday you would come back and visit us.”

Her voice broke and she shuddered as the tears poured down.

Patricia hugged her Sister close and rocked her back and forth.  “There, there my dear, the pain will go away sooner or later.  In the meantime we must remember all the wonderful things we can about Father and Mother and just keep those memories alive within us.”

Sasha closed the door behind her and retired to her own bed.  She just felt like she needed a good long cry that night and so she did.

Chapter 39

The Littlewolfs and the Totenmyers

The next day after a hearty breakfast, the two women headed over to the Native burial site.  Sasha knelt on the ground and kissed it.  Patricia walked away for a few minutes to look at some of the other graves.

Suddenly the hair stood up on the back of her neck as she heard a man’s voice snarl, “Today I will finish my revenge on the Totenmyers!”

Patricia turned around and screamed, “No!  Leave her alone.  It’s my entire fault.”

The man stood stock-still and asked, “Nuna is that you?”

Patricia sobbed, “Yes Mr. Littlewolf it’s me.  Andy went after my Sister Sasha and raped her when they were in England.”

The man’s eyes grew cold and he said, “That is a likely story to tell, my son would never do such a thing!  Your father Lenno was angry with me about stealing his contracts with the men up north.  Out of revenge, he killed my son Andy!  So I killed him and you’re Mother and now I shall kill the both of you!”

He raised his tomahawk and brought it down towards Patricia’s head.

Sasha yelled “No wait!  I can prove it’s true!”

He stopped and looked at her.

She stood tall, shaking like a leaf and said, “I am pregnant with your grandchild.”

He gasped and looked at Patricia and said, “Nuna is this true?”

Patricia meekly said, “Yes it is true.”

He then turned to Sasha, “Why have you kept the child?”

Sasha said, “I wanted to bring peace to the Littlewolfs and Totenmyers.  I had hoped this child would bring us together.  There has been enough bloodshed already.  Would you deny your Grandchild to have a Mother that is alive rather than dead?  Your Grandchild will have someone to love and cherish.  Would you stop this opportunity to bring peace between us from the one that is unborn?”

The man had a tear slide down his cheek then said, “I’ll spare your lives and that of Nuna on one condition.”

Patricia said, “Name it.”

He said, “If It’s a boy he shall be named Andy.  If it is a girl, you will name her Marchina after my Mother.  Also we will want to be a part of this child’s life.”

Patricia and Sasha nodded in agreement and shook hands with them.  Then they all seated themselves down in a circle and smoked a peace pipe together pledging that there would never be a war between the Littlewolfs and Totenmyers ever again.  From now on there would be peace and harmony and that the two tribes would do business together and help each other out.

Sasha sighed in relief and later said to Patricia “Our Father has watched over us and brought peace into our lives.  We can be thankful for this child.  For it saved our lives!”

They went home that evening thanking the Great Spirit for watching over them.

Chapter 40

Brandon and Goderich Hear the Good News

The next day Patricia left to go back to Château Frontenac, Sasha rode over to Brandon, and Goderich to tell them what had happened.

Brandon said, “My God that must have been terrifying for you!”

Sasha said, “Yes it was I was so worried about the baby.  I wanted one so badly.  Even without a husband, I would still want to raise this child.  The best thing is that the Littlewolfs will now help me with the canoe factory and fur trade.  I might just sell it to them and get out of it altogether.  I have plenty of money after selling the land and I live off my own land so I don’t need much to live on.”

Brandon said, “You can always count on me and Goderich we’d make sure you were well taken care of.  You have done so much for us providing land at such a cheap price and everything else.  It’s the least we can do for you.”

Sasha thanked both of them profusely then said, “Well I must be going now.  I have some more baking to do.  Feel free to come over anytime for a hot cup of tea and some cakes.”

She hopped back onto her bike and headed back home.  The two men headed over to the lumberyard for a hard day’s work.

Chapter 41

Women’s Rights

Joseph and Melville were having lunch with William, Patricia and Anthony.  They decided to form a corporation with Brandon Deere. It would be a joint venture with Anthony’s architectural designs, financing and contractions. They would expand to Europe after the war and help rebuild the cities and towns that had been bombed during World War II. It would be five years later that all the planning would take effect. They would build luxury homes across Europe, Canada and the United States. It would not be until after 1945 that the families could return safely to England and Paris, France…

Patricia was enjoying some quiet time when Luvena Carrington asked, “Are you busy?”

Patricia smiled and motioned for her to sit down.

Patricia asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Luvena nodded, “I miss my mother so much. She would have loved to be here. ”

Luvena broke down into sobs. Patricia said, “Luvena dearest… I want you to stop thinking about your mother. She would want you to start a new life for yourself, what do you desire?”

Luvena stopped crying and cracked a feeble smile, “I’ve been so busy dwelling on my mother’s death for these past few years that the thought never crossed my mine. Seeing all these young girls marry… It has made me quite jealous. I cannot see myself settling down with a man…”

Patricia nodded, “I know how you feel… I have no desire to marry again. Perhaps you would be happy with a roommate, a female companion, a spinster…”

Luvena grinned, Am I spinster?”

Patricia nodded, “Yes but you are happy that way? I never would have married, looking back; it was the biggest mistake of my life. Barney was a horrible husband. I just did not see it. I was so focused on becoming “English” that I left my family behind and lived in an own hellish world, Barney was a louse, fiend and a liar. I can be bitter or I can move on and start a new life, a new identity, all over again.”

Luvena’s eyes widened at the thought…”I could do that as well. Mother and I used to argue about how to run the school. Now I can run it the way I want to, adding new courses a revamp all the lesson plans…”

Patricia said, “Why not scrap everything? It has been five years now. You could start fresh, with a whole new concept and design.”

Luvena said, “I really miss Paris, France. I would love to have a new school there.”

Patricia said, “You could open it to more families. Do not just cater to the rich; we can invite the middle class girl’s tool. They need some balance in their social lives and I think this will help breach the gap.”

Patricia was referring to how Genevieve has become friends with Merry, Marion over the years. Genevieve knew how to be comfortable with royalty and with servants. She was such a kind soul.

Luvena smiled, “I tried to be friends with her.  I was always comparing myself to her. It drove me insane so I backed away. I can have tea with her in small increments but then I see all those jewels and I get jealous.”

Patricia asked, “Do you have any idea how uncomfortable they are to wear?”

Luvena shook her head no.

Patricia said, “Genevive complains about the weight on her neck. It causes headaches. She hates wearing them but the Viscount’s mother insisted that she were they to all her “social functions.”

Genevieve loves her husband dearly. There are times; she admits that all the Royal functions are boring and tedious to attend. She is even admitted to being jealous of your carefree life. She too insists the being single is great but she wanted children and it just would not be acceptable to society be a single mother.”

Luvena sighed, “Society is so judgemental. Its ridiculous most men do not even bother with the care of the children so who needs them. A woman can manage fine without ha man especially if she had her own money. I hope in the future women will be allowed to be independent and live on their own with their children if they wish to do so.”

Merry laughed, “I doubt if we will ever see men raising children on their own.”

Patricia despaired, “My sister Sasha says that society is going to change drastically in the future. The family “unit” as we know it will be no more.”

Luvena said, “I find that hard to believe. Men raising babies and no more close families that will be a sad, sad, day Maybe we should teach the girl how to be more independent in our school. Do you know how many women have no idea on how to manage their own finances or do book keeping? It’s like men get to make all the financial decisions without the wife’s input…”

Patricia laughed, “It was never that way for me. Barney and I used to sit down once a month to discuss our furnaces. We shard the money and bought things together. Even our furniture, I would show him a picture, he would agree and I’d buy it.”

Luvena giggled, “He always said yes to avoid a confrontation with you. He probably hated to argue.”

Patricia was delighted, “You are a very perceptive woman. That describes Barney to a tee!”

Luvena smiled, “I’ve spent many hours observing the opposite sex and listening  to young ones moan and groan about the maladies of being married.”

Patricia had a twinkle in her eye, “You should write a book about relationships. I am sure the critics would raise so much dissension about a woman who has never had a relationship of her own. They would have a hay day and be up in arms about it.”

Luvena was thoughtful, “I could teach it at the school. The controversy would make people want to come to my seminars. I would lay out the course plan ahead of time and let a committee approve it. Then they can’t argue or hold it against me.”

Patricia smiled, “Who knows maybe you’ll change the course of history. Encourage other women to step out of their boundaries set by society and gorge ahead into unchartered territory. Maybe we can start a new women’s rights movement. Ora t least get the ball rolling for others to join across the nations and fight for the rights of women to vote, be involved in politics, run a company… The possibilities are endless…”

The two women agreed that Carrington and Rosewood Finishing School would start a revolution of its own. To educate women to stand up for themselves, their religions beliefs and teach woman how to make decisions for them… Changing history forever…


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